The Beginning
by: Dazzler

Billy ran through the sewers. Not knowing exactly what he was running from. He could hear Kimberly and Trini's screams, " Billy! Billy help us! " He ran into the thing he feared most of all. He looked exactly how he remember him. The white face, red hair, hollow blue eyes, and the nose. That big red nose. In his right hand he a knife, in his left he held Zack and Jason's head. " Nooo! " he screamed. Billy awoke with a jolt. _ Not again! _ he thought. The memories of the past were coming back to haunt him. The memories of him, of IT.

He staggered into the Juice Bar looking around. " Hey Billy man. You don't look so good. " Zack said walking up to him, " What's wrong? " " I had a dream. It scared the shit out of me. " Billy said. It was rare when Billy cussed so Zack knew that it had to be bad. " Come on. Come tell me what it was about. " Zack said. They sat down and Billy looked at the table. " Come on Billy boy. What was the dream about? " Zack said. " Don't call me that. He called me that. " Billy snapped. " Your having the dreams to aren't you? " Zack said looking down. "You too? " Billy asked. " Yeah. I've had them for about six weeks. What do they mean Billy? " he asked. " He's coming back. He's not dead. " Billy said with part fear, part anger in his voice. Suddenly a tight hand came down on Billy's shoulder. With one quick, smooth move he gripped the arm threw the person over his shoulder. " Crap Billy! I give, I give! " he heard Jason yell. " Jas.! Oh my God I'm sorry. Let me help you up. " Billy said giving Jason a hand up. Billy turn to see Kim, Trini, and Tommy looking at him in shock. " Don't sneak up on me anymore. " Billy said looking down. " What's wrong Billy? " Trini asked. " He's back. " Billy said quietly. " Who's back? " Tommy asked. " Billy and I have been having dreams. Is there anywhere we can go talk? " Zack asked. " Yeah come on. " Jason said leading the six friends toward the park.

" When you say " He's back. " You don't mean. " Jason said. Billy nodded. " He's dead Billy. He's not coming back. " Kim said hugging Billy. " I can sense him. I see him in my nightmares. He has your...your. " Billy couldn't bring himself to finish the sentence. He laid down his head. Trini lifted his head and put on her lap. In an attempt to soothe him she began to stroke his hair talking only soft enough for him to hear. " What's going on? " Tommy asked. He looked at his friends. Whatever IT was it was enough to scare Billy near a nervous breakdown and whip the grin off Zack. He looked at Kim who had fear written all over her face. Then he looked at the unshakable Jason. Tommy looked at the leader of the Power Rangers and saw the terror in his eyes. " It's IT. " Jason said. " I don't understand. " Tommy said. " That's it's name, IT. We still have time. The deaths haven't started and the disappearances haven't started. " Jason said. " Oh no Jason. I'm not going after that thing. Forget it I'm out. " Kim said. " We're the only ones who can protect people. " Jason said. " Don't you remember. Look what it did to Billy. Look what it did Becky. She's dead. Billy's little sister is dead. I'm not going after it again. " Kim said, " Billy wouldn't be able to handle it again. " " Billy's little sister. What's going on? " Tommy asked. " I'll tell him. " Jason said turning to his best friend, " Prepare yourself. It isn't a pretty story and I'm not going to spare you of any of the details. That's so you get idea of what we're up against. " Jason said sternly.


It was the summer of 1986. Jason Scott sat on his front porch looking at the new kid move in across the street. The kid seemed about his age and good-natured. He watched the boy run back and forth from the house to the car. Jason looked next door to see his best friend Billy Cranston look up from the book he had been reading. _ Wonder what he's reading this time? _ Jason thought. Billy was so smart and sometimes Jason was jealous of how smart Billy was. Billy looked over at Jason and waved. Jason waved back and motioned for Billy to come over. As Billy walked up to the Scott's front porch Jason noticed Trini Kwan and Kimberly walking by. " What I don't get a hello? " Kim shouted from the sidewalk. " Hi. " Jason said cheerfully. The two girls also walked through the gate and up to the porch. " Hi Billy. " Trini said sitting in front of him. " Hi. " he said sheepishly. " Whack ya reading? " Kim asked Billy. " Moby Dick. " he answered. " Wow! What are you going to do if your brain explodes from being so smart. " Kim asked. " Kim! " Jason groaned. " I'm serious. If he gets to smart then his brain will be to big for his head and it'll explode. " she said in all her bubbliest. " Let's go meet the new kid. " Trini said. They all agreed and walked across the road.

" Hi. " Jason called to the boy. " Hi. I'm Zackary Taylor. But people call me Zack. I'm from Sacramento. " the boy said. " Hi. Jason Scott. I'm from Angel Grove. " Jason said. " I'm Trini Kwan. " Trini said with a smile. " I'm Kimberly Hart. But everybody calls me Kim. And this is Billy Cranston. He doesn't talk a lot but he knows lots of stuff. His brains going to explode one day because of it. " Kim said. " Is not. " Billy said. " And I can talk for myself. I'm Billy. " he said with a frustrated face. " Jason!!! " a voice called. " That's my mom. I have to go to karate practice. Bye. " he said running towards the door. " I have to go to gymnastics practice. " Kim said running off. " What about you two? " Zack asked. " I'm not doing anything. " Trini said, " What about you Billy? " the boy shook his head no. " Want to go to the park? " Trini asked Zack. " Yeah! Mom I'm going to the park! " Zack yelled. " Be careful. " a voice yelled back.

" So what do you like to do Zack? " Trini asked. " I like karate and magic. But most of all I like to dance. Any kind of dance. " Zack said, " What about you? " Zack liked Trini. She was really friendly and smiled a lot. " I'm studying Kung fu. " Trini said. " What about you Billy? " Zack wasn't so sure about Billy. He was really quiet and kept his nose in his book a lot. " I like reading. Kim's right. I am a brain. " Billy said. " It's cool to be a brain. It means your real smart. I had some really smart friends in Sacramento. One of my friends said she was going to be first women president. I thought that was really cool of her. " Zack said. " Kim's just going for president of the class. " Trini said. " I have to get home. " Zack said getting up.

Billy sat in his front living room when his eight-year-old sister Becky turned on the TV " Do you mind if I watch the news? " Billy's dad said taking the remote from Becky. " I was going to watch cartoons. " she pouted. " This is news channel nine and six. Today's top story is the death of a child. Today the body of Cassie Monroll was found near Angel Grove lake. " the newscaster said. " Oh my God! " Billy's dad said. Billy's ear perked up when he heard the name of his classmate. " What's wrong with Cassie daddy? " Becky asked. " Nothing baby. " Mr. Cranston said turning off the TV " Billy, are you okay? " he asked. " Cassie dead? " Billy asked his dad. " Yeah. I'm sorry. I know she was your friend. " he said gently. " I need to go talk to Jason. " Billy said getting up from the couch. " Okay. " his dad agreed. Billy ran next door and banged on the door. Jason answered, " Hey Billy. What's wrong? " " Did you watch the news? " Billy asked. " I'm nine years old. I watch cartoons. Why? " Jason answered. " Cassie dead. " Billy said. " Our Cassie? As in the Cassie that Kim use to hang out with? " Jason asked in shocked. " Yeah. I saw it on the news tonight. They found her body near the lake. " Billy said the tears welling up in his eyes thinking about how Trini, Zack, and he had been there earlier. " It's okay. Really. " Jason said.

A week after Cassie's death six other kids had disappeared. Now the parents of Angel Grove were beginning to worry. Billy, Trini, Kim, Jason, and Zack said sat on the Taylor's front porch. " My mom wont let me out after dark. " Kim whined, " I can't stay over at a friends. " " At least you don't have to watch your little sister. " Billy said as Becky ran across the street. " She's so cute though. " Trini said. " You don't live with her. " Billy said. " Hi Billy. Hi Kim. " Becky said. " Hi kid. " Kim said. " I'm going to the park. Do you want to come? " Becky asked. " No thanks kid. Who are you going with? " Billy asked. Becky knew that she wasn't suppose to go to the park alone. " I'm going with Sidney and Ann Marie. " Becky said. " Okay, have fun. Be careful too. " Billy said in a worried voice. " What's wrong? " Zack asked. " I have a bad feeling. " Billy said watching her trot off towards Sidney Twist's house.

In the park Becky walked along the lake alone when she suddenly heard a voice, " Becky? Becky come play. " Becky saw that a clown was about twenty yards in front of her. She began walking towards the clown. She looked around to see if there was anyone else around and then looked back to where the clown had been. It had disappeared. " Hey! " she yelled. She started to run towards where it had been. She looked around and then turn to see a storm drain. _ Maybe he went down there. _ Becky thought then she shook the thought out of her head. _ Why would a clown be in the sewers silly? _ she thought. She turned toward the lake when suddenly a hand clamped down on her shoulder and mouth. She tried to scream but couldn't then something pushed her towards the lake. With a quick swept kick her feet were out from under her. She went face first into the lake. She began to fight but it was useless. Suddenly she began to lose conciseness. _ Billy. _ was her last thought.

Billy and Trini sat on the Cranston's front porch reading when Billy noticed two girls walking in front of the house. " Sidney? " he called. " Hi Billy. Is Becky home? Me and Ann Marie were wondering if she could come play. " Sidney said. " What, she's not with you? " Billy said in a panic. " No. We've been at the mall with my mom. " Ann Marie said. " Trini, we've got to go to the park. Becky lied to us. " Billy said jumping off the porch. " I'll go get Jason, Zack, and Kim. " Trini said running next door.

In the park Billy scanned the park looking for Becky. " Becky! " he screamed. He ran toward the lake when he saw a flash of purple. " No, no, no. " he whispered to himself. He slide on his on his knees picking the small body up. " No Becky wake up. " he said crying, " Come on Becky wake up! " " Billy... " Trini whispered. He cradled Becky's bloody head in his lap. " Becky your going to be all right. Jason went to go get daddy. Your going to be all right. Come on Becky open your eyes please. " he said with tears flowing freely.

" I'm sorry Mr. Cranston. She didn't have a chance. " the doctor whispered to Harry Cranston. " Would you like me to call Mrs. Cranston? " the doctor asked. " She's dead. " Mr. Cranston said. " Oh, I'm sorry. " the doctor said walking away. " Come on kid. " Mr. Cranston said taking Billy by the hand.

In the woods Jason, Trini, Zack, and Kim sat in their clubhouse. " We have to find out who's doing this. " Billy said walking in. It had been six days since Becky had died. They had had a close casket funeral since Emily had been so cut up. " Your right. We have to find him. Who knows who's next. It could be one of us. " Jason said. They looked around at each other. None of them knew where to start but they had started already and never even knew it.

It was twelve that night. Billy lay sleeping in his blue room. In his bed he was tossing. Then suddenly he awoke. Jason lay in the cot he normally used when he slept over awoke too. He heard Billy's hard breathing and went over to him. " Hey calm down. What's wrong? " Jason said. " It was... It was. It was Becky. I saw IT. I saw her die. " Billy gasped. " It was just a dream. " Billy looked at his best friend. " No I have to get this out while its fresh in my mind. She was at the lake looking for somebody. Then she saw a clown. She went towards it. Then it disappeared. Something grabbed her. The clown, the clown was her killer. But it didn't look like a clown anymore. It had teeth. " Billy said. " It's okay. We'll look for this clown. " Jason said. Billy laid down shivering. " Jason. Jason. " a voice whispered. Jason looked around and then at the window. There stood a clown he spoke, " Hello, Jason. You should listen to Billy. He knows what he's talking about! " suddenly the kind looking clown turned into a demon. " Crap! " Jason yelled jumping off Billy's bed awaking Billy. " What? Oh my God. " Billy said looking at the demon as he ran off. " Was that what the clown looked like? " Jason asked. Billy quickly nodding his head. Billy ran over to his window locking it and closing the blinds.

The next morning Billy and Jason ran over to Sack's to find Kim crying there. " What's wrong? Where's Zack? " Jason asked in a panic. " Nothing. I'm okay. Kim just had a nightmare. She was telling me about it. " Zack said coming out of his house. " Was your nightmare about a clown? " Billy asked shivering at the memory of his own dream. " No. Mine was about the old house on the hill. There were children voice screaming at me. Then I saw, I saw Becky. She was pointing towards a door. Where there was an evil music was coming from. " Kim whispered. Then Jason noticed Trini walking towards Zack's house looking disturbed. " Trini, what's up? " Jason asked. " I saw a vision in my dreams. To fight whatever IT is we need silver. " Trini answered. " All right. We know its a demon. " Jason said. " How do we know that? " Zack asked. " Billy and I had a visit from the clown. " Jason asked. " A clown. You mean I'm not crazy? " Zack asked. " What do you mean? " Jason asked. " I mean. I saw a clown in the forest and then it disappeared. I thought I heard it call my name. " Zack said. " Your not crazy. We saw it too. It came to Billy in a dream. And then we saw it in the window. After that I don't know. He ran when Billy awoke. Like he was scared of him. " Jason said remembering the clown's face. " We know where he lives. " Kim said. " And we know how to kill it. We're ready. " Trini said. " Let's do it. " Billy said holding out his hand. " Cool. " Kim said doing the same. " That guys dead. " Zack said. " Never again will kids be afraid to go out. " Trini said doing as the others. Jason looked at Billy. Something told him that this would give Billy closure to Becky's death. " Together. We'll do it together. " Jason said doing as the others.

At the end of Angel Groves forest there's a old house that is to said to be haunted. The ghost that lives there has stalked for 10,000 years. ever ten years IT awakes to feed. The demon there has to feed to survive but it can't have just anybody. It must have children. It could sense the five children outside. These children were special they had a spirit about them but he had to careful with them especially the boy Billy. He was special, he had a blue spirit, the spirit of a wolf. _ He shall do nicely. _ the demon thought _ But how to bring him to me. Maybe Becky can. _

" What ever happens we don't leave each other's sights. Got it? " Jason said. " Got it. " the four others said. They each stepped into the old house. Billy looked at Jason his jaw tight. Then he looked at Zack, the grin on his face gone. Looking at Kim he saw her shiver. " Hey. We're going to be all right. " Trini whispered to him touching his shoulder. " I know. " Billy smiled. " How can you be so sure Billy boy? " a voice said, " Billy boy. That's what I'll call you. That's what Becky called you right? " " Listen you asshole! You don't have the right to call me that. Cause I'm gonna kill you. I'm gonna kill you like you killed Becky. " Billy screamed into the darkness. " Calm down bro. We'll get him. Here, your the best shot and the calmest you do it. " Jason said handing him the sling shot and the silver earring that Zack had taken from his mom's jewelry box. Billy just shook his head yes.

" Where do we go from here? " Zack asked talking about how they had come to two doors. " Let me make this easy for you. " the five jumped and turned around to be faced with the clown, the demon, the IT. " Lookey, lookey at Jason. You glow a red, an ape maybe. What kind of leader are you leading your friends into danger like this. " the demon said. " And little perfect happy Kim. You a pink, the crane maybe. You'll taste fine and dandy just like candy. " the clown said. " A glow of black for Zack. The frog, maybe? Yes I believe. " the IT said. " And the yellow, the protector, the bear. " the demon smiled lastly looking at Billy, " The blue, the intelligent, the wolf, cunning and swift, Billy boy. " " Then eat this IT! " Billy said raising the sling shot to the demon's face. " Die you son of a bitch. " Billy said shooting him in the face slicing off a piece of the clown's head letting a blinding light out. " Shiit!!! " IT screamed. " Let's finish this thing. " he said about to shoot the other earring when the clown knocked it out of his hands then did a back flip into the storm drain. " We have to follow it! " Billy said about to go after, " What if its not dead? " Then they heard a blood-chilling scream as if something died. " I think its dead. " Kim stuttered. " If its not, if it comes back then we'll be waiting for it. Whatever it saw in us. It's scared of us and know we know it. " Jason said looking at the four of his friends. The four people he would be friends with forever.


" And that's the story. " Jason said looking at his bewildered friend. " Any thoughts, questions, words? " Zack said with half a smile. " I believe you. " Tommy said, " How do we kill it? " " We don't. I do. " Billy said sitting up. " What? " Jason asked. " That's it. The wolf, the swift, cunning. He saw it in us. We were destined to be the Power Rangers IT knew it. Think about it, Jason he saw red in you. Yellow in Trini, black in Zack, pink in Kim... " Billy was about to finish when Trini interrupted, " and blue in you. He saw the good in all of us. But Billy he lingered on you. He hates you most. But what does the wolf have to do with it? " Trini asked. " I'm not sure. But I think we'll find out in time. " Billy said. " Why does he hate you so much? " Zack asked. " I'm not sure. " Billy said. " It has started we just never noticed it. " Kim said. " What? " Jason asked. " The little girl on Broadway. The death of the twins in the woods. The disappearances of the kids on the bus. It's been happening all this time. We just didn't want to notice it. " Kim said. " She's right. " Billy said, " we just didn't want to notice it. " They all looked at the ground, they knew he was right. No body wanted to notice it so they didn't. " It has something to with me. I just don't know what. " Billy said, " Like it had something to do with Becky. The purple, she was wearing green that day. But I saw purple. My God, my sister was suppose to be a Ranger. " Billy groaned. He laid back down in Trini's lap wishing he had never had this discussion. Wishing he had never remember all he was remembering.

In the Cranston house the TV played the news. " Today is a sad day in Angel Grove as another body of a eight year old girl, Becky Cranston was found in the lake today, isn't that right Billy boy. You found your little sister Billy boy. But it was to late wasn't it. You couldn't even save your sister. The sister that was suppose to be a Power Ranger. You sent her to be killed so you could have the power. Am I right Billy boy. " with a sudden jerk Billy woke up. " Hi sweetie. " he heard Trini's voice. " Hey. What's up? " he asked. " Nothing. Nightmare? " she asked. He nodded his head. " You feel better though? " Trini asked. " There was another murdered wasn't there? " Billy asked. " Yeah. How did you know? " Trini asked. " I don't know. I just knew. " he said sitting up. " He's still there. He's still old house. I can sense him. " Billy said looking at her fearful eyes. " We have to go back. I know who his next target is. Its trying to drive us crazy. It'll start with me. We have to get to Ellie. " Billy said. " The girl you teach? " Trini asked. " The girl most like my sister. We have to make sure she's safe. Then we go after it. " Billy said a coldness in his eyes.

Billy and Trini found Ellie about to leave for the park. " We need to talk. " Billy said. " I was there you weren't. I showed up. " Ellie said. " I know, I'm sorry. I need a favor from you. I need you to stay here. Don't leave. " Billy said. " I want to go with you. Your scaring me. " Ellie said. " You can't just stay where I know your safe. Don't go anywhere. Not even with me or your parents. " Billy said. " My parents? Billy your scaring me. " Ellie said. " Don't go with anyone except the Power Rangers. " Billy said. " Okay, I promise. " Ellie said sitting down at one of the tables.

Billy and Trini then found a empty part of the parking lot. Trini kept watch as Billy contacted the other Rangers, " Jason, Zack, Kim, Tommy, are you there? " " Yeah, this is Jason. What's up Billy? " Jason said through the communicator. " I know where he is. I know where IT is. " Billy said. " Where? " Jason asked. " At the same place. " Billy answered. " Kim, Zack, and I'll meet you there in half an hour. Jason out. " Jason said. Billy and Trini looked at each other knowing that this was where it ended. This was going to be the last time IT was going to scare them.

At the park Jason, Zack, and Kim stood up about to leave. " Where are you guys going? " Tommy asked. " We're going after IT. " Zack answered. " You guys were going to leave me? " Tommy asked hurt. " Tommy this isn't your fight. " Kim said. " No, it is. It's my fight because its your fight. " Tommy said looking at her sternly. " We don't know if we'll be coming back. " Jason said. " Then we die together. As brothers and as friends should. " Tommy said extending his hand to Jason. " Then come on. We leave now. " Jason said taking Tommy's hand.

Billy, Kim, Jason, Tommy, Trini, and Zack stood looking at the house. They stood looking at the house that caused five of them to have nightmares and one of them to be an only child. Billy moved his hand to his back pocket where he felt his slingshot. The only thing he kept, besides his friends, from that summer. Kim faced Billy taking his hand and opening it. " Here, you'll need these. " she said putting in his hand the two silver earring in his hand. " We left... Kim. When your parents divorced. " Billy whispered. " I wanted to die. I hoped it would wake up and kill me, but it didn't so I kept living. " she whispered back. Billy gave her a hug. She had never felt so safe as she did when Billy put his arms around her. It felt right, it felt good. They broke apart with Kim's face a bit flush. " You okay? " he asked. " Yeah, for once I am. " she answered. " Let's do it. " Billy said. Just as he said that they all disappeared.

When Billy awoke he found himself alone. " Kim? Jason? Tommy? " he shouted. " You are alone Billy boy. " a voice said. " I'm not alone. I'm never alone. " Billy shouted at IT. " Oh really? " the voice said. Then a flash of light behind caught Billy's eye. " Becky? " he stuttered. " Hi Billy. I've missed you. " Becky said. " I've missed you too. Where did you come from? " he asked. " The light Billy. I'm safe in the light. Do you want to be safe too? " she asked. " Yes, more then that I want to be with you. I want you back. " Billy whispered. " Then come into the dead lights Billy. " Becky said holding out her hand. He reached out then suddenly pulled back. " Dead lights? " Billy asked, " That's how he got you. You looked into his dead lights and you stopped struggling. Then he killed you. Your not Becky. Becky's dead and its not my fault. You hear me demon, it's not my fault! " Billy screamed into the darkness. With that the image of Becky disappeared and a door opened.

In another part of the house Kimberly awoke. " Kim are you okay? " she heard a voice asked. She realized someone was holding her head. " Billy? " she asked. " Yeah, it's me. How are you? " Billy asked. " Fine, and you? " she asked looking into his eyes. " I'm okay. I saw it Kimmie. I saw the light. It was safe, I'm safe. Come with me Kim. Be in the dead light with me. " Billy said taking her hand leading her towards a warm light. " I can't. I love you but Tommy has my heart. I want to be with him. " then Billy eyes turned red. " IT, forget it demon, I'll never betray Tommy like that. " she screamed. The image of Billy disappeared and a door was opened. She could hear someone calling her name. She began running towards the voice.

In another dark room Jason awoke. " Some leader he turned out to be. " he heard. " Leading us into danger. Now we're dead Jason. " he heard a voice say. " Tommy? " Jason mumbled. " Yeah. But I'm not the only one who's dead Jason. " Tommy said. " Hi Jason. How could you do this to me man? " Zack asked. " Zack, I'm sorry. " he said. " Sorry doesn't help us Jason. You lead us into danger and we all died. " Trini said. " No. It's not my fault. You didn't have to come. No one made you. This isn't Tommy. This isn't Trini, and that's not Zack. Am I right clown? I'm not to blame if they die. " Jason screamed. With that a door opened for him and standing behind it was Kim and Billy. Waiting for him. " Our worse fears. Our deepest regrets. Our darkest desires. That's what we're facing. And we all have to face them. To know if we're strong enough to face IT. " Jason said. " If we can face our deepest fears then facing IT will be a snap. " Kim said looking at Billy.

Upstairs Trini felt around the walls for a light or a door. " You'll never get out little yellow Ranger. Your all alone with no honor yellow Ranger. " a voice said. " Uncle Howard? " she asked. " Yes Trini. I'm disappointed. You have no honor Trini. " Uncle Howard said. " No Uncle. I do have honor, I do. " Trini pleaded. " No, my niece does have honor. Your not my niece anymore. You do not have any honor. " Uncle Howard said. " Your wrong. This isn't my Uncle Howard. My Uncle Howard would never be so cold to anyone, especially me! You screwed up IT. You didn't read far enough. If you did you would know that my uncle would never act that way. Come find me IT! I'm right here. " Trini screamed. Suddenly all the lights came on but only one light held Trini's attention. She was in a kind of daze. " You'll be the bait. Along with Zack and Tommy. " IT said. " What have you done to Zack and Tommy? " Trini said trying to fight the daze. " I have them. Billy shall surrender to me to save all of you. " IT said.

Down stairs Billy, Kim, and Jason looked for the others. " IT has them. " Billy said. " What do you mean? " Jason asked. " IT has Trini, Zack, and Tommy. He scared them into it, but Tommy he tricked. " Billy said. He didn't know how he could tell all these things. But he could sense that they weren't completely gone just dazed. " Your telepathic ability is coming through Billy boy. " IT said. " Come face me you asshole. " Billy screamed. " I'm right here Billy boy. " The clown jumped up in front of them. " I have some friends you may want to see before you kill. If I die they die. " IT said bring forth Trini, Zack, and Tommy. " They would rather die then let you live. Oh, and I see right through your lie, die you asshole. " Billy said raising the sling shot. He shot but the clown ducked the shot. " Ya missed. " IT said. " I won't miss this time. " Billy raised the sling shot and shot the clown in the nose. " My nose. My power. " the thing said falling to the ground. Billy picked up the earring he had missed with aimed and shot the clown in his right eye. With the shot Trini, Zack, and Tommy fell to the ground. " Kim? " Tommy mumbled as she put his head in her lap. " Yeah its going to be okay. Your going to be fine. " Kim whispered. She then looked over at Billy who was helping Zack to his feet. Jason picked Trini up who was sleeping quietly. " Is she okay? " Kim asked. " Yeah, she'll be all right. " Jason said.


Billy and Kim sat in the park talking. " So what did the clown use against you? " Kim asked quietly. It had been six weeks since the house and since the thing. " It used Becky. It used the guilt I had over Becky's death. The guilt of being alone. " Billy answered, " What about you? " " You, he used you, my best friend. " Kim said, " He tried to get me to betray Tommy by going with you. " " I'm sorry. I didn't know I was putting you under that stress. " Billy said taking her hand. " You weren't, IT used stuff from his own imagination. It wasn't your fault. " Kim said. They noticed the flash of green, red, black, and yellow coming towards them. " Hey guys. " Tommy said, " Hey beautiful. " Tommy said kissing Kim. " Hi. " she said. " So, what are we do? Rita's quiet, IT's gone. What now? " Jason asked. " We throw a party! " Zack said, " My parents are out of town. Party at my house at eight o'clock tonight. " Zack said. " Sounds fun. " Billy said. He smiled at Kim. " Let's do it. " Kim said.

From the shadows a purple glow could be seen. " Have fun Billy. I hope you'll be happy. " the glow said. The glow took on a female form but then disappeared.