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Dedication: I dedicate this story to my best friend Meredith. She has inspired me to do so much with my life, and I thank her for it.

The Boy Is Mine
by: Jason Festa


"What's wrong with him?" Kim asked as she and Alysa hovered over Collin. The other eleven Rangers were working at other consoles. Alex was working with Alpha to try and scan her morpher for information.

"I am uncertain, Pink Ranger. But I'm sure that it is nothing serious." Dimitria tried to comfort her.

"I hope it isn't." Alysa said. Kim glared at Alysa, but Alysa didn't notice it.

"Is there anyway that we could find out for sure?" Kim asked. Dimitria shook her head slowly. Kim looked down at Collin's face. She and Alysa backed up a little as Collin's blonde hair began to darken.

"Whoa!" Kim cried. The other Rangers gathered around Collin.

"What's happening to him?" Tommy asked.

"It looks like he's reverting back into Jc." Justin suggested.

"Is that good or bad?" Adam asked.

"It may be bad." Michael sorrowfully answered. They all looked on in shock as his eyes opened. They were no longer blue, but brown.

"Collin?" Kim asked.

"Who's Collin?" Jc asked. Kim almost fainted as she looked at him.

"Jc?" Alysa asked excitedly. Jc slowly nodded.

"Man, are you all right?" Tommy asked.

"Peachy keen." Jc joked. Suddenly, his body began to jolt around and the Rangers all backed away.

"Whoa! Home boy's got some problems!" Aisha cried.

"What's happening to him?" Ashley asked. Jc's body continued to jolt around until it began to levitate off of the table.

"Holy shit!" Rocky cried.

"David Copperfield, eat your heart out!" Cassie cried. Jc's body began to spark and lightning flew off of him. It struck a nearby console and it blew up.

"Ah!" Alpha cried as he was flung across the room.

"MY MORPHER!" Alex cried. She ran toward the console, but was flung into the air as lightning struck the ground beneath her. The other Rangers fell to the ground as well as more lightning flashed about them. A larger bolt flew up to Dimitria's tube and it broke. Dimitria floated calmly out of the tube and came up by Jc's side. She placed her hand on his head and disappeared. A moment later, Jc's body floated back down to the table and stopped moving. The Rangers cautiously raised from the ground and stared at him. There appeared to be a physical line dividing his features in half. He appeared much like Two-face, from the Batman comics, except one side was blonde and fair skinned, and the other side was brunette and tanned with a definite muscular appearance. Sparks began to fly from various places in the room, and the Rangers looked around to monitor the damage.

"Alpha!" Carlos cried as he and Ashley ran to his side. They helped the robot off of the floor and brushed him off. They checked his systems and made sure that he was all right. Adam and Aisha ran over to where Alex had landed and pried some panels off of her body. She had a nasty scrape across her forehead, but she appeared all right. She opened her eyes and looked up at Adam.

"My knight in shining armor . . ." She smiled. Adam smiled back and helped her off of the floor. He and Aisha helped her over to a table and laid her down. Everyone turned their attention to Jc as Dimitria re-emerged from his mind.

"What happened?" Tommy asked, annoyed.

"I am unsure. All I know is that something is killing Collin." Dimitria answered.

"What?" Alysa and Kim cried in unison.

"Something is tearing Collin's mind apart. I could not tell what it was, though. It was all I could do to contain his anger."

"What are we gonna do about this?" Adam asked.

"I do not know." Dimitria responded.

"Look at this place! It'll take forever to fix everything." Michael stated.

"What about my morpher? Is it all right?" Alex asked. Aisha looked at it.

"It looks fine. A little burned, but it appears to be functioning well enough." Aisha stated. Alex sighed.

"Rangers, whatever caused this outburst of energy, will most likely resurface, but I hate to think of what will result from it. We must work quickly to solve this problem. Collin's life depends on it." Dimitria said.

"Yes, yes, yes, yes, YES! That brat is completely out of commission! And what's better, the Power Chamber has been made utterly useless!" Divatox exclaimed.

"We really did it? We've beaten them!" Rita cried.

"Almost, but now is the time to strike. We hit 'em while they're down and we hit 'em hard!" Zedd cackled.

"Call upon your Scorpina. We will use my technologies to improve her physique and her arsenal." Divatox stated. "Once she is finished, we can send down her, Goldar, Rigog, Elgar, and that dim-witted brother of yours." Divatox spat. Rito perked up.

"Did someone call my name?" He asked. Goldar slammed his hand to his forehead and Divatox snorted.

"We need to keep them separated, that's the only time we ever come close to beating them. I say we create an army of Puttengatrons and attack in several different places. They will break up farther than they are, and we can send down various monsters to keep them busy!" Rita cried.

"And in the mean time, we'll work on locating the Power Chamber's exact location. Once the Rangers are all fighting and cannot leave, we will strike and completely destroy their only place of safety!" Divatox shouted.

"We shall start by sending down the Puttengatrons to keep them busy. By the time Scorpina gets here and we improve her, the Rangers will all be worn out!" Rita cackled.

"Yes! We shall finally overcome the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers!" Zedd cried in delight. The three evil beings laughed together. The sound of their evilness echoed throughout the Space Base.

"Alex, you really should be resting." Michael protested as Alex tried to get off of the table.

"Michael, I need to move. Leave me alone." She pushed her way past the Blue Soldier and hopped up off of the table. She winced as she stepped on her ankle. She carefully hopped her way over to Collin and stood beside his unconscious form. She looked down at him. "Did you see anything in there?" She asked Dimitria.

"Unfortunately, I couldn't see anything. All I could feel was pure anger and rage." Dimitria responded. She floated over by the Purple Ranger's side. In the background, the other Rangers were hard at work cleaning up the mess and fixing the damaged consoles.

"Maybe I should try to walk through his mind." Alex thought aloud.

"Perhaps, but it may not be a good idea. We don't know what the problem is and if something happens to you while you're in there, I wouldn't be able to save you." Dimitria said.

"I'm willing to take that risk." Alex pronounced.

"I don't think that I'm ready to let you." Dimitria stated. Alex looked up at her.

"You know that you can't stop me."

"I know. But I know that you won't go against my will." Alex snorted.

"Boy, where have I heard that before?" Alex joked. "Look, we need to find out what's going on and this may be the only way." She looked at Dimitria with pleading eyes.

"As true as that may be, I couldn't let a Ranger go down like that. Not even one from another dimension."

"Dimitria, I'm gonna do this. With, or without, your permission." Dimitria looked at the girl.

"I can see why you have remained a Ranger. You're too stubborn to give up your powers." Alex smiled.

"Actually, I can't give up my powers." Dimitria looked at her again. Alex smiled. "First thing tomorrow morning, I'm gonna do a mind travel on him. I'll find out what's going on and I'll be safe." Alex said as she looked up at Dimitria. Alex slowly hobbled back over to her med. table and allowed Michael to tend to her sprained ankle.

"Please be safe, Collin. I wouldn't be able to live if you died under my care." Dimitria whispered.

"I think that should do it." Justin said as he fastened the console top to the main frame. As he closed it, it began to come to life. "Now, let's see how bad the damage is." He pressed a few buttons on the console and several lights started to flash.

"What's happening?" Ashley asked.

"Well, the computer is locating all of the internal flaws still happening. It will help us to know what to fix." Justin stated.

"What are the flashing lights for?" Carlos asked.

"Those represent the damaged parts that need to be fixed." Justin stated as he read one of the monitors. "No."

"What's wrong?" Tommy asked as he came over.

"We have a serious problem." Justin said.

"What?" Alysa asked as she and all of the other Rangers, except for Alex, Collin, and Sanchez came over to the console.

"Dammit!" Justin cursed. Ashley and Kim simultaneously hit him in the arms.

"What's wrong?" Adam asked.

"There's a fluctuation in the morphing grid."

"What kind of fluctuation?" Aisha asked.

"The kind that will keep us all from being able to morph." Justin stated.

"What?!" Everyone cried out at once.

"There is a fluctuation that is preventing any power from leaving the morphing grid."

"Which means?" Alysa asked.

"Which means that we can't morph. No power can reach our morphers."

"Can us Ninja Rangers still morph?" Rocky asked.

"Possibly, but I doubt it. Even the ninja powers come from the grid. Without any power, I don't even think we could call on our morphers."

"Can we morph? I mean, it's not like our powers come from the grid." Michael stated.

"Possibly. I think even Alex can morph."

"Then we have to give it a try." Alex said as she hobbled over to the Soldiers.

"All right then, SHIFT INTO TURBO!" Michael shouted.



In a weak flash of light, they all morphed for several seconds, but their armor quickly melted away. Justin picked up a Turbo Navigator and walked over to the four. He began to scan each Ranger and then put the readings into a console. He typed for a few seconds and then read a monitor.

"This says that even though your powers aren't formed by the morphing grid, that because you are near others who have accessability to the grid, it is affecting your powers." Justin stated.

"So if we left the Power Chamber and tried again, could we morph?" Alex asked.

"Possibly." Justin said as he went back to reading the monitors. The four Rangers stared at their hands for a moment before joining the other Rangers.

"Can you fix the problem, though?" Alex asked. Justin read another monitor.

"No, the flux is created by the power Collin just spat out. Until he awakes and calls it back,"

"We're screwed." TJ stated.

"Pretty much." Justin responded. Everyone looked over to Alex.

"Well, I guess first thing tomorrow won't be soon enough." She joked.

"Alex, do you truly feel up to doing this?" Dimitria asked.

"Not really, but we don't have a choice." Alex stated. "Bring Collin over here." She stated as she sat down on her med table. TJ and Michael worked quickly to stroll Collin's table over to her side. As they finished setting him back up, Alex laid down.

"Justin, hook Alex up to a monitor. I want to keep a good watch on her." Dimitria ordered. Justin walked over to Alex' side and brought out a small monitor. He attached several cables to her forehead.

"All set." Justin stated as he patted Alex' shoulder. "Be careful in there." Alex smiled at the small child. She slowly closed her eyes and allowed herself to drift off into a deep sleep. The other Rangers stared in awe as her body began to shimmer a light purple. The light rose up from her body and formed into a purple ball. The ball floated in the air for several seconds and then darted for Collin's body. The light hit his chest and his body rose up off of the table, slightly. As it settled back down, the other Rangers relaxed. They all looked over their shoulders as another alarm sounded.

"Alpha, what is it?" TJ asked. Alpha pressed a few buttons and the sound stopped.

"Four groups of Puttengatrons have appeared in Angel Grove! They have been scattered all over the place!" Alpha cried.

"Great, they really want to break us apart this time." Tommy sighed. "Do we have a strategy set for when we can morph?"

"Why don't we work on bringing the groups in together? If we can get them all together, we can take 'em out at once!" Alysa suggested.

"Good idea." Cassie stated.

"Why don't we try to set the teleporter to pick up the Puttengatrons and teleport them to one spot?" Carlos suggested.

"Justin will work on that." Tommy stated.

"Now we just have to hope that Alex can do her part." Michael responded.

Divatox pushed her periscope back up into the ceiling and frowned.

"They haven't showed up yet!" She cried. "What's taking them so long?"

"Maybe we finally scared them off!" Rito cried.

"Maybe your odor finally did." Goldar grumbled. Rito lifted his arm and smelled his arm pit. A toxic gas could be seen leaving the pit.

"Maybe . . ." Rito pondered. Rita hit him upside the head. Finster strolled into the room and cleared his throat.

"What do you want, shorty?" Divatox asked.

"I have found out why the Rangers have not responded yet." Finster stated.

"Well, spill your guts!" Divatox urged.

"There is a fluctuation in the morphing grid which is keeping them from morphing. Collin let out a blast of power which is creating this flux, and the only way to stop the flux is to wake up Collin and have him call the power back in."

"Goody!" Divatox rejoiced.

"So we could launch a full out attack on Earth and the Rangers wouldn't be able to stop it?" Rita asked.

"More or less." Finster stated. Everyone began to cheer wildly.

"Alright, Finster, begin working with marshmallow to create an army of monsters. We're going to strike Earth while their protectors are down!" Divatox cried.

"Viva la Diva!" Rigog and Elgar cried as they saluted their queen. Some stray piranhatrons froze and saluted her as well. Divatox blew several kisses their way, but stopped when she reached Elgar.

"What the hell is up with that?" Rita asked.

"It means, long live Divatox!" Rigog rejoiced. Zedd stood up.

"Divatox, have you told Dark Specter about our two guests yet?" He asked.

"No, not yet. It would upset him greatly to know that SOMEBODY stepped on Alpha's memory chip, PORTO!" Divatox cried. In the other room, Porto shrunk down. Everyone looked over to the main doors as they opened up and fog rolled out. A tall woman strolled through them and stared at all of the evil beings on board. Light shimmered off of her golden armor and raven black hair as she walked over to Zedd and bowed.

"My lord." Scorpina stated as she kissed his feet. Divatox began to smile.

Fog rolled down along Alex' ankles as she stumbled through the dark. She couldn't see anything from any direction she turned. She had been walking around in this black pit for several moments, and was not finding anything. As Alex' foot bumped into an object on the ground, she bent over. As she stood back up, she held a little, blue orb in her hands. It was glowing brightly. As Alex looked closer at the orb, she began to see pictures. These pictures were various and had no real connection to each other, other than the people in them. Alex looked up as she heard faint battle cries. She used her ears to pinpoint the direction of the cries, and began to run towards them. After a few moments, she came up to a black cliff. She stopped at it's edge and looked down. There was a large energy bubble on the ground below. On the surface of the bubble, images were playing. Alex saw pictures of the Turbo Rangers, the Soldiers, the Ninja Rangers, and then individual ones. Then she saw a picture of Kim and Alysa play by. Alex looked passed the pictures to the small battle taking place below. She could see Collin, and a boy she didn't recognize, fighting. But Collin was losing. The other boy threw a kick into his ribs and sent Collin flying into the energy dome. Collin then fell to the ground.

"COLLIN!" Alex cried out. The other boy looked up at her and his eyes flashed purple. A moment later, he disappeared. Alex jumped down from the cliff and landed on the ground. The energy dome disappeared and Collin struggled to get up. Alex set down the orb and ran to his side. "God, are you alright?"

"I'm fine." He coughed out as he grabbed his stomach. Alex cautiously looked around.

"Who was that guy?" She asked.

"That, was Jc. He's VERY pissed." Collin said.

"He looks so different than you." She stated.

"Yeah, well, that's the problem. He's got muscle and strength. I don't. He's been kicking my ass for some time now." Alex helped Collin to sit down.

"Do you need anything?" She asked.

"A body of his own!" Jc cried as he struck out at Alex. She quickly jumped back and the energy dome reappeared over Collin. Jc slowly began to walk towards Alex. "You should leave, there's already an occupant for this body."

"I'm not leaving until Collin is released." Alex stated boldly.

"Hun, I wasn't asking you." Jc stated as his eyes began to glow purple again. This time, a beam shot out from his eyes and struck Alex in the chest. She flew backwards and turned into a purple ball of light that quickly disappeared.

"ALEX!" Collin cried.

The Power Chamber filled with sound as Alex' monitor flashed. Justin quickly ran to her side and viewed the monitor. He looked at Alex and quickly came up to her head. He pushed both of her eyelids open and looked at her eyes.

"What's happening?" Adam asked.

"I'm not sure, but it says that Collin's mind rejected Alex'." Justin stated as he felt her pulse.

"Is she alright?" Kim asked. Justin shook his head.

"Not yet, but she needs some time to respond to the rejection."

"Oh God." Alysa cried as she looked at Collin's body. A purple ball of light rose from his body and quickly flew into Alex. Collin's body began to levitate from the table again and started to shoot out more light.

"LOOK OUT!" Tommy cried as he shoved some of them to the ground. He looked up as Kimberly screamed. She had been hit in the back with one of the beams. She crumpled to the ground, and Tommy was immediately at her side. "Kim!" He cried as he picked up her head.

"Holy shit!" Adam cried as a beam hit his feet and sent him flying into a nearby console.

"Adam!" Aisha cried as she tried to get over to him. She yelled as she was flung over to his side. Another beam shot out and obliterated what was left of Zordon's warp tube. Another beam struck one of the back walls and glass shattered to the ground. Red light and smoke began to roll out over the Rangers. Then another beam struck the wall and green light and smoke rolled out. More light struck and soon blue, yellow, and pink light and smoke rolled out over the Rangers. Glass flew everywhere and covered the Rangers. More beams hit various consoles and flung them around the room. Alex suddenly awoke and looked around. She became wide-eyed. She quickly rolled off of the table as a beam hit the top of it. She crawled around on the ground and made her way over to Collin and Jc's body.

"Dimitria!" Justin shouted. She quickly ran back into the room and over to Collin. She used her body to shield the blasts.

"Justin! Begin working on a shield to contain these blasts!" Dimitria shouted. Justin stumbled to get up and ran over to a console. He started to type in some random commands and after a few moments, a small shield arose around Collin/Jc and Dimitria. The blasts stopped hitting the Power Chamber and started to smash around inside of the bubble. Everyone began to rise from the ground. Aisha and Adam helped each other to stand up and wobbled over to the other Rangers.

"Is everyone alright?" Tommy asked.

"I think so." Michael stated as he looked at everyone. Alex slowly walked over to the bubble.

"What the hell happened in there?" Kim asked.

"Somehow, Jc has regained his memories again." Alex looked over at Alysa. "Did you and Collin have any contact with each other? Physically?" Alysa looked at Kim and then looked down.

"Yes. We kissed after his first session with you." Kim began to glare at Alysa.

"You bitch." She spat. "You kissed my boyfriend?"

"He wasn't your boyfriend! You were the one that asked for a break because of this whole thing anyway!" Alysa cried.

"But he was still my boyfriend and you kissed him!" Kim cried as she slapped Alysa. Alysa simply stared at Kim.

"He was my boyfriend first you damn human! What would he want with you anyway? You're just gonna die eventually!" Alysa cried as she slapped Kim back. They immediately began to claw at each other and roll around on the ground. Tommy quickly pulled them apart.

"Get a grip!" He shouted as he pushed them both away. "You are supposed to be a team! Especially at this time! You guys are disgraces to this team!" He spat as he walked away. Alysa stood up and quickly teleported away. Kim walked out of the room.

"What the hell is going on with him?" Michael asked, referring to Jc/Collin.

"Somehow, Jc's personality has resurfaced. I think that when Shocker electrocuted Collin, he re-energized Jc's memories and brought Jc back to life. But now, Collin is fighting to stay. But I don't think that Jc is really himself. He had such evil in his eyes when he was attacking Collin."

"Jc was attacking Collin?" Ashley asked.

"Yes." Dimitria stated as she emerged from the bubble. "And I think that I know why."

"Well?" Michael asked.

"When Syberia used Jc's last orb in that Blue Mechanizer, she turned all of Jc's orb's evil. Including the one that Alysa absorbed. This is why she has been a little off lately. But when Jc's memories were turned evil, all Jc became was a selfish little brat." Dimitria stated. "Now, Jc and Collin are fighting for control over the body, and they are killing their body in the process."

"So we need to separate the two personalities before they kill themselves?" Rocky asked. Dimitria nodded.

"Well, how do we do that?" Ashley asked.

"Maybe we could synthesize a fake body for Collin to move in to. That would break them apart, and then Jc can take back control over his body and we could try to turn him back to normal." Michael suggested.

"Yes, that could in theory work." Dimitria stated. "But the synthetic body would not be capable of supporting his Syberian systems."

"What can we possibly do?" Adam asked.

"Guys!" Justin cried out of the blue. Everyone looked over to him. "The Puttengatrons are scattering in Angel Grove. They're attacking innocent people!"

"We need to get out there." Alex stated as she stood. Michael walked over to her.

"You guys contact Alysa and let her know what's going on. And see if you can revive Sanchez. We're gonna need them." Michael ordered as he and Alex raised their communicators. A moment later, blue and purple light filled the Power Chamber as they both teleported out. Justin walked over to where Sanchez lay and checked his monitor. Adam walked over to him and took off Sanchez' ring.

"What are you doing?" Justin asked.

"I'm gonna go. Even if you did get Sanchez to wake, he'll never be in good condition to fight this soon." Adam stated as he raised his communicator and teleported out in a flash of black light.

Justin walked over to a nearby console and pressed a button. A moment later, Alysa's voice played over the speakers.


"Alysa, the Soldiers need you NOW! I'm sending you their coordinates. Go find them and help." Justin ordered.

"Alright." Alysa stated as she ended the communication.

Alex and Michael looked around themselves as they appeared atop a building in Angel Grove. Citizens were scattering all over the place in fear of the Puttengatrons. There were fires building nearby from the Puttengatrons' lasers. Alex and Michael looked up as a black beam landed next to them. Adam materialized a moment later.

"Hey guys, Sanchez couldn't make it, so I thought that I'd come in his place." Adam joked. Michael raised his ring.

"Let's do this." He stated. Alex held out her morpher and Adam raised Sanchez' ring.

"SHIFT INTO TURBO!" Alex shouted.

"SYBER SOLDIER BLUE, VELOCIRAPTOR!" Michael shouted as blue light engulfed his body. The blue armor once again surrounded his body, but none of it's distinguishing characteristics were present. All his suit had was a white belt. Two white gloves and boots formed around him. His helmet appeared with a square visor, and nothing else.

"STAR RUNNER, TURBO POWER!" Alex stated as she placed her key into her morpher. Purple light engulfed her body, and like Michael, only the armor formed around her body. Her helmet, too, only had the square visor. Two, white, thigh high boots formed around her legs and added to the appearance of her sexuality. Two white gloves that only covered her hands and stopped at her wrists, formed.

"DESERT THUNDER, TURBO POWER!" Adam cried as a black light engulfed his body. Black armor surrounded his body and there were no distinguishing characteristics. A white belt formed around his waist, and pulled in. White gloves and boots appeared on him. His helmet, too, only had the square visor. As they finished transforming, they stared at their new armor.

"What the hell is this?" Alex asked as she looked herself over.

"It must be the effects of the fluctuation." Michael suggested. "Who cares, let's just get rid of these guys!" The three of them flipped off of the top of the building in perfect unison and landed gracefully on the ground. Alex stayed where she was, but Michael and Adam broke away to separate streets. Alex dropped into a fighting stance as some of the Puttengatrons approached her.

"Hey boys! What do ya all think of my new look? I'll call it, the kick major ass look!" Alex stated as she pulled out a large staff from behind her back and swung it around. It had two arrows on it, one at both ends. There was a thick hand grip in the middle and Alex held it there. She swung it around and it collided with all of the Puttengatrons and sent them to the ground in shame. Alex swung it over her head and brought it down to the ground. She looked up as more Puttengatrons approached. She smiled lovingly under her helmet.

"KY-AH!" Adam cried as he flipped over a Puttengatron and kicked his legs out. His feet collided with it's back and it went flying. Adam landed on the ground and reached behind him. As more Puttengatrons approached, Adam pulled his hand back out and held a large ax. He smiled as he sliced through the Puttengatrons without a problem. As he reached the last one, it grabbed his ax and pushed it away. Adam brought it back up in the form of a cannon and fired on the creature. It flew backwards and slammed into two other Puttengatrons. They all dissipated into nothing.

"SYBER SOLDIER PINK, BRACHIOSAURUS!" Alysa cried as she flipped into battle. Pink light filled the air as her armor formed around her body as Alex' had. As she landed, she pulled out her Spiral Staff and slammed it into a Puttengatron's stomach. She stopped to look at her armor. Then she looked at everyone else and shrugged. She continued to fight the oncoming Puttengatrons and looked up as more appeared. "Thanks Justin." She grumbled.

"VELOCISWORD, LIGHTNING STRIKE!" Michael cried as he flew through the air. His sword appeared in his hand and lightning began to strike it. He sliced through a Puttengatron and landed on the ground. As he stood, the Puttengatron fell to the ground and blew up. The fire of his sword disappeared and he began to fight various Puttengatrons. Suddenly, they all disappeared. The four Rangers gathered together and looked around.

"Where'd they go?" Alex asked. "I was just getting into that fight, too!"

"Where did this armor come from?" Alysa asked. Everyone shrugged. They all jumped back as lightning struck the ground around them. Golden light filled the air and a beam struck the Earth in front of the four Rangers. As the light and smoke cleared, Scorpina stepped forward. She held a much larger sword in her hand, and her armor was more technological. She also had circuits around her face. She appeared almost as a cyborg. The four Rangers stared in awe.

"Who are you?" Alex asked.

"Scorpina." Adam stated as he stared at her. "She's one of Zedd's henchmen. Before your time."

"I'm glad that you remember me, Adam. God knows that I never forgot about you." Scorpina teased.

"What do you want, bitch?" Adam spat. Alex glared at him. _Since when did he cuss?_

"What we have always, and will always want." She stated. "The destruction of mankind." More lightning struck around her as Goldar, Rito, Elgar and Rigog appeared. The four Rangers jumped back and took defensive stances. The five evil beings laughed wildly as they grew to city wrecking proportions.

"Justin!" Alex cried over the Power Chamber's speakers. Justin left Sanchez' side and ran over to the intercom.

"What's going on?" He asked.

"We have a BIG problem! We need some Zord power! Can you give it to us?" Alex asked. Justin read a nearby monitor.

"I don't know. Zord power reserves have been seriously depleted because of the fluctuation. I might be able to get one of the syber Zords out to you, but that'll probably be it."

"That's not gonna be good enough, Justin. We need Zords NOW! Use the info from my morpher to create my Zord. Transfer power from whatever you have to, but we NEED those Zords!" Alex ordered as she ended the communication. Tommy walked up to the console.

"Justin, I want you to go down to the docking bay and activate section 4b." He ordered.

"The Red Battle Zord?" Justin asked. Tommy simply nodded in response. Justin left the main room and went to do as told. Tommy reactivated the communications line.

"Guys, get back here, NOW. I have an idea."

"We're on our way." Adam said a moment later. Suddenly, light filled the Power Chamber as they appeared. Everyone looked at their suits as they took off their helmets.

"Whoa." Aisha stated for everyone.

"What's up?" Michael asked.

"I need one of you to power down and give me your ring." Tommy ordered. Adam stepped forward and removed the ring. Black light filled the room and a moment later, he was back to normal. He handed Tommy the ring and stepped back. Tommy pressed a button on a nearby console and a set of Zeonizers appeared. Tommy removed the Zeonizer crystal and placed the ring in it's place. He strapped on the Zeonizers and activated the communications line, again. "Justin, are we set?"

"Yeah, it's running fine and ready to go." Justin replied. Tommy closed the line and stepped forward.

"IT'S MORPHING TIME!" He Cried out. "ZEO RANGER V, RED!" In a red flash of light, Tommy morphed into a red version of the strange armor. He teleported away in a red beam of light.

"Dimitria, what's up with these suits?" Alysa asked.

"They appear to be a side effect of the fluctuation." Dimitria picked up a scanner and walked over to the three Rangers. She scanned each of them and then read the monitor. "These suits appear to be stronger than any we've had before. They have enhanced durability, balance stabilizers, climate control, they pump more adrenaline into your systems and have the potential to support a Ranger during rough circumstances."

"A super suit." TJ thought aloud. Dimitria nodded. The main doors opened as Justin emerged.

"Alex, I think that I can create your Zord with the scraps from the old Thunder Zords." Justin stated.

"Good, that'll give me some familiarity." Alex stated as she set down her helmet and joined Justin at a console.

"Guys?" A voice asked from the back of the room. They all turned to look at Sanchez as he leaned against a wall. "What's going on?" Alysa ran up to him.

"You should be resting!" She stated as she helped him back to his table.

Scorpina turned around as the Red Battle Zord landed behind her. All the other henchmen around her stopped their attack to see what was happening.

"Well, who do we have here?" Scorpina asked.

"Ah, the Red Zeo Ranger!" Goldar cried triumphantly. "Tommy." He hissed. Scorpina narrowed her eyes at him and a hideous smile formed across her face.

"Tommy. You're still around? I would have thought that you would be in a retired Rangers home somewhere with Trini, Jason and Zack." Scorpina joked.

"Nope, I stuck around just so that I could kiss your lily ass back to wherever you came from!" Tommy spat as he readied his Zord for battle. Scorpina frowned.

"Is that any way to talk to your old buddy Scorpina?" She asked.

"You were never, and never will be my buddy. I've hated you for a long time, and now I get the chance to finish you off." He spat.

"After all that we've been through?" Scorpina asked as she stepped closer. Tommy started to relive some of the nights in Rita's palace. Scorpina never did accept no for an answer. Tommy shook the memories out of his head. As Scorpina stepped closer, Tommy raised one of the Battle Zords' blasters and shoved it in Scorpina's face. She stopped moving.

"Don't you EVER come near me again." Tommy growled. The blaster fired and Scorpina flew backwards hundreds of feet. Goldar and Rito immediately went after Tommy. Goldar grabbed one arm and Rito grabbed another. Scorpina stood and wiped away blood from her face.

"You will pay for that one, Ranger." She spat as she began to electrocute the Battle Zord with her tail. Tommy brought one of the Battle Zords' legs up and kicked away Scorpina. He then pushed down Goldar and used the free hand to punch away Rito. Elgar charged at him and Tommy raised the blasters and fired. Elgar flew back and slammed into Rigog. Scorpina got up and raised her sword. She sliced at Tommy and nearly took off the Battle Zords' head. Tommy brought up one of the arms and grabbed the sword. He pulled it out of Scorpina's grasp and used it against her. He threw it like a boomerang and it collided with her chest, sending her to the ground. Elgar came at Tommy from behind as Scorpina got up and raised her tail. Tommy stepped out of the way and Scorpina ended up electrocuting Elgar. He shrunk down to normal size and disappeared. Scorpina turned around and glared at Tommy. Rito, Goldar, and Rigog join Scorpina as she begins to electrocute Tommy.

"Guys, I'm in trouble here!" Tommy cried out.

"Alex is on her way, just hang on!" Adam cried back. Tommy tried to compensate for the increase in heat, but nothing worked. Suddenly, they all stopped electrocuting him. Tommy looked up and saw a bright ball of light floating in the air. In the center of the light gleams a silver motorcycle. The front of the motorcycle is aerodynamically-shaped as the head of a bird. Great silver wings feather out to the sides, shielding the rider's legs and lower arms from the front. Though the entire motorcycle is chrome silver, it is detailed in small stripes of purple. As Tommy looks closer, he sees that the rider is Alex. He smiles as Alex' bike lands on the ground. Alex begins to race towards Tommy and runs over Scorpina's feet in the process. She begins to jump around and grab at her feet as Alex moves closer to Tommy.

"Coming through!" Alex cried as she pressed a large button and hopped off of the cycle. She flew towards Tommy's Zord and landed in the cockpit next to Tommy. "Howdy!" She joked. Her bike began to collapse on itself and transformed into a Chinese throwing star. It locked onto the waist of the Battle Zord and energized it greatly.

"Well, I'll be. When did you get a purple punk?" Scorpina asked.

"While you were sleeping!" Alex joked. "Let's finish these guys off and get out of here!"

"How?" Tommy asked.

"Instruct the Battle Zord to use the star and throw it at them." Alex commanded. Tommy did as ordered. Alex pushed several buttons to energize the star. As The Battle Zord raised the star up for aim, Rito and Goldar backed away.

"I don't like the looks of that thing!" Rito cried. "See ya!" He disappeared a moment later.

"Wait up!" Goldar cried as red flames engulfed his body and he disappeared.

"Chickens." Scorpina spat. She grabbed Rigog as he tried to slip away. "Uh uh." Tommy raised the star and it began to glow bright. "Oh, I'm really scared! You've made us a nightlight!" The Battle Zord released the star and it flew at Scorpina. It soared through her stomach and left a large hole in her. She looked down as blood poured out of her. She fell backwards and suddenly blew up. Rigog disappeared right before she did. Tommy and Alex rejoiced as they teleported back to the Power Chamber.

"What the HELL was that?!" Divatox screamed as she watched over the battle. Her face was growing red and veins appeared to be popping out of her neck.

"Well, that's a disappointment. Scorpina was a great fighter." Zedd commented.

"They have a new weapon to use against us! I really hate that purple Ranger!" Divatox cried as she started kicking around a piranhatron.

"Relax, I've got this covered." Rita boasted.

"Oh really? And what ingenious plan do you have for us now?" Divatox snapped.

"Our henchmen are horrible when they are working alone, right?" Rita asked.

"Get to the point." Zedd growled.

"I say that we take all of these dimwits and combine them." Divatox and Zedd thought for a moment. "They all suck separately, but when they work together, they almost accomplish their tasks! If we could combine them and keep only their strengths, we could in effect create the ultimate monster."

"It may actually work." Zedd thought aloud.

"DIVATOX!" A loud voice cried over the speakers. Divatox, Zedd, and Rita cringed at the voice. Divatox flipped on a monitor, and an image of the Dark Specter appeared.

"Yes, Dark Specter?" Divatox asked sweetly.

"Why did I just feel a major pull down in our power?" He asked.

"Well, the Rangers just sort of destroyed Scorpina." Divatox stated feebly. Specter grew very upset.

"I want to see you, Zedd, and Rita immediately." He growled. The transmission ended. The three of them looked at each other in fear.

Light filled the Power Chamber as Alex and Tommy teleported in. Tommy powered down and pulled the ring out of his Zeonizer. He handed it back to Sanchez.

"I'm glad to see that you're awake." He said.

"Thanks, I'm glad to be awake." Sanchez replied.

"Way to go!" Aisha cried as she threw her arms around Tommy. She then hugged Alex. "You guys finally destroyed that bitch!"

"I am very proud of you both." Dimitria stated. "Alex' Zord shall be a great addition to our arsenal, and once we have the Turbo Zords back on line, we will be in full power." The room filled with cheering.

"Guys." Justin stated. They all looked over. "The Space Base just high tailed it out of the solar system."

"Did we actually scare them off?" Ashley asked.

"I highly doubt it. But it means that we will be in peace for a short time." Dimitria stated.

"That's great!" Aisha cried.

"Dimitria, how's Jc and Collin doing?" Alex asked.

"I am ready to begin the process to separate them, but it will take time."

"I had a thought. I think that I can get Jc and Collin to separate on their own. All that I need is for Kimberly and Alysa to help me."

"Why do you need us?" Alysa asked. Kim stepped forward from the back and joined Alex.

"I'll help." she stated.

"I need you two because Jc and Collin both feel strongly for both of you. Collin is beginning to feel the effects of the evil orbs, and is growing to be like Jc. We will need you two to get their attention long enough for me to pull them apart so that Dimitria can do her job." Alex finished. Kim looked at Alysa.

"About earlier," She began.

"No hard feelings." Alysa began. "I understand what you're going through, and I respect you for being strong. Right now, they need us. I think that we can put this all behind us long enough to help them." Alysa extended her hand, and Kim took it. They both pulled into a warm hug.

"Ain't that beautiful?" Rocky asked in between bites of a hamburger.

"Where do you get all of this food from?" Aisha asked as she stared at him.

"What?" He asked as he took another bite. Aisha shook her head in shame.

"All right," Alex began, "Kim, Alysa, and I will work on getting into their mind, and the rest of you work on cleaning this place up. When we have them separated, I'll come back out and let you know. Then you can start." Alex stated to Dimitria. She nodded.

"Alpha, prepare the medical table." Dimitria commanded.

"Right away." Alpha responded in his New York accent.

"Why do you have to enter their minds? Can't Dimitria just separate them?" Carlos asked.

"Think of it as a real field. You have two guys on it. They're fighting. You wanna separate them and give them each half of the field. You cut the field in half. But since you didn't separate them first, they're both on one side, and the other side is now useless." Alex explained. Carlos nodded.

"Will this take long?" Cassie asked.

"No, it shouldn't." Alex responded. "Come on, girls." Alex, Kim, and Alysa left the main room and went into a side room. They all sat on the floor. "All right, girls. This is going to be very trying on your minds, and you will more than likely get worn out afterwards, so be ready." Both Rangers nodded and closed their eyes, as did Alex. "Concentrate on Jc and Collin and nothing else." A moment later, a purple ball of light emerged from Alex's body and flew into Kim. Then, a purple and pink ball emerged from Kim and flew into Alysa. A pink and purple ball emerged from her and then flew towards Collin and Jc. The three girls' bodies slumped to the floor.

"Alex?" Kim asked as she looked around in the dark. She stumbled over her own feet and fell to the ground. The fog met with her eyes and made them irritated. She stood up quickly and wiped at them. She looked around, but still could see nothing. She started to move forward a little bit at a time. She stopped when she heard cries. She couldn't be sure, but she thought that they were that of a man. She listened a little more, and then ran towards the cries. AS she got closer to the cries, she could see two figures. As she drew closer to them, she knew that they were Alex and Alysa. "Alex!" She cried. Alex and Alysa quickly dropped to the floor and pulled Kim with them. The cries stopped. As Kim went to speak, Alex brought her finger up to her lip and shook her head. Kim nodded.

"Why, Kimberly, was that you?" A voice called from far away. Kim knew that it was Jc's voice.

"Get out of here!" Collin choked over a mouth full of blood.

"Shut up!" Jc cried as he kicked Collin in the stomach. They were in the same valley that they were before. The field came down around them, and Jc extended his arms. Purple light flared out and hit the cliffs all above. One beam hit by the girls, and the cliff collapsed. The three girls fell in toward the valley. As they landed with a thump, Jc slowly approached them. "Hello ladies." He cried as he kicked Alex in the stomach and then pushed Alysa away. He stopped when he came upon Kim. He helped her up slowly.

"Jc, what's going on with you?" She asked.

"Just taking care of business, my love." He replied as he helped her to sit down on a boulder. Alex and Alysa helped each other to stand.

"Jc," Alex began, "we want to help you get Collin out of your body."

"I don't want him out. I want him dead. There's a difference." Jc stated as he walked toward the two girls. His eyes flashed bright purple and light flew out of them. The light hit Alex and went through her. It then went through Alysa, and then the force field reappeared. Jc's eyes flashed purple as he disappeared. Alex got up and looked around.

"Where did he go?" She asked. Alysa ran over to Collin's side.

"Are you all right?" She asked as she helped him to sit up.

"I've been better. What's going on out there?" Collin asked.

"We've been having a lot of problems. We haven't been able to morph for over an hour, but then Justin found a way around it, and we had to go battle. Then we had to use a Zord, so Tommy used Sanchez' ring to become the Red Ranger again, and then he piloted the Red Battle Zord."

"I was referring to the physical state of the body, but it's good to know what's been happening." Alysa blushed.

"This fighting that you guys are doing is tearing apart the body. Dimitria has a plan to separate you both and give you both bodies, but we have to get both of you to separate sides before she can."

"What the hell is going on with Jc?"

"One of his orbs was turned evil, so it effected all of the orbs. You've been effected too."

"We have to find Jc." Alex stated.

"Why? Am I lost?" Jc's voice echoed throughout the valley. Everyone looked up to try and find its source.

"Jc, please, we need your help to solve this situation." Alex cried out.

"I don't think so. Collin is going to pay for trespassing in my body!" Jc cried. Purple light flew out from every direction and slammed into Collin. His body was elevated from the floor and lifted into the air.

"COLLIN!" Alysa and Alex called out. Kim finally stood up.

"JC!" She screamed. The purple light stopped and Collin floated back down to the floor. "Show yourself." She ordered. Jc appeared a few feet away in a purple flash of light. "Why are you doing this? Why won't you let us help you?"

"Because, he has to pay for what he's done. He's caused you so much hurt. Him and that little bitch." Jc motioned toward Alysa.

"I've forgiven them for that. It's not their fault if they like each other."

"But they have to pay." Jc whined. Kim walked over to Collin and lifted off the blue necklace. She walked over to Jc.

"Do you remember this? You gave it to me before you turned into this hideous person. This represents my Jc. I want him back." Kim placed the necklace around her neck and moved in on Jc. She quickly kissed him and held him in her arms. As he began to kiss back, purple light engulfed the two and filled the air. As it cleared, Kim held Jc in her arms. "Go tell Dimitria that we're ready." She ordered Alex. Alex nodded and disappeared in a purple flash.

"Now what do we do?" Alysa asked.

"We have to get them to separate side. They have to be as far apart as possible, or else they'll meld into each other." Kim stated. Alysa picked up Collin. Suddenly, the valley began to shake.

"What's that?" Alysa cried.

"Dimitria must be starting. Get going!" Kim cried. Alysa began to run to the other side of the valley, but found that Collin was very heavy. Kim also discovered this as she tried to carry Jc across. Kim set Jc down quickly and stood tall. "PINK RANGER POWER!" She cried. In a pink flash of light, she once again donned the Pink Ranger suit. She picked up Jc and began to run. Alysa followed her lead and set down Collin.

"SYBER SOLDIER PINK, BRACHIOSAURUS!" As she changed into her new armor, she picked up Collin and began to run. A white line of light began to race through the valley and ran down the middle. Kim and Jc barely escaped it as they jumped for the cliff. Alys and Collin jumped up for the cliff as well. White light filled the valley and then, all was dark.

Alex paced back and forth in the Power Chamber as she awaited to hear news. Dimitria had begun the separation process over an hour ago, and they haven't heard anything yet. Alex was getting nervous. Adam walked up to her.

"They'll be all right." He stated. Alex gave a fake smile.

"I know, but I'm still worried." Adam was quiet for a moment.

"So, we were all Rangers in your dimension too?" Adam asked.

"Yeah. Everything that happened in this dimension is pretty much the same that happened in ours. Well, accept for the Soldiers."

"Have there been dimensions where we weren't Rangers?"

"Yes. I came across several dimensions where Kimberly was dead, Tommy was a drug addict, and Zordon was still a head, just not that one." Adam giggled. Alex joined him. Then she got serious. "I even came across a dimension where Earth no longer existed. It had been destroyed years ago by Rita. Zordon had never existed, so there was no one to make Rangers to stop Rita."

"That's horrible." Adam thought.

"Yeah, but they still held hope. The Aquitian Rangers had taken in a colony of humans and helped them to regenerate their species. They set the humans up on a new Earth and they began to flourish again. It was beautiful."

"It sounds it." Adam stated. "So, were you involved with anyone on your world?" Alex looked at Adam.

"Yeah, I was with a really great guy. He was my best friend, and I love him to death."

"What happened between you two?"

"We went our separate ways. He got together with a mutual friend of ours, and I was happy for him."

"Who is he?"

"Does that really matter?" Alex asked as she placed her head against the wall.

"No, but I'm curious." Adam smiled. Alex laughed. They both looked up as the doors opened and Dimitria emerged. Everyone stood, including Sanchez who was still in pain.

"What's the verdict?" Alex asked. Dimitria lowered her head.

"They both survived." She stated as she raised her head and smiled. They all broke out into big cheers. "They're getting their bodies regenerated so that they can both have a full body instead of half of a body."

"This is great!" Tommy rejoiced.

"Calls for a celebration!" TJ cried.

"With good food?" Rocky asked.

"With the best food around!" Adam joked as he hugged Rocky.

"Alex." Dimitria pulled her aside.

"What is it?" Alex asked.

"Kim and Alysa didn't come out after I separated them. They're still in there."

"Oh God. We have to go get them out."

"We can't. If we went in there now, we'd mess everything up."

"But letting them stay could mess everything up!"

"We have to take that risk." Dimitria stated as she went back into the operating room. Alex sighed as she rejoined the Rangers with a fake smile.

So? What did ya think? Did you like it? I sure hope so! I know that Kim doesn't have her Ninja powers at full to be able to morph, but I did that because in her mind she could. I hope that you like this fic. It is the sixth in my series, and I hope that you've read the first five!

To Be Continued.....