Author’s Note: The song used in this story is “There” by Swirl 360/ This is another one from Tommy’s point of view. Next up will be Kim.

Another Day Alone Without You
by : Shelly

Truth be told, Tommy Oliver was still in shock from the letter he had received from Kim a couple of days ago, the break-up letter. But how he could he not be? His girlfriend of three years, Kimberly Heart, had sent him a letter out of the blue telling him that she had found someone else. To top that off, his friends had somehow thought that they could help him get over the whole incident. Kat had arranged a ski trip and then set him up on a date hoping that he would forget Kim. As usual, the whole trip had turned out to be more of a hassle than a vacation, and it didn’t help him get over Kim. And to top that off, he had ended up finishing the date he was supposed to have had with Heather with Kat instead. After what had happened, he knew that Kat probably assumed he was interested.

So that was why he had come up to his uncle’s cabin once again, without telling anyone. All of the events that had occurred over the past couple of days had just been to much for him. All he had wanted to do was be alone, but no one had been able to understand that. He just wanted to sit and think by his uncle’s lake. . .of Kim.

[It’s all ready been five days since I received that letter. It’s so hard to believe that life is still going on. I still feel like I’m frozen in that one moment in time when I received that letter. Funny, whenever I had a problem before, I could just go to Kim and she would always help me out. But now I’m alone again back where I started from.]

Another last regret
Another hour that I can’t forget you
Another night alone without you

The wind gently stirred the leaves around the lake and Tommy’s long brown hair, but he didn’t seem to notice. Laying there on a checkered blanket looking at the stars, it didn’t seem like anything that could happen at that moment would have fazed Tommy.

[I should have called her by now. I should have done something. Why haven’t I called her? Billy told me I should call since the letter was so uncharacteristic of Kim’s behavior. Adam did too! I guess I just don’t want to actually hear her say she doesn’t want to be with me anymore. I can’t stand the thought of hearing her voice . . . hearing her tell me she doesn’t love me anymore. That would be the last thread. I guess it’s good that she didn’t tell me face to face in a way.]

There’s a place where I can’t feel you
You’re just a memory
And everything about you isn’t real
Cos it’s easier to dream
That you’re not there

[Man, I thought coming up here would take my mind off of you, Kim, but I all ready know it’s not going to happen. I can’t get you out of my head. You’re everywhere, consuming my every thought. All of these memories flashing through my head: our first kiss, the carnival, the first time I walked you home. God, this just isn’t fair. I can’t think of one notion without you in it, and I bet you haven’t even given me a second thought. I can’t even dream without you there.]

Someday I’ll be free
Someday I’ll be happy
Someday I won’t care . . .

[ How in the hell am I going to go on?] He picked up a handful of leaves and threw them up into the air in frustration. [ Will I ever be happy? Will there ever be a day when I won’t wonder what I did wrong? I don’t . . .what did I do to deserve this?]

There . . . where the sun is gonna shine
much brighter
There . . .where the pain in my heart
feels lighter
There . . .

Tommy closed his eyes. He tried to stop the tears from streaming down his face, but it was no use. The pain was just to great. It didn’t help that Kim hadn’t given him an explanation or some way of letting him know that it wasn’t his fault. Once again, a breeze stirred Tommy’s hair, but it was accompanied by an all to familiar sound that could only mean one thing: someone had just teleported in right next to him.

Without opening his eyes, Tommy said loudly, “Whoever just teleported in could you please go away. I’d like to be alone for just once in my life.”

A man’s deep voice replied, “Sorry bro, but that isn’t going to happen.”

Tommy’s eyes sprang open immediately, and he sat up saying, “Jason, what the fuck are you doing here?”

“Yeah, I love you too, man,” Jas said sitting down by Tommy.

“You know I didn’t mean it that way,” Tommy said leaning over to hug his friend. “It’s really good to see you. You know I’ve missed you. It’s been hard trying to take to the others about thing you know only certain people can understand,” Tommy explained as he let go.

“I know what you mean.”

“So who told you about everything?”

“Kat called me and told me what happened. Knowing you too well, I teleported over here as soon as I heard.” Jason took a deep breath and then said softly, “I’m sorry Kim broke up with you.”

Tommy laughed a hollow chuckle and then said snidely, “News spreads pretty fast when it’s about Tommy Oliver freaking out over Kimberly Heart, the next Olympic hopeful, breaking up with him, huh?”

“Well, it didn’t help that you ran out of an assembly and one out of every single, one of your classes every day for the past week.”

“Geez, what did they do? Give you a detailed account of every single thing that has happened to me lately?”

“No, they’re just worried about you. Tommy, I know how rough you’ve had it, and I know how emotional you are. We all do. Kat was, well, afraid you had come up here to end it all.”

“Yeah, well, it’d probably be the best thing for me right now. It’d make it a lot easier for me right now,” Tommy said shaking his head.

“Don’t give me that B.S. You know that’s a bunch of crap, Tommy. Killing yourself will not make it easier for you. Besides, you are not a coward, and that’s a coward’s way out.”

“Yeah, I guess. . .”

“You guess?”

“ All right Jason, I know. It’s just that I feel like I don’t have any reason to live now. I mean, what’s left?”

“A loving family, great friends who would do anything for you, does any of that ring a bell?”

“No offense Jas, but none of that really compares to Kim. I loved her, Jason. I loved her so much, so much more than anything in this world. And now she’s gone . . .”

“I know how much you loved her, Tommy. We all do. But sulking and moping isn’t going to get you anywhere. Bro, Kim’s moved on, and you’re going to have to eventually too.”

Winter came right after summer
The leaves were on the ground
Didn’t notice that they’d turned to brown
You and I are time has come and gone

“Jason, I know that. It’s just so hard to imagine my life without her though. We’d mapped out everything together, and there is just no way that I’ll be able to follow those plans. I’m left with nothing now. I have no directions or maps, just this blank sheet. I just can’t believe we’re over, Finn, kaput. There’s nothing now.”

“Tommy, you’ll be able to get by. You always have.”

“But will I Jas? Will I?” Tommy then turned to look out at the lake’s waters shimmering from the full moon.

Someday I’ll be free
Someday I’ll be happy
Someday I won’t care . . .

“Of course you will, man. Life goes on, and so will you. Your heart just needs time to heal. Once it does, you’ll be able to go on with it.”

“How in the hell is that going to happen? I can still smell Kim, and I can feel her lips, and I can hear her beautiful laugh. I don’t know how I’m going to get her out of my head.”

There . . .where the sun is gonna shine
much brighter
There . . .where the pain in my heart
feels lighter
Someday I won’t miss your kisses
Or be thinking ‘bout the smell of your hair
Maybe I’ll turn around
And suddenly find myself there
How do I get there from you

“I know you’re not willing to accept this fact yet, but you will eventually get over Kim. As time goes by you’ll think less and less about her, you’ll meet someone new, you’ll forget her . . .”

Tommy’s head snapped back so he could lock eyes with Jason, and he spat out, “Do you actually think I’ll ever forget Kim?”

Jason let out a breath slowly and shook his head, “No, I was just trying to make you realize that you will get over her, Tommy. You might not get over her now or next month, but you will get over her.”

“Man, do you have any idea how hard that is to comprehend? I don’t . . .I don’t want to get over K-Kim.” Tommy stared over at the lake is amazement, and a wispy smile came over his face, “I can see her right now, standing over there by the water’s edge. This silky pink dress is flowing out around her knees, and she’s smiling at me, Jas . . .”

“Tommy, stop it!”

“ . . .all I have to do is walk over to her. Then everything will be all right. She’s going to take me back, Jason. Don’t you see her?”

Jason felt tears coming to his eyes as Tommy began to stand up and walk over to the shoreline.[He’s lost it. He has completely lost it. I never thought he’d be this bad about it. Geez Kim, why?!] Jason jogged over to Tommy who was slowly making his way to the water’s edge and stopped in front of him. He grabbed Tommy’s shoulders and shook him. “Tommy, she’s not there. Kim dumped you. She doesn’t love you that way anymore. She’s not coming back, bro.”

Tommy’s head turned finally so that he was looking at Jason with eyes as wide as saucers. He blinked a couple of times and then said slowly, his voice but a whisper, “She doesn’t love me that way anymore.”

“No man, she doesn’t,” Jason said sadly, shaking his head.

A teardrop slowly made it’s way down Tommy’s face, and it was quickly followed, by another, and another until tears were streaming down Tommy’s face. No words needed to be spoken between the two. It had finally sunk into Tommy. Jason wrapped his arms around Tommy and just held him, letting his best friend get it all out.

I built a magic world around you
We were living in a special place and time
I close my eyes and I still find you there

Slowly, the tears began to fall more gradually until they finally stopped. Tommy pulled himself out of Jason’s arms and wiped his eyes. “Thanks man.”

“Tommy, you know I’m here for you. I’ll always be here for you. Plus, you know I won’t tell anyone else that the fourth degree black belt expert, Tommy Oliver, was sobbing,” Jason finished light-heartedly with a smile.

Tommy shook his head, but a smile began to creep onto his face. “At least I didn’t cry during Titanic.”

“Yeah, well . .. it was really sad when Jack died. Rose had just met him and all, and then he was taken away from her.”

Tommy tried to keep the smile that was beginning to form on his face back as he muttered, “Of course . . .very sad,” but then he burst out laughing.

“Oh shut up, man,” Jason said as he went over and punched Tommy lightly on the arm. “Seriously though, are you going to be all right?”

“It’s going to be a bitch at school.”

“Yeah, I’m so sure having every girl in the school catering to your every whim is going to be a bitch.”

“You know what I mean.”

“They’ll get the picture . . . eventually.”

“Yeah, I guess.”

“So are you going to be all right?”

“In time . . .yeah.”

“So are you ready to go back now?”

“Yeah, just give me a minute.”

“Cool, I’ll go take a walk.” Jason patted one of Tommy’s shoulders before walking off.

There . .. where the sun is gonna shine
much brighter
There . . .where the pain in my heart
feels lighter
Someday I won’t miss your kisses
Or be thinking ‘bout the smell of your hair
Maybe I’ll turn around and suddenly find myself there
How do I get there from you

[I don’t how or when it’ll happen, but I’m going to get over you, Kim. I’m going to find myself there, in a place where you can’t hurt me someday, but I’ll never forget you or stop loving you. I’ll just forget the pain.] And with that Tommy turned around to go find Jason.

The End... for now