Never Marry a Cowboy!

Kimberly Hart was walking out on her boyfriend Billy Cranston. She was sick of his drinking and late nights. She needed someone who was always there for her. Not someone who was there when it was convenience for him, how did her mama know that was what Billy was going to be.

" Mama? How did you know that Billy was going to be one of those guys who come when he wants? " Kimberly asked. Her mama answered quietly, " You remember Jason wanted to ride the rodeo and I was against it. Well my mama told me this and now I'm going to tell you this. Never let babies grow up to be COWBOYS, and never marry a cowboy. They make a great living but they're never home to hold you at night. They drink, they smoke, and come and go. That's just what Billy is. "

The next day Kimberly sat in her house thinking about what her mama said. " So does that mean cowgirls are just the same way? " she thought. " If so then I'm in some deep trouble. The reason is that I'm a cowgirl. Do I do the same thing? " Kimberly asked herself. A knock at the door of her apartment startled her. " Who is it? " Kimberly shouted through the door. " It's Billy. " a male voice came. " When someone says go away then do it... " She said. Then she was interrupted. " Wait! Listen to the radio. Please? " Billy pleaded. She went to her radio. The song on it was her and Billy's song, " I LOVE THE WAY YOU LOVE ME. " by John Michael Montgomery. " This was dedicated to Kimberly, from Billy. He's really sorry Kimberly. He's sorry that's just the way a cowboy works. " The DJ said. Kimberly reached for the phone.

" Wait we have just got a responses to Billy's words to Kimberly. She said that she'd take you back on these conditions in this song. " ANY MAN OF MINE. " the DJ said.

After the song was over Billy yelled through the door. " Okay I promise that I will go by those rule, but you have to agree to one, that you'll come with me to rodeos. " he said. The door opened. And there stood Kimberly standing. Her brown hairs loose. " I agree. " she wrapped her arms around him and kissed him softly then harder.