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The Weapon of the Egyptians
By: Chasarae Albert

Michael awoke in a dark area that resembled an ancient barracks of ancient Egypt. It was there, that mutants of all realms were trained as royal guards. Only the best and strongest were chosen as the Pharaoh's body guards. On this day, those who would receive this honor would be chosen. Michael put on his blue tank top, black baggy pants, and his black shoes. He wanted to look his best today. He walked outside and checked the message board. As he looked, a joy rose up in him as he saw that he had been picked, but as he looked for his twin's name, he saw that he had not been picked. However, Tommy was still on the royal guard. Michael calmly walked back to the barracks and packed his things. Tommy walked up to him and sat down.

"I saw that you were chosen to be one of the Pharaoh's body guard's. Congratulations. You're perfect for this job and I wanted to wish you luck." Tommy said sounding sad and disappointed.

"Look bro. I'm only taking the job because it's a high honor and my voice might actually be heard. If I had a choice, I wouldn't accept it just to stay with you. Besides, we'll be in the same area. I gotta go. See you around bro." Michael said and left.

Michael went straight to the throne room. The Pharaoh called the four up and they all kneeled before him.

"Are these the guards who will be the body guards of the royal house?" The Pharaoh asked.

"Yes, your highness. The strongest of them is young Michael Oliver." An advisor spoke.

"Michael, come forward." The Pharaoh commanded.

Michael came up to the throne and kneeled just a few feet before the throne.

"Rise Michael. You have proven yourself several times in battle. You are my equal, but you are not a god. Remember that as you guard my family." The Pharaoh commanded.

Adam walked into the room and stood there observing for a few moments.

"These four are my age. May I be able to have them as friends father?" Adam asked.

"That's up to them. For now, they are the royal body guards." The Pharaoh answered.

"Yes father." Adam answered.

"Come, Prince Adam. Your father is very busy right now." Adam's teacher spoke.

Michael rose, kept his head lowered, brought his arm up with a closed fist to his chest and then back out as a salute. Then he stood off to the side as the other four did the same. A delegate entered the room, kneeled to the Pharaoh and then produced a throwing knife that he quickly threw.

"Mutant loving Pharaoh!" He shouted.

Michael quickly threw up a force field around the Pharaoh to protect him, caught the knife flipped it around, and threw it at the escaping delegate. It hit him in the back in his lower lung. It caused the delegate to fall and remain on the floor for the guards to gather. As Michael turned to salute the Pharaoh, he dropped the force field.

"Well done Michael. Even though he'll live, he'll think twice before doing that again." The Pharaoh congratulated.

"Thank you your majesty." Michael said.

The Pharaoh's wife walked into the throne room. Katherine, Kim, and Aisha were the three handmaids that followed the Asian women. Katherine immediately captivated Michael. He just stood there and stared at Katherine.

The Pharaoh turned to his wife and said, "Please arrange for your blonde handmaid to meet one of the royal body guards in the garden. He looks at her with a deep love in his eyes. It's as if he has a strong bond with her. Because he saved my life, I am rewarding him with meeting her. Will you help me with this?"

"Consider it done my husband. Just make sure he is there." She answered.

Later that night, the Pharaoh went for a walk, accompanied by Michael. Katherine was walking in the same direction on the same path in the middle of running an errand. The moment she came across them, she dropped to her knees before the Pharaoh.

"Rise child. you are here to meet a very special young man. This is Michael. Michael this is Katherine. I will take my leave now." The Pharaoh said and left.

They walked and talked half way into the night and then returned to their quarters. The next day, Tommy and his fellow guards brought a young woman in on a stretcher. She lies unconscious.

"Sire, we found this women unconscious in the desert. What do you wish us to do with her?" Tommy spoke.

"Take her to my doctor. Have him fix her up. She will be a guest in my house." Pharaoh answered.

"Yes your majesty." Tommy said.

With that, they quickly departed and took the girl to the medic. A man dressed as an Egyptian wearing a circlet stood in the shadows.

"I'll never be able to kill the Pharaoh and his family with Michael around. As soon as I can get him away from the Pharaoh, I shall use my magic to drain his power. With that power at my disposal, I'll be unstoppable!" He thought.

As the man in the shadows disappeared back to his secret room, another being stood in the shadows.

"Soon brother, I shall kill you and send you to judgment." Darkside chuckled evilly.

Darkside disappeared and reappeared in the secret room. The man was startled and almost cast a spell on him.

"Easy friend. We have mutual intentions. You want the Pharaoh dead, but to get to him, you have to kill the royal bodyguard. I want the bodyguard dead. So what do you say? Do you wish to join forces?" Darkside proposed.

"Yes, I can see that this union would do us both good and I accept. Come, let us make plans." He said.

Michael felt a dark force in the palace, but said nothing. He continued as normal. It was later in that day that the royal advisor walked into the room.

"Sire, a lion has been spotted in the northern part of the kingdom." He said.

"Prepare my chariot, bow and arrows. We are going lion hunting!" The Pharaoh said.

"I request permission to accompany you majesty for your own safety." Michael stated.

"Permission granted." The Pharaoh responded.

The magician heard this and made plans to be in the same area. The hunt was going well. They had just killed the lion when the magician and Darkside appeared. Michael could feel Darkside's presence, but he couldn't quite figure out who it was. Then the attack came. Darkside took Michael as the magician stood before the Pharaoh.

"Come now brother, don't you remember me?" Darkside asked.

"No. I don't know you. Why have you called me brother? You are no brother of mine." Michael answered.

Darkside started the battle by doing a jump sidekick to Michael's chest. Michael fell backwards, but only for a moment. Michael quickly jumped back up and as he did, both of his feet kicked Darkside in the face. As Darkside wiped the blood from his mouth, he became flustered and gave Michael a cold look. Darkside then took his right hand and put it over his left hand, then brought them to his left side, creating a freezing sphere. Michael didn't understand why Darkside's movement scared him. Darkside threw the sphere and it made contact with Michael's body. Michael dropped to his knees shivering from the extreme cold. Darkside hadn't made it cold enough to kill him, yet.

"Now my friend! Now while he's weakened!" Darkside shouted at the magician.

The magician pointed his scepter at Michael. Michael howled in pain as the powerful blast hit him in the back. All of Michael's energy was being drained. As he collapsed, a blue light left his body and lay down next to Michael. From the blue light, materialized a blue dragon, also drained of its strength.

"Run Pharaoh!" Michael yelled in a weak voice.

The Pharaoh did as Michael told him, regretting that he had to leave Michael behind.

"Minus one pest. Now we only have to worry about Pharaoh." Darkside said darkly.

A panther leaped out of nowhere, took the magician's scepter and left. Darkside grabbed the magician and teleported back to the secret room in the palace. The panther then became a young human being. He walked over to Michael.

"Don't worry friend. We'll take good care of you." He said as he carried Michael off to a safe place.

Michael awoke in a soft bed in a small hut. The young man who had rescued Michael walked into the hut.

"Oh, so you're awake. That was a nasty battle you were in. I barely got you out of there in time." He said.

"Who are you?" Michael asked.

"Oh excuse me. Where are my manners? My name is Rocky. What would be your name?" Rocky stated.

"I am Michael, one of four of the Pharaoh's royal body guards." Michael answered.

"Then I would say that your Pharaoh is in dire need of help. You barely put up a fight. Come, we shall make the journey back to your Pharaoh's palace. By the way, here is the magician's scepter. I hope you can unlock the power." Rocky stated.

"Simple enough." Michael said as he smashed the scepter.

Michael glowed as the dragon re-entered him.

"Now we get going." Michael stated.

They returned to the palace as quickly as they could. The guards let them in. The Pharaoh's sadness is lifted at the sight of Michael.

"How is it that you've returned to us?" The Pharaoh asked.

"My friend, Rocky, saved my life." Michael answered.

"Then he shall be welcome in my house." The Pharaoh stated.

"I am honored." Rocky said as he got on one knee.

"Your majesty, I seek permission to look for the assassins. I fear that they may strike again." Michael stated.

"Permission granted. Go and find the naives." The Pharaoh said.

Michael bowed and left with Rocky right behind him. If anyone had looked in a dark corner, they would have seen a shadow leaving the scene. Michael arrived at the barracks and quickly found Tommy.

"Hey bro., I'll be brief. We're searching for two assassins and I need your help. I need you and three of your best guards. We must find these two as fast as possible." Michael stated.

"Okay, I'll need to locate David Trueheart and his two friends. You'll find no better guards than the three of them." Tommy spoke.

"Make sure they search the whole city." Michael ordered.

"No problem bro. We'll have those two assassins in no time." Tommy said with enthusiasm.

They searched each part of the city and inside the palace looking for the two assassins. They could not find them. Michael leaned up against the wall and fell backwards as the wall opened up to reveal secret stairs. They hurried up them to check for the two assassins. At the top, they found a secret laboratory. The magician and Darkside turned around as the group entered the room.

"Congratulations little brother. I didn't think you had the intelligence to find us. I see you brought Tommy and Rocky along with you." Darkside said.

"Stop calling me that! Sword of Wisdom, I summon you!" Michael shouted. "Wait a minute, how did I know that?" Michael thought as the sword appeared in his hand.

"Oh, so you want a fight. Well prepare yourself. You're about to get one." Darkside snapped.

Darkside kicked Michael's sword hand and sent him flying. Tommy began running until he became a blur and then invisible as he began moving faster than the eye could see. Rocky became a lion and leaped, knocking Darkside over. This had given Michael enough time to prepare a lightning blast. As Michael sent it flying at Darkside, Rocky leaped away. Darkside absorbed the blast.

"You are so pathetic brother. Have you forgotten that I can absorb all of your attacks? You were born evil and you should be evil." Darkside taunted.

"Stick it through your blowhole." Michael retorted.

"Malisfe! Attack!" Darkside shouted.

A panther that stood on two legs, wore leather armor, with a crystal in its right shoulder appeared. A cheetah and a lion similarly dressed also appeared. Each one grabbed a mutant and threw them through the wall and down into the Pharaoh's court. Michael, Tommy, and Rocky slowly got up.

"Pharaoh, get out of here! These creatures are very powerful!" Michael shouted.

The Pharaoh did not argue and began running. Adam stepped forward, not scared at all.

"We need to get out of here my son. Let the royal body guards and the palace guards handle this." Adam's mother begged.

"What kind of a man would I be if I fled while they fought?" Adam inquired.

"A live one." She answered.

"Go on, I'll be careful. Besides, why live a life that being a coward would give me?" Adam stated.

"But......."She started to say.

"I have a secret weapon and I have this feeling that I'll be fine. Trust me." Adam stated.

"Okay, but you be safe." She stated before running like the hounds of hell were right behind her.

The magician appeared before Adam.

"If I kill you, your father shall have no heir for the throne." The magician laughed evilly.

"Who are you? Why are you doing this?" Adam asked.

"You mean you don't remember? Your father tried to have me killed! You were there boy!" The magician shrieked as he removed the hood revealing the face of Billy Cranston.

"You do look familiar. I'm not sure from where." Adam stated as he began forming a fireball in his hand.

Before he could throw it, a spell hit Adam that sent him straight to death.

"How do you like my death spell?" Billy asked maliciously.

Billy was then hit by a spell cast by another mage.

"Leave him alone!" An angry female voice shouted.

"Who are you?" Billy asked the female voice.

"The name's Alex! You're going to pay for what you did to him!" Alex shouted.

"I'm not dealing with you." Billy said and then vanished.

Alex ran up to Adam and couldn't find a pulse.

"No, he killed him." Alex said.

Adam found himself surrounded by the stars in all directions, yet it was as if he wasn't really there. He was floating away and spinning at the same time. He could feel everyone and everything, yet there was nothing there at the same time. At the battle, Billy snuck up behind Michael and used his Death Spell on Michael. Michael joined Adam and he two began floating and spinning. They saw a creature made entirely of fire flying toward them. As the fire went through Adam, it also went through Michael. It was then that they heard the voice.

"Your powers have been increased by the fire elemental. It is not your time. You will return to your bodies and finish the battle. Afterwards, you and your comrades will leave for a quest. Now return to your bodies." The being said in a thunderous voice.

Both Michael and Adam returned to their bodies and slowly got up. Darkside looked at them in shock.

"Come Malisfe. We're leaving." Darkside commanded.

Darkside and his minions disappear, leaving the group to rest. Alex stepped up, happy to see the group.

"So this is where you guys have been hiding. Is everyone okay?" Alex stated.

"Everyone is fine, but who are you?" Tommy answered.

Alex looked upset.

"Why don't you guys remember me?" Alex stated and then thought, "Maybe it's the side effects of the dimensional portal for them."

Michael looked at Alex and just stared blankly.

"I know her. I'm sure that I've seen her before." Michael thought.

Alex could see that Michael was deep in thought.

"At least he seems to remember." She thought.

"I'm sorry, you guys remind me of friends of mine. My name is Alex." Alex said.

They went through the introductions and then decided to go looking for the royal court. When they were found, they told them that it was safe to return to the palace. Alex returned to the guest room to talk with Shada.

"Why do you suppose they don't remember me Shada? Do you suppose that they're traveling to this dimension may have caused their memory to be wiped clean?" Alex asked the book.

"Perhaps. There is a spell here that would allow them to remember." Shada stated.

"What is it?" Alex asked in excitement.

"Now pay attention. I'm going to guide you through this one step by step." Shada stated.

Meanwhile, Prince Adam is making arrangements for the small group to be able to meet in his room. As Michael and Prince Adam are walking to Adam's room, they are in the middle of a discussion.

"Alex looks familiar to me. It's as if I've seen her somewhere before. What about you? Am I the only one that feels this way?" Michael stated.

"No, she doesn't look very familiar to me, but I have no sure way to access my memory." Adam stated.

"I guess we'll find out sooner or later." Michael said without knowing why he said it.

Later that night, Michael, Adam, Tommy, Rocky, Alex, David, Kim, Kat, and Aisha all met in Adam's room. No one knew why Alex wanted them to meet there.

"I have a spell I want to check out. It won't hurt or do any harm to you. I'll understand if you want to back out." Alex explained.

"I'm in. I trust you." Michael stated.

"Well if Michael trusts you, then count me in." Adam chimed in.

After that, the rest quickly agreed and Alex began casting the spell. An hour later, their memories had returned and they began hugging Alex.

"We can't leave until we find that device that belongs to Adam. Adam is the one that is supposed to have knowledge of the land so, let's ask him." Rocky stated.

Adam looked at them and began telling them what he knew.

"There is a pyramid somewhere in the desert that does contain a great power. It's also said to be very dangerous on the way and inside." Adam stated.

"Unfortunately, we have no choice. In order for us to activate the next portal, we'll need what's in that pyramid." Michael stated.

"Wait a minute. How will we convince the Pharaoh and his wife to allow us to go on this journey?" David asked.

"We'll just have to wing it and find out." Tommy answered.

Adam walks to the throne room accompanied by Michael, Tommy, and David.

"I have a request to make, father." Adam stated.

"What is it my son?" The Pharaoh asked.

"I wish to go to the pyramid in the north and retrieve the ancient weapon that is there. But I will not go alone. I will be taking Michael, Tommy, David, Kim, Katherine, and Aisha along with our two guests. Each possess a gift that shall be required along the way." Adam stated.

"We cannot risk losing you." The Pharaoh stated.

"Your majesty, he is a key element and we may need this weapon to stop this evil." Michael stated.

"Very well Michael. But I shall hold you personally responsible if he is harmed. Do you understand?" The Pharaoh stated.

"Yes your majesty. I will die before any harm comes to the young prince." Michael stated.

"I trust you to that Michael." The Pharaoh stated.

The group left heading north shortly after getting the Pharaoh's permission. They stop briefly next to a pond to rest. Just as they are about to get moving again, the water in the pond jets up like a geyser and takes on a humanoid form. It begins the battle by spraying water on Adam until he is thoroughly soaked.

"Oh man, how am I going to use my fire ability now?" Adam stated.

"Easy. Watch." Tommy stated as he ran around Adam at super speed.

David went to the water elemental and said, "Take your best shot."

The water elemental began blasting water at David, but David smiled as the water quickly became ice and began being sent back at the water elemental. As Adam dried off, he began using his fireballs, turning it to steam. As Adam and David worked together, the water elemental was destroyed.

"That was interesting. Shall we continue this journey?" Michael stated.

Before they got to far, a lion appeared. Kat became a weretiger and approached the lion.

"Greetings friend. What are you doing so far from your hunting ground?" Kat asked the lion.

The lion responded by raking Kat with its powerful claws. It caught Kat by surprise. Michael ran over to make sure Kat was all right.

"I'm fine Mikie. That is a strange lion. Weretigers usually have an instant friendship with all felines. Whether they are big or small." Kat stated.

"Well this one obviously isn't like that. You'll have to fight back if he attacks us." Michael said as he finished healing the wound.

The lion didn't wait for them to attempt to get on their way. It attacked without warning. Kat got up and got on all fours. She roared at the lion in a cross between human and tiger. Michael got up and out of the line of fire. The battle was short and consisted of biting, snarling, and scratching. It was soon over and the lion walked away as Kat resumed her human form.

"That gave a whole new meaning to the phrase cat fight." Tommy joked.

"Ha, ha. Very funny. Are you wanting to be my next victim?" Kat teased.

"Nope. I mean no ma'am." Tommy said.

"No one messes with a weretiger." Kat stated with a smile.

The pyramid was just in sight when the wind began to blow and removes the sand off of a statue. The head looked like it had a helmet on, the body was built like an armored man. Aisha tried to walk past, but at the same time, the eyes glowed, an arm picked her up, and walked straight back to where she had been standing. The golem began trying to hit her, but she blocked and began hitting the golem where the gut was, cracking the stone more with each hit. She chiseled away until the golem was a combination of stone and dust. They had just reached the door when what looked like a flying Centaur landed. Rocky frowned.

"Leave this place now." The winged Centaur said sternly.

"We can't. We're here on a quest." Rocky stated.

"What are you?" Kim asked.

"I am a Pegataur. I'm guarding this pyramid against intruders. You are to leave at once." The Pegataur responded.

"We need to go inside that pyramid. What's inside is needed to stop an evil." Rocky tried using reason.

"Just because you have a Pegasus living inside of you, doesn't mean that I won't harm you. I have sworn to guard this place from all intruders." The Pegataur responded.

"Then prepare for battle, because we can't leave until we get what we came for." Rocky stated.

The Pegataur brought his sword to a ready position while Rocky took the form of something from his imagination. It stood at the same height as Michael, with curved blades for hands. The rest was a hard shell.

"Dude, you've got to lay off the Pokemon games." Michael stated.

"Why do you say that?" Alex asked.

"He got that idea from a game. The creature he took it from is called a Kabutops." Michael stated.

As the sword swung, Rocky used the blade to break the sword. Then he quickly shape-shifted into a white tiger as the Pegataur used its hooves. Finally, the battle ended and Rocky had won.

"Be warned, there are still more tests to come inside that pyramid. I must go now to recover from the battle. Peace be with you." The Pegataur said and then flew off to its lair.

"That's right, clear the path for me." A dark force chuckled.

"How do we get in?" Tommy asked.

Kim stepped in front of the wall with an ancient symbol carved on it. It glowed and the light engulfed Kim's head and caused a psionic blast to the hit the wall making an opening.

"Never mind, Kim just made a door." Tommy stated.

"OOPS. Well at least we now have a way in." Kim stated as she blushed in embarrassment.

Before going in, Tommy threw a stone in the opening and watched as it disintegrated.

"Looks like this will require speed." Tommy stated as he ran in a circle, building up his speed.

He ran in there, the lasers striking just behind him. He stopped as he saw a button to cut off the lasers. He shouted at the others to throw a stone in. When the stone didn't disintegrate, they entered and quickly caught up to Tommy. As they neared the chamber, a black dog the size of a wolf came out of the shadows.

"What is that?" Michael asked.

"That is a Mastiff. It can blend in with the shadows as well as you can become invisible. They are very dangerous." Alex answered.

"Basically, it's a shadow dog." Michael stated.

"Basically. They usually travel in packs so imagine my suspicion of only seeing one." Alex stated.

Just then, more appear, growling.

"You just had to say that, didn't you?" Michael stated.

As the creatures began leaping at Alex, she brought her hands together and small black energy began forming at her fingertips. As the blast hit each one, they scurried away whimpering. They finally came to the chamber with the sealed door. Adam set his hands on fire and put them on the door. The door glowed blue and opened.

"The burning touch of the prince of Egyptians. I'm not exactly sure why the door opened. I'm not of this reality." Adam mumbled.

They entered the chamber and saw six Quasar Sabers. One was for a Magna Defender. A small device also laid on a table near the sabers. It has a small silver circle attached to it. When put up to the eye, you can see the existing portals. Adam quickly picked up the device and attached it to his left wrist. Tommy picked up one of the Quasar Sabers at the same time that Adam, Rocky, Aisha, Kat, and Michael. They took the sabers back with them and took them to the Pharaoh. Just as these Rangers exited, that world's version of the Rangers returned.

They had leaped through the portal. As they neared the end, Darkside grabbed Michael and drew all of them into a battle field in the in between. Michael stood ready to fight. As the battle began, Darkside formed an energy blast between his hands. Michael felt another dark prescience watching behind him. He turned to see who it was.

"Mikie! Watch out!" Kat yelled and began running as Darkside sent the blast flying.

Time slowed as Michael turned to face Darkside, seeing the blast and realizing that it was to late. As Darkside's blow became painfully close, Katherine jumped in front of Michael and took the blast. It was then that time resumed its speed as Kat fell into Michael's arms.

"Kat." He sobbed. Then changed to rage, "You're dead!"

Michael laid Katherine by the others and his body was engulfed with a light brighter than the sun. He attacked Darkside with a fury none had ever seen before and the fight faded as the whole area became engulfed in bright white light. When the light faded, Darkside laid on the ground, weakened and dying from Michael's attack.

"Michael." Darkside spoke in a weak voice. "I have something to tell you."

Michael walked over and said, "What is it?"

"I remember how I really came to be. Father planted a lie in my mind. When he gave you that crystal, he pulled me from you. I'm your darker half given form and a life. That's why you couldn't kill me before and why I had so much trouble killing you. That's also the true reason father sent me away. You were to much of a goody two shoes and I was pure evil. In a way we are brothers. Good-bye for now." Darkside said before faded back into Michael's body.

Michael went back over to Kat, healed her wounds and then picked her up due to she was to weak to stand on her own. He opened the exit portal to the next world and they all stepped through. Unknown to them, a creature stood in the shadows watching.

"That one bears the stench of one of Gesixn's chosen prodigies. I think I shall enjoy killing this one. With that much power, he's got to be one of Gesixn's favorites." The creature said as he followed through the portal that Michael and his friends had used.