Secret Prince
By Dazzler

Billy Cranston lay out in the warm sun. He could feel Kimberly Hart's fingers run through his sun-bleached blond hair. " He's sure a cutie. " He heard her whisper to Aisha Campbell who sat next to her. " Yeah. I wish he wasn't so shy though. " Aisha whispered back. " He's not as bad as he use to be. " Kim said coming to Billy's defense. She scooted around to where her lap was just above his head; she gently lifted his head onto her lap, " Isn't that right Billy? " Kim asked massaging his temples. " Mm-hmm. " he mumbled. His body began to relax as he started to fall asleep. " You knew he was awake? " Aisha gasped. " Yeah, he's a lousy faker with a girl who has shared a bed with him, literally. " Kim said.

Billy looked around him but he wasn't looking from his eyes, they were someone else's. _ Where am I? _ he thought. He realized he could barely lift his head. He turned to see a baby looking at him. From somewhere the name Belle came to him. He looked up to see a man and woman looking at him. Next to them stood a young boy, the boy was four or five. Billy could hear gun shots from outside their window. Suddenly a man burst through the doors, " King Randor, the Hord is advancing. Also no one can find Hordak or Skeletor. We fear they maybe in the castle. " the warrior said. " Worry not. I wish you to take William and Willow to the Earth realm. Should you not hear from us in one Earth year then believe that Eternia has been conquered. Most importantly keep the prince and princess safe. " Billy heard. " Oh no! Randor! Willow's gone! They've taken my little girl again. Hordak has stolen two of my daughters. " The Queen said. " Peace Marlena, please David take William. Let him know nothing of Willow, Eternia, or Hordak unless we contact you. Now go dear friend and good journey. " Randor said. Billy could feel himself being picked up and the warrior David running. Suddenly coldness hit his skin. " What the! " he asked sitting straight up. " Are you okay? " he heard the concern in Tommy's voice. " I'm okay. " Billy said opening his eyes. He saw the concern in all of his friends eyes especially Kim and Adam's. " You started to tossing so I tried to wake you up but you wouldn't. So I called the guys. Rocky came up with the idea of throwing water on you. " Kim explained. He looked at Rocky with a sort of mischief in his eyes. " Thanks Rocko, just remember what pay backs are. " Billy said.

Kim sat on Billy's bed while Billy changed into dry clothes. " So are you going to tell me about the dream? " Kim asked. " It was... " he started then a familiar sound came. " This is Billy. " he answered. " Billy, Kim and you need to come to the Command Center. " Tommy's voice commanded. _ Oh great, he's in one of his moods. _ Kim thought to herself, _ I'm really not up for a confrontation today, wait I'm not up for this. _

" What's up Tommy? " Billy asked teleporting. " Billy, we must speak with you. " Zordon said. " What's wrong? " Billy asked looking at Tommy. "Remember me telling you about that scholarship to the private school I use to go to and I didn't think I would get it? " Tommy asked. Kimberly was confused, _ Scholarship? Private school? _ " Yeah, did you hear? " Billy asked eagerly. " I got it! But the school I got it for is in Germany. That means giving up my position as leader. " Tommy said. " Well I'm sure Jason or Rocky would be glad to take the power. " Billy said. " I thought about them but Jason's been out awhile and Rocky doesn't want or could deal with the pressure of being leader. Billy, I want you to take my place. " Tommy asked hopefully. " Me? " he asked. He looked at Kim; he could see nothing but complete support. He looked at Tommy took a deep breath and spoke, " Yes, I'll take your position as leader but I'm not gonna replace you. " " Alpha teleport the Rangers and their companion here. " Zordon commanded. " Companion? " Billy asked. Beams of light in the colors of red, black, yellow, and white entered the Command Center. Billy stood in shock as the white light turned into the former yellow Ranger Trini Kwan. " Trini! " Billy gasped. Kim smiled at the thought of Billy and Trini getting together, but also she felt a pain in her heart. _ He's been my Billy for two years, I shouldn't have problem with this. _ Her thoughts were broken into when Aisha whispered in her ear, " A penny for your thoughts. " Kim put a smile on a whispered I'll tell you later. "

" Trini Kwan, you were the former yellow ranger, I now ask you to take the blue powers and the protection of the wolf. " Billy said. " Yes, I except these powers. " Trini said taking the power coin. She felt a sudden rush, she didn't know whether it was from the powers or from Billy's touch. " Billy you've been the Triceratops, the Unicorn, the Wolf, a ranger, but most of all you've been a teammate, friend, and brother. Now I ask you to take the powers of the white falcon ranger and with it the leadership of the Power Rangers. " Tommy said. " I take it with the entire hope that I'm half the leader you were. " Billy said as Tommy put the coin in his hand.

" It's weird. I never realized that I wore so much blue. " Billy said. He turned to look at Tommy and Adam. " I know, I never realized I wore white all the time till now. " Tommy said with a lopsided grin. " Are you sure about this? " Billy asked. Tommy looked at him, " Yeah, this is something I wanted to for a while. Plus it's time for you to stop hiding in the shadows. You're the brains behind the team and even the rock. I found myself leaning on you more then anyone in my entire life. I have to thank you for that Billy. For being the strong one, strong enough to hold your problems and mine. " Tommy said. " What about Kim? " Adam asked. " It's over. We broke up last night. " Tommy whispered. " Why? You two were so happy! " Adam said. " No they weren't. Only in public were they happy. " Billy said flopping on his waterbed making it shake violently. " Whoa! Hey watch where you flop. " Adam exclaimed. Tommy laughed as Adam threw a pillow at him. " I think this is the first time I've heard you laugh. " Billy said. " For some reason I feel I like a heavy burden has been lifted from my shoulders. " Tommy said. " Well then, you look good. Non-leadership suits you. " Billy said.

" So are you going to tell me what the problem is or do I have do drag it out of you?" Aisha asked sitting on Kim's bed. " Tommy and I broke up. Then h says he's moving; now Billy's the leader? I give up! I try to think but it hurts and world keeps spinning and spinning. What's wrong with me Aisha!" Kim asked. " Is it that you don't trust Billy? " Aisha asked. " Of course I do! Sometimes more then Tommy. I trust Billy with my life, my friends, and my body. " she whispered. " What else is there? Mind, body, what about your heart? " Aisha asked.

" So I guess I'll see you at Christmas. " Tommy said. He turned to each of the Rangers. " Rocky, you've been a good friend. Thank you for making me laugh with your bad jokes. Aisha, you were a sunshine that always had a way of making my days brighter. Adam, shy as can be. I can't wait to see what you're like in six months. Thanks for always having an open ear. Trini, thank you, you've done so much for me as the green and white. I just have to say thank you. Kim, you'll always hold a special place in my heart. A place no one will ever be able to touch. " Tommy quietly kissed Kim on the check and turned to Billy, " The rock. Thank you Billy for everything. For being my doctor, my friend, my therapist, my brother, and now for taking my position as leader. You'll make a fine leader. Please take care of them for me and please take care of Kim. " he said hugging Billy. Billy stood tall and strong saying good-bye to Tommy but Kim could see the tears forming in his eyes. " He'll be okay. Just you wait and see. " Kim whispered to Billy. " I hope you're right Kim. I hope you're right. " Billy said.

At the Command Center Alpha looked over the computer read out. Then suddenly a flash of purplish light came to form a wormhole of some type and through the wormhole can a dark hared man about 6'3" with a green tiger. " I don't like this. " the tiger said. " Come on Cringer. " the man, said. " Who are you? " Zordon said. " My name is Duncan. I am the Man At Arms for a dimension call Eternia. I am here looking for the lost prince of Eternia, William. " the man said then continued, " Who are you? And where am I? " " My name is Zordon and you're in the Command Center of the Power Rangers. This lost prince, why was he brought here? " Zordon asked. " He was brought here for his own safety, when a group called the Hord attacked the King and Queen kept their eldest son Adam and sent William here with a warrior named David to protect him. You see, Prince William was born with a special ability. An ability that only the Sorceress of Castle Grayskull can bring to the surface. " Duncan said. " Very well, I shall bring my Rangers so they may help you with your search. " Zordon said. " Thank you. " Duncan bowed.

Aisha, Kim, Trini, and Adam were playing Volleyball as Rocky lounged by the pool watching the game. " Hey, has anyone seen Billy? " Kim asked. Almost as an answer they all heard a yell and a splash. Kim jerked her head as she saw Billy standing by the side of the pool and Rocky and his lawn chair were in the pool. " What was that for? " Rocky asked coming up. " That was for the bucket of water. " Billy said with a grin. Both Kim and Trini's heart skipped a beat as they looked at Billy. He wore a white tank top, loose fitting jeans. His blond hair sparkled in the sunlight and his eyes danced with laughter. Aisha looked at both Trini and Kim. She had to admit, Billy was cute but not her type, but Rocky, that was another story. All their thoughts were interrupted by the familiar tones. " This is Billy, Zordon. " Billy answered as they all gathered around him. " Billy, you and the others must come to the Command Center as soon as possible. " Zordon answered. " We'll be right there. " Billy answered. _ He fits into the role as leader nicely. _ Adam thought.

As the Rangers teleported Duncan turn to greet them. As the white light materialized into Billy he dropped to one knee. " What's going on Zordon? " Billy asked looking at the man on one knee and then to his mentor. " This is Duncan, Man At Arms for another realm, Eternia. He is here in search of a lost prince, a Prince William. " Zordon explained. " I no longer need to search. I have found him. " Duncan said " Who? " the Rangers asked. " You see the prince was only six weeks old when the warrior David brought the young prince here so he would be... " Duncan started. " Protected by from the Hord and Skeletor. " Billy said. " How did you know that? " Kim asked. " I don't know, I just did. You said the Warrior David. Did he serve a Queen Marlena and a King Randor? " Billy asked. " Yes William, what else do you remember? " Duncan pushed. " I remember hearing explosions outside my room... This is silly. I must be talking about a movie or something. " Billy said. Kim could hear the worry in his voice. _ Billy, a long lost prince. He sure looks like he could be one, and he would be such a gentle but sturdy. _ Trini thought. " Come Billy, I've seen most the movies you have and I don't remember this plot. " Trini pushed. " She's right. This isn't some movie plot. " Kim said putting her hand on his arm. " There is one way to find out for sure. " Duncan said. " What? " Rocky asked. " you are all welcome to Eternia. There we can prove whether your Billy is really Prince William or not. " Duncan said. " I don't know. I don't want to leave the Earth unprotected. " Billy said. _ Always worried about something else. _ Adam thought. " Come on Billy. You've always known you were adopted. This could be the truth! And man, you could be a prince! Why don't we call the old Rangers, they could have the old powers. Zordon is that possible? " Rocky asked. " Yes, but we would have to find three other people, a pink ranger, a yellow ranger, and a blue ranger. " I have some people in mind. " Adam said.

Later that day Jason, Zack, Carlos Hernandez, Ashley Johnson, and Cassie Wan. " Do except the powers? " they five nodded. And with a flash of light The red ranger, pink ranger, yellow ranger, black ranger, and blue ranger stood in front of the current rangers. " Man in feels good to be back. " Jason said. " Okay, lets go to the Eternia. " Rocky said. " Just step through the portal Rangers. " Zordon said. Trini was the first to though then Adam, Aisha, Rocky. Kim stood in front of the portal. Billy turned to Jason, " Sorry we can't celebrate your return. " he said. " Hey man. It's okay. You go find out who you are and we'll be here when you come back. " Zack said. " Let's hope. " Billy whispered. " Hey, you're doing a good job. Really, there's nobody in this world I would have picked to lead the rangers if Tommy hadn't been here. " Jason said putting a hand on Billy's shoulder. " Thanks. I need that. " Billy said with a small smile. " I kind of figured that. " Jason said. Kim stepped through the portal followed close by Billy.

On the other side of the portal stood a woman she was dressed in a white leotard with wings like a hawk. " Welcome back Man at Arms. Welcome all of you to Castle Grayskull. I am the Sorceress. " the woman said then looked at each of them. " You've been to the planet Phadoes. " a woman in a white body suit said. " Yes, we have and you're? " Billy asked. " I am the Sorceress of Castle Grayskull. You are William? " she asked. " Yes. You seem familiar. " he said as the woman began to lead them through the castle to a chamber. She opened the door to reveal two majestic-looking swords. " These are the swords of the youngest prince and princess of Eternia. If it comes to you then you are the true prince if it does not, then you are not the prince. " she said. " What do I do? Whistle? " he asked. " Call for the golden sword. " the sorceress said. " Golden sword come to me! " Billy commanded. One of the swords began to glow and dislodge itself from the stone and rise up and float to Billy. He grasped it in his hand. " It feels natural. Like it was made for me. " he whispered. " It should, because it was. May I introduce you to the crown prince William. " the sorceress said.