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An Old Flame Returns
Chapter 1
By Shelly Corvin

Why am I doing this? Kimberly Harte thought to herself as she sat aboard the flight whose destination was Angel Grove,CA. Having placed 1st at the Pan Global competition Kim was headed home. Her mother had wanted her to move to Paris, but Kim had defiantly replied "No" How could her mother expect her to just move to Paris and make new friends when she was facing her last year of high school. I don't think so Kim had immediately thought. Instead she had phoned Billy's father and had arranged to stay with them. In the process of arranging everything, she had learned that Billy had gone of to college, although she suspected something different. Also there was another reason Kim was coming back.

How am I going to face . . . him ? Kim thought, new tears springing to her eyes as she did so . After winning the competition, Kimberly had broken up with her boyfriend, Marcus. It had not been a painful experience, however, because Kimberly had lain awake for weeks crying over another matter, Tommy. As soon as she had mailed off the letter which explained why they couldn't date anymore, she had regretted it. When she had walked with Marcus later that same day, she had been repulsed by his touch. It wasn't that Marcus himself repulsed her, it was just that . . . that her feelings for Tommy had come back and overtaken her. She had discovered that day that she knew that she could never love anyone as strongly or as passionately as she did Tommy.

Oh Tommy! Kim thought shuddering at the thought of him. Tommy with his long dark hair which she so loved to run her fingers through, dark eyes with the oh so long eyelashes, bulging muscles which she felt so safe and secure in, courage, and the thing she loved most of all about him : his heart of gold which had never ever wavered from her.

She recalled the same day that she had mailed the letter, thinking back to the night that she had lain awake and sobbed uncontrollably." . . . We've got to carry each other, carry each other, One . . . love, One, blared through the speakers of Kim's stereo as she had lain awake that night.

"Oh Bono, if you only knew how strongly those words apply to me," Kimberly had whispered that night. The sickness like a big dead lump in her stomach that she felt was nothing in comparison to the intense pain that surged through her heart.

"What was I thinking, what have I done," Kim had wondered aloud, "How could I cause you so much pain when all you have ever done is love me? You were the one who was always there for me, the one who held me, the one who protected and rescued me whenever I needed it."

"Tommy . . . Tommy I am so sorry," Kimberly had whispered before falling asleep.

"Excuse me miss, are you allright ?" the man next to her asked, startled by the way this young women was crying.

This question jolted Kim back to the present , and as she wiped the tears away she replied , "Yes, I am fine."

"I hope this doesn't sound like some corny pick-up line because I certainly don't mean it in that way, but do I know you from somewhere," the stranger asked.

"No," Kim said shaking her head, "I don't believe so . You know what though? For some strange reason I feel like I've known you too. Have you ever been to Angel Grove?"

"No, this is my first time," he replied.

"Weird! I don't know why but . . ." Kim started to reply before she was interrupted.

"Ladies and gentleman, may I have your attention please. Our plane is now approaching Angel Grove so fasten your seatbelts and please prepare for touchdown. Thank you, and I hope you have enjoyed your flight on Angel Grove Airlines," the stewardess said. Kim and the stranger both fastened their seatbelts.

I better compose myself before anyone else starts asking me about how I feel. I mean what would everyone think if I came off the plane all puffy-eyed. They'll know something is up. Calm down Kim, Kimberly thought.

"By the way, what is your name ," the stranger asked.

"Kim, and yours," Kim replied.

"Ashe," he said.

"Wow, I would usually think that would be weird , but for some reason I don't. Anyways , it was nice meeting you."

"You too," Ashe replied.

The flight touched down and all of the passengers gathered up their things and exited the plane . Kim stayed on a moment to compose herself and then slowly walked to the front of the plane an the exit. Well, here goes nothing, Kim thought. She stepped into the warm, familiar sun, spotted her friends, waved to them, and began the descent down the steps, going forward to confront her past . . . and little did she know, later on her future.