I Will Remember You
Chapter Two
By Shelly Corvin

Authorís note: Just to let you know I borrowed the from Naomi Tilleyís awesome fanfic: Jasonís Story. In my story, he has also been killed, and thatís where I got the idea for whatís to come in this story.

"Okay, so I booked the pavilion for the prom . . ." Kimberly said.

"A prom out on the beach . . .this is going to be awesome guys," Rocky said.

"BACK to the matters at hand," Kim said somewhat annoyed by Rocky. He was always interrupting things.

"And I booked the caters for it," Tanya added.

"I ordered the decorations in silver and aqua," Adam said, "I thought the school colors would be sort of cheesy," Adam added with a grin.

"So true!"

"I talked to the photographer about the pictures. He said itíll be forty dollars for a package," Ashe said.

"Thatís not to bad," Kim replied.

"I hired a cleaning crew for after the prom. I thought weíd all be too excited to want to actually work, especially since we are all ready setting up," Tommy said.

"Good idea," Kim said giving him one of her heart-warming grins and wrinkling her nose at him.

"The band that I hired canceled though,"Kat said smiling. (Little did everyone know Kat had a few tricks up her sleeves.)

"WHAT," Kim growled standing up. "Oh this is just great . . ."

"Kimberly, calm down," Kat replied in her distinct Australian accent. "Iíve got an even better band."

"Who," Rocky said practically falling out of his seat.

"Well, my mum was talking to Michael last night, and they hadnít talked in ages. Anyways, mom brought up the fact that he had never paid her back for rescuing him from this demented fan that attacked him at a club. They laughed, and he said heíd do anything for her . . . .so," Kat said.

"Whoís Michael, and Kat quit stalling," Rocky whined.

"Michael Hutchinsnse, and . . .I got INXS to agree to play at our prom," Kat answered happily.

"INXS," Kim said spitting out her soda, "oh my gosh, Kat youíre the best. Michael Hutchinsense is like so totally sexy itís not even funny," Kim said and then opened her eyes wide as she turned to face Tommy sitting across from her with his eyebrows raised. "Did I just like happen to say that in front of you," Kim said.

"Yes, you did sweetheart," Tommy replied with a smirk.

"Cause I totally did not mean it cause YOU are the sexiest man alive," Kim said rubbing her nose against Tommyís.

"Oh really," Tommy said.

"Yeah really," Kim breathed while leaning over and placing a gentle kiss on Tommy.

"Nice save girl," Tanya whispered into her ear.

"Oh please," Rocky after Tanya had finished whispering into Kimís ear, "everyone knows that Iím the sexiest man alive. Look," Rocky said as he took of his shirt and hopped up onto the table. He started strutting and singing "Iím too Sexy" but as usual Rocky wasnít paying attention and he ended up slipping and falling onto his rear. "Iím so stupid," he said as he got up and began to rub his rear.

"Nah, you couldíve fooled me," Tanya said right before she burst out laughing.

"Listen guys, Ashe and I want to catch the seven oíclock showing of that new sci-fi flic. Weíll catch ya later," Kat said as she and Ashe stood up and left their seats from the bench.

"Yeah, we better get going too if we want to go rent those movies," Adam said as he stood up and took Tanyaís hand.

"Later guys," Tommy said as he watched the two couples walk away.

"And I better get going cause Tommyís giving me that look that says Rocky, you better get going before I pound you cause I want some private time with Kim," Rocky said as he hopped off the table-top. "Bye guys."

"Like we havenít had enough private time as of late," Kim said laughing as she scooted off of her bench. "Want to go for a walk," she asked as she held out her hand.

"Of course," Tommy answered taking her petite hand as they started to walk around the infamous lake where they had spent so much time at. The sun was a rosy color and was just beginning to set. By this time, the lake was absolutely sparkling which gave the place a surreal setting. That was why the couple was so surprised that the place was completely deserted.

"Itís been so nice with not having to teleport off into battle,"Tommy said as he wrapped his arm around Kimís waist.

Kim leaned over to rest her head on his shoulder and answered back, "I know. Itís almost like she knows she canít win, so sheís given up. However, we both know that isnít the case," Kim finished chuckling.

"I wish . . .so are you all ready for prom," Tommy asked knowing that he didnít have too. Kim had always talked about prom, in fact, ever since Tommy could remember she had always managed to bring up what that magical night would be like. Tommy still loved to hear her talk about it though.

"Of course I am! I have my dress, shoes, hair appointment, make-up . . ." Kim started to say and then laughed. "Did you even have to ask?"

"No . . .I just wanted to hear your voice," Tommy said bringing Kim around so that she stood in front of him.

Kim blushed and then asked with a twinkle in her eye, "Why do you always have to say stuff like that? Do you enjoy embarrassing me?"

"I only say whatís in my heart," Tommy whispered as he leaned over and placed his lips down gently upon hers. He drew her in closely and gently moved a hand up to stroke the side of her face.

As Kim broke away to draw in a breath of fresh air, she said, "Have I ever told you that I love you?"

"Umm . . .I canít remember," Tommy said with a puzzled look upon his face.

"Cause I do," Kim said as she tucked a loose strand of hair behind Tommyís ear. She then wrapped her arms around him and added, "with my heart and soul and every breath in my body."

"Well, you certainly know how to make a guy feel special. Have I ever told you," Tommy comically asked.

"I donít know," Kim said twirling a strand of hair around her finger, "maybe you better refresh my memory."

"I love you, Kimberly Ann Harte, more than anything in this universe; youíre the only one who completes me."

"Are you sure," Kim said as she broke their embrace and casually strolled away from him. "Cause what if there is this really hot alien out there that you donít even know about . . ." Kim started to say before she was tackled to the grass. She immediately began to giggle as Tommy tickled her, but that giggle suddenly stopped as Kim realized the position they were in: Kim on the bottom and Tommy on top, and how close they were. Their breathing was heavy, and suddenly everything became silent as they got into a heated kiss. And this kiss led to more kisses, and even more kisses that were more passionate than the ones before. That was when Tommyís hand began to travel up Kimís thigh, and when she pushed it down again. "Whoa there tiger," Kim said gasping for breath. "Moving a little fast arenít you?"

"Iím sorry," Tommy said as he rolled off of Kim and tried to regain a normal breathing rate.

"Itís all right," Kim said as she rolled over onto her side and began tracing the length of Tommyís torso with a finger. Tommy leaned over onto his side to face her and began to rub her arm gently.

"Thanks for . . .you know . . . stopping me. I guess I just got so caught up in . . .you beautiful," Tommy said giving her one of the most incredibly sexy grins she had ever seen.

(Geez) Kim thought as she felt a stirring deep within her. (Just wait . . .a little longer) Kim sat up and turned around so that she wasnít facing him. "I have a surprise for you . . .prom night."

"Huh," Tommy asked as he sat up and moved behind her. "What is it," he asked as he began to nuzzle her neck.

"Youíll just have to wait and see, Kim replied back mischievously as she lost herself in Tommyís warmth and love.

"You know Iím not any good at waiting," Tommy said sulkingly.

"Oh well," Kim said standing up and offering a hand to him, "some things are worth the wait."

"Yeah," Tommy answered with a look of pondering, "I guess."

"Letís go back to my house so we can watch Scream."

"I donít know . . ."

"Oh come on you big baby,"Kim said dragging her boyfriend back to his car.


"Oh, that little bitch," Divatox shouted as she spun the periscope around hard in a fit of anger. "First of all, she ruins my wedding. Then she gets to go back on the team with those nitwits which makes it even harder for me to get rid of them now that there are more. Now sheís back with the fine specimen of man that I so hate, and she has the relationship that I always dreamed about," Divatox said pouting.

"I think sheís pretty cute as a matter of fact," Elgar replied.

"SHUT UP," Divotox screamed as she back-handed him. "Get the HELL away from me!!""

"Whoa," Elgar said as he backed away.

"Divatox I . . ." Porto started to stay as he came into the room.

"Donít say anything man! Sheís gonna blow," Elgar said as he led Porto out of the room.

"Imbeciles," Divatox muttered as she walked back to her room. She began combing out her hair, and as she did a smile crept onto her face. "Iíll just have to kill her," Divatox said as she turned to face herself in her bureau mirror. "The question is how . . ." The evil pirate climbed into bed and began to ponder the question. "I know Rita and Zedd were able to kill Jason with that spell they came up with, but that wonít be good enough for that little perky witch. Sheíll just kill herself. Iíve got to . . . make it so that the potion causes pain to someone that she loves also!!!! Thatís it!! Iíll make it so that if she doesnít obey me it will not only hurt her but her beloved Tommy also!! Then that team will crumble. I mean, it is hard to believe, but sheís what keeps them together as a family and keeps them going. Without her, theyíll be nothing. I guess Iíll let her enjoy that little prom she has dreamed out . . .I mean itíll be the last thing that sheíll ever get to enjoy, and Iím not a totally heartless bitch. Oh . . .Di youíre a genius!!!!!!!"