Power Rangers: The Road Rules Adventure
Chapter 2
By: Shelly Corvin

Next Day, night before departure

Kimberly and Tommy were laying in the park with Tommyís head upon Kimís stomach gazing up at the stars. Both of them didnít say a word; they just seemed to be enjoying each otherís company. Their thoughts were running rampant about what the next thirty days held for them and the missions that lay ahead of them. Each was a little scared. . .Kim was the one to finally ask the question each of them were thinking.

"Tommy, how do you feel about facing your fear," Kim asked quietly.

"Iím not sure. I mean, I guess itíll be good to overcome it . . .to know that Iíve conquered something that has plagued me, but Iím still pretty scared. How about you?"

"I feel the same way you do. Itíll feel good to overcome mine. Itís just that I donít want to look like a fool on television if I get scared before I face mine. EVERYTHING isgoing to be on tape. We arenít going to have any private time at all."

"I know, to know that every aspect of our lives is going to be filmed for the next thirty days is pretty scary itself. Anything we share or do . . .everyone will be able to see it.Including our parents," Tommy said sulking.

"You would think about sex at a time like this," Kim said giggling.

"I know we havenít done that . . .and itís fine with me, you know that, but now weíll be doing less than usual. My parents watching everything . . ." Tommy suddenly shuddered at the thought which caused Kim to giggle again.

"Oh, poor baby! So many drawbacks in your life, huh," Kim said laughing even harder.

"Oh shut up," Tommy said sitting up. "I bet you wonít be able to restrain yourself for to long. I mean, who could resist all of this," Tommy finished with a smirk on his face.

Kimberly turned onto her stomach to try to stop the giggles that were ravaging her body. "Youíre getting as bad as Rocky," Kim said wiping the tears away from her eyes.

"How could you say that to me," Tommy said mockingly, "Iím just saying that itís going to be pretty hard for both of us. When I want to take you in my arms and kiss you, I wonít be able too," Tommy said pulling Kim into his lap.

Kim reached up and planted a soft kiss on his lips before saying with a mischievous gleam, " I think itíll do you some good. Youíve been getting to horny for me anyways."

And with that Kim took off with Tommy chasing after her . . .both enjoying their last moments of not being under the publicís eye.

************************************************************************Ne xt Day, 9:30A.M.

"Kim, are you ready," Tommy asked as he picked up her backpack."Ready as Iíll ever be," Kim said glancing around her room to make sure she hadnít forgotten anything.[These cameras on us are so darn weird! I feel so self-conscious!]

The two walked down stairs, and Kimberly kissed Sarah good-bye before the two hopped into Tommyís 4X4.

"I canít believe you were on time," Kim said as she strapped herself in as Tommy pulled out of the driveway.

"You think Iíd be late on our first day of the trip? This is really important to me . . ."

"And Iím not," Kim asked with raised eyebrows.

"No . . .itís just that . . .well," Tommy said stammering, his eyes never moving from the road.

"Just watch what you say next time," Kim said laughing.

"Weíre really going to have to watch Rocky with his money. You know how much he eats, and the way he spends it . . ."

"Totally blowing it on incidentals, I know."

The two pulled into Ernieís parking lot and joined the rest of the gang already there.

"I thought you two would never get here," Rocky said.

"But Rocky, Iím early," Tommy said.

"Donít bother, heís just a tad bit anxious," Adam said smiling.

"So have you guys seen the winnebago," Kim asked.

"No, but I bet I know where it is," Tanya said smiling. She took Kimís hand and the two raced off to the back entrance of Ernieís.

"No fair," Rocky called out after them as he chased them, "I wanted to be the one to find it."

"Always left behind, huh," Adam said jokingly.

"Of course," Tommy said laughing. He tapped Adamís arm and then said, "Weíd better catch up." The two chased after everyone else and soon found the rest gathered in front of the infamous winnebago.

"Nothing like a trusty steerís head on the grill of a car," Rocky said as he wrapped his arms around the horns.

"Where are Kim and Tanya?"

"Inside all ready," Rocky said rolling his eyes as he joined the guys.

"Thanks for waiting," Tommy said as he entered the winnebago.

Tanya and Kim looked at each other with guilty expressions, and then said, "Sorry."

"What did you expect? They are girls," Rocky said plopping down on the faux leopard print covered couch.

Tanya immediately walked over and slapped him upside the head. "And what was THAT supposed to mean?"

"Nothing," Rocky said giving he his puppy dog face.

"Donít try to pull that crap with me boy. Itís not gonna work!"

"Geez Adam, how do you put up with her?"

Tanya immediately spun around and raised her hand to a striking position.

"All right, all right! Iím sorry," Rocky said.

"Boy, I swear youíd better watch it!"

"Pay up," Kim said with an extremely large grin on her face as she turned to Tommy and Adam.

"Huh," Rocky and Tanya both said.

"I bet Tommy and Adam that it would only take you guys 5 minutes before you got into a fight, and I was right."

"Hey guys," Adam said as he gave Kim his money, "thereís a tape up on the driverís seat."

"Put it in Adam."

"All right," Adam said as he climbed into the driverís seat and started the car for the first time. Each of them felt a chill run up their spines as he did, and Adam turned around and smiled as he did because he know the others felt the same way as he did. Then he popped in the tape.

"Road Rules gang, you know where youíre supposed to go, but first you better empty your pockets and collect your gear on the other side of the van. Get moving,youíve got A LOT ahead of you!"

"Whoo-hoo," Rocky shouted and the others laughed in response. They all dropped their money into a briefcase they found on the other side of the car and loaded up the items that lay on the other side of the car such as: rollerblades, windbreakers, and athletic wear.

"Well," Tanya said as she climbed into the booth towards the rear of the van, "whoís driving?"

"Why donít you Adam," Tommy said with a totally fake smile.

"Thatís all right Tommy. Why donít you," Adam replied.

"Are you sure," Tommy asked.

"Positive," Adam said with a smile.

"Thanks man," Tommy said as he grabbed one of Adamís shoulders and squeezed it.

Kim rolled her eyes and Tanya did the same knowing exactly what Kim was thinking. [Boys and their toys!]

Tommy then climbed into the driverís seat, and Kim took hers in the passenger seat. Adam took a seat by Tanya in the booth who took his hand and whispered, "That was sweet honey," as he did.

Tommy placed a hand on the ignition, anticipation coursing through his veins, but then stopped to turn around and smile at his friends who had the exact expression on their faces also.

"FIRE IT UP," Kim yelled to her astonished friends. "What? Iím excited too!"

"My pleasure," Tommy said, and with that he started the car to the yells of his friends and peeled out of the parking lot towards Valencia. All of them talked for awhile about the interior of the Winnebago and what their mission might be, but . . .that got tired after awhile so Kimberly turned on the radio.

"OH YEAH," Rocky yelled as "Tubthumping" came on. "Turn it up!"

"All right," Kim said hesitantly, not knowing what to expect from Rocky.

"Guys, watch this," Rocky said climbing up onto the back of the couch. "I get knocked down, but I get up again, youíre never gonna keep me down," Rocky started singing as he danced on top of the couch.

"Rocky, maybe you should get down," Tanya said checking out the laptop that had been provided for them.

Rocky rolled his eyes, and said his his best valley-girl voice, "WHATEVER," before proceeding to yell the lyrics out.

"OH CRAP," Tommy yelled right before he slammed on the brakes right as Rocky yelled, "I GET KNOCKED DOWN," and fell backwards over the couch. The camper came to a screeching halt inches before the bumper of the car in front of them in the line to get into Magic Mountain.

"OWW," Rocky said as he slowly climbed out from behind the couch.

"Geez Tommy, watch where youíre going," Adam said picking up his drink which had slid off the table.

"Iím sorry. I thought Iíd be able to just roll into the park," Tommy said sheepishly.

"HELLO? Itís a Saturday and you thought youíd just be able to roll into the park? Is anything in there?" Kim asked laughing.

Tommy in a moment of immaturity stuck his tongue out at Kim, and then turned around to see that Tanya was still laughing. "What Kim said wasnít that funny!"

"Iím not laughing at that," Tanya said wiping the tears of laughter from her face."Itís Rocky! You shouldíve seen the looks on his face when he fell! He was all, I get knocked down," Tanya said imitating him, "and he had this smiling face on and then when the camper stopped this look of terror came over his face when he fell," Tanya finished which caused her to start laughing again as she replayed the scene over again in her mind.

"It wouldnít have been so funny if I got hurt," Rocky said rubbing his head.

"Yeah, but you didnít," Tanya said laughing even harder.

Tommy finally reached one of the entrance booths. "Uh-oh, we donít have any money for parking," Tommy said quietly as a man approached them.

"Hey kids, welcome to Six Flags Magic Mountain! Hereís your map and a little extra something Iím sure you can use," the employee said handing over a tape.

"The clue," Kim squealed grabbing it from Tommyís hands.

"Umm . . .wedoníthaveanymoneyforparking," Tommy said in a rush.

The employee stood there for a minute trying to understand what the man had said. "I think . . .you said something about the parking right? Donít worry about it; itís on us! Have a great stay!"

"Thanks," Tommy said shaking his hand. He then proceeded into the parking lot where he found a space and parked the camper.

"All right, ready for our first mission guys," Kim asked with her hand poised ready to push the tape in.

"Go for it," Tanya said. Kim then pushed the tape in, and they all leaned forward to here the message.

"Hey Road Rules gang, glad to see you made it! Are you ready for your first mission? You all know it was based on one of your fears right? Well, hereís your first mission: find the big red arch inside the park and then get set to fly like a bird as youíre harnessed onto a bungee cord, raised, and then dropped as you freefall towards the earth in a arch-like motion. Be careful, I hope the cord doesnít snap!"

"Yes," Kim and Tommy said high-fiving in each other.

"You know, I didnít like that manís last remark," Tanya said shaking her head. "He didnít say that to any of the other casts, you know Adam," Tanya said turning around to find Adam with his arm wrapped around Rockyís shoulders. "Adam," Tanya asked quietly.

"Itís Rockyís fear . . .falling," Adam said softly.

"Itís just not fair! I said I would never do it again, and here I have to," Rocky said shaking his head.

Kim and Tommy walked back to the booth and sat down to join the others in the conversation.

Kim hoped she wouldnít come off sounding like a jerk, but she didnít know any other way to ask, "But Rocky, you fall so much. How can you be afraid?"

"You donít understand," he said.

"Rocky, maybe you should tell them," Adam said quietly to his friend.

"Yeah, I guess. See, I donít mind falling from chairs or couches or anything. I mean, I donít even mind falling from the sky," he said remembering the time he had gone sky-diving with the old gang. "Itís just that . . .last summer Adam and I went to the fair together, and they had this bungee tower. Adam tried to make me stop because you never know how safe the rides at fairs are, but I wouldnít listen being me. I was up there and I just jumped . . .it was the greatest feeling . . .but then the cord snapped, and I fell about 200 feet to the ground. Thank God they had one of those air mattresses, or I wouldnít be here today. However, ever since then . . .I just canít take the sensation of falling. Iíve been afraid of bungee-jumping ever since."

"How come you didnít tell us man," Tommy asked.

"It was too painful to relive the experience. I basically shut it out of my head, until that stupid questionnaire and now this . . ."

Kim walked over to him and put her arm around him rubbing his shoulder. " Are you going to go through with it?"

"I guess so. I mean, I have to if we want to accomplish the mission."

"Rocky, you donít have to do anything you want to," Tanya said sternly.

"What would be the point then," Rocky asked in exasperation. "Weíre supposed to conquer our fears right? Well, thatís what Iím going to do," Rocky said and with that he left the camper and took off for the tram to the park.

The others exchanged worried glances, but then hurried after him. Each wanting to see Rocky tackle his fear . . .hopefully.