I Will Remember You
Part 1
By Shelly Corvin

"Mrs. Larson, are you sure itís all right if Tommy comes over," Kim asked as she took a seat by David on the floor.

"Of course it is. I know you two are very responsible, and that you need to get your preparations done for prom. Now Davidís bedtime is nine and no later. Weíll probably be out until eleven or midnight at the latest. Iíll see you two later," she called out as she walked out to the garage.

"Bye mom," David called out.

"Bye Mrs. Larson. So, what do you want to do David?"

"Can we watch a movie until Tommy . . ."


"Yeah, Tommyís here," David called out as he raced over to the door.

"David wait," Kimberly called out as she chased him, over to the door.

"Tommy," David yelled as he threw open the door and ran into Tommyís arms.

"Hey buddy," Tommy replied as he picked David up and swung him around.

"Hey there," Kim replied as she leaned against the door.

"Hey yourself," Tommy said giving Kim one of his infectious smiles as he carried David inside. "Howís this little monster been?"

"Hey I am not . . ." David started to protest before Kim interrupted him.

"Heís been anxiously awaiting your arrival. Heís been practicing his katas really hard," Kim said as she smiled down at David, "right?"

"Yeah, and I was hoping you could go through them with me," David said looking up hopefully at Tommy.

"No prob," Tommy said as they all walked into the family room and cleared some space.

"Iím going to work on the decorations for prom," Kim said as she took a seat.

"Sure . . ."

"TOMMY," David yelled.

"All right, all right Iím coming."

For the next two hours Kim worked on the decorations occasionally glancing up at Tommy and David. [Heís so good with kids; itís like so natural to him. Heís going to be great with kids] Kim thought as she caught Tommyís eyes and smiled at him. [And hopefully Iíll be able have his children . . .stop it Kim that is so far off.]

"All right David, itís bedtime," Kim said as she walked over to him and took his hand.

"O-kay," David replied reluctantly.

"Iíll even read you a bedtime story. How about . . ."

"The Haunted Mask . I love that book," David replied as they started up the stairs.

"Oh come on. I was thinking of Sleeping Beauty ," Kim said.

"No way!! Iím not listening to some mushy-gushy fairy tale," David replied.

"You canít win that one Kim," Tommy said grinning.

"Oh shut up," Kim said sticking her tongue out at him.

Tommy waited a couple of minutes and then climbed up the stairs and peaked in on Kim and David. David had taken a place in Kimís lap, and Kim was as usual definitely spicing up the story by doing different voices for all of the characters. That was when Tommy began to have similar thoughts as Kim had earlier about parenthood. [Sheís so in tune with him. I hope some day sheíll do that . . . with our kids] Tommy thought as a smile crept up onto his face. He snuck down the stairs and began to work on the list. Kim later joined him and by the time Davidís mother came home they had finished almost everything.

On the way home, Tommy suddenly took a sudden sharp turn in the opposite direction from Kimís home.

"And where do you think youíre taking me," Kim asked raising one of her eyebrows.

"Youíll see my lady," Tommy said with a mischievous grin in his eye, "I thought we could both use a little quality time together since weíve been so busy."

"But Billyís parents . . . " Kim started to say.

"Please," Tommy said giving Kim his famous puppy-dog look.

"Oh, all right," Kim said easily giving in to her boyfriend. They rode in silence up a winding mountainous road until they reached the top and came upon Angel Groveís make-out spot. The city was totally lit up and there wasnít a cloud in the sky so every star was seen twinkling brightly.

"Oh how original," Kim said smirking at Tommy.

"Hey . . ." Tommy started to protest, "give me a little credit." Tommy parked the car and being the gentleman he was, went around to open the door for Kim. He took her by the hand and led her around to the front of the car. "Wait one minute," Tommy said as he picked up Kim and placed her on top of the car. He went around to the back of the car and then came back again with a boombox, two small candles, and Kimberlyís favorite drink: mocha frappachinos. "Oh," Kim said as she placed her hands over her mouth, "you still manage to surprise me Tommy Oliver." "Well, I try," Tommy said. He put the CD player down along with the rest of the stuff, lit the candles, and put on, "Truly, Madly, Deeply" by the Savage Garden . "Come here you."

Kimberly happily ran into Tommyís open arms and snuggled in next to him as they swayed back and forth to the music. "Itís cold," Kim said pouting.

"Well come closer then," Tommy said laughing as he drew Kim in even closer and placed a kiss down upon her head.

"You did a great job tonight with David. Thank you so much for coming," Kim said.

"Hey, Iíd do anything for you. Besides, heís a great kid."

"Yeah, you two looked really cute together. I mean, you really handled him well," Kim said as she gazed into Tommyís eyes, "youíre going to make a great father," she added impulsively.

"You think," Tommy asked as his eyes sprang open.

"Yeah," Kim said nodding her head enthusiastically, "I do."

"Cause I was thinking that youíll be a great mother."

"I hope so," Kim responded.

"And hopefully youíll be a great mother . . .to our kids," Tommy added before he had a chance to think about what he had said.

"Oh Tommy," Kim said as tears sprang to her eyes, "I was hoping youíd say that. Do you think weíll have kids in our future?"

"Did you even need to ask Kimmie? I thought you knew that I feel the same way about us as you do. Honey, you know weíre always going to be together. Nothing will ever come between us. I love you."

"Thank you so much for saying that. You donít know how much it means to me," Kim said wiping her eyes.

"Oh Kimmie, donít get all emotional on me," Tommy said grinning.

"Oh shaddup," Kim said laughing. She delicately placed a hand upon Tommyís cheek, and then he took it and kissed it. Then leaning up on her tipy-toes, Kim placed a gentle kiss upon Tommyís lips. Before you knew it, Tommy had swept Kim up into his arms and carried her to the back seat of his jeep.

"Oh this is real comfortable," Kim said giggling as Tommy placed delicate angel kisses on her neck.

"Well itís not like we can go rent a room." "Donít even go there," Kim said giving him a stern look before devouring his lips again.

And as Kim and Tommy finally got to enjoy a little "quality time" together, little did either of them know that their dreams for the future would never come true.