Knight in Green Shining Armor
Part 1
by Akiko

It is nine o'clock on the Gemini Space Station, and five year old Andrew sits on his bed flying his plastic space ship in dizzying loopty-loops.

"Andrew?" his mother says, peeking in the door. "It's way past your bedtime. You should be asleep."

"But Daddy didn't tell me my bedtime story yet," Andrew whines.

"Daddy went to meet our guests. Their shuttle from Earth was delayed, so he may be back late," she replies. "I'll read you a bedtime story tonight."

"No, you have to TELL me a story," Andrew says. "Daddy always tells me stories."

"I'm not as good of a story-teller as he is," his mother replies, with a weary sigh.

"PLEEEASEEE," Andrew says in his sweetest voice, looking up at his mother with his big brown eyes.

"Okay, a short one," she gives in. She sits down on the edge of Andrew's bed and looks out the small window into the Milky Way for inspiration. "Once upon a time, there was a beautiful princess...."

"Princess?!?!" Andrew interrupts. "That's a GIRLY story. I want a BOY'S story. Tell me a Power Ranger story. Daddy always tells me Power Ranger stories."

"A Power Ranger story, hmm," she replies, pushing a graying lock of hair out of her face. She thinks for a few moments more. "Did Daddy tell you 'Power Rangers vs Quick Sand?'"

"Yes," Andrew answers and then asks, "Tell me 'Power Rangers vs Lampry' again."

"No way," his mother replies with a playful squeeze. "You had nightmares for a week last time."

"Aw, Mom."

"How about 'Knight in Green Shining Armor?'"

"Yeah!" Andrew answers in glee and snuggles down in his bed for the nightly ritual.

* * * *

There once was a powerful, evil magician named Lord Obsious who lived in what once was a beautiful castle in the land of Jaffa. Jaffa was a mystical place, full of legend and lore. Before Lord Obsious came, a strong monarchy, many generations worth, had ruled Jaffa with a strong but fair hand. Then Lord Obsious came and attacked the peaceful people, destroying the monarchy. To save his family, the King of Jaffa surrendered his life for those of his family. With the monarchy defeated, Lord Obsious appointed the mysterious warrior Malachite to rule Jaffa in his place. Malachite was a cruel and vindictive ruler, and the people hated him. Soon the once abundant fields of Jaffa began to wither because there weren't enough people to tend to them. The people were angry and many spoke of organizing a revolt against Malachite. No one could decide who would take the throne though. There was terrible infighting amongst the different clans of Jaffa. No campaigns were ever launched against Malachite, because the clans were constantly fighting each other.

The people were in dispair, but one thing kept their hopes alive. They knew of a prophecy. The day before the King surrendered to Malachite, he consulted a soothesayer. The middle-aged woman was known all over Jaffa for her unusual gift. She told the King that one day a lost princess would return to reclaim the throne of Jaffa.

The people of Jaffa knew this prophecy and it gave them hope that one day Malachite would be overthrown. Unfortunately, Malachite knew of this prophecy too. He was searching the galaxy for the lost great-granddaughter of the King of Jaffa.

* * * *

"He wanted to kill the princess?" Andrew suddenly interrupts.

"No, he wanted to bring the princess back to the castle."

"Why?!?! Why would he want to do something stupid like that?"

"Because, he knew that if he controlled the princess that together they would be unstoppable."

* * * *

Legends said that somewhere deep in the mountains surrounding Jaffa, the power of the monarchy was buried. To save the lives of his family, the King surrendered to Malachite. He secretly sent his family away to another planet, some say another galaxy, and then gave his life to Malachite. But the King wasn't stupid. Before he surrendered, he incased all of his powers, many generations worth, into a magic obsidian amultet. He buried the amulet knowing that one day, a female member of his family would return to reclaim the power and the throne. Whomever found the amulet would possess a powerful white magic almost as strong as Malachite's black magic.

Angry and feeling neglected, many of the peasants had begun searching for the amulet. Malachite wanted the amulet too, but for a different reason. You see, Malachite wanted to destroy the amulet. For if he did, then even if the princess did return, she wouldn't have enough power to defeat him.

* * * *

"Wait a minute," Andrew interrupts again. "This sure is sounding like a girly story. When do the Power Rangers come in?"

"I'm getting to that part," his mother replies. "Meanwhile, in Angel Grove...."

* * * *

"Time out," Adam says, sitting down on a boulder. He wipes the sweat out of his eyes.

"Okay, only if you want to." Alex sits down, glad for the reprieve.

"Don't want you stroking out on me," Adam says, handing her a canteen of water. "Your face is fuscia."

"You're looking a little pink yourself," Alex says. "I'm sure we are quite a sight."

"It's so nice to have a day off." Adam leans back against the boulder, closing his eyes.

"Don't say that. You're going to jinx us."

The pair continue to relax, looking out over the desert.

"If we are going to make it home in time for dinner, I guess we'd better start heading back," Adam suggests.

"Aw, do we have to? It's been so nice today, just the two of us. No school, no homework, no Cogs...."

Adam gives her one of the smiles that always makes her heart melt. He gives Alex a hand up and the two proceed down the mountain.

A trio of warriors clad in black metal armor suddenly appear in front of Adam and Alex. A portal begins to open behind Alex. Within an instant, a solo warrior charges, crashes into Alex and knocks the pair through the portal. Before Adam even has a chance to morph, the warriors all disappear. Alex is gone with out a trace.

Adam stands frozen for several minutes in shock. Then he bellows in frustration.