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Blue No More
Part One: Scattered
by: Jason Festa

It was a beautiful Sunday morning in Angel Grove, and all was quiet. For once, it was very cool outside. For the past week, the highest recorded temperature was 75 degrees. People in Angel Grove began to accept the Syber Soldiers' presence almost as soon as they had the Power Rangers. Although there were still people who thought that the Soldiers were up to no good, many more people believed in them, simply because the Power Rangers trusted them. In a nearby church, the sermon was ending, and people began to come out the doors. Among them were Kimberly and Jc.

"That made no sense, at all." Jc said as they walked down the steps.

"What?" Kim asked.

"The way those people acted. Whenever the choir began to sing, they would get up and start dancing in the aisles!" Jc said.

"It's called, 'being filled with the holy spirit.'" Kimberly informed him.

"No, it's called, 'tripping out.'" Jc said. Kimberly giggled.

"You are too much!" Kim stated.

"And what was the deal with worshiping this big God?" Jc asked. Kim stopped.

"Don't you have a God that you worship?" Kim said.

"The only person we ever worshiped, was Syberia." Jc said, sadly.

"Humans, well, most humans, believe that there is this one God who is responsible for all creation. He's supposed to be all mighty, and powerful." Kim said. Jc glared at her, not convinced. They approached her car, and she unlocked her door.

"Here." She tossed her Bible across the roof, and Jc caught it. "Read this, when you get a chance, it explains most of it." She climbed in the car, and so did he. They both strapped on their seat belts.

"They really believe that one guy created all life?" Jc asked.

"Not a guy, a god." Kim clarified.

"That's screwy." Jc said. He was thrown back in his seat as Kim revved the engine, and went soaring onto the highway.

As Kim opened her front door, she threw her keys on the table next to her. Jc came stumbling in after her.

"Did you have to drive so fast?" Jc asked.

"Hmm, yeah." Kim giggled. " Alysa, Sanchez, you guys here?" Kim called upstairs.

"They must have gone out." Jc said.

"Which leaves us all alone." Kim said as she wrapped her arms around Jc's neck.

"You know, we'll have to tell the guys about us sometime. We can't hide it for too much longer." Jc said as he gave her a quick peck on the lips.

"Eventually." Kim said as she pulled Jc down to her and began to kiss him. Suddenly, the phone rang.

"I knew that would happen." Jc said. Kim picked up the phone.

"Hello? . . . yeah, he's here. You wanna talk to him? . . . oh, all right, where are you guys? . . . the beach? Again? I'm beginning to think that I moved you guys into the wrong house! . . . ummm, hang on, I'll ask Jc." She put the phone down. "You wanna go to the beach?"

"Absolutely! But only if you wear that tight pink bikini!" Jc grinned.

"Pervert!" Kim said as she picked the phone back up. "We'll be there in a few minutes. . . . all right, see ya!" She hung up the phone. "Now where were we?" She asked as she put her arms around Jc's neck again.

"Right about here." Jc said as he kissed her. They didn't stop.

At Angel Grove Beach, the air smelled more salty than usual. The waves were crashing upon the shore heavier than usual as well. Dimitria had accredited the many changes to Syberia's ship, orbiting the planet. Even with all of the weirdness happening to the Earth, the beach was flooded with people. Among these people, were Tommy, Alysa, and Sanchez. They were gathered on the shore, by the rocks. Alysa was sunbathing on one of the rocks, and Tommy and Sanchez were sparring on the sand. At present, Tommy and Sanchez were involved in a very elaborate kata. Then, they went into a fight. Tommy lashed out with his right leg, and it flew past Sanchez' head, coming within an inch of actually touching it. He responded by sweeping with his right leg, and catching Tommy's left. Tommy stumbled backwards and Sanchez quickly pinned him down.

"You're dead." He stated flatly. Tommy flinched as a blue blur pushed Sanchez over, and rolled with him on the ground. They rolled around until the blur was on top. When Tommy looked up, Jc had Sanchez pinned.

"His butt is saved by the all mighty, Prince Jc." Sanchez squiggled around under Jc. "Please, you could never break free from me!" Jc boasted. Sanchez gave up. When Jc calmed, Sanchez used this to his advantage. He kicked Jc off of himself, and rolled around until he was on top.

"Things change." He stated. Sanchez got up, and offered Jc his hand.

"Thanks." Jc stated as Sanchez helped him up. Kim and Tommy approached them.

"Nice work, Sanchez." Kim said.

"He's not the only one who can pin me down." Jc whispered. Kim elbowed him.

"I'm gonna go sun bath with Alysa. Bye Boys!" She walked off toward the rocks.

"Jc, I heard about you and Kim." Tommy whispered to Jc.

"She told you?" He asked in disbelief.

"She tells me everything. Don't worry, I won't tell Alysa."

"Good, we don't want anyone to know yet, kay?"

"Sure thing buddy." They walked over to the rocks where the girls laid, and began to spar again. On top of the rocks, Kim and Alysa were carrying on their own conversation.

"So, how did Jc respond to church?" Alysa asked.

"He didn't understand the point in it, but I'm wearin' him down!" Kim joked.

"You're probably the first person, besides his mother who could wear him down! Well at least that I know of. He's always been stubborn, ever since I first met him."

"How did you become his guard?"

"Long story."

"We got time."

"All right. It begins . . . about one hundred and fifty seven years ago."

"Wait a minute, how old are you?"

"Two-thousand, eight hundred, and ninety one."

"God, I feel so young!"

"Yeah, well, we were made to last. By your human biological standards, I would say we are equivalent to twenty years old."

"I like that age much better!" Kimberly giggled. "So, continue."

"Well, my parents had died about a month before. The Riley family took me in, and introduced me to the Queen and the Prince. Jc and I quickly became friends, and we spent a lot of time together. One day, we went out to the cannons, and he decided to be brave. He walked up Lunar cannon, and tripped. He fell down twenty seven feet, and broke his legs."


"Yeah, he whined the whole time I was re-setting his fractures. But I got a brace made, and dragged him back to the city. Militia, The Queen, she was extremely grateful, and gave me the job of being a Royal Guard with Sanchez."

"Now, when did you guys develop a real relationship?"

"About a year later. When we were talking about how his mother was trying to force him into marriage, he blurted out that he would rather marry me than the women his mother was trying to set him up with. We talked it out, and decided to start dating."

"It is amazing how alike our two worlds are."

"We modeled our way of living after humans. The only thing that really separates us, is the fact that I'm Syberian, and you're Human."

"That's true." Kim said thoughtfully. Suddenly, beep beep beepbeep beep beep.

"Great." Alysa muttered.

"Guys!" Kim cried. When she had their attention, she pointed to her communicator. They all rushed over to the rock and climbed up. "Come in, Dimitria."

"Rangers, Soldiers, please come to the Power Chamber immediately." Dimitria asked.

"We're on our way." Tommy stated. "We clear?" They all looked around.

"Clear." Jc said as he raised his dark blue communicator. In one, bright, flash, they all teleported away, leaving a rainbow of colors behind; red, pink, blue, green, and dark pink.

The Power Chamber filled with light as the five teens teleported in. As the light cleared, they lowered their communicators and walked around.

"Dimitria?" Jc asked.

"I am here." Dimitria's voice boomed.

"Where?" Kim asked, confused. They all continued to look around for her.

"In Zordon's warp tube." Everyone looked up to the tube.

"What are doing in there?" Tommy asked.

"I figured that you would be more used to this, so I decided to reside in here. It's actually kind of comfortable." Dimitria said.

"What's up?" Sanchez asked.

"I have a surprise for you all. We should wait until the others arrive."

"Why?" Alysa asked.

"Because it effects you all." They stared at her in confusion. It became bright again as the others teleported in.

"Dimitria, what's up?" Adam asked.

"She's got something to tell us." Jc said.

"It's not really a tell issue, it's more of a show issue." Dimitria said.

"Okay, then show us." Tanya said.

"All right, come on out." Dimitria said. Everyone turned as the back doors opened. Fog rolled out, and they waited in anticipation. As the fog cleared, and robot walked out. It looked very much like Alpha 5, except it had a straight arrow down the middle, and had more armor. "Rangers, Soldiers, meet Alpha 6."

"Yo, Rangers, Soldiers." Alpha 6 spurted out in a New York accent. The others all gathered around the robot to see.

"Wow, deja vu." Kim giggled.

"About what?" Jc asked.

"I'll tell ya later." She whispered.

"Hello, Alpha 6. I'm Tanya Sloan." Alpha shook Tanya's hand.

"It's nice to meet ya." Alpha 6 responded.

"I'm Justin Stewart."

"You're a'little short to be a Power Ranger, aren't ya?" Alpha 6 asked. Justin crossed his arms and stormed away.

"I'm Jc Odin."

"I know who you are. My scanners register you as a Syberian. Is that true?" Alpha 6 asked.

"Yes, but I'm from New Syberia. I lead the revolution against her."

"So you're Prince Jc." Alpha 6 said as he relaxed a little.

"I'm Alysa, of the family Perry. I am one of Prince Jc's Royal Guards."

"Relax, Alysa. Ya don't have to be so up tight." Alpha said.

"Sorry, I just get tense around new people." All of a sudden, a loud siren sounded within the Power Chamber. "Great, I just get here, and I'm already on the clock!" Alpha walked over to the consol, and turned off the alarm. "YO! A large sphere is floating towards the Earth!"

"The Space Base must have separated from Syberia's ship." Jc said.

"Syberia? She's here? Why?" Alpha asked.

"I will inform you later, Alpha 6." Dimitria said.

"Should we morph?" Kim asked.

"At the moment, it is just approaching the Earth. There is no significant need for alarm. The best thing to do right now, is to return to Angel Grove, and be on alert." Dimitria said.

"All right. But if you run into any trouble, contact us." Jc said to the others. Everyone nodded.

"Be careful, Rangers and Soldiers. May the power protect you." Dimitria said.

_Major deja vu!_ Kim thought to herself.

"Let's go." Alysa said. Everyone raised their communicators, and teleported away.

"Now why didn't you tell me that Syberia was here?" Alpha 6 asked.

"Would you have come here if I did?" Alpha thought for a moment.

"No, probably not."


Bright light shimmered off the two cars, parked at the beach, as Tommy, Kimberly, Jc, Alysa, and Sanchez teleported in. They all looked around to make sure no one was watching.

"I say we all go back to my house, and hang." Kim said.

"We've been doing that a lot lately." Tommy joked.

"Well, it's the most secluded place we could go. Not many people around, means we can morph, and no innocents could get hurt." Jc said.

"It is the best bet." Alysa said.

"Let's go." Sanchez said. They each separated. Alysa and Kim went back to the rocks where they were sun bathing, and the guys went to pick up their stuff where they were sparring. After a few moments, everyone was back at the cars. Kim opened her trunk, and threw her towel, and her shirt in. Jc threw in his sweat pants and his tank top. Kim closed the trunk and they got in the car. Tommy, Sanchez, and Alysa climbed into Tommy's car.

"See ya there!" Tommy stated as he started his car, and drove away.

"Seatbelts." Kim said as she closed her door and grinned.

"When you're driving, of course!" Jc joked. Kim started the car, and drove off of the sand and into the grass. Her car was bumpy until she finally got onto the road. "Take it easy!"

"Whine, whine whine!" Kim joked.

"Well, what can I say, I'm a whiner." They continued to drive along the road directly behind Tommy's car. Suddenly, the sky was filled with a red light as a beam shot past both cars.

"Was that what I think it was?" Kim asked.

"A mechanizing beam." Jc looked back.

"Look!" Kim pointed to Tommy's car. Alysa was sitting in back, and motioning for them to pull over. Jc gave the okay sign. A minute later, they were all standing on the side of the road next to their cars.

"Did you guys see the mechanizing beam?" Tommy asked.

"Yeah, we should call Dimitria." Kim said.

"Let's go check it out first, it may be something we can handle." Sanchez said.

"Yeah, come on." Tommy said. He started to walk off towards the beam.

"Wait! We should still inform Dimitria." Kim said.

"Kim, she probably all ready knows! Come on!" Tommy said. He walked off again.

"Tommy!" Jc called after him as Sanchez and Alysa joined him.

"We can't let them go alone." Kim said.

"Come on." Jc said. They both jogged to catch up with the others. "Tommy, maybe we should teleport, we don't know how far away they are."

"Hang on." Tommy said. "Shift into Turbo! Red Lightning Turbo Power!" Tommy morphed into the Red Turbo Ranger. "Turbo Navigator!" He called forth the hand-held scanner. "Let's see, mechanizers! About a mile down the road." Tommy said.

"Come on." Jc said. He jogged down the road. The others joined him. After a few minutes, they were within eyes view of the mechanizers. "Woh!" He called as he stopped the others.

"What?" Kim asked.

"There." Jc pointed. Then they saw the mechanizers.

"What are they doing?" Sanchez asked.

"It looks like they're scrounging for parts." Alysa said.

"Guys!" Kim called.

"What could they want with those parts?" Tommy asked.

"Guys!" Kim said.

"Maybe Syberia's got something up her sleeve." Sanchez suggested.

"Yo, dip-shits! Kim cried. She got their attention. "We've been found out." A small group of mechanizers had come up from behind, and were slowly approaching.

"Let's morph guys!" Jc said.

"Wind Chaser Turbo Power!"

"Syber Soldier Pink, Brachiosaurus!"

"Syber Soldier Blue, Velociraptor!"

"Syber Soldier Green, Stegosaurus!"

The halls of the Space Base were filled with noise as the base flew closer to Earth. In one room, Syberia and Havok were talking about various plans. They stopped talking as the doors opened and Mallet walked in.

"What is it, Mallet?" Syberia asked, annoyed at the interruption.

"Our favorite friends on Earth have found the mechanizers." Mallet said.

"Did the ones who were getting the parts return?" Havok asked.

"Yes. We have all of the proper equipment to build the scatterer." Mallet said.

"Good, as long as we have what we came for, I'm happy. Focus the mechanizer beam to keep them coming back together. We need to stall them as long as possible." Syberia ordered.

"Yes my queen. Would you like me to send down a monster?" Mallet asked.

"No. I will go down when the time is right, and make my own monster. I want to personally oversee this battle." Syberia said.

"Yes my queen." Mallet turned to leave, but stopped. "There was one more thing."

"What?" Syberia asked, very annoyed.

"The human has begun to move around in the chamber, and some of the transformation is becoming very apparent." Mallet said. Syberia stood.

"I'll be right back." She walked out of the room and down several hallways until she came to the docking port. Her body was immediately covered in red light, and she disappeared. She reappeared on her ship a moment later. She walked down several more hallways, until she came to two red doors. She put her hand on a consol next to the door, and they both opened. She walked into the dark room, past the humongous chair, and the newly made bone mountain in the corner, and over to the tube. The red light cast off by the tube, cast an eerie glow across Syberia's face. She smiled as Katherine's eyes opened, and she stared at Syberia. A moment later, they closed again. "How much you have changed!" She said as she stared in awe at Katherine. Her hair had a row of red streaks in the front, and the rest of her hair began to cascade down her back. On her chest, a small, robotic looking 's' was showing in a dark red. Her body had matured a great deal from a month ago. Her body had taken on much more of a muscular appearance. Her hips took on a completely different shape, and her legs were longer. She had developed muscles on her arms and legs, and her facial features were changing, slightly. "Soon enough, the change shall be complete, and we shall be together again. And we shall rule the universe together, as we once did. I promise that you shall have your revenge against that twit, Prince Jc." Syberia's eyes flashed a dark red, and she disappeared again. A moment later, she reappeared on the Space Base. She walked down several hallways, and then finally came back to the room with Havok and Mallet. "Mallet, begin the scatterer right away. I want it complete within the hour."

"I can't work that fast!" Syberia glared at him intently. She quickly walked over to him, and put her hands around his neck. He fell to the ground fast.

"DO IT! If it is not ready in an hour, I will rip your head off, and send you back to the metal you came from!" She released Mallet, and walked away from him.

"Yes my queen." Mallet staggered as he rose from the ground. He bowed his head, and quickly left the room.

"I hate it when I have to get physical with him, in a mean way." Syberia smiled.

"Watch out!" Jc cried as a mechanizer swept Alysa off of her feet.

"Sorry bud, I prefer flesh!" She said as she jammed her staff through his head. It fell apart and fell to the ground. A moment later, it reassembled, and went back into the fight.

"I hate it when they do that!" Sanchez said as he tossed his discus at the mechanizer, and tore it in half. The two halves then created two more mechanizers. "Great!"

"Hy-ah!" Kimberly cried as she kicked a mechanizer to the ground. She threw a kick back, and hit another one in the stomach, effectively breaking it in half. "This is getting us nowhere!" Kim shouted as she spin-kicked another mechanizer to the ground.

"Regroup!" Tommy shouted. Everyone stopped fighting and assembled in a tight circle. "We need something bigger than our weapons." Sanchez said.

"I've got an idea." Alysa said. She raised her communicator. "Dimitria, come in."

"Yes Alysa?" Dimitria responded.

"Two things. One, call the other Rangers. Two, we need a program so that we can bring together our weapons."

"I have already taken the liberty to do so. I am sending the blueprints to you now. I will call the other Rangers immediately." Dimitria said.

"Thanks Dimitria." Jc said. Alysa lowered her communicator.

"I'm getting the blueprints now. How bout you guys?" Alysa asked.

"Yep." Sanchez said.

"Me too. Let's do this." The Soldiers separated from The Rangers, and faced each other.

"Weapons!" They cried in unison. Alysa's staff, Jc's claws, and Sanchez' discus appeared.

"GALACTIC DEFENDER!" Jc shouted. Each weapon flew away from them and floated into the air. Alysa's staff formed straight as an arrow, and Jc's claws attached on both side, pointing out on an angle. Sanchez' discus, floated down on top of the claws, and locked on. The back half of Alysa's staff folded up over Sanchez' discus, and a small handle fell from the bottom. Alysa grabbed the handle, and stood still. Jc and Sanchez stood on both sides, and took a stance.

"Fire!" They all cried in unison. Each weapon began to glow bright, and then only Sanchez'. His discus began to glow bright Green, and then blue, and finally pink. It began to spin, fast, and continued to spin for what seemed like eternity. Finally, it launched, and flew high above the group of mechanizers. It spun in place for a few seconds, and then thin, rope-like, beams shot down among the crowd, and encased the mechanizers. Each beam came in tight, and the mechanizers broke into billions of pieces. Then, each piece returned to the places they came from. The whole event took about ten seconds.

"What's going on?" Adam asked as he, Justin, and Tanya came running up.

"Nothing, now." Tommy said.

"This weapon is awesome!" Jc said as Alysa lowered the Defender. Each weapon broke apart, and dissipated.

"Cool!" Sanchez said.

"Syberia's monsters don't stand a chance!" Kim said.

"Oh really?" Syberia asked as she appeared in front of them in bright red flames. Her red hair flew wildly into the wind, and her dress formed tight around her hips. As always, her sexuality was showing. "Let's test out this theory of yours!" She pointed her finger at the ocean, and a red beam shot forth. It hit the ocean, and the sea turned red. "FLIPSTER, ARISE!" A dolphin rose out of the ocean, and pain shot across it's face. It's tail bent upward, and connected with it's chest, and it let out a loud wail. Two feet poked out from it's bottom half, and armor formed around them. Then, two arms shot out by it's head, and armor formed around them. Light flashed as two swords appeared in each hand. Finally, the creature stood on the grass, blood dripping from every part of it's newly formed body. "Meet my newest creation, half dolphin, half machine. He's not happy right now, in fact, he's in a lot of pain."

"How cruel can you be?" Kim asked, disgustedly.

"You don't wanna know." Syberia stated as she disappeared in red flames.

"We can't destroy a dolphin." Kim said.

"We may have no choice." Tommy said.

"Let's try the Defender. Maybe we can destroy the metal parts, and then heal the dolphin." Jc suggested.

"It's better than just killing him." Tanya said.

"All right, GALACTIC DEFENDER!" Jc stated. Each weapon reappeared and formed the Defender again. This time, Jc took hold of it. "FIRE!" The now blue discus launched at Flipster, and connected with his chest. It cut half way through, and then stopped spinning.

"That hurt!" He shouted as he pulled it out of his chest. "Now I'm really in pain!
" He tossed the discus back at Jc, and it hit him in the chest, hard.

"AGHHHH!" Jc cried as he fell to the ground in pain.

"JC!" Kim cried. She ran to his side.

"Let's try the Turbine Laser." Tommy said.

"Right!" All but Kim replied.

"Kim, come on. He'll be all right." Tanya said.

"Alysa, sit with him, please?" Kim asked.

"Yeah, of course." Alysa replied as she took Kim's place.

"Let's take care of this bastard." Kim said.

"Remember, it's still a loving creature underneath." Adam said.

"Let's get the Laser guys." Justin said.

"TURBINE LASER!" They all cried. The massive Laser appeared out of the sky, and each Ranger took their place.

"FIRE!" Tommy shouted. A bright beam shot forth, and raced towards Flipster. As it collided with his chest, he bent over in pain. When he stood back up, he held a multi-colored ball in his hands. "He absorbed the power!"

"Want it back?" He cried as he hurled it at the Rangers. It broke into five separate colors, and struck each Ranger. They all doubled over in pain.

Beep beep beepbeep beep beep.

"Dimitria!" Sanchez shouted.

"Prepare for teleportation." Her voice calmly replied.

"We'll be back." Sanchez yelled at Flipster.

"I hope so." He replied with a grin. All eight teens teleported away in a bright flash. Flipster grinned as he walked down the beach's surface. He folded up into a ball, and teleported away.

"My queen," Mallet began as he entered the room.

"Yes, Mallet?" She asked.

"The scatterer is almost finished."

"Good. How much longer until it is finished?"

"About fifteen minutes."

"Make it ten."

"Yes my queen." Mallet left the room. As the doors closed, the room filled with blue light as Flipster appeared.

"What are you doing here?" Syberia asked annoyed.

"The Rainbow Troop ran away." He stated as he took a seat. He placed his feet on the table.

"How badly did you hurt them?"

"One of the blue ones is unconscious." Syberia brightened up.

"Which one?"

"I don't know! I tried not to pay attention to them." Syberia became mad.

"Return to Earth and start some trouble. I will send down a mechanizing beam to make some mechanizers. When they appear, destroy them."

"All right." He stood up, and walked towards the door.

"Flipster," He turned around, "don't come back unless you win."

"If I don't win, I can't come back." Flipster said with a grin.

"I like him!" Syberia started as the doors closed. "I might actually miss him when they destroy him. Oh well!"

"Oh man!" Jc said as he sat up on the med table. "What happened?"

"Flipster reflected the discus at you. You lost consciousness, and then we came back here." Alysa said.

"Where are the others?" He asked.

"Well, They got hurt bad."

"What happened to them?"

"Flipster reflected the Turbine Laser's beam, and knocked them all unconscious." Sanchez said. Jc rose from the table and went to Kimberly's side.

"I'm gonna kill him." Jc stated.

"Relax. In an hour, they'll be all right, and we can go kick Flipster's but!" Alysa said.

"Alpha, where is Flipster?" Jc asked as he walked over to the robot.

"At the moment, He's gone back to Syberia's ship. That is just one horrible looking monster!" Alpha commented.

"Dimitria, is there any way that we can destroy the monster, and save the dolphin?" Alysa asked.

"If you can sedate him, and bring him back here, I may be able to heal him." Dimitria said.

"Good." Sanchez responded. Suddenly the alarms sounded.

"YO, Soldiers!" Alpha cried in his New Yorker accent.

"What is it Alpha?" Jc asked.

"Flipster is at the beach, and he's brought some mechanizers with him!" Alpha cried.

"All right. Let's go make some tuna! Back to action!" Jc cried. He teleported away in a bright blue flash.

"I think he's developed a personal vendetta against this guy." Alysa said.

"He has." Sanchez responded. Alysa looked at him. "I'll explain it later, back to action!" Sanchez teleported away.

"Men!" Alysa cried as she teleported away.

"Yo Flipster!" Jc cried as he appeared.

"Ah, I see you're feeling better, blueboy." Flipster said.

"Yep, better than ever."

"Good, because this is the last day of your life."

"I think not." Sanchez said as he appeared next to Jc.

"The way I see it, this is the last day of your life." Alysa said as she walked up.

"We'll see." Flipster said. "Mechanizers, ATTACK!" The hoard of mechanizers flew at the Soldiers immediately.

"Hiding behind those tin cans? I'm disappointed in you, Flipster!" Jc said.

"Really, can't you fight your own battles?" Alysa asked.

"When I want to." Flipster answered.

"Let's take these buckets of bolts, guys!" Jc cried. They separated and took to different sides of the area. The mechanizers also split up, and went after each one. A small group of mechanizers flew after Alysa, and made a circle around her.

"Hello boys, having fun?" She asked. They stopped, and stared in confusion. "Guess not!" She cried as she swept her leg under their feet, sending them all to the ground. One mechanizer missed the sweep, and came at her. "Back off!" She threw her elbow back into his stomach, and sent him to ground.

"Ky-ah!" Sanchez shouted as he flipped by. A trail of mechanizers ran closely behind him. He continued to flip around, until he was behind the mechanizers. "Strike!" He cried as he rolled into a mechanizer. The mechanizer flew into another, and so on, and so on, until all but one of the mechanizers laid in a big pile.

"Missed one!" Alysa shouted.

"Ky-ah!" He shouted as he scissor kicked the remaining mechanizer. "So I'll live with a spare!" Sanchez flipped around some more as more mechanizers came after him.

"Hey, Flipster!" Jc shouted as he approached him. "I've got a bone to pick with you."

"Sorry, can't help ya!" Flipster cried as he jumped in the water.

"Don't get away that easily!" Jc cried. "Dive." With that one command, a tank appeared on his back, and he jumped in the dark waters.

The Power Chamber was full of sound as the computer tried everything to bring the Rangers back to consciousness.

"Alpha 6, try de-morphing them." Dimitria said.

"All right." Alpha said. Hesitantly, he pressed a few buttons, and the Rangers de-morphed in one bright flash.

"All right, now try force morphing them." Dimitria said. Alpha pushed a few more buttons, and a moment later, they were all morphed again.

"Now what?" Alpha asked.

"Well, force morphing them, should jump start their internal systems. Perhaps they will naturally awaken now." A few moments later, moans came from each Rangers' mouths. Suddenly, Justin sat up.

"I feel like I've been hit by a bus." Justin said.

"No, just the Turbine Laser." Dimitria said.

"Even worse!" Adam said as he sat up.

"Where are the Soldiers?" Kim asked as she rose from the med table.

"They are out handling Flipster. They could probably use your help, if you're all up to it." Alpha said.

"I know I'm not." Tommy said as he rose from the med table.

"I most definitely am." Kim said.

"I feel up to the challenge." Justin said.

"Tanya's not waking yet. What's wrong with her?" Adam said as he came up to her side.

"She took a big part of the blast. She has more healing to do." Alpha said.

"I'll stay with her, you guys go help the Soldiers." Tommy said.

"Right. Back to action!" Adam cried. In a bright flash, Adam, Kim, and Justin teleported away.

"Alpha, run a scan on Tanya. I want to make sure she's healing properly." Dimitria said

"Right. Tommy, you wanna help?" Alpha asked.

"Sure." Tommy stated. "Power down!" A red light engulfed his body as he demorphed, and returned to his street clothes. "Wow, that actually feels better!"

"In a day or two, your bodies will be healed, and you'll all be fine." Alpha said.

"I sure hope so."

"Let's start that scan." Alpha said.

The view was gorgeous under water. Fish were swimming all about, and the coral was beautiful. Several beams of light came down from the surface, and created an eerie appearance, despite all of the beauty. As Jc swam by a school of fish, they all scattered to the left in perfect unison. Jc's attention was averted as another school of fish moved. But it wasn't because of him. Flipster was approaching fast with both swords ready to impale Jc.

_No you don't!_ Jc thought to himself. He twirled his hands around, and called on his claws. He hoisted them up in front of him, and braced for Flipster's hit. He looked around and couldn't see Flipster. He turned left, then right, then back again. Suddenly, he was moving upward towards the surface of the water. He was moving so fast that his bubbles were behind him. _He's gonna make my lungs implode!_ Jc thought quickly as he tried to break free of Flipster's grasp. Finally, he stopped moving. Jc looked around, but could not see anything below him. He reached up to his helmet, and activated his lights. As he did, Flipster let out a loud wail, and rammed into his helmet, breaking both lights. He spun Jc around and around, and then took off Jc's air tank, and threw it to the bottom. Jc struggled to get away from Flipster, but Flipster had a good hold on him. Yet, Jc continued to struggle. _Okay God, Kim says you exist, so prove it! Help me out!_ Suddenly, Flipster let go of Jc, and was dragged out of view. As Jc began to black out, he felt someone's hands on his shoulders. Suddenly, air filled his lungs. He looked up, and into Kim's helmet. She flashed the okay sign. Jc gave it back. She pulled them both towards the surface. In a matter of seconds, they were both on the surface.

"Thanks." Jc said while trying to catch his breath.

"I couldn't let you die, you haven't even met my parents!" Kim joked.

"Sometimes, you scare me."

"Come on." Kim pulled him up, and pulled him towards the shore. Jc looked around and saw the others fighting. Justin and Alysa were taking care of some mechanizers, and Adam and Sanchez were dealing with the newly beached Flipster.

"Where's Tommy and Tanya?" Jc asked.

"Power chamber. They needed a few moments."

"Let's go finish this guy!" Jc said.

"Right!" Kim said enthusiastically. They climbed out of the water, and ran onto the beach.

"Hey Flipster! You and I have some unfinished business." Jc said. Adam, Sanchez, Kim and Jc started walking towards him.

"Yeah, didn't your mother teach you never start what you can't finish?" Alysa asked as she and Justin joined the others.

"Sorry, but I never knew my mother." Flipster said. "But Syberia stepped in. Ya wanna know what she taught me?"

"Not really." Justin said.

"Too bad!" Flipster pushed his arms out and they started to glow. Lightning flew from his hands, and struck everyone square in the chest. They all flew back, and landed in a heap of pain. "She taught me that one. Ya like it?" He approached the nearest person, Kimberly. He grabbed her by the neck and lifted her into the air.

"Let go of her!" Jc cried.

"You gonna make me?" Flipster joked.

"Syber lightning!" Jc cried. His body began to glow bright blue, and he stood up straight as an arrow. He began to spin, and spin, and finally, he launched at Flipster. He flew at him at lightning speed, and soared straight threw him. Flipster cried in pain as he dropped Kim. He crumbled to the ground.

"I'll . . . be . . . backkkk" He stammered out as he teleported away.

As Mallet entered the room, he could sense Syberia's anger.

"My queen?" He asked.

"What?" She responded.

"The scatterer is finished, your highness. Would you like me to focus it on the Rangers and Soldiers?"

"No. Just Jc for now. I want the rest of them to suffer until they all start to drop off."

"Yes my queen. Flipster is in the infirmary, would you like me to fix him?"

"No. Have him destroyed, painfully. He failed me, and now he will suffer." Syberia's eyes began to glow a dark red.

"Yes my queen." Mallet said as he left the room.

"Jc, are you okay?" Kim asked. Jc stumbled away from the shore, and moved to join the others.

"Yes. I just need to rest a moment." Jc said.

"I think we need to let him be for a moment." Adam said to Kim, as well as the others.

"No, I'm fine. Let's just go back to the Power Chamber." Jc said.

"Yeah, let's go." Alysa said. Jc stumbled to get up as he stood next to the others. They all moved their hands to their communicators, and activated the teleport function. Everyone shone their proper colors, and they started to raise to the sky. Suddenly, a white light covered the area and Jc's beam broke into a million different pieces. They all teleported away in different directions. As the others materialized in the Power Chamber, no one noticed Jc's absence.

"Where is Jc?" Dimitria asked.

"He teleported with us." Sanchez said.

"I saw his beam as we lifted off of the ground." Justin said.

"Where'd he go?" Adam pondered aloud.

"Alpha, can you run a scan for him?" Kim asked.

"Right away, Kimberly!" Alpha responded in his New Yorker voice. He moved over to a consol and began pushing buttons. He looked at several different read outs before stopping the scan. "I can't find his signature anywhere on Earth."

"This is impossible, he was right there with us!" Kim cried. As they continued talking, Alysa noticed a blue orb on the ground, and picked it up. Suddenly, she was overwhelmed with light as images began to flash through her mind. On image was of a man, and a woman that Alysa recognized as Militia. The man and woman were arguing, and then the man left. The image zoomed in on, Militia, and she looked up. She started to smile, and then the image stopped. Another started a moment later, and several children appeared. Many were playing and running around, but then the image centered in on one little girl. It was Alysa. She was sitting all by herself, and she looked like she was about to cry. The image moved in on her, and she looked up. She stood, and moved out towards where the other children were playing. She began to play, and the image went fuzzy as it moved all around.

"ALYSA!" Sanchez cried. Alysa looked around as she realized that she was back in the Power Chamber.

"What's going on?" She asked as she stood up.

"You blanked out." Sanchez said.

"Where's the orb?" Alysa asked as she looked around in panic.

"What orb?" Kim asked.

"There was an orb, a blue orb. I picked it up, and all of these images started to float around in my head. I think they were Jc's." Alysa said.

"Jc's what?" Tommy asked.

"Memories." Alysa stammered out. A small light began to blink on a nearby consol.

"Alpha, what is that light for?" Justin asked.

"Hang on." Alpha walked over to the consol, and began to push several buttons. He read several screens and then looked at Dimitria. Then, The others. "It's a prerecorded message from Syberia."

"Are you sure?" Dimitria asked.

"No one else uses this frequency." Alpha said.

"Put it on the viewing globe." Adam said. Alpha pushed a few more buttons, and then an image of Syberia appeared.

"Hello Rangers, Soldiers. I see you're missing the company of the Prince. You can thank me for that. Right now, he is traveling the world, all at once. I have scattered his teleport beam, and sent all of the signals to different parts of the world. I estimate that in about one week, each signal will begin to fade. And if they fade out, you lose him forever! I love being evil. I will, however, pre-warn you that I have my scattering device locked on to each one of you. Meaning, if you teleport, the same thing will happen to you. This next week shall be fun as I watch the clock turn, and you run wild trying to save him. I could be nice, and give you time to let this information sink in, but, where's the fun in that? I will give you five hours to yourself, after that, I will start a full fledged attack on Earth. Have fun!" The image disappeared from the viewing globe.

"Alpha, use a tight scan beam and see if what she says is true." Dimitria said.

"If she's telling the truth," Alysa began, "then I may have just absorbed part of Jc?"

"It is possible." Dimitria said.

"Oh no," Alpha started, "she is telling the truth. I'm pickin' up Jc's signal from over twenty four different places on Earth."

"Can't you teleport them here?" Sanchez asked.

"The signals are too weak." Justin said as he read the monitors.

"And Jc could die?" Kim asked, tears swelling up in her eyes.

"Possibly." Alpha said reluctantly. Tommy walked over to Kim, and gave her a big hug.

"It'll be okay, we'll get him back." Tommy said.

"God no," Kim began, "if we can't, Syberia's won."

"Don't say that." Adam said.

"If Jc dies, I won't be able to go on." Kim said as she turned, and walked out of the Power Chamber.

"Kim!" Tommy cried as he ran after her.

"This can't be happening." Alysa said. Suddenly, a long beeping noise sounded.

"Alpha?" Adam asked.

"Yo! It's Tanya!" Everyone looked over. On the monitor next to Tanya's bed, a flat line drew across the screen.

"Tanya?" Adam asked as he ran to her side. He took off her helmet and looked at her face. It was pale, and expressionless. "NOOOO!!!!!"

Part Two: The Gathering

This can't be happening,_ Adam thought to himself, _a few hours ago, we were making out in the park, and now, she's dying._

"Adam, ya gotta move if ya want me to do any good." Alpha said.

"I'm sorry, alpha." Adam said as he backed away from the table. Alpha

began to remove several tools from the drawer below, and placed them on the table.

"Don't die on me, Tanya!" Alpha cried.

"What's going on?" Kim asked as she and Tommy ran back into the Power Chamber. They both ran up to the group of Rangers surrounding Adam.

"We don't know, yet." Alysa said as she and the others watched Alpha fumble with Tanya's suit.

"Alpha, de-morph her." Dimitria said as she lowered out of the tube and down to the floor. Alpha frantically hurried to de-morph her. He pushed a few buttons, and then bright yellow light filled the Power Chamber. Suddenly, beep . . . beep . . .beep . . . Everyone looked over to the monitor and watched as Tanya's heart rate steadily rose.

"She's alive!" Alpha cried in joy.

"Dimitria, how did you know that would work?" Adam asked.

"I didn't, I just thought that Alpha would have an easier time helping her without the power suit on." Dimitria said.

"Thank you." Adam said in joy as he ran back to her side.

"I knew that scan wasn't right!" Alpha said.

"What?" Alysa asked.

"The scan we ran on Tanya was showing something weird but it said that it wasn't important." Tommy said.

"Back to the business of Jc, Kimberly, why don't you and Alysa begin scanning for each signal. Maybe if we can find out where they all are, we could retrieve them before it's too late." Dimitria said as she floated back up to Zordon's tube.

"Good idea." Sanchez said.

"Yeah." Kim said. She slowly followed Alysa to the different consoles.

"Kim, is there something between you and Jc?" Alysa asked.

"Why?" Kim asked suspiciously.

"Because you two have been seriously worried about each other lately."

"Well, yeah, there is something between us."

"Why didn't you tell us?"

"We just didn't want you guys to know just yet."

"Oh." Alysa said. She went back to pushing buttons on the consol.

"Does it bother you?" Kim asked. Alysa pulled away from the consol.

"A little. Not that you two are together, but that he didn't tell me."

"He thought you might not handle it well."

"I can see where he'd think that. I've put down every woman he's dated since we broke up. But that's just cause I knew that they weren't right for him."

"And me?"

"You, I could see him with. The others were just too greedy. They just wanted the power he had over the city. I knew that's not someone he should be with."

"I can see why he cares for you so much." Alysa stopped.


"He cares a lot about you. And now I see that it's because you care a lot about him too."

"Of course I care about him, he's my best friend!"

"But you both care about each other more than that. Don't deny it."

"All right, I do. But that's because he was the only person who ever cared about me. I just couldn't forget that."

"And I don't expect you to." Suddenly, a small light started to blink. "What's that?"

"I think it's located an orb." Alysa said. "Guys!"

"What is it?" Tommy asked as he and Sanchez walked up. Justin and Adam joined them too.

"The computer's found one of the orbs." Kim said excitedly.

"Good. Can we teleport it?" Tommy asked.

"I think that I can lock onto it." Justin said.

"Go ahead and try." Alysa said. Both girls moved aside to let the little genius through. He began to push several buttons on the consol. "I can teleport it if I can amplify the beam." He looked around for something. his eyes rested on the blue communicator on his wrist. He walked away from the consol and began to pace.

"Justin?" Adam asked.

"I'm brain storming." He responded. He continued to pace around for about five minutes, mumbling words under his breath. "I think I know how."

"What do you need?" Sanchez said.

"I need everyone's communicator's." Justin said.

"If it'll bring Jc back, gladly." Kim said. Everyone unstrapped Their communicators, and handed them over to Justin.

"What's the plan?" Sanchez asked.

"If I can somehow mold the communicators together, it may create a tight enough beam to lock onto the orb. If this works, we could shorten the time it takes to retrieve the orbs." Justin stated.

"Do you know how?" Kim asked.

"I think I do. I remember reading some of Billy's files and finding a device like this." Justin said.

"I remember that one, Kim was sucked into a time hole, and sent back to 1880. Billy built the device to re-open the hole and bring her back." Tommy said.

"I remember that!" Kim said as she remembered it.

"Justin, would you like some help in building the device?" Sanchez asked.

"Sure, if you're up to it." Justin answered. The two boys walked off to another table to begin working on the device.

"I hope this works." Alysa said.

"You're not the only one." Kim said.

All of Syberia's ship was filled with joy as they celebrated finally winning. Even though the Rangers and Soldiers aren't beat, without Jc, they don't stand a chance. In the main throne room, everyone was dancing around. Several of Havoks' minions were enjoying themselves as well as several of Syberia's minions. In the middle of the room, Syberia sat proudly in her chair, and watched all of the beings around her. Then she noticed that Mallet was missing.

"Where's Mallet?" She called out to anyone who was listening. No response came back. She rose from her throne and walked towards the doors. "No one ever listens to me." She mumbled as she pushed the doors open. She walked to the end of the hall and then turned left. She passed several people and kept going. "Computer," She started, "Where is Mallet?"

"Mallet is in your personal quarters." a mechanic voice answered back.

"Why is he in there?" Syberia asked herself.

"He is currently observing the human specimen." The computer answered.

"What is his obsession with her?" She asks herself. She turned a few more corners, and came upon two large red doors. "Open." Both doors immediately flew open. Mallet whirled around as she entered.

"My Queen," He began.

"Why do you continue to look at her? Do you have some perverted interest in her?"

"No, I just, I . . ." Mallet paused. "I'm just interested in her. I never got to meet her before she died."

"What are you talking about?"

"Melissa, your daughter, I know this human is her re-incarnate. I've heard many stories about her, and I just wanted to meet her."

"How do you know that this human used to be Melissa?"

"I scanned her soul one day. I saw the truth. I'm sorry if I have upset you my queen, I will stay away from her if you wish."

"No, let's not talk about this. It is a time to celebrate. In one hour, I will send down a new monster and really jostle the Rangers' spirits." Syberia smiled. "And I think that I know who I want to send down."


"You'll find out. Come on." Syberia wrapped her arm around Mallet's and walked towards the doors. "You can have a thrill and escort me back to the party."

"It would be my pleasure." They both walked out of the doors and returned to the party.

"That should do it." Justin said as he set down a small tool. "Guys, I think I'm done."

"Will it work?" Tommy asked.

"It should." Sanchez said.

"Theoretically, this device will intensify the teleportation beam so that we can bring each orb back." Justin said.

"Well, let's test it out." Kim said. Justin walked over to the consol for teleportation, and set down the device.

"Sanchez, bring me the polarizer." Justin said. Sanchez picked up a small, pointy device, and handed it to Justin. "Everyone, shield your eyes." Justin turned on the polarizer and sparks started to fly. After a few moments, Justin turned it off. "All right." Justin put down the device and began to push some buttons. "Cross your fingers." He pushed a button, and a small blue light filled the Power chamber for a few seconds. A moment later, a small blue orb materialized on the floor.

"It worked!" Alysa cried. She ran over to the orb and picked it up.

"Don't hold it for too long." Adam warned. Alysa quickly placed it on the table.

"What do we do with it?" Alysa asked.

"I have prepared a capsule for the orbs. I will teleport it here." White light shone, and a blue box appeared on the floor. A large robotic 's' appeared on the lid, and it opened. Inside, the capsule was purple, and there was twenty-five holes in the bottom suited for each orb. "Alysa, please place the orb in one of the holes." Alysa walked over to the capsule, and bent down. She placed the orb in one of the holes, and a small, blue light flashed. The orb melted, and a small outline of a body appeared.

"Wow!" Alysa cried as she jumped back.

"Relax, each orb will fill the outline slightly and eventually, it will be a blue copy of Jc's body." Dimitria said.

"What about his memories?" Kim asked. "Can we get those back?"

"I'm not sure, but we may be able to." Dimitria said.

"I hope so." Alysa muttered.

"Alysa, do not feel bad that you absorbed his memories, it was an accident." Dimitria said.

"Yeah, but if he forgets who we are, and his feelings for all of us," Alysa looked at Kim, "I'll never forgive myself." Kim walked over to Alysa.

"It's not your fault, he will be back, and he will remember us all." Kim said. Alysa smiled.

"Guys!" Justin called.

"What is it?" Adam asked as the Rangers ran to his side.

"I think that I've found an orb." Justin said.

"Good. Can you teleport it?" Tommy asked.

"Yeah." He pressed a few more buttons on the consol, and a beeping sound came from the computer. "Oh no!"

"What?" Sanchez asked.

"This read out says that there's a waiting period." Justin said.

"What?" Alysa asked.

"We have to wait another hour before the device can teleport again." Justin answered sorrowfully.

"Is there anything else that we can do?" Kim asked, exasperated.

"We could go physically retrieve the orbs." Adam said.

"It's better than waiting. I'll go get this one. Where's it located at?" Tommy asked.

"Here's the coordinates." Justin handed him a small piece of paper.

"I'll be back." Tommy picked up his helmet. "Back to action!" In a red light, Tommy teleported away.

"Only twenty two orbs to go." Justin said.

As Tommy stumbled along through the forest, he scanned the area for the next orb.

"Man, it gets dark quick." Tommy thought aloud. He continued to walk along until the Turbo Navigator started to beep. "What?" He asked the device. He looked at the screen, and saw the orb. "Where is it?" He asked again. The screen zoomed out to show where Tommy was, and then where the orb was. Tommy turned around slowly until he was facing in the direction of the orb. He walked forward, and the orb seemed to move closer. Finally, he found the orb; when he tripped over it. He shook his head and stood up. "Gotcha!" He put the Turbo Navigator away and walked back over to the orb. He raised his communicator. "Justin, come in."

"Yeah?" Justin's voice squeaked through the communicator.

"What do I do with the orb, if I'm holding it while I teleport, wont it mix with my particles?"

"Yeah. I'm gonna send the capsule, when you get it, put the orb in immediately."

"Right." Tommy lowered his communicator, and bent down to pick up the orb. In a blue flash, the capsule appeared in front of him, and the lid opened. Tommy picked a spot, and dropped the orb in. The outline of Jc's body shaded in a blueish-purple color. The lid closed, and the capsule teleported away. "Yes!"

"No." Mallet said as he appeared off to Tommy's right. "You will not ruin my queen's plans."

"Too late!" Tommy said as he took a defensive stance.

"I will stop you before you destroy the whole plan."

"Whatever, tin man. Get lost before I'm forced to tear you apart."

"You're gonna tear me apart? You can't even handle a mechanizer on your own! What makes you think that you can stop me? You couldn't stop us when we took your friends, you couldn't stop us when we took your Zords, and if it wasn't for your replacement pink Ranger, you wouldn't be alive!" Tommy became angry.

"You just reminded me of something, you still have Kat, and I want her back." Tommy did a flying kick at Mallet, but he moved out of the way. Tommy landed on the ground in a heap of pain.

"The human, yes, her name is Kat? I much rather prefer Melissa." Mallet said as he disappeared. Tommy stood and put his hands on his belt buckle. He teleported away in a streak of red.

As Tommy appeared in the Power chamber, he threw his helmet to the ground.

"Tommy?" Alysa asked. Tommy walked over to her. He came so close that she had to push up against a consol to not touch him.

"I want answers." Tommy said.

"About what?" Alysa asked.

"Tommy, back off." Adam said as he pulled on Tommy's arm. Tommy shrug him off.

"Kat. Why is she so important to Syberia?" Tommy asked.

"I told you, we can't tell you." Alysa said as she lowered her head.

"Fine, who's Melissa." Tommy asked. Alysa perked up.

"Where did you hear that name?" Alysa asked.

"Mallet said it before he disappeared." Tommy said.

"When did you see Mallet?" Sanchez asked. Alysa moved away from Tommy quickly and sat down.

"After the capsule came back he appeared. I said Kat's name and he said, 'I much rather prefer Melissa.' What did he mean?" Tommy asked. Sanchez sighed.

"Melissa is Syberia's natural born daughter. She's PURE Syber power. She's lived many lives, in different forms. About one thousand years ago, one of the Royal Guards killed Melissa's latest form, and Syberia captured her. Syberia looked for Melissa for years before she found her, about a month ago." Sanchez stopped, and suddenly everything clicked in Tommy's mind.

"And if Mallet knows that she's Melissa, that must mean that the change is complete." Alysa said as she stood.

"Syberia could have told him." Tommy said.

"She wouldn't. He couldn't know by any other way." Alysa said.

"Guys, sorry to interrupt, but I have something." Justin said.

"What?" Tommy asked, annoyed at the interruption. Justin held up a small blue orb.

"Where did you get that?" Sanchez asked.

"While you guys were arguing, Kim and I found two more orbs. I went and got this one, and she's getting the second one." Justin explained as he put the orb back into the capsule. He pushed a few buttons and it teleported away in a blue flash.

"Were we so wrapped up in our argument that we didn't notice?" Alysa thought aloud.

"Justin, come in." Kim's voice sounded from the intercom.

"What is it?" Justin asked.

"I need all of you down here immediately!" Kim cried.

"We're on our way!" Tommy said. He walked over to his helmet. "Let's go. Back to action!"

"Ky-ah!" Kim cried as she flipped over a mechanizer. As she landed on her feet, she quickly turned around. "Windfire!" In a flash of pink light, her weapon appeared. She pulled on the string and let lose an energy arrow that soared through the mechanizer with grace.

"POWER RANGERS!" The others cried as they appeared. Kim quickly ran to them.

"Thanks for comin'!" She cried.

"Did you get the orb?" Justin asked.

"Yeah, it's in the capsule." Kim said.

"Where's the capsule?" Tommy asked. Kim pointed at the mechanizers that weren't fighting. They were guarding the capsule. "Great!"

"We need to get that capsule back!" Alysa cried.

"Can you make the Galactic Defender without Jc?" Adam asked.

"No, we need his claws." Sanchez said.

"So we improvise, HAND BLASTERS!" Justin shouted.

"What are you doing?" Kim asked.

"Substitute my blasters for his claws. They'll hook up." Justin handed Alysa his blasters. "Let's get physical!" He joked as he jumped at the mechanizers.

"You two work on that, we'll hold them off until it's ready." Tommy said as he, Kim, and Adam joined Justin.

"Can you do it?" Sanchez asked Alysa as she kneeled on the ground.

"I think so, give me your discus."

"Discus!!" Sanchez cried. In a green flash, the humongous disc appeared.

"Staff!" Alysa cried. As her weapon appeared, she bent it in half, and attached the blasters to the sides. She then slipped the discus into place. A white light flashed as they all locked in together.

"Let's try this out!" Sanchez cried.

"RANGERS, down!" Alysa cried. Each Ranger dropped to the ground, and Alysa pulled the trigger. The discus spun around and then launched at the mechanizers. It floated high above them, and little wires of light shot down to the ground. Each wire came together and the mechanizers blew up. "YES!" Alysa put down the Defender, and ran to the capsule. She opened the lid, and peered inside. The outline had filled in more, and was more purple than blue. "Let's go, guys." Alysa closed the capsule and stood. The Rangers and Sanchez walked over.

"Is it okay?" Kim asked.

"Yeah, it's fine." Alysa replied.

"Let's get out of here." Tommy said as he raised his hands to his belt buckle. In a bright rainbow, they all teleported back to the Power Chamber.

"What do you mean they didn't get the capsule?! You said they had it!" Syberia shouted. Her screams echoed throughout the ship.

"They did have it, until the other Rangers showed up." Mallet said. Syberia sighed.

"Find me some of his orbs BEFORE they do. If we can keep them from getting them all, we can still win."

"Yes, my queen." Mallet turned.

"Mallet," Syberia began.

"Yes?" He faced her.

"If you don't find any of the orbs before them, don't come back. I won't except your failure again."

"Yes, my queen." Mallet said sadly as he left the room.

Two hours had passed since the Rangers' last fight with the mechanizers. They had successfully retrieved 8 more orbs, and Justin was preparing to teleport another one.

"Here goes!" He pushed a button, and blue light flashed. Two orbs appeared on the consol.

"What happened?" Kim asked.

"It seems that the computer teleported two at once." Adam said.

"They were down there together, the computer said that there was a substantial amount of energy coming from this orb, I didn't think that it could mean that two were in one place." Justin rambled on.

"Rangers, you have now collected 14 orbs, not counting Jc's memory orb," Dimitria began, "which means that there is still ten more orbs out there. Justin, can you locate all ten at once?"

"Possibly, if I modify the scanners." Justin said.

"Please do so, it will help to know where each of them are. Adam, may I speak with you?" Dimitria asked.

"Sure." Adam said. Dimitria floated down from Zordon's tube, and landed on the floor. She motioned for Adam to follow her. He walked past Tanya and stopped. He looked at her face and smiled. He followed Dimitria out of the Power Chambers' doors. "What's up?" He asked as the doors closed.

"Well, we need to talk about Tanya." Dimitria said as she faced Adam.

"What about her?"

"The computers say that the blast from the Turbine Laser overloaded her systems with Turbo power that can't be removed. Her body can only except so much Turbo power, and the amount of power she has is too much for her."

"What are you saying?"

"She can no longer hold her Turbo powers, that's why she's not awake yet, her body didn't know what to do with all of that power, so it just shut down. Until the power is gone from her, she will stay unconscious."

"So . . . we need to choose a new Yellow Ranger?"

"Yes. And fast, the faster we do, the faster she heals."

"Who do you have in mind?"

"I thought that I should let you choose." Adam froze.

"Me? Why me? It's her powers!"

"But you know her best, you would know who she would pick."

"Well, I guess I can choose. When do I have to decide?"

"When you're ready, but you will need to do so soon, you can't form the Turbo Megazord without the Yellow Ranger."

"All right, I'll think about it." They both walked back into the Chamber, and Adam went straight to Tanya's bed. "Hey gorgeous. I know that you can't talk, but I need to talk to you."

"Dimitria," Justin called, "I think I've got all ten."

"Good." Dimitria said as she floated over to Justin.

"Has anyone seen Alpha?" Kim asked as she looked around for the little robot.

"He is being touched up. He had a few bugs in his systems, so the computers are fixing him." Dimitria said.

"Oh." Kim said.

"I'll put up an image map of the Earth," Justin said as he pushed buttons. A picture of Earth appeared on the viewing globe, "now, these blue dots are each orb, and . ."Justin stopped.

"What is it?" Alysa asked.

"How many orbs do we have left?" Justin asked.

"Ten." Dimitria said.

"I only see nine lights." They looked at the globe, and only nine lights were lighted.

"Maybe the computer read wrong." Sanchez said.

"I doubt it." Justin said as he pushed a few more buttons. "Shit!"

"Justin!" Kim cried as she hit his arm.

"Mechanizers are all over the place, they must be searching for the orbs too!" Justin said.

"Let's separate, we each go after an orb, then we get the last three. We'll just have to deal with 23." Tommy said.

"I hope we can get the last one." Alysa said.

"Back to action!" Tommy shouted. Everyone teleported away and went after the orbs.

"THUNDER ATTACK!" Sanchez cried as he appeared in the middle of the hoard of mechanizers. Green lightning flew out from his body, and hit all of the mechanizers. Most of them blew up. The few that remained were damaged enough that it would be easy to take them out. "Ky-ah!" He cried as he kicked one in the chest, sending it backwards to the ground. Then he saw the orb, it was buried under some dirt, but it was kicked up by the mechanizers. Sanchez dove at the orb, and grabbed it. He rolled away, and then his discus materialized in his hand. He hurled it at the few remaining mechanizers, and they broke apart. "Yes! Dimitria," He called into his communicator, "send me the capsule." After a moment, the blue capsule appeared, and the lid opened. Inside, a dark purple outline of Jc's body rested. Sanchez placed the orb inside, and the outline grew darker. He closed the lid, and the 's' on front flashed blue, then purple, and teleported away. Sanchez stood, and placed his hands on his belt. He teleported away in a green flash.

"BACK OFF!" Kim yelled as she pulled some mechanizers away from an orb. She moved in front of the orb, and defended it. A mechanizer struck her with it's hand and sent her to the ground. She stumbled to get up. "Windfire!" she cried. Her bow appeared, and she shot an energy arrow that soared through all of the mechanizers. Once they all broke apart, she turned around and picked up the orb. "Dimitria, I need the capsule." she said into her communicator. The capsule appeared and the lid opened. She carefully placed the orb inside, and stood up. The lid closed, and the capsule disappeared.

Beep beep beepbeep beep beep. She raised her communicator.


"Kimberly, please go after another orb, I am feeding the coordinates into your communicator, just teleport and you'll be there." Dimitria said.

"Right." Kim pressed the button on her communicator, and teleported away in a pink flash of light.

As the red light cleared, Tommy took a defensive stance. Mechanizers crowded around him, and one of them was holding an orb.

"I think that belongs to me!" He walked toward the mechanizer, but three got in his way. "Back off!" He grabbed the first one by it's throat, and tossed it aside. The next mechanizer struck at his stomach, and forced Tommy to stop. Tommy stood and threw a kick into the other mechanizer's chest, sending him to the ground. The third mechanizer lifted it's arm, and pointed a cannon at Tommy's face. "Whoa." Tommy stopped.

"Back up." The mechanizers' gruffly voice ordered.

"Fine." Tommy took one step back, then brought that leg back up and kicked at the mechanizers' hand. The mechanizer stumbled backwards, and Tommy swept it's leg. He finally approached the last mechanizer. "Just hand it over, buddy."

"No way!" He cried as he started to teleport away.

"No!" He grabbed the mechanizer and slammed it to the ground before it could completely get away. Luckily, one of the few remaining parts was his arm holding the orb. "Thank you!" Tommy said as he picked the orb up from his hand. Tommy stood and saw the rest of the mechanizers. He mover his right hand around, and produced his sword. He pointed it at each mechanizers, and sent small bleeps of red light to each one. He turned around as they all exploded. He looked back, and then raised his communicator. "Dimitria, send me the capsule." He lowered his communicator and a few moments later, a purple teleport beam shot down from the sky and hit the ground. It materialized and formed into the capsule. The robotic 's' on the lid flashed purple as the lid opened. Inside, the outline of Jc's body was dark purple. Tommy bent down and placed the orb inside. He raised his communicator again. "Dimitria, take it back." The lid suddenly closed, and The capsule disappeared in a purple light. Tommy moved his hands to his belt buckle, and teleported away in a red light.

"Ky-ah!" Adam cried as he flipped over a small group of mechanizers. They scattered about as they realized that he was there. He landed on the ground and immediately turned around.

"Hello." He said to a nearby mechanizer.

"Hey, how ya doin'?" The mechanizer asked as it struck at Adam's head. Adam duck, and the mechanizer spun around. Adam came back up and shook his head. He then kicked it in the chest, and sent it backwards to collide with the other mechanizers. Adam turned around, and saw another group of mechanizers just standing around. Then, he saw the faint glimmer of a blue light.

"You're not trying to hide anything are you?" He asked as he moved in closer to the group.

"NO!" They all cried and shook their heads.

"Well I think that you are." Adam said.

"We don't pay you to think, we pay you to do as your told." One of them said.

"You don't pay me, period." Adam said as he kicked a few of the mechanizers to the ground.

"Think yourself lucky!" A mechanizer said as it grabbed Adam and tossed him backwards. Adam landed at the last group of mechanizers' feet in a painful heap. He scrambled to get up as they approached him from all sides. He stood up, and look all around him. He was trapped. Finally, he just flipped over their heads and found the mechanizer holding an orb.

"You can make this easy, or you can make this rough." Adam said as he cracked his fingers. "Personally, I prefer rough!"

"Well, then that's what you'll get!" It cried as it swung at Adam. Adam moved back and missed the blow by seconds. He retaliated and threw his foot into the mechanizers' back, sending him falling to the ground. The mechanizer stumbled as he got up and faced Adam. All of a sudden, the mechanizer threw the orb up into the air, and crossed his arms. All of the mechanizers suddenly disappeared, and the orb was high in the air. It suddenly fell back down and hit Adam in the head.

Then there was darkness.

"Get away from me!" Alysa cried as she back kicked a mechanizer. It tumbled backwards, and collided with another mechanizer, creating a domino effect with all of the mechanizers that were chasing her. She stood up, and held up her hand. "Oh good!" She sighed as she checked out the orb. Suddenly, a mechanizer was up and it struck at her. She stumbled backwards, and fell to the ground. As she tried to regain her balance, the same mechanizer collided with her, and they both fell back to the ground. The orb slipped from Alysa's hand and rolled to the ground. A hoard of mechanizers toppled over it and created a mecha-dome. "NO!" Alysa cried as it turned whole. The mechanizer on top of her broke apart and disappeared. She slammed her fists into the ground and pushed herself up. She looked at the dome, and then spun around. "SPIRAL STAFF!" In a bright pink light, her staff appeared, and she stood still. Suddenly, the staff began to glow pink, and then just the tip. After a few moments, she lifted the staff and moved towards the mecha-dome. She stabbed the tip through, and the entire dome broke apart. All of the pieces flew back to the buildings they came from. Alysa spun her staff around and it disappeared in a pink light. She bent over and picked up the shiny blue orb. She then raised her communicator and pressed a button. "Dimitria, can you send me the capsule?"

"Most certainly, Alysa." Dimitria's voice said softly from her communicator. A purple light shot down from the sky and the capsule materialized. As the lid opened, she bent down and placed the orb inside. The outline flashed a darker purple, and the lid closed. Then the capsule disappeared.

Beep beep beepbeep beep beep.

"Come in Dimitria."

"Alysa, I'm sending you the coordinates to another orb, please go retrieve it."

"Of course!" Alysa pushed a few more buttons on her dark pink communicator, and then she teleported away in a dark pink light.

"Oh man!" Adam grumbled as he sat up. He looked around and recognized where he was; the Power Chamber. He tried to lift himself up from the med table That he was sitting on, but couldn't. He kept trying to get up, but just kept falling down. After a few moments, he just gave up. He sat comfortably on the table and looked around. Then he spotted Tanya. "Tanya." He whispered her name and smiled. He scooted over to her and stopped. "Hey beautiful," He started. He looked at her face and saw her blank expression. His smiled faded.

"Adam," Dimitria began as she entered the room, "Are you feeling better?"

"I was, until I saw Tanya's face. I don't know who to choose to take her place."

"Adam, when you relax, the answer will come to you. Tanya will be fine, but you need to choose. We will need a Yellow Ranger soon. I can feel it."

"I'm just not sure if I can make the right choice."

"Adam, the answer will come to you, just relax for now, you hit your head pretty hard."

"What happened?"

"I had to come rescue your butt!" Alpha said as he entered the room.

"Huh?" Adam asked, confused.

"You were knocked unconscious, and some more mechanizers showed up. Alpha had to go down to place the orb in the capsule, and then teleport you all back here. You were nearly mechanized." Dimitria said.

"Mechanized?" Adam asked, still confused.

"Yes, certain mechanizers have the ability to turn humans into mechanizers. That's what happened to Mallet. He used to be human, but then Syberia got her hands on him." Dimitria said.

"They tried to mechanize me, but luckily, I was already a robot! He he he he!" Alpha chuckled to himself.

"Dimitria!" Justin cried over the intercom. "I need the capsule, and quick!" Dimitria pointed her finger at the capsule, and it teleported away. Then she walked over to the computers, and pointed her finger at them. The viewing globe lit up and showed Justin fighting some mechanizers and trying to put the orb away.

"He needs help." Adam said as he tried to stand.

"Relax, I have already sent Tommy and Sanchez to help him. Lay down!" Alpha pushed him down on the table. Adam chuckled at Alpha, then got an idea.

"Dimitria! I know who can replace Tanya!" He said excitedly.

"Good. When you're feeling better, you can go approach this person." Dimitria said.

"But for now, LAY!" Alpha shouted as he slammed Adam to the table. Adam was shocked at Alpha's strength, but obeyed him for fear of what else he could do.

"Back off!" Justin cried as he threw a mechanizer away from The capsule. He stood in front of the capsule again, and placed the orb inside. The outline flashed purple, and the lid closed. The robotic 's' flashed light blue, then dark purple, and teleported away. Justin smiled and turned around. The mechanizers began to close in on him. Suddenly, a red blur collided with them all, and knocked them to the ground. Tommy then stood in their place.

"Hey buddy!" Tommy said. Justin smiled again. Then the mechanizers began to get up.

"Watch out!" Justin shouted as one took a swing at Tommy from behind. Tommy ducked and then came back up as the mechanizer twirled around. He grabbed it's arm, and flung it into a tree where it broke apart and disappeared. Suddenly, more mechanizers materialized to their left, and charged at them. A green blur flipped over them, and landed. Sanchez stood in their way holding his discus.

"Justin! Get your blasters!" Sanchez shouted. Justin spun his hands around and called out.

"Hand Blasters!" In a blue flash of light, his blasters appeared, and he held them high in the air. He ran up behind Sanchez, and stretched his arms out to reach both sides of the discus. He attached his blasters to the sides, and backed up.

"SYBER THUNDER STRIKE!" Sanchez cried. Suddenly, lightning began to rain down on the mechanizers, striking each one, and breaking most of them in half. Then, Sanchez grabbed the Hand Blasters, and held out the device in front of him, he pulled the blasters' triggers, and blue light shot at all of them, and then he launched his discus. It zapped through any standing mechanizers, and left nothing but a pile of metal.

"Yeah!" Tommy and Justin cried happily as they ran to Sanchez' side. Sanchez handed Justin his blasters.

"I think these are yours." Justin smiled.

"Come on guys, lets go." Tommy said. They all placed their hands on their belt buckles, and teleported away. After they left, the metal began to contort and combine into one massive creature.

As Ashley Hammond sat alone in her room, she cried. She listened as her parents argued yet again. She rolled over on her bed and heard her father mention something about pictures and Mr. Ross, her next door neighbor and a serious hottie. Ashley walked over to her window, and listened even more to her parents. She then heard her mother mention something about Ms. Andrews, her dad's secretary. Then she heard a door slam. She watched as her mother stormed out of the house with a suitcase, and ran to her car.

"Mom?" Ashley asked aloud. Her mother climbed in her car, and a few moments later, drove off. Ashley walked to her door, and opened it. She walked out of her room, and went down the hall. She went to her parents room, and looked inside. For the first time in her life, she saw her father crying. She could feel his emotional torment, and walked over to him. "Daddy?" He looked up and quickly wiped the tears from his eyes.

"Hey pumpkin. What's up?" He asked weakly.

"Nothing." She responded. He hung his head. Ashley sat down next to him, and put her hand on his shoulder. "Are you okay?"

"I'm fine, don't worry about it." He wiped at his eyes again, and then looked at Ashley. "She left me."

"I know." Ashley hugged her father. She held him tight until her doorbell rang. "I'll be right back." She stood up, and approached the door. She opened it and Adam stood on the other side. He looked pretty roughed up. "Adam, oh my God! Come in." She pulled him inside and closed the door. She walked him over to her couch, and they sat down. "What happened?"

"Oh, nothing. Is there anyone else home?" Adam asked.

"Hello Adam." Ashley's father said as he walked into the room.

"Hello Mr. Hammond." Adam smiled respectfully. "Ashley, is there anywhere we can go to talk, privately?"

"I was just gonna take a walk." Mr. Hammond said as he wiped at his eyes again, and approached the door. "I'll be back later, pumpkin."

"Bye daddy." Ashley said sadly. As soon as he was gone, Adam stood.

"I need to show you something that will probably scare the hell out of you, but I have to do it." Adam said.

"What?" She asked.

"This-SHIFT INTO TURBO!" He twisted his arms, and his morpher appeared. "DESERT THUNDER, TURBO POWER!" In a green flash of light, he morphed into the green ranger.

"Holy shit!" Ashley cried as she stood up. "You're a Power ranger?!"

"Ashley, please calm down."

"God, why didn't you tell me?"

"We couldn't tell anyone."

"We?" It suddenly hit her. "Tommy, Justin, Tanya, and Kim, we?"

"Yeah. Look, it's a long story, but we need your help." Ashley thought for a moment, and then sat down.

"Why me?"

"Because, I trust you, and I know you could do this."

"Do what?"

"Take Tanya's place on the team."

"What? You want me to be a Power Ranger?" She stood again.

"Yes, Tanya was hurt, and she can't keep her powers anymore. We need someone else to take her powers so that she can live." Ashley thought again for a moment.

"I'll do it, but if my grades drop," She began.

"Your grades will only drop if you let them."

"Yeah Yeah,"

"Come on," Adam extended his hand to Ashley. She carefully took it. He then grabbed his belt buckle, and they both teleported away in a bright flash of light.

The sky was full of light as a pink beam shot down to Earth. It hit the ground, and stayed there. A few seconds later, it materialized into Kimberly as the Pink Turbo Ranger. She looked around and saw nothing. All that was around was a few trees, and dirt that created an area more dark and barren than Syberia's heart. Kimberly walked around, and looked all over. She continued to scan the ground physically to look for the next orb. After a while, she turned nothing up. Finally, she called on the Turbo Navigator, and began to search with it. She walked back towards where she landed and the navigator turned up nothing.

"What the hell is going on?" She continued to search with the navigator, still finding nothing. Finally, she raised her communicator, to her mouth, and pressed a few buttons. "Dimitria, are you sure that there's an orb here?"

"Yes, Kimberly. But, a word of advice, things don't always land on the ground." Dimitria closed the communications line. Kim lowered her communicator.

"Things don't always land on the ground . . ." She echoed. Then she got it. She raised the navigator towards the mop of trees, and began her search again. A few minutes later, it beeped at her. An orb was high in a tree and resting safely. "Yes." Kim happily put the navigator away and walked back into the trees. She came upon the tree that held the orb in it, and stopped. She looked up and sure enough, a blue light flickered at her. She grabbed onto the tree and began to climb. She pulled on several branches, and most of them broke. After a while, she was at the top, and next to the orb. She reached out and grabbed it. She happily raised her communicator, and pushed a button. "Dimitria, send me the capsule." In a bright purple flash, the capsule appeared, and Kim climbed down the tree. She reached the ground, and looked around to make sure that no mechanizers had suddenly shown up. She approached the capsule, and the lid opened. Inside, the purple outline was fluxuating, and brightening. Kim bent down and placed the orb inside. Suddenly, white light engulfed the capsule and Kim immediately backed away. The light became brighter and brighter until Kim had to block her eyes. Finally, the light stopped, and Kim lowered her hands. She approached the capsule, and immediately began to smile. The once purple outline, had now turned into a slightly transparent version of Jc. "Only two more left." Kim said happily as the lid closed and the capsule teleported away. Kim placed her hands on her belt buckle, and teleported away in a pink beam.

"Jc, I will kill you if you ever do this again!" Alysa said out loud while she tugged at her suit. It was severely hot where she was and her suit wasn't making matters better. She pushed through the sand, and looked up at the sun as it tried to burn through her body and completely disintegrate her. She looked back down, and almost collapsed. She tried her best to stand up, but couldn't. She finally just let herself fall. She started to go unconscious but suddenly, she felt a surge of power, and looked up. Tommy was standing over her.

"Sleeping on the job?" He joked.

"What'd you do?" She asked as she stood up.

"I fed you some of my power so that you could stand without dropping." Alysa blushed. "Come on, we need to find this orb, there are only two left."

"Are you serious?" She asked excitedly.

"I am as serious as the heart attack we'll get if stay out here longer than we have to!" Alysa happily threw her arms around Tommy and squealed with delight. "Wow! Calm down! My girlfriend might object to this!" He smiled underneath his helmet.

"What's she gonna do, send some mechanizers after me?"

"You had to say it." Tommy said seriously. He pointed behind her where a small group of mechanizers had been created.

"Me and my big mouth!" She hit her head.

"Come on," Tommy pulled her over behind a large rock. The mechanizers blindly walked passed them, not even realizing that they were there.

"Why don't we just take 'em?" Alysa asked.

"With this heat? We'd die of a heat stroke. Just wait until they're gone." They watched as the mechanizers walked further and further away. Tommy pulled the Turbo Navigator out of a sub-space pocket, and turned it on. He pointed in all directions, and finally, it beeped at them, signaling an orb. "Come on." They carefully got up, and ran towards the signal. As soon as they were within range, Tommy stopped. "Dimitria," He called into his communicator. "send down the capsule, but wait for my command."

"All right, Tommy." Dimitria's voice said through his communicator.

"Let's go." He pulled Alysa again, and then they were in front of the orb. Tommy picked it up, and raised his communicator. "All right, now!" The capsule immediately appeared, and alerted the mechanizers to the two teens' whereabouts. They immediately ran towards them. Tommy quickly opened the lid, and tossed the orb in. Jc's outline filled in more, and he was barely transparent. Tommy closed the lid, and pressed on the 's' on the cover. It immediately disappeared in a purple flash. "Let's get out of here."

"What about them?"

"There's no one out here, they don't present a danger, so we go." Tommy touched his belt buckle, and teleported away.

"Wait for me!" Alysa teleported away in a dark pink beam just as the mechanizers reached them. They stopped, and then teleported away themselves.

The Power Chamber filled with light as the capsule and two teens teleported in. Tommy took off his helmet and walked over to the other Rangers.

"Is everyone okay?" He asked.

"Yeah, we're all fine." Adam answered for the rest of them. Alysa took off her helmet, and joined them all at Tommy's side.

"You may feel fine now, but when you de-morph, it'll be hell." Alysa said to them all.

"I wouldn't know, I was unconscious when I de-morphed." Adam joked.

"Rangers," Dimitria began, "I have an announcement to make." Everyone quieted. "As you all know, Tanya is still unconscious, and I know why. When she was hit with the blast, she absorbed most of it, and overloaded her system with Turbo power. This new power is permanent, and because of it, she has to let go of any Turbo power she can. Which means that she must give up her turbo powers." The room quieted. "I have let Adam take the liberty of choosing a replacement for her, and right now, they are going through the power transfer."

"Who is it?" Justin asked.

"You shall see." Dimitria said. "Alpha, bring them out." Alpha walked out into the main room, and made a trumpet sound.

"Now presenting, the new Yellow Ranger!" The Yellow Turbo Ranger walked out, and stood still. All but Adam stared in anticipation.

"Yellow Ranger, please reveal your identity." The Yellow Ranger reached up and undid the hooks on her helmet. As she opened the helmet, brown hair fell down onto her shoulders, and shook wildly. She brought the helmet down from her face and placed it under her arm.

"Hi, guys." Ashley said nonchalantly. Everyone stared at her in shock, and then Kim approached her.

"Welcome to the team." Kim said. They both shook hands.

"Good choice, Adam." Sanchez said as he looked her over, from behind.

"He did make a good choice." Tanya said as she walked into the room.

"Tanya!" Adam cried happily as he ran over to her. He grabbed her in tears, and they held each other for what seemed like eternity. When they both pulled away, both of their faces were covered in tears. "I thought I had lost you."

"Never." She responded. They kissed passionately and filled each other with their love.

"I just love happy endings." Alysa joked.

"Dimitria, how many orbs are left?" Kim asked, returning to the main point.

"There is one orb left, and it is in the business district of Angel Grove. But you all should power down first and give your bodies a chance to heal." Dimitria said.

"But we have to get that orb." Adam said as he and Tanya joined the others.

"Orb?" Tanya asked suspiciously.

"I'll explain it later." Adam whispered.

"I could go get it." Ashley volunteered.

"Why not. It'd give her a chance to get familiar with her powers." Tommy said.

"All right, Ashley, you shall go. Kimberly, give her the Turbo Navigator." Dimitria ordered. Kim pulled the navigator out of it's sub-space pocket and handed it to Ashley.

"Let me show you how to use it." She said. Ashley nodded and they started to talk.

"All right guys, power down." Tommy said. Everyone but Kim and Ashley returned to their street clothes. Everyone that did, fell to the floor.

"Oh man that hits you like a Zord!" Adam joked. They all helped each other to sit up.

"Okay, we need to rest." Justin said.

"All right, I'm going." Ashley announced. "How do I work this thing?"

"It mostly just showy moves! Just put the key in the ignition, and turn." Ashley did as Kim instructed, and she began to glow bright yellow while in stand-by mode.

"Woah! I feel weird!" She said.

"It's just the power trying to get out. Use your phrase to focus the power!" Kim cried.

"Right! DUNE STAR, TURBO POWER!" In a bright yellow flash, she morphed and teleported away.

"I'm so proud of her." Tanya said as she watched Ashley leave.

"My queen?" Mallet asked as he entered her quarters.

"What?" She asked, not caring.

"I have done as you asked and used the orb to create a new monster."

"So the orb is gone?" She asked, finally showing some sign of happiness.

"Yes, and the new technology you wanted is done too. We can now create super-mechanizers."

"You have actually succeeded in doing what I asked? I'm impressed, Mallet. Maybe I will keep you around."

"Do you want me to make the blue mechanizer grow?"

"Yes, have him start a full out attack. Then, we will pick another Ranger to use the scatterer on."

"Ummm, there's something that you should know."

"What?" she asked, now irritated.

"The scatterer blew up after we used it, and it took the lab with it."

"You mean you can't make another one?"

"I'm sorry my queen, but no, I can't."

"You're useless." Syberia waved her hand around, and mallet disappeared. She flopped back down on her bed, and began to beat up her pillow.

Yellow light filled the sky as Ashley appeared on top of a building. She looked around at all of the people below, and smiled._I'm a Power Ranger. These people now look up to me-literally!_ She turned around, and walked towards the doors on the roof. She reached both doors, and opened them. She walked inside, and was hit with a wave of cool air. She closed the doors, and pulled the Turbo Navigator out. She turned it on and looked at the screen. It scanned the building, and then showed that the orb was on the fifth floor, 25 floors below.

"Great!" Ashley whined. She put the navigator away, and started to walk down the stairs. After a few moments, she saw that she was on floor 28. She continued to walk down the steps for an hour, and then finally stopped on the fifth floor. "What a workout!" She joked as she opened the door. She pulled the navigator out again, and turned it on. It then showed that the orb was on floor 27 and moving. "What the hell?" She put the navigator away, and jumped at the ceiling. She immediately teleported onto the stairs for floor 29, and waited. She then pulled the navigator out, and looked at the screen. The orb was now on floor 28, and moving towards an elevator. "Dammit!" She opened the door for floor 29, and used the navigator find the same elevator shaft that the orb was in. She put the navigator away, and pried the doors open. She looked down and saw the elevator moving faster than it should. She closed her eyes, and jumped. The doors closed behind her, and she flew down 10 floors before hitting the roof of the elevator. It immediately stopped between floors, and Ashley stopped breathing._Shit!_ The elevator began to move back up to the top at an even faster speed. She looked up and saw the top of the shaft closing in. Her power suit disappeared and she freaked. She bashed on the cover to the elevator, and fell inside. Once again, the elevator stopped between floors. When Ashley looked up, she looked into the barrel of a gun. She then looked at the man holding the gun. He was tall, and handsome. He had dirty blond hair, and appeared to be very muscular. He was wearing a black trench coat, and a black t-shirt.

"Get up." He said calmly while still holding the gun. Ashley then noticed the blue orb in his other hand.

"Look buddy, you've got something that I need."

"What?" He said.

"That." She pointed at the orb, and he lifted it. He put the gun down.

"Why do you need this?" He asked suspiciously.

"It belongs to an acquaintance of mine, and I'm trying to get it back to him."

"What's his name?"

"I don't know." The man pointed his gun at her again.

"What's his name?" He shouted.

"I don't know!" She yelled back. She then did a spin kick and knocked the gun out of his hand. It flew up through the opening of the roof, and hit the top. In a lightning quick move, the man jumped up into the shaft and the elevator began to descend fast. "Fuck! SHIFT INTO TURBO!" As the man landed on the roof, he saw a bright yellow light come from inside the elevator, and then the Yellow Ranger jumped out of the elevator.

"Holy Shit! You're a Power Ranger?"

"Yeah, and you just pissed me off!" She approached him, and the elevator stopped. She fell backwards, and he stood up.

"Relax, human. If I had known you were a Ranger, then I would have helped you out." He offered her his hand. She eyed him carefully and then took it. He helped her up, and then she rubbed the rust from the elevator off of her suit.

"Who are you?" She asked.

"My name is Michael Odin, My brother is Jc Odin, a friend of yours. I think. He is the Blue Syber soldier."

"So you're Syberian?"


"Dimitria filled me in on most of the story, but she never mentioned that the prince had a brother."

"I was never referred to as his brother."

"What are you doing on Earth?"

"My mother sent me down to help you all bring him back together. She wants to bring him home."

"We need to get out of here."

"We can't teleport with this in our hands." Michael said.

"Oh yeah! Dimitria, send me the capsule." Ashley spoke into her helmet microphone. The elevator shaft filled with light as the capsule appeared. "At least the shaft is big enough for it to fit!"

"What do I do?"

"Place it inside." Ashley pressed the purple 's' on the lid, and it opened. Inside, she got her first glance at Jc. "Wow, he's cute."

"Good looks always ran in our family." Michael winked at Ashley. He placed the orb inside, and white light filed the elevator shaft. When it cleared, Jc's body was whole, and naked. Michael quickly closed the lid. Ashley blushed and activated her helmet microphone.

"Beam it up Scotty!"

"Do I sound like an overweight, grey haired, engineer with a bad Scottish accent?" Alpha shouted in his New Yorker accent.

"No, but get it out of here." Ashley said. The capsule suddenly disappeared in a purple flash. All of a sudden, the elevator drop two floors. "What's going on?" Ashley cried.

"It's falling!" Michael shouted as it slipped down another floor.

"We gotta get out of here!"

"Can't you teleport us?"

"Not while we're moving!" Ashley cried as the elevator slipped down more.

"Fine." Michael stood still and began to glow light blue. The elevator suddenly fell fast as it had before. But it stopped as it landed on the floor. Ashley fell down to the inside of the elevator, and Michael stopped glowing. He jumped down inside, and helped Ashley up. The doors opened, and many people looked in. "Hi folks!" Michael said as he helped Ashley out of the elevator. They walked towards the doors, and went outside. Once there, Ashley pressed on her belt buckle, and they teleported away.

The Power Chamber filled with light as Ashley and Michael teleported in. Everyone looked at them, and stood.

"Who are you?" Tommy asked as he stood defensively.

"Michael?" Alysa asked as she entered the room. She ran over to the other Rangers and stood in front of Tommy who looked like he was going to explode. "Relax, Tommy, it's Jc's brother." Alysa walked over to Ashley and helped her off of the ground. "Are you okay?"

"Yeah, thanks to him." Ashley said.

"You'd better power down." Tanya said as she walked over. She touched Ashley's morpher, and she powered down. Ashley cringed in pain. "I know." Tanya said as she cradled Ashley over to a table. Alysa addressed Michael.

"What are you doing here?"

"My mother asked me to come to Earth and help you return Jc to his proper status." Michael said.

"And then I am supposed to take him back to New Syberia."

"What?" Kim asked hysterically.

"My mother wishes to have Jc at home so that he may recover."

"Kim, he does need to go back. Without the other two orbs, he could die without proper care." Alysa said. "Do you want that?"

"Of course not! I want him." She walked off with tears in her eyes.

"Do you have all of the orbs?" Michael asked.

"No, I accidentally absorbed his memories, and Syberia has the other orb." Alysa said.

"Do you know which part of him that orb was?"

"No, we don't" Dimitria butt in.

"I will need to take him back immediately and run some scans. I will let you all know within the week." Michael crossed his arms into an x and he and the capsule disappeared in a purple light.

"I hope that orb wasn't anything vital." Adam said sorrowfully.

"You mean like his memories?" Alysa asked sadly. Suddenly, and alarm sounded, and the computers went crazy.

"What's going on?" Tommy asked. Alpha pressed some buttons, and the alarms stopped.

"There's a monster on the outskirts of Angel Grove." Alpha said calmly. "But he's a whopper!"

"Tell Kim to meet us there." Tommy said. "Shift into Turbo!"





"SYBER SOLDIER GREEN, STEGOSAURUS!" In a bright rainbow of light, they all morphed and teleported away. Kim ran back into the main room, and looked around.

"What's wrong, Alpha?" She asked.

"The other Rangers went off to battle a new monster and they could use your help." Alpha responded.

"What about you, Ashley, you up to it?" Kim asked.

"I think so. If I morph, will I hurt my healing process?"

"Not at all." Dimitria said.


"Let's go, Shift into Turbo! WIND CHASER, TURBO POWER!"

"DUNE STAR, TURBO POWER!" In a bright flash, they both disappeared, and went to join the others.

Part Three: A New Shade Of Blue

"Are the atomic stabilizers on-line?" Militia asked from behind the computer consol.

"Not yet, they're still loading the power cells." Michael said.

"Let me know when they're on-line." Militia asked.

"Yes, mother." Michael said. Militia walked around the computer consol, and over to Jc's now purple capsule. It was standing atop a purple med table and the lid was half way open revealing Jc's bare chest. Militia reached over to a panel attached to the capsule, and looked at the screen. It showed a small line with a constant beep in it. Militia smiled.

"Mother, the stabilizers are ready."

"Good, bring them on-line." Michael pushed a few buttons and the lid of the capsule closed. Jc's body began to grow a faint purple, and then his capsule began to glow dark purple.

"Mother, would you like me to contact Dr. Roberts?" Michael asked.

"Yes. Perhaps his project Genesis can help us regenerate Jc's physical particles."

"Then I'll do it right away." Michael walked out of the room, and Militia walked over to a small cabinet. She opened it's door, and inside were the clothes that Jc wore last, his shoes, and his Syber Ring. Militia pulled out the ring, and thought for a moment. She looked it over, carefully. She started at the dark blue oval stone set in the center. The depth of it seemed to go on forever. On each side, was a bald eagle, holding a star in it's claws. Behind the eagle, was a picture of the New Syberia colony. Militia smiled, and put the ring on. She closed the cabinet door, and walked out of the room. She walked passed a couple of hallways, and then came upon an open door. She went inside where Michael was sitting. Each wall was covered from head to toe with computers, and sophisticated equipment. On the screen that Michael was sitting at, was a picture of a man that Militia recognized to be Dr. Roberts. He looked young, but his bald head gives away his age, and his deep voice speaks of experience.

"And that's why we need to use your Genesis project, it may be the only thing capable of putting him back together." Michael said.

"I see, well, if you can get him here, I would be more than happy to put him on the Genesis project." Dr. Roberts' deep voice conveyed.

"Thank you, Dr. Roberts." Michael said.

"Think nothing of it, your mother has helped me out enough times that I owe you this." He said.

"Dr., you owe us nothing. It is I who owe you everything, now." Militia said. Dr. Roberts smiled, and Michael ended the transmission. Militia looked down at Jc's ring, and then at Michael.

"Michael, there's something that we need to take care of."

* * *
A bright rainbow of light touched down on the ground outside of Angel Grove. The light cleared away and revealed all of the Rangers, morphed and ready to fight. They all looked around and saw nothing.

"Guys, I don't see anything." Ashley said.

"Me either." Tommy stated. "Maybe we should split up. Ashley and Kim, you guys go check over there." He pointed at the woodsy area to their left.

"Adam and Justin, you guys check that way." He pointed in the direction of the big buildings that made up Angel Groves outside appearance. "Alysa and Sanchez, you guys check out the other side of the lake, and I'll stay over here. If you find anything, do NOT hesitate to use your communicators," He looked at Ashley, "or your helmet mic.'s." They all nodded and took off. Ashley and Kim went running for the woods, Adam and Justin began the long walk to the large buildings, and Alysa and Sanchez teleported to the other side of the lake. Tommy walked toward the shore and looked all around. He saw nothing and began to walk down the shore. Kimberly and Ashley stopped running and slowed to a walk. They entered the woods and began to look around. Ashley quickly became frustrated.

"I can't see a thing." Ashley said.

"Turn on your headlights." Kim flipped a switch on the side of her helmet and light began to pour from her helmet. Ashley felt around on the side of her helmet and found the switch. She smiled and flipped it on. Light suddenly flooded the area in front of her, and she saw very clearly many details. In a nearby bush, a little rabbit was quickly eating it's food. On the side of one of the trees, there was a carving which read, "Carlos and Ashley". She clearly remembered that tree. She argued with her best friend Carlos for months about it because he wouldn't scratch it out. He had a serious crush on her and it embarrassed her a lot. She stopped and pulled her turbo blaster out of it's holster and aimed at the tree. She pulled the trigger and a yellow light shot at the tree. After a few moments, she stopped and the carving was gone. "What are you doing?" Kim asked.

"Taking care of some old business." She put her blaster back in it's holster and took a deep breath. Before she could exhale it, a large, blue mechanical, body slammed into her and she went to the ground.

"ASHLEY!!!" Kimberly screamed. She ran over to Ashley's side and helped her get up.

"What was that?" She asked trying to stay balanced.

"I'm not sure, but your headlights are broken." Kim said. Ashley felt up towards her helmet and felt the broken glass. Suddenly, something swept both of their legs and they both fell to the ground. Suddenly there was a net thrown over them and they were pulled up. They started to swing around as they were hung from a nearby tree.

* * *
On the far side of the lake, that marked the exact middle of the distance between Angel Grove and Stone Canyon, Alysa and Sanchez wandered around aimlessly, looking for something. But they didn't know what. They stumbled down the beach and tried their best to see ahead of them. The only light present was the light reflecting off of the surface of the lake. Both Soldiers looked around in every direction and saw nothing.

"There is nothing here. We should go back to the other side of lake and regroup with Tommy." Sanchez suggested.

"Yeah, I guess." Alysa said, somewhat disappointed that they didn't find anything. As they started to walk away, a reflection caught Alysa's eyes.

"Wait, what's that?" She pointed to a small, metal object on the ground. Sanchez walked over to it and picked it up. It began to spark and suddenly, red light filled the surrounding area. Sanchez dropped the ball and in the time it took to hit the ground, a twelve person team of creatures appearing similar to mechanizers appeared. But these mechanizer-like beings were different from the usual ones. Instead of the normal hunk of metal in the shape of a human, these beings looked more human. They had a definite body distinction between them, their faces were more defined and contained a more human shape; eyes, lips, nose, facial features. Each creature had a specific design to it's body.

"What the hell is going on?" Sanchez asked as he walked back over to Alysa. Each creature took a specific stance.

"Whatever these guys are, they know what they're doing! They have unique fighting styles, and they seem to actually know what they are doing." Alysa hugged closer to Sanchez and they both moved back as the beings moved closer.

"Whatever these things are, they definitely do not look friendly!" Sanchez said. Suddenly, one of the beings struck out at him, and hit his stomach. Sanchez fell to the ground and tried to gasp for air.

"Sanchez!" Alysa cried as she helped him back to his feet. "Are you alright?"

"Yeah, I'm fine." He said, angrily, as he looked at the being who struck him. "You and me need to talk." He approached the being, and faced him. They looked into each other's eyes for what seemed like eternity. Finally, the other beings moved in closer. All os a sudden, they formed into a large dome and encased Sanchez and the other being inside.

"Sanchez!" Alysa cried as she pounded on the thing. She stopped pounding and looked around on the ground for something to break the metal with. Then she saw it. A small, blue orb. She slowly approached it and it shimmered at her. She looked at it harder before saying something. "Are you what I think you are?" She bent down and picked it up. It began to glow for a minute, and then melted out of her hands. The metal-like substance slurped down to the ground and grew into a larger puddle. A moment later, it began to take shape. It grew into one of the mechanizer like beings except it was blue.

"Hello, Pink Soldier." It said. It's voice echoed through her head with such familiarity, then she realized why she recognized it. It was Jc's voice.

"Oh my god. You're the last orb . . ."

"You are a smart young lady. But too smart to live." He struck out at her and his fist caught the latch of her helmet. Bright pink light filled the area for a moment as her helmet fell to the ground and she shrunk down to stand-by-mode. "That is quite a pretty face. It's a shame that it won't stay that way." He held up his fist and it melted away. In it's place grew a large sword-like weapon. He raised it to her face and gently touched the side. He quickly drew his hand back and swiped at her face. It then collided.

* * *
Adam walked a few feet ahead of Justin as they walked towards the tall buildings. They had been walking for what seemed like hours, but in reality had only been ten minutes. Adam held the Turbo Navigator out in front of him and moved it from side to side.

"Have you found anything yet?" Justin asked impatiently.

"No, not yet." Adam put the Navigator down at his side and stopped.

"What's wrong?"

"This is pointless. If anything was out here, we would have seen it by now. Let's go back and regroup with the others." Adam turned around and started to walk back.

"Yeah." Justin said. As he started to turn, something caught his eye. He stopped and tried to get a better look.

"What is it." Adam asked as he stopped too.

"Come here." Justin motioned to Adam. Adam slowly walked over.

"What?" Justin pointed at what had caught his attention. A group of people were slowly walking their way. Adam brought the Turbo Navigator up and pointed it in their direction. He looked at the screen and then back at the people and kept looking back and forth. "Well, what does it say??" Justin asked.

"It says that . . . uh . . . well, it says that those people are made up of metal."

"Mechanizers?" Justin asked skeptically as he looked at the people again. "No way, they look too human to be mechanizers."

"The Navigator says that they are 95% metal and 5% Syberia's magic." He looked at them again and put the navigator away. "They must be some sort of super mechanizers." He continued to look at them. "Should we contact the others?"

"Yeah." Adam brought his communicator up to his face plate. "Guys, this is Adam, come in." He waited for a response. Nothing. "Anyone, this is Adam." Nothing again.

"Adam, this is Dimitria. What is the problem?"

"Dimitria, we can't get a hold of the others. Can you?" He waited for a response.

"No, they are too far out of the Power Chamber's lines of communication."

"What do you mean? Zordon contacted us in Australia when Zedd and Rita got married."

"Yes, but he had a direct line fed to you. I don't know their exact location, so I can't feed them a line." Dimitria snapped.

"Why don't you know their locations?"

"There is too much static out there. It is interfering with the scanners."

"Great." Adam said as he closed the line. "We need to get a hold of them."

"But how?" Justin asked.

"Maybe through the helmet mic.'s." He reached up and touched his face plate. "Guys, come in." Nothing once more. "This blows." As Adam closed the line, he looked back at the people, and they were gone. "Where did they go?" Suddenly, two bodies slammed down on top of them both. Alysa looked up and saw Tommy's sword blocking the mechanizer's sword. She grabbed her helmet and quickly stood. Tommy quickly shoved the being back and Alysa moved back.

"Back to action!" She shouted. Her helmet immediately materialized and she ran over to Tommy.

"Thanks!" She said as she stood next to him.

"No problem." Tommy said. "I always look out for the Pink Rangers!" Alysa began to blush under her helmet.

"Isn't that cute, Ranger love!" The being said as it stood all the way up at a whopping 7'6". Tommy suddenly became afraid.

"We need some help!" Alysa said.

"Contact Adam and Justin." Tommy ordered.

"Adam, come in!" She cried into her communicator. No response. "He's not responding."

"Contact Dimitria."

"Dimitria, come in." Alysa said calmly.

"Yes Alysa?" Dimitria asked.

"Can you get a lock on any of the others?"

"I can get a lock on Adam and Justin."

"Will you?"

"Hang on." There was silence for several seconds and then Dimitria came back on the line. "The computers say that Adam and Justin are unconscious."

"What?!" Tommy shouted.

"The computers say that they are unconscious."

"Great. We need to regroup." Tommy said.

"But how? Adam and Justin are unconscious, and we can't get a hold of anyone else." Tommy thought for a minute.

"Dimitria, teleport everyone here over to Adam and Justin's location." Tommy said.

"Alright." Dimitria's voice came back, somewhat unsure. A few moments later, Tommy, Alysa, the blue mechanizer, the large dome containing Sanchez and the other being, all disappeared in a bright light. A few moments later, they all materialized in front of a group of mechanizers surrounding Adam and Justin's unconscious bodies. Alysa quickly saw them and ran over.

"Back off!" She yelled as she kicked one in the stomach. She threw her fists into another's face and it fell back several feet. After kicking threw many super mechanizers, she was at Adam and Justin's sides. She picked up Adam's head and removed his helmet. Green light flashed and he opened his eyes. "Hey handsome."

"Hi." He blushed.

"You know that you can't sleep on the job! Come on!" She helped him up and handed him his helmet. He put it back on and morphed back into the Green Ranger. She knelt by Justin and did the same thing. In a few moments, he was also standing, morphed again.

"That was an interesting experience." Justin said.

"Yeah. Look, I'm gonna go track down Ashley and Kim. You guys help Tommy." Alysa pressed her belt buckle and disappeared in a pink light.

"Let's do this." Adam said enthusiastically.

"Right!" Justin followed Adam and they both came up to Tommy where he was just circling with the blue mechanizer. Tommy raised his sword, and the mechanizer raised his sword-like hand. Suddenly, the mechanizer slashed at Tommy and Tommy retaliated by blocking the slash and then slashing back.

"This is pointless." Adam said. He then saw the dome. "Let's see what this is." He and Justin ran up to the dome and stopped.

"Hand Blasters?" Justin asked. Adam nodded. "HAND BLASTERS!!" Justin's weapons appeared and he pointed them at the dome. He pulled the trigger and fired a blue beam at the dome. A small hole appeared and Justin stopped. Adam moved over to the hole and looked in. Sanchez was on one side getting beaten by the super mechanizer. Adam moved to kick the dome, but the hole quickly closed.

"Whoa!" He stepped back. "Try your blasters again." Justin pulled his triggers again and a bigger beam struck the dome. A larger hole appeared and quickly closed again. "Just keep the beam going." Justin sighed and pulled the triggers again.

* * *

As the dark pink beam touched down outside of the woods, Alysa's body materialized. She looked around to see what all was there. She then pulled her Turbo Navigator out of it's sub-space pocket. She flipped open the lid and punched in a few buttons, telling it what to look for. After it beeped, informing her of it being ready, she pointed it towards the woods. She scanned the woods from left to right. After a moment, it beeped, signaling that it had found it's objective. Alysa put the Navigator away, and began to travel into the area of woods that the navigator said that Kim and Ashley were in. After traveling in a few feet, she stopped. "Light." She used that single command to activate the headlights on her helmet. The eyes on the pterodactyl lit up and two white lights appeared. Alysa continued to move through until she heard a noise. She stooped and listened more intently.

"No body knows, the trouble I've seen. No body knows my sorrows." Kimberly sang sorrowfully. Alysa smiled.

"Never thought I'd be happy to hear that horrible song!" She said aloud. She began to push her way through the woods again. As she came closer to the two Rangers, Kimberly stopped singing.

"Who's there?" She cried. Alysa decided not to answer, just to scare them.

"Answer me!" She flipped off her headlights and continued to move on. Soon, she could see the net that Kim and Ashley were in. "Answer me dammit!" She shouted. Alysa stopped moving and unholstered her blaster. She pointed it at the only rope keeping them in the air, and pulled the trigger. Kimberly and Ashley screamed as they fell the whole five feet to the ground. Alysa giggled silently as they tried to find their way out. Suddenly, a large banging noise came from the shore. Alysa turned around.

"Zoom in." She said. Her vision suddenly flew through the woods and out to the shore of the lake. She then saw Tommy on the ground, and the blue mechanizer hovering over him with a sword, Tommy's sword. "No." She said aloud.

"Alysa?" Kim asked as she walked towards her. "Tommy!" Alysa screamed as she watched the scene before her. The blue mechanizer was using Tommy's sword and striking him in the chest, over and over. Alysa quickly dropped her blaster and began to run. She ran fast. In a matter of seconds, she was at the shore and looking across the lake to see Tommy's bloody form try to stand. His suit had many slices in it and blood was pouring from every wound. Alysa turned and began to run around the lake, never taking her eyes off of Tommy. She looked ahead slightly and saw how far she had to run. "Screw this!" She said as she stopped. "EXPANSION MODE!!!" She cried. She suddenly shot up in the sky, and was very tall. She literally stepped over the lake and to the other side. She then touched her ring and shrunk back down to normal size. "GET AWAY FROM HIM!" Alysa screamed as she shoved the blue mechanizer back. Pink and yellow light filled the sky as Kim and Ashley appeared next to them. Kim flopped down next to Tommy's unconscious form, and held his head in her arms. Alysa stood back up and turned around. She looked at the blue mechanizer and even though she had her helmet on, you could tell that she was ready to rip him apart. God, she actually loves Tommy. Kim thought to herself.

"You are gonna pay for that, you asshole." Alysa said angrily. "Lightning spiral staff!!" She cried. She raised her hands into the air and lightning struck. The lightning flew down to her hands, and a lightning bolt formed in the shape of her spiral staff. She lowered the staff and looked at the blue mechanizer. "I'll make sure that there isn't even enough metal left to return to anything." She said coldly. She raised her staff again and moved at the blue mechanizer. She pushed all of her weight forward, and rammed the tip of her staff into his stomach. Blue light flew out from his back, and he began to grow black instead of blue. Alysa puled her staff out and raised it high above her head. She quickly brought it down and sliced cleanly through the middle of the blue mechanizer. He began to crumple away and suddenly, blue light sparked out of him. A small blue orb rose up of him, and floated in the air. Suddenly, it cracked in half and fell to the ground. It's light flickered out and the ashes of the creature that was before, were completely gone. Ashley slowly walked up to Alysa's side, and carefully put her hand on Alysa's shoulder. Alysa slowly turned around, and sobbing, she rested her head in Ashley's chest. Kimberly raised her communicator, and pressed a button.

"Dimitria, this is Kimberly. Tommy's been hurt, really bad. He needs medical attention fast." She said. Tommy's body was quickly lifted up in a red light and he teleported away. Kimberly stood up and looked around. Then she noticed Adam and Justin pounding away on a large dome. She curiously walked over to them. "What are you doing?"

"Sanchez is trapped inside and he's fighting with a weird mechanizer." Adam said.

"And he's not doing too well." Justin added. Kimberly suddenly felt a strange tingling and raised her hands. She looked at them and they began to glow pink. A cloudy mist formed around them, and she put them down at her sides.

"Stand back." Justin stopped firing his hand blasters and moved aside. Kim put her hands out in front of her. "PINK FIRE CLOUD!!" She shouted. A pink cloud shot out from her hands and struck the dome. It cracked in several places. "Now Justin!" She shouted. Justin raised his blasters again and continued to fire. A moment later, the dome broke apart, and Sanchez stood alone, gasping for air.

"Are you okay?" Adam asked as he helped to hold Sanchez up.

"Yeah." He paused for air. "That thing joined the wall and then sealed off the air. I felt like I was gonna die! I almost passed out!"

"It's okay, Sanchez. You're fine." Justin said. Then he approached Kim.

"Where did that Fire Cloud come from?"

"I don't know. I just felt weird and knew what to do." she said. Beep beep beepbeep beep beep. Kim sighed. "Yes Dimitria?"

"Please return to the Power Chamber. We have some important business to discuss." Dimitria's voice called.

"We'll be right there." Alysa said as she and Ashley joined the others. They all raised their hands to their belt buckles, and teleported away in a bright rainbow of light.

The Power Chamber was full of light as the six rangers teleported in. They all immediately took off their helmets and placed them on the closest computer consol. Alysa approached Dimitria.

"So, what's this important business that we had to talk about?" She asked. "I have heard news from New Syberia about Jc's condition." Dimitria said. Kim perked up.

"What news?" She asked.

"Michael will be here shortly, I will let him explain." Dimitria said.

"What's the deal with that guy?" Justin asked.

"What?" Alysa questioned.

"He and Jc look nothing alike." Justin said.

"That's because they have two different fathers." Sanchez said matter of factly. The others looked at him. "What? It's very common to have different parents on New Syberia."

"Like I said before, our two cultures are virtually identical." Alysa said.

"I'd say." Kim stated.

"Where's Tommy and Tanya?" Adam asked.

"Tanya is in the medical chamber tending to Tommy. He was badly hurt in this last fight, and he has yet to wake up." Dimitria said. Suddenly, blue light rained down from the ceiling, and Michael landed on the floor. He stood upright and looked around.

"Hello Rangers, Alysa, Sanchez." He said.

"So what's the news?" Kim asked.

"What? No hello or how ya doin'?" Michael asked, jokingly. Kim grabbed him by the collar of his dark blue jacket.

"Look, buddy, I want to know what's going on with my boyfriend and I want to know now." She looked around at the other Rangers and saw how shocked they were.

"Geez, lady! Back off!" Kim released her grip and Michael stood again. "Jc is fine. He's being transported to an planet in the omega-delta system where he'll receive help in coming back together again."

"Did you find out what the missing orb was?" Ashley asked. Michael hesitated.


"Well?" Kim asked, exasperated.

"It was his natural Syberian powers." He stopped.

"You mean he doesn't have any powers?" Alysa realized.

"Yes. Unfortunately, without these powers, he has no means of sustaining his Syber powers either."

"He can't be a Soldier anymore?" Adam asked.

"No, he can't."

"My god, this is all my fault." Alysa said.

"What?" Ashley asked.

"I destroyed that monster and it must have been made from that orb. It fell from inside of him after he blew up." Alysa said.

"It was not your fault." Kim said.

"Regardless of who's fault it is, we are now permanently short one Ranger." Dimitria said.

"What are we gonna do?" Adam asked.

"We'll have to replace him." Justin said. Suddenly, the alarms went off. Alpha 6 ran out from the back rooms and over to the security consol. He pressed some buttons and an image of the mechanizer like beings appeared on the viewing globe.

"Hey! It's those creatures that we fought!" Alysa said.

"The computers say that they are super mechanizers, made of Triforian silver, nearly indestructible." Dimitria said.

"Great, we need help." Ashley said.

"I'll come along." Michael said. Everyone looked at him. "I can handle myself in battle. Trust me."

"We don't have the time to argue." Adam said. "Back to action!" He shouted. They all disappeared in a bright rainbow of light, missing only Tommy's red beam.

* * *

Syberia walked into the main throne room and looked around. In the past three hours, the entire population had been decreasing, and no one would say why. She walked into the room and looked around more. She walked over to her throne and flipped on the computer screen next to her armrest. A visual representation of the entire ship appeared. Many people were rummaging around to pick up anything that was left behind.

"Ungrateful hound dogs." She spat. She pressed a few buttons on the screen and brought up an outside view. In the far left hand corner, a small black dot was slowly growing larger. Syberia squinted to see what it was. Suddenly, a red light shot out from the dot and came flying towards her ship. A moment later, two dark figures appeared in her throne room. Syberia looked closely at them and then recognized one as she stepped into the light. Divatox grinned as she saw the shocked expression on Syberia's face.

* * *

"Power Rangers!" They all cried as they appeared in the park. Michael teleported down next to them and looked around. People were flying all over the place trying to escape. Super Mechanizers were all around, terrorizing all of the remaining people.

"Alright guys! Let's do this!" Adam said.

"Right!" They all cried. Everyone separated and went after some mechanizers. Michael flew off to help get some people away from the fight. Alysa flew past some mechanizers heading towards a group of kids, and planted herself firmly into the ground. When the mechanizers reached her, she threw a double kick into their stomachs and sent them into next week. But then they got up. Alysa spun around and faced the kids.

"Run! Get out of here!" She shouted. The group suddenly became enlightened, and ran in the other direction. Alysa turned around, and then the mechanizers picked her up. She screamed like crazy. They carried her over to a tree and tied her to it using vines, and magic. She couldn't get loose to save her life. Adam slammed his fist into a mechanizer's back, and sent him to the ground. Another mechanizer threw his foot into Adam's stomach and sent him to the ground. He rolled over in pain just in time to miss the mechanizer's foot. Adam suddenly jumped up and kicked the mechanizer, but it retaliated and caught his foot. It threw his foot back and he flew into a bush. Two other mechanizers grabbed him and tied him to the same tree that Alysa was at.

"Hey Adam! What's up?" Alysa joked.

"Funny. How do we get out of these?"

"We don't. The more you struggle, the more they sap up your energy. Just sit and enjoy the view." Alysa said. Adam sighed.

"KY-AH!" Justin cried as he flipped into a mechanizer. He and the mechanizer were both surprised at what happened, and fell to the ground.

"Man, I should really watch where I'm going!" He said as he rubbed his head. The mechanizer he had run into was already standing and approaching him. Justin hopped to his feet and prepared himself for the attack. But the mechanizer stopped. He raised both hands, and little slits opened on the back of his hands. Little cannons rolled out, and then fired at Justin. Justin fell to the ground in a sparking heap of pain. More Mechanizers grabbed him and dragged him over to the same tree where Alysa and Adam were tied up. They tied him to the tree, and then left.

"Hey Justin." Alysa and Adam said in unison.

"Hey guys." Justin said nonchalantly. "What's up?" Suddenly, Sanchez slammed into the tree, and two mechanizers tied him up as well.

"How many are left now? Three?" Adam asked Alysa.

"Whoa!" Kim cried as she was tossed to the ground. Two mechanizers then tied her to the tree as well.

"No, two." Alysa said.

"Hy-ah!" Ashley cried as she threw her foot into a mechanizer's stomach. She then turned around and hit another one in the chest. Then she flipped over the other's head, and ran for the tree. She stopped running when two mechanizers blocked her path. She turned and began to run in the other direction. But then two more mechanizers stood in her way. Every way that she turned, mechanizers stood. She was blocked in.

"I-YAH!" Michael cried as he jumped over their heads and joined Ashley. He stood defensively.

"Michael! You have to get out of here!" She said.

"Why? I can handle these guys!"

"You could also get killed! You don't have any powers! They could rip you to shreds!"

"I'm not worried." He said. He then crossed his arms and closed his eyes. He began to glow blue, and continued. He opened his eyes after a moment and they were dark blue. "Ninja Fox Power!" He cried out. He threw his arms to his sides, and his entire body was engulfed in blue flames. His clothing began to change. When the fire cleared, he looked almost exactly like the ninja Rangers did when they fought Tengas. The only differences were that the material was tight against his body like the power suits, and where the Rangers had white diamonds, he had silver. "I-YAH." He cried as he took a defensive stance.

"Okay, now I'm confused!" Ashley said. Suddenly, a mechanizer lunged out at them. It threw a kick at Ashley, and a punch at Michael. Ashley ducked and the kick flew right over her head and into Michael. He caught the kick and used its force to push the mechanizer back into the crowd of mechanizers behind him. Ashley stood up and readied herself when another mechanizer attacked. It jumped on her and pinned her to the ground. She was trapped. Suddenly, red light filled the air, and all of the super mechanizers disappeared. The rope holding all of the others dropped, and they were released. Ashley stood up and looked around. "What the hell?" She asked out loud.

"What happened?" Adam asked.

"I'm not sure Ashley said.

* * *

"Good girl, Syberia." Divatox said as Syberia finished recalling the mechanizers. Syberia stepped away from the control panel and it disappeared. Syberia walked back to her throne and sat down. The other person was tall, and looked like lava. He also looked like a dinosaur. He resembled Malligore, Divatox's ex-"fiancé".

"To what do I owe the dishonor of your visit to?" Syberia asked nonchalantly.

"Well, after you tried to KILL me, I went back to Dark Specter and asked for his help." Divatox said.

"And she got it." Dark Specter said.

"Uh huh. Well, what do you want?"

"I assigned Divatox to conquer this planet for a reason. She's good." Specter said.

"I had the Rangers caught and all tied up. They were mine! But then you told me to recall my mechanizers and now, they're free!" Syberia shouted.

"You may not have asked me to be here, but Digitar did. He had no faith in Divatox, and asked me to finish the plan."

"Look, Syberia," Divatox started, "I can do the job. I was told to be here. You weren't."

"Syberia, let Divatox have her chance. I want to see if she can do it." Specter said. "Digitar already agreed." Syberia thought for a moment. She sat back down in her throne, and calmed.

"Alright. I will give Divatox three months, exactly. I will leave, for now, but when I return, if the Rangers and Soldiers are still here, I will make sure that you die." Syberia's eyes flashed red. Suddenly, all of the surroundings disappeared, and Divatox and Dark Specter were back on their ship. Light flashed as Syberia's ship blasted away at high speed.

"Finally, back in business." Divatox said happily. She looked out the window and saw a large sphere, with tubes all over it. "What's that?"

* * *

"I don't get it, Syberia would not give up so easily." Adam said.

"Especially when she's winning." Alysa said.

"Maybe something went wrong, and her ship shut down." Ashley said, trying to be helpful.

"Our computers say that her ship just left the solar system at high speed." Alpha 6 said. "I think she's running from something."

"Alpha, I need to contact my mother." Michael said. "Maybe she knows what's going on."

Alpha nodded and then pressed several buttons on a nearby consol. The viewing globe lit up, and then they waited. A slight clicking sound came from the speakers and an image of a little boy appeared. He looked to be about eleven or so, and had dark hair.

"Yeah?" He said.

"Ben! You know how you are supposed to respond to a call of this nature!" Michael said.

"Prince Michael!" He shouted as he sat up straight. "What may I do for you?"

"I need to speak with my mother."

"I'm sorry your highness, but she has left with Prince Jc to go to Dr. Roberts."

"Dammit." Michael said out loud.

"She also said that you had something to do for him. Something about his powers."

"Yeah, I know." Michael said. "Goodbye Benjamin." Michael closed the line and the viewing globe went dark.

"What did he mean by that?" Alysa asked. Michael looked down. "Michael, answer me."

"Well, mother said that since Jc couldn't support his powers anymore, that you would need a replacement." Michael said.

"And?" Sanchez asked. Michael lifted up his hand and opened it up. In his palm, he held Jc's Syber ring.

"She wants me to take over the powers and be the Blue Soldier." Everyone went quiet.

"We do need a replacement for Jc." Adam said. Kim approached Michael.

"Will Jc ever regain his powers?"

"It's not likely." Michael said.

"So he'll never be able to be the Blue Soldier again?" She asked, tears swelling up in her eyes.

"No, he'll never be the Blue Soldier again." Michael said sadly. The tears began to flow down Kim's face.

"We will need a Blue Soldier, so you might as well as take his place." She said.

"If it's what you all want . . ." He said.

"Michael, on behalf of the Power Rangers, I would like to say that we would be honored if you took Jc's place." Dimitria said.

"Wait a minute." Adam said. "That outfit that you were wearing during the fight, where did you get it from?"

"About two hundred years ago, I met a mighty warrior by the name of Ninjor. He was having a few problems at his temple, and I helped him out. He agreed to teach me the way of the ninja in return for my services." Michael said.

"But if Syberians are so allergic to the morphing grid's power, then how come you're using the ninja powers?" Justin asked.

"It's not really the ninja powers as you are familiar with. All Ninjor did was teach me to focus my natural powers into the ninja powers. These powers are as I have made them." Michael said.

"Well, these ninja powers will come in handy in battle." Tommy said as he stumbled over to the group.

"Tommy, you should be resting." Alysa said as she walked over to his side.

"I'm fine Alysa." Tommy said.

"No you're not." Dimitria said.

"What do you mean?" Tommy asked.

"You are currently suffering from the same thing as Tanya. Your body is being overrun with Turbo power." Dimitria said.

"But how? No Turbo power was fired at him." Alysa asked.

"He had lost a lot of blood from the blows of his own sword. His powers kicked in and began to replace his blood with the Turbo power. It's slowly forcing his Turbo powers out." Alpha said.

"Can we stop it?" Tommy asked.

"I am afraid not, Tommy." Dimitria said. "You will need to give your powers over to someone else." Tommy suddenly became weak. Kim walked over to him and grabbed him in a big hug.

"Tommy, it will be alright." Adam said. Kim looked at him.

"Adam, not now. Tommy has had too many bad experiences with losing his powers." Kim said.

Adam backed away and left the two alone. Kim helped Tommy to his feet and led him back over to his med table. "Alpha, give Tommy a light sedative." She said. She looked at Tommy. "It'll be alright, Tommy. We've been through this before, remember? After you lost your powers, you got a girlfriend. Just imagine what'll happen now that you're an adult!" Tommy chuckled.

"Kim, you've always been there for me, and I can't thank you enough." He said. "I love you, Kimberly Hart."

"I love you too Tommy Oliver." She bent over and kissed him on lips, like a sister would a brother. She gently touched his face as he closed his eyes. Alpha gave him the sedative, and he quickly fell asleep.

"Look, we'll be at a great disadvantage without Tommy, we'll need all the help that we can get." Kim said looking at Michael. "You came in at a very good time, Michael. But you'd better be prepared for what may lie ahead." She turned and walked off.

"That was cold." Ashley stated.

"No duh." Justin joked. Ashley swatted him over the head

* * *

"Oooooo! It's so dark and gloomy!" Divatox said as she walked through the Space Base. "It's perfect!" She walked through a little more, and her brother, Havok, followed. "ELGAR! RIGOG! PORTO! GET YOUR LAZY BUTTS IN HERE!" She shouted.

"Please don't scream auntie D. I still have water in my head!" Elgar cried. Divatox grabbed his head and pulled him down.

"Water is about the ONLY thing in your head you moronic baboon!" She shouted. "Porto!"

"Yes, Divatox?" He asked as he scurried over to her side.

"I wanna throw a party to celebrate my return! Make me a monster, and make it good!"

"Yes ma'am. Anything in particular?"

"Yeah, I want an ugly creature, someone who'll really rough up the Rangers!"

"Right away!" Porto scurried out of the room just as quickly as he had entered.

"Ooo, ooo!" Elgar cried happily.

"What?!" Divatox cried.

"Can I plan the party? What do you think of the theme: Viva la Diva!" He asked.

"For once, you have come up with a sensible idea." She thought for a moment. "All right, you may plan my party. Make it interesting!"

"Divatox, I thought that you would like to know that my Zord is complete." Havok said.

"Zord?" Divatox asked.

"Yes, Mechanasaurous." Havok said.

"Good! I'll make good use of him!"

"My queen, what would you like me to do?" Rigog asked.

"Take a school of Piranhatrons down to Angel Grove and separate the Rangers and Soldiers. Nothing like a little divide and conquer to start off the day!" Divatox joked.

"Yes ma'am!" Rigog said as he left the room.

"Alright! VIVA LA DIVA!" She stopped. "That may actually catch on!"

* * *
The alarms in the Power Chamber suddenly went off. Everyone scurried around to turn them off, and keep Tommy asleep.

"What's going on?" Adam asked as he and Kim entered the main room.

"A school of piranhatrons has materialized at the Angel Grove Bus Station, along with Rigog." Alpha stated.

"Rigog? I thought he and all of Divatox's ship imploded!" Justin said.

"Obviously they all survived." Dimitria said.

"Who's Rigog and Divatox?" Ashley asked Alysa.

"Didn't Adam tell you?" Alysa asked.

"No, he only told me about the Syber Soldiers and Syberia." Ashley said.

"Girl, you've got a lot to be filled in on." Kim said.

"In either case, those piranhatrons are there for a reason. We need to take care of them." Adam said, once again taking charge in Tommy's absence.

"Right." Justin said.

"Back to action!" Adam shouted. He and the other Rangers disappeared. But Alysa, Sanchez, and Michael stayed behind.

"So, how do I do this?" Michael asked, holding up the ring.

"Put it on your hand for starters. Then raise it to the sky." Sanchez said. Michael did.

"Now call out, 'syber soldier blue, velociraptor'" Alysa said. Michael firmly held his arm up and stood straight.

"SYBER SOLDIER BLUE, VELOCIRAPTOR!" He cried. His new ring began to glow dark blue, and his body was engulfed in a blue light. The blue armor formed around his body, but something different happened. Instead of having the yellow vest on his chest, he had two white striped on his shoulders, that stretched down to his stomach. They were thick, and covered most of his chest. In the middle of his chest was a white, robotic, 's'. His helmet was also different. Instead of being the blue ranger helmet, it was unique. I had a rectangular shape on it, except the top line was curved up, and the sides were at an obtuse angle. He had a white stripe down his face plate, and a square mouth piece. Alysa and Sanchez stared in shock. "I take it from your shocked expressions, that Jc's suit looked different than this?" Michael asked. Alysa and Sanchez nodded.

"You must hurry Soldiers, they may need your help." Dimitria said.

"Right." Alysa said, snapping out of her trance. Suddenly, a second alarm went off. Sanchez impulsively slammed on the computer consol and shut off the alarm. Alpha looked at the readouts, and then addressed the Soldiers.

"These readouts say that there is a monster in Angel Grove Park." Alpha said.

"What about the Rangers? Will they be alright without our help?" Michael asked.

"Yes, they can handle piranhatrons and Rigog." Dimitria said.

"Alright then, back to action!" Alysa shouted. The three Soldiers teleported out in a small rainbow of light.

* * *

"Excuse me, could you please turn off that light?" An oriental girl asked. She was sitting across the aisle from an African American boy who had fallen asleep reading a book. He groggily awoke, and sat up.

"I'm sorry, what did you say?" He asked.

"I asked if you could turn the light off. I was trying to get some sleep, but I didn't realize that you were asleep." She said.

"It's cool. I'll turn the light off." He said. He reached up and turned the light until it went off.

"Thanks!" She said as she laid back down. She pulled her blanket up around her and closed her eyes.

"Excuse me," He said. She opened her eyes.

"Yes?" She asked, slightly annoyed.

"Are you getting off at Angel Grove?" He asked.

"Yes, why?" She asked.

"Because we're pulling into the bus station." He said. She sat up quickly and looked. A sign passed them and read Angel Grove Bus Station. The girl balled up her blanket and threw it in the seat next to her.

"Thanks for the warning!" She said.

"No problem, miss . . ." He paused.

"Chan, Cassie Chan." She shook his hand.

"TJ Andrews." He shook back. Suddenly, the bus came to a stop.

"What was that?" Cassie asked.

"Folks, please relax, we just ran over some luggage that was in the way." The driver said. He turned off the bus, and opened the door.

"Why is there luggage in the middle of the road?" Cassie asked.

"I don't know, but this station looks pretty deserted." TJ said as he looked out the window.

"Shouldn't there always be someone here?" Cassie asked. TJ shrugged. The doors opened and the bus driver quickly got back on and into his seat. He started the bus up, and started to drive out of the lot. "Hey, this is my stop!" Cassie cried. The bus driver ignored her. She got up out of her seat and walked up the aisle, and the bus started to swerve. She fell backwards and into TJ's lap.

"Hi." TJ joked.

"Something isn't right." Cassie said. Suddenly, an engine roared from the back of the bus. Everyone looked back to see a green jeep drive around the side of the bus. It pulled up next to the door, and it's door opened. The green Turbo Ranger stepped out and jumped onto the door of the bus. The driver threw his clothes off and revealed that he was really a piranhatron. Everyone suddenly started to scream. "What the hell is that?"

"I think it's a piranhatron." TJ said.

"A What-atron?" Cassie asked.

"Foot soldiers that the Power Rangers fight." TJ said.

"Power Rangers?" She asked incredulously.

"I'll explain it later." TJ said. Adam pounded on the door, and the piranhatron let go of the wheel. He jumped out of the side window and left the bus alone. Everyone screamed even more. TJ got up and stumbled to the front of the bus. "Everybody, calm down!" TJ said. No one listened. He sat down in the driver's seat and shook his head. He grabbed the steering wheel and tried to gain control. When he couldn't, he just slammed down on the brakes. The bus stopped, fast, and Adam fell off and flew forward.

"Oh my god!" Cassie said as she saw Adam slam into the ground.

"Oh man!" TJ said as he got up out of his seat and opened the door. He ran off of the bus and over to Adam's side. Cassie was close behind him. They both knelt down by Adam. "Are you okay?"

"Oh man! What a ride!" Adam joked as he sat up. "Yeah, I'm okay. Just a little dizzy." TJ sighed relief.

"Oh god!" Cassie cried as she saw the school of piranhatrons running towards them. Adam looked up and saw them.

"Fuck . . . run! Go back to the bus and lock the doors!" Adam ordered as he got up. He raised his communicator. "Guys, I need you now!" He cried.

TJ reluctantly let Cassie pull him back to the bus.

"Wait." He said.

"TJ, we have to get on the bus before those things get here!" Cassie pleaded.

"I can't just get on the bus and hide. I have to help." He looked at Cassie. "You go back to the bus and lock the doors, I'm gonna help him." Cassie thought for a moment.

"Why don't we both go lock the doors, and then come back?" She asked. "I wanna help as much as you do, but those people are not safe! We need to get them out of here!" Cassie said.

"Alright, we get them out of here, then we help him." TJ said.

"Fair enough." Cassie said. TJ and Cassie quickly jogged back to the bus and hopped on.

"Everybody pay attention!" TJ shouted. Everyone was still in panic.

"Shut up!" Cassie yelled. Everyone grew quiet.

"We have to get this bus out of here. Who thinks that they could drive this?" TJ asked.

"I can." A large, portly man said as he stood up. He was wearing jeans and a t-shirt and looked like one of those stereo typical truck drivers.

"Good. Start the bus, lock the doors, and drive away. Once you get to a safe distance, call the police." Cassie said. She and TJ hopped off of the bus and the man closed and locked the doors. The bus started up, and quickly sped away. TJ turned around and looked at Adam. There was a small school of piranhatrons attacking him at once.

"He needs our help!" TJ shouted as he started to run to Adam. Cassie caught his arm.

"I think they could help him more than we could." She pointed to the trio of vehicles flying towards them. One blue, one pink, and one yellow. "We should have gotten out of here while we could have. Those things are gonna come after us." Cassie said.

"What makes you say that?" TJ asked. Cassie pointed to the left. Another school of piranhatrons was slowly approaching. "Great!" Once the piranhatrons realized that they had been found, they started to run at the two teens. "Be careful." TJ warned. A piranhatron jumped and did a flying kick at the two. They separated and back away. They were quickly pulled apart by several feet. TJ threw out a kick at a piranhatron who lashed out at him. He hit the thing in the stomach, and sent it to the ground. He flipped back and kicked another one in the face. Another piranhatron grabbed him from behind, and got a firm hold on him. TJ struggled, but couldn't get loose. He stopped struggling, and just threw his head back into the piranhatrons face. It let go of him and stumbled backwards. TJ spin kicked him to the ground. Cassie let out a groan as a piranhatron hit her in the stomach. She bent over to try and catch her breath. A piranhatron then tried to sweep her off of her legs, but she jumped up, and then kicked it back. She flung her elbow back into another one's abdomen, and then swept it off of it's feet. She stood up and spin kicked another one, and sent it flying into a group of more piranhatrons. TJ ran to her side and they were quickly closed in and trapped.

"What do we do?" Cassie asked.

"We fight." TJ spin kicked one piranhatron away, and then side kicked the one that was next to it. Cassie turned and side kicked a piranhatron in the gut, and sent it to the ground.

"KY-AH!" Kim cried as she flipped into the circle and landed next to them. "Back off fish brains!" She kicked one in the stomach, and sent it to the ground. More circled around them, and then Adam jumped into the circle.

"Need help?" He joked.

"I thought about that . . ." Kim said.

"We're fighting side by side with the Power Rangers!" TJ whispered to Cassie. She nodded in agreement. She then threw a kick into a piranhatron's face, and sent it to the ground. Justin then also flipped into the group along with Ashley.

"Four out of five Power Rangers, at your service!" Justin joked to TJ.

"What do these things want?" Cassie asked.

"What they always want, humans dead." Adam said. Suddenly, they all disappeared in their normal puddles of water. "What in the world?"

"Why did they leave?" Kim asked.

"That's twice in a row that they've had us cornered and then just gave up." Justin said.

"Something isn't right." Ashley said.

"Let's go back to the Power Chamber." Kim said.

"I'll be right there." Adam said, looking at Cassie and TJ. The others teleported away in their respective flashes of light. "Thank you, citizens."

"We're not citizens. We're from out of state." TJ said.

"Well, you may wanna stay here for a while, things may get interesting." Adam said. He raised his hands to his belt buckle, and teleported away in a green beam.

"Whoa. We just talked to a Power Ranger." TJ said.

"What is your obsession with the Power Rangers? Do you wanna be one or something?" Cassie mocked.

"What kid wouldn't wanna be a Power Ranger?"

Back at the Power Chamber, all of the Rangers were gathered, and The Soldiers were there.

"So the monster just disappeared?" Adam asked Alysa.

"Yeah. He was winning and then he just left." Alysa said.

"That is too weird." Justin said.

"They've been leaving when they're winning a lot lately. I think something's going on." Kim said.

"I wouldn't be surprised." Tommy said. "But it's a good thing, at least you were able to get away."

"But why?" Michael asked. "If they were winning, why didn't they just stay and finish the job?"

"Who knows." Sanchez said. A small beeping noise came from a nearby consol. Alpha walked over and pressed a few buttons.

"Yo! It's a message from Queen Militia." Alpha said.

"Put it on the viewing globe, Alpha." Tommy ordered. Alpha pushed some more buttons and an image of Militia appeared.

"Hello, Rangers, Soldiers. I thought that you would all like to know that Jc has finished being reassembled. The Genesis project has worked, and he is alive." Kim gasped."He does not remember anything, but I think I may have a way for him to get beck in touch with his memories. He wants to say something to you all." Militia stepped away, and a blonde Jc stepped up.

"He looks so different." Alysa said.

"Hello Rangers. I would like to thank you for all of your help in bringing me back together. However, I will not be returning. Without my memories, I have no reason to be there. My mother has told me about al that has happened, and I'm sorry for it all. Although I cannot be sure, I believe that my brother, Michael will make a wonderful Soldier, and that he will make you proud." Jc disappeared from the viewing globe.

"What happened?" Kim asked.

"That's all that was sent. It ends there." Alpha said.

"That's it? That can't be it!" Kim cried.

"But it is! Kimberly, I'm sorry, but that's all that was sent." Alpha said. Kim began to cry.

"Rangers, I'm going to return to New Syberia, I will be back sometime tomorrow." Michael said.

"Wait, I want you to give Jc something for me." Kim said. She pulled a necklace out from the collar of her suit. It was a blue circle with the inscription of Jc&Kim on it. "Give this to him, and tell him that when he remembers me, that he can come give it back." She placed the necklace in his hands and turned away. Tommy grabbed her in a hug, and supported her. Michael pulled his ring off and morphed back into his civilian clothes. He put the ring back on and raised it to the sky, he teleported away in a blue flash. Ashley turned to Adam.

"Why did they give up so easily?" She asks.

"I don't know, but I know that it wasn't for a good reason." He said.

* * *

As Zordon awoke, he looked around at his surroundings. He then realized that he was on the Space Base.

"AH, you're awake!" Divatox said with pleasure. "Goody! That means that you can come to my party!" She giggled and left the room.

"Oh dear god." Zordon cried as he saw what they had done to Alpha. His body lay dismantled on a nearby table, and a few piranhatrons were inspecting him. Zordon turned away.

Rangers, what has happened that Divatox is back? Zordon thought. I just pray that you are alright He looked at Alpha and that we will be alright.

The End.