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Raising The Dead
by: Jason Festa

"DECA," Andros began, "run a diagnostic scan on rotors one through seven." He finished as he read the monitor before him. He was sitting alone in the main bridge of the Megaship running tests on all of it's components.

"Beginning scans." DECA responded as she started her tasks. Andros pushed a lock of his striped blonde hair behind his ear as he read another monitor on his console.

"DECA, what is the current shield phase?" He asked as he made a confused face at the readings.

"8.92." DECA responded.

"I thought that was low." He thought aloud. "Change the phase to 12.97 and begin rotating 3.74 every . . . ten minutes." DECA's monitors began to make small noises as she made the changes. Andros went back to his work on the other monitor after she did this.

"Boo." Ashley stated as she leaned in over Andros' right shoulder. He jumped slightly at her voice but then sighed.

"Ashley. You startled me." He stated as he went back to his monitor.

"Sorry." She stated as she sat in the seat next to him. "TJ told me you were up here running tests, so I thought I'd come up to see how it was going."

"Pretty good, so far, but I still have to run checks on Megadecks four through nine and I have to test the boosters. So, I'm gonna be here for a while." Andros replied.

"You want some help? I all ready finished cleaning up in the mess hall." Ashley offered. Andros smiled at her.

"I'd like that." He replied.

"Good. Where do you want me to start?" She asked. Andros though about it.

"Well, I'm working on the rotors right now, so I guess you can start with the Megadecks." He answered.

"Will do." Ashley stated as she stood up and walked to the consoles at the back of the room. "So, are you going out with us on Halloween?"

"Halloween?" Andros asked as he made a funny face. "What's that?"

"You don't know what Halloween is?" Ashley asked. Andros turned around and looked at her as he smiled. "Oh, duh . . . . You know, sometimes it's easy to forget that you aren't from Earth." She responded. Andros laughed and turned back around.

"The feelings mutual." Andros replied. "So, what is Halloween?" He asked as he went back to work.

"It's sort of a Holiday. Basically, kids dress up and pretend to be something else while they go from door to door asking for treats." She responded.

"And, what's the point of this all?" Andros asked.

"It's the fun of dressing up and pretending to be someone else for a night. People get into because it's fun. It's also the one day of the year where people can express themselves without fear of being put down by others." Ashley responded.

"It sounds like a trite holiday." Andros stated.

"Yeah, but it's still fun to play around. But, anyway, we're going to a party at this new teen club in Stone Canyon. Do you wanna come?" Ashley asked.

"Would I have to dress up?" Andros asked.

"Oh, of course! That's a given! But, I will let you pick your costume. And, we all ready agreed that morphing does not count as a costume." Ashley joked.

"Well, then, I'm lost because I don't know what to get." Andros stated.

"I'll take you shopping to find something. We could go to the mall . . . ."

"No." Andros stated as he interrupted her. "The last time you dragged me to the mall, it took me a week to recover!" He joked.

"Oh, give me a break! Those bags were not that heavy! And besides, I offered to carry some."

"Yeah, the small ones that I had no problems with!"

"Look, I promise, no shopping for me. This trip will be only for you. In fact, I'll leave all credit cards and cash at home." Ashley promised.

"I don't know . . . ." Andros hesitated.

"Oh, come on!" Ashley whined.

"I suppose. BUT, whatever I get, you have to match with me." Andros stated.

"You want us to go to the party as a couple?" Ashley asked, excitedly.

"Yeah. It would be fun, don't you think?" Andros asked as he turned around and looked at Ashley. He smiled as she blushed and turned away.

"Yeah, it would be . . . ."

High above Earth's atmosphere rested the Dark Fortress of the evil Astronema. Inside, she sat at her vanity mirror observing her purple hair and growing bored with it the more she looked at it. She raised her hand and waved it at her hair, and suddenly it turned a dark shade of orange. She smiled at it and laughed.

"What do you think, Ecliptor? Is it festive enough for the humans' holiday?" She asked her trusted guardian as he watched over her.

"I think it is silly for you to continue changing your hair in such a manner." The large black man replied.

"Has anyone ever told you that you really know how to ruin a mood?" Astronema asked as she stood up. She looked at her outfit and frowned. "This isn't working." She replied. She slid her hands down along her body, and her silver and black armor immediately changed. She now wore a tight leather body suit with a turtle neck and long sleeves. It's black color contrasted beautifully with her hair. Boots formed around her legs and came up past her knees, but stopped low enough to show some of her bare thighs. Metal cuffs wrapped around her arms and spikes jumped out of the backs of them. Orange sequins were then tossed here and there on her body suit, and then her locket appeared on top of everything. Her shoulder length, orange, hair then sprouted down to her backside. Astronema looked in the mirror and smiled. "I like this much better. Ecliptor, what do you think?"

"I think you look beautiful, princess." He responded as he bowed to her.

"You have to say that because I'll kill you otherwise." Astronema responded. She smiled as her staff appeared in her hand and she left her quarters. As she walked onto the bridge, Ecliptor followed her. "What are our favorite humans up to, Elgar?" She asked the clumsy monster as he stood off to the side.

"They're on the Astro Megaship." Elgar responded. "I think . . . ."

"You're useless." Astronema responded as she walked over to the main monitor and stood before it. "Show me the Rangers." She ordered. Immediately, an image of Andros and Ashley appeared as they worked on the bridge, quietly. "Where are the others?" She asked. The image changed to show TJ, Carlos, and Cassie in a room, trying on different costumes.

"Man, I can't wait to go to that party!" Cassie stated as she looked in the mirror at the biker costume she now wore.

"It's gonna be awesome!" TJ responded. "I heard that Five would be performing there."

"Get out!" Cassie cried as she punched TJ in the arm. He stumbled back and rubbed his arm.

"Why tell me to if you're just gonna push me out . . . ." TJ joked.

"I heard that it was gonna keep going on 'til the morning." Carlos stated.

"What are they talking about?" Astronema asked Ecliptor as she watched the three.

"I believe they are talking about a Halloween party they will be attending tomorrow night." Ecliptor answered.

"So, the Rangers want to get into the spirit of Halloween, huh? I'll throw them a party they'll never live to forget!" Astronema responded as she smiled and walked away from the monitor.

"Okay, that takes care of all the tests on the Megadecks." Ashley responded as she looked over her monitor one more time. "How goes your end?"

"I'm finishing up with the last booster now." Andros responded as he typed in a few commands. "That does it! DECA can take care of the rest." Andros stated as he leaned back in his chair. He yawned and stretched as he did, and then sat back up as he made a strange, painful face.

"Are you okay?" Ashley asked.

"No, my back hurts." Andros responded a she tried to rub at the spot. Ashley smiled as she came back down by him and then placed her hands on his back.

"Where does it hurt?" She asked as she stood there. He pointed toward the middle of his back and then she set to work. "Does that feel better?"

"Wow, Ash. You should do this professionally." Andros responded as the pain in his back subsided and he began to relax.

"You know what I just though of?" Ashley asked. Andros shrugged. "TJ, Carlos, and Cassie just bought a whole bunch of costumes today to try on and see what they liked. I'm sure there are some leftovers that you could play with to find a costume." Ashley stated.

"Does that mean no blissful trips to the mall anytime soon?" Andros asked sarcastically.

"I knew I shouldn't have let TJ teach you about sarcasm . . . ." Ashley stated as she finished on Andros' back and then moved to his side. She leaned her backside against the console and faced the blonde-streaked boy. "Do you wanna go see what's left before we turn in for the night?" Ashley asked.

"Sure. I'm not ready to sleep yet, anyways." Andros responded as he stood up.

"Okay, I think this is the one." Cassie stated as she looked in the mirror. She was wearing a pink prom dress that flowed down past her feet and covered the ground around her. The top was a simple heart shaped design with thin spaghetti straps.

"Now, if we throw some red catsup on you, you could be Carrie instead Cassie." Carlos stated as he looked at her.

"Not gonna happen." Cassie stated as she punched Carlos in the stomach. As he rubbed his stomach, they all looked up and watched Andros and Ashley enter the room.

"Anything left for us?" Ashley asked.

"Just barely." TJ stated. "Whatever Cassie didn't like, she tore out of."

"Not true." Cassie stated as she ripped off the prom dress. Ashley laughed.

"Well, before you tear anything else up, why don't we let Andros look at what's there. He's coming with us tomorrow night." Ashley stated. TJ leaned in to whisper to Andros.

"I thought you told me you didn't wanna go?" TJ asked.

"I changed my mind." Andros replied. "Once Ashley asked." TJ smiled as he pulled back and looked at more costumes.

"I think I've got the perfect costume for you, Andros." TJ stated as he held up an alien mask and a large red robe. Andros smiled at the joke.

"Very funny. But I think I'll let you keep the mask. You need it more than I do." Andros joked. Carlos began to laugh.

"Nice one, Andros!" He stated as he high-fived Andros.

"Well, I've got my costume, so, I'm off to bed." Cassie stated as she picked up a bag and began to head out of the room.

"Which one did you pick?" TJ asked.

"You'll have to wait 'til tomorrow to find out." She answered as she walked out of the room.

"I've got mine too." Carlos stated as he shoved a black outfit into another bag.

"You gonna keep it from us too?" Ashley asked.

"Yep. My costume has sort of a sentimental value." Carlos answered as he picked up the bag and headed for the door. "Good night everyone." He stated as he left.

"Night, Carlos." Ashley called after him. She moved over to the pile of costumes and began to rummage through them all.

"So, you have any idea of what you're gonna be yet?" TJ asked Andros. He shrugged.

"I'm leaving this part up to Ashley since she's the one who wants me to go." He responded.

"Sounds like a plan." TJ stated as he picked up his costume and folded it up. "I'm going too. Night guys!" He stated as he left.

"Okay, let's get started . . . ." Ashley stated as she held up a small Superman costume. Andros swallowed heavily as she approached him with it.

"My princess, what are you looking for?" Ecliptor asked as he watched Astronema dig through some old books. She flipped through another one and then threw it to the side.

"I'm looking for a spell to call upon Riser." Astronema responded.

"Riser? What good is he? All he can do is bring our monsters back to life." Ecliptor asked.

"Yes, but I have a specific plan that requires his talents. In fact, the entire plan requires him." She stated as she looked through more books. "YES!" She cried out as she found the spell. She rose from the floor and waved her hand at the books. Magically, they all flew back into the closet they came out of. Astronema opened the book on her bed and stepped back "Here goes . . ." She stated as she closed her eyes. "For a Halloween surprise, the Rangers must fight the demons that Rise!" She stated as she called upon her staff. It's tip began to glow orange. "Riser, monster of rebirth, come to me now to take over the Earth!" An orange ball of light rose up from Astronema's staff and entered the book. It floated up from the bed and sat in the middle of the air. A moment later, a dark figure transported out of the book's pages into Astronema's room. The figure was mostly black, with orange eyes. On his chest, were various heads whose faces were contorted in pain. A crooked smile graced his face as he took in the site of Astronema.

"My princess, what services may I perform for you today?" He asked as he bowed to her.

"Riser, I've got a big job for you. I want you to help me get rid of the Rangers." Astronema stated.

"My princess, all due respect, I do not fight humans. They are beneath me." Riser stated.

"I agree, but you will not have to fight the Rangers. I need your powers to fight them." Astronema explained.

"What do you have in mind?" Riser asked.

"I want you to use your powers to raise the dead of Stone Canyon and send them after the Rangers. I want them to bring the Rangers back to a dimension I created just for them where their powers are useless and they must fight the dead without morphing." Astronema finished.

"And if the Rangers defeat the dead?" Riser questioned.

"You'll be waiting to destroy them. That is, if they destroy them. And, with one of my spells, they won't be able to." Astronema countered. Riser nodded.

"My services are yours." Riser stated as he bowed. Astronema smiled evilly as her plans went into motion.

"Good afternoon, Rangers!" Alpha stated as he walked into the mess hall where the Rangers were currently enjoying lunch.

"Hey Alpha! How was your recharge?" TJ asked. Alpha shrugged.

"I think I was on for too long . . . ." Alpha stated.

"Not likely." DECA interrupted. "By galactic standards of the Alpha units, your period of recharge was less than sufficient. If anything, you should go back in."

"Yeah, well, what do you know?" Alpha asked as he joined the Rangers at the table. "So, is everyone ready for Halloween?" Alpha asked.

"Yep. We picked out our costumes last night." Cassie stated.

"And what is everyone going to be?" Alpha asked.

"I'm not saying." Cassie stated. "I want everyone to be surprised." Alpha turned to TJ.

"I'm saying, either." TJ answered. Alpha then turned to Carlos.

"Nope." He stated before Alpha said anything. Alpha turned to Andros.

"Should I even bother?" He asked. Andros shook his head.

"Andros and I are going as a couple. He's gonna be Peter Pan, and I'm going to be Tinker Bell." Ashley stated as she patted her hand on Andros' back. TJ and Carlos began to laugh quietly. Andros hit TJ upside the head. He raised his shoulders and laughed again.

"I think it sounds cute." Cassie stated.

"Whatever." Carlos responded as he and TJ kept laughing. Cassie then hit him in the arm. As Carlos pulled back and grabbed his arm, he still laughed.

"So, when are we gonna be leaving?" Andros asked his friends.

"The party starts at seven, and it's four thirty now, so probably in another two hours." TJ stated.

"Good." Andros replied as he stood up. "That gives me time to run some scans on the shields and the engines."

"How about we go scan some stars for Zordon, instead?" Ashley asked as she stood with him.

"Okay, we can do that." Andros stated as he extended his arm for Ashley to take it. As she did, he then escorted them out of the mess hall and to the main bridge.

"So, who wants to bet that they'll hook up tonight?" Cassie asked as soon as they were gone.

"I got dibs on nine to midnight!" TJ stated as he stood and gathered up his dishes.

"Considering how in love Andros is and how persistent Ashley is, I'll take seven to nine." Carlos stated.

"I'll take everything after that, then." Cassie stated as she grabbed her dishes and took them to the sink.

"What's the betting table, this time?" Carlos asked as he took his dishes to the sink, as well.

"Winner has no chores for a month?" Cassie asked.

"Okay. If they kiss between seven and nine, Carlos has no chores for a month and we split 'em." TJ stated. "If they kiss between nine and midnight, I have no chores for a month. And, if they kiss from midnight 'til the morning, Cassie gets no chores for a month."

"Then it's a bet." Cassie stated as she held out her hand. TJ placed his on top, and so did Carlos. They all pump their hands once and then separated.

"Is everything set?" Astronema asked as she stepped on the bridge of her Dark Fortress.

"The dimension is set. Once inside, the Rangers will not be able to morph." Ecliptor stated. "The parameters of the dimension are restricted to all of Stone Canyon. So, once the Rangers get there, they will be trapped in Stone Canyon with the dead until the sun rises and the spell is broken. However, it is doubtful that they will last that long." Ecliptor stated.

"Good. And the humans of Stone Canyon?" Astronema asked.

"They are being removed as we speak." Ecliptor answered.

"Very good, Ecliptor. Now, Riser, are you ready to do your part?" Astronema asked. Riser stood from his seat and bowed.

"My spell is all ready into effect. When the sun sets, the dead will rise and go after the Rangers. Since they will be stuck in Stone Canyon all night, I am only raising the dead of Stone Canyon. After the sun rises, the dead will return to their graves and the humans of Stone Canyon will be returned. They won't even realize they missed Halloween." Riser stated.

"Good. The dead of Stone Canyon had better get rid of the Rangers for me. If not, you will fight them." Astronema ordered Riser. He bowed in submission.

"I doubt they will last. The dead will have superhuman strength and an immense hunger for human flesh and brains. The Rangers will die slowly, and painfully." Riser stated.

"VERY good. Ecliptor, continue with the plans and alert me as soon as the Rangers enter Stone Canyon." Astronema ordered. Ecliptor bowed as she left the room.

"Negative." Andros stated as he read aloud more results. "We've searched all of the stars in this system and every one of them has come up negative."

"Well, it was worth a shot." Ashley stated. "Can we begin searching the next system?"

"No, not right now. There's not enough power left in the scanners to leave this system. We'll have to wait until tomorrow to search outside of our system." Andros explained.

"All right." Ashley responded as she looked up at the clock. "Well, it's almost six anyways, so we better start getting ready for that party." She stated as she stood up from the chair next to Andros'. He looked at the clock and nodded.

"Okay. I'll go get ready in a minute. I wanna set DECA for her rotations while we're gone." Andros stated. Ashley nodded as she left the room. Andros sighed as he pulled out a small round disk. He placed it in a hole in the console before him, and then punched a few buttons. A moment later, an image of two children playing appeared on the main screen ahead of him. One of the children was a boy wearing red, and the other was a girl wearing yellow. They were playing with a large expanding ball that was floating between them. Suddenly, the ball floated away and the boy got up and ran after it. As the girl sat alone, she was startled as a large figure scooped her up and began carrying her away.

"ANDROS! Help me!" she cried out as the large figure disappeared with her.

"Karone?" The little boy asked as he came back with the small ball. He looked around for the little girl, but didn't find her. "Karone?!" He cried out again. "KARONE!" He shouted. As the image finished playing, Andros closed his eyes and let a few tears roll down over his face. As he wiped them away, he pulled the disk back out of the console and placed it in his pocket. He rose from the station and quietly made his way to the turbo lift. As he entered it and the doors closed behind him, Alpha stepped out from a side door and lowered his head.

"Poor Andros." He stated as he walked around the bridge.

"I'm ready now." Cassie's voice called out from her room. TJ was standing outside waiting for Cassie to display her costume. He was dressed up in a baseball player's uniform and held a baseball bat in his right hand. "Here I come." Cassie stated as she walked out of her room. She was wearing a simple biker chick outfit. She had on a white tank top with black, leather pants and boots. She held a black leather jacket in one hand and flipped it over her shoulder. She had a metal spiked collar around her neck, and her hair was pulled up into a ponytail and then teased out.

"Wow. You look great!" TJ stated as his eyes went wide at her.

"Thanks." Cassie stated as she blushed. They both looked up as Carlos walked over. He was wearing an outfit of all black with a little green. He had on black pants, with a green shirt, and a black leather vest and then a black leather coat. His hair was slicked back and he had his mouth closed, but it was evident that something was in his mouth. A moment later, he opened his mouth to reveal a set off fangs.

"I don't get it? I thought you said your costume had sentimental value?" TJ asked. Carlos slumped.

"Geeze, don't you guys remember when I was turned into a vampire by one of Divatox' monsters? This is the outfit I wore." Carlos answered.

"The scary part is that I actually remember that . . ." Cassie stated as Ashley walked up in her Tinker Bell outfit.

"Carlos! I love it! Your vampire gear!" Ashley stated as she placed her hand on Carlos' shoulder.

"You remember that?" TJ asked.

"What? When Carlos was turned into a vampire?" Ashley asked. TJ nodded. "Of course! Carlos is my best friend! I remember everything." TJ shook his head.

"At least someone does." Carlos stated as he turned away from the others. Ashley smiled at him. Their fun was interrupted as Andros entered the hallway wearing his green Peter Pan outfit, complete with a size too small pair of tights. He pulled at the tight everywhere as he walked up. Cassie, TJ, and Carlos immediately began laughing.

"Go ahead, get it out now, because I don't wanna hear anything about this for the rest of the night." Andros stated as he crossed his arms.

"I think the tights are a bit too small, Andros." TJ stated. Cassie leaned in to Ashley's ear and began to whisper.

"At least MY questions about Andros are now answered." She stated as she pointed at the prominent bulge in the tights. Ashley elbowed Cassie in the stomach and then smiled.

"I think you look sexy." Ashley stated as she came up by Andros.

"Thanks, but I disagree." Andros stated as he pulled at the tights once again.

"Well, it's six thirty nine. We ready to go yet?" TJ asked.

"I'm ready." Cassie answered as she put on her leather jacket.

"Me too." Carlos answered.

"Then let's get going." Andros stated as he began to walk down the hallway toward the jump tubes.

"Andros, I hate to see ya go, but I love to watch you leave." Cassie stated aloud as she followed him. Ashley giggled as she held onto her friend's arm and came along. TJ and Carlos soon followed. As the five teens arrived at the five jump tubes, they each stood in front of their appropriate colored tube. Andros stood before red, Carlos stood before black, TJ stood before blue, Ashley stood before yellow, and Cassie stood before pink.

"Have a fun time, Rangers!" Alpha stated as he walked up.

"Hold down the fort for us, Alpha!" TJ stated as they all jumped into their tubes and then teleported down to Earth.

"My princess." Ecliptor stated as he entered her room. "The Rangers just teleported down to Stone Canyon." Astronema stood up from her vanity mirror and picked up her staff from its resting place next to her.

"Good. I want to go down there and meet the Rangers myself, first. When will the sun be setting?" She asked.

"In about ten more minutes." Ecliptor answered. Astronema smiled.

"And the spell will not take effect until then, right?" she asked.

"Yes, Astronema." Ecliptor answered.

"Then I will be back in twenty minutes." Astronema stated as she waved her hand and disappeared in an orange light. Ecliptor then left her room and walked back onto the bridge.

"What did Astronema say?" Riser asked.

"She decided to go down there and meet the rangers face to face and play with them. She will return in twenty minutes." Ecliptor answered. Riser stood quickly.

"No, she can't go down there!" Riser cried out.

"Why?" Ecliptor asked, getting nervous.

"As soon as the sun sets, no one will be able to leave or enter Stone Canyon until it comes back up!" Riser cried out. "We've got ten minutes to track down Astronema and get her out of there, or else she'll be stuck down there with the Rangers and the dead, powerless."

"Let's go." Ecliptor stated as he grabbed Riser and they disappeared in a green ball of light.

"Man, this night is going to be so much fun!" Ashley stated as she held Andros' arm and they all walked through a park in Stone Canyon. The five Rangers landed in the middle of the park, and planned to walk across it to get to their party.

"I hope this party is as good as all the hype about it has been." Cassie stated.

"Hopefully, it will be." TJ stated.

"We are never gonna forget this night!" Ashley stated as she smiled, brightly.

"Well, you're right about that, Yellow Ranger." Astronema stated as she appeared in an orange hail of light in front of them. The five rangers jumped back into defensive stances at her appearance.

"What do you want, Astronema?" Andros asked.

"Just to inform you of a little game we're going to play tonight." Astronema stated.

"We're not playing any games with you, lady!" Carlos cried out.

"Oh, Ranger, such courage! But, you see, you have no choice in the matter." Astronema stated as the sun started to set. "As soon as the sun sets, you will be trapped here in Stone Canyon, all alone to fight my army of the dead!" Astronema cried out as she raised her arms and orange light flew out. As the sun finished setting, a visible dome began to fall down upon Stone Canyon. As it became dark, the ground began to shake. At the edge of one of the dome's sides nearby, Ecliptor and Riser appeared. They tried to step forward, but found that the dome was all ready in place.

"No! My princess!" Ecliptor cried out. Astronema and the Rangers looked over to the two monsters.

"Astronema, find shelter somewhere high, fast!" Riser called out.

"What are you talking about?" Astronema asked. The rangers looked at each other.

"You are trapped in there with the rangers and the dead without any powers, my princess!" Ecliptor cried out.

"WHAT?" Astronema cried out.

"I'm sorry, princess, I forgot to tell you this because I did not realize you wanted to come down here." Riser stated. "You're stuck here 'til the morning, just as the Rangers are."

"Does anyone else hear that groaning?" Ashley broke out with, suddenly. As the Rangers, Astronema, and the two monsters looked off to the side, they saw a large group of dark figures approaching. Riser suddenly became nervous.

"Princess! RUN!" Riser cried out. Astronema's eyes grew wide as she and the Rangers all saw that the group of people was a group of the dead. Astronema quickly began to run in the other direction.

"What are those things?" Cassie asked as she looked at them all. Their faces were all brown and peeling away, and their clothes were tattered and torn away. Their decaying hands were raised and reaching for the flesh of the Rangers.

"I don't wanna stick around to find out!" Andros stated as he grabbed Ashley. "The club is on the other side of this park. We could make it over there before those things even realized we had moved." Andros stated.

"I ain't waiting around to test out that theory!" Carlos stated as he began to run in the direction Andros had pointed to.

"Carlos, wait up!" Cassie called out as she grabbed TJ's arm and pulled him along with her.

"Let's go after them. We don't wanna be separated right now." Andros stated to Ashley as she stared at the dead.

"You ain't gotta tell me twice!" she stated as she let him pull her along.

"How could you have been so stupid?!" Ecliptor shouted at Riser as they entered the bridge of the Dark Fortress. "Are you sure you can't reverse the spell?" Ecliptor asked.

"Yes, I'm sure, for the one hundredth time! I cannot help it if your princess feels she is immune to everything! This will be a valuable lesson for her. She will learn how to get along without her powers. That may come in handy someday." Riser snapped back.

"If one hair on her head is harmed, you will suffer, Riser, do you understand me?" Ecliptor cried out. He then left the bridge and left Riser alone. Riser began to smile.

"Princess Astronema, so predictable. Now that you are trapped down there with the Rangers, you will die just like them. And then, your dead, power filled, body will be mine, and Dark Specter will have to bargain with me if he ever wants it back!" Riser cried out as he stepped up to a monitor and activated it. "And once he does get it back, I will have all ready drained you of your powers." A picture of Astronema wandering around in the dark appeared. "And after I bargain with Specter, I will become more powerful than anyone else in all of the universe!" Astronema appeared to be lost and mad.

"If I ever get my hands on that Riser . . . he will regret ever being called upon." She stated as she continued to stumble around.

"That's if you ever make it out alive!" Riser cried out and began to laugh evilly.

"Guys, I don't think the club is this way." Cassie stated as she held onto Carlos and TJ and they stumbled around in the dark.

"Cassie, this is the way to the club, see, there's the bench we were at." TJ stated and then stopped.

"You took us around in a circle?!" Cassie cried out as she beat TJ's arm.

"I'm sorry, but it's hard to navigate in the dark." TJ stated.

"Maybe we should try morphing?" Carlos suggested.

"Astronema said it wouldn't work in here." Cassie stated.

"Since when should we ever take anything Astronema says at face value?" TJ asked. "I agree with Carlos, let's do this."

"All right." Cassie stated reluctantly as she threw her right hand out before her and called upon her morpher. "Let's rocket!" She cried out. The three of them then opened their morphers and pressed in the numbers 3-3-5 and then proceeded to morph. Their suits appeared around them briefly, in a bright flash of light, but then quickly disappeared. As they looked around, Cassie frowned. "Nothing."

"It was worth a try." Carlos stated.

"A bad one!" TJ cried out as his eyes grew wide and he pointed ahead of them. A group of the walking dead had seen them morph and was now attracted to them.

"No!" Cassie screamed out. She began to run in the opposite direction.

"Cassie, wait up!" Carlos cried out as he stumbled after her. TJ turned around to run, as well, but jumped back as he came face to face with one of the dead.

"Back off!" He cried out as he kicked the man in his stomach. The man bent forward as the blow hit him, but then came back up and tried to grab TJ. TJ pushed his hands aside and then kicked him in the chest. He then elbowed the man in the back and he fell to the ground. TJ jumped over him and then ran to catch up with his friends.

"Andros," Ashley began as she held onto the boy and looked around. "I think we lost the others."

"I think you're right." He stated as he looked around, as well. "We have to find that club. It's where we were heading, so they'll know to go there."

"Yeah, we just have to find it." Ashley stated sarcastically. "Maybe we should try morphing?" She asked.

"It's worth a try." Andros stated as he looked around. "Let's rocket!" He shouted as he and Ashley typed in the 3-3-5 combo and proceeded to morph. A bright light engulfed the two for a moment, and then they were morphed. But, just as quickly as it had appeared, their armor melted away.

"Well, at least we really know where we stand." Ashley stated.

"Trouble." Andros stated as he looked ahead. A group of the dead was coming for them.

"Let's get going." Ashley stated as she turned around. But, she found herself facing another group of the dead. She screamed loudly and pulled Andros' attention that way.

"We're surrounded." Andros stated as he saw the other groups closing in.

"What are we gonna do?" Ashley asked. Andros dropped into a defensive stance.

"Stay alive." He stated as he ran at the nearest group of zombies. He jumped into the middle of them and began to kick them down left and right. But, just as fast as they went down, they got back up. Ashley stood terrified at the sight of the monsters, and was helpless to do anything as one of them grabbed her by the arm.

"Get off of me!" She screamed out as she kicked at the man. Suddenly, he sunk his teeth deep into Ashley's arm and made her release a deafening, high-pitched, scream. Andros then came to her rescue and pulled the man off of her. He broke the man's neck and then dropped his body to the ground. Andros then grabbed Ashley's arm and examined it. It had a big chunk missing out of it, and the bite was deep enough that he knew the man had broken her arm. Andros let go of her arm and took a hold of Ashley's head to make her look at him.

"Are you okay to run?" He asked. Ashley slowly nodded. "Then do it!" He shouted as he grabbed her other arm and began to pull her along. They ran past the groups of zombies, and deeper into the park.

"TJ?" Cassie called out as she and Carlos moved along. Cassie jumped at every noise, and then asked if it was TJ. She had been doing that for twenty minutes.

"Cassie, it's not him, just drop it." Carlos stated as he grew tired of her.

"I'm sorry, but this whole situation freaks me out. How are we gonna last until the morning with an army of undying zombies chasing after us? I mean, those suckers look pretty hungry!" Cassie stated.

"Yeah, and if you don't shut up all ready, I'll feed you to them and save myself!" Carlos snapped back. Cassie looked at Carlos and then punched him in the face and watched as he fell down. What the hell was that for?"

"For one thing, you yelled at. For another thing, even thinking about sacrificing me to those things!" Cassie yelled as she placed her hands on her hips.

"Cass, move!" Carlos shouted as he pulled her away and kicked up to catch a zombie in the stomach. As it stumbled backwards, Carlos scrambled to get up, and grab Cassie. He pulled her along and continued to run in the other direction, looking back every once in a while.

"Carlos!" Cassie cried out as he ran into a group of zombies. They both fell backwards, and then scrambled to get up again. Before they could move, a few of the zombies grabbed them by their arms. "Get off of me!" Cassie cried out as she threw her leg back and kicked one of her zombies in the stomach. As he let go of her, she brought her leg up and kicked the woman holding her in the face. As she was released, she jump-kicked away both of the zombies holding Carlos. "Let's go!" She cried as she grabbed him and began to pull him away. They stopped when they realized that they were now surrounded by several groups of zombies.

"Great, now what?" Carlos asked. Cassie looked over and noticed a manhole off to their right. She pointed to it and Carlos got the idea. He moved that way to try and open it, but a few zombies moved that way to block it at the same time. Cassie then catapulted herself over Carlos' head and slammed into the few zombies. Carlos hurried to open the manhole, and then pulled Cassie up and shoved her towards it. As she jumped down, he followed her. As they landed in the sewer below, a bright light engulfed them both and they were suddenly morphed into the pink and black Rangers.

"Wow, what just happened?" Cassie asked. Carlos grew wide-eyed.

"We're out of the field! It didn't extend to down here! We can get out!" Carlos cried for joy. Cassie looked behind him, and pointed.

"Yeah, and so can they!" As Carlos turned around, he saw the zombies dropping down into the manholes after them.

"We can't let them out of Stone Canyon." Carlos stated. "People are safe while they're stuck here. If we let them out, we're asking for trouble."

"Let's do this." Cassie stated as she spun around and produced her weapon. "Satellite stunner!"

"Lunar lance!" Carlos cried as he spun around and produced his weapon. He did so just in time to intercept a zombie that was coming at him. He slammed the crescent shaped end into the zombies stomach, and then slammed him into the wall. "We need to seal that manhole, and get back up there. We may be powerless up there, but as long as we're there, they won't go anywhere." Carlos stated. Cassie nodded.

"Let's get these guys back up there first." She stated as she grabbed the one zombie by his collar and proceeded to walk over to the others. She threw him into the few others that had made their way down there. Cassie lifted her weapon to the open hole, and then fired. The hole collapsed and sealed off. Cassie then turned her attention to the zombies that were starting to get up. "Maximum setting." She stated as she changed the settings on her weapon. She held it out at the zombies and then pulled the trigger. Waves of sound then radiated out towards them. They stopped moving for a few moments, and then proceeded to explode in a mess of blood and guts. Cassie jumped back as some of the remains landed on her. "Nasty!" She cried as she wiped herself off.

"Looks like we didn't need catsup . . . ." Carlos joked. Cassie looked up and then punched him in the stomach again.

"Ecliptor!" Elgar called out as he looked for the large black man. He stepped into Astronema's bedroom and looked around. As he was about to leave, he caught a glimpse of Ecliptor in Astronema's closet. Elgar entered the room and stood behind Ecliptor. "What are you doing?" Elgar asked. Ecliptor looked up to acknowledge him, and then continued to look around in the closet.

"I'm trying to find the book that had the spell in it that Astronema cast to call upon Riser." Ecliptor stated. "What do you want?"

"I came to tell you that I overheard Riser talking to himself on the bridge, and he was saying something about how once Astronema dies, he'll get her powers and something about Dark Specter being powerless . . . something like that." Elgar finished. Ecliptor stood up and grabbed Elgar by the shoulders and shook him.

"Think clearly, Elgar. Use what little brain you have left to remember and tell me exactly what he said." Ecliptor ordered. Elgar blinked, and then a massive light went off over his head.

"He said that the zombies would kill Astronema and he'd take her body and bargain with Dark Specter for it. And while he did that, he'd drain her of her powers and after that, he's get more power from Specter and be all powerful." Elgar clarified.

"Dammit . . . I knew that monster was not to be trusted." Ecliptor stated as he turned around and continued to look for the book. "It's not here!"

"Are you looking for the book that Riser took?" Elgar asked as he scratched his head. Ecliptor glared at Elgar and slowly stood.

"Leave, now, before I remove you painfully."Ecliptor stated as he made balled his hands up in anger. Elgar shrieked and then left the room quickly. Ecliptor grabbed his sword from it's resting place on the floor and exited Astronema's room. He walked along the hallway that lead to the bridge, and then emerged in the bridge. He lowered his sword down by his side as Riser looked at him. "Riser, we need to have a little talk."

"Guys?" TJ called out as he stumbled around trying to find his friends. He pushed through a group of trees and made his way to the other side to find himself face to face with the tip of Astronema's staff.

"I may not have any powers, but I am still a first class martial artist with a deadly weapon, so if I were you, I'd do as I were told." Astronema stated as she let TJ step out of the trees. "Raise your hands." She ordered. TJ did as told and Astronema led him by the tip of her staff over to a tree and pushed him up against it.

"What do you want, Astronema? Isn't it enough that we're stuck in here together? That's torture enough!" TJ stated as he became upset. Astronema hit him across the face with her staff and cut him across his left cheek. As he came back up and felt the cut, he grew angry.

"Listen here, little Ranger, you should feel privileged to be trapped in here with me. Many men would kill for this setup." Astronema stated.

"Look, since there are so few of us, and so many of them, we should be working together, not against each other." TJ stated.

"See, that's where you're wrong. I'm on their side." Astronema stated.

"But they just don't know it, right?" TJ asked sarcastically as he lowered his hands. Astronema jabbed the tip of her staff up under TJ's chin and pushed his head back into the tree. He raised his hands again.

"They will know it, once I sacrifice you to them. And, even if they don't ,at least I'll be rid of you." Astronema stated as she looked over. "In fact, here comes a group of them now!" She cried as she hit TJ across the face and forced him out in front of them. The group of zombies saw him and immediately came after him. TJ tried to turn around and run, but Astronema stood in his way with her staff. TJ turned and then faced the zombies. He leapt at them full on with a tornado of kicks and punches. As each one fell to the ground, TJ worked his way through them and made it to the other side. As he was about to run away, he saw them turning toward Astronema. "Get away from me! Go after him, he's the human flesh you want!" She cried out. The zombies proceeded to grab her staff and yank it away and then grab both of her arms. TJ sighed and then jumped over the group of zombies and kicked away both of the ones on Astronema. He then scooped her up and jumped back over the group of zombies. As he reached the other side, he started to run away with Astronema in his arms. As they grew farther apart from the group of zombies, Astronema grew impatient. "Put me down." She ordered. TJ slowed down and then put her down. Astronema glared at him. "If you ever touch me again, I'll slit your throat!" She stated.

"'Gee, thanks for saving my life, TJ.' 'Oh, no problem, Astronema.'" TJ mocked. Astronema looked down, and then looked back up.

"I would have fed you to those monsters if they would have taken you, but you came back and saved me. Why?" Astronema asked.

"Because, no one deserves to die like that. Not even you." TJ stated. As he began to walk off.

"Thank you, TJ." Astronema stated. TJ sighed and turned around.

"Look, why don't we call a temporary truce for the night. We pretty much need each other to survive." TJ offered.

"I don't need you." Astronema stated defensively.

"Fine, but I need you. I need someone to watch my back, and in exchange, I'll watch yours." TJ stated. He offered Astronema a hand shake. She looked at his hand and then gave in and took it. After they shook, TJ looked around. "We need to find the others if we want better chances of surviving." TJ stated. "Can't you do anything to help us out?"

"I can do simple, mortal tricks. Nothing else. My powers are as gone as yours are." Astronema stated.

"Can you at least make a fire so we can get some torches going for light?" TJ asked.

"Yeah, I can do that. But we have to find some rocks and some cloth to wrap around branches to make the torches." Astronema stated.

"I can use my shirt as cloth, and we can find branches everywhere. Rocks would be down by a pond." TJ stated as he looked around in the dark. "But I can't see anything to find a pond." Astronema sighed and opened up her palm. A small flicker of fire rested in her palm. She raised it up to her face and pressed it against her eyes. As she pulled away, her eyes changed to fire. "What was that?" TJ asked.

"It's a glamour spell. It enhances the vision so that you can see in the dark easier." Astronema stated as she offered the flicker of fire to TJ. He looked at it carefully. "Trust me, it won't hurt." She stated. TJ looked at it again and then nodded. Astronema stepped up to him. "Keep your eyes open, or else the spell won't work." Astronema stated. TJ nodded as he stood still and watched as the fire came up to his eyes and then Astronema's hand covered his eyes. When she pulled it away, TJ's vision was changed. Everything he looked at appeared to be lit up by fire. He could now see the surroundings and he was able to see the top of a building nearby.

"I can see everything . . . ." TJ stated. "I think I can see the club we were supposed to be at." TJ began to walk towards the clumps of trees standing in his way. He pulled Astronema along by her arm, and pulled himself and her through the trees. As they emerged on the other side, TJ could see the building. It had a neon sign on it that read 'Shay's disco hall.' "That's the place we were going to." He stated as he looked at Astronema. "Come on."

"Here, sit down." Andros stated as he helped Ashley to sit down on a bench. She was holding her arm and sweating immensely.

"Andros, it's so cold." She complained as she shivered. Andros unbutton the green over shirt he wore and took it off. He wrapped it around Ashley and began to rub her arms. His rested Ashley against his now bare chest. He looked down at her arm and sighed. It was infected from being dragged through the trees.

"Ash, I'm so sorry that I let you get bit." Andros stated.

"Andros, it wasn't your fault. It couldn't have been helped. At least you saved me from being completely eaten." Ashley joked as she nudged up closer to Andros.

"I've gotta get a fire started to get you warm." Andros stated as he started to pull away.

"No." Ashley stated as she pulled him in closer. "Don't leave me." She stated as she rested against him again.

"Ash, I'm not going anywhere, I just wanna get a fire started." Andros stated.

"Andros, there's something that I wanna do before I never get to do it again." Ashley stated as she looked up at him.

"Ashley, don't talk like you're dying. You're gonna be fine." He stated.

"Look, I just wanna do this one thing before it's too late, so stop arguing with me." Ashley stated as she propped herself up against the bench. She looked into Andros' eyes before she leaned in and kissed him passionately. Andros wrapped his arms around Ashley, tightly, and continued to kiss her back. But, he suddenly broke and sat back.

"Ashley, you bit my tongue!" He stated as he felt the wound.

"I'm sorry, you just tasted so good . . . . I think I'd like another!" She stated as she grabbed his arm and tried to bite him. Andros pushed her head back and jumped up. "Andros, I'm so hungry. Please, just let me nibble on you . . . I'm just so hungry!" Ashley stated as she began to rise. She slipped off Andros' shirt and her face became crazed. "Come on, just a little taste!" She cried out as she lunged at him. Andros jumped to the side and let her fly past him.

"You're one of them, now." Andros stated as a group of the zombies came up beside Ashley and didn't even attack her. Andros began to back up. "I don't wanna leave you, Ashley, but it's the safest thing to do. Please forgive me!" Andros stated as he began to run in the other direction. The zombies, however, managed to lunge out and grab his arms. He threw his leg up and kicked away one of them and then head-butted another one away. He then spin kicked one of them to the ground. As soon as he could, Andros ran away. As he pushed through several trees, he found himself facing a large building with a neon sign on it. He looked at the building, and then back at the confused zombies and Ashley. He sighed as he made his way toward the building.

Riser cried out as Ecliptor pushed him up against a wall and put pressure on the back of his neck. Riser was breathing heavily at the larger monster's strength.

"Now, I'll ask you again, were you planning on leaving Astronema in there all night?" Ecliptor asked.

"I all ready told you, no! It just worked out that way to my benefit!" Riser stated as he pushed back again Ecliptor. When Ecliptor pushed him back at the wall, Riser stepped up against the wall and flipped over Ecliptor. He then pinned Ecliptor to the wall. "And now, I'll take your powers!" Riser cried as a light engulfed the two. Ecliptor began to glow green, and then melted into Riser. After the light subsided, Riser had a new head on his chest. It was Ecliptor's. It rested next to Elgar's head as he had absorbed him right after he left the room. Riser picked up Ecliptor's sword and placed it in a new holder that appeared on his back. He then walked over to the monitor to check on Stone Canyon. "Show me Astronema." He ordered. The monitor lit up to show an image of Astronema in a building. Riser saw the fire in her eyes and smiled. "You crafty little witch! You knew about the glamour spells." He chuckled to himself as he continued to watch her.

"So, as soon as the sun comes up, the zombies will return to the ground, and the field will be lifted?" TJ asked as he and Astronema walked through the empty club. None of the lights were on, but they could still around.

"That's right. So we just have to make it until the morning, and then we'll have our powers back." Astronema stated.

"And then our truce is broken." TJ stated, sorrowfully. Astronema lowered her eyes.

"Maybe." She stated as she walked past TJ. He looked up at her and smiled.

"TJ?" Andros' voice called out as he entered the building and saw him. TJ turned around and smiled.

"Andros! Thank God you made it!" TJ stated as he walked up to Andros and hugged him. "What's up with the bare back look?" TJ asked.

"Long story. Short version- Ashley is a zombie." Andros stated.

"She got bit?" Astronema asked as she stepped up to the two. Andros dropped into a defensive stance.

"What are you doing here?" Andros asked.

"Andros, relax. I made a temporary truce with her. We need her help if we're gonna make it out of here." TJ stated as he looked at Andros. At that moment, Andros got a good look at TJ's eyes and saw the fire.

"What's wrong with your eyes?" Andros asked as he stepped back. TJ shook his head.

"It's nothing, just a simple glamour spell Astronema did to help us see around. It's like having a torch, but not having to carry it or worry about it blowing out." TJ explained. Andros looked him over. "Relax, Andros. She's as powerless as we are. She doesn't have the power to turn me evil." TJ stated. "Trust me." Andros nodded.

"Can you do the spell to me, too?" Andros asked, captiously. Astronema nodded and then opened her palm to reveal the small flicker of fire once more.

"Keep your eyes open, or else it won't work." She stated as she approached Andros. He tensed up as Astronema came at him and pulled her hand up to his face. "Relax, Andros. If I wanted to kill you, I'd be a bit messier about it than this." Astronema stated as she covered Andros' eyes.

"That makes me feel so much better about it." Andros stated sarcastically as Astronema pulled her hand away from his eyes. As his vision adjusted to the light, he smiled. "It worked."

"There, see, I can be trusted." Astronema stated. Andros smiled, and then looked around.

"We have to find some way to alert the others that we're here. They probably can't find their way over here without any lights, so they'll need our help." Andros stated.

"But, won't the zombies find their way over here, too?" TJ asked. Andros shook his head.

"No, otherwise, the neon sign would have attracted their attention a long time ago." Andros stated. "I saw that this place has search lights on the roof, so why don't we make our way up there and see if we can get them working." Andros suggested. TJ and Astronema nodded.

"Thank you." Cassie stated as Carlos helped her up out of the manhole. As she stood up, her armor melted away and she looked around. "Looks like it's back to guess and check for us." She stated as Carlos placed the cover back over the manhole.

"Well, while I was morphed, I was able to see that the club is in that direction." Carlos stated as he pointed to their left side. "If we can make it to the club, we may stand a chance. We could barricade ourselves inside and stay the night."

"And then if any of the zombies break in, we'll be trapped in there with them." Cassie stated.

"I'd rather be in the house with them, than out here. Plus, if they do break in, we could always break out and set the place on fire." Carlos stated.

"I suppose it is better than staying out here all night." Cassie stated as she looked in the direction of the club. "Let's do it, then." She stated. Carlos nodded and looked around as Cassie began to walk in the direction of the club. As he followed her, she stopped.

"What's wrong?" Carlos asked as he looked at her.

"Look." Cassie pointed to the sky. There was a large light pointing straight up.

"It must be the others! They must be at the club and they're trying to give us a north star, if you would." Carlos stated.

"Let's follow it, then." Cassie stated as she began to move forward.

"Fresh flesh." A voice stated from behind them. They turned around to face Ashley and a group of zombies. They saw her arm and then her crazed face and knew what had happened.

"Ashley, we don't wanna hurt you." Carlos stated as he raised his hands and he and Cassie began to walk backwards.

"Then don't fight back!" Ashley stated as she lunged at them. They broke apart and let her slide between them, only to be grabbed by zombies. Cassie tried to fight off her three, but was having no luck. However, Carlos had managed to break free from his three and went to Cassie's aid. After he freed her, they turned to run, but found themselves facing Ashley again. "My food, you shouldn't fight back, it'll just make you lose your sweetness!" Ashley stated as she lunged at them again. This time, Cassie moved aside and pushed Ashley into the other zombies. Then, she grabbed Carlos by the arm.

"Come on." She cried as she pulled him along. As Ashley slowly stood up, she looked to the sky and saw the light.

"Andros . . . ." She stated as she narrowed her eyes at the light, and then motioned for the other zombies to follow her.

"Okay, that ought to help Carlos and Cassie get over here faster." TJ stated as he stepped away from the search light.

"That's if they haven't been turned into zombies all ready." Andros stated.

"I still can't picture her as a zombie . . . ." Astronema stated as she tried to see it. "I'll be she looks even uglier dead." Andros Lunged at Astronema.

"Whoa, Panny boy!" TJ stated as he held Andros back.

"She's not dead!" Andros yelled at Astronema. "She'll be fine as soon as the sun comes up!" Andros cried out as he settled down.

"Face it, runt! Ashley's been turned. As soon as the sun rises, she'll sink into the ground with the other zombies and it will be like she never existed. You won't remember her, and neither will the world." Astronema stated.

"What are you talking about?" TJ asked.

"That was part of the spell that I cast. As soon as the sun rose, and you guys were zombies, you'd go into the ground with them and the world would think that you all died a long time ago. That was the beautiful part of it. Then , there would have been no Andros to give you Rangers your powers, and no Rangers to stand in my way." Astronema stated. "But, unfortunately, since I'm stuck in here, I won't remember anything about this night, either."

"Well, at least now you know how it feels to have your life tampered with by others." Andros stated as he stood up and began to walk around the roof. As he reached the edge, he looked down at the ground and saw two figures running up. "Cassie? Carlos?" He called down.

"Andros!" They called up. Andros smiled.

"Guys, come in and barricade the door behind you! We'll let you up on the roof when you get here!" Andros called down.

"We're on our way!" Cassie cried up. Andros watched as they entered the building and disappeared. He stepped away from the ledge and turned to face TJ and Astronema.

"Cassie and Carlos made it. They're on their way up." Andros stated.

"Good, at least we know where everyone stands." TJ stated. Andros looked over to Astronema.

"Yeah, except for Ashley." He stated. TJ lowered is head and sighed.

"She'll be fine." TJ reassured him. "As soon as the others come up, we'll figure out something and we'll go get her." TJ stated as he placed his hand on Andros' back. They all looked up as someone banged on the door that led inside.

"Guys, it's us!" Carlos' voice called from the other side. Andros walked over to the door and unlocked it. As Carlos walked through, he and Andros hugged briefly. As Cassie came through, she threw herself on Andros and held him tightly.

"Hello to you too." Andros joked. Cassie smiled and then broke off and went to TJ.

"What's she doing here?" Carlos asked as he saw Astronema.

"Probably felt scared, so she came to find refuge with us." Cassie stated as she crossed her arms and stood offensively next to Carlos.

"No, we made a temporary truce with her. We need her help if we're gonna make it through the night, and she needs ours." Andros stated.

"What's up with your eyes?" Carlos asked as he noticed TJ's and Andros' eyes.

"Let's skip the formalities." Astronema stated as she approached the two with her palms opened and a flicker of fire in each hand. "Keep your eyes open." She stated. Then, she suddenly slammed her hands against their eyes and then pulled away. As they adjusted, their eyes then had the fire in it.

"What was that?" Cassie asked.

"It's a simple glamour spell to help us see in the dark. I learned it a long time ago." Astronema stated. Cassie nodded.

"So, she makes some use." She stated as she walked past Astronema. "What happened to Ashley?" She asked. TJ and Andros looked to the ground.

"A zombie got her." TJ stated.

"Obviously. We just had a run in with her outside, and it wasn't pretty." Carlos stated.

"It's all my fault. I didn't protect her from those things, and then they got her." Andros stated.

"Isn't there anything we can do?" Cassie asked.

"No. As soon as the sun rises, she'll sink away into the ground with all of the other zombies and none of us will even remember her." TJ stated.

"Actually, there is something you can do." Astronema stated.

"What?" Andros asked, excited.

"If you can keep her from going into the ground, you can save her." Astronema stated.

"How?" TJ asked.

"You guys tried morphing, all ready, right?" She asked. They all nodded and she sighed. "So predictable . . . . Now that you've all morphed, you've been protected by the power. Since Ashley was bit after morphing, she's protected. If you keep her from going into the ground, she will have basically been victim to a bad glamour spell." Astronema explained.

"So, she's not really a zombie?" Andros asked.

"No, it's just been pushed into her mind that she was, and her body is reacting to that. That's why the other zombies accept her. Her body is basically dead, but her soul is still there."

"Then we have to find her." Andros stated. "What time is it?" He asked.

"It's all ready midnight." Cassie stated.

"Man, where did the time go?" Carlos asked.

"Time has been accelerated a little in here. What you experience as ten minutes is in reality an hour." Astronema explained.

"So, if time is different in here, than why are our watches moving normally?" TJ asked.

"While the time in here has changed, your watches still work the same. Time is basically a mentally observed thing the spell makes you think time is moving faster. This way, you would stay awake longer and make the game more fun." Astronema stated.

"So, since the sun rises at seven, we basically have to wait another hour?" Cassie asked.

"More or less." Astronema stated.

"So, we have an hour to track down Ashley and get her up here so she can't go into the ground." Andros stated.

"Well, we've got that one covered because she's right down there, along with a dozen zombies or so." TJ stated as he looked over the edge. Andros looked down and saw Ashley standing out among the zombies.

"Andros, let me up!" Ashley stated, coldly. "I'm so hungry!"

"Fine. But only you. Make the others go away." Andros called back down. Ashley looked at the other zombies and they all dispersed among the trees.

"Let me up, now!" She called up.

"I'll be right down." Andros stated. A she backed up, TJ stopped him.

What are you doing? You know the minute you open that door, they'll all come flooding in!" TJ cried.

"Look, I can see out the windows if they move in while I'm down there, and you guys can see them from up here. If they start coming back, yell down there and I'll barricade the door again. It's as simple as that." Andros stated as he made his way over to the doorway and unlocked it. As he opened the door, he turned back to the others. "Wish me luck." He stated as he closed the door behind him. TJ walked back over to the side and looked down to see Ashley smiling up at him. TJ stared at her for a moment before he heard Andros open the door. TJ watched as Ashley entered the house, and then the door closed. TJ, Carlos, and Cassie all stood in front of the doorway in defensive stances waiting for Andros to come up. As they heard him pound on the door, TJ looked at the other Rangers, and then opened up the door. Andros stepped through a moment later carrying an unconscious Ashley.

"What happened?" Cassie asked as Andros laid Ashley on the floor and then stood up.

"I knocked her out the moment she came in. I figured we could handle her a lot easier unconscious, than conscious." He stated as he looked around the ground for something.

"What are you looking for?"TJ asked.

"Some rope or something to tie her up with. I don't want her waking up on the loose and getting away from us." Andros stated as he continued to look around. Astronema pulled out a long rolled up section of rope from one of her boots. Everyone looked at her.

"What? You never know when you'll need to tie someone up!" She stated in exasperation as Andros took the rope and proceeded to tie up Ashley.

"Ah, you Rangers are resourceful. It was smart of you to team up with Astronema. But it only means that you'll all die together instead of alone." Riser stated as he watched over the six on the roof. "And you really think you can keep Ashley from sinking underground? Not likely." He stated. "Only seven more hours to go until you're all dead, and Astronema's powers are mine."

"We need a fire."Cassie stated in the image. Astronema then produced the flicker in her hand again, and Riser watched as she set fire to some random leaves that had found their way onto the roof over time. Unfortunately, they burned up too quickly.

"We need something to keep it going." TJ stated as he looked around. He then saw a large tree hovering over the other side of the building. As he walked over to it, he grabbed onto a few loose branches and pulled them down. "These should do." He stated. Astronema set fire to them and TJ placed them down on top of one another. Then, Carlos threw some random leaves on top of the fire to keep it going. "Good trick, Astronema. But it won't help any of you." Riser stated as the monitor shut off and he walked away.

"Okay, what are we gonna do for the next hour?" Andros asked aloud.

"I say we just relax and maybe sleep." Carlos stated as he propped his head on Cassie's shoulder.

"No. We can't sleep. If we sleep, we chance them getting us before we know it." TJ stated. "Maybe we could play some games." TJ stated.

"That sounds so stupid." Astronema stated.

"Well, do you have any better ideas?" Cassie asked. Astronema shook her head.

"How about we just sit in silence and try to convert the gravimetric formula into the Isometric equation." Andros stated.

"You go right on and do that. I'll be over here contemplating what Claudia Schiffer would look like in my boxers . . . with me." Carlos stated as he closed his eyes and leaned back against the edge of the building.

"I think I'll do the same, but about what Scott Robinson of Five would look like in my shower." Cassie stated as she leaned her head against Carlos' shoulder and closed her eyes. Andros smiled at them as he sat down next to Astronema. She looked at him with a puzzled look.

"What do you want?" She asked him.

"I just wanted to say, thank you. For helping us make it here, and for making this a Halloween we'd never forget." Andros stated.

"That was my original attempt, but, unfortunately, if Ashley goes into the ground, this will be a night that none of us will remember." Astronema stated.

"So, see, you have a reason to help us now. If you don't remember this night, how will you remember not to try this trick on us again next year?" Andros asked. Astronema laughed softly at Andros joke and sighed.

"Ya know, this sucks. I'm actually starting to like you guys. It'll be a shame when I have to destroy you all." Astronema stated.

"Are you still bent on our destruction?" Andros joked. "Haven't you gotten over that yet?"

"I'm serious. One day, Dark Specter is going to make me choose between destroying you guys, or being destroyed myself. And, of course, selfish me is going to pick myself, but I'll feel sorry about it." She stated.

"Well, as long as you feel sorry for it." Andros joked.

"LET ME OUT OF THESE ROPES!" Ashley cried out as she woke up and saw where she was. Andros and Astronema stood up and looked at her. She was struggling with the ropes and still had a crazed look on her face. Cassie and Carlos opened their eyes and looked at her, while TJ simply sat still.

"Isn't there anything that you can do for her?" Andros asked. Astronema nodded and then walked up to Ashley. She knelt in front of her and smiled at her. Before Ashley knew what hit her, Astronema struck her in the head and she went unconscious again. Cassie and Carlos shrugged and laid back against each other. "Thanks, I think." Andros stated as Astronema sat back down.

"No problem. I was glad to do it." She stated. They both looked up as they heard a very loud banging noise from down below. Astronema, TJ, Carlos, and Cassie all stood up and went over to the ledge with Andros and looked down to see hundreds of zombies crowded around the entire building.

"I think we have a problem." TJ stated as a few of the zombies managed to break down the door and they began to pour in.

"We have about five minutes to barricade that door before they make their way up here." Andros stated. "Everybody, find something to prop against the door." Everyone scrambled around to find something. After a few moments, TJ spoke up.

"We've got nothing." He stated. Everyone else nodded.

"Then we need a game plan, because those things are on their way up here." Andros stated.

"Why don't we just put our weight against the door. They won't be able to break it down, then. And, if they do, we handle it. It wouldn't be hard for any of us to throw them off of the side." Cassie stated.

"She's right. It's our best chance, right now." Astronema replied as she looked at everyone. They all looked to the door as someone began to bang on it.

"Let's do this." Andros stated as he put his weight against the door. TJ and Carlos followed, and then so did Astronema and Cassie. As they all pushed against the door, more banging came from the other side.

"Wait, we may have another option!" Cassie cried out as she continued to push.

"Spit it out, Cass!" Andros stated as he grunted against the zombies' strength.

"When Carlos and I went underground, we found out that the field didn't extend down there. We were able to morph." Cassie stated.

"If we can get out of this field, and I can get my powers back, I can get rid of those zombies." Astronema stated.

"Then we need to fight our way down stairs!" Andros stated.

"What about Ashley?" Carlos asked.

"If you can get her down there, I can turn her back to normal." Astronema responded. Andros looked around the roof, and saw the glass window to their rights. Andros suddenly got off of the door and went over to Ashley. He picked her up and placed her on the other side of the window.

"Andros, what are you doing?" TJ asked as he continued to push.

"When I say, jump around to the other side of this door, and let the zombies out. They'll see Ashley, and go for her, and when they do, we push them down and they go through the window. The drop is deep enough that they'll be down for a while, and we can get down stairs and outta here!" Andros ordered as he got on the other side of the door. "Okay, get over here, now!" He ordered. The others quickly did as told and hid with Andros. A moment later, the door flew open, and a group of zombies stumbled out. They looked around and then noticed Ashley. As they started for her, they saw the window and stopped to look inside. "GO!" Andros cried out as he came around and launched himself at the zombies. The others jumped out as well, and they all began to kick at the group. Andros kicked one of the zombies in the stomach, and it fell backwards and crashed through the window. As it fell, the others began to push more into the hole. After a few minutes, the group of zombies had all fallen through. As everyone looked down, they could see the pile of zombies slithering around with broken bones and backs.

"All right, let's get outta here!" Cassie cried as she headed for the door. Andros grabbed Ashley and threw her over his shoulder. One by one, they all entered the door and began to run down the long flight of stairs to the first floor.

"Whoa!" Astronema yelled out as they hit the floor and saw the crowds of dead outside of the building.

"I think their friends found them!" TJ stated as they all looked around.

"Let's see if there's a way out through the back." Andros stated as he headed toward the other side of the room. They entered another doorway, and found themselves in a large kitchen. As they looked around, they heard the sound of more zombies breaking in. TJ turned around and locked the door behind them.

"That should buy us some time." He stated as they turned and made their way through the kitchen. As they came across another door, it was locked with seven different locks. Andros set Ashley down on the floor next to the door and then proceeded to unlock the seven locks. As he reached the last one, it wouldn't turn.

"This one's stuck. I can't get it!" Andros stated. Astronema sighed.

"Men . . . ." She stated as she walked up to the door and kicked it open. It flew back and almost hit Andros as he tried to step forward. He looked over at Astronema and she smiled sheepishly.

"Let's go, all ready!" TJ stated as he picked up Ashley and followed Andros. Cassie and Astronema came out next and then Carlos followed. As they looked around, they found themselves in an alleyway. Andros looked around and saw a manhole nearby.

"There!" He stated as he pointed to it. "We can get down there by that!" He stated as he jogged over to it and pulled off the cover. "Give me Ashley." He stated. TJ handed her limp body to Andros, and he proceeded to lower her down, carefully. As soon as he knew she was down on the ground, safely, he motioned for Cassie to come over. "Go." He stated as he pushed her to the hole. She jumped through, and a large pink light flashed down below. Andros motioned for TJ, and he jumped down too, followed by a blue light. As Carlos started to go down, he saw the crowd of zombies come around a corner and spot them.

"We got trouble!" He stated as he slipped down there. As black light flashed from below, Andros and Astronema looked up and saw the group.

"GO!" Andros cried as he pushed Astronema over to the hole. She jumped down, and then Andros picked up the cover to the manhole and tossed it like a frisbee at the zombies. As it collided with a few of them and sent them to the ground, Andros hopped down in the hole. Red light flashed about him as he morphed into the red Ranger. He looked around and saw the others all morphed. Andros pulled out his blaster and aimed at the hole. As he fired at the hole, Cassie and TJ followed suit. A moment later, the hole was closed up. As Andros tucked away his blaster, he looked around. "Where's Ashley?" He asked.

"She was here when I jumped down!" Cassie stated as they all looked around. Astronema spun her hands around and produced her staff.

"We'll find her soon, she's not going very far tied up like that. I say we split off and look in both directions. Your communicators should work now, so you can stay in contact." She stated.

"Good idea." Andros stated. "Astronema and I will go this way."He stated as he pointed ahead of them. "You guys go that way and look for her. First one to find her, alerts the others." He stated as he grabbed Astronema by the arm and began to pull her along.

"Four more hours, Astronema." Riser stated as he stared off into space. He was sitting on the bridge of the Dark Fortress and was alone. He turned to the monitor, and stared at it. "Show me Astronema." He stated. As it activated, he saw Astronema and Andros wandering around in a dark tunnel. He then noticed that Andros was morphed. As he checked the console before him, he saw that they were outside of the field. "How did you get out?" He asked aloud. "You resourceful little devils . . . back in the field for you!" He stated as he pressed a button on the console. In the image, Astronema and Andros melted away in a hail of bright light. A moment later, they re-materialized above ground. Andros was de-morphed.

"What just happened?" Andros asked.

"That bastard, Riser, must be watching us. He knew we got gout and he put us back in." Astronema stated.

"Well, who would have thought that one of your monsters would turn on you?" Andros asked, sarcastically.

"Let's worry about that later. Let's just find some way to get back underground." Astronema stated as she looked around and saw a manhole.

"Uh uh." Riser stated as he pressed another button. As Astronema reached for the hole, it suddenly disappeared.

"What the hell?" Astronema asked. "Riser, when I get my hands on you!" She screamed out.

"Let's just keep moving." Andros stated as he grabbed her arm. "The longer we stay in one place, the more chances we have of meeting some zombies." Andros stated. Astronema nodded, and then they began to walk away.

"Four more hours, Astronema. And then, your powers will be mine." Riser stated as he shut off the monitor.

"It's really dark down here." Cassie stated as she looked around.

"So, turn on the headlights." Carlos stated as he hit his belt buckle. The large oval on his forehead lit up, immediately. Cassie and TJ followed suit, and then the whole tunnel was lit up. As they looked ahead, a figure ran past them.

"Did you guys see that?" Cassie asked as she walked in the direction of the figure.

"Yeah, but, wait up!" Carlos stated as he walked up to catch up to her. As Cassie turned a corner, to follow the figure, she was startled as someone kicked her in the chest. As she fell back, Carlos and TJ came to her side. A moment later, Ashley jumped out in her Yellow Ranger uniform.

"Ashley, it's us." Cassie stated as Carlos helped her up. Ashley immediately lunged forward and caught TJ and Carlos in the chests with her fists. As they fell back, Ashley spin kicked Cassie across the face. As TJ jumped back up, he grabbed Ashley's arms from behind and struggled to hold onto her. She then brought her right leg up over her head and kicked TJ in the head. As he stumbled backwards, Ashley spun around and kicked him to the ground. She then threw her foot back and caught Carlos in the stomach and he jumped for her. She then spun around again and back handed Cassie in the face. As they all got up, Ashley had managed to disappear. TJ raised his communicator and activated it.

"Andros, this is TJ, come in." He stated. When nothing came back, he looked around at the others. "Andros, come in." He stated again. And once more, nothing came back.

"I'm starting to wonder if Astronema really intended to hold up her end of the bargain." Cassie stated.

"Cassie, we had no bargain. Just an agreement to help each other survive. Now that we're outta danger, she's not obligated to help us anymore." TJ stated as he looked around.

"Did anyone see which way Ashley went?" Carlos asked. Cassie shrugged. "Then let's stop bickering and start looking for her again." He stated as he started to walk away.

"Okay, we gotta find some way to let the others know that we're up here." Andros stated. Astronema thought about it for a minute.

"What if we attach a message to something that they'll notice, and then flush it down into the sewers? They'll find it eventually, and then know." Astronema suggested. Andros nodded.

"Good idea." He stated as he looked around.

"What about your communicator? When they try to contact us, they'll hear it and track it down, and then get the message." Astronema suggested again.

"All right. I think I can record the message on here for playback." He stated as he brought his communicator up. He pressed a button, and then held down another. "Guys, we got bumped back up above ground, but we're fine. However, we can't get back down there, so we have to get Ashley up here, or else she'll slink away with the zombies. Find Ashley, and then bring her up here, if you can get up. Good luck, and be careful. Meet us at Stone Canyon High." Andros stated as he finished the message. He then looked around and saw a gutter nearby. "Let's see if it'll go down there." He stated as he walked over to it. He slipped off the communicator and then slipped it through the gutter. As they heard it thump to the ground, they stood up.

"Now what?" Astronema asked.

"Now, we try to make it to Stone Canyon High and wait it out. We've only got another half an hour left here, by our time, but three hours in reality." Andros stated.

"Then, let's go." Astronema stated. Andros nodded, and then they began to walk off.

"What could have happened to them?" Cassie asked as they walked around in the tunnels. TJ shrugged.

"I don't know, but the only thing we can do is to keep trying to contact them and keep looking for Ashley." He answered. Cassie brought up her communicator again.

"Andros, come in." She stated. Suddenly, they heard a beeping noise nearby. Cassie perked up. "What was that?" She asked.

"I think it was Andros' communicator." He stated As he looked around. He brought up his communicator. "Andros, come in." He stated. As they heard the beeping again, they all turned around, and walked backwards. As Carlos kept trying, TJ looked around.

"Look, there!" He stated as he pointed to an indent in a nearby wall. Inside, was Andros' red communicator. TJ jogged over to it and picked it up. "It's got a message on it." He stated as he pushed a blinking button. A moment later, Andros' voice began to play out loud. After his message finished, TJ placed the communicator on his belt. "We gotta find Ashley." He stated.

"Let's use the Astro Navigator." Cassie suggested as she pulled out the small device. She turned it on, and then began to point it in all directions. As it began to bleep, she smiled under her helmet. "I've got her!" She cried.

"Where is she?" TJ asked.

"PEEK-A-BOO!" Ashley cried out as she jumped into the air and slammed her foot into TJ's back. As he fell to the ground, Carlos lunged at her, and grabbed her in a big bear hug. Ashley threw her head back, and head-butted Carlos until he let go.

"SATELLITE STUNNER!" Cassie cried out as she pulled out her weapon. She pointed it at Ashley and pulled the trigger. As sound waves flew out and connected with Ashley, sparks jumped off of her armor, and she fell to the ground, unconscious. Cassie put away the weapon, and then stepped over to her friend and removed her helmet. She felt Ashley's neck and then sighed. "She's still alive." Cassie stated.

"Then, let's get going." TJ suggested as he pulled out his blaster and fired at the gutter. As it blasted away and opened up to the city above, a wall of light flashed through the tunnels and everyone's armor melted away. "What just happened?"

"You just expanded the field to down here as well." Cassie stated. TJ shrugged.

"We were going up, anyway." He picked up Ashley and threw her over his shoulder. He then climbed up out of the hole and stepped up onto the ground. Cassie and Carlos soon followed.

"We've got half an hour left." Cassie stated. "Let's get over to the school." She stated. TJ nodded and then they all began to walk off to their rights.

As Astronema kicked open the main doors to the school, Andros smiled. Astronema smiled back as they entered the school. Andros stopped to look at the damage she had just done to the door.

"Why am I suddenly glad that I wasn't born a door in Stone Canyon?" Andros joked. Astronema laughed.

"You Rangers are so weird." She stated as she looked around.

"Why don't we make our way up to the roof?" Andros asked.

"Are you kidding me? This place is about ten stories tall! It'll take us all night to get up there!" She stated, exasperated.

"Well, it'll help pass the time." Andros stated. Astronema sighed and nodded. Andros smiled. "Let's find some stairs, then." As they walked around in the dark hallways, Andros observed the school. "Is this what they really go to everyday?" Andros asked aloud.

"What?" Astronema asked.

"The other Rangers. They go to a high school just like this everyday. Well, except for the extra nine floors." Andros stated.

"I think these schools are a waste of time. It should be the parents' responsibility to teach their children what they need to know." Astronema stated.

"I agree, but, school is sort of the parents' break from them." Andros stated.

"Why would they want a break from their children? If they wanted a break, they shouldn't have had them." Astronema stated. Andros chuckled.

"You have such a wonderful outlook on life." Andros stated as he stopped walking. "There's the stairwell." Andros stated as he moved over to the door. As he found it was locked, he moved aside and bowed for Astronema to move past. She immediately kicked down the door and stepped back.

"If you keep doing that, Stone Canyon's gonna start charging you for repairs!" TJ stated as he, Cassie, and Carlos walked up. Andros noted Ashley over his shoulder.

"You found her?" He asked as he helped TJ set her down. TJ nodded.

"Right after we found your communicator, she attacked us. Cassie knocked her out, and then we came up. What happened to you two?" TJ asked.

"We think Riser found out we had gotten out, and then teleported us back up here." Andros stated.

"So, what's the plan?" Cassie asked.

"We were gonna head up to the roof to pass some time." Andros stated.

"It seems like this place would be quiet enough for us to be safe in." Carlos stated.

"And, it echoes, so we'd be able to hear if anyone was following us." Astronema stated.

"Then, let's do it." TJ stated as he started up the stairwell.

"I've always wanted to see a sunrise from a roof." Cassie stated as she made her way into the stairwell. Carlos and Astronema soon followed. Andros picked up Ashley and then placed her into the stairwell. He turned around and closed the door, and then, using his mental powers, he made the lock slip back into place so that the zombies wouldn't know they were going up there. He then picked up Ashley and began the long trek up the stairs.

"The suspense is killing me!" Riser cried out as he wandered around on the bridge of the Dark Fortress. "I don't think I can wait another two hours to find out what's going to happen." He stated aloud as he walked over to the monitor again. "Show me Astronema." He stated. The monitor lit up and an image of the stairwell appeared with Astronema and the Rangers all inside. Riser hit the console. "Why are you still alive?!" He shouted out. He stood up straight and disappeared in a green flash of light. A moment later, he reappeared on top of Stone Canyon High School in a green energy field. His eyes lit up a dark shade of green, and then shone down over the entire city. "Attention, all flesh craving zombies: Six, beautifully tenderized flesh filled humanoids in Stone Canyon High School. First to get here and on the roof gets all six!" He cried out. As he looked down upon the city, he could see hundreds of the zombies suddenly turn and begin to make their way toward the school. Riser smiled. "Escape this one, Astronema. Once you fools reach the roof, you'll be stranded and you'll all die for sure." Riser cried out as he disappeared as fast as he had arrived.

"Fifth floor rest." Cassie stated as she slumped down to the ground. TJ sat down next to her and began to pant.

"I think this will cover my workouts for the next ten years." Carlos joked as he hit his head against the wall and stood still. Andros carefully set Ashley down on the ground, and then dropped to the floor and laid out.

"I'm the one carrying an extra hundred and thirty pounds here, so you people have nothing to complain about." He stated as he closed his eyes.

"You Rangers are so weak. This trek is nothing to me." Astronema stated as she started up the stairs again.

"Sorry, we're only human here." TJ stated as he stood back up and grabbed Ashley. He threw her over his shoulder and walked past Astronema and started up the stairs again.

"Do we have to move all ready?" Cassie asked. Everyone was startled as they heard the door below slam open. Andros looked over the side of the stairs to the bottom and his eyes grew wide.

"Move, now!" He cried out. Cassie stood and looked over before she started up the stairs again. She then saw the many zombies fighting to climb the stairs after them. Carlos stood up and pushed Cassie up the stairs. Andros pulled up the back and urged Astronema to move.

"How did they know we were in here?" She asked as she hurried up the stairs.

"Obviously one of them saw us all coming in here and followed us in here." TJ stated as he scramble dup the stairs with Ashley.

"No, Riser must have announced to them that we were in here. He must want us all dead pretty badly to risk getting caught in here." Astronema stated.

"Does this guy have a major vendetta against you or something?" Carlos asked.

"I guess so, but I don't know why." She stated. The five of them quickly made their way past the sixth and seventh floors before Andros looked down again.

"Those suckers are moving fast! They're all ready on the fourth floor!" He cried out. "We gotta move faster!" He stated as he pushed them all along.

"I would say they're getting very hungry!" Cassie stated.

"Well, they've only got about ten more minutes to get their dinner, so I would guess so!" Astronema responded. They continued up the stairs and went past the eighth and ninth floors.

"TJ, you okay up there?" Andros asked.

"Oh, just fine!" He managed to get out between breaths.

"Give me her!" Astronema stated as she easily pulled Ashley off of TJ's shoulder and flung her over her own.

"Thanks." TJ stated. Astronema nodded.

"Keep going!" She stated as she kicked him in the butt. TJ quickly climbed up more and then noticed that they were on the tenth floor.

"One more to go!" TJ cried out.

"Hurry up, they're on the eighth floor all ready!" Andros shouted. "They'll catch up really quick!" He stated. TJ pushed himself harder to make it up the stairs. As he reached the top, he found that the door to the roof was locked tight.

"Door's locked!" He shouted down.

"I got it!" Astronema shouted as she handed Ashley to TJ. Astronema brought her leg up and kicked the door, hard, but it didn't budge. "Uh-oh." She stated.

"No, don't say that!" Cassie cried out.

"What's wrong?" Andros asked.

"The locks are re-enforced steel!" Astronema called down.

"Move." Andros stated as he pushed through the others to get up there. As he reached the door, he began to concentrate. One by one, the locks started to pop off. Cassie looked back and then screamed. As Andros' concentration broke, he looked down to see the zombies coming up the last flight of stairs.

"My turn!" Astronema cried as she kicked the door again. The last lock popped off and the door swung open.

"GO!" Andros cried out as he pushed them all through. As a zombie managed to get up to them, he kicked it in the stomach and watched as it stumbled backwards and slowed down the others. Andros stepped onto the roof and closed the door behind him. He used his powers again to put each of the working locks back in place. "That should hold them for the next few minutes until the sun rises."

"Ashley's waking." TJ stated as he set her down. As Ashley opened her eyes, she saw that she was surrounded. Her face still carried the same crazed look on it as she stood up slowly.

"The sun . . . ." Cassie stated as they all looked over and saw the first signs of light peeking over the horizon. Ashley growled and began to kick at everyone to try and get by. Andros blocked one of her kicks and then blocked one of her punches, but then he missed one and it connected with his bare chest. Ashley made her way through them and tried to push at the doorway to get downstairs. When she couldn't get the door open, she looked around. A moment later, she started to run to the edge of the roof.

"NO!" Andros stated as he ran after her. Andros reached for Ashley a moment too late and she launched herself over the side. Andros instinctively jumped with her.

"ANDROS!" Astronema cried as she and the others all gathered by the side to watch them. As Andros fell fast, he tried to catch up with Ashley. As the sun finished rising, the field was visibly lowered, and Andros' and Ashley's armor re-appeared on their bodies. Andros pushed harder and grabbed Ashley at the last second and corrected their falling. A moment later, he landed on his feet with Ashley in his arms. A green bubble formed around her body, and then popped. As Andros set her down on the ground, he removed her helmet. Her eyes opened slowly, and she smiled.

"Andros?" She asked. Andros smiled and pulled her into his embrace.

"I thought I would lose you." He stated as he kissed the top of her head. High above them, the other Rangers rejoiced as their armor re-appeared. Astronema smiled as her staff appeared in her hands, once more. She raised her staff and an orange bubble formed around her and the other Rangers, and then they floated down to the ground.

"Ashley!" Cassie cried as she ran to her friend's side. She and Andros helped her to stand.

"Is everyone okay?" Carlos asked.

"Yeah, we're fine." Andros stated.

"YOU RANGERS WILL PAY FOR RUINING MY PLANS!" Riser cried out as he materialized in the air above the six. Green lightning flew out of his body and into everything around him as he grew to an enormous size.

"I don't know about you guys, but I've got some aggressions to take out on this prick!" Andros cried out. "ASTRO-DELTA MEGAZORD! LINK UP!" Andros cried to the sky. A moment later, the two massive ships entered the Earth's atmosphere and flew towards Stone Canyon. They began the transformation into their combined Zord, and by the time they hit the ground, they were finished.

"POWER UP!" The five Rangers cried out as they teleported into the main bridge of the Megazords. As they did, Andros glared at Riser.

"You're going down, buddy!" He cried out.

"We'll see!" Riser shouted as he lunged at the Megazord. Andros used the controls to raise the Megazord's arms and punch away Riser, and then used the legs to kick him in the back. As Riser came back around, The Megazord brought up both of it's feet and slammed them into Riser's chest.

"Power Saber!" Andros cried out as the massive saber appeared in the Megazord's hands. It swung the sword around and as Riser lunged at them again, they swiped the sword at his chest and cut him open. Green light flooded out of his chest, and all of the faces on it disappeared. A moment later, Ecliptor and Elgar appeared on the ground. As Riser looked down to the large cut in his chest and the green light that surged out, he grew enraged.

"You Rangers will pay for that!" He cried out as he lunged at him again.

"Ecliptor, are you all right?" Astronema asked as she helped him up.

"Yes, princess. Are you all right?" He asked.

"I'm fine, but Riser is in for a world of hurt! He's fighting the Rangers right now." Astronema stated.

"He'll no doubt drain the Rangers of some power during this fight. I say as soon as they finish him, we should strike and catch them at their weakest!" Ecliptor stated as he called upon his sword.

"No." Astronema ordered. "We will not attack the Rangers today."

"But, my princess . . . ." Ecliptor began.

"I said no, Ecliptor. Now, take Elgar back up to the fortress and ready my bed because I am getting tired." Astronema ordered. "Now!"

"Yes, princess." Ecliptor stated as he grabbed Elgar and they both disappeared in a green flash of light.

"All right, activate the power fists!" Andros stated as Riser got up off the ground. All of the Rangers activated the same command sequence on their consoles, and the large hands of the Megazord pointed at Riser. White light surrounded them as they flew out of the Megazord and at Riser. A moment later, they soared through him and came back to the Megazord. Riser collapsed to the ground in a fiery heap of pain. Inside the Megazord, the Rangers all celebrated. Then, they jumped down to Astronema.

"Power down." They all stated as their armor melted away.

"Thank you, Astronema." Andros stated as he shook Astronema's hand.

"We're even now, right?" She asked.

"Right." Cassie responded.

"I'll have Ecliptor release the people of Stone Canyon right away." Astronema stated, and then disappeared in an orange flash.

"Not bad for your first Halloween, huh?" TJ asked Andros. Andros smiled.

"No, I actually had a lot of fun, if you take out the parts about the zombies." Andros stated.

"So, did you and Ashley kiss?" Cassie stated, bluntly, Andros began to blush, and then Ashley giggled.

"No, we didn't." Ashley lied. "But I'll fix that!" She cried out as she grabbed Andros and pulled him into a passionate kiss. Cassie, Carlos, and TJ's mouths all dropped wide open as they stared at the two. As Ashley finally pulled away, Andros stumbled backwards.

"Go, Ashley!" Cassie stated as she high-fived Ashley. Andros opened his eyes and looked at the four Rangers before him. A goofy grin graced his face as he realized what had happened.

"Come on, sexy, let's go find your shirt." Ashley stated as she wrapped her arm around Andros' shoulders. Cassie, TJ, and Carlos watched them as they walked off together.

"Hey, does that mean that I won the bet?" Cassie asked. TJ laughed as he followed the happy couple.

"No Cassie, none of us won." Carlos stated as he followed them as well.

"No, I had from midnight to sunrise! The sun hasn't finished rising yet, so I won!" Cassie complained as she stalked after the others.

The End.