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An Old Flame Returns:
Chapter 2
By: Shelly Corvin

"KIMBERLY! I am so glad to see you!" Katherine yelled as she ran up to embrace Kimberly. She ran to her and almost knocked the poor teen over.

"You too Kat. It was so nice of you to get everyone together," Kimberly said, amazed that Katherine was that excited to see her.

"Oh no problem at all Kimberly. I couldn't just let you come to Angel Grove and have no one here to meet you," Katherine said in her distinct Australian accent. She then added quietly so that no one but their little group could hear, "You are still one of us you know."

"Yeah . . . sure," Kimberly said. How can this girl be so . . . so . . . so nice? Oh shut up Kim! You know you would act the same way and try to make everyone feel good Kimberly thought. I guess you are just more like her than you would like to think. I mean Katherine rearranged her whole schedule so she could have everyone come and meet me and then go to the park for a picnic. I know you are still just a little jealous that Katherine is the one with your power now, but it's not her fault. You gave it up to go compete in the compition so just deal with it Kim thought. After Katherine had let go of her someone else stepped up.

"Oh . . . uh . . . hi Kim," Adam said in his shy manner that suited him so well .

"Oh Adam," Kim said stepping up to him and wrapping her arms around him, "It is s-o-o-o good to see you again!" She unlocked her arms and stood back. Adam had grown at least another two inches and his hair was now down to his chin. He had become even more muscular than before and looked very handsome in a pair of green corduroy pants and a white T-shirt. "My, my Adam," Kim said.

"Uh, what," Adam asked looking around obviously confused.

"Well, it's just that you have become so much more handsome since the last time I saw you ," Kim said in response to Adam's question which immediately caused Adam to start to blush.

"Thanks Kim," Adam replied shyly.

Then some off-key singing burst into the air behind Kim, "I'll be there for you, like I've been there before . . . ," Rocky sang out.

"Let me guess . . . ROCKY!" Kim said and then spun around to face him.

"You got it," Rocky said and then picked Kim up and spun her around.

Setting her down Kim then asked, "Rocky, do you have a girlfriend yet?"

"Naw ," Rocky replied sheepishly.

"Well maybe if you would quit it with that singing you would," Kim said which caused everyone to burst out laughing.

"Kim, I am hurt so deeply by that remark ," Rocky said with a pout .

"Oh, you know I am just kidding," Kim said and gave him a peck on the cheek.

"All right! I am all better now because I ve received a kiss from the rose. . . ," Rocky started to sing.

"ROCKY!!" everyone shouted.

"All right, all right, I'll stop it," Rocky said with his hands in the air to show he had given up.

"Hi Kim! I know you don't know me, but I've heard a lot about you and I am really glad to meet you finally," a beautiful African-American girl with long black hair a little past her shoulders said.

"Likewise, it's really great to meet you too. I just hope that everything you heard about me was good," Kim said holding out her hand which Tanya instantly took and shook.

"Don't worry! Girl, Tommy use to talk about sweet you are all the time so it's all good! Let's make it a point to get to know each other, okay," Tanya said.

"Sure, that would be great," Kim replied. They looked at each other for a moment and then gave each other a hug giggling all the while. While they hugged, Kim glanced at Tommy very quickly and saw that Tanya's last remark had caused Tommy to blush. The fact that he had blushed made Kim break out in a huge grin.

On no . . . oh geez . . . she's coming towards me. What am I going to say to her? Tommy Oliver thought as he looked at the girl he had loved for so many years. God, she looks beautiful he thought. Kimberly was wearing a violet corduroy skirt with a white tank-top, knee-highs, and shoes that flattered her body beautifully. His hands began to sweat, his heart pounded rapidly, and he began to breath very fast, something Kimberly could only make him do. Geez man, stop it! She broke up with you remember? I mean for God's sake she called you her . . . her brother! he thought silently to herself. Tommy knew he couldn't stop what he was feeling though. As soon as he had seen her step off that plane and wave, he had instantly fallen in love with her all over again. Naw man , it wasn't that ,you just realized that you never fell out of love with her Tommy thought. As he had watched her descend those steps the hand that he had held and felt electricity through for the past year, Kat's hand, had felt like it had been shorted out. It was like he had lost all of his feelings for Kat. What am I going to do, I've got to to get rid of these feelings Tommy thought, nervously running his hands through his long hair. Pull yourself together man, it's not like she's going to want to take you back Tommy thought.

Oh no Kim thought. Besides looking up at him while hugging Tanya, she had only glanced over HIM once. He had been gazing at her with such longing in his eyes that it had stopped Kim dead in her tracks for a moment. Yeah right, that longing you saw was probably just what you wanted to see she thought to herself. He looks so handsome . Tommy was dressed in black jeans and a tight red muscle shirt that showed off every ripple or muscle that Tommy had. Kim just longed to run up to him and run her fingers through that gorgeous long hair. How many times long ago had we been locked in an embrace and I would just run my hands through his hair Kim thought. As she walked over to him her heart began to beat rapidly and she felt light-headed like she was going to faint , something that only Tommy could make her do. When she reached him, she couldn't even look up at him, she was too afraid. Instead of looking at Tommy she looked at her feet and then whispered , "Hello Tommy."

"Hi," he whispered back.

OH WOW Kim thought because the moment Tommy had spoken she had felt chills run up and down her spine and she had broken out in goosebumps.

What should I do ? Tommy thought and then impulsively gathered Kim's tiny figure in his arms and hugged her. When their bodies touched, they both felt a jolt of electricity shoot through every vein running through each of their bodies. "Wow," they both whispered and then at once broke free of their embrace.

"It's really nice to see you again. I've missed you so much." Tommy said and then immediately wished he hadn't . Smart move doofus! You sounded way too eager,Tommy thought.

Kim looked up shocked. With her eyes wide open in disbelief she asked meekly, "Really? I've missed you so much too! Also as soon as she had said it she wished she hadn't.

"Well come on everyone," Katherine said, "The sun is out , it's a beautiful day, and there is a picnic awaiting us in the park." She smiled at everyone and then started to walk towards the cars. Tommy looked back at Kim once and then hurried after Katherine and hesitantly took her hand. She gave him a peck on the cheek and thereupon whispered something in his ear to which he turned to Kat and smiled at.

See there is your proof now! Now you know you made up that whole longing thing and that there's . . . there's . . . there's no hope for Tommy and I to ever get together again. I mean look at Katherine. As she did the sun glistined off of Kat's beautiful golden hair giving it a radiant sparkle. She was wearing a sleeveless, long, pink dress with an empire waistline which contrasted exquisitely with her ivory-colored skin. You knew they were going to get together , and you know there is no way that you can compete with her, Kim thought and as she did so her eyes instantly welled up with tears. She was on the verge of crying when Adam walked up and grabbed her arm.

"Kim , are you all right? What happened," Adam asked his face expressing concern.

"Nothing Adam, I am fine," and as she replied her whole demeanor changed. She put on a phony smile, stood up straight, and gently tugged his arm. "C'mon, let's go," Kim said.

"All right," Adam replied , but he knew that Kim wasn't fine, In the time that they had come to know each other, Adam had learned how to read each of Kim's facial expressions, and he knew that that was the phoniest smile he had ever seen. He let it go for now though because he didn't want ot make a big scene, and because he wanted to ask Kim about it in private. He just hope dthat Kim was still had the trust in him that she had had before.

They walked to the cars and Tommy, Kat , and Rocky climbed into Tommy's jeep while Adam, Tanya, and Kimberly climbed into Adam's. As they were buckling up Adam gently laid a hand on Kim's leg and asked, "Are you sure you are all right?"

Kim gently laid a hand on top of Adam's and patted it, "I'm sure. Now come on and go, Tommy just took off."

Adam started up the car and took off. As they rolled down the oh-so familiar streets where Kim had grown up , she looked out the window and thought How could I have been so stupid? Did I actually believe Tommy would stay single for a whole year? She knew she hadn't but in her heart she had hoped so. You are just going to have to move on now , you saw them together and know there's nothing you can do to change it, Kim thought. Yeah, but how do I move on??????