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Are You That Somebody?
by: Jason Festa

"AY-AH!" Ashley cried as she flipped over a piranhatron. She grabbed it by its left arm and spun it around. She then kicked it in the stomach and sent it flying backwards. She turned around just in time to miss a kick from another piranhatron. She ducked down and swept it off of its legs. Cassie flipped by and slammed her feet into a nearby piranhatron's back. It flew forward and landed at the bottom of a tree. Cassie then threw her foot backwards and slammed it into another piranhatron. It flew backwards and slammed into another.

"Ashley, we need the others!" Cassie cried. Ashley nodded as she kicked a piranhatron to the ground. Cassie and Ashley had been studying in the park when they were attacked for no apparent reason other than to bug them. Ashley moved to the side and raised her communicator to her mouth. Before she could do anything, one of the piranhatrons grabbed her wrist and pulled off her communicator.

"Cassie! It's got my communicator!" Ashley cried as she pointed at the piranhatron who stole her communicator. Cassie looked in its direction.

"Hey! Get back here!" She yelled as she ran after it. As it passed by a bush, a large monster stepped out. It was hideous. It had cables running all over its deformed body, and rippling muscles to make the Hulk look like a fat slob.

"No you don't!" It cried as it swung out its arms. Two cables flew out of each arm and went after Cassie. Each cable connected to her arms and legs. Suddenly, Cassie was being electrocuted. She jerked around in agony and fell limp to the ground as the cables were retracted.

"CASSIE!" Ashley cried as she tried to jump over to her friend. But several piranhatrons held her back. A low groan escaped Cassie's mouth as two piranhatrons picked her up. "Let go of her!" Ashley cried as she pushed down one of the piranhatrons holding her back. She slammed her foot into one of the other piranhatron's stomach and sent it to the ground. She broke free from the third one and ran for Cassie. She jumped into the air and used both feet to kick away the two piranhatrons holding Cassie. Cassie fell to the ground and Ashley kicked both piranhatrons away. Ashley turned back towards Cassie and lifted her up. She felt for Cassie's pulse, and satisfied with what she got, she set Cassie down on the ground. The new monster approached the two and Ashley took on a defensive stance.

"Ah, little Power Punk. Do you really think that you alone could stop me?" He asked.

"As a Ranger, she is never alone." TJ said as he, Justin, and Carlos came up by Ashley's side. The monster backed up a little.

"Why don't you get lost, Shocker." Carlos cried bravely as Ashley sat on the ground and protected Cassie.

"Where's the fun in leaving?" Shocker joked.

"Where's then fun in staying?" TJ countered. "LIGHTNING SWORD!" He cried. The massive weapon appeared in his hands and he launched into the air and flew at Shocker. He raised the blade of the sword high above his head and let the light glimmer off of it. Then, in one swift move, he brought the sword down and sliced through Shocker. Sparks arose around the new wound as he stumbled backwards and TJ joined the others. Cassie was now standing and was leaning on Ashley. Shocker stumbled into some piranhatrons and they all fell to the ground. The Rangers all burst into laughter, but stopped when Divatox' missiles came down and struck Shocker, making him grow to enormous proportions. The Rangers starred in awe at him for several seconds, before TJ snapped out of it. "Looks like we need the Rescue Megazord."

"Not today." Alysa said as she, Michael, and Sanchez appeared in a bright flash of light. The Rangers turned their attention to the three.

"Why not?" Justin cried.

"Because, you are not ready to pilot the Rescue Zords, yet. We will handle this battle; you all return to the Power Chamber." Before they could say anything, Dimitria teleported the Rangers away. "Alright, let's get down to business! We need Dino Zord power, now!" Alysa cried.

"Velociraptor, Dino Zord Power!" Michael cried. Jc's Dino Zord arose and contorted. The coloring changed slightly, the yellow turned white. The body of the Zord moved around more and gave the appearance of a Tyrannosaurus Rex.

"Stegosaurus, Dino Zord Power!" Sanchez cried. His green Zord arose and created a loud growl.

"Brachiosaurus, Dino Zord Power!" Alysa shouted. Her Zord appeared as well and stomped around. "Going up!" She cried as she jumped into her Zord's cockpit.

"Let's do this!" Sanchez yelled as he, too, landed his Zord's cockpit.

"God, don't let me blow anything up!" Michael prayed as he jumped into his Zord. The three Zords moved to form a triangle around Shocker. He moved around slowly and then stood still.

"What's he doing?" Sanchez asked.

"Who knows." Alysa cried. Suddenly, three cables shot out of his back and attached to each Zord. Soon, they were all being electrocuted.

"My systems are going wacky!" Michael cried as he tried to compensate for the new heat. Alysa moved around frantically trying to get the cable to disengage.

"Dammit, he's on mine, tight!" She cried.

"I can't get him off either!" Sanchez cried. Alysa stood from her cockpit and jumped out of her Zord.

"Expansion mode!" She cried as she shot up into the sky. She walked over to her Zord and grabbed the cable attached to it. She yanked hard and it let go of her Zord.

"What are you doing?" Shocker asked, nervously. Alysa bent down by the lake and held the cable above the surface.

"Release the other Zords and I won't drop this cable in the water." She threatened.

"You wouldn't do that, your friends would get even more electrocuted." Shocker said boldly. Sanchez read Alysa's movements and could tell she was smiling under her helmet.

"Oh fuck! Mike, get out of your Zord!" He cried as he leapt from his Zord. Michael grew wide eyed as she let go of the cable and it connected to the water. He quickly jumped out of his Zord and barely missed the electric currents that now surged through the monster and Zords. Shocker jerked around violently and pulled in all three cables before disappearing in a bright flash of light.

Alysa pulled her ring off and shrunk back down to normal appearance.

"They never learn." She joked .

((Jc dreaming))

As Jc appeared at the beach in his blue armor, he approached the dolphin creature that Syberia had made. "Yo Flipster!" Jc cried.

"Ah, I see you're feeling better, blue boy." Flipster said.

"Yep, better than ever."

"Good, because this is the last day of your life."

"I think not." Sanchez said as he appeared next to Jc.

"The way I see it, this is the last day of your life." Alysa said as she walked up.

"We'll see." Flipster said. "Mechanizers, ATTACK!" The hoard of mechanizers flew at the Soldiers immediately.

"Hiding behind those tin cans? I'm disappointed in you, Flipster!" Jc said.

"Really, can't you fight your own battles?" Alysa asked.

"When I want to." Flipster answered.

"Let's take these buckets of bolts, guys!" Jc cried. They separated and took to different sides of the area. The mechanizers also split up, and went after each one. A small group of mechanizers flew after Alysa, and made a circle around her.

"Hello boys, having fun?" She asked. They stopped, and stared in confusion. "Guess not!" She cried as she swept her leg under their feet, sending them all to the ground. One mechanizer missed the sweep, and came at her. "Back off!" She threw her elbow back into his stomach, and sent him to ground.

"Ky-ah!" Sanchez shouted as he flipped by. A trail of mechanizers ran closely behind him. He continued to flip around, until he was behind the mechanizers. "Strike!" He cried as he rolled into a mechanizer. The mechanizer flew into another, and so on, and so on, until all but one of the mechanizers laid in a big pile.

"Missed one!" Alysa shouted.

"Ky-ah!" He shouted as he scissor kicked the remaining mechanizer. "So I'll live with a spare!" Sanchez flipped around some more as more mechanizers came after him.

"Hey, Flipster!" Jc shouted as he approached him. "I've got a bone to pick with you."

"Sorry, can't help ya!" Flipster cried as he jumped in the water.

"Don't get away that easily!" Jc cried. "Dive." With that one command, a tank appeared on his back, and he jumped in the dark waters. The view was gorgeous under water. Fish were swimming all about, and the coral was beautiful. Several beams of light came down from the surface, and created an eerie appearance, despite all of the beauty. As Jc swam by a school of fish, they all scattered to the left in perfect unison. Jc's attention was averted as another school of fish moved. But it wasn't because of him. Flipster was approaching fast with both swords ready to impale Jc.

_No you don't!_ Jc thought to himself. He twirled his hands around, and called on his claws. He hoisted them up in front of him, and braced for Flipster's hit. He looked around and couldn't see Flipster. He turned left, then right, then back again. Suddenly, he was moving upward towards the surface of the water. He was moving so fast that his bubbles were behind him. _He's gonna make my lungs implode!_ Jc thought quickly as he tried to break free of Flipster's grasp. Finally, he stopped moving. Jc looked around, but could not see anything below him. He reached up to his helmet, and activated his lights. As he did, Flipster let out a loud wail, and rammed into his helmet, breaking both lights. He spun Jc around and around, and then took off his air tank, throwing it to the bottom. Jc struggled to get away from Flipster, but Flipster had a good hold on him. Yet, Jc continued to struggle. _Okay God, Kim says you exist, so prove it! Help me out!_ Suddenly, Flipster let go of Jc, and was dragged out of view. As Jc began to black out, he felt someone's hands on his shoulders. Suddenly, air filled his lungs. He looked up, and into Kim's helmet. She flashed the okay sign. Jc gave it back. She pulled them both towards the surface. In a matter of seconds, they were both on the surface.

"Thanks." Jc said while trying to catch his breath.

"I couldn't let you die, you haven't even met my parents!" Kim joked.

"Sometimes, you scare me."

"Come on." Kim pulled him up, and pulled him towards the shore. Jc looked around and saw the others fighting. Justin and Alysa were taking care of some mechanizers, and Adam and Sanchez were dealing with the newly beached Flipster.

"Where's Tommy and Tanya?" Jc asked.

"Power chamber. They needed a few moments."

"Let's go finish this guy!" Jc said.

"Right!" Kim said enthusiastically. They climbed out of the water, and ran onto the beach.

"Hey Flipster! You and I have some unfinished business." Jc said. Adam, Sanchez, Kim and Jc started walking towards him.

"Yeah, didn't your mother teach you never start what you can't finish?" Alysa asked as she and Justin joined the others.

"Sorry, but I never knew my mother." Flipster said. "But Syberia stepped in. Ya wanna know what she taught me?"

"Not really." Justin said.

"Too bad!" Flipster pushed his arms out and they started to glow. Lightning flew from his hands, and struck everyone square in the chest. They all flew back, and landed in a heap of pain. "She taught me that one. Ya like it?" He approached the nearest person, Kimberly. He grabbed her by the neck and lifted her into the air.

"Let go of her!" Jc cried.

"You gonna make me?" Flipster joked.

"Syber lightning!" Jc cried. His body began to glow bright blue, and he stood up straight as an arrow. He began to spin, and spin, and finally, he launched at Flipster. He flew at him at lightning speed, and soared straight threw him. Flipster cried in pain as he dropped Kim. He crumbled to the ground.

"I'll . . . be . . . backkkk" He stammered out as he teleported away. Jc appeared on the other side of him and fell to the ground. Kim ran to his side and helped him to stand up.

"Jc, are you okay?" Kim asked. Jc stumbled away from the shore, and moved to join the others.

"Yes. I just need to rest a moment." Jc said.

"I think we need to let him be." Adam said to Kim, as well as the others.

"No, I'm fine. Let's just go back to the Power Chamber." Jc said.

"Yeah, let's go." Alysa said. Jc stumbled to get up as he stood next to the others. They all moved their hands to their communicators, and activated the teleport function. Everyone shone their proper colors, and they started to raise to the sky. Suddenly, a white light covered the area and Jc's beam broke into a million different pieces. His head began to spin as he realized that he could see in every direction. He felt horrible. He knew something wasn't right, but couldn't figure it out. Then he went unconscious. Each light combined into twenty-five orbs and flew to different directions of the world as the others teleported away.

Jc awoke in a cold sweat. It was pitch black in his current surroundings, and he didn't like it. He had only been on Earth for two days, but somehow, his memory was coming back in chunks. He was remembering things that he never knew had happened before. This bothered him. He didn't know who he was anymore, and he was having a hard time dealing with that. He sat up in his bed and threw his legs over the side. He slowly stood and made his way over to his door. He opened it slowly and looked around. _Where the hell is the restroom in this damn house?_ He asked subconsciously. Dimitria decided that it would be best for him to reside at Kimberly's home while he stayed here on Earth. Unfortunately, he couldn't remember where anything was. He started to walk down the dark hallway, but stopped as he bumped into Kimberly. They both fell to the floor, and memories began to flash through Jc's mind.

Jc bumped into Kim as they both stumbled through the darkness.

"You're late." Kim said. "I dumped my second to last boyfriend for that, you'd better watch yourself!"

They both giggled quietly and went into Kim's room. Jc bent down and passionately kissed Kimberly. She wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him down closer. They began to make their way to her bed, and as they bump into it, they both fall onto the mattress. They giggle some more as they shift around to a comfortable position.

"Have I told you lately that I love you?" Kim asked.

"Yes, but it never hurts to hear it again!" Jc grinned as they kissed again. "We really should tell the others about us." Jc said as he pulled away.

"Yeah, but why? They don't need to know."

"Why are you so insistent on hiding our relationship?"

"Why are you so insistent on making everyone know about our relationship?" Kim said louder than necessary as she sat up.

"Because I would like to be able to kiss my girlfriend in public!" He shouted as he stood up.

"Would you keep it down! We don't need to wake everyone up." Kim whispered as she stood.

"What? Are you afraid that they'll find out about us?" Jc said, louder on purpose. Kim just stared at him.

"Look, I'm sorry. I just like to keep you all to myself." Kim said as she wrapped her arms around his stomach.

"Don't think that you can use your cuteness to get out of this one!" Jc said as he looked down at her. She flashed her famous brown eyes at him and he became mush in her arms. They fell back into the bed and made out for hours, but never going any further.

Jc shook his head as he finished the memory. He remembered how high she had held her virginity above all things, and respected her for it.

"Are you alright?" He asked as he helped her to her feet.

"Yeah, I'm fine. I was gonna check on you and make sure you were alright." She said as she blushed.

"Thank you for the concern." Jc smiled at her. "You know, I remember the last time we bumped into each other in this hallway, at night." Kim blushed.

"You remember that?"

"Yeah, I've been remembering a lot of things lately." Jc zoned out as he thought back on all of the things that he remembered. Although he remembered a lot, it was all in chunks, and he couldn't place any of it in order, so it made no difference. He didn't even know how old he was.

"How much have you remembered?"

"A lot. But its all out of order, and I can't make any sense out of it." He replied sadly.

"It's okay, Jc." Kim tried to comfort him. "Michael said he was taking you to see some psychiatrist tomorrow. Maybe she can help you make sense of it all."

"I hope so, because I can't keep going on like this."

"Like what?" Kim asked. Jc slowly slunk down against the wall and placed his hands over his knees. Kim knelt down by his side.

"Living in his shadow." Kim looked confused. "You guys keep calling me Jc and treating me like I'm him, but I'm not. Jc . . is dead, and gone." Kim's eyes began to water. "I hate having everybody call me by his name and treat me like him because I'm NOT him! I just can't stand it anymore." Jc threw his head back into the wall. Kim sat down next to him and rested her head on his shoulder.

"I'm sorry that you have to go through this. If I could rewind time, I would go back and keep you from teleporting. Then you'd still be you . . ."

"I'm not him! Stop talking to me like I am him!" Jc shouted as he stood up. Kim was shocked. Alysa came out of her room.

"Is everything alright?" She asked.

"No, nothing is alright." Jc said as he turned around and stormed down the stairs.

"Jc!" Kim called after him.

"I'M NOT JC!! STOP CALLING ME JC!!" He yelled at her before slamming the door and walking out of the yard. Kim began to sob uncontrollably and turned to put her head on Sanchez' shoulder as he came out of his room. He held her in his arms and motioned for Alysa to follow Jc. She nodded and ran down the stairs. She opened the front door and came out onto the porch. She looked around and couldn't see Jc. Then she spotted him, jogging down the road a mile away.

"Damn, he's fast!" She said to herself as she took off running after him.

Carlos slowly closed his bedroom door as Ashley teleported in on a yellow streak of light. Carlos let go of the knob and turned to face his friend. Unbeknownst to Ashley, Carlos had a deep crush on her. He had, ever since they first met in fifth grade. He slowly walked over to her as she plopped down onto his bed.

"That was the best fight in the world!" Ashley cried happily.

"The one from earlier today?" Carlos asked.

"Yeah, it was so cool! TJ handled Shocker like a pro! He is really dreamy!" Ashley said as she laid on her back.

_Why can't she think of me like that?_ "I think someone got hit over the head, or something!" Carlos joked. Ashley giggled and smiled at him. "But, that fight was pretty cool."

"How did you like your second fight as a Ranger?"

"It was okay. But I wish that Dimitria would have let us test drive the Rescue Zords."

"She doesn't wanna call attention to us."

"Yeah, but we don't know how to operate the damn things! You at least know how!"

"No, actually I don't. We haven't used the Zords once since I arrived. The Soldiers had taken care of that part."

"I didn't even get to see them in action today! Dimitria teleported us away too fast!"

"She always does! Look, we'll get into the action as time goes by. Trust Dimitria, she knows what she's doing." Carlos nodded and plopped down next to Ashley.

"I just wish that she'd stop treating us like babies."

"Listen to you! You've only been a Ranger for, like, two days, and already you hate our boss? You are really going to be upset as time goes by! She gets worse once you get to know her. She answers all questions with another question."

"Because she wants us to learn to think for ourselves."

"Exactly, but it gets really annoying when you want answers." Carlos nodded.

"What's the deal with this Jc guy?" He asked, out of the blue.

"I don't know much about him. He's supposed to be the Prince of this master race of beings on the moon. He's pretty cute though." Ashley smiled as she remembered the first time she got a good look at him. She and Michael were in the elevator shaft and he had just placed in the last orb they could get and Jc became whole. But he had no clothes on. Ashley had hidden a large grin beneath her helmet as she turned away from Jc.

"But he's so weird!"

"Well, he lost his memory. He's a different person now. I just wish that I could have met him before all of this started."

"Not me. I remember what he and the others did to the Rangers when they first showed up. I didn't like it then, and I don't like it now."

"Get off it! They were all under a spell and couldn't control their actions."

"But I still don't like them. I guess it's just because all of Angel Grove has come to hate aliens ever since Rita Repulsa first showed up."

"But remember, Tommy was evil when he became a Ranger."

"He was?"

"Yep. Kim told me all about it. He had just come to Angel Grove and had tied with the original Red Ranger in a karate competition. Rita saw that and decided that he be a good choice for her evil Green Ranger. So she kidnaped him and turned him evil. He went to the Command Center and destroyed everything. Zordon was missing and Alpha 5 had been given a virus. When he fought the Rangers, he threw them out of their Zords and almost killed them all. Then, he kidnaped Jason, the original Red Ranger, and took him to the Dark Dimension or something like that. Jason faced off with some monkey named Goldar, and then with Tommy. But because Jason couldn't morph, Tommy was more powerful and overwhelmed Jason. Just as Tommy was about to kill Jason, he was teleported out and was saved. Eventually, he called upon his Dragon Zord and attacked Angel Grove. The Rangers had to use their Zords and fight him. Then, Rita made the sun eclipse and cut off the Megazord's power supply. Eventually, Jason faced off with Tommy and destroyed this dark sword which had kept him hostage to Rita's magic. Tommy became good and then joined the team."

"He went through all of that and they still let him on their team?"

"Yes, because they knew that he was under a spell and had no control over his actions." Carlos realized what she was saying.

"Alright, I get the picture. But I still don't like those aliens!" Ashley giggled and threw her arm around her best friend's shoulder. She then placed her head against his.

"You should be seeing the shrink tomorrow, not Jc."

"Jc! Get back here!" Alysa yelled as she ran after Jc. He was still ahead of her by half a mile, but she was quickly catching up. He had slowed to a walk about ten minutes ago, but was still going fast enough to stay ahead of her. He was nearing the park, and Alysa had a good idea where he was going: the bench. Every one of them went to the bench when they wanted to be alone and think. How Jc remembered about the bench is beyond her. But then again, how Jc remembered anything was beyond her. "Jc, please wait!" Alysa shouted. Jc stopped moving and turned around.

"STOP CALLING ME JC!" He yelled. Alysa slowed until she was twenty feet away from him.

"Well, what do you want me to call you?" She asked.

"I don't know, but I don't want to be called Jc." He blurted.

"Well, let's give you your own name then."

"Why? So people can still call me Jc?"

"We can tell people that you have your own name."

"No. There's no point in it. Soon, Jc will remember everything, and I'll be forgotten." He turned around and ran into the park. Alysa sighed and went after him. She pushed her way through the dark leaves, cloaked in the shadow of darkness. The shadows that flew across her face seemed to be dancing around her features. Her pink night shirt flew back as she emerged from the flock of trees and found her self faced with emptiness. Jc was nowhere in sight. Alysa slowly walked towards the lake in the middle of park, cautiously looked about her to find Jc. As she approached the lake, she finally saw him. He was standing on a clove of rocks and starring deep into the waters below. Jc was so close to the edge that Alysa was tempted to say boo and make him fall over. But she didn't because she knew how upset he was. She quietly approached him.

"Leave me alone." He said, bluntly. Alysa came up to ten feet behind him.

"I can't. I owe a loyalty to you." She said.

"You owe a loyalty to Prince Jc, not me."

"You are Jc. Just accept it."

"I am NOT Jc. Don't you get that? Jc died when Syberia activated that Scatterer on him. I was born when Dr. Roberts used the Genesis project on me. I am a completely different person from Jc. All that I want is for you guys to understand that."

"I want to, but as far as I can see, you are Jc. There's no debate about it."

"But there is," He sighed, deeply, "when I showed up in the Power Chamber two days ago, I didn't know any of you. I was scarred out of my mind. You guys all looked at me like you knew me, but in reality, you guys don't know me at all! I thought that you guys would hate me because I was a reminder of the brave man you all lost." He sighed again. "Did you see Kimberly's face when she saw me? She thinks that I'm Jc. How can I let her down by leaving her?"

"You were never with her, Jc was." Alysa voiced. "Maybe we should associate you with your own identity. If we give you your own personality, maybe it will take the pressure off of you a little more." He slowly nodded.

"I suppose. But I will not take over in his place. I won't." He said.

"I wouldn't dream of letting you." She offered him her hand. He looked at it and slowly accepted it. She led him back towards Kimberly's apartment.

"So, our little reject Soldier is having an identity crisis, huh? Well, I think we can make that worse!" Divatox cried. She paraded around on the balcony of her ship, which is based on her brother, General Havok's Space Base. "PORTO!" She cried. The short, pudgy thing came waddling out of the back room and traveled up to her side.

"Yes my queen?" He asked, feebly.

"Can you fix Shocker?" She asked.

"I believe so." He responded.

"Well, find out. I want to send him down again as soon as possible." Divatox said calmly.

"May I ask why, my queen?"

"I want to cause trouble for Jc while he is still recuperating. This monster would be the perfect monster to jolt his memories back into existence."

"What is the point of that? If he remembers who he is, then he could reestablish his link to Cyber Space and become a Soldier again."

"I know that. But if Shocker does it once Jc has developed a new personality, then the original Jc and the new one will battle it out inside of his head until his body slowly dies!!" Divatox laughed


"But what if the Rangers find a way to stop that?" Divatox grew upset.

"SHUT UP AND JUST DO AS I ORDER!" She shouted. Porto quickly scurried out of the room. "I hate him sometimes." Divatox said as she realized that what he said had relevancy. If the Rangers did find a way to fix Jc, then the whole plan would be ruined and Jc would be back.

"I swear, the hired help you have around here, sucks!" Rita cried as she and Zedd entered the room.

"Oh, stuff it Repulsa! We need to come up with a plan to get Jc while he's still down." Divatox said.

"Why not just send down some piranhatrons?" Rita asked, sarcastically.

"No, her piranhatrons are too easily defeated." Zedd said. Divatox glared at him. "Face it, your piranhatrons are no match for any one of the Rangers. We need new warriors to combat the Rangers." He thought aloud.

"And what do you have in mind?" Divatox asked, curiously. Zedd raised his staff and a Tenga appeared before them.

"Please summon a piranhatron." He asked. Divatox snapped her fingers and a piranhatron rose up out of a large puddle on the ground. The two warriors looked at each other as Zedd raised his staff and pointed it at the piranhatron and Tenga. Red lightning flew out from the tip of his staff and passed through the two of them. They were quickly pulled together and began to melt into one. After a few moments, only one creature remained. It had the same general body of a piranhatron, but also had the head and wings of a Tenga. The wings came out from the back at the creature's spine and stretched out a little further than the Tenga's normal wings. This new creature was also a bit taller than normal. It stood at a whopping seven feet. Much like Syberia's super mechanizers.

"Meet the first of a new breed of foot soldiers, known as the Tengatrons." Zedd said as he rested his staff at his side. Divatox smiled in delight.

"Well, what do you know? It has the strength of a piranhatron and the ugliness of a Tenga!" She cried in delight. The Tengatron squawked at her and she raised her hands in defense. "That's a good thing, babe." She said. The Tengatron gave what could have been called a smile.

"Why didn't you think of anything like that when we were in charge?" Rita asked as she bashed Zedd's stomach with her staff.

"Because, I was constantly surrounded in stupidity!" He cried out loud. Rita crossed her arms and began to pout.

"Are you two always like this?" Divatox asked.

"Only when we're together." Zedd said. Rita uncrossed her arms and bashed Zedd over the head with her staff. She smiled in delight as he fell forward and onto the ground. Divatox merely laughed.

The next morning, Kimberly was cooking up a storm in her kitchen. She had seriously stressed out when Jc had run out of the house. She couldn't sleep at all. But when he came back, he went straight to his room and locked the door behind him. Kim had been worrying about how he was feeling and didn't know what to do about it. And to make matters worse, she had heard Alysa go into his room at about seven thirty that morning and they were still in there. That made her nervous. She knew how close he and Alysa had been, and to think of them alone in his room made her very uncomfortable. She straightened her appearance as Jc and Alysa came down the stairs. Sanchez and Michael, while sitting at the dining table, exchanged worried glances about what was going to happen.

"Guys, we have an important announcement to make." Alysa said as she and Jc stood in the doorway to the kitchen. Kimberly tensed.

_Oh God, he's gonna dump me for her!_ Kim thought to herself.

"Go ahead." Alysa ushered to Jc. He came forward and looked at the others. He nervously glanced back at Alysa. She smiled at him and he turned around. He looked at them all as they waited in anticipation.

"I can't." He said as he turned around. Alysa took his hand in hers and looked into his eyes.

"You can." She said as she lifted his chin. He nodded and turned around.

"Well, um, I've been doing a lot of thinking lately and I've made a very important decision." Everyone grew quiet. "I have decided that since I am NOT Jc, that I shouldn't be named Jc, or called Jc. From now on, I will have my own name." Jc cleared his throat. "Since Jc's initials stand for Jason Collin, I have decided to break that up. From now on, my name will be Collin Odin." The others simply looked at him.

"Why don't you wanna be called Jc anymore?" Sanchez asked.

"Because, I'm not Jc. Jc died when Syberia activated that scatterer. I shouldn't have to live in his shadow for the rest of eternity, so I wanted my own name." Collin, formerly Jc, answered.

"I like it." Michael said. "Collin Odin. It's a very good name."

"Thank you." Collin sighed. "You have no idea how much better that makes me feel."

"Kim?" Alysa asked. As soon as Collin announced his decision, she had turned around and ignored them all. It still hurt too much for her. She wiped away at the tears and quickly turned around.

"Yeah?" She asked.

"Are you alright?" Alysa asked.

"I'm fine. Just a little . . . . shocked." She wiped at her tears again and finished serving up the breakfast. "I've, um, made some breakfast for you all, so let's eat." She said, trying to sound normal. Alysa and Collin sat down at the table by Sanchez and Michael. Kim slowly put down each plate. As she reached Collin, she slowly put down his plate. They never took their eyes off of each other. "Here ya go," She paused, "Collin." Collin smiled and Kim sat down next to him. They all began to eat their breakfast and all but Kim were involved in a conversation with Collin.

"Hey guys." Justin said as he watched Carlos and Cassie approach his table. He was sitting alone in the Juice Bar and doing the homework that he didn't get a chance to finish the day before.

"Hey Justin." Cassie said as she pulled up a chair and sat down. Carlos did the same. Justin continued to read through his notes and study. "What's up?"

"Not much. Just finishing my homework from yesterday. What are you guys up to?" He asked as he continued to flip through his notes.

"Just hanging around. We decided not to go to school today." Carlos said. Justin looked at him.

"Why?" He asked.

"Because there's no school today." Cassie whispered low. "It's a secret. Shh." She joked.

"You've had your nose in those books for the past few days. Why don't we go to the park or something?" Carlos asked.

"No way. Last time we were in the park, we got attacked by piranhatrons and I am not in the mood for a fight today." Justin stated bluntly as he returned to her notes.

"Justin, come on. Let's go have some fun!" Cassie said as she took Justin's hand away from his books. He jerked it back.

"Look, I'm sorry, but I have a big test Monday and I need to study for it." He said with a slight attitude.

"Whatever." Carlos said as he stood up and walked over to the bar. Alysa and Sanchez walked through the door a moment later.

"Hey Justin." Alysa said. Justin pounded his fist on his books.

"I'm not gonna get any studying done here." He quickly picked up his books and stood up. "I'm going home so that I can study." He said as he stormed out of the juice bar.

"What's his problem?" Sanchez asked.

"Puberty." Cassie stated, bluntly. Alysa giggled. "No, I think he's just taking the transfer too hard. He misses the other Rangers." Cassie stated.

"I can understand why. A lot of changes have been happening lately, and to have his only friends leave like that could crush him." Alysa said.

"Yeah, we were gonna try to loosen him up and take him to the park, but he got an attitude with us." Carlos said as he rejoined the group.

"Well, he probably just needs some time alone. Hey, why don't we go to the park?" Alysa suggested.

"Sounds like a plan." Cassie responded.

"So let's go." Sanchez said. The four Rangers stood from the table and exited the juice bar.

"Ah, four of the little power pukes are alone in Angel Grove Park. I say it's time that we tested out these new Tengatrons." Divatox said as she looked down onto Earth. Zedd lowered his staff and finished creating another Tengatron. So far, they had made twenty Tengatrons and were still at work.

"Yes, let them test their wings." Zedd suggested. He backed away from the unmoving Tengatrons and raised his staff. Red lightning hit each Tengatron and they were energized and given their orders. The Tengatrons outstretched their wings and immediately began to take flight. They began to fly around the room until they were at the balcony. Once there, they flew out into space. They immediately headed for Earth.

"Ah, glorious day! I'll finally get those Power Rangers!" Divatox squealed in delight. A moment later, Finster entered the room. Divatox stared at him. "What do you want?"

"I believe I have a device that will aid this battle." Finster said.

"What?" Zedd asked.

"I have a device which when placed near the Rangers will leave them powerless." He said.

"Go on." Divatox said, finally liking the creature.

"If we set this device up with the Tengatrons while they battle the Rangers, then they will be left powerless and weak to our forces." Finster finished.

"Good. Send it down immediately. Now I really will get those Power Rangers!" Divatox squealed again.

"WE will finally get those Power Rangers." Rita corrected. Zedd raised his staff and called forth a Tenga. Divatox got the drift and called forth a piranhatron. A moment later, a new Tengatron stood in the middle. Zedd then called upon one of his putties and added its genetic make-up to the mix. A moment later, a new creature stood. It had the body of a Putty, the armor of a piranhatron, and the wings and head of a Tenga. This new creature looked around.

"This is the Puttengatron, our newest soldier. He will carry the device." Zedd said. Finster walked over to the massive creature and secured a round object onto the front of its belt.

"Now this thing doesn't have the same weakness as your other putties, does it?" Rita asked.

"No. This creation cannot be destroyed. He will continue to pull himself together for eternity. But only as long as the pieces are nearby. If they have been separated, then we will be in trouble." Zedd said. Rita smiled.

"Mark this day on the calendar, Divatox. This is the day that the Power Rangers will finally lose to evil!" She cackled.

At the park, Alysa, Sanchez, Cassie, and Carlos were just arriving. The sun hung high above their heads and let off a beautiful light. The air was cool and just the right temperature for a day at the park. The four Rangers made their way over to their usual park bench and had a seat.

"God, I can't believe how beautiful it is today." Cassie thought out loud as she stared at the sky.

"Really, you would think that with all of these monster attacks that this place would be completely barren by now." Carlos commented.

"Yeah, well be glad that it's not because one day, it will be, and you'll regret it." Sanchez said.

"Well, hopefully that day won't happen until I've been long dead." Carlos said as he leaned back into the bench.

"Yeah, well what are you gonna do if it happens sooner?" Alysa asked. Carlos shrugged.

"I'll deal with that when it happens." He said.

"That's what we used to say about when we were worried about Syberia attacking. The reason we lost was because we weren't prepared." Sanchez stated.

"Well, we're the Power Rangers. As long as we have our powers, nothing can stand in our way." Carlos said. Alysa shook her head.

"You won't always have your powers, Carlos." Suddenly, a white light engulfed the group for several seconds. The light was blinding and everyone had to shield their eyes. When the light stopped, twenty of the Tengatrons and the Puttengatron stood in front of the Rangers.

"What the hell?" Carlos shouted as he jumped up off of the bench. He was soon followed by Cassie.

"What are these things?" Cassie asked.

"I don't know, but they don't look friendly!" Alysa stated.

"Let's see what they want. The one in front appears to be the leader." Sanchez said.

"Rangers of Zordon and Dimitria, surrender now or be destroyed." The Puttengatron said.

"I think this guy wants a fight!" Alysa said as she happily cracked her knuckles.

"No, I merely want your lives!" The Puttengatron stated as it rushed at the Rangers. He ran through the four and separated them into two groups; Alysa and Carlos, and Cassie and Sanchez. The two groups were quickly led away from each other and separated by twenty feet. Cassie and Sanchez immediately began to sweep Tengatrons out from underneath their feet. Cassie swept under one Tengatron, but it jumped up and over her leg. Then it grabbed her by her neck and hoisted her up into the air.

"Let go of her!" Sanchez cried as he rushed the Tengatron. The three fell to the ground with an audible thump. Sanchez was the first one up and helped Cassie up off of the ground. The Tengatron shook its head as it sat up and looked at the two Rangers. They exchanged glances once before double kicking the Tengatron back onto its back. Alysa flipped by and slammed her feet into a nearby tree and used the momentum to repel her feet back into a Tengatron's stomach. She flipped backwards and landed on the ground and to her surprise, the Tengatron was still standing. She stared at it wide eyed as it grabbed her by her shoulders and lifted her up into the air.

"Let go of me!" She shouted as she kicked the Tengatron in the stomach over and over. Suddenly, the Tengatron dropped Alysa to the ground and turned around. Carlos stood there with a tree branch and slammed it into its stomach. The Tengatron grabbed the branch and pried it out of Carlos' hands. He used the branch and knocked Carlos into a nearby tree stump."Carlos!" Alysa screamed as she ran to his side.

"WHOA!" Sanchez cried as he was flung to their feet.

"HY-AH!" Cassie cried as she flipped over to the others. The twenty Tengatrons began to close in on them.

"Guys, we need to morph!" Alysa cried.

"Let's do it! SHIFT INTO TURBO!" Sanchez shouted.




"SYBER SOLDIER GREEN, STEGOSAURUS!" In a bright flash, the four Rangers were morphed for several seconds. But then, several sparks flew across their bodies as they were de-morphed. The four Rangers struggled to get up as the Puttengatron approached them all.

"What happened?" Cassie asked.

"They must have some force field up preventing us from morphing!" Alysa cried.

"Not again!" Sanchez shouted.

"Rangers," The Puttengatron began, "you now have two options. Number one, you may surrender and spare your lives, or number two, you continue to fight us until you die."

"I'd rather die protecting the Earth than to give into the likes of you!" Sanchez shouted as he leapt into the air. He spun around and slammed his feet into the Puttengatron's stomach and sent him to the ground. Sanchez backed up and joined the Rangers.

"We have to retreat!" Alysa cried.

"No way. I'm not giving up!" Sanchez cried.

"Alysa's right, we don't stand a chance against these guys without our powers!" Carlos cried.

"Come on, Sanchez. Let's go!" Cassie cried. The four raised their communicators and pressed the teleportation button. They all turned into their respective colored beam and lifted off of the ground. Bright light filled the air as they hit a force field and fell back to the ground.

"We can't even teleport out?!" Carlos screamed hysterically. Alysa shook her head.

"We're in big trouble, guys!" She stated.

Bright light filled the Power Chamber as the rest of the Rangers teleported in. An angry Justin approached Dimitria's time warp.

"This had better be important." He spat.

"It is." Dimitria responded.

"What's going on?" Michael asked as he came up by Justin's side.

"The other Rangers are under attack in Angel Grove Park and can do nothing about it." Dimitria said.

"Why not?" Ashley asked.

"Divatox has created a device which has prevented them from morphing or teleporting." Dimitria said.

"We have to get over there." TJ said.

"The device prevents you from teleporting in. And as long as you are morphed, you cannot enter the field." Alpha stated hysterically.

"Why don't they just walk out?" Justin asked.

"They cannot. The field is keeping them hostage." A view of the scene came into play on the viewing globe.

"What are those creatures?" Ashley asked.

"They are Tengatrons, a mix of tengas and piranhatrons." Alpha said.

"Tengas?" TJ asked.

"A few years ago, the Tengas were the main foot soldiers. The Rangers used to battle them in ninja uniforms." Dimitria answered.

"Why don't we ever remember any of that?" Carlos asked.

"Master Vile turned back time a few years ago and destroyed their Ninja powers before they were ever Rangers." Dimitria explained.

"Do these things have any weaknesses that we could exploit?" TJ asked.

"Not that we know of." Alpha responded.

"What about my ninja powers? Could I enter the field with them?" Michael asked.

"I would believe so." Dimitria said. "This field was designed to keep the Turbo powers off-line, not the ninja powers."

"Can the Ninja Rangers still call on some form of their powers?" Ashley asked.

"Yes, their Ninja suits, why?" Dimitria asked.

"Why not call the other ninja Rangers here? They could all go in and battle the Tengatrons and get the others out of there." Ashley suggested.

"Good idea, Ashley." Dimitria said. "Alpha, teleport all of the ex-ninja Rangers here."

"Right away. Beginning a scan of Earth for the Ninja Rangers!" Alpha stated excitedly as he programmed the computer. "I am bringing in Adam, Tommy, and Kim." A minute later, the three teens were standing in the Power Chamber.

"Hey guys. What's going on?" Tommy asked as they approached Dimitria's tube.

"We have a serious problem, Rangers, and we need your help." Dimitria said.

"What can we do?" Kim asked. White light filled the room as a familiar Hispanic boy landed in the Power Chamber; with a pizza in his mouth.

"What's going on?" Rocky DeSantos asked in between chewing his food.

"Always like Rocky to be eating when you need him!" Kim cried as she threw her arms around his neck.

"Hey Kim." Rocky said as he set his pizza down on a nearby console.

"Yo, yo! The computer systems!" Alpha cried as he picked up the pizza and put it on a plate.

"Sorry." Rocky said.

"Rocky DeSantos, former Blue Ranger, the current Rangers need your help." Dimitria said.

"What can I do?" Rocky asked.

"You mean, what can we do?" Aisha Campbell said as she entered the Power Chamber by the doors.

"Aisha!" Kim squealed as she threw her arms around her old friend.

"Rangers, although it brings me joy to see you all reunited, I am afraid that I must break up this reunion." Dimitria said.

"Whoa." Aisha said as she looked around the Power Chamber. "You guys waited till I was gone to bring out the heavy artillery, didn't you?" She joked as she looked at the computers.

"Rangers, the current Turbo Rangers direly need your help. They are involved in a severe battle and cannot morph." Dimitria said.

"How can we help? We don't have any powers." Aisha said.

"But you do still hold the Ninja Powers." Dimitria said.

"Ninja Powers?" Ashley asked.

"Who are you?" Aisha asked.

"I'm the Yellow Turbo Ranger." Ashley said.

"Rangers, please! The more time we waste, the worst the situation grows." Dimitria said. "You must call upon your ninja uniforms to battle the Tengatrons which currently threaten the Rangers' lives."

"Alright then, let's do this!" Tommy said as he slipped into the role of leader, once again. Although he wouldn't admit it, he missed being a Ranger greatly. He began to miss it as soon as he saw the others in their power suits. "NINJA RANGER POWER!" He cried. The five Rangers immediately turned into the Ninja Rangers.

"BLUE FOX POWER!" Michael cried as he, too, changed into a ninja uniform.

"Man, it feels good to have this power again!" Aisha cried as she admired her suit.

"We'd better hurry." Tommy said. The others nodded. "Back to action!" He shouted. The six Rangers teleported away in a bright rainbow of light.

"Can I get back to studying now?" Justin asked. Ashley slapped him upside the head. "What?"

Alysa stumbled backwards as a Tengatron kicked her in the stomach. She fell to the ground and clutched her stomach. Carlos flipped over the Tengatron and slammed his foot into its chest. IT stumbled backwards and to the ground and Carlos ran to Alysa's side.

"Are you alright?" He asked. _I guess these guys aren't so bad . . ._ He though to himself.

"Yeah, he just caught me off guard." Alysa responded as she climbed to her feet. A moment later, Sanchez and Cassie were by their sides.

"Alysa, you okay?" Sanchez asked.

"I'm fine." She said.

"For now, anyway." The Puttengatron stated as the Tengatrons surrounded the four. "Get them!" He ordered. The group of Tengatrons immediately huddled around the four Rangers and trapped them in. They were flung all over the place as the Ninja Rangers appeared inside of the huddle. As the Tengatrons stumbled away, the Rangers took defensive stances in front of the fallen Rangers.

"You want them? You'll have to go through us." Tommy stated defiantly as he clenched his fists into the air and motioned to the other Ninja Rangers._Man, it feels good to be the White Ranger again!_

"With pleasure! Tengatrons, attack!" The Puttengatron ordered. The Twenty Tengatrons rushed at the six Rangers and began to fight. Tommy stayed by the four Rangers as the others attacked the Tengatrons. A hoard of battle cries flew through the air as they fought the mighty creatures.

"You guys are gonna regret making me come back!" Aisha growled as she slammed her feet into a Tengatron's stomach. She swung around and threw her fist into another's face, effectively sending it to the ground. She turned around again and began to sweep other Tengatrons off of their feet. One Tengatron took flight into the air to avoid her sweeps. It flew by her and grabbed her by the shoulders and lifted her into the air. She kicked at its stomach, but it paid her no mind.

"Put me down!" She screamed. The Tengatron ignored her. "Ok, but don't say I didn't warn you!" She shouted as she slammed her feet backwards and into the Tengatron's groin. He dropped her immediately and they began to fall to the ground. As Aisha grew closer to the ground, Adam jumped into the air and caught her. They both landed gracefully on the ground.

"Always the gentleman!" Aisha said as he set her down. The Tengatron slammed into the ground behind them.

"I try." Adam joked. Kim flipped by the two and slammed her feet into a Tengatron's stomach. She flipped backwards and threw her legs into another's chest. She stood up straight and punched a Tengatron to the ground. She turned around and faced the Puttengatron.

"See ya!" She cried as she went into a series of back flips. The Puttengatron was close behind.

"AY-AH!" Rocky cried as he spin kicked a Tengatron to the ground. He turned around and slammed his foot into a Tengatron's face.

"Get back here!" The Puttengatron shouted as it chased after Kimberly.

"I don't think so!" Tommy shouted as he threw his leg into the Puttengatron's stomach and sent it to the ground. Five of the six Ninja Rangers assembled by Tommy's side. Michael flipped over the Puttengatron and slammed his feet into its belt and damaged the round device. White light flashed through the area and the four Rangers on the ground were immediately morphed. Michael came back to the Ninja Rangers and the Turbo Rangers joined the six.

"Well, looks like you've got a problem." Michael said.

"You picked the wrong Rangers to mess with, buddy!" Carlos shouted.

"We'll see." The Puttengatron spat as the twenty Tengatrons ran up behind him.

"Nobody messes with the . . ." Tommy began.

"POWER RANGERS!" They all finished, their voices echoing throughout the park. The Tengatrons backed up a few feet. The Puttengatron looked back at him.

"You turkeys!" He shouted at them. They disappeared in a mob of water and black feathers.

"Looks like you're all alone!" Rocky growled.

"You don't mess with ANY Rangers, present or past." Aisha spat.

"If it takes all we have, we'll see to it that your kind dies." Adam growled.

"You'd better get out of here while you can!" Kim shouted.

"Before we push you out of here!" Tommy growled. The Puttengatron backed up. He looked around for any type of weapon. After a few moments, he stopped.

"Oh, I'll be back, you pathetic power punks!" He growled as he disappeared in a red ball of light. The Rangers broke into a round of cheers and high-fives.

"POWER DOWN!" Alysa cried. The four Turbo Rangers immediately returned to normal in a bright flash of light. The other Rangers grabbed at their suits and pulled on them. They all magically disappeared and the six teens returned to normal.

"Well, that was fun!" Cassie joked.

"Let's get to the power chamber." Tommy stated. Each ex-Ranger grabbed onto an active Ranger and they all teleported away in a bright flash of light.

Bright light filled the Power Chamber as the ten Rangers appeared. Each sparkle of light broke into two beams and landed on the floor. The Turbo Rangers broke apart and joined the other Turbo Rangers.

"Thank you for helping us." Michael said.

"No problem." Tommy said.

"And if you ever need us again, don't hesitate to ask!" Aisha stated.

"That was actually kind of fun!" Rocky rejoiced.

"Yeah, we kicked some major butt, just like always!" Kim cried as she and Aisha high-fived.

"I just wish that Billy could have been there with us. Then it would have been like old times." Adam said.

"Hey, Billy was there, he was with us, in here." Tommy pointed to his heart.

"Yeah, but it would have been better to have him here, physically." Aisha said. "I never got to say goodbye to him."

"Ninja Rangers, I would like to thank you for your help with our current crisis." Dimitria said. "I would like to extend an invitation for you all to become a side part of the team again. If you wish, I will send you to the Desert of Despair and you may regain your powers." The Ninja Rangers thought for a moment. Tommy looked at them all.

"Maybe, but not yet. We've all got a lot going on in our lives, and to just become Rangers again . . ." Tommy said.

"It'd just be too much." Kim said.

"But if you need us, we're only a teleport away." Aisha said.

"Rangers, I would like to present you with your own communicators. This way, we won't have to just yank you away next time." Alpha said as he passed out the shiny communicators. All of the Rangers thought the same thing as they strapped on the devices: I'm a Power Ranger again.

"Welcome back, Rangers." Dimitria said. Everyone smiled.

Collin sighed as he flipped through yet another channel on the television. Michael had left him all alone and he had nothing better to do. He flipped through another channel and came upon a news report. A beautiful blonde lady was the reporter.

"Once again, another monster attack occurred in Angel Grove Park today. In this attack, a new set of Rangers appeared. These Rangers looked to be ninjas and protected four humans that were attacked. Unfortunately, there was a force field surrounding the area that made it hard to determine who the four were, but eye witnesses say that when the force field disappeared, four of the eight Turbo Rangers were standing in their place. We'll bring you more up to the minute updates as we go along." Collin turned off the television and threw the remote on the coffee table. His eyes scanned the room and rested on a bookcase on the other side of the room. On the third shelf down, was a large book that said, "memories". Collin stood up from the sofa and walked over to the book. He picked it up and opened it to the first page. It read, "To Jc, have a memorable time!" signed, Kim Hart. Collin walked back over to the sofa and sat down. He turned to the first picture. IT was a picture of the three Syber Soldiers, when he was still the Blue one. He turned another page and laughed. It was a picture of Jc, Sanchez, Tommy, Adam, and Justin all flexing their muscles and trying to look macho. Collin laughed again as he noticed the female Rangers behind them. They were all pointing their fingers to their mouths and making the universal gag sign. He turned to another page and saw a picture of Jc and Kim. Collin smiled. Suddenly, he began to remember that day . . . .

It was hot outside and the Rangers had decided to go to the beach and cool off. They had been there for an hour and they were all ready to take off all of their clothes. They had spent most of the time, so far, throwing each other into the water and cooling off. They were just having fun. Alysa had been taking pictures of everyone. Kim made the mistake of introducing her to the Polaroid camera, and now they all regretted it.

"Alright Kim, it's your turn!" Jc cried as he lifted her off of the ground.

"NO! PUT ME DOWN!" She whined. Jc laughed and carried her towards the water. He swung her around until he held her like a bride. She looked into his eyes and smiled.

"Say cheese!" Alysa cried. Jc and Kim looked at her. She flashed the camera and Jc stumbled backwards. Both he and Kim fell into the water. As they sat up and pushed their heads above the water, they both laughed.

"I'm glad that you like it." Kim interrupted the memory. Collin looked over to her. She was standing in the doorway to the kitchen and was looking at him.

"I remember this picture." Collin said. Kim left the doorway and came over to the sofa.

"Which one?" She asked. Collin pointed to it. "Oh yeah . . . that was the day that you," She paused, "I mean, that was the day that Jc first kissed me. It was a great day."

"It was a hot day!" Collin joked.

"See, I don't get that."


"The orb that contained your memories is in Alysa, yet you are still getting flashbacks of Jc's life."

"Dimitria says that it's because, memories are a part of your soul, not just your mind, and that if you're in touch with your inner self, that you can do anything."

"That's, beautiful."

"It's a good way to explain it."


"Do you miss him a lot?" Kim thought for a moment.

"Yeah. But what bugs me, is that I don't know how he truly felt about me. I know that I loved him, but I don't know how he felt about me."

"He loved you. He spent nights thinking about you. He loved you from the first time he saw you."

"Really?" Collin nodded. Kim nestled her head into Collin's shoulder. "I'm sorry for trying to make you replace Jc. I know that you're not him, but I just needed him. We all did."

"I understand. I suppose that I would have done the same thing."

Are you sure?"

"No." They sat alone in silence for a moment. "You know, I know that one day, Jc will have his memory back and when he does, I'll be gone. But I'm okay with it."

"Do you really have faith that Dimitria can restore his memories?"

"Yeah. She said she already knows of a way, and that by being here, I'm already helping myself. But what makes it easier, is that I know that I'll at least have helped to make him a better person with this experience."

"How so?"

"He'll learn to appreciate life for what it is. And next time, he'll live it a little more slowly."

"Yeah, he always did speed through things.." Kim said.

"Are you kidding? When he was eight he wanted to get married and take over the kingdom!" Kim and Collin laughed.

"I never knew that!"

"Well, there's a lot that you didn't know about him." Kim looked up into Collin's eyes. She moved in closer and planted her lips firmly against his. They began to kiss and didn't stop until Collin pulled away. He glared at Kim and then rose from the sofa. A moment later, he walked out the door. Kim placed her head in her hands and began to cry.

"Come on, Collin! You promised!" Michael cried as he pulled Collin back towards the glass door. On the top of the glass, it read, "Psychiatric offices of Dr. Alex Jamison". Collin pulled away from the door.

"Come on! I don't wanna go!" Collin whined.

"You promised." Michael stated. Collin pulled away more.

"What if I blurt out something about the Rangers' identities? Do you really want to be responsible for that?" Collin said.

"Yes, I will be responsible for that. You are going in here!" Michael cried as he pushed Collin towards the door. Collin resisted. Michael sighed. "Don't make me call mom." Collin thought about it and moved straight up to the door and knocked. A moment later, a muffled voice replied.

"Come in!" Collin pushed in on the door and they both went inside. The first thing that they noticed were the purple walls. Collin leaned back to Michael.

"That color is haunting me!" He joked. Michael laughed. As they traveled further into the room, they saw the pictures of a woman and a man. Both were smiling. The woman looked to be about Alysa's height with a beautiful face. She had black hair and it flowed down her back. The man was oriental and looked a lot like Adam. He was wearing a green shirt and had short hair. As they moved along, they could hear the sounds of something being hit. As they both turned another purple corner, they saw a woman kicking a punching bag. As they looked at her, they both realized that she was the woman in the picture. She noticed them and stopped her workout. She pushed a purple strand of hair back into her hair tie and pulled her gloves off. She offered Collin her hand.

"Hello, I'm Dr. Jamison." They both shook hands. Collin stared at the woman's hair. "It isn't natural." She stated. Collin broke out of his semi-trance.

"Oh, I'm sorry, I've just never seen hair like that before." He said. Dr. Jamison smiled.

"It's okay. Many people have had that same reaction before, I got over it." She said. She offered her hand out to Michael.

"I'm Michael Odin and this is my brother, Jc Odin, but we've been calling him Collin." Michael said.

"Giving him his own identity is a bad idea." She said. Collin frowned.

"Why?" He asked.

"Because, that throws everything into reverse. We want to try and bring Jc back, but if we call him Collin, we're throwing everything off course." She said.

"Well, he has a problem with being called Jc, so we started to call him Collin. It is still his legal name, but we only used one part of it." Michael said.

"I see, well, if it's alright, I think I'll call you Jc." She said as she used a towel to wipe away her sweat.

"I would prefer that you call me Collin." Collin said, with a small note of bitterness on his voice.

"Aw, I've struck a nerve. Something about him must be bothering you to not want to be associated with him." She said. As she had a seat at her desk.

"No, I just refuse to live in his shadow. And if you're gonna call me Jc, then I'm gonna leave."

"No, we're here to help you, it doesn't matter what we call you." She said. "Please have a seat."

"I'll leave you two alone." Michael said as he walked back towards the door. "Alysa will be picking you up." He said as he close the door behind him. Collin turned back towards Dr. Jamison.

"So, Collin, tell me something," She began.


"What happened to you? Why did you lose your memory?" Collin suddenly became tense. _God, what was the story Michael made up?_

"Um, well, I don't really remember it that well, but Michael told me what happened." He lied.


"Well, we were all relaxing at the beach and a monster attack began. Michael said that I got hit in the head really hard and went into a coma. When I woke up, I didn't remember anything."

"I see." She said as she wrote the information down. "Do you remember anything?"

"A little. Most of it's coming back to me, but it's all in chunks, and I have no clue what order it goes in." She continued to write the information down.

"So, tell me some of the things that you do remember."

"I remember things from my childhood, like birthdays and faces. But that's mostly it."

"Do you remember anything about the day you were hurt?"

"Some of it."

"Tell me."

"I remember going to church with my girlfriend Kim, and I remember being at the beach, but that's really it."

"Your girlfriend Kim?"

"Yeah, well, Jc's girlfriend, Kimberly Hart." Dr. Jamison froze. _Kim is alive here?_

"Have you had contact with her recently?"

"Yeah, about half an hour ago." He said, remembering their kiss.

"Do occasionally have flashbacks when you are around her?"

"Yeah, but Dimitria says it's because of familiar surroundings." _Ugh! You dumbass!_ Collin screamed mentally as he caught his slip up. Dr. Jamison froze again. _He knows Dimitria? He must be a Ranger . . ._

"Who's Dimitria?" She asked, trying to keep all hints of anticipation out of her voice.

"Um, she's my . . . mother. My mother! That's who she is!" He stated, nervously. _He's GOTTA be a Ranger!_

"Have you ever had close contact with the Power Rangers?" She asked.

"No. Never. Well, when the monster attacked, but that's it! I swear!" _Great, I don't know the Rangers! Why don't you just paint a sign that says, "I know the Power Rangers!" dumbass!_

"I see." She stated quietly.

"I'm sorry but, I have to go." Collin said as he stood. Dr. Jamison stood as well.


"I can't stay here, it's just too much right now!" He cried as he ran out of the room. Dr. Jamison watched as her door closed. _No, why did you let him leave?_ She screamed at herself. She walked over to a bookcase and pulled out a book entitled, "The Way To The Power". Suddenly, the bookcase pulled away from the wall and revealed a hidden locker. Dr. Jamison opened the locker and looked at the contents inside. It was a Turbo Morpher.

"Although I don't want to, I may need you soon." She said as she strapped on the morpher. It dissolved away in a purple flicker of light. She placed the key in her back pocket and pushed the bookcase back against the wall. She went back to working on the punching bag.

"God, I felt like such a moron!" Collin cried as he slammed his fists into his forehead. He was in Alysa's car and they were driving down the highway. "I practically screamed out, 'I know the Rangers' true identities!' God!" He cried as he slammed his fists into his head again.

"Collin, it's okay, we'll just have to let her in on the secret so that she can help you out further." Alysa said.

"Man, I totally blew it!" He cried.

"Relax! It'll be okay!"

"I knew something like this would happen, but Michael just wouldn't listen!"

"Collin, shut up." Alysa ordered. Collin obeyed. "We'll just go back tomorrow and let her in on the secret. Then she can help you."

"But what if she decides to take it to the press?"

"Then we'll have Dimitria scramble her brain cells!" Alysa joked. Collin looked at her.

"But it was weird, when I shook her hand, she was giving off this total vibe of power . . . ." Collin began.

"Power?" Alysa asked.

"Yeah, like . . . Ranger power . . ." He began to ponder the idea, but pushed it way out of his mind.

"I doubt that, Collin." Alysa stated.

"But it felt like that. I just, can't describe how it felt, but, it was weird!" Alysa giggled.

"Well, it's called an erection." She joked.

"WHAT?" He cried, caught unaware to her joke.

"I'm joking, Collin! Get a grip on reality! There are only thirteen Rangers and she ain't one of them!"

"I wouldn't be surprised if she was!"

"But she's not, it would be impossible!" Alysa said as she revved the engine and continued to soar down the highway.

"PORTO!" Divatox bellowed. Zedd clamped his ears as he flashed back at all of the times that Rita screeched in his presence. The short being stumbled into the room.

"Yes my queen?" He asked.

"Is Shocker ready yet?" She asked.

"Almost, he is still being re-energized and he should be done in a few minutes." Porto said.

"Good, I want to send him down to attack that shrink of Jc's. I don't want her helping him in ANY way!" She squealed.

"You do know that the Rangers will show up, right?" Rita asked.

"Yes, but they'll be to busy fighting the Tengatrons that will be attacking Angel Grove." Divatox squealed in delight.

"Why not break them up farther?" Zedd suggested. "Send some Tengatrons to the beach for the Ninja Rangers to fight, send piranhatrons to the park for the Turbo Rangers to fight, and send the Puttengatron to the business district for the Soldiers to fight?"

"What makes you think that they'll break up in that order?" Divatox asked.

"I know the Rangers. Trust me, they will." Zedd said.

"Well, do it. Send the foot soldiers first. I don't wanna chance the Rangers being able to come to her rescue." Divatox said.

"Who's to say that they won't leave to protect her?" Rita asked.

"We'll cross that bridge when it happens." Divatox responded.

Several alarms blared throughout the Power Chamber and lights were flashing all around the room. Alpha 6 was running around frantically and trying to figure out what was going on. Dimitria lit up in the warp tube and looked around to see what was going on.

"Alpha, what is the problem?" She asked.

"Yo! I don't know! So many alarms are going off all at once and I can't stop them!" He cried.

"Please, calm down. Silence the alarms and then see what the problem is." Dimitria ordered. Alpha moved from console to console and eventually, each alarm faded into oblivion. Alpha then moved over to another console and pressed a few buttons.

"YO YO YO! There are three different problems!! Tengatrons at the beach, piranhatrons at the park, and the Puttengatron is in the business district of Angel Grove!" Alpha blurt out.

"Alpha, contact the thirteen Rangers. We will have to separate the teams." Dimitria ordered. "I have a feeling that Divatox and Zedd planned it to be this way." Alpha moved over to another console and pressed a few buttons.

"Power Chamber to all Rangers, emergency! Teleport in immediately!" He cried. On another console, multi-colored lights, that represented the Rangers' teleportation controls, began to light up one by one. After a few moments, the Rangers began to assemble in the Power Chamber. After a minute, the thirteen Rangers and Collin stood in the Power Chamber.

"What's the emergency, Alpha?" TJ asked.

"Yo! We've got several attacks going on at once!" He cried.

"Where?" Tommy asked.

"The beach, the park, and the business district!" He cried.

"How do we wanna separate?" Sanchez asked.

"Ninja, Turbo, Syber." Adam said. Everyone agreed.

"Alright, we'd better move out!" Tommy cried. "TJ?" TJ nodded.














"RED APE!" After several moments of morphing calls, the thirteen Rangers were all morphed and standing tall. In a bright flash of light, the thirteen disappeared in a hail of sparks. Collin stood alone in the Power Chamber.

"I feel, unneeded." He joked. Alpha threw his arm around Collin's shoulders.

"Don't worry, we've almost solved the problem." He said.


Alex Jamison had finished her workout a few minutes ago and was now drinking some water. She walked over to her desk and sat down. She turned her attention to a picture on her desk. It was an old picture of her and her boyfriend. It was on their Homecoming night. She could still see the bend marks from when she was upset and crumpled it up. She sighed. _Adam, I miss you._ She thought to herself. _I wish I were back home, _ She began, _but I'm happy to be here. At least I'm gonna make a difference here..._ She thought. But her thoughts were interrupted when she heard a knock on her door. She stood from her desk and slowly made her way to the door. She stopped at every picture of her and Adam along the way. The person knocked on the door again, but this time louder.

"I'm on my way." She said. She stopped looking at pictures and moved to the door. As she grew closer, one thought entered her mind: danger. She moved back from the door. The knocking began again. "Who is it?" She asked. Nothing. She moved back farther away from the door. Suddenly, it blew inwards and slammed against a nearby wall. As the smoke settled, Shocker stood in the doorway.

"Hi, I'd like to request your services." He joked.

"You've got 'em!" She cried as she did a jump kick into the air and slammed into Shocker. He stumbled backwards and she scrambled away from him. "You'd better leave, before the Power Rangers show up!" She spat.

"I'm not worried, all thirteen are being taken care of!" He cried back. _Thirteen?_ Alex asked herself. _Adam . . . _She began. "Now, just surrender and I won't have to hurt you." Alex smirked at him.

"Surrender is NOT in my vocabulary!" She cried as she threw a nearby chair at him. He fell backwards and this gave Alex enough time to back away and summon her Turbo morpher and key. She sighed heavily and closed her eyes. She opened them back up as Shocker pushed the chair away.

"Girl, I'm gonna get you for that!" He cried. Alex threw her left hand into the air.

"SHIFT INTO TURBO!" She cried. She jammed the key into the turn hole and turned it tight.

"STAR RUNNER, TURBO POWER!" In a bright, purple, flash of light, Alex Jamison transformed into the Purple Turbo Ranger for the first time in almost two years. Her suit was generally the same as the other Turbo Rangers' suits were, but it was purple and her helmet had a unique shape. She took a defensive stance and glared at Shocker. "You should have left while you had the chance!" She spat. Shocker moved back.

"Divatox said all of the Rangers were fighting!"

"She was wrong!" Alex growled as she remembered Divatox. She also remembered the first time she had met Divatox. She had just returned from Aquitar and Divatox attacked Adam and Justin while in the park. As Alex pushed aside the flashback, she moved towards Shocker. "I suggest you leave now."

"No way!" He cried. Alex touched her belt buckle and they both melted away into purple beams of light. They both re-appeared in the park a moment later. Alex could hear the Rangers' battle cries from a distance, and saw the piranhatrons all around. _Some things never change!_ She thought to herself. She turned to face Shocker who had a worried look on his face. "This isn't happening right!" He cried.

"Well, things never do turn out right for your kind, do they?" Alex spat.

"I'm outta here!" Shocker cried as he disappeared.

"No!" Alex cried. "Chicken!" She cried after him. She turned around and faced some piranhatrons. "Well, no reason why I can't have some fun!" She cried as she cracked her knuckles. She moved in on a few piranhatrons and began her attack. She threw a double kick into two piranhatrons at once and they both fell to the ground. She then slammed her foot into another piranhatron's stomach and sent him to the ground. Another piranhatron grabbed her from behind and she struggled to get away from him. She stopped struggling and began to use her psi-powers. The piranhatron flew into the air and let go of her. She then forced him to fall down to earth and crash.

"Who's that?" Carlos asked Ashley in between punches. Ashley flipped a piranhatron over her shoulder and stood back up. She stared at the Purple Ranger.

"I dunno." She replied. Ashley continued to fight the piranhatrons. Carlos pushed his way through some piranhatrons and made his way over to the Purple Ranger. Another piranhatron struck at her and she kicked him away. Carlos swept a piranhatron out from its feet and it fell to the ground. Then, Alex noticed the Green Turbo Ranger. She stared at him. _Adam . . ._She thought.

"Get down!" Carlos yelled at her. She payed him no attention and fell forward as a piranhatron slammed its foot into her back. Carlos was at her side and helped her to her feet. "Are you alright?" He asked. _Not Adam . . ._She thought, mournfully.

"Yeah. Let's take these guys!" She cried. The two Rangers stood and the other four assembled at their sides. The piranhatrons assembled and backed away from the six Rangers.

"You guys had better leave before it's too late!" TJ cried. The piranhatrons looked at each other and then disappeared in a puddle of water. "Alright, let's get back to the Power Chamber,"TJ began. He looked at the Purple Ranger, "all of us." They all teleported away from the park in a rainbow of color.

On the other side of Angel Grove, the Syber Soldiers had just landed in the business district and were beginning to look around for the Puttengatron. So far, all seemed to be quiet. There was no one around, which was unusual for a weekday, usually there were people all over the place. Alysa twisted her wrist and called forth the Turbo Navigator. She began to scan the area and was getting no results.

"I got nothing." She stated. Sanchez shook his head.

"Something's not right here. Where are all the people? There is almost always someone here, even during a monster attack." Sanchez said.

"Maybe something happened to scare them all off." Michael suggested. It was Alysa's turn to shake her head.

"No way. There would still be people here." She said.

"I'm gonna check over here." Sanchez pointed to a darkened area. Alysa nodded and continued her scan.

"So, how did Collin do at the shrinks' office?" Michael asked. Alysa continued to stare at the Navigator.

"He was upset. He said that he practically told her that he was a Ranger." She giggled at the memory.

"Maybe a shrink isn't such a good idea for him." Michael thought.

"Why not? This lady could help bring Jc back out." She said.

"What do we really know about this chic? No one had ever heard of her and I didn't see any credentials ob her walls."

"But she is certified."

"How do you know?" Alysa lowered the Navigator.

"She showed me her credentials when we hired her. You were handling a piranhatron situation. Remember?"

"Yeah, but that only took a minute! It was only Rigog and some piranhatrons looking to start some trouble." Suddenly, they both looked behind them as Sanchez' screams filled the air. Alysa began to run to the darkened area and watched in horror as the Puttengatron mashed Sanchez' body against a wall. His suit was ripped in several places and he looked hurt, bad.

"SPIRAL STAFF!" She screamed. The massive staff appeared in her hands and she charged it up. After a moment, she let loose a large spray of lightning towards the Puttengatron. But it saw this coming and flipped out of the way, leaving Sanchez to absorb the blow. As he did, he fell to the ground in shear pain. Alysa covered her mouth and quickly ran over to his side. The Puttengatron flipped over Michael's head and landed behind him. As Michael turned around, he could see the wicked grin on its face. Michael closed his eyes and looked deep within himself. He began to glow blue and the thrust his hands up into the air.

"VELOCISWORD!" He shouted. Blue lightning hit his hands and took the shape of a sword. A moment later, Michel held a silver sword with a dark blue hilt. He thrust the mighty sword out in front of him, and the Puttengatron slowed. "You're gonna regret EVER messing with me!" He cried as he jumped into the air and flew at the Puttengatron.

"God, I'm so sorry." Alysa said as she cradled Sanchez in her arms. His body had automatically powered down a minute ago.

Beep beep beepbeep beep beep.

Alysa raised her communicator to her mouth. "Come in."

"Alysa, prepare for teleportation." Dimitria's voice signaled over the line. A moment later, she and Sanchez disappeared in a sparkling hail of light.

"You'll pay for that one!" The Puttengatron shouted as he recovered from Michael's last blow.

"Cash or check!" He spat as he struck at the being again. It pushed aside the sword and struck out with its foot. It slammed into Michael's stomach and he fell backwards. Michael stumbled to get up and raised the sword into the air. Lightning began to strike and hit the sword. It began to glow blue and Michael raced towards the Puttengatron. As he neared the being, it began to tense. "LIGHTNING STRIKE!" He shouted as he brought the sword down on top of the Puttengatron's head. As Michael backed away from him, it began to spark and catch fire. After a few moments, the Puttengatron fell to the ground and exploded. Michael threw his sword up into the air and it disappeared. He raised his hands to his belt buckle and teleported away in a hail of blue sparks. A moment later, the Puttengatron pulled itself back together, and teleported away.

"Alright guys, watch your backs!" Tommy shouted as the Tengatrons ran around the five Ninja Rangers. The beach was full of people a minute ago, but when the Tengatrons showed up, they all cleared out. But things like blankets and lawn chairs were still left behind. The five Rangers began to fan out throughout the shore and separated some of the Tengatrons from the main hoard. As Kimberly found a good spot to fight, she looked around. From her point of view, there appeared to be hundreds of Tengatrons. She stiffened a little but quickly relaxed as the creatures began their attack.

"You birds are going down!" She cried. One of them threw a kick in her direction and she dodged it. She caught its foot and used its momentum against the clumsy creature and threw its leg into another Tengatron. Another Tengatron threw a punch at her and she ducked. As it spun around, she kicked it in the back and it landed on the other two Tengatrons. Suddenly, they all began to spark and then disappeared. Kim understood what had happened. But before she could tell the others, more Tengatrons attacked her.

"Back off!" Aisha cried as she slammed her foot into a Tengatron's stomach. It backed away from her for a second, but then came in closer. Aisha dropped to the ground and swept it off o its feet. As it fell backwards, she hopped up and caught it. She began to sling the creature around her head and then released him. IT flew into two other Tengatrons and they all fizzed out of existence. Aisha got the idea. She flipped through some Tengatrons and made her way over to Adam. "Adam! I found out how to stop these abominations!" She shouted. But before she could say anything, a Tengatron opened fire on the two and sent them to the ground.

"No you don't!" Rocky cried as he tackled the bird. The two rolled around on the ground for a few minutes, and then the Tengatron fired on Rocky and he released him. Adam and Aisha stumbled up to his side. Kim flipped over to the four.

"Guys! I know how to stop them!" She shouted.

"So do I!" Aisha stated.

"Get three of them to touch together and they'll disappeared." Kim said. Adam and Rocky nodded. "I'll tell Tommy," Kim began. The group looked over to him and he had just figured it out as well, "never mind." The four Rangers separated again and began to fight the beings.

Six strands of light rained down from the roof of the Power Chamber as the Power Rangers Turbo teleported in. The five normal Rangers removed their helmets and looked at the Purple Ranger. She simply stared at them.

"My name is TJ," TJ began.

"I know who you all are." Alex cut him off.

"Well, who are you?" Carlos asked. Alex didn't respond. Instead, she was staring at the Black Ranger suit. Carlos stared at her. She sighed.

"My name, is Alex Jamison." Alex said as she removed her helmet. The purple stripes of hair fell forward onto her face and she pushed them aside. In a corner of the room, Alysa was tending to Sanchez. She overheard the Rangers. She began to approach them.

"Dr. Jamison?" She asked, incredulously.

"Yes, at least, in this dimension." Alex responded.

"Where do you originate from, Purple Ranger?" Dimitria asked.

"I am from a different dimension, Dimitria." She responded.

"Well obviously! But what are you doing here?" Ashley asked.

"In my dimension, Dimitria had sensed a disturbance in the temporal portion of the morphing grid. She said she was worried about it and she sent myself and the five Zeo Rangers into different dimensions to find out what was wrong."

"The Zeo Rangers? But you wear a Turbo uniform." Justin pointed out.

"Dimitria re-instated the Zeo Rangers because she didn't want to send out the Turbo Rangers and leave our dimension unprotected."

"That makes sense." Carlos stated.

"How many dimensions have you traveled through?" Cassie asked.

"Several, but this is the first one that I've had to morph in."

"So none of the other dimensions have had monster attacks?" Ashley asked.

"Nope, and there were no Rangers either. Although I did encounter each of you, you weren't Rangers." Alex said.

"Have you found out what the Temporal disturbance is yet?" Dimitria asked.

"No, and I don't know if any of the others have either. We lost contact after the second dimension." Alex remembered how scared she had been when that happened. A moment later, Michael's teleport beam streamed down from the roof.

"Michael, are you okay?" Alysa asked. Michael removed his helmet.

"I'm fine." He then noticed Alex and the Ranger suit she was wearing. "Dr. Jamison?" He asked incredulously.

"Yes?" She asked. Michael stared at her for several seconds.

"This day is just too weird!" Justin stated.

"SOLAR LASER POWER!" Kimberly and Tommy cried in unison. Kim hopped up onto Tommy's shoulders and they put their hands together. "COMBINE SOLAR LASER POWER!" Pink and white link flashed out from their hands and struck the mob of Tengatrons and they all fell backwards. The other Ninja Rangers joined Kimberly and Tommy and they all took defensive stances. The Tengatrons backed away. The Rangers had managed to take out several Tengatrons in the past few moments, but a considerable amount of the creatures still remained.

"You boys had better run home to mommy!" Aisha spat.

"Before we send you back!" Adam agreed.

"In pieces!" Rocky joined. The flock of birds/piranhas backed away and disappeared in a mob of black feathers and water.

"Let's get out of here!" Tommy cried as they all teleported away in a rainbow of light. A few moments later, they materialized inside of the Power Chamber. They removed their uniforms and were back into their civilian clothes. Then they noticed Alex.

"Who's she?" Kim asked of Tommy. Tommy shrugged.

"Rangers, I am glad that you are back." Dimitria said. "As you see, we have a visitor. This young lady is Alexandra Jamison. She is the woman who is tending to Collin. She is also an inter-dimensional traveler."

"And a Turbo Ranger!" Cassie added.

"Whoa, wait a minute, slow down and come back!" Kim cried. "She's an inter-dimensional traveler?"

"Yes, she is from another dimension and she is here due to a temporal disturbance. It is fortunate for us that she is a Ranger."

"Yeah, she won't have to go through the shock of finding out that we're all Rangers!" Carlos joked. Adam looked over at the girl. He noticed that she was staring at him. He gave off an eerie smile. She looked away. A moment later, Collin walked back in through the main doors. He was reading a computer module and didn't notice the assembly of Rangers. He looked up and did a double take as he saw Alex in a Ranger suit.

"Dr. Jamison?" He asked.

"Yes." She responded. Collin stared at her for several seconds before fainting.

"What do you mean they damaged the Puttengatron?!" Divatox screamed at Elgar. He shrunk down at her fury.

"I am sorry my queen." He begged.

"How bad is the damage?" Divatox asked.

"Well, he won't be back in action for a while." Elgar stated as he shrunk down even more.

"Ugh! I HATE those Rangers!!" Divatox screeched.

"They also found a way to destroy the Tengatrons." Elgar blurted. As Divatox glared at him, he backed away and left the room.

"Things are not going as we planned." Zedd stated.

"Obviously!" Rita screeched. "What do we do about it?"

"We'll wait until Collin and Alex are alone, then we will send Shocker down to capture them both." Divatox said.

"But Alex has Ranger powers, she'll just defend herself." Rita pointed out.

"She won't have the chance to defend herself." Divatox said. "We'll hit her quick and she won't see it coming." Divatox said. "If we could capture her, we could use her powers for our own good."

"IF we could capture her. She is one tough cookie." Rita stated.

"Well, we'll just have to break her of that habit, now won't we?" Zedd cackled.

"We'll need more Tengatrons." Divatox said.

"Why not just make an army of Puttengatrons?" Rita suggested.

"FINALLY! One good idea comes out of your mouth!" Zedd spat.

Things were fuzzy for Collin as he awoke inside of the Power Chamber. He found himself to be laying on a med table besides Sanchez. He looked over at his friend and stared at his face. After a few moments, Alex came up to Collin's side.

"How ya feeling?" She asked.

"I'm alright, I guess." He said. "This is weird! I didn't wanna open up to you earlier because I didn't wanna let anything out, but now you know, and you're a Ranger!" Collin said, incredulously. Alex smiled.

"Well, stranger things have happened!" She joked. "How did you get tangled up with the Power Rangers?"

"It's a long story!"

"Well, we've got time."

"If you wanna hear about it, I'll tell you."

"I wanna hear about it." Alex said. Collin began to relay to her everything about the past few months and how the Soldiers came to be. He went into detail about how Jc had been scattered and how that had effected him. Alex listened closely, and when Collin was done, she had a better understanding of the situation. "So, if you don't remember anything in order, then how come you know all this stuff about the Soldiers?"

"I had to be re-taught everything about life, and I was also re-taught about my history. I learned what had happened to the Rangers and Soldiers."

"This is so different than what happened to us!"

"What did happen to you?"

"A lot! I was inducted into the Ranger queue back when Zeo was still the main team. We all went through a lot together, and we suffered. I spent six months on Aquitar to try and learn more about myself and to get over the death of a very close friend." Alex saddened as she returned to the memory....

"Got anything new today, Mrs. Petrosky?" Alex asks the woman behind the counter.

"Alexandra, so good to see you again," the middle-aged woman with the severe bun says. Her lithe forms slides out from behind the counter and walks over the double. "What are you looking for today?"

"Tights," Alex says. "I put a run in my last good pair and I have a show on Saturday night."

"Saturday you dance with the Angel Grove Ballet Company?" the woman says in a thick Russian accent.

"Not hardly," Alex says with a snort. "You know I dance with 'Allegro,' Mrs. P."

"Jazz dance," sniffs Mrs. Petrosky. "You're wasting your time. You know, I still have contacts with the Bolshoi Ballet. I can call Yuri anytime. You just tell me when."

Alex giggles. "I'll think about it."

They had this exact same conversation every time Alex came to visit.

"ALEX!" A little girl in a pink tutu squeals. Rubbing the sleep out of her eyes after her nap in the back of the store, Katja bursts into the front of the store. Alex scoops up the little girl and gives her a hug.

"When are you coming to play with me?" Katja asks.

"Maybe Friday night at 7 p.m. for a few hours?" Mrs. Petrosky asks, returning to the cash register.

"Sure, I can babysit...I mean play, Friday night," Alex says, putting Katja back down. "Want to help me find some tights and a new leotard, Katja?" The little girl sticks to Alex like glue as they look through the racks of dance wear. A small rumble causes tights to jump off their spot on the shelves.

"No problem, I'm sure," Mrs. Petrosky says a little anxious. "We've been having small tremors off and on all day."

Alex places the tights back on the shelf and continues her shopping. A violent rumbling begins seconds later causing merchandise to spill into the floor. The large, heavy wooden shelf breaks its brackets. Mrs. Petrosky stumbles to get around the cash register area to grab Katja.

"KATJA!" Mrs. Petrosky screams as the shelf begins to fall over on top of the little girl.

Alex turns around quickly to see the shelf inches from crushing Katja. She "grabs" the shelf and races towards the girl. Alex struggles to lift the heavy shelf as other shelves fall like dominoes around the store. She braces her back against the shelf, physically and mentally pushing it up to a 45 degree angle. Plaster and wood from the ceiling rain down around them and the walls begin to collapse in. Groaning from the strain, Alex yells into her communicator, "ADAM!!!"

With in seconds the Green Zeo Ranger materializes in the store, struggling to keep upright himself.

"Take her!" Alex says, shoving the wailing child into his arms.

Adam teleports himself and Katja outside the store. He hands her to the Yellow Zeo Ranger. Tanya rocks Katja who screams for her mother.

"Power Ranger 6, Purple!" Alex yells, no longer caring about giving away her secret identity.

The incantation complete, the Purple Ranger bursts out from under the shelf effortlessly. She sees Adam standing back in the doorway.

"Mrs. Petrosky is still in here," the Purple Ranger says frantically.

"Anyone else?" Adam asks.

"No, only the three of us."

The pair dig frantically through the rubble to find the missing woman. Soon all the Rangers join them in the search. Debris continues to fall as other tremors hit the area. Sirens blare, water rushes in from broken water mains, and screams of frightened people fill the area.

"Is Katja okay?" the Purple Ranger asks when Tanya enters.

"She's with her father at the local emergency shelter," Tanya says.

"Oh no...," Adam says from the back corner of the store.

The Rangers rush to Adam to see Mrs. Petrosky's battered form crushed under a large chunk of ceiling. They work quickly to free her. Alex rushes to stand invisibly among the other Rangers. She looks down to see Mrs. Petrosky gasping for air, her fallen hair matted against her forehead in blood. Alex screams and rushes out the store door.

Alex shakes the memory from her head and returns her attention to Collin.

"So, how did you become a Turbo Ranger?" Collin asked.

"I had to go on a quest to regain my powers and to tie up some loose emotional ends. I regained my powers and became a Turbo Ranger." Alex explained.

"If the others passed on their powers, how come you didn't?"

"My powers couldn't be passed along."

"Why not?"

"IT's very complicated. Let's just say that they had become a part of me, permanently." She stated. Collin shrugged. Alysa walked over to the two.

"I see you're awake." She said.

"You Pink Rangers have a gift for stating the obvious!" Collin joked. The three laughed.

"Are you alright now?" Alysa asked.

"Yeah, I'm fine." Collin said as he sat up.

"Collin, I am glad that you are awake. Now to return to the situation at hand." Dimitria said. The Fourteen Rangers and Collin returned their attention to Dimitria. "Since Lord Zedd and Rita have teamed up with Divatox, we have had some pretty bad moments. Although we have a lot of Rangers now, they could continue to split you up even further. The Soldiers encountered problems with the Puttengatron, but luckily, he was defeated. If the evil forces continue to combine their powers and make monsters like that, we will be in serious trouble. For this reason, I would like to extend an invitation for Alex to stay with us." Everyone looked over to Alex.

"I'll stay here, until I have to leave for the next dimension." She responded.

"And I'll begin to work out a way to combine her weapons with ours." Alpha 6 stated.

"Ninja Rangers, soon, you all will have to go retrieve your full Ninja powers. With all of these attacks, we will need all of the help that we can get." Dimitria said.

"Dimitria, I'd like to take Collin back with me so that we can work on getting his memories back." Alex asked. Dimitria nodded.

"That shall be the first of our many goals to accomplish." Dimitria said.

"Well, if we're gonna need help, why not bring back all of the past Rangers too?" Adam suggested. "We could all get Ninja powers and then we'd really be able to kick some butt!"

"That is a good idea, Adam. But first, we'll just concentrate on getting Jc back to normal." Dimitria said. "Alex, before you go, you will need to let Alpha scan your information into our computers. We'll need Zord schematics and weapon combinations."

"Right." Alex unstrapped her morpher and handed it to Alpha. She powered down in a shimmering spark of purple. "Take care of it."

"I will." Alpha said.

"Rangers, for now, please return to your homes. If we do need you again, we will contact you." Dimitria ordered. The thirteen Rangers, and Collin all teleported away in a bright flash of light. Alpha entered Alex' morpher into the scanner for a data reading and then went off to tend to Sanchez.

Purple light rained down from a purple ceiling inside of Alex' office. The light coalesced into two beings on the floor: Alex, and Collin. Collin stumbled around a little and almost fell to the floor. Alex was quick to respond and helped him over to a seat.

"Are you okay?" She asked.

"Yeah, I just got a little dizzy for a minute." Collin responded. "I'm fine now." Alex made her way over to a chair across from him. She settled in and grabbed a notebook. "What's that for?"

"It's so that I can write down anything that I think might be important. It helps me to basically keep my facts straight." She explained.

"Tell me about how you became a Ranger." Collin asked. Alex paused for a moment and then set her notebook down. She cleared her throat.

"Well, like I said, I became a Ranger back when Zeo was still in charge. I was out with Adam and we had gotten attacked by some cogs. I hit my head on a hard rock and ended up in the hospital. After I recovered, I started to have some weird dreams about the cogs. Adam had said that we were attacked by a group of gangsters or something because he couldn't tell the truth. But I continued to have the dreams about the cogs. Eventually, when Adam and I saw each other again, we were attacked by the cogs and Adam was being hurt. I broke through to my psi-powers and destroyed the cogs. Adam took me back to the Power Chamber and Zordon looked after me. They infused me with power and taught me how to use my psi-powers. I became a member of the team and co-piloted Adam's Zord with him." She finished.

"That's incredible. I've noticed how all of the sixth Rangers of a team have come in through some tragedy. Tommy was evil, then he had to be re-powered as the White Ranger. Trey was losing his powers and had to give them over to Jason, and you had to go through that." Collin thought aloud.

"That just means that the sixth Rangers are special." Alex joked. "So, let's talk about you. Why do you choose to suppress the memory of Jc?"

"I don't suppress the memory of Jc!" Collin snapped.

"Yes you do. By choosing a different name and gaining your own personality, you suppress the Rangers' memories of him."

"I just don't want to live in his shadow. We all know that he isn't gonna be coming back, so why should we continue to fool ourselves?"

"Do you want him to never come back?" Collin thought about it.

"Yes. I like this life. I'm happy being my own person and not having to live in his shadow." Alex wrote down a few things on her pad.

"Collin, have you ever thought about what it would be like if Jc had never lived?"

"A lot of the time." Alex continued to write down more on her pad. "What are you writing down?"

"I'm writing down exactly what you're saying."

"Do you have to?"

"No. Does it bother you?"

"A little. Just because I don't feel like I'm talking to a friend."

"Well, you're not talking to a friend. You're talking to a 'family' member." Alex smiled as she put the notepad down on the table. "Have you ever had any dreams about Jc?"

"Yeah. But they were all about how he was scattered."

"Do they scare you?"

"Well, yeah. I keep living in his place and feeling how it felt to be pulled apart."

"That's a common experience. Most amnesia victim's subconsciously relive their moment of forgetfulness."

"But I'm not an amnesia victim, my memories are supposed to be completely out of me."

"Well, that I don't know how to explain. Where are your memories now?"

"They're a part of Alysa." Alex appeared to be thinking hard. She stopped as the room began to shake. She and Collin stood and used each other as crutches as the room began to shake violently. Suddenly, they fell to the ground as the wall behind them exploded. Smoke filled the room and debris was falling all over the place. As the smoke settled, Alex and Collin looked up to see Shocker with a hoard of Puttengatrons. Alex stood and fell into a defensive stance.

"Ah, so we meet again!" Shocker rejoiced as he stared coldly at Alex. Collin stood up behind her.

"What do you want?" He spat.

"I'm here to bring both of you back to my masters." Shocker cried.

"Not gonna happen!" Alex cried. "SHIFT INTO TURBO!" She cried. Then she realized that Alpha still had her morpher. "Shit!"

"What do we do?" Collin asked.

"Run!" Alex cried as she pushed Collin towards what used to be her door. They stumbled over some debris and made it out of the doorway.

"After them!" Shocker ordered the group of Puttengatrons. They all ran out the doorway after them. Alex pushed Collin towards the main doors, but backed away as she saw the three Puttengatrons coming towards them. She pulled Collin around a corner and into a janitor's closet. They crouched down on the ground behind some boxes and Alex raised her purple communicator to her lips.

"What frequency is the Power Chamber on?" She asked hurriedly.

"Uh, J704." He cried. Alex set the metallic device and pushed a button.

"Dimitria, this is Alex, come in!" Dimitria's voice came over the speakers a moment later.

"Alex.......wh....th.....prob...." The communication fuzzed out.

"Shit!" Alex cried in frustration as she threw her wrist down. "Looks like we can't get the frequency on my communicator." She said. Collin rose his to his mouth.

"Dimitria, this is Collin, we need help! Shocker and an army of Puttengatrons are after us!"

"Collin, you and Alex must teleport out of there quickly!" Dimitria cried. Collin nodded in Alex' direction and was about to press the teleport button when the door flew open.

"Gotcha!" A Puttengatron cried as he lashed out at the two.

"Run, Alex!" Collin cried as he grabbed the things' wrists and hoisted them up into the air. Alex ran past the being and out of the small room. Collin brought his foot up and struck the Puttengatron in the stomach. It stumbled backward enough for Collin to get out of the door and join Alex. The two ran into an elevator door as it closed. Alex hurriedly pushed for the roof. The elevator slowly began to rise.

"Alpha, I need my morpher!" Alex cried into Collin's communicator. A moment later, purple light flashed as her morpher appeared in her hands. Alex happily strapped the morpher on tight and pulled the key out of her back pocket. "SHIFT INTO TURBO! STAR RUNNER, TURBO POWER!" She cried. Purple light flooded the small elevator as she transformed into her purple suit. The elevator stopped and Alex slammed the door open. She and Collin ran out just in time as the floor exploded from beneath them and Shocker flew up into the elevator. Alex pulled Collin towards the door which led them to the roof. As she closed the door behind them, a blast knocked it back open. "Come on!" Alex cried as she pulled on Collin again. The two continued to run as Shocker emerged from the doorway of the building. Alex and Collin reached the edge of the roof and looked down. It was too steep for any normal human to jump off of, but a Ranger could make it no problem. As Alex turned back to Collin, she saw the look of fear in his eyes. Suddenly, Alex was thrown aside as one of Shocker's cables wrapped around Collin's body. "COLLIN!" She shouted. Suddenly, Shocker began to electrocute Collin. On the other side of the roof, a bright light flashed as the five Turbo Rangers appeared. They immediately ran over to Shocker.

"LIGHTNING SWORD!" TJ cried. As the massive sword appeared in his hands, he hoisted it up above his head and brought it down on shocker's cable. It separated from Collin and he fell to one side and then tumbled off the roof.

"COLLIN!" Alex cried as she did a nose dive off of the roof after him. The two began to fall at amazing speeds as they continued to fall. Alex finally caught up to Collin and took a firm hold of him. A moment later, they both landed on the ground. Alex held Collin's unconscious body in her arms. She looked up as she heard Shocker's cries. He had been blasted off of the roof with the Turbo R.A.M. He was falling at fast speeds, but was quickly swallowed up in light and disappeared before he reached the ground. A moment later, the five Turbo Rangers were at Alex' side. They helped her to lift Collin up, and then the seven teleported away in a rainbow of light.

"YOU MORONS CAN'T GET ONE THING RIGHT!" Divatox screamed at Shocker, and the few Puttengatrons that were left. "How hard could it have been to capture one Ranger and a Syberian?" She bashed them over their heads as she scolded them.

"Boy, that sounds familiar." Goldar snickered to Rito. The two henchmen had finally been aloud to join the others on Divatox' bridge.

"Shut up!" Rita screeched as she hit Goldar over the head.

"This plan would have worked if not for the Turbo Rangers! We need to continue to separate the Rangers before we can go after Alex and Collin." Zedd said.

"That Purple Ranger needs to return to her own dimension! We have our own Rangers to worry about!" Divatox cried.

"We need more power if we want any hopes off stopping these Rangers." Rita said.

"You are not suggesting what I think you are . . ." Zedd began.

"Yes I am." Rita screeched. "We will need to rally together ALL of the Rangers' nemesis'. With all of our combined powers, we could stop them dead!"

"No way, Dark Specter was mad enough at our alliance. If we bring back all of the other losers, he'll go crazy!" Divatox cried.

"So what! We could use the help!" Rita cried.

"I say we forget about that plan and just call back Scorpina. With all of Divatox' technologies, we could make Scorpina stronger and a more worthy adversary to the Rangers." Zedd suggested. Rita began to pout.

"Fine, but after that, we go with MY plan!" She screeched.

"Whatever!" Divatox mumbled.

"What's wrong with him?" Kim asked as she and Alysa hovered over Collin. The other eleven rangers were working at other consolees. Alex was working with Alpha to try and scan her morpher for information.

"I am uncertain, Pink Ranger. But I'm sure that it is nothing serious." Dimitria tried to comfort her.

"I hope it isn't." Alysa said. Kim glared at Alysa, but Alysa didn't notice it.

"Is there anyway that we could find out for sure?" Kim asked. Dimitria shook her head slowly. Kim looked down at Collin's face. She and Alysa backed up a little as Collin's blonde hair began to darken.

"Whoa!" Kim cried. The other Rangers gathered around Collin.

"What's happening to him?" Tommy asked.

"It looks like he's reverting back into Jc." Justin suggested.

"Is that good or bad?" Adam asked.

"It may be bad." Michael sorrowfully answered. They all looked on in shock as his eyes opened. They were no longer blue, but brown.

"Collin?" Kim asked.

"Who's Collin?" Jc asked. Kim almost fainted as she looked at him.

"Jc?" Alysa asked excitedly. Jc slowly nodded.

"Man, are you alright?" Tommy asked.

"Peachy keen." Jc joked. Suddenly, his body began to jolt around and the Rangers all backed away.

"Whoa! Home boy's got some problems!" Aisha cried.

"What's happening to him?" Ashley asked. Jc's body continued to jolt around until it began to levitate off of the table.

"Holy shit!" Rocky cried.

"David Copperfield, eat your heart out!" Cassie cried. Jc's body began to spark and lightning flew off of him. IT struck a nearby console and it blew up.

"Ah!" Alpha cried as he was flung across the room.

"MY MORPHER!" Alex cried. She ran towards the console, but was flung into the air as lightning struck the ground beneath her. The other Rangers fell to the ground as well as more lightning flashed about them. A larger bolt flew up to Dimitria's tube and it broke. Dimitria floated calmly out of the tube and came up by Jc's side. She placed her hand on his head and disappeared. A moment later, Jc's body floated back down to the table and stopped moving. The Rangers cautiously raised from the ground and stared at him. There appeared to be a physical line dividing hi features in half. He appeared much like Two-face, from the Batman comics, except one side was blonde and fair skinned, and the other side was brunette and tanned with a definite muscular appearance. Sparks began to fly from various places in the room, and the Rangers looked around to monitor the damage.

"Alpha!" Carlos cried as he and Ashley ran to his side. They helped the robot off of the floor and brushed him off. They checked his systems and made sure that he was alright. Adam and Aisha ran over to where Alex had landed and pried some panels off of her body. She had a nasty scrape across her forehead, but she appeared alright. She opened her eyes and looked up at Adam.

"My knight in shining armor . . ." She smiled. Adam smiled back and helped her off of the floor. He and Aisha helped her over to a table and laid her down. Everyone turned their attention to Jc as Dimitria re-emerged from his mind.

"What happened?" Tommy asked, annoyed.

"I am unsure. All I know is that something is killing Collin." Dimitria answered.

"What?" Alysa and Kim cried in unison.

"Something is tearing Collin's mind apart. I could not tell what it was, though. It was all I could do to contain his anger."

"What are we gonna do about this?" Adam asked.

"I do not know." Dimitria responded.

"Look at this place! It'll take forever to fix everything." Michael stated.

"What about my morpher? Is it alright?" Alex asked. Aisha looked at it.

"It looks fine. A little burned, but it appears to be functioning well enough." Aisha stated. Alex sighed.

"Rangers, whatever caused this outburst of energy, will most likely resurface, but I hate to think of what will result from it. We must work quickly to solve this problem. Collin's life depends on it." Dimitria said.

The wind howled long and loud on a plain as dark and barren as Lord Zedd's heart. It carried with it the stench of life, and of death. As it floated past, it filled Collin's nose with the smell. He quickly turned away.

"Where am I?" He asked aloud. He looked around but saw nothing but emptiness. "HELLO?" He cried. His voice echoed for an eternity. He spun around several times until he faced himself. It wasn't really himself, though. This person before him had brown hair and a muscular body. "Who are you?" He asked.

"I could ask you the same thing." The person spat back.

"What do you want?"

"I want my mind back to myself."

"You're Jc?" Collin asked.

"Yeah, and you aren't, so get out of my body." Jc cried.

"No, I want to stay here." Collin shot back.

"Suit yourself!" Jc cried as he launched at Collin. Collin moved out of the way as Jc jumped past him. Collin spun around and dropped into a defensive stance, as did Jc. They circled each other and began to fight. Their battle cries could be heard from all over the darkened plain, if there was anyone else there to hear them . . .

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