READ THIS: Okay, you've heard this all before. Everyone in this story belongs to Saban. But Sophia, Stacy, Tommy Jr., Tammy are characters I made up. I'm not doing this for money, just love to write and hope someday to be a writer. This is part 2. You might want to read THE REUNION AND WEDDING FIRST.

WRITTEN BY: Elisabeth Anne Bundy





NARRATOR: Two years after Tommy and Kimberly were married. They came back to Angel Grove for a visit and to find a place to live. The first thing Tommy and Kimberly did when they got there was go to Angel Grove High School.

KIMBERLY: This is where we first met, remember?

NARRATOR: Tommy was daydreaming about when he first met, Kim, asked her out and their first kiss.


NARRATOR: Tommy, didn't answer.


TOMMY: Sorry, did I fall asleep during Miss Applebee's class?

KIMBERLY: No, we're not in high school anymore, remember? What were you thinking about?

TOMMY: When I first met you, asked you out and our first kiss.

KIMBERLY: Tommy, I have an idea.

TOMMY: What.

KIMBERLY: A reuni...

DAVID: Tommy, Kim?

TOMMY: David, Kat?


KIMBERLY: What are you doing here?

DAVID: We just had to come by Angel Grove High to see if it was still here. Where have you been for the last two years?

TOMMY: Florida. Do you know anyone who has a house for sale?

NARRATOR: When Kimberly and Tommy looked again they saw Kat was holding a baby girl.

KIMBERLY: Who's that?

KAT: This is Caroline.

KIMBERLY: She's cute.

NARRATOR: That's when Billy came walking up.

BILLY: Hi everyone.

KIMBERLY: Hi, Billy, how are you?

BILLY: Fine, who's that?

KAT: This is David's and my daughter, Caroline.

KIMBERLY: Before you all came walking up I was about to tell, Tommy, my idea. Dose anyone want to hear it?


KIMBERLY: A reunion, I just wish there was a way of getting a hold of Zordon and Alpha 5.

BILLY: Would you like a communicator?

KIMBERLY: What do you mean, Billy?

BILLY: Communicators to get a hold of Zordon and Alpha 5.

TOMMY: Thanks, Billy.

BILLY: These aren't the original communicators, but you can still get a hold of Zordon, Alpha 5, Dimitria and Alpha 6.

KIMBERLY: Oh my gosh, thanks Billy.

KAT: Thanks, Billy.

BILLY: I even have an extra one.

DAVID: Wow, thanks.

JUSTIN: Hi, Tommy, Kat. I'm sorry, but I forgot who you three are.

KIMBERLY: I'm Kimberly. Tommy's wife, I was also the first Pink Ranger.

DAVID: I'm David, Kat's husband.

BILLY: I'm Billy, the first Blue Ranger.

JUSTIN: Oh yeah, now I remember. Your Tommy's brother, right?

DAVID: That's right.

JUSTIN: It's just over that way.

KIMBERLY: What's just over that way?

JUSTIN: Where the Power Chamber used to be.

KIMBERLY: Where did you get this ring you gave me, Tommy?

TOMMY: From my mom.

KIMBERLY: Do you think your mom could have been a Power Ranger?

TOMMY: I don't know, maybe.

KIMBERLY: Maybe, you should ask.

TOMMY: No, I can't.

KIMBERLY: Why not?

TOMMY: Keep your identity as a Power Ranger a secret, remember?

KIMBERLY: Oh yeah, I guess I forgot.

MR. KAPLAN: Kimberly, Tommy, Billy, Justin, Kat?


MR. KAPLAN: How are all of you?

KIMBERLY: Fine, how are you?

KIMBERLY: Fine, still principal.

DAVID: Hi, I'm David, Tommy's brother.

MR. KAPLAN: Nice to meet you. Who is that?

KAT: This is Caroline. David's and my daughter. Who is that your holding, Kim?

KIMBERLY: This is Tommy and my daughter, Tammy and by Tommy is his son, Ronnie.

TOMMY: Why don't we call the others for a reunion?

KAT: I could call Tanya.

KIMBERLY: I could call Jason, Zack, Trini, Rocky, Adam and Aisha.

TOMMY: I could see if we could have the reunion at the Juice Bar and call Bulk and Skull to invite them.

NARRATOR: They had soon reached the Juice Bar. To their surprise. Ernie had the room set up for a party, but when they walked in there stood Miss Applebee, Mr. Kaplan, T.J., Cassie, Carlos, Ashley, Andros and Zhane along with Alpha 6. Ronnie was now 2 years old, he reached up for Tommy to pick him up. Ashley and Andros were holding hands.

RONNIE: Daddy?

TOMMY: All right, come here.

KAT: How old are Ronnie and Tammy?

TOMMY: Ronnie is 2 and Tammy is...

KIMBERLY: Tammy is 6 months old. Hey isn't that Adam and Lucy?

TOMMY: Yeah, Adam, over here!

ADAM: Hey, who are these three?

DAVID: This is Kat and my daughter, Caroline.

TOMMY: This is Ronnie, you saw him last 2 1/2 years a go.

ADAM: Oh yeah, I guess he's grown and I didn't recognize him.

KIMBERLY: And this is Tommy and my 6-month-old daughter, Tammy.

DAVID: Isn't that, Rocky?

ADAM: Rocky, over here!

ROCKY: Who are these two cute little girls?

KAT: This is David and my daughter, Caroline.

KIMBERLY: This is Tommy and my daughter, Tammy. So Adam how is your daughter, Hope?

ADAM: Fine.

TOMMY: How is, Sierra?

ADAM: She was killed a year a go in an accident.

HOPE: Daddy?

ADAM: Come here.

NARRATOR: Hope was now 4 years old.

ROCKY: I saw Sierra just last week.

ADAM: Where and how do you know it was, Sierra?

ROCKY: She asked me if I knew where you and Hope were. Then she told to tell you, she faked her own death. Then she told me to give you this.

NARRATOR: It was a picture of Adam, Sierra and Hope. Just a few days after Hope was born. Adam shivered as he remembered how Hope had been ripped from Sierra's body and put in an incubator for the last five months. Rocky had seen Adam shiver.

ROCKY: Are you all right?

ADAM: I just remembered how Hope was born.

TOMMY: I don't think anyone wants to remember that.

KIMBERLY AND DAVID: What are you talking about?

ADAM: Well...

SIERRA: Adam, Hope!

HOPE: Mommy!

ADAM: Sierra!

DAVID: Excuse me, but are you going to introduce us to you friend?

ADAM: Sorry, I just haven't seen her in a long time. Sierra, this is Rocky, Tommy...

SIERRA: I remember Rocky and Tommy.

ADAM: This is Tommy's brother, David and Tommy's wife Kimberly. Oh you remember, Kat?

SIERRA: Yeah, who are those three?

TOMMY: This is my son, Ronnie and this is...

KIMBERLY: And this is Tommy and my daughter, Tammy.

TOMMY: I remember one time when I was the Green Ranger, Kelly, Kimberly's cousin was trying out for cheer leading. She kept saying she couldn't do it.

ADAM: What happen? Did she make it?

TOMMY: Well she got kidnapped by Rita Repulsa.

KIMBERLY: But it was actually Rita Repulsa's henchmen, Squatt and Baboon, who kidnapped, Kelly.

NARRATOR: No one saw Kelly coming up behind Kimberly and Tommy.

KELLY: Then I asked Squatt and Baboon if they wanted to learn some cheers. They said, "Yes." So I made them so sick they had to go lay down and the Power Rangers saved me. Then later that afternoon I went to cheer leading try outs right here in the Juice Bar and made it.

KIMBERLY: Oh my gosh, Kelly!

KELLY: Hi, Kimberly, Tommy.

DAVID: Hi, I'm David, Tommy's brother.

KELLY: Hi, I'm Kelly, Kimberly's cousin. May I hold, Tammy?


KELLY: I got her.

KIMBERLY: Careful, support her head.

KELLY: I know.


KELLY: I have twins.

KIMBERLY: Where are they?

KELLY: Daycare.

NARRATOR: That night Kimberly woke up screaming.

KIMBERLY: Luke Jackson did it?

TOMMY: Kim, what's wrong?

NARRATOR: Kimberly was crying.

KIMBERLY: I just had a nightmare about when Rocky and I got kidnapped in Florida. When you and the guys were trying to figure out who beat me up and that guy Luke got shot in the head.

TOMMY: But it had a happy ending. You came back to Angel Grove to live.

KIMBERLY: But I never got to do gymnastics again. Tommy?...I'm sorry, I wrote you that letter telling you I had found someone else.

TOMMY: It's all in the past, beautiful...It's all in the past.

NARRATOR: Kimberly hardly herd the words as she fell into a deep sleep for the rest of the night. She slept until 11: 30 the next morning. Tommy came in to wake her up. He gave her a kiss and said:

TOMMY: Hey, beautiful, time to wake up.

KIMBERLY: What time is it?

TOMMY: 11:30 A.M. Why?

KIMBERLY: Oh, shit, I'm going to be late for gymnastics practice.

TOMMY: You're not in gymnastics anymore, remember?

KIMBERLY: Where's Ronnie and Tammy?

TOMMY: Ronnie is playing and Tammy is asleep. Oh, your cousin Kelly, is here to see you. She's here with the twins and is waiting downstairs.

KIMBERLY: Kelly, is here?

TOMMY: Yeah and the twins are cute, but you have to get up and see for yourself to see what they look like.

KIMBERLY: All right, I'm getting up. I'll be down in a few minutes.

TOMMY: All right.

NARRATOR: Tommy gave Kimberly a kiss and left the room. Kimberly, got up and got dressed. Then she went to the living room to find Kelly sitting on the couch with twins. One boy and one girl.

KELLY: Hi, Kimberly.

KIMBERLY: Hi, Kelly, what are their names?

KELLY: Wynonna and Randy. Hey, where are Ronnie and Tammy?

TOMMY: I'll check and see if they're in their rooms.

NARRATOR: When Tommy looked in Ronnie's room and then Tammy's room. Tammy was in her room, but he couldn't find Ronnie anywhere. Little did he know that Rita Repulsa had kidnapped Ronnie.

RONNIE: Where am I?

RITA: You are on the moon!

RONNIE: Who are you?

RITA: I'm Rita Repulsa and corm head over there is Lord Zedd.

SQUATT: What about us?

RITA: What about you?

BABOON: Aren't you going to introduce Squatt and me?

RITA: Oh, all right, this is Squatt and Baboon and that big gold monkey over there is, Goldar. Finster!

SQUATT AND BABOON: Hi, there little guy.

FINSTER: Yes, my queen?

RITA: Make me a monster!

FINSTER: What kind of monster would you like?

NARRATOR: A smile crept across Rita's face as she thought for a moment.

RITA: A Worry Wart!

FINSTER: Coming right up, my queen.

LORD ZEDD: What's going on? Who is this?

RITA: This is Tommy Oliver's son, Ronnie.

LORD ZEDD: Send him back, with no spells on him, now!

RITA: But..

LORD ZEDD: Send him back, now!

NARRATOR: As Lord Zedd said that, Ronnie, was teleported back into his bed. When Tommy, Kimberly and Kelly looked to see if Ronnie was there. They saw him sound asleep. When Tommy looked on the table next to the bed, he saw a note. That said his name on it.


It was Rita who kidnapped Ronnie, not I. He was not put under a spell. I made sure of that, before I sent him back and put him in his bed. I was listening to Rita. She told Finster to make a monster called "Worry Wart." I know I'm supposed to be the bad guy, but I wasn't always evil you know. I used to be a good guy, but some evil bad guy got a hold of me and turned me into an evil villain. Like I told you there is no spell on, Ronnie, but you can check with Zordon to confirm what I said. Oh Country music has a song for how you feel. I know you doesn't have anything to do with the letter. Hope you tell the Power Rangers about "Worry Wart." I have regain my human form and I am coming to live on Earth as Larry Zedden. Look me up in the phone book sometime. I think I better say good-bye for now I hear Rita coming.

Your friend,

Lord Zedd other wise known as

My real name Larry Zedden

P.S. Listen to a country song called "Jukebox in My Mind." By a Country group called "Alabama." I know you don't like Country Music, but you might was to listen to this song.

NARRATOR: Tommy finished reading the letter. He teleported to the Power Chamber.

ALPHA 5: Aye, yi, yi, yi, intruder alert! Alert! Aye, yi, yi, yi, yi, yi!

TOMMY: Calm down, Alpha, it's me, Tommy.

ALPHA 5: Aye, yi, yi,yi, yi, hi, Tommy.

NARRATOR: Alpha spun around as if looking for something. Then remembered Tommy wasn't a Power Ranger anymore.

ALPHA 5: Aye, yi, yi, Tommy, what are you doing here?

NARRATOR: Tommy handed Alpha 5 the letter and explained everything in the letter. Finally getting to the part about the monster "Worry Wart."

ZORDON: Sounds like Rita is up to her old tricks again.

TOMMY: I have to see Chelsea, but could you run a scan on, Ronnie?

ALPHA 5: Sure, but why?

TOMMY: Because of something Lord Zedd said in the letter. "Ronnie, is not under a spell but you can confirm it with, Zordon."

ZORDON: Yes, Tommy, I don't mean to pry in your business, but why are you going to see, Chelsea?

TOMMY: Because I need a tape and she knows a lot about Country Music. In the letter it said check out a Country song called "Jukebox in My Mind" by some Country group called "Alabama."

ALPHA 5: Aye, yi, yi, yi, yi, the scan is complete.

TOMMY: Well what did you find out?

ALPHA 5: There is no trace of a spell.

TOMMY: Thanks, Alpha 5, Zordon, I'll see you later.

NARRATOR: Tommy teleported to the park. Then started to jog to Chelsea's house. He looked in the window and saw Trey, Kat and David were there as well. So he knocked.

CHELSEA: Who is it?

TOMMY: It's me, Tommy.

NARRATOR: The door was open by Tommy's brother, David.

TOMMY: Hi, David.

DAVID: Hi, Tommy, how are you?

TOMMY: I'm fine, I came to see, Chelsea.

CHELSEA: What's wrong?

TOMMY: May I borrow one of your tapes?

NARRATOR: Chelsea started to laugh because she knew Tommy didn't like country music. She finally stopped.

CHELSEA: Which one?

TOMMY: I don't know the name of the tape, but I know what the song is.

CHELSEA: Well, what is it?

TOMMY: "Jukebox in My Mind." I think.

CHELSEA: "Jukebox in My mind!" "Alabama!" Greatest Hits volume three!"

TOMMY: Do you have it?

CHELSEA: Yeah, just a minute, let me go get it.

NARRATOR: As Chelsea went to get the tape, Tommy, sat down in a soft chair by the window and started to talk to David. When they herd Chelsea scream. So David, Kat, Tommy and Trey went to go see what Chelsea was screaming about.

CHELSEA: Who are you?

ASHE: I'm Ashe, I'm looking for Kimberly Anne Heart.

TOMMY: Hi, Ashe, how are you?

ASHE: Fine, do you know where, Kim is?

TOMMY: Yeah, she's at home with you guys cousin, Kelly. Ashe, this is my sister Chelsea, her boyfriend, Trey and my brother, David.


ASHE: Hi, thanks for telling me where, Kim, is. See you at the Surf Spot later.


NARRATOR: Then Ashe left. Kim and Ashe met Tommy at the Surf Spot later that day.

TOMMY: I'm going to my Uncle's cabin to practice my karate. By Kim, Ashe, see you later.

RONNIE: I go, daddy?

TOMMY: All right, come on.

KIMBERLY: I'm going to keep, Tammy, with me.

NARRATOR: Tommy gave Kimberly and Tammy a kiss. Then he picked up, Ronnie and headed for the jeep, on their way there a drunk driver was coming right at them. Ronnie, was knocked into a coma, but Tommy was just knocked out. When Tommy woke up he was in the hospital. Kimberly was standing by his bed.

KIMBERLY: Hi, Tommy.

TOMMY: What am I doing in the hospital? Where's Ronnie?

KIMBERLY: A drunk driver hit you. Ronnie is in the room next door, he's in a coma.

TOMMY: Oh, no, I have to see him.

KIMBERLY: No, you have to stay in bed.

NARRATOR: That's when Kelly came walking in. She had been crying. Wynonna and Randy had been killed in the car wreck that Tommy and Ronnie had been in. They had only been a year old and the drunk driver was their father.

KIMBERLY: Kelly, what's wrong?

KELLY: Wynonna and Randy (starts to cry again.) hour ago.


KELLY: They were going to the park with their father and...I didn't know he was drinking. He was killed in the wreck to.

KIMBERLY: Oh, Kelly, I'm so sorry.

TOMMY: Well, Ronnie, is in a coma.

KIMBERLY: Tommy, would you shut up? What day is the funeral?

KELLY: The day after tomorrow. Kimberly, do you think you could introduce me to, Justin, sometime?

KIMBERLY: Why? Do you love him?

NARRATOR: When Kimberly was talking to Kelly , Tommy, snuck out of the room to go see his son. When Kim turned around and looked at Tommy's bed he was gone.

KELLY: Where's Tommy?

KIMBERLY: I know where he is.

KELLY: Visiting Ronnie?

KIMBERLY: You got it, let's go.

NARRATOR: When Tommy walked in Ronnie woke up, but couldn't remember what happen. That's when Bulk and Skull came walking in.

BULK: Well...look at the little dweeb.

SKULL: Yeah, ha, ha, looks like he's awake.

NARRATOR: Tommy walked over to Bulk and Skull, punched them in the faces, then said politely:

Don't ever call my son a dweeb or next time it will be worse.

That's when Kimberly came walking in.

KIMBERLY: Don't hit Bulk and Skull.

NARRATOR: Then Tommy pulled Kim into a passionate kiss. She drew back her fist and punched Tommy.

KIMBERLY: That's for hitting Bulk and Skull.

TOMMY: Well those assholes called Ronnie a dweeb and why are you defending them.

NARRATOR: Kimberly stormed out of the room with Tammy asleep in her arms.

RONNIE: What's an asshole?

TOMMY: You don't ever say that word again!

NARRATOR: Then Ronnie started to cry. Kimberly came back in the room, slapped , Tommy and told him to go back to his room and comforted Ronnie.

KIMBERLY: Shhhh, it's all right your daddy wasn't mad at you, just those bullies.

RONNIE (Still crying): But he yell at me.

KIMBERLY: Well he didn't mean it. He's just a little annoyed, that's all. When he calms down he'll say he's sorry.

RONNIE: Promise?

KIMBERLY: Promise, now dry those tears.

NARRATOR: Kimberly got Ronnie to sleep. Then went into the hall, made sure no one was looking and teleported to the Power Chamber with, Tammy. Then a few minutes later Tommy teleported to the Power Chamber in his hospital gown to ask Kimberly a question.

TOMMY: Kim, what was in that shot the doctor gave you a couple of years a go.

KIMBERLY: It was a joke, it was water.

NARRATOR: Meanwhile everyone else was at the Surf Spot.

BILLY: Trini, may I talk to you?

TRINI: Sure, what is it, Billy?

BILLY: you. I could just never tell you.

TRINI: Bill? I've known for a while. When you sent me that Valentines Day present. You want to know something, Billy?

BILLY: What?

TRINI: I love you to.

BILLY: Really? Well would you like to got to dinner and a movie?

TRINI: Sure, what time?

BILLY: Is 8:00 all right?

TRINI: Sure, see you then.

NARRATOR: That's when Kimberly's mother came walking in. Jason was the one to see her. He was teaching a karate class.

JASON: Class dismissed.

KIMBERLY'S MOTHER: Excuse me, are you one of Kimberly's friends?

JASON: Yes, I am.

KIMBERLY: Do you know where she is.

JASON: In the doorway of this place with Tammy and Tommy.


KIMBERLY'S MOTHER: Hi, I saw the news and took the first flight. Did anyone get hurt?

TOMMY: I was knocked out and my son, Ronnie, was in a coma.

KIMBERLY'S MOTHER: Where is he now?

KIMBERLY: Still at the hospital. We have to go pick him up this afternoon, do you want to come?


NARRATOR: When Tommy, Kimberly, Tammy and Kimberly's mother got to the hospital. They found out that Ronnie had again slipped into a coma.

THE DOCTOR: He may not wake up this time.

TOMMY: No, he has to.

NARRATOR: Tommy and Kimberly found out a couple of days later that Ronnie was Brain Dead and that it was only machines keeping him alive. As soon as Tommy and Kimberly found out they went straight to the hospital.

THE DOCTOR: The machines are the only things keeping him alive.

TOMMY: No, you're lying.

NARRATOR: Later that day the doctors turned off the machines and two days later was the funeral. Tommy was so mad he decided to go up to his uncle's cabin and practice some karate. He told everyone he would be back later. Kimberly put Tammy in her car seat and followed Tommy. About half way to his uncle's cabin Tommy looked in the rearview mirror and saw someone following him. So he pulled over to the side of the road and stopped. The car that was following him pulled over and stopped behind him. Tommy got out to see who it was.

TOMMY: Kim, why are you following me?

KIMBERLY: I was worried about you.

TOMMY: I'm fine.

KIMBERLY: Well you don't look fine to me.

TOMMY: What do you expect?

KIMBERLY: Look, I know your hurt, because your son was killed. But your son wasn't the only one killed you know. Do you remember my cousin Kelly? Her husband and kids were killed in that accident to you know. She lost her whole family.

TOMMY: Do we have to talk on the highway?

KIMBERLY: No, I could follow you up to your uncles cabin.

TOMMY: You've been doing a good job of that.

KIMBERLY: I'll meet you when Tammy and I get there.

NARRATOR: After Kimberly and Tommy turned and walked back to his jeep and screeched his tires when he hit the highway again. Kimberly followed him the rest of the way there. It only took five minutes to get there.

KIMBERLY: Tommy, we have to talk.

TOMMY: About what?

KIMBERLY: You remember when I went to Florida to train for the Pan Globes?

TOMMY: Yeah, I remember.

KIMBERLY: I had a friend there. About two years after I got there, she was killed in a car accident. I found out she was my sister.

TOMMY: Older or younger?

KIMBERLY: Younger. I'll never forget my mom telling me that at the funeral. She was my sister.

TOMMY: What dose this have to do with anything?

KIMBERLY: Tommy, she was eight years old!

TOMMY: Kim, I'm sorry. Why didn't you tell me?

KIMBERLY: I don't know. I found out after I wrote you that letter saying I had found someone else. I thought after I wrote you that letter you would never want to see or talk to me again.

TOMMY: Kim, when you sent me that letter, it broke my heart, because I never loved anyone else. Well I loved Ronnie's mom, but I think I loved you more then anything in the world. Kat, never knew I was using her, but I'm glad she met, David.

KIMBERLY: Is there anyway we can get, Tammy, out of the sun?

TOMMY: Yeah, let's go inside.

KIMBERLY: You were using, Kat?

TOMMY: Yeah, but I'll apologize tomorrow.

NARRATOR: Tommy, Kimberly and Tammy spent the night at the cabin. The next day they went straight to the Surf Spot, after telling, Kat, to meet them there.

TOMMY: Kat, I'm sorry.

KAT: For what?

TOMMY: For using you.

KAT: For using me?

TOMMY: Yeah, when I was going out with you, I was only using you.

KAT: You used me?

TOMMY: Kat, I said I'm sorry, but when Kim went to Florida I never stopped loving her and never will.

NARRATOR: That's when Adam came walking up with a big smile on his face. He also had Hope with him. When he heard what was going on his smile fade.

ADAM: Hi, what's going on?

KAT: This jerk used me when we were going out.

ADAM: I guess no one is in the mood for good news.

KIMBERLLY: We could sure use some good news.

ADAM: Sierra is pregnant again.

HOPE: I'm going to have a brother or sister. I hope it's a sister.

KIMBERLY: Where is Sierra?

ADAM: At home. She has the flu and has to stay in bed.

KAT: That's great.

TOMMY: Congratulations.

KIMBERLY: That's morphinominal.

HOPE: What dose morphinomimal mean?

KIMBERLY: It's just a word I herd the Power Rangers say once.

TOMMY: Kim, why is it every morning you get up and get sick.

KIMBERLY: I forgot to tell you yesterday at your uncle's cabin?

TOMMY: What?

KIMBERLY: Tommy, I'm pregnant again.

NARRATOR: That's when Adam, Kat, Kimberly and Tommy saw Billy and Trini walk in.

KIMBERLY: Looks like Billy finally told Trini he loves here.

TOMMY: What are you talking about?

KIMBERLY: Trini, received a present from Billy and a note finally telling her he loved her.

TOMMY: How do you know about this?

KIMBERLY: Trini, called me.

NARRATOR: Tommy and Kimberly didn't see Tammy get up and start walking.

BILLY: Tammy's walking.

KIMBERLY: Oh my gosh!

TOMMY: She's headed for the mat.

KIMBERLY: Come here, Tammy.

TAMMY: Momma.

TOMMY: Her first word.

TAMMY: Karate.

KIMBERLY: She's talking.

TAMMY: Yeah, where brother?


TAMMY: Wake up!

KIMBERLY: We can't wake him up.

NARRATOR: Tammy started to cry. She kept screaming "Wake up."

KIMBERLY: I think somebody is tired!

TAMMY: Wake up! Wake up! Wake up!

TOMMY: Come here, Tammy.

TAMMY: Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Wake up!

KIMBERLY: How about some lunch and then we take her home for her nap?

TOMMY: All right.


TOMMY: Hi, this is Kimberly and Tammy.

KIMBERLY: Hi, who are you?

TOMMY: She was the first Pink Ranger.

CASSIE: I'm the third Pink Ranger.

ASHLEY: I'm the fourth Yellow Ranger.

NARRATOR: While Tommy, Kimberly, Ashley and Cassie were talking. Tammy fell asleep while Tommy was still holding her. She mumbled something which everyone heard.

TAMMY: Daddy.

JASON: Hey, Tommy, you want to spar?

TOMMY: I can't, I'm holding, Tammy. Maybe later.

JASON: All right, but it looks like she's asleep.

KIMBERLY: You could put her in her stroller if you want to go spar.

TOMMY: I want to make sure she's asleep. Just a few more minutes.

NARRATOR: Tommy finally laid Tammy down in her stroller. Kimberly sat down at a table and was remembering, when Trini came walking up.

TRINI: Kimberly?

KIMBERLY: Huh? What?

TRINI: Were you daydreaming?

KIMBERLY: Yeah, I guess. I was remembering when I was in high school.

TAMMY: Daddy!

TRINI: Who is her father?

KIMBERLY: Who do you think her father is? Tommy.

TRINI: Your right, I should have guessed. By the way of it being "Love at first site" for both of you.

KIMBERLY: I have some great news.

TRINI: What?

KIMBERLY: I'm pregnant again.

TRINI: Oh yeah, I knew that already.

KIMBERLY: How? Who told you?

TRINI: Adam, told me. He also told me that Sierra and him are about to have another baby to. How far along are you?

KIMBERLY: 4 months. Looks like Tommy and Jason are sparing like when we were in High School.

TAMMY: Sister! Sister!

TRINI: Looks like, Tammy, wants a sister.

NARRATOR: That's when Tommy came walking over. Tammy jumped off Kimberly's lap and ran over to Tommy.

TAMMY: Sister! Sister!

TOMMY: Come here, Tammy.

TAMMY: Daddy!

JASON: Hey, Kim, Tommy told me the news. Congratulations.

KIMBERLY: Thanks. Ernie, may I have a milkshake?

ERNIE: Sure, here you go.

TAMMY: Chicken! Chicken!

KIMBERLY: Some chicken to, please.

ERNIE: Here you go, Tammy.

TAMMY: Tank you!

KIMBERLY: I still remember when we were in high school. We always came to the Juice Bar after school.

TRINI: It doesn't seem different.

KIMBERLY: But it is. We're older now.

TAMMY: Sister! Sister! Sister! Sister!

TRINI: But what is different about that?

KIMBERLY: We're older. I have a daughter. Well Tommy and I have a daughter. This place is called The Surf Spot.

TRINI: Yeah, but that's the only things that have changed.

KIMBERLY (WHISPERS): We're not Power Rangers anymore.

TRINI: That's the only 3 things that have changed.

TOMMY: What are you talking about?

KIMBERLY: Things that are different.

BULK: So where is the little dweeb you with at the hospital?

TOMMY: My son is dead!

KIMBERLY: Tommy, calm down.

TAMMY: Daddy, love you!

TOMMY: I love you to, Tammy.

NARRATOR: Tammy gave Tommy the biggest hug she could.

BULK: Well look at the dweeb family.

SKULL: Yeah, ha, ha, look at the dweeb family.

KIIMBERLY: Have you looked in the mirror lately?

BULK: Why?

SKULL: Yeah, why?

KIMBERLY: Because you look like monkeys.

BULK: We look like monkeys? Come on, Skull, let's get out of here.

KIMBERLY: They sure left in a hurry after I said they look like monkeys.

JUSTIN: I think Bulk and Skull were monkeys at one time.

ROCKY: What are you talking about?

TOMMY: One time these monkeys did something Bulk and Skull would do.

KIMBERLY: What did they do?

TOMMY: Well Lt. Stone said treat every fire like it the real thing, the fire alarm went off at the Youth Center and they threw two buckets of water on Lt. Stone. Then Lt. Stone said I wish they wouldn't take me so literally.

KIMBERLY: Hey, where's Tammy?

TOMMY: I don't know.

NARRATOR: Tommy and Kimberly didn't know that Tammy was walking the halls of Angel Grove High School. Ashley and Cassie found her. So they took picked her up and headed for the Surf Spot.

TOMMY: There she is with Ashley and Cassie. Ashley, Cassie, over here!

CASSIE: Hi, what are you doing here?

TAMMY: Practicing Karate.

ASHLEY: Well we don't know who this little girl's parents are.

TAMMY: Mommy.

KIMBERLY: Come here, Tammy.

CASSIE: I guess we know now.

NARRATOR: That's when Billy and Trini came walking up. They were both smiling from ear to ear.

KIMBERLY: Hi, what's going on?

TRINI AND BILLY: We're getting married!

KIMBERLY: That's great.

TOMMY: Congratulations.

JUSTIN: That's terrific.

ROCKY: Fantastic, will there be a lot of food.

ZACK: Hey, what's going on?

TOMMY: Billy and Trini are getting married.

ZACK: Morphinominal.

JASON: What's going on?

BILLY: Trini and I are getting married.

JASON: That's great, congratulations.

KIMBERLY: Tommy and I have some good news.

TRINI: What's that? Oh yeah, I already know.


TOMMY: Kim, are you all right?

KIMBERLY: Yeah, just the baby is kicking. Ohhhh, Tommy, ohhhh...

TOMMY: Kim, what's wrong?

KIMBERLY: The coming.

TOMMY: But you're only eight months pregnant.

KIMIBERLY: This baby...doesn't care.

TOMMY: You're not due for another three weeks.

KIMBERLY: I know that.

KAT: I'll call an ambulance.

ZHANE: What's going on?

TOMMY: She's having a baby!

CARLOS: I love you, Ashley.

ASHLEY: What can I do to help?

TOMMY: Take care of, Tammy!

CASSIE: What can I do?

TOMMY: Keep an eye out for the ambulance!

ASHLEY: Hi, there, Tammy.


ANDROS: Hi, who is this?

ASHLEY: Hi, this is Tommy and Kimberly's daughter, Tammy.

CARLOS: Hi, Ashley, may I talk to you?

ASHLEY: Sure, could you watch, Tammy, for a minute, Andorra?


CARLOS: I love you, Ashley.

ASHLEY: Wow...Carlos, you know I'm going out with, Andros.

PERMEDIC 1: Excuse us.

TOMMY: The baby is here.

PERMEDIC 2: It's a boy!

TOMMY: Tammy, come meet you baby brother.

KIMBERLY: Tommy Oliver Jr.

TOMMY Jr.: Whaaaaaaaaaa!

PERMEDIC: Would you like to cut the cord?

TOMMY: Sure.

ERNIE: Here's a clean towel from the locker room.

TOMMY: Thanks, Ernie.

TAMMY: Brother tiny. Me hold?

TOMMY: Let mommy hold him first and then you can hold him, all right?

TAMMY: All right.

EVERYONE AT THE SURF SPOT: Congratulations, Tommy and Kimberly!

TOMMY: Thank you, everyone.

KIMBERLY: I think it's time to go.

PERMEDIC 1: We have check you out at the hospital to see if you and the baby are all right, before you go home.

KARONE: Andros?

ANDROS: Karone! Is it really you?

KARONE: Yeah, could you get this thing out of my head?

ANDROS: Sure, let's go.

KARONE: Zhane, you went on a date with me once, right?

ZHANE: Right, when I didn't know you were really, Karone.

ANDROS: Can we talk about this somewhere else?

ZHANE: Andros, I have fallen in love with your sister.


ZHANE: I have fallen in love with, Karone. Look what I bought her.

ANDROS: An engagement ring?

ZHANE: Shhh, I don't want her to know yet.

ANDROS: Your going to marry my sister? But you've only known a month.

CARLOS, T.J., ASHLEY, CASSIE: Hi, what's going on?


ASHLEY: Is that an engagement ring?


CASSIE: Why do you have it?

ANDROS: Zhane, is in love with my baby sister.

KARONE: I'm not a baby, Andros. What are you talking about behind my back?


CASSIE: Let's go, back to the Megaship and see if Alpha can get that thing out of your head.

KARONE: All right, see you later, Zhane.

ZHANE: Hey, how about we go to dinner and a movie?

KARONE: All right, I'll meet you at the Surf Spot.

ZHANE: All right, what time?

KARONE: 8:00 P.M. is that all right?

ZHANE: Sure, see you then.


ANDROS: I can't believe your going on another date with my sister.

ZHANE: Is there anything wrong?

ANDROS: Yeah, she's my sister.

ZHANE: You're in love with, Ashley.

ANDROS: Yeah, but she's not your sister. You don't know how strange it is, my best friend dating my little sister.

NARRATOR: When they got back to the Megaship everyone went to their quarters and waited for Alpha to get the thing out of Karone's head. When Alpha was finished Karone went to Zhane's room.

KARONE: Zhane?

ZHANE: Karone! How are you feeling?

KARONE: Fine, I love you, Zhane.

ZHANE: I love you, to. It's past 8: 00 p.m. When you said we would go to dinner and a movie. Everyone else went to sleep hours ago.

NARRATOR: Meanwhile Andros was having another dream about Karone being kidnapped.

ANDROS: Karone! No!

KARONE: Let's go wake, Andros, up.

ZHANE: Let's go!

KARONE: Andros! Andros, wake up!

ANDROS: Karone?

KARONE: Yeah, it's me.

ZHANE: Karone and I were talking. Then we herd you yell "Karone! No!" So we came and wake you up.

ANDROS: What are you doing up?

KARONE: Well I just got the thing out of my head and was walking to my quarters when I walked by, Zhane's, room he was just sitting there on his bed and it look like her was thinking.

ANDROS: Why are you still doing up, Zhane?

ZHANE: I was worried.

ANDROS: You stayed up all night, because you were worried about, Karone?

ZHANE: Yeah, now I'm kind of tired.

KARONE: Then go get some sleep.

NARRATOR: Zhane went back to his quarters and went to sleep.

T.J.: Good morning.

KARONE, ANDROS: Good morning.

CASSIE: Good morning. Zhane, still sleeping?

KARONE: No, he just got to sleep. He was up all night worry about me.

ASHLEY, CARLOS: Good morning.

KARONE: Come on, let's go get some breakfast.

NARRATOR: When Zhane got up everyone was clearing the table off from dinner.

KARONE: You hungry?

ZHANE: I'll get something to eat myself. Thanks, anyway.

CARLOS: I'm going to practice my karate.


KARONE: What about you, Andros? Hey, where's Andros?

ALPHA 6: KO-35.

KARONE: What do you mean KO-35?

ALPHA 6: He said something about going to find out why he's still having those dreams.

JUSTIN: Hello, anyone here?

ASHLEY: Justin?

JUSTIN: Hi, everyone.

KARONE: Who are you?

JUSTIN: I was the third Blue Ranger. My name is, Justin. Who are you?

ANDROS: This is my sister, Karone.

KARONE: Hi, where did, Zhane, go?

CASSIE: The Surf Spot.

KARONE: What time is it?

ASHLEY: 8:00, why?

KARONE: Oh no, I'm going to be late.

CASSIE: Late for what?

KARONE: My date with, Zhane!

JUSTIN: Who's Zhane?

ANDROS: Zhane, is my best friend and soon to be brother-in-law.

JUSTIN: Your best friend is going to marry your sister?

ANDROS: If she says yes when he asks her.

NARRATOR: Zhane and Karone came back at 10:00.

D.E.C.A: Hello, Zhane, Karone, everyone is waiting for you on the bridge.

KARONE: Thanks, D.E.C.A. Zhane and I have a big surprise for them.

ZHANE: Hi, everyone, Karone and I have grate news.

KARONE: Zhane and I are getting married!

ANDROS: That's grate, my sister and my best friend are getting married.

NARRATOR: Andros stomped off to his quarters.

ZHANE: What's wrong with him?

KARONE: I don't know, I'll go see.

NARRATOR: Karone went and knocked on Andros's door.

ANDROS: Who is it?

KARONE: It's me, Karone.

ANDROS: Go away.

KARONE: I'm coming in. What's wrong, Andros?

ANDROS: I just got you back and now I'm going to lose you again, this time to my best friend, Zhane.

KARONE: Your not losing me, but you a gaining a brother-in-law. Besides we have the rest of our lives to catch up on the years we missed together. Andros, I'm always going to be your sister.

ANDROS: I wish mom and dad were here.

NARRATOR: Meanwhile in Angel Grove Park Billy and Trini were having a wedding rehearsal.

BILLY: Someone's missing.

ZACK: Who's that?

BILLY: The Power Rangers.

ZACK: The Power Rangers?

BILLY: Yeah and Justin to.

ADAM: Don't worry Justin probably went to get the Power Rangers.

NARRATOR: The next day was the wedding. Meanwhile Justin had reached the Megaship.

JUSTIN: Anyone here?

ANDROS: What are you doing here?

JUSTIN: Just wanted to let you know Billy and Trini wanted to invite the Power Rangers and Alpha 6 to the wedding.

T.J.: Who are Billy and Trini?

JUSTIN: Billy and Trini are the first Blue and Yellow Rangers.

ANDROS: If I get to go, my sister comes with me.

JUSTIN: They said invite anyone you want, but no monsters.

ANDROS: Two weddings in the same week.

JUSTIN: What do you mean.

JUSTIN: What do you mean?

ANDROS: First Trini and Billy are getting married and then my sister and my best friend are getting married.

KARONE: Could I please talk to you, Zhane?

ZHANE: Sure, what do you want to talk about?

KARONE: I can't marry you.

ZHANE: What? Why?

KARONE: I just can't right now.

ZHANE: Did, Andros, talk you out of it?

KARONE: No, I just need a little time to think.

ZHANE: All right, but I want you to keep the ring. I love you so much.

KARONE: I love you to, Zhane.

ZHANE: How long do you want to postpone the wedding for? A year or two?

KARONE: A couple of months. I have some other news.

ZHANE: What?

KARONE: I'm pregnant.

ZHANE: Your pregnant? What are you talking about?

KARONE: You and I are going to have a baby.

KARONE: When we went to the make out point, remember?

ZHANE: Oh yeah, do you want to tell anyone yet?

KARONE: Yeah, everyone.

ZHANE: All right, let's go.

KARONE: Hey, everyone. Dinnertime already?

ANDROS: Hey, Zhane, Karone, what's going on?

KARONE: I decided to put the wedding off for a couple of months.

ANDROS: Why? Zhane, you better not have hurt my sister.

ZHANE: It was her idea. Are you going to tell them the other news?

KARONE: Andros, your going to be an uncle.

ANDROS: What are you talking about?

ASHLEY: Your going to have a baby?

KARONE: That's right.

ANDROS: Who's the father of the baby?

ZHANE: I am.

ANDROS: This is great. At least it's a Power Ranger that's the father of my sister's baby and not a monster.

ZHANE: Your kidding, right?

ANDROS: No, I'm not kidding. I'm happy for you.

ZHANE: Thanks, Andros.

T.J.: I think this calls for a party.

ALPHA 6: Maybe later, Rangers, but right now there's a monster on Earth.

ZHANE: All right, see you later, Karone.

KARONE: All right, bye.

CASSIE: It's looks like a giant rabbit that's a robot.

ASHLEY: That's what it is all right.

ROBOT RABBIT: I'm going to destroy you puny rangers!

ANDROS: Mega V3 mislemode!

CASSIE: It's didn't destroy him it only shrunk him down to the size of, Karone, down there.

ANDROS: Karone, what are you doing here?

KARONE: I always dreamed of being a Power Ranger!

ZHANE: Aye-yahhh! Watch out, Karone!

NARRATOR: Zhane knocked Karone out of the way, as he had done for, Andros.


NARRATOR: After the smoke and flames cleared. Karone, went to find, Zhane. Karone was crying.

KARONE: Zhane?! Zhane?!

ZHANE (WEAKLY): Over here!

KARONE: Come on, Zhane, let's get you back to the Megaship.

ZHANE: Why are you crying?

KARONE: I was worried that you got killed.

ZHANE: I've done that before to save your brother.

ANDROS: I remember it to. Thanks for saving me, Zhane.

ZHANE: Hey, anytime. Are you all right, Karone?

KARONE: Yeah, I'm fine.

ZHANE: How is our baby?

KARONE: I don't know.

CASSIE: You could set up an appointment for an ultra sound.

KARONE: What's that?

ZHANE: Would it hurt?

CASSIE: No, they just rub some jelly on your stomach and put this machine over it and the doctor can see the baby.

KARONE: All right, Can we go right now?


ANDROS: Are you sure, Karone?

KARONE: Yes, You want to come, Zhane?

ZHANE: Sure, let's go. See you later, Andros.

ANDROS: See you later.

ASHLEY: How about we go see a movie?

ANDROS: No thanks, I'm going back to the Megaship.

KARONE: Andros, what's wrong?

ANDROS: It seems like when, Zhane and the rest of us aren't fighting monsters , he's spending all his time with you and the baby you're about to have!

ZHANE: I don't have to go for the appointment?

KARONE: Not if you don't want to.

ZHANE: All right, I'm going to practice my karate. Want to come, Andros?

ANDROS: Sure, but are you sure you want to go there alone, Karone?

KARONE: I won't be alone. I'll have, Cassie, with me.

ASHLEY: Me to.

ANDROS: All right, bye.


SEYMORE: Andros.

ANDROS: Seymour, what are you doing here on Earth?

SEYMORE: I wanted to show you my son, Collin.

KARONE: Who is that?

ANDROS: This is Seymour. A monster Cassie, Carlos, T.J., Ashley and I saved.

ASHLEY: We took him back to his planet and he fell in love.

SEYMORE: Nice to meet you.

ZHANE, KARONE: Nice to meet you to.

ASHLEY: Actually, Andros, saved him.

ANDROS: I can't take all of the credit.

SEYMORE: Group hug.

CASSIE: We'll meet you at the wedding.

ANDROS: All right, see you later. Zhane, I think I'm in love with, Ashley.

ZHANE: Really? I think everyone can tell. So why don't you tell her?

ANDROS: I will, at the wedding.

ZHANE: Speaking of the wedding, we better get in our Power Rangers suits and go!

ANDROS: Let's Rocket!

T.J.: All right, let's get to that wedding. Where's Ashley, Karone and Cassie?

ZHANE: They said they were going to meet us there.

NARRATOR: When Andros, Carlos, T.J. and Zhane got to the wedding Ashley, Karone and Cassie were already there. Andros sat on one side of Karone and Zhane on the other.

ZHANE: So how is our baby?

KARONE: She's just fine.

ZHANE: How do you know it's a girl?

KARONE: The doctor told me. Quiet the wedding is starting.

MINISTER: Billy, do you take Trini to be your lawfully wedded wife? To love and to hold, to honor and cherish, for better or worse, as long as you both may live?

BILLY: I do.

MINISTER: Trini, do you take Billy to be you lawfully wedded husband? To love and to hold, to honor and cherish, for better or worse, as long as you both may live?

TRINI: I do.

MINISTER: You may kiss the bride.

NARRATOR: Finally it was time for the reception.

ANDROS: Ashley, may I talk to you?

ASHLEY: Sure, what do you want to talk about?

ANDROS: I love you, Ashley.

ASHLEY: Wow, you're the second person to tell me that. I love you to.

ANDROS: Who told you that first?

ASHLEY: Carlos. But I love you.

ANDROS: Really?

ASHLEY: Yes, really. Come on, let's go see what everyone else is up to.


Andros: Hi, where's, Karone?

ZHANE: Karone? Karone, who?

ANDROS: Karone, my little sister.

ZHANE: Oh, your sister, Karone?

ANDROS: Yes, where is she.

ZHANE: She was kidnapped.

ANDROS: She was what? Why didn't you stop them?

ASHLEY: No, she wasn't. Look she's coming back from the restroom.

ZHANE: It was a joke. You can't take a joke can you?

ANDROS: Not when it's about my sister.

KARONE: What's going on?

ASHLEY: Zhane, told Andros that you were kidnapped. It was met to be a joke, but it wasn't very funny.

KARONE: Hey, Zhane, why do you play jokes like that on my brother?

ZHANE: Because it's funny to watch his face.

KARONE: Well I didn't think it was very funny.

ASHLEY: Neither did I.

ANDROS: None of us thought it was funny. Like the time he dressed up as the Red Psycho Ranger.

ZHANE: All right, sorry, I thought you would take it as a joke, you know that one day we came. When I bumped in a girl. She dropped something and you know what it was?


ZHANE: A picture of Astroneama and a note.

KARONE: I dropped that on purpose you know. But you were late.

ZHANE: Because we had to fight a monster.

KARONE: But I didn't send a monster.

ANDROS: But Darkonda or Elicitor might have.

KARONE: Who destroyed Darkonda?

ZHANE: When I kissed Astroneama, I was actually kissing your sister, Andros.

KAONE: I know, you kissed me. After that day I couldn't stop thinking about you.

ZHANE: After that day I couldn't stop thinking about you either.

ANDROS: We're going to leave you two alone so you can talk.

KARONE: Who destroyed Darkonda?

ANDROS: Elicitor, when he saved me.

KARONE: Elicitor, saved you?

ANDROS: Yes, he said he'd save me only once. I thought, Darkonda, was the only one that knew where you were.

KARONE: So, Elicitor, wasn't always a bad guy.

ASHLEY: Probably not always.

KARONE: If, Darkonda, hadn't kidnapped me. I would have always been good.

ANDROS: What made you become evil?

KARONE: Being around, Elicitor, since I was seven.

ANDROS: Why did, Darkonda, take you?

KARONE: Maybe it has something to do with us always talking about being Power Rangers when we grew up.

ANDROS: Maybe, but why did he kidnap you and not both of us?

KARONE: Maybe, because I was so little I would hardly remember and I wouldn't put up that much of a fight.

ANDROS: You know when you went to the Dark Fortress and they put that computer in your head?

KARONE: Yeah, what about it?

ANDDROS: I kept hoping you would remember who you really were.

ZHANE: I think the reception ended twenty minutes ago.

KARONE: Come on, let's get back to the Megaship.

ANDROS: After you were kidnapped, Karone, I looked for you everywhere, everyday. I wouldn't give up in hopes that one day I would find you. I became a Power Ranger, because we talked about it all the time.

KARONE: You said I remind you so much of mom, do you have any pictures of our parents?

ANDROS: Yeah, I'll go get them, right now.

KARONE: I'm going to stay right here.

ANDROS: All right, I'll be right back.

NARRATOR: That's when Ashley and Cassie came walking in. Cassie had been raped.

ZHANE: What's going on?

ASHLEY: Cassie, was raped.

CASSIE: I just made a police report.

CARLOS: He said his name was Larry and he had a twin named Luke who was shot in the head.

ASHLEY: Hey, how about a big Thanksgiving dinner?

ANDROS: What's going on?

CASSIE: I was raped.

ANDROS: Are you all right?

CASSIE: No, that's why I'm going to counseling.

T.J.: Did you try to fight?

CASSIE: Yeah, he stabbed me.

KARONE: Where at?

CASSIE: In my right side, I had to get stitches, see?

ANDROS: But you're both all right, now?

CASSIE AND ASHLEY: Yeah, we're fine now.

NARRATOR: One day Karone went to a movie with Zhane. When they came out of the movie theater Darkonda kidnapped Karone.

KARONE: Zhane!

ZHANE: Karone! Darkonda, stop right there!

DARKONDA: Say good-bye to, Karone, for good, Silver Ranger!

ZHANE: Don't worry, I'll get the other rangers and come after you!

KARONE: Hurry and remember I love you!

ZHANE: I love you to!

NARRATOR: Zhane went back to the Meagaship and explain what happen. Meanwhile Zordon was talking to Karone and trying to get her to remember good side.

ZORDON: Remember Zhane said he loves you and I know he loves you a lot. What about your brother, Andros? He said "He just got..."

KARONE: Me back and now he was going to lose me again, but this time o his best friend. Thanks, Zordon, don't worry the rangers will be here soon to save you and me.

ANDROS: Karone!

ZHANE: Karone!

KARONE: Andros, Zhane, I'm in here with Zordon!

ZHANE: Andros, it might be a trap.

ANDROS: It's not a trap! I'm going to find my sister and Zordon!

KARONE: Hello, rangers, ready for you destruction?


KARONE: I'm Astroneama, queen of evil!

ANDROS: No, your not! You're my sister, don't you remember?

ZHANE: She may not remember, Andros, she doesn't have control over her emotions anymore.

ANROS: Karone, you to, remember! Don't you remember I told you "Your so much like mom?

KARONE: Good-bye Rangers!

NARRATOR: Andros blocked the blast with his Spiral Saber! Which hit, Karone!

ANDROS: Karone? Kaone?

ZHANE: Let's get her back to the Megaship.

ANDROS: All right, but I have to do something to get rid of all evil first.

ZHANE: Shatter Zordon's energy tube?

ANDROS: Yeah, I want to say good-bye first!

ZHANE: I'll get Karone and come with you!

ANDROS: All right, let's go say good-bye to, Zordon.

ZORDON: You have done well Rangers.

ZHANE AND ANDROS: Thank you, Zordon.

ZORDON: After you destroy my energy tube, there will be no more evil.

ANDROS: What about my sister? Karone?

ZORDON: I don't know what will happen to Karone. Tell the other Rangers I will be with them in spirit forever.

ANDROS: We will, good-bye, Zordon. Aye-yahhh!

ZORDON (Weakly): Good-bye, Rangers. I will be with you forev...

ZHANE: Good-bye, Zordon. I can't believe you would hurt, Karone, your own sister.

ANDROS: Don't you start on me to! How's Karone?

ZHANE: Not so good. Really weak, we better get her back now.

ANDROS: Galaxy Gliders! Hang ten!

NARRATOR: When Zhane, Andros and Karone got back to the Megaship they met everyone on the bridge.

ASHLEY: Andros!

ANDROS: Hi, how are things here?

T.J.: There fine. How's Karone?

ZHANE: We have to get her to the healing chamber.

ANDROS: She's weak.

CASSIE: Where's Zordon?

ZHANE: He was destroyed by, Andros.

ASHLEY: You destroyed, Zordon?

ANDROS: Zordon said "That the only way to destroy evil." He also said "he would be with us in spirit forever."

KARONE: Andros? What's going on?

ANDROS: Are you all right?

KARONE: Yeah, I'm fine. But what about the baby?

ALPHA 6: I'm sorry to tell you this, but you lost the baby.

KARONE: Thanks a lot, Andros! Your not my brother...anymore!

ANDROS: But Karone...

ASHLEY: Let me talk to her.

ANDROS: No, I'll talk to her, she's my sister.

ASHLEY: She won't listen to you. Let me talk to her first and explain what happen.

ANDROS: All right, see you later. I'm going to my quarters.

Narrator: Ashley went and knocked on Karone's door.

KARONE (Crying): Who is it?

ASHLEY: Ashley, may I come in?

KARONE (Still crying): Yeah, I guess.

ASHLEY: Karone, you really hurt your brother, when you said that. Did you see his face?

KARONE: I don't care, he hurt me.

ASHLEY: But you didn't give him a chance to explain. He was actually sobbing when he thought you were dead.

KARONE: Andros, made me lose Zhane and my baby.

ASHLEY: When you shot at him he used his Spiral Saber and hit you by accident. He didn't mean for you to lose the baby.

KARONE: I want to get an Ultra Sound, before I talk to him again. I have to talk to, Zhane.

ASHLEY: All right, you want me to go tell, Andros?

KARONE: Sure, if you want.

ASHLEY: All right, see you later.

KARONE: Ashley?


KARONE: Could you tell, Zhane, I want to talk to him and I would never destroy my brother. Just tell, Zhane, I want to talk to him, all right?

ASHLEY: All right, I'll tell him.

NARRATOR: Andros and everyone else were still on the bridge. Andros and Zhane were fighting, but when they saw Ashley they stopped.

ANDROS: Well, what did my sister say?

ASHLEY: Zhane, she wants to talk to you. Andros, she said she won't talk to you until she goes for her next Ultra Sound appointment.

ANDROS: When will that be?

ASHLEY: Next week. Karone, also said she wouldn't have destroyed you.

ANDROS: Well she came pretty close on the Dark Fortress.

NARRATOR: Meanwhile with Zhane and Karone.

ZHANE: Hi, Karone, Ashley said you wanted to talk to me?

KARONE: Yes, what was, Andros, like when he thought he killed me? Was he really sobbing?

ZHANE: Yeah, he was so sad when he you were dead. When you said "He wasn't you brother anymore" that's what hurt him the most. Why don't you try and talk to him before next week and let him know everything is all right.

KARONE: Because I want to make sure I didn't lose the baby.

ZHANE: You want me to tell him you were just really upset, when you said "He wasn't you brother anymore?"

KARONE: Yeah, thank you.

ZHANE: For what?

KARONE: For helping me find my good side.

ZHANE: That was, Andros, who did that.

KARONE: But you helped.

ZHANE: All the rangers helped.

KARONE: There's no more evil trying to take over the universe, which means there are no more Power Rangers.

ANDROS: Karone?

KARONE: Go away.

ANDROS: Karone, don't I get a chance to explain what happen?

KARONE: Go away.

ZHANE: Look at your brother, can't you see how much you're hurting him? Why don't you try and talk to him? Do you have those pictures?

KARONE: What pictures?

ANDROS: The pictures of mom and dad you wanted to see.

KARONE: Andros, I'm sorry, for what I did on the Dark Fortress.

ANDROS: It wan't your fault. You had that computer in your head telling you what to do.

KARONE: I look like mom?

ASHLEY: Andros? Sorry, to interrupt. I just had a question.

ANDROS: What's that?

ASHLEY: Why did you come live with us on Earth?

ANDROS: As soon as the door closed I started to miss you.

ASHLEY: I started to miss you to. I thought I would never see you again.

ANDROS: But like you said before I went to the Dark Fortress "I will see you again."

ZHANE: Hey, how about a double date to movies and dinner?

ASHLEY: Why did you come to live with us on Earth?

ANDROS: As soon as the doors closed I started to miss you.

ASHLEY: I started to miss you to. I thought I would never see you again.

ANDROS: But like you said before I went to the Dark Fortress, "I will see you again."

ZHANE: Hey, how about a double date to the movies and dinner?

ANDROS: Fine with me.

ASHLEY: Me to.

KARONE: Let's go. I went for an ultra sound appointment.

ZHANE: What did the doctor say?

KARONE: The doctor said she's just fine.

ZHANE: What are we going to name the baby? What do you mean HER?

KARONE: How about, Gabrielle? The baby is a girl.

ZHANE: No, you two want to help us?

ANDROS: You want us to help?


ASHLEY: How about, Sophia?

KARONE: I love it!

ZHANE: It's all right with me.

KARONE: Then her name is, Sophia.

ANDROS: What movie are we going to see?

ASHLEY: Titanic!

ANDROS: What's it about?

ASHLEY: It's about a ship that sank 85 years ago.

ZHANE: What was so special about it?

ASHLEY: They said it was unsinkable.

KARONE: Who is they?

ASHLEY: The people who built the Titanic. We're here.

ZHANE: Hey, look there's Cassie and Carlos.

ASHLEY: What are you doing here?

CASSIE: Carlos, asked me out. What are you doing here?

ANDROS: Double date.

KARONE: Actually one more person is with us, Sophia.

CARLOS: Who is, Sophia?

KARONE: Zhane and my daughter. I didn't lose the baby.

CASSIE AND CARLOS: That's great.

ASHLEY: What movie are you going to see?

CASSIE: Titanic.

KARONE: We're going to the same movie. Why don't you join us?

CASSIE: All right, T.J., is here somewhere.

T.J.: I had to get some snacks. What are you doing here?

ASHLEY: Double date. Are we all going to see Titanic or just stand around talking about it?

KARONE: I have an idea.


KARONE: I'll tell everyone after the movie.

ZHANE: Do you know how long the movie is?

KARONE: Three hours and twenty-seven minutes.

ASHLEY: After the movie we can go to the Surf Spot for dinner.

NARRATOR: After the movie Titanic was over and dinner. Everyone went back to the Megaship. Everyone ran into Alpha on the bridge.

ANDROS: So what's your idea, Karone?

KARONE: A power Ranger Reunion!

ZHANE: What do you mean a Power Ranger Reunion?

KARONE: We could have all the Power Rangers from the very beginning here. We could have them for Thanksgiving, then we could tell them what happen to, Zordon.

ASHLEY: That's a grate idea.

CASSIE: All right, let's go make some phone calls and see if they can come.

NARRATOR: Soon they had contacted all of the Power Rangers.

KARONE: How are they going to get here?

ANDROS: The Galaxy Gliders.

T.J.: Lighting Cruiser and Storm Blaster to.

KARONE: All right, I'll stay here and set up for the party.

T.J.: All right, are you ready, Lighting Cruiser, Storm Blaster?

(Storm Blaster and Lighting Cruiser honk their horns and rev theirs engines.)

T.J.: Is everyone else ready?


NARRATOR: Storm Blaster and Zhane reached Tommy and Kimberly's house.

KIMBERLY: Hi, may I help you?

ZHANE: I'm Zhane, the Silver Ranger.

TOMMY: Hi, you're here to pick us up for the Power Ranger Reunion, right?

ZHANE: Right, you want to ride the Galaxy Glider?

KIMBERLY: What about Tommy Jr. and Tammy?

ZHANE: They can ride in Storm Blaster.

KIMBERLY: All right, I'll get their car seats and diaper bags.

ZHANE: Storm Blaster is also going to pick up, Justin.

KIMIBERLY: Tommy, could you please help me?

TOMMY: I'll take Tammy's diaper bag and car seat.

KIMBERLY: You put the one in the backseat and I'll put Tommy Jr. in the backseat.

ZHANE: Ready?


ZHANE: All right, let's go.

NARRATOR: Justin was waiting outside.

JUSTIN: Hi, Tommy, Kimberly.

STORM BLASTER: Honk, honk!

JUSTIN: All right, Storm Blaster.

ZHANE: All right, back to the Megaship.

NARRATOR: Meanwhile Andros went to pick up Billy and Trini.

ANDROS: Ready?

BILLY, TRINI: Yeah, let's go.

ANDROS: All right, back to the Megaship.

ASHLEY: All right, are you ready?


ASHLEY: Ready, T.J.

T.J.: I have to pick up, Tonya.

ASHLEY: All right, I'll meet you back at the Megaship.

CASSIE: Hey, Ashley. I got Rocky and Adam.

ASHLEY: All right, I'll meet you at the Megaship, T.J.

T.J.: All right.

NARRATOR: After T.J. went and got Tonya, Carlos went and got Aisha and Zack. They all went back to the Megaship.

KARONE: Hi, everyone. Four others showed up just before you got back.

ANDROS: What do you mean four others showed up?

GOLD RANGER: She means us.

TOMMY: Trey?

CASSIE: Phantom Ranger!

JUSTIN: Blue Centurion?


ANDROS: Hello, I'm Andros, this is my best friend, Zhane and my little sister, Karone.

KARONE: We have some bad news about, Zordon.

KIMBERLY: What do you mean bad news about, Zordon?

ANDROS: When I was on the Dark Fortress, I had to destroy Zordon's energy tube.

NARRATOR: Everyone starts talking at once.

ANDROS: If everyone will quiet down, I will tell you what happen.

KAT: All right, we're ready to hear.

ANDROS: Zordon, said if I destroyed his energy tube. All the good energy would destroy all the evil and he would live in spirit of all that is good.

ZHANE: Karone, we have to talk.

KARONE: What do you mean?

ZHANE: When do you want to get married.

KARONE: The twenty-seventh of this month.

ZHANE: The day after Thanksgiving?

KARONE: Yeah that's right.

ZHANE: That's tomorrow.

KARONE: Yeah, Sophia, keeps kicking me. I think she knows karate.

ZHANE: Karone and I are getting married tomorrow!

ANDROS: Tomorrow?

KARONE: Yeah, tomorrow, I don't want a big fancy wedding, though. Your all invited!

ASHLEY: How's Sophia?

KARONE: I think she's knows karate.

KIMBERLY: Hi, I'm Kimberly, the first Pink Ranger.

ASHLEY: I'm Ashley, the fourth Yellow Ranger.

KARONE: I'm Karone, Andros. Also the Purple Ranger. Who's that?

KIMBERLY: This is Tommy's son, Tommy Jr and I.

KARONE: I'm going to have a baby pretty soon and Zhane is the father.

KIMBERLY: Do you know if it's a boy or a girl?

KARONE: It's a girl and her name is going to be Sophia.

CASSIE: All right, the turkey is ready.

ROCKY: All right, let's eat!

ASHLEY: Who's going to say grace?

ADAM: I will.

EVERYONE: All right!

ADAM: Lord, we thank you for all our friends old and new that have gathered here for this feast. In which you provide, we thank you for bringing us together on this Thanksgiving Day.


NARRATOR: When they were half through dinner Ashley started to choke. Carlos got up and saved Ashley.

ANDROS: Are you all right, Ashley?

ASHLEY: Yeah, I thought I saw, Seymour.

SEYMOUR: You did, sorry I made you choke.

ROCKY: A monster!

ANDROS: Wait! He's a friend!

ASHLEY: We saved him once.


ANDROS: Why don't you join us?

SEYMOUR: Me and Collin would love to join you.

COLLIN: Me hungry.

ANDROS: He's just like you. Ashley, could I talk to you after dinner?


NARRATOR: Meanwhile someone was snooping around the Dark Fortress. The last battle was on the Dark Fortress, when Andros and Zhane thought when Zordon's energy tube was destroyed, so was all evil. But somehow Darkonda had come back to life.

DARKONDA: I will destroy those Power Rangers and Karone!

NARRATOR: Back on the Megaship everyone had finished eating. Andros, had pulled, Ashley, to a corner of the room.

ASHLEY: What did you want to talk to me about?


ASHLEY: Will I what, Andros?

ANDROS: That day I said KO-35 was my home and that I couldn't go with you. As soon as the door closed I almost lost you. So I got back on the Megaship, because when the door closed I started to miss you and I don't want that to happen again. Will you...uh...

ASHLEY: Are you asking me to marry you?

ANDROS: Yeah, I guess. I couldn't get the word out. Will you?

ASHLEY: Yes, I love you!

NARRATOR: Everyone stopped and looked at Andros and Ashley.

ANDROS: Ashley and I are getting married!

ASHLEY: I have to go tell my mom! Bye, see you later!

ZHANE: Congratulations, Andros. I thought you never going to ask her. I saw you pull, Ashley, over to the corner and talk to her.

KARONE: It could be a double wedding!

NARRATOR: Later that day Ashley went back to the Megaship and went strait to her quarters crying. Andros, went to find out what was the matter.

ANDROS: Ashley, what's wrong?

ASHLEY: My mom was killed 2 months ago in a fire. She was sound asleep and didn't hear the smoke alarm. She was pronounced dead at the seen.

ANDROS: I'm so sorry, Ashley. Are you going to be all right?

ASHLEY: I don't know.

ANDROS: Ashley, everything will be all right in time.

NARRATOR: Andros, held Ashley, until she finally cried herself to sleep. He then laid her head down on the pillow and quietly let her quarters.

CASSIE: Is she all right?

ANDROS: No, she found out her mother was killed 2 months ago.

CASSIE: Maybe I should go talk to her.

ANDROS: No, she just got to sleep. I hope she feels better in the morning.

CASSIE: She probably will.

KARONE: Everyone went home, are you going to help me clean up?

ANDROS: All right, we're coming.

ZHANE: What was wrong with, Ashley?

ANDROS: She found out her mother was killed 2 months ago in a fire. See you in the morning.


KARONE: Good-bye, brother. I am Astroneama, Queen of Evil!

ZHANE: Good joke, Karone!

KARONE: This is no joke, Silver Ranger!

ANDROS: Karone, I thought all evil was destroyed!

KARONE: I guess, not all evil was destroyed then, was it, Red Ranger?

ZHANE: Karone, what about the baby?

KARONE: What baby?

ZHANE: Me and your baby?

KARONE: I guess, she'll grow up to a Power Ranger!



KARONE: Can't you take a joke? Had you fooled didn't I?

ANDROS: Yeah, it's getting kind of late. I think we better get some sleep.

KARONE: Goodnight, see you in the morning.

ZHANE: Goodnight.

CASSIE, CARLOS, T.J.: Good-night.

ASHLEY: Ahhhhhhhhhh!

ANDROS: Ashley! Ashley, what's wrong?

ASHLEY: Darkonda!

KARONE: What about, Darkonda?

ASHLEY: He's still alive!

ZHANE: What do you mean, Darkonda, is still alive?

ASHLEY: I just had a dream.

ANDROS: It was just a dream.

ASHLEY: No, it wasn't a dream!

ANDROS: Are you sure it wasn't a dream?

ASHLEY: Yes, I'm sure, I have a real strong feeling.

ANDROS: Why don't you try and get back to sleep?

ASHLEY: All right...(YAWNS)...see you in the morning.

ANDROS: Goodnight.

ZHANE, KARONE: Goodnight.

CASSIE, T.J., CARLOS: Goodnight.

NARRATOR: The next morning when everyone got up and went for breakfast Collin and Seymour were already eating. Everyone was there except, Ashley.

ANDROS: Where's Ashley?

ALPHA 6: Hey, she left earlier this morning.

ANDROS: Did she say where she was going?

ALPHA 6: No, she just said she would be back tonight?

ANDROS: I think I might know where to find her, see you later.


CASSIE: What's going on?

ANDROS: Ashley, left the earlier this morning and I think I know where to find her.

CASSIE: Why don't you let her be alone for awhile?

KARONE: Zhane and I are going to the movies and lunch.

ANDROS: Well I'm going to find, Ashley and see if she's all right.

CASSIE: It looks like he really loves her.

KARONE: Of course he loves her, other wise he wouldn't have asked her to marry him.

ZHANE: Speaking of getting married. Karone and I are supposed to get married this afternoon.

KARONE: I better go get ready.

(Karone and Zhane kiss on the lips.)

ZHANE: Could you please remind, Andros and Ashley?

ALPHA 6: Sure, I will. Andros, Ashley, we need you back here at the Megaship.

ANDROS: Why do you need us there?

ALPHA 6: Because of the wedding that's taking place this afternoon.

ANDROS: Well, I'm looking for, Ashley, right now.

ASHLEY: I'm right here, Andros.

ANDROS: Are you all right, Ashley?

ASHLEY: I feel better then I did last night. Thanks, Andros.

ANDROS: For what?

ASHLEY: For being there for me last night.

ANDROS: There's never a time I won't be there for you. I better get ready for the wedding.

ASHLEY: Yeah, me to.

ZHANE: Hi, Andros, what are you doing?

ANDROS: Getting ready for the wedding.

ZHANE: What wedding?

ANDROS: Karone and your wedding.

ZHANE: When is that?

ANDROS: In a few minutes.

ZHANE: Who is Karone?

ANDROS: My sister, she was, Astroneama, at one time.

ZHANE: Oh yeah, I'm ready.

ANDROS: I'll go see if, Karone is ready.

ZHANE: All right, see you later. I'm going to marry my best friend's little sister?

NARRATOR: Andros went and knocked on Karone's door.

KARONE: Who is it?

ANDROS: It's me, Andros, I was just wondering if you're ready.

KARONE: Come on in.

ASHLEY: He can't come in yet, I don't want him to see me.

KARONE: Never mind, but I'm ready.

ANDROS: All right, I'll go tell, Zhane.

KARONE: We better get to the park then.

CASSIE: Hi, I'm ready to go.

ASHLEY: I'm ready to. D.E.C.A., could you please tell, Zhane, T.J., Carlos and Andros, that we'll meet them in the park.

D.E.C.A: Zhane, Andros?

ANDROS: What is it, D.E.C.A.?

D.E.C.A.: Ashley, Karone and Cassie have already gone to the park for the wedding.

ZHANE: The wedding! I almost forgot!

ANDROS: Almost forgot what?

ZHANE: The wedding!

ANDROS: You almost forgot about the wedding?

ZHANE: Yeah, come on, let's go or I'm going to be late!

NARRATOR: Meanwhile everyone was at the wedding including the very first Power Rangers.

KARONE: Where are Zhane and Andros?

ASHLEY: Don't worry they will be here.

ANDROS: Ashley!

KARONE: Why are you four late?

CARLOS: We all had to get ready for the wedding.

KARONE: You're still late.

MINISTER: Are you ready?


MINISTER: All right, let's get started. Zhane, do you take Karone to be your lawfully wedded wife? To love and to hold, to honor and cherish, for better or worse, as long as you both may live?

ZHANE: I do.

MINISTER: Karone, do you take Zhane to be your lawfully wedded husband? To love and to hold, to honor and cherish, for better or worse, as long as you both may live?


MINISTER: I now pronounce you man and wife. You may kiss the bride.

ANDROS: I can't believe you married my sister!

KIMBERLY: Congratulations, Hey, how is, Sophia?

KARONE: Thank you, Sophia, is just fine.

ANDROS: I would like to make a toast to my best friend, Zhane and my sister, Karone!

KARONE: I don't want any. It could hurt the baby.

EVERYONE: To Zhane and Karone!

ZHANE: Thank you, everyone!

KARONE: We're still enemies now and forever, Rangers!

ANDROS: Karone, would you stop with the jokes?

KARONE: My name is, Astroneama and this no joke!

ZHANE: Why did you marry me?

KARONE: Because if we got married it would be easier to destroy you and the rest of the rangers!

T.J.: How could you be nice and polite one minute and evil the next?

KARONE: Easy, that's just the way I am.

ZHANE: Karone, what about our baby?

KARONE: I guess she'll be the next, Queen of Evil!

ANDROS: Karone, you are not evil!

KARONE: You know? Zordon, said the same thing. Before you came destroyed him.

ANDROS: Karone, please stop! Your not evil!

NARRATOR: Karone started to laugh.

ANDROS: What's so funny?

KARONE (Still laughing): You fell for it!

ZHANE (Starts to laugh): You mean it was a joke?

KARONE (Still laughing): Yeah, was it good or what? You should have seen your faces!

ANDROS: I don't think that was very funny.

ASHLEY: Yeah, really, you made us think you were evil when you weren't.

KARONE: Sorry, I thought you would take it as a joke.

ZHANE: That wasn't funny what you said about, Sophia, being the next, Queen of Evil.

KARONE: I said sorry.

ZHANE: You better watch your jokes or they might make you clean the ship from top to bottom.

KARONE: What do you mean?

ZHANE: It's a long story.

KARONE: Everything is a long story. I want to hear how I got here and what, Zhane, just told me.

ANDROS: All right, let's get back to the Megaship.

KARONE: I think it's close to dinner.

NARRATOR: When they got back to the Megaship. They went to go eat dinner.

KARONE: Are you going to tell me the stories or not?

ZHANE: All right. One day when I had Alpha check and why my Morphin Powers weren't working right. When he said I didn't have much time, Cassie and Andros thought I was dying. So they went and told the others. When I found our why Andros and Cassie were acting so freaky. I decided to keep the joke going. When I tried to tell everyone it was a joke, but before I could tell them, they went to fight a monster. Then they found out it was a joke and made me clean the ship from top to bottom. Well, before that they made me taste spinach juice.

KARONE: What about the other story?

ANDROS: I already told you part of the story.

KARONE: Yeah, but I want to know the whole story.

ANDROS: All right, when we were little. We were playing outside. I went to go get the telekinesis ball. That's when Darkonda kidnapped you and from that day on you lived with, Elicitor, on the Dark Fortress. I thought I had killed you. I remember when you were, Astroneama and I found your locket. I brought you back here and you asked where we were.

KARONE: Is that both stories?


ASHLEY: I'm not feeling so good. I think I'm going to bed.

ANDROS: All right, see you in the morning.

ASHLEY: Goodnight.

CASSIE: I think there's something wrong with, Ashley?

ANDROS: How do you expect her to feel? Her mother just died.

CASSIE: No, there's something wrong.

CARLOS: She just lost her mother leave it at that.

KARONE: I think I'm going to bed. I've had a long day and I'm kind of tired, good-night.

ZHANE: Good-night, see you in a little bit.

ANDROS: Good-night, Karone. I can't believe you married my sister.

ZHANE: Well, I did.

ANDROS: You better not hurt, Karone.

ZHANE: I would never hurt, Karone. Good-night, D.E.C.A., Andros.

ANDROS: Good-night, Zhane, D.E.C.A.

D.E.C.A.: Good-night, Zhane, Andros.

KARONE: Ahhhhhhhhh! Andros!

ZHANE: Andros, that was, Karone!

ANDROS: Let's go!

ZHANE: Hurry!

KARONE: Ahhhhhhh! Andros! Ahhhhhhh!

ANDROS: Karone, wake up!

KARONE: Andros?

ANDROS: I'm here. What's wrong?

KARONE: I was dreaming about that day, Darkonda, kidnapped me.

ANDROS: Darkonda, was destroyed 6 months ago.

KARONE: But what about, Ashley's, dream?

ANDROS: I don't know what to say about that, except that it was just a dream.

ZHANE: Karone, don't forget you and I are going to have a baby in three months.

ASHLEY (Tiredly): What's going on?

ANDROS: Karone, was just having a bad dream about when, Darkonda, kidnapped her.

KARONE: After I have this baby, nothing is going to change. You guys will always be Power Rangers, but now you'll be fighting against, Darkonda.

ANDROS: When a new baby comes, Karone, everything changes.

KARONE: Good-night, Andros, Ashley.

ZHANE: See you in the morning, Andros, Ashley.

ASHLEY: Good-night, Karone, Zhane, Andros.

ANDROS: Good-night, see you all in the morning.

NARRATOR: The next morning Andros was the first one up and at the breakfast table. Ashley, was the second one up and then everyone else got up.

ASHLEY: Good morning, everyone.

CASSIE: Good morning, Ashley. I thought I herd some screaming last night.

ANDROS: Karone, was dreaming about when, Darkonda, kidnapped her.

ZHANE: Good morning.

ANDROS: Where's, Karone?

ZHANE: I was about to ask you the same thing. When I woke up this morning. She was gone.

ANDROS: D.E.C.A, did Karone leave the ship this morning?

D.E.C.A.: She went to KO-35 to see if she could remember anything from her past, before she was kidnapped.

ANDROS: Thanks, D.E.C.A., now could you please set a course for KO-35?

ZHANE: How did she get to KO-35 anyway?

D.E.C.A: She took the red Galaxy Glider.

ANDROS: How am I going to get from here to KO-35 without my Galaxy Glider?

ASHLEY: You can ride with me.

ZHANE: Let's go see if she's there. Ready?

ANDROS: Let's go. Karone?

ANDROS: Oh, hey, Andros, hey everyone.

ZHANE: Karone, are you all right?

KARONE: Yeah, I'm fine. I'm just thinking.

ANDROS: About what?

KARONE: About what I could've done so, Darkonda, wouldn't have kidnapped me.

CARLOS: There was nothing you could've, Karone.

T.J.: You were just a little girl.

KARONE: But I still could have stopped him from kidnapping me.

ANDROS: There was nothing you could've done, you were so little.

KARONE: Would you quit saying that I was "So little?" Besides I shouldn't have stayed there by myself.

ANDROS: There was nothing you could have done, Karone!

KARONE: Yes, there was!

ANDROS: No, there wasn't!

KARONE: Yes, there was!

ANDROS: No, there wasn't!

KARONE: No, there wasn't!

ANDROS: Yes, there was!

KARONE: You just admitted it.

ASHLEY: You tricked him.

ZHANE: What's going on?

KARONE: I'm arguing with my big brother, Andros.

ZHANE: About what?

ANDROS: She said there was something she could have done so, Darkonda, wouldn't have kidnapped her. When there was nothing she could have done.

KARONE: Yes, there was.

ANDROS: No, there wasn't.

KARONE: Yes, there was. Ow!

ASHLEY: Would you to stop arguing?


ZHANE: Are you all right?

KARONE: Ow! Yeah just, Sophia, keeps kicking me. Owwww! What are you laughing about, Andros?

ANDROS: I was just thinking.

ASHLEY: About what?

ANDROS: About how I spent my whole life looking for you and then I found out you were Astroneama. That you were really my sister.

KARONE: What's so funny about that?

ANDROS: Nothing, I was just thinking, that's kind of weird.

KARONE: How is it weird?

ANDROS: It just is.


ANDROS: Would you stop asking, How? I don't know.

ASHLEY: I think your kind of annoying, Andros.

KARONE: I know, that's what I'm trying to do.

ANDROS: Zhane, are you all right?

NARRATOR: Zhane, didn't answer. He was thinking about the last fight on KO-35, when he saved, Andros.

ANDROS: Zhane?!

ZHANE: Hmmm, what? What's going on?

ANDROS: Are you all right?

ZHANE (Laughs): Yeah, of course, I'm fine.

ANDROS: What's wrong?

ZHANE: Nothing is wrong.

ANDROS: It's not that hard to tell when something is wrong.

ZHANE: Nothing, is wrong.

KARONE: I can tell something is wrong. Don't lie to me and say nothing is wrong.

ZHANE: I'm going to Angel Grove Park to think.

KARONE: I think we made him mad. I'll go see if he's all right.

ANDROS: You want to go by yourself?

KARONE: Darkonda, won't try to kidnapp me, if he dose I have a plan.

ANDROS: All right, be careful.

KARONE: I will, thanks, Andros.

ANDROS: Bye, Karone.


ANDROS: I can't believe my sister and my best friend got married. Actually I can't believe I found my sister. I'm going to follow her and make sure, Darkonda, doesn't kidnap her again.

ASHLEY: Andros, she said she could take care of herself.

ANDROS: I don't want, Darkonda, to kidnap my sister again!

ASHLEY: Andros? Do you trust your sister?

ANDROS: Yes, of course. I'll see you later.

( Andros gives Ashley kiss.)

NARRATOR: Meanwhile, Karone, was walking alone in the park looking for, Zhane. She did not see, Darkonda, getting ready to destroy her, but Andros did.

DARKONDA: Good-bye, Purple Ranger! (Laughs)

ANDROS: Karone, look out!

NARRATOR: Andros jumped in front of the blast before it hit Karone and got knocked into a coma.

ZHANE: What's going on? Darkonda, what are you doing here?

DARKONDA: I was going to destroy, the Purple Ranger, but her brother got in the way. I will be back to destroy you two.

KARONE: Andros?

ZHANE: What are you doing here anyway?

KARONE: I was coming to see if you were all right.

ZHANE: Then what's, Andros, doing here?

KARONE (Sniffles): What's...Andros! What happen?

KARONE (Crying): Darkonda.

ZHANE: Darkonda, was here and was going to kill, Karone, but Andros, jumped in the way.

ASHLEY: Let's get him back to the Megaship.

ZHANE: Right! Galaxy Gliders, hang ten!

KARONE: I could ride with, Zhane.

ASHLEY: Andros, can ride with me.

ZHANE: All right, let's get back to the Megaship!

T.J.: What happen?

KARONE: Darkonda, was in the park and was about to destory me, when Andros, jumped in the way and got hurt.

ASHLEY: I told him, Darkonda, was still alive.

KARONE: Ashley, do you know what, Andros, was doing at Andgel Grove Park?

ASHLEY: Following you. So, Darkonda, wouldn't hurt or destory you.

ZHANE: It's good thing he did.

KARONE: Alpha, what's wrong with, Andros?

ALPHA: He is in a coma.

ASHLEY: I didn't know, Darkonda's power was that strong.

T.J.: I didn't think any of us knew.

CASSIE: Hey, wait a minute!


CASSIE: Remember, what Zordon said?

ZHANE: Yeah, when we destory his energy tube, all evil will be destroyed with it.

ASHLEY: So if, Darkonda, is still alive...

KARONE: So is, Zordon.

ASHLEY: Do you know how long, Andros, will be in the coma?

ALPHA: I'm sorry, Ashley. All I can say is it could be weeks, months or days.

ASHLEY: Well I'm going to stay here by his until he wakes up.

KARONE: I was hoping he would be out of the coma before, Sophia, was born, but I guess I was wrong.

ZHANE: What do you mean?

KARONE: Because it's time! Ahhhhhhh!

CASSIE: Let's get her to the hospital.

ZHANE: But your three weeks early.

KARONE: Ahhhh! I know that....ahhhhh! But, Sophia, dosen't know!

ZHANE: All right, let's go!

CASSIE: I'm coming. Are you coming, Ashley?

ASHLEY: I'm going to stay here with, Andros. See you later.

NARRATOR: Cassie came back a few hours later.

ASHLEY: No, where's everyone else?

CASSIE: Still at the hospital with Karone, Zhane and Sophia. Sophia, weighed 5 pounds 13 ounces and was 19 inches.

ASHLEY: When is, Karone, coming back?

CASSIE: Tomorrow, in the afternoon.

ASHLEY: Well, I'm still going to stay here until, Andros, wakes up.

CASSIE: Are you going to eat?

ASHLEY: Yeah, in here.

NARRATOR: The next day Cassie, T.J. and Carlos met Zhane, Karone and Sophia at the Surf Spot. When they ran into Tonya, Adam, Rocky, Tommy, Kimberly, Tommy Jr. and Tammy.

KIMBERLY: Hey, Tommy, look over there.

TOMMY: T.J., Carlos, Cassie!

CARLOS: Adam, Tommy!

ROCKY: Zhane and Karone are here to.

TONYA: Where's Ashley?

KARONE: With, Andros, my brother who is in a coma.

ROCKY: Why is, Andros, is in a coma?

KARONE: I was walking in the park by myself. I didn't know, Darkonda, was there. He shot at me, but, Andros, jumped in the way.

TAMMY: Baby.

KIMBERLY: Who is that?

KARONE: This is me and Zhane's daughter, Sophia. She was born yesterday afternoon.

NARRATOR: 3 months later, Andros, came out of the coma. When he woke up, Ashley, was sound asleep in the chair next to the bed, holding his hand. Andros, squeezed, Ashley's hand.

ANDROS: Ashley? Ashley, wake up.

ASHLEY: Hmmmm...what's going on?

ANDROS: Ashley?!

ASHLEY: Andros!

NARRATOR: That's when Andros heard a baby crying.

ANDROS: Why do I hear a baby crying?

ASHLEY: Zhane, Karone, Cassie, T.J., Carlos! Come here, quick!

CASSIE: What? What's going on?

ASHLEY: Andros, is awake!

KARONE: How are you feeling, big brother?

ANDROS: Fine, what's going on?

ASHLEY: You were in a coma for three months and I stayed right here by your side.

ANDROS: For three months?

ASHLEY: Yeah, I've been here for the whole three months.

ALPHA 6: Aye, yi, yi, Karone, could you please take, Sophia and quiet her down?

KARONE: Come here, Sophia, what's the matter? You want a bottle?

ANDROS: When was, Sophia, born?

KARONE: The same day you went into the coma.

ANDROS: I've been in a coma for three months?

ASHLEY: Yeah and I stayed by your side.

ANDROS: Did, Ashley, really stay here by my side?

ZHANE: Yeah, she did.

ASHLEY: Well, I did most of the time.

ANDROS: Ashley, how about you and I go to a movie?

ASHLEY: All right, I'll go get ready.

D.E.C.A.: Ashley and Andros, sitting in a tree. K.I.S.S.I.N.G. First comes love, then comes marriage, and then comes the baby in the baby carriage.

ANDROS: D.E.C.A., would you please stop saying that?

D.E.C.A: Well it's true. Isn't it, Andros?

ANDROS: D.E.C.A., Would you stop it? Ready to go, Ashley?

ASHLEY: Yeah, I'm ready. What movie are we going to see?

ANDROS: I don't know. What movie do you want to go see?

ASHLEY: How about "Black Dog?"

ANDROS: All right, two for "Black Dog."

PERSON SELLING TICKETS: That will be $2.50. Thank you, enjoy the movie.

ASHLEY: Thank you. I'm going to get some popcorn.

ANDROS: How about a coke and a large popcorn?

ASHLEY: All right and after the movie we can get to the Surf Spot for dinner.

ANDROS: All right, then we can go for a long walk on the beach after dinner and a movie.

ASHLEY: All right, the movie is starting.

NARRATOR: Meanwhile Billy, Trini, Kimberly, Tommy, Tommy Jr. and Tammy were eating dinner at the Surf Spot.

TRINI: I have some great news. Yesterday I went to see why I've been getting sick every morning and the doctor said I'm pregnant.

KIMBERLY: Trini, that's great. I think Tammy's getting tired, I think we better go. How far along are you?

TRINI: Three weeks and two days.

TOMMY: I think we better get Tammy and Tommy Jr. home.

NARRATOR: A few minutes after Tommy, Kimberly, Tammy, Tommy Jr., Trini and Billy left. Andros and Ashley walked in.

ASHLEY: There's Bulk and Skull. Don't put any hot sauce in their drinks.

ANDROS (Smiles.): I wasn't going to. I can't believe I've been in a coma for three months. Why did you stay by my side for three months?

ASHLEY: Because I love you and I didn't want to miss you waking up.

ANDROS: Well you were asleep when I woke up anyway.

ASHLEY: I know. I was hoping to be awake when you woke up.

ANDROS: But you weren't awake when I woke up.

ASHLEY: Andros, I have some grate news.


ASHLEY: I'm four months pregnant.

ANDROS: So what's so great about that?

ASHLEY: You and I are going to have a baby!

ANDROS: That means you won't be a Power Ranger anymore.

ASHLEY: I know, I think I've chosen someone to take my place.


ASHLEY: Her name is, Anne.

ANDROS: Dose anyone else know?

ASHLEY: No, you're the first one I've told.

ANDROS: When are we going to tell everyone?

ASHLEY: We won't. We'll let them figure it out on their own.

ANDROS: All right, are you ready to go back to the Megaship?

ASHLEY: Yeah, I guess we can go back.

ANDROS: You won't be able to fight in battles. Aren't we going to have to tell everyone?

ASHLEY: Yeah, I guess. Let's go tell everyone.

NARRATOR: Andros and Ashley met everyone on the bridge.

T.J.: What's going on? D.E.C.A. said you wanted to talk to us.

ZHANE: Who is that?

ANNE: I'm Anne, I want to see if I can get this right. Zhane, is the Silver Ranger, T.J., is the Blue Ranger, Carlos, is the Black Ranger, Cassie, is the Pink Ranger. Am I right?

CASSIE: How did you know?

ANNE: Ashley, told me.

CASSIE: Ashley, you know you're supposed to keep your identity as a Power Ranger a secret.

ASHLEY: I know, but I have to choose a new Yellow Ranger.

CASSIE: What do you meant a new Yellow Ranger?

ASHLEY: I can't be the Yellow Ranger for a while.


ASHLEY: Because Andros and I are going to have a baby.

CASSIE: It seems like everyone here is having a baby.

T.J.: I'm not.

CARLOS: I'm not.

(Everyone laughs.)

CASSIE: It's seems like every girl here is having a baby.

ANNE: I'm not, I'm the tempory new Yellow Ranger. How far along are you?

ASHLEY: 4 1/2 months.

KARONE: Do you know if it's a boy or a girl?

ASHLEY: No, I don't know if it's a boy or a girl.

ANDROS: When did you find out you were pregnant?

ASHLEY: Two months ago.

CASSIE: Why didn't you tell any of us?

ASHLEY: Because I wanted to tell, Andros, first.

ANDROS: Zhane, you lied to me.

ZHANE: About what?

ANDROS: When you said you went on a date with my sister.

ZHANE: I did go on a date with, Karone.

KARONE: Zhane and I did go on a date.

ANDROS: Zhane, you said it wasn't really anything. When you were really still in love with my sister.

ZHANE: I didn't know, Astroneama, was really, Karone.

ANDROS: Even after, Ashley, told you that we found out Karone was Astroneama. You still said that it wasn't really anything, but before that you said "You knew there was something good about her!"

KARONE: Would you stop talking about as if I weren't even here?

NARRATOR: Zhane and Andros started to use karate against each other. Karone grabbed Zhane's arms and Ashley grabbed Andros's arms. That's when Karone and Andros's parents came walking in. Then Zhane's parents came walking in.

ARETHEUSA: What's going on?

ASHLEY: Andros, said something about Zhane lying to him and then they started to use karate against each other.

EZRA: Zhane Atox!

ZHANE: Mom, dad!

KARONE: Hi, mom, dad! You want to see, Sophia!

NINEVAH: Sure, where is she?

KARONE: She's taking a nap in her crib.

TAYMON: I would like to see her to.

SOPHIA (Crying): Mommy!

ZHANE: It sounds like she's awake.

KARONE: I'll go get her.

ANDROS: Mom, dad?

NINEVAH: What is, Andros?

ANDROS: I have some good news.

ARRETHUSA: We already know your getting married.

ANDROS: No, I have some other news. Ashley, would you like to tell them?

ASHLEY: Sure, Andros and I are going to have a baby!

NINEVAH: That's great. How far along are you? Do you know if it's a boy or a girl?

ASHLEY: I'm 4 1/2 months and no, I don't know if it's a boy or a girl.

PHANTOM RANGER: Cassie, let's go for a walk in the park.

CASSIE: All right, see you all later.

ASHLEY: Where are you going, Cassie?

CASSIE: For a walk in the park with, Edmund.


ASHLEY: Edmund and Cassie sitting a tree K...I...S...S...I...N...G...First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes the baby in the baby carriage!


EDMUND: Ready to go?

CASSIE: Yeah, I packed a picnic lunch.

EDMUND: All right, let's go.

ASHLEY: I bet they're going to get married soon.

CASSIE: I love you so much, Edmund.

EDMUND: I love you to. I have loved you since I first met you a couple of months a go. I got a room at a hotel for just you and me, but first let's go on our picnic.

CASSIE: Where are we going to eat?

EDMUND: In the park, where we first met.

NARRATOR: Edmund and Cassie soon reached the spot where they first met.

EDMUND: Cassie?


EDMUND: Cassie, will you marry me?

CASSIE: Yes! (Starts choking.)

EDMUND: Are you all right, Cassie?

CASSIE (Still choking.): Choking.

EDMUND: Stand up.

NARRATOR: Edmund hit Cassie on the back and the piece of food Cassie had been choking on went flying.

CASSIE: Thanks for saving me again.

EDMUND: Sorry, I made you choke.

CASSIE: That's all right. What did you just say?

EDMUND: Will you marry me?

CASSIE: Yes, I've been waiting for you to ask me that!

EDMUND: I'm not hungry anymore. You ready to go to the hotel.

CASSIE: What are we going to do at the hotel?

EDMUND: I have a few ideas of what we can do.

CASSIE: Are you thinking what I'm thinking?

EDMUND: You want to make love?

CASSIE: Yeah, let's go.

NARRATOR: Meanwhile back at the Megaship Ashley was in bed and was in labor.

ANDROS: But your five months early! We have to get you to the hospital, right now!

ASHLEY: Where's Cassie?

ANDROS: I don't know. But I'm going to get you to the hospital.

KARONE: You get Ashley to the hospital, I'll get a hold of Cassie and we'll meet you there.

NARRATOR: Meanwhile back at the hotel Edmund and Cassie were making love, when Cassie's communicator went off.

CASSIE: Edmund?

EDMUND: What's wrong?

CASSIE: My comunnicator is going off.

EDMUND: Well, why don't you answer it?

CASSIE: Cassie here, what do you want?

KARONE: Andros, just took Ashley to the hospital and before she went she asked for me to get a hold of you.

CASSIE: All right, let me get dressed.

KARONE: What do you mean "let you get dressed?" Where are you?

CASSIE: I'm in a hotel with, Edmund, in bed. Never mind, I'm on my way to the hospital. I'll explain later.

KARONE: All right, bye.

CASSIE: Bye, sorry, Edmund, Ashley's at the hospital and is at the hospital.

NARRATOR: Meanwhile back at the hospital. Ashley was in a room by herself, well Andros was by her side waiting for her to wake up.


ANDROS: I'm right, here, Ash!

ASHLEY: I'm sorry, I lied.

ANDROS: Sorry, you lied? About what?

ASHLEY (Starts to cry): I was never pregnant.

ANDROS: You were never pregnant?

ASHLEY: No, I'm so sorry.

ANDROS: But why are you here then?

ASHLEY: I got into a fight with Quantrons and they beat me up pretty bad.

ANDROS: Why didn't you call for help?

ASHLEY: I tried, but they kept kicking and punching me.

(Starts to cry again.)

ANDROS: Sit up.

ASHLEY (Still crying): Why?

ANDROS: Because if you don't sit up, I'm going to sit you up and give you a hug.

NARRATOR: Ashley sat up and put her arms around Andros's neck. That's when they herd the song of "Valentine."

"If there were no words, no way to speak, I would still hear you. If there were no tears, no way to feel inside, I would still feel you

And even if the sun refuse to shine, even if Romance ran out of rhyme, You would still have my heart until the end of time. You're all I need my love my Valentine."

ANDROS: Would you like to dance?

ASHLEY: But I'm in a hospital gown.

ANDROS: So you still look beautiful.

ASHLEY: What if someone walks in?

ANDROS: So what if someone walks in? We're not doing anything wrong. Now come on, let's dance.

ASHLEY: All right, let's dance. Whoa! (Laughs)

NARRATOR: When Ashley got up she almost lost her balance, but Andros caught her. Andros, had to hold her to keep her from falling.

ANDROS: Are you all right?

ASHLEY: Yeah, I'm fine now.

KARONE: Hey, look at my big brother!

ZHANE: Hey, what are you doing?


ZHANE: What made you want to dance?

ANDROS: This song.

"And even if Romance ran out of rhyme, You would still have my heart until the end of time, 'Cause all I need is you, my Valentine. You're all I need, My Love, My Valentine."

ASHLEY: Andros, asked me to dance.

NARRATOR: That's when Cassie burst into the room.

CASSIE: Are you all right?! Where's the baby?

ASHLEY: Yes, I'm fine. I was never pregnant.

CASSIE: What do you mean you were never pregnant?

ASHLEY: I'll explain later, but could I sit down, Andros?

ANDROS: Sure, you get released this afternoon. You want to see if you can get out of here earlier?

ASHLEY: Sure, could everyone please just be quiet?


ASHLEY'S GRANDMOTHER: So how has, Ashley, been since I last saw her?

CARLOS: She's going to get married next month and she's been doing fine, as far as I know.

ASHLEY'S GRANDMOTHER: Married to whom?

ASHLEY: Hi, grandma. What are you doing here?

ASHLEY'S GRANDMOTHER: Herd you were getting married. Actually I heard you were in the hospital.

CASSIE: We could make it a double wedding?

ANDROS, ASHLEY: What do you mean a double wedding?

CASSIE: Edmund and I are getting married?

MRS.OLIVER: What do you need?

T.J.: Your Tommy's mom, right?

MRS.OLIVER: Yes, what do you need?

ANDROS: Could Ashley be released right now?

MRS.OLIVER: Yes, but why?

ANDROS: Because I have a surprise for her.

ASHLEY: A surprise, for me? What is it, Andros?

ANDROS: I can't tell you, it's a surprise.

MRS.OLIVER: You remind me of my son and his girlfriend when they were in high school.

CASSIE: I have something to tell everyone later on the bridge.

ASHLEY: I have something to tell everyone later to.

CASSIE: T.J., already knows what I'm going to tell you all later.

T.J.: What do you mean "I already know?"

CASSIE: When are we going to meet on the bridge?

ANDROS: A half-hour from now which will be at 4:30.

CASSIE: All right, I have to go get something first.

EDMUND: Where are you going?

CASSIE: I'll tell you later.

ASHLEY: All right, everyone out so I can get dressed.

ANDROS: What? Even me?

ASHLEY (Laughs.): Especially you.

NARRATOR: A half-hour later everyone met on the bridge and saw Cassie had a little girl with her.

ANDROS: Who is that? What is she doing here?

CASSIE: I want Christina to live here with me.

EDMUND: Is she your sister?

CASSIE: No, she's my daughter.


CASSIE: Yes, my daughter. She could sleep in my quarters. Please?

ANDROS: She can stay, as long as you can keep her out of trouble.

CASSIE: Thank you, so much, Andros.

ASHLEY: Cassie?


ASHLEY: How old is she?

TINA: I'm 4.

CASSIE: Come on, let's go pick up your toys.




ZHANE: Hey, Andros, looks like me and your sisters daughter is trying to copy you.

TINA: You want to go play.


ZHANE, KARONE: Sure, go on.

ASHLEY: I'm sorry, I lied.

CASSIE: About what?

ASHLEY: About being pregnant.

KARONE: Why did you lie?

ASHLEY: I don't know, I'm going to my quarters to think.

NARRATOR: When Ashley left the bridge, Andros, gave, Karone "The Look. Later that night after everyone had gone to sleep. Andros, was still awake, when he herd some crying coming from Ashley's quarters. He went and knocked on her door.

ASHLEY (Still crying): Who is it?

ANDROS: It's me, Andros.

ASHLEY: Come on in.

NARRATOR: When Andros went in and sat on Ashley's bed. She sat up, put her arms around his neck and cried, Andros, hugged her back.

ASHLEY: I didn't want to hurt you.

ANDROS: What's wrong? What are you talking about?

ASHLEY: I didn't want to hurt you, so I said I was never pregnant.

ANDROS: You also didn't want the others to know.

ASHLEY (Stops crying): That's right, thanks, Andros.

ANDROS: I know how to make you feel better.

ASHLEY: Oh yeah, what's that?

ANDROS (Smiles): Something like this.

NARRATOR: Andros kissed Ashley on the lips and then started tickling her. But when Andros's fingers slipped under Ashley's shirt, they both stop laughing. Then looked at each other. Then Andros turned his head away.

ANDROS (Blushes then mumbles): Sorry.

ASHLEY: About what? Your fingers going under my shirt?

ANDROS (Mumbles): Yeah.

ASHLEY: It's okay, Andros.

NARRATOR: A while later Ashley and Andros fell asleep. Then the next morning Ashley and Andros were the last two to get up.

CASSIE: Good morning, you two kind of slept late this morning.

ASHLEY: We were up late talking last night.

ZHANE: And having a tickle fight.

ANDROS: How did you know about that?

KARONE: Zhane and I herd you, besides all your laughing woke up, Sophia.

ZHANE: I came and knocked on the door, but you two didn't hear. Because you were laughing so hard.

CASSIE: It woke me up to.

EDMUND: It didn't wake me up either.

ALPHA 6: Aye, yi, yi, yi, yi, it didn't wake me up.

CARLOS: It didn't wake me up.

T.J.: It didn't wake me up.

ASHLEY: Sorry, if we woke you up, but Andros, was just trying to make me feel better.

ZHANE: What do you mean, Andros, was just trying to make you feel better?

ASHLEY: I didn't want you all to know, but I was pregnant.

CASSIE: Well you didn't have to lie about it. We would have found out sooner or later.

ASHLEY: Get married on the same day, but go on the honeymoons at different times.

NARRATOR: Meanwhile back in Angel Grove with Tommy and Kimberly.


TOMMY: What?

KIMBERLY: I got pregnant in Jr. High, but I lost the baby.

TOMMY: What do you mean, you got pregnant in Jr. High, but lost the baby?

KIMBERLY: Before I met you. I was raped, I gave birth to a baby girl.

TOMMY: What happen to her?

KIMBERLY: I gave her up for adoption. Today she would be 13.

NARRATOR: That's when the phone rang.

TOMMY: Hello...yes, she is. Just a minute. Kim, it for you. She said her name is, Stacey.

KIMBERLY (Starts to cry): Oh my god!

TOMMY: Who is, Stacey?

KIMBERLY: The baby girl I gave up for adoption 13 years ago. Hello...Sure, where would you like to meet? All right, see you then, bye.

TOMMY: What was that about?

KIMBERLY: I'm going to meet my daughter in Angel Grove park at 1:30 this afternoon.

TOMMY: Well, it's almost 1:00 now. How about we take Tammy and Tommy to the park to play?

KIMBERLY: All right, I'll get the stroller.

TAMMY: Let's go already!

KIMBERLY: All right, here we go. We're going to meet you big sister.

TAMMY: Big sister?

KIMBERLY: Yes, you big sister. I'll explain when you're older.

TAMMY: All right, go!

(Baby Tommy starts cooing.)

TOMMY: Well it's 1:25, we better get going.

KIMBERLY: All right, let's go.

TOMMY: All right.

NARRATOR: When they reached the park, they saw a girl working on some gymnastics. She looked like she was 13.

KIMBERLY: Excuse me, are you, Stacy?

STACY: Yes, ohmygosh! Are you my mom?

KIMBERLY: Yes. This is my husband, Tommy. These two are your half brother and sister. Tammy and Tommy Jr.

TOMMY: Hi, Tammy, can you say hi to your big sister.


STACY: Hi, why did you give me up for adoption?

KIMBERLY: Because I was only 14 years old.

STACY: Who is my father?

KIIMBERLY: I don't know.

KIMBERLY: I don't know, I was raped.

STACY: Is that why you gave me up, because you were raped?

KIMBERLY: No, because I was too young.

STACY: Did you ever wish I wasn't born?

KIMBERLY: No, I wanted to keep you, but I was too young.

STACY: Do you think I could come spend the summer with you?

KIMBERLY: If it's all right with you adoptive parents.

STACY: Thanks, so School is going to be out in a couple of days.

KIMBERLY: How did you get into gymnastics?

STACY: I don't know. My adoptive parents said I've been doing gymnastics for as long as I could walk.

KIMBERLY: I used to do gymnastics.

STACY: What happen?

KIMBERLY: It's a long story.

STACY: Could you tell it to me some time?

KIMBERLY: Sure, when school let's out, I'll pick you up where you're living now.

STACY: You know where I live?

KIMBERLY: Of course, I do. Every year when you went to have your picture taken your adoptive parents sent me one.

STACY: All right, see you then. I better get home get and get started on my homework.

TAMMY: Hug sissy?

KIMBERLY: I think she wants a hug from you. Oh, happy birthday.

STACY: All right, come here, Tammy. Bye, see you in couple of days. Bye, mom. Bye everyone.

TAMMY: Bye, bye, go play?

TOMMY: Bye, you can go play for awhile.

KIMBERLY: Then we have to go home for dinner.

NARRATOR: Meanwhile back on the Megaship. Everyone was on the bridge. Except Zhane and Karone who were in the Simu-deck.

ANDROS: Where's Zhane and my sister?

ASHLEY: They're in the Simu-deck.

TINA: Mommy?


TINA: May me and Sophia go to the park today?

CASSIE: Maybe later.

TINA: Why?

CASSIE: Because we have to ask her parents.

TINA: Where are they?


TINA: So I can ask them.

CASSIE: No, you are not going to disturb them.

TINA: Mom!

CASSIE: In a little bit.

ZHANE: What's going on?

SOPHIA: Daddy, park?

KARONE: Yes, you can go to the park.

ZHANE: You want Karone and I to take Tina with us to the park.

TINA: Please, mommy, please? PLEASE?

CASSIE: All right, you can go...

TINA: Yes!

CASSIE: But be good!

ASHLEY: Why don't we take a picnic lunch?

ANDROS: What's a picnic?

ASHLEY: Take some food with us to the park and eat it there.

ANDROS: All right, let's go get the food ready.

NARRATOR: Andros and Ashley walked out hand in hand. Karone went and got Sophia out of her nightgown and into some shorts and a T-shirt. Then everyone met on the bridge.

ANDROS: All right, everyone, ready to go?


CASSIE: I'm not going to, because I don't feel real good.

EDMUND: I'm going to stay here with, Cassie.

ASHLEY (Whispers to Cassie.): I want all the details.

CASSIE: What do you mean?

ASHLEY: Are you really staying behind because you don't feel good?

CASSIE: No, I just want to spend some time alone with, Edmund.

ASHLEY: I want to know everything.

CASSIE: See you all later.

ASHLEY: I want to talk, Alpha 6, for a minute. I'll meet you all there.

NARRATOR: Alpha 6 walked with Ashley to medical bay.

ALPHA 6: What did you want to talk to me about?

ASHLEY: Alpha, I'm not sure, but I think I'm pregnant.

ALPHA 6: All right, hop on the table.

NARRATOR: A few minutes later.

ALPHA 6: I have some news, Ashley.

ASHLEY: What? Is it good or bad?

ALPHA 6: Your pregnant.


ALPHA 6: Yes, with twins, both girls.

ASHLEY: Thanks, Alpha, I'm going to tell, Andros.

NARRATOR: When Ashley reached the park everyone was there except Cassie and Edmund. Tommy and Kim were there to.

ASHLEY: Andros?

ANDROS: Hey, Ashley, are you all right?

ASHLEY: Can we talk?

ANDROS: Sure, let's go for a walk.

ASHLEY: I'm fine.

ANDROS: So why did you stay behind to talk to, Alpha?

ASHLEY: I just wanted to tell you I know who that little girl that came to visit us from the future was.

ANDROS: Who was she?

ASHLEY: Our daughter.

ANDROS: What do mean our daughter?

ASHLEY: Well one of them anyway.

ANDROS: What do you mean our daughter and only on of them?

ASHLEY: I'm pregnant, with twins and they're both girls.

ANDROS: When do you want to get married?

ASHLEY: How about the 21 of March. The first day of spring.

ANDROS: All right, when are the twins due?


ANDROS: Why don't we get married on February 14th?

ASHLEY: Valentines Day?

ANDROS: Yeah, why not? How far along are you?

ASHLEY: Four months.

ANDROS: When do you want to tell everyone we're getting married?

ASHLEY: How about right now?

ANDROS: All right, hey, when are we going to tell everyone about the twins?

ASHLEY: We're not going to tell anyone about the twins. We're going to let them figure it out.

ANDOS: We better get back or the other with get suspicious.

ASHLEY: All right, let's go. I can't believe Christmas Day is this Saturday.

NARRATOR: Andros and Ashley walked back to the picnic hand in hand.

ZHANE: Where have you two been?

ASHLEY: Just walking and talking about when we're going to get married.

KARONE: When are you getting married?

ASHLEY: February 14th.

CARLOS: Valentines Day?

ASHLEY: Same thing I said, yes, on Valentines Day.

KARONE: Hey, where is, Sophia?

ANDROS: I don't know where, Sophia, but we better find her before, Darkonda, dose!


CASSIE: Tina's gone to! Tina!

TINA: What?

CASSIE: Where did you go?

TINA: Just over there.

KARONE: Where's Sophia?

SOPHIA: Did someone say my name?

ZHANE: Where were you?

KARONE: Well you could have told us.

TAMMY: Hi, want to play.

SOPHIA, TINA: Can we, please?


KARONE: All right, go on.

CASSIE: Ashley, you're keeping something from the rest of us.

ASHLEY: Really? I am, what?

CASSIE: Well, you have been getting g sick in the morning, you want strange things to eat, You're getting fat and every time one of us turns around your in different mood for the past four months. Your pregnant, aren't you?

ASHLEY: Yes, that's what Andros and I were talking about.

ANDROS: But Ashley and I are going to have get two cribs and two of everything.

KARONE, ZHANE, TJ, CARLOS, CASSIE: You're having twins.

ASHLEY: Yip. I'm going to go take a nap. See you later.

(Andros gives Ashley a passionate kiss.)

ANDROS: I'll go with you.

KARONE: Lovebirds!

ANDROS: Ashley and I are going back to the Megaship.

ZHANE, KARONE: Bye, Lovebirds!


KARONE: I can't believe Andros and Ashley are having twins.

NARRATOR: After everyone went back to the Megaship. Darkonda, showed up in the park. The alarms on the Megaship started going off.

ANDROS: What's going on, D.E.C.A.?

D.E.C.A: Darkonda, is in the park and wants to fight.

ASHLEY: Let's go give, Darkonda, the fight of his life!

ANDROS: No, I don't want you in this fight, Ash!


ANDROS: Because I don't want to lose another baby or wife! Never mind what I just said, just please stay here, Ashley!

ASHLEY: Will you tell me later?

ANDROSN: Yes, but will you please stay here?

ASHLEY: All right, see you when you get back.

( Andros gives Ashley a kiss on the lips. Ashley starts to giggle.)

ANDROS: What's so funny?

ASHLEY: They're kicking. Here put your hand right here. I love you, Andros.

ZHANE: While you two are standing here talking, the rest of us are going fight, Darkonda.

ANDROS: I'm coming! I love you to, Ashley.

CARLOS: Can't you save it for the wedding?


ZHANE: Ready to go, Andros?

ANDROS: Yeah, I love you, Ash.

ASHLEY: I love you to! Now go and be careful!

( Ashley gives Andros a kiss on the lips.)

NARRATOR: Andros, Karone, Zhane, Cassie, Carlos, T.J. All teleported to the park to fight, Darkonda.

DARKONDA: Where's you fiancée and those twin brats your going to have?

ANDROS: That is none of your business! I would never tell you where they are!

DARKONDA: Then I guess she won't be here to see me kill you or maybe I'll just put a spell on you.

NARRATOR: Darkonda shot an energy blast at, Andros, which hit him and the disappeared. Karone, Zhane, Cassie, Carlos and T.J. thought Andros was dead. They took Andros back to the Megaship. When he woke up, his eyes were red.

ASHLEY: Andros!

NARRATOR: When Andros looked at Ashley his eyes were red and scary.

ASHLEY: Andros, what's wrong?

KARONE: He's under a spell.

ASHLEY: How can I break the spell?

ANDROS: You can kill me!

ASHLEY: I will not kill you. I love you and we're going to have twins, remember?

(Ashley gives Andros a kiss on the lips.)

NARRATOR: After Ashley kissed Andros he closed his eyes then opened them. When his eyes opened he looked around confused.

ANDROS: What's going on? How did I get back here?

KARONE: Darkonda, shot an energy blast which hit you, you were under a spell.

ANDROS: Who broke the spell?

ZHANE: Ashley, broke the spell. When she kissed you and reminded you about the twins.

ANDROS: The wedding is next months?

ASHLEY: Yeah and the twins are due in four months. They're kicking again.

NARRATOR: That's when Andros and Ashley heard "Valentine" for the second time that day.

"If there were no words, now way to speak. I would still hear you. If there were no tears, no to feel inside, I would still feel for..."

ANDROS: Would you like to dance?

NARRATOR: Everyone was on the bridge when they heard "Valentine" on the radio.

ASHLEY (Snaps at Andros): No!

ANDROS: What's matter, Ashley?

ASHLEY: I'm sick of being pregnant! I feel and look fat! I'm tired all the time!

ANDROS: I still think you look beautiful.

(Andros kisses Ashley on the lips.)

ZHANE: Would you two stop getting so mushy? You're making me sick.

KARONE: Oh, so if I kissed you like that it would make you sick?

ZHANE: No, of course not!

KARONE: Then don't talk to my brother like that!

ZHANE: What's the matter, Andros, got your sister sticking up for you now?

NARRATOR: Andros walked over to Zhane and punched him for what he said about, Karone, sticking up him.

ANDROS (Whispers to Zhane): Don't you hurt, Karone.

ZHANE: If I didn't love her, I wouldn't have married her and had a baby with her.

SOPHIA: Daddy! Daddy!

ZHANE: What?

SOPHIA: Tina, says Christmas is the day after tomorrow!

NARRATOR: Andros then walked up behind Ashley and hugged and kissed her from behind. Everyone on the bridge had seen Andros sneaking up behind Ashley and tried to hide their smiles when Andros hugged and kissed Ashley from behind scaring her half to death. Ashley turned around with Andros's arms still around her and smiled at him.

ASHLEY: What are you doing?

ANDROS: Nothing, just sneaking up behind you.

ASHLEY: Well, you can sneak up on me anytime.

ZHANE: Would you two cut it out until the wedding?

KARONE: Leave the two lovebirds alone!

ASHLEY: Would you leave Andros and I alone?

NARRATOR: Zhane and Karone looked at each other and smiled.


ASHLEY: Come on, Andros, let's go to the simu-deck.

ANDROS: All right, I'm coming. (Whispers.) Why are we going to the simu-deck?

ASHLEY: We're not, we're going to my room.

CASSIE: They're not going to the simu-deck.

CARLOS: What do you mean?

T.J.: That's where they said they were going.

ZHANE: How do you know anyway?

CASSIE: Because I heard them when they left.

NARRATOR: Meanwhile back with Tommy and Kim.

KIMBERLY: Tommy, you know that eight-year-old girl that died in the car crash?

TOMMY: Yeah, you said she was your sister.

KIMBERLY: I didn't want to tell you the truth, because you had just lost, Ronnie. But she was...

TOMMY: Our daughter? Why didn't you tell me?

KIMBERLY: Because I didn't want to tie you down to a family.

TOMMY: Kim, from the moment I saw you I knew I would marry you. I always loved you and no one else.

KIMBERLY: What about, Kat?

TOMMY: I never loved her. I was in love with you the first time I saw you. Is the why you wrote me that letter?


TOMMY: What was her name?


TOMMY: Our daughter.

KIMBERLY: Her name was, Caitlin. She was beginning to learn karate and doing gymnastics.

TOMMY: Why did she want to learn karate?

KIMBERLY (Starts to cry.): I don't know. She learned gymnastics and then one day she said she wanted to learn karate.

NARRATOR: Meanwhile back with Zhane and Karone. Zhane and Karone were in their room making love, when there was a knock at the door.

ZHANE: Who is it?

ANDROS: It's Andros.

ZHANE: Is Ashley with you?

ANDROS: Yeah, of course she is.

ZHANE: All right, just a minute!

KARONE ( Whispers): All right, I'm dressed.

ZHANE: All right, come on in!

ANDROS: What are you two doing in here?

NARRATOR: Karone walked over to Zhane and put her arms around him and smiled. Zhane put his arms around Karone.

KARONE: Nothing, where's Sophia?

ANDROS: She fell asleep about two hours ago. So what were you two doing in here?

KARONE (GIGGLES): None of your business, big brother!

CASSIE: What's going on you four?

ASHLEY: Nothing, we're just talking.

ANDROS: Hey, Ash, about we get married the day after tomorrow?

ASHLEY: It's all right with me. Why don't we go tell everyone else?

ANDROS: All right, see you three later.

CASSIE: I'm going to meet, Edmund, in the Simu-Deck.

KARONE: I'm going to stay in here with, Zhane. Marry Christmas, Andros, Ashley, Cassie.

ANDROS: I thought Christmas wasn't until the day after tomorrow.

ASHLEY: Come on, Andros, time to go shopping.

ANDROS: Shopping for what?

ASHLEY: You mean whom.

ANDROS: OK, who?

ASHLEY: The twins.

ANDROS: OK, let's go bye you two.

(Cassie had already left.)



NARRATOR: As soon as the door to Zhane and Karone's room closed. When the door closed Zhane started to caress Karone's breast. But Karone turned her back to Zhane and stepped away.

ZHANE: What's wrong, Karone?

NARRATOR: Before Karone could answer she went running to bathroom. Zhane followed her. Andros and Ashley had just returned from their shopping trip. Zhane was outside the bathroom door.

ZHANE: karone?! Karone?!

ANDROS: Zhane, what's going on?

ZHANE: One minute Karone and I were in our room and the next she took off running for the bathroom.

NARRATOR: That's when Karone came out of the bathroom.

ZHANE: Are you all right?

KARONE: I'm fine, just pregnant.

ZHANE, ANDROS: Pregnant?

KARONE: Yeah, pregnant. That's why I've been getting sick every morning.

ASHLEY: How far along are you?

KARONE: Three weeks.

ZHANE: And you never told me?

KARONE: I was going to until I ran to the bathroom and threw up.

SOPHIA: Mommy?


SOPHIA: I had bad dream!

ZHANE: Why don't you tell your mommy and I what it was about and then we have to talk to you about something.

SOPHIA: All right.

ASHLEY: Sophia, you know what?


ASHLEY: You are big enough to be the flower girl the day after tomorrow.

SOPHIA: Really?

ASHLEY: Really.

KARONE: I think it's past you bed time, Sophia.

SOPHIA: Night!

NARRATOR: Zhane picked up, Sophia, in one arm and put his other arm around Karone's waist.

ANDROS: Ash, we need to talk.

ASHLEY: About what?

ANDROS: I have to go back to KO-35 for a while.

ASHLEY: When? Why? How long?

ANDROS: I have to leave tonight, Darkonda, is attacking and I don't know how long.

ASHLEY: What about Tessa, Maria and I?

ANDROS: Look, I'll be gone for a few months, maybe longer. But if I don't come...

ASHLEY: If you don't come back. I'll come looking for you. Why can't we all go?

ANDROS: Because what if, Darkonda, got on the ship? He could hurt you, Karone, Tina, Sophia, Tessa and Maria. He could kill you and kidnapp Tessa or Maria. Ash, I don't want you or our children to get hurt.

ASHLEY: I won't, I can promise you that. Now please let me go with you, Andros. (Tears were showing in Ashley's eyes. Andros wipes them away.)

ANDROS: I just don't want to lose another wife or baby. Please, stay here, Ash. I love you so much and I don't want to lose you.

ASHLEY: Are you going alone?

ANDROS: No, I'll have. Zhane, Carlos, T.J. and the Phantom Ranger with me.

ASHLEY: What about us getting married.

Andros: We can get married as soon as I get back.

ASHLEY (With tears still in her eyes): What if you don't come back?

ANDROS: I will come back. Unless you want to wake everyone up and get married right now.

ASHLEY: I don't want to wake my family up.

ANDROS: I thought you parents were dead.

ASHLEY: My parents are dead. But I invited my grandma.

ANDROS (SMILES): Your matchmaking grandma.

ASHLEY (Looks at him and smiles.): The very same one that wanted me to get married right after high school. But don't remind, Carlos. That will drive him crazy. D.E.C.A., could you wake everyone up and tell them to meet Andros and I on the bridge? I'll meet you all in Angel Grove Park.

ANDROS: Why can't we all go down together?

ASHLEY: Because I have to get my grandma and the minister.

ANDROS: All right, I'll meet you there, bye, Ash.

(Ashley gives Andros a passionate kiss.)

ASHLEY: Bye, Andros.

NARRATOR: When Ashley teleported to Earth. She teleported to the park. Where, Darkonda, was hiding in the bushes.

DARKONDA: Yellow Ranger!

ASHLEY: Andros, never mind the...ahhhhhh!

NARRATOR: Andros, was back on the Megaship. When he heard Ashley call.

ANDROS: Ashley? Ashley?

KARONE: Andros, what's going on?

D.E.C.A.: Andros, there is an incoming message.

ANDROS: Open communications!

DARKONDA: Red Ranger, I thought you weren't going to tell me where they were!

ZHANE: What's going...

ANDROS (Growls.): You better not hurt her!

NARRATOR: One by one the others came in and saw Darkonda had Ashley.

T.J.: What do you want, Darkonda?

DARKONDA: Your morphers!

ANDROS: All right, but if you hurt her...

DARKONDA: You'll what? Kill me? I have a lot of lives, but she has one!

ANDROS: All right, we'll hand over our Digimorphers!

NARRATOR: The screen went blank.

ZHANE: Are you crazy?! We can't hand over our Digimorphers!

NARRATOR: Andros turned around with tears in his eyes.

ANDROS: We're not going to hand over our real Digimorphers! We're going shopping!


ALPHA 6: Aye, yi, yi, yi, yi, can't a robot get a little shut eye without everyone yelling?

KARONE: Big brother, I think you have gone crazy!

ANDROS: Haven't you ever seen the fake Digimorphers in stores?

ZHANE: If we buy seven fake Digimorpers and hand them over to, Darkonda and he'll let, Ashley, go?

ANDROS: Exactly, but if not. T.J., Zhane, I want you to kick him in the back.

T.J., ZHANE: Right!

ANDROS: He better not hurt her!

KARONE: I'm coming to!

ZHANE: What if, Sophia, wakes up?

CASSIE: I'm going to stay here. So Alpha can go back to sleep is he wants.

ALPHA 6: Thank you, I'll see you in the morning.

ANDROS: D.E.C.A., could you teleport us near a Wal-Mart?

NARRATOR: That's when Carlos returned from his date with Kirsten. With the look of shock on his face.

T.J.: Hey, Carlos, are you all right?

CARLOS: Kirsten just told me. I have a two-month-old son. I told her last year I was the Black Ranger. I was hoping that Kirsten and Kevin could live here.

ANDROS: It's all right with me. Now can we go?

CARLOS: Go where?

ANDROS: To go get, Ashley!

CARLOS: Where's Ashley?

ANDROS: I'll explain later. But can we go?

ZHANE: We better go before, Andros, leaves us behind.

NARRATOR: 10 minutes later in the park.

ANDROS: OK, where's Ashley?

DARKONDA: She's right here!

NARRATOR: Darkonda, threw a beaten form to the ground. Andros picked her up.

DARKONDA: Now your morphers?

ANDROS: All right, everyone. I'm going to get, Ash, back to the Megaship!

ZHANE: All right, go ahead!

ANDROS: Galaxy Glider, Hang ten!

NARRATOR: When Zhane, Karone, Carlos and T.J. got back to the Megaship. They found out Ashley was in a coma.

ZHANE: How is she doing?


ZHANE: How is she doing?

ANDROS: Still no change.

KARONE: Hey, you know what time it is?

ANDROS: Time for, Ashley to wake up?

KARONE: No, it's time for lunch! Don't worry, Andros, she will wake up.

ANDROS: Thanks, Karone.

ZHANE: Come on, Karone let's leave, Andros, alone with, Ashley. See you later, Andros.

KARONE: Bye, Andros.

ANDROS: Bye, Karone, Zhane.

NARRATOR: Two weeks later, Andros, was sitting in the medical bay waiting for Ashley to wake up. When Andros looked up to see who was at the door. Ashley opened her eyes and squeezed Andros hand. Andros, looked and saw, Ashley was awake.

ANDROS: Ash, your awake! Alpha, how is she? How are the twins?

ALPHA 6: The twins and Ashley just fine.

ANDROS: How are you feeling, Ash?

ASHLEY: Who are you? Where am I? What do you mean how are the twins?

ANDROS: I'm your boyfriend, Andros, you're on the Megaship and you and I are going to have twins.

ASHLEY: You mean I'm pregnant?

KARONE: Hey, what's going on?

ZHANE: Hi, what's going on in here?

ASHLEY: Who are they?

KARONE: Why doesn't she remember who we are?

ZHANE: Amnesia, she lost her memory.

ANDROS: This is my sister, Karone and my best friend, Zhane.

KARONE: Yeah, he's also my husband.

ASHLEY: Wait a minute. Your best friend married your sister?

ANDROS (Glares at Zhane): Yeah, How are feeling?

ASHLEY: Better, I guess.

CASSIE: What's going on? We heard yelling from the Simu-Deck!

ANDROS: Ashley's awake!


ASHLEY: Who are you?

CARLOS: You don't remember us?

ASHLEY (Irritated): I really don't remember. I wish everyone would stop asking me that?

ANDROS: Ash, do you still want to get married tomorrow?

ASHLEY: I want to wait until I get my memory back.

ANDROS: All right, but the twins will be here by that time.

ASHLEY: I bet I'll have my memory back before then.

ANDROS (Smiles): How much do you want to bet?

ASHLEY (Smiles back): Oh, I don't know. How about $20.00?

ANDROS: How about nothing?

ASHLEY: All right, but you'll have to pay me when I get back to our room.

ANDROS: You do remember who you are and who they are? You don't have amnesia!

ASHLEY: It was joke don't you think?


ZHANE (Starts to laugh): I thought it was funny!

(Karone elbows Zhane in the ribs.)

KARONE: You would think it was funny!

NARRATOR: Andros walked over, sat beside, Ashley and put his arm around her waist. She put her head on his shoulder.

KARONE: Zhane, I feel...(Faints.)

ZHANE: Karone! She's burning up with a fever!

ANDROS: Get her on the medical bed now!

SOPHIA: Where's mommy?

ZHANE: Mommy's not feeling real good. How would you like to have a baby brother or sister in about eight months or so?

SOPHIA: Really?

ZHANE: Your mommy is going to have a baby.

SOPHIA: Where do babies come from?

ZHANE: Your mommy and I will tell you when you're older.

NARRATOR: When Andros walked into the Medical Bay. Karone, was on the medical bed sobbing, tossing and turning.

KARONE: Ecliptor, please don't hurt them! They're my family! Please don't hurt my husband and daughter! Noooooooo!

ANDROS (Mentally.): Zhane, get in here now!

NARRATOR: Meanwhile Zhane was on the deck below.

ZHANE: Why don't you see if Tina wants to play?

SOPHIA: All right, see you later, daddy!

ANDROS (Mentally.): Zhane, get in here now!

NARRATOR: When Zhane heard that he went running to the Medical Bay. When Zhane got to the Medical Bay Andros was still trying to wake Karone up. When Zhane walked in and kissed Karone she woke up.

KARONE: Zhane! (Karone hugged Zhane tightly.)

ZHANE: Are you all right?

KARONE: Great now. I thought, Ecliptor, had killed you and Sophia.

ZHANE: Karone, Ecliptor, has been turned into dust.

KARONE: What if he comes back like, Darkonda?

ANDROS: He won't come back, I promise.

KARONE: How can you be sure big brother?

ANDROS: I just know he didn't survive.

KARONE: How do you know?

ANDROS: I was there on the Dark Fortress when he was turned to dust, remember?

SOPHIA: Mommy!

KARONE: What, Sophia?

SOPHIA: Aunt Ashley, sent me to find, Uncle Andros!

ANDROS: Can you take me to her?

SOPHIA: Come on!

ANDROS: What are you all dressed up for?

SOPHIA: The wedding.

ANDROS: What wedding?

ASHLEY: Our wedding or did you forget?

ANDROS: No, of course. I didn't forget. Why don't we get dressed and meet in the park in one hour?

ASHLEY: All right, they're kicking again.

(Ashley gives Andros a passionate kiss.)

KARONE: Why don't you stop kissing and go get ready for the wedding?

ANDROS: All right, see you in one hour at the park.

ASHLEY: All right, bye.

NARRATOR: One hour later.

MINISTER: Do you Ashley take Andros to be your husband? To have and to hold, in sickness and in health, for richer or poorer. Until death do you part?


MINISTER: Do you Andros take Ashley to be your wife? To have and to hold, in sickness and in health, for richer or poorer. Until death do you part?


MINISTER: You may kiss the bridel. I now prounce you man and wife.

KARONE: Hey, Andros, Zhane and I agreed to drop you and Ashley off at Triomphoria.

ZHANE: I can't believe you two finally got married.

(Ashley starts giggling.)

ANDROS: What's so funny?

ASHLEY: I can't believe we finally got married. Maria and Tessa are kicking again.

ZHANE: Well come on two. Karone, me and the MegaWinger will take you to Triomphoria.

SOPHIA: What about me?

KARONE: I want you to stay with Cassie and Tina, all right?

SOPHIA: All right, Bye, Aunt Ashley, Uncle Andros.

ANDROS: Bye, Sopha.


ANDROS: All right, come here.

KARONE: Because there's no telling if they will wait until they get there or not.

(Andros and Ashley both start to blush.)

NARRATOR: The whole to Tromphoria Andros and Ashley were making out.

KARONE: Come on you two, stop making out, we're here.

ASHLEY: Thanks for the ride.

SOPHIA: Bye, Uncle Andros, Aunt Ashley.

ANDROS: Bye, Sophia.

ASHLEY: Bye, Sophia.

KARONE: Sophia, what are you doing here?

SOPHIA: Hi, mommy, daddy, I snuck on before it took off.

ZHANE: I thought we told you to stay behind with Cassie and Tina.

SOPHIA: But I didn't want to stay behind.


SOPHIA (Starts to cry): Because in the park this big ugly monster tried to kidnap me.

KARONE: Why didn't you tell us?

SOPHIA: Because I was scared.

KARONE: Bye, Andros, Ashley. Zhane, could you pilot the MegaWiinger back to the Megaship?

ZHANE: Sure, why?

KARONE: Because I want to tell our daughter a story.

ASHLEY: See you all in a month!

ZHANE: I've steered the MegaWinger millions of times.

KARONE: Let's just go, all right?

ZHANE: All right, here we go.

KARONE: Once long ago there was a little girl...

ZHANE: That had a little curl.

KARONE: Zhane, would you shut up?

ZHANE: Well, that's part of a nursey ryme I heard once on Earth and I couldn't resist. All right, go on with your story.

KARONE: Once long ago there was a little girl who...

ZHANE: You said that part already.

KARONE: I'll tell you later. When your daddy isn't inturputing. All right?

SOPHIA: All right. Where's Aunt Ashley and Uncle Andros?

ZHANE: They went on vaction.

SOPHIA: Are they coming back?

KARONE: Yes, they will come back.


KARONE: In a couple of weeks. When we get back to the Megaship, it will be past your bedtime.

ZHANE: We almost there. Just about twenty-five more minutes Earth time.

KARONE: Now when we go to pick up your Uncle Andros and Aunt Ashley, I want you to stay on the Megaship.

SOPHIA: All right. What are Uncle Andros and Aunt Ashley doing?

KARONE: What do you mean?

SOPHIA: What are they doing?

KARONE: I don't know.

SOPHIA: When are they coming home?

ZHANE: In two weeks.

NARRATOR: Two weeks later. Andros and Ashley returned from their honeymoon.

ASHLEY: Hi, everyone.

CASSIE: Welcome back!

CARLOS: How was your honeymoon?

ZHANE: You look fatter.

ASHLEY: Thanks a lot. The honeymoon was very relaxing.

ANDROS: I had a really great time.

T.J.: Well, it's great to have you back.

KARONE: You know we're all going have to fine somewhere to live on Earth.

CASSIE: We can all go looking tomorrow...

CARLOS: But let's go get good-nights sleep. Good-night.

ALPHA: Good-night.

ANDROS: Where's Tina and Sophia?

KARONE: They went to sleep hours ago.

TINA: Mommy?

CASSIE: What is it, Sweetheart?

TINA: I had a bad dream.

CASSIE: All right. Why don't we get some warm milk and you can tell me all about it.

TINA: All right, good-night.

ANNE: I guess I'm going home to mom and dad. But I can't wait to meet my nieces. Good-night.

KARONE, ZHANE: Good-night.

ANDROS, ASHLEY: Good-night.

CARLOS: Good-night.

T.J.: Good-night.

D.E.C.A: Good-night.

CASSIE: Hey, Ashley, your seven months now right?

ASHLEY: Yeah, seven weeks left.

ANDROS: I can't wait until they're born.

(Andros puts his arm around Ashley waist as they walked in to their room.)

NARRATOR: Everyone went into their rooms, but came out again when they heard a baby crying in Carlos's room. Ashley went and knocked on Carlos's door. When Carlos answered the door, he was holding 3-month-baby boy.

CARLOS: Hi, what's wrong?

ASHLEY: We heard a baby crying.

CARLOS: This girlfriend, Kirsten and my son, Kevin.

ZHANE: Why didn't we get to meet them earlier?

KIRSTEN: Because I asleep.

T.J.: How have you been here?

KIRSTEN: About four hours.

ANDROS: Come on everyone, let's get some sleep.

NARRATOR: The next day everyone went house hunting and ended up getting house on the same street. Two months later. Andros and Ashley were moving into their new house. When Ashley went into labor.

ASHLEY: Andros! We have a problem!

ANDROS: What? What is it?

ASHLEY: They're coming!


ASHLEY: The twins you jerk!

ANDROS: OK, let's get your and get you to the hospital!

NARRATOR: Cassie came walking over to see what was going on.

CASSIE: What's going on?

ANDROS: Ashley's in labor!

KIRSTEN: I could take care of, Tina, for you!

CASSIE: All right. I'm going with Ashley and Andros. Want me to drive?

ANDROS: Sure, come on, Ashley.

NARRATOR: Cassie, Ashley and Andros got to the hospital. Just in time. When they got her to the delivery room one of twins was born and then three minutes later the other one was born. Ashley name older twin, Tessa and the younger one, Maria.

ANDROS: I have, Tessa, right?

ASHLEY: Yeah, since I have, Maria.

CASSIE: The rest of us are going to put everything away in your house where it supposed to go.

ASHLEY: When I get home tomorrow. I'll finish.

CASSIE: No, you won't. Because you'll have your hands ful with Tessa and Maria.

ASHLEY: But won't you have hands ful with your own house.

CASSIE: Yeah, but I have Tina and Edmund to help me with that. Speaking of Tina I better get home and get her dinner.

ASHLEY; All right, see you tomorrow.

ANDROS: I'm going to stay here with Ashley, Tessa and Maria.

CASSIE: All right, bye, you two.

ANDROS: Actually it's four now.

CASSIE: See you tomorrow.

NARRATOR: The next day Ashley, Tessa and Maria went home.

ZHANE: Welcome home, Ashley!

ASHLEY: Thanks.

SOPHIA: Aunt Ashley!

KARONE: Hi, I went for an ultra sound and the doctor said the baby is going to be a boy.

SOPHIA Can I see them? I hold?

KARONE: May I hold one of them?

ASHLEY: Sure, here's Tessa.

ANDROS: Sophia, would you like to hold your cousin Maria?


TESSA, MARIA: Whaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

SOPHIA: I drop her! I'm goiong to drop her!

ZHANE: Here let me take her!

NARRATOR: Zhane handed Maria back to, Andros and Karone, handed Tessa back to Ashley.

ASHLEY: Come on, Andros. Let's go put these two in their room.

NARRATOR: But before Andros and Ashley could take Tessa and Maria to their room. There was a knock at the door.

ANDROS: What's going on? Is something wrong?

CASSIE: Nothing is wrong.

CARLOS: Alpha, just told us to meet him here.

NARRATOR: That's when Alpha teleported in.

ZHANE: What's going on?

ALPHA 6: Aye, yi, yi, I have some bad news.

KARONE: What is it, Alpha?

ALPHA 6: D.E.C.A. and I have decided to turn the Megaship into a muszem on Terra Venture, but we have to leave tomorrow and D.E.C.A was wondering if you were going to say goodbye.

ASHLEY: I'm not going to say goodbye.

ANDROS: What do you mean, Ash?

ASHLEY: I'm going back to Terra Venture, with Alpha and D.E.C.A.

ANDROS: You would leave everyone behind?

ASHLEY:No, I don't know.

MARIA: Whaaaaaaaa!

ASHLEY: I better go get, Maria!

TESSA: Whaaaaaaaaa!

ANDROS: Why don't we go to the Surf Spot?

ASHLEY: What happen to you anyway?

ANDROS: What do you mean?

ASHLEY: You used to be so cold and mean, what happen?

ANDROS: melted my heart. I got my sister and my best friend back.

KARONE: You used to be cold....

ZHANE: And Mean?

ANDROS: Yeah, I was, But Ashley after a while melted my heart. Why don't we go to the Surf Spot?

ASHLEY: All right, I'll go get the dippar bags. Andros, will you please get the stoller?

ZHANE: Karone, let's go get Sophia's stroller and dippar bag and them we'll meet back here in ten minutes, to go say goodbye to D.E.C.A.

(Ashley starts to giggle and Andros tries to hide a smile.)

ZHANE: What's so funny?

ASHLEY (GIGGLING): You sound like, Andros.

NARRATOR: Ten minutes later.

ANDROS: OK, everyone ready? D.E.C.A., twelve to teleport.

NARRATOR: When Andros and everyone else got to the Megaship. On the bridge were Andros and Karone's parents and Zhane's parents.

SOPHIA: Grandma, Grandpa! Grandma, Grandpa! I get brother!

NINEVAH: What are you talking about?


EZRA: Is it true?


NINEVAH: Karone, why did you tell us?

KARONE: I was going to, but somebody beat me to it.

NARRATOR: Later that day Karone was on the bridge by herself. Sitting in her brothers chair. When Zhane walked in.

ZHANE: What are you thinking about, Karone?

NARRATOR: Karone didn't answer. Zhane walked over to Karone and hugged her from behind. Before he noticed she was wearing her Astronama outfit. When he hugged her from behind. She screamed, because he had scared her.

KARONE: Zhane, what are you doing?

ZHANE: I asked D.E.C.A. where you were and she said you were on the bridge. I decided to come and see what you were doing.

KARONE: I was just thinking.

ZHANE: Why are you in your Astronama outfit? Andros, would die if he saw you in that.

KARONE: I was thinking about when I was, Astronama.

ZHANE: You know if Sophia saw you dressed like that, it would scare her.

NARRATOR: That's when Andros walked on the bridge, to see Karone dressed in her Astronama outfit.

ANDROS: Karone, why are you wearing your Astronama outfit?

KARONE: I was thinking about when I was, Astronama. I was getting ready to go get out of it.

ANDROS: What if Sophia saw you in that? It would scare her.

( Karone and Zhane start to laugh.)

ANDROS: What's so funny?

KARONE (Still laughing.): Zhane, said the same thing.

ASHLEY: Hey, dose anyone want to go to Earth and watch the fireworks tonight?

KARONE: I'm going, but I want to get out of this outfit first.

ZHANE: I'm going to see the fireworks to.

ANDROS: I'm going to.

ASHLEY: Great that's all of us.

ANDROS: What do you meant that's all of us?

ASHLEY: That's all of the Power Rangers and their children.

ANDROS: You mean all of the Power Rangers from Earth?

ASHLEY: No, I mean Power Rangers from all over the Universe.

ANDROS: Are you crazy? People would be paying more attion the Power Rangers then the fireworks.

ASHLEY: Andros, I was just joking. I didn't invite any of the Rangers. Except the Power Rangers from Earth.

ZHANE: Hey, I though we were going to go to The Surf Spot and then to watch the fireworks.

KARONE: I'm ready to go.