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We Need You Back Here, Now
by: Ashley

"Morning, guys. How did you all sleep?" Ashley asked. She's kinda perky this morning. A little too perky for someone who only got three hours of sleep. Macy thought. "Fine, and you?" she asked her older sister. "Just fine, for three hours. Luckily, there were no attacks during the night." Suddenly, the alarms went off. "I guess you spoke to soon, Ashley." Kimberly said sleepily.

"DECA, what's going on?" Jason asked. "Jordan, Hunter, Tyler, and Marie are on Earth. They are in downtown Angel Grove, destroying it. I have found something though that might interest you, Nikolas." DECA said to the young boy. "What is it, DECA?" he asked. "I have found a new Ninjetti power. This power is of the Green Ninjetti. You'll control the Panda Zord, with the Forest Saber. You'll have to go to Phaedos and visit Dulcea, to get your weapons and powers." she told him as he prepared to leave for the planet. "Alright, Nikolas, go ahead, we'll take on the clones. Get your powers and come help us out, okay?" Andros said in his leader voice. "Okay, I'm outta here." and he was gone in an instant. "Let's Rocket." came Andros' voice. "We need Ninjetti Ranger Power now." Macy called.

* * *
"So, you finally come for your destruction." Marie said as they landed.

"Not for our destruction, but yours." Kat yelled back.

"Alright let's split up like this: Andros, Ashley Zhane, and Kerone, take on Jordan. Tommy, Jason, Kimberly, and Sarah, take out Tyler. Grant and I will take on Hunter. Kat, can you handle Marie on your own? If not one of us can help you out." Macy asked. When Kat said she would take care of Marie on her own they made the split.

* * *
"Cassie, Carlos, TJ, go down to Earth and help the clones out. They may need your help. I'll send Ann, Lee, and Kaitlyn with you, to split them up further. Now, go." Nizbel ordered. "Quantrons go to Phaedos and take care of Nikolas, he is going after some mysterious power. I don't want him to reach it." he commanded.

* * *
"Dulcea, thank you for your help, and I understand." Nikolas said to the Master Warrior of the Planet Phaedos. "Good luck, Nikolas. And may the Power protect you." she told him as he left. He headed straight into the jungle to find his Elemental Sword.

* * *
"Great, Nizbel sent down the others. Ashley, go get Cassie, Andros, take Carlos, Zhane, you need to get to TJ. Kerone, can you help Kimberly out with Ann?" Alpha asked as he monitored the battle. "Yes, I'm on my way. Hang on, Kim." she responded. "Tommy, Jason needs your help with Lee. Grant, Andros needs your help. Carlos is getting a little difficult." he continued.

* * *
"Oh, great, Tin Heads. Let's try this out, Jungle Saber, full power." Nikolas called. He quickly took out all of the Quantrons and headed back towards Earth. "Alpha, tell the other Rangers I'm on my way. I got my powers and my Sword. I'll be there in about two minutes." he said as he cut off his communicator.

* * *
"Rangers, Nikolas will be their in a minute. He's coming equipped for battle." Alpha told them. "That's great, Alpha. All that's left are Marie and Lee, they'll be finished right about . . . now." Tommy told their little robotic buddy. "Alright, Nik, now that you are here we can save Cassie, Carlos, and TJ. Let's do it. We need the Elemental Swords now." Kat called. In a flash of all the elements, Cassie, Carlos, and TJ were back to normal again. "Let's get them to the Med. Bay now." Andros said. "DECA, fourteen to teleport up, " Ashley said over her communicator.

* * *
"No, this is not what was supposed to happen. Zedd, call on one of your creatures to destroy those pesky Rangers." he ordered the gross looking human. "Invenusible Fly-Trap, come forth for master Nizbel." Zedd called. "Yes, Lord Zedd, I'm here to get rid of those Power Pukes for you." the creature told its master. "Now, go to Earth and set up a trap, with the Clone Maker. There are now eleven Rangers, and I won't to change that." Nizbel told his minions.

* * *
"How do you guys feel? Do you remember anything?" Andros asked them. "No, the last thing I can remember is throwing our morphers to Jason, Kimberly, and Grant." TJ told them. "Okay, I guess we should catch you up then, right?" Ashley suggested. "Yeah." Zhane said. "I agree." Kerone said in agreement. "Okay, please start with some introductions." Cassie started. "This is Sarah McBride." Macy told their three friends. "And this is Nikolas Spencer, " Grant finished for her. They said hi to each other and continued. Tommy started next, "Sarah is the Bronze Ninjetti, she controls the Water Carrier Zord." "Nikolas is the newest Ranger. He is the Green Ninjetti, and controls the Panda Zord." Kat concluded. "Wow! so much has happened. Do you know what happened to us?" Carlos asked. "Yeah, but your not gonna like it." Kimberly started.

"Nizbel turned you evil, and controlled you. He had you fighting against us." Jason finished. "We couldn't turn you back to the side of good, until Nikolas got his powers." Sarah told them. "Yeah, mine wasn't as hard of a search as you said yours was, Sarah." he told her.

"Alright, you guys, I think we should let them get their rest." Andros said aloud as Cassie yawned.

"Rangers, Nizbel has sent down a monster, the Invenusible Fly-Trap. It is stronger than the one you faced on Venus Island, Jason, Kimberly, Tommy. I'm scanning for a weakness, and will tell you when I find it." DECA started. "'Lets..." Andros started. "Rangers. wait a minute. Nizbel has also sent Clone Maker back down. Those who haven't been cloned should take on Invenusible Fly-Trap, and a few of you should help Nikolas out. The rest of you should go after the Clone Maker, he can't make clones of you anymore." DECA finished.

"Are you finished, DECA?" Andros asked. "Yes, Andros, I am finished." she told him. "'Lets Rocket.'" Andros said, and the Astro Rangers morphed. "We need Ninjetti Ranger power." Macy said next. Then in a flash, in front of Alpha stood the morphed Rangers. "We need to make a battle plan before we go." Ashley said. "That's right. Nikolas, Ashley, Kerone, Grant, Kat, and Jason, you'll go after Invenusible Fly-Trap. The rest of us will get Clone Maker." Tommy said in his leader voice, in which everyone would listen to.

To Be Continued