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Suggested Reading: I suggest that if you want to understand some of the background of parts of this story that you read New Friends, particularly part three, Shadow Of A Doubt. Although I suggest that you read ALL of my stories, that one is the one that you need to have read for this story.

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A Recharged Spirit
by: Jason Festa

Pink light filled the sky as Kimberly teleported into the Desert of Despair. She was wearing the Pink Zeo Ranger armor and was here to take care of her shadow once and for all. She looked around at her surroundings, and found this place to be much as it was when she was here three years ago.

"Never thought that I'd have to see this place again!" Kim joked. She walked around, careful of her surroundings. She looked for movement, but none came. "Great, where is my shadow?"

"Where it should be." A voice said. Kim whirled around, but nothing was there. She looked to her left, and then her right, but saw nothing.

"What's wrong, can't find me?" The voice asked again. Kim thought._My shadow is right where it should be._ She looked own and saw the shadow, mimicking her movements. But it was not the same shadow she saw a few days ago. It had changed. It now looked like her original suit. She jumped back as the shadow lifted itself from the ground. A few moments later, the Pink Ranger stood before Kimberly, but she had this eerie glow about her.

"Didn't think I could do that, did ya?" Kim watched in awe as the shadow kicked her in the gut, sending her to the ground in a painful heap. Kim gasped for air as the shadow looked at her in disgust.

"You never should have been a Ranger, you're so weak!" The shadow quoted Kat from Kim's first dream. Kim became upset, and lost it. She threw up a side kick, and nailed the shadow in the stomach. It now went to the ground in a heap of pain as Kimberly flipped onto her feet.

"Pink Power Shield!" She cried. Her shield appeared in her hand, and she took a defensive stance. "Now who's weak?"The shadow struggled to get back up. Kimberly held her stance as the shadow fell back down. Finally, it got up, and laughed.

"Good one Kimberly! You used your anger. Now, I'll use mine!" The shadow leapt out at Kim, and tackled her to the ground. She pulled Kim's shield away, and threw it. "I need your fear to live, Kimberly. Time to go to sleep!" Kim struggled. "For good."

"No!" She yelled as she flipped the shadow over her head. She got up quickly and turned around.

"Pink Fire Cloud!" She cried. With all the rage she could muster, she launched a dark pink cloud at the shadow. The shadow quickly fell to the ground in another heap of pain. This time, it had a lot more trouble getting up. Kimberly suddenly felt weak again. A wave of dizziness swept over her, and she felt faint. A moment later, her suit disappeared. She stood in confusion. "Crap!"

The shadow had gotten back up, and was slowly approaching her. Kimberly backed up as the shadow slowly approached her.

"Sorry about the whole pink fire cloud thing, it was honestly a reaction mistake!" Kim pleaded.

"Mistake is the key word." The shadow stated as she flew at Kim, and knocked her into a rock wall. Kim doubled over in pain. The shadow slowly circled her, like a vulture, waiting for it's prey to die. Kim was finally able to look up, and she regretted doing it. The shadow was holding the power bow and aimed it right at her chest. Kim froze. All of a sudden, she felt powerful, and knew what to do. She kicked the bow out of the shadow's hands, and leapt back onto her feet. She summoned her zeonizers, and stood still. As the shadow got up, she pointed out the zeonizers.

"I could be morphed faster than you could say fear, but I'm going to give you a chance to back off." Kim said.

"Back off? No way!" she stretched out her hands, and a dark black circle formed around Kim. It continued to spin until it was all Kim could see. Then, each one of the Rangers appeared. Tommy, Adam, Tanya, and Justin. They all approached her.

"You let us down." Tommy said.

"We died because you ran off." Adam said.

"Look at me, I'm not even 13, and I'm dead because you let me die!" Justin yelled.

"I liked Katherine much better." Tanya spat. "She would've saved us instead of letting us die."

"This isn't real." Kim told herself.

"No? Then how can I do this?" Tommy asked as he slapped her. Kim turned away from him and looked down.

"You're not my friends." She said.

"Well, at least not any more." Adam said.

"Screw you!" Kim said as she kicked Adam in the face. He flew back into the black void and disappeared. She turned on Tommy, and looked at him with disgust. "The Tommy I know, would never lay a hand on me, never." She said as she spin-kicked Tommy back into the void. She turned on Justin. "You knew the risks when you joined." She said as she pushed him into the void. She turned on Tanya. "I liked Aisha better." She whispered as she side-kicked Tanya into the void. Instead of feeling better, Kim felt extremely worse. Then, a large voice protruded the void.

"You let them down. The Power Rangers have lost everything because they had to save you. You let them down." those three words hung over Kim's head like a dagger waiting to be dropped. She finally realized, that she couldn't walk away from her problems, she had to accept them.

"Yes I did. But they know that it wasn't on purpose. They've forgiven me. It's time that I do the same." The black void began to grow weaker, and several holes appeared. Suddenly, an idea filled Kim's head. "Zeo Ranger 1, Pink." She said. As she morphed, the light from doing so caused the shadow to completely disappear. As all of the light and darkness cleared, Kim stood in her street clothes, and felt better.

"That may have worked once, but it won't work again!" The shadow cried as it jumped out of thin air and tackled Kimberly. As they both fell to the ground, Kimberly pushed the shadow off of her.

"I destroyed you! You can't hurt me anymore!" She screamed.

"Wanna bet?" the shadow asked as it's right hand turned into a blade. "Let's see if that idea holds up . . . ." The shadow quickly approached Kimberly and then shoved the blade into her stomach. "I win." She stated as she looked into Kimberly's wide eyes. Pink light began to flow from Kimberly into the shadow. A moment later, the shadow dropped Kimberly's lifeless form to the ground. The shadow flashed pink, and then transformed into Kimberly. "And now, for your friends . . ."

"NO!" Kimberly screamed as she sat up in bed. She began to breath in heavily and wipe the sweat off of her forehead. A moment later, Aisha came into the room wearing her oversized yellow robe.

"Kim, are you all right?" She asked as she sat down on the bed next to Kimberly. Kim wipe her eyes and forced a smile.

"Yeah, just had a bad dream. I'm sorry if I woke you." She stated.

"It's okay, babe. I was awake anyway. I was reading this new Danielle Steel novel that is incredible!" Aisha stated.

"I'll have to steel it from you sometime." Kim joked. Aisha placed her hand on top of Kim's.

"Are you sure you're all right?" Aisha asked. Kim nodded.

"Yeah, I just need to go take a shower and wake up." Kim stated.

"Okay. I'll leave you alone then." Aisha stated as she smiled. She gave Kimberly a light hug and then raised from her bed. "I'll be in my room if you wanna come watch t.v. or something."

"Thanks." Kim stated. Aisha smiled once again and then left her room. Kim looked over to her clock and saw that it was 6:52 am. Kimberly covered her eyes and sighed. "She can't hurt me anymore. I destroyed her, and she's gone." Kimberly slowly lifted her covers and raised out of her bed. She walked into the bathroom and went to turn the light on. As she reached for it, she thought twice. "The last time I turned you on after a nightmare, this whole problem started . . ." She began. She shook her head and then turned the light on. She closed the bathroom door and then stopped to look in the mirror. The pink shirt she was wearing was drenched in sweat and clinging to her body. As Kimberly moved away from the mirror, she turned the shower on and began to undress.

As Kimberly finished dressing, she felt refreshed from her shower. She left her bedroom and walked down the hallway to what was now Aisha's room. She pushed the door open and looked around. Aisha wasn't in there. Kimberly frowned and then closed the door. She made her way back up the hallway and then began her descent down the carpeted stairs. As she walked down the stairs, she saw to her left on the wall a large frame containing many pictures. Kimberly stopped to look at these and smiled. There were pictures in there from years ago that she had not seen in a while. As she looked at all of the pictures, she stopped at one of her and the original team of Rangers. It was a picture taken shortly after Tommy joined the team. All six of them were standing in front of Billy's Rad Bug in his driveway. Jason had his arm around Trini and they were smiling. They were leaning against the front of the car. Billy, Tommy and Kimberly were standing on the driver's side of the car, doing nothing in particular. Zach was sitting on the roof of the car smiling and he had his arms thrown up into the air. Kimberly smiled deeply at this picture. She remembered simpler times like this one fondly. She missed the old days before being a Ranger became so complicated. In those days, you went to school, fought monsters here and there, and then went back to school. Rita's monsters were plain and simple and were easily beatable. Nowadays, the monsters were more complex and centered around a sole purpose. Kimberly often wondered why all of these evil beings wanted so badly to conquer their planet. She knew that there were hundreds of uninhabited planets in different solar systems to be conquered. Why couldn't any of these evil beings go after those planets? Kimberly had no answer to her question. She smiled once more at the innocence of the picture, and then continued down the stairs. As she reached the bottom, she turned left and entered the kitchen. Aisha was at the stove, and Michael and Sanchez were sitting at the table. Alysa was staring at the empty refrigerator and sighing.

"We need to do some grocery shopping." She stated as she closed the door. "Who wants to go?"

"I will." Kim stated as she walked up to the stove to see what Aisha was cooking. As she looked down, she saw that Aisha was making several omelets.

"You want one?" Aisha asked.

"Nah. I'm not really hungry." Kim stated. She walked away from the stove and sat down at the table next to Michael." I'll go shopping later this afternoon. We're supposed to spend the day at the park with Jc."

"That's right, is he still at the Power Chamber?" Alysa asked as she, too, sat down at the table.

"No, he went to Tommy's apartment last night and spent the night there." Kim stated. "We're supposed to be at the park at about nine this morning."

"Why didn't Jc stay the night here?" Aisha asked.

"He says it's a little too crowded right now, and he just wanted space for the night. He'll be sleeping here tonight though." Kim explained. As Aisha brought the two boys there omelets, she also brought Kimberly a coffee. "So, when did you become the house chef?" Kim joked. Aisha shrugged.

"I learned how to cook foods for the villagers in Africa because they had a lot of food to cook. I really got into cooking, so I volunteer to become cook for a while." Aisha stated. Kim smiled and then looked up at the clock. It now read 8:24.

"Whoa! Where did the time go?" Kim asked.

"What do you mean?" Aisha asked as she sat down next to Kim with her breakfast.

"When I got in the shower, it was only about seven. I came down here right after I finished and got dressed. Did I really spend and hour and a half in the shower?" She asked.

"I guess ya did." Alysa stated. "Maybe you fell asleep."

"You have been sleeping very little in the last couple of weeks." Sanchez stated.

"I just haven't been real comfortable worrying about Jc. I guess I just sort of kept myself up most of the time." She stated.

"Have you been having nightmares a lot more recently?" Aisha stated. Kimberly thought back to the nightmare she awoke from.

"No, that nightmare was the first one I've had since the whole shadow spell incident. I mean, I have had dreams about the shadows, but not to the extent that last night's went to." She explained.

"Well, what happened in the dream?" Michael asked.

"Well, I was in the Desert of Despair fighting the Pink Shadow. The setup was just like it was when I fought her and defeated her. Except, in this dream, after I defeated her, she came back and killed me."

"Have you been thinking about the Pink Shadow lately?" Michael asked.

"No," Kim started, "but I have been seeing the Green Shadow in my dreams a lot more."

"What do you mean?" Alysa asked.

"Well, I've had dreams where the Green Shadow came back and was at full power and he launched an attack on Angel Grove. I've only had the dream a few times, but each time it ends the same way. He starts to fight us, and then I wake up."

"Well, maybe it's a premonition." Sanchez stated. Kim made a funny face at him. "No, I'm serious! When you defeated the Pink Shadow, Tommy's just sort of disappeared. What if it never dissipated? What if it was just let free?"

"God, I don't wanna think about that right now. I'd rather just leave it at the Green Shadow went with the Pink one, and that's that." Kim stated.

"These dreams are probably just stress trying to find an outlet. Don't think anything of them!" Alysa stated.

"You're right. I'm just gonna let it go." Kim stated.

"Hey bro, welcome back to the land of the living." Tommy joked as Jc stumbled into the living room. He was wearing a blue t-shirt and white boxers. Jason was sitting on the couch next to Tommy as Jc flopped down on the chair to their left.

"It felt good to sleep in a bed again." Jc stated as he wiped his eyes.

"I'm glad you found my bed so comfortable." Jason joked. "But next time, you get the couch, that thing was so uncomfortable!"

"I'll think about it." Jc joked back. "So, what are we doing today?"

"We're going to the park to spend the day with everyone." Tommy explained.

"Speaking of which, Adam should be getting here soon. He's supposed to be getting Rocky up and dragging him over here so that we can get going." Jason stated.

"When are we going to the park?" Jc asked.

"We agreed to meet there at nine." Tommy stated. "So, since it's already eight thirty, I think you should go take a shower."

"Are you trying to tell me that I need a shower?" Jc asked, feigning insult.

"If he's not, I am!" Jason joked. He raised his arms up as Jc threw a sofa pillow at him. Jason quickly rose as the door was knocked on. He walked over to the door and opened it up to find Adam and Rocky on the other side.

"We're here!" Adam joked as Jason let them in.

"It's about time! We thought Rocky had mistaken you for a cheeseburger and we'd have to replace you!" Tommy joked. Adam laughed while Rocky blushed.

"That only happened one time, and Justin knew it was an accident." Rocky answered.

"I'm gonna go take a shower now." Jc stated. "Care to join me, handsome?" Jc joked to Jason.

"No, I already had one with Tommy this morning." Jason joked back. Jc smiled as he walked down the hallway to the bathroom.

"All right, we ready to go to Kim's?" Adam asked Jason.

"Yeah, so we'll see you guys at the park?" Jason asked Tommy.

"Yeah, we'll be there!" Tommy responded.

"Then, see ya!" Jason stated as he followed Adam and Rocky out the door.

"That was incredible!" Michael stated as he put his fork down. "You should become a chef. You could make some major money."

"Amen to that!" Sanchez joked. "I don't think I'll ever be able to look at an omelet the same way again."

"You guys are too much." Aisha blushed as she picked up their plates and placed them in the sink. "Since you guys loved my omelets so much, you can do the dishes to pay me back." Aisha stated as she sat back down. Kim laughed and high-fived her.

"I knew there was gonna be a catch." Michael stated.

"Well, I'm gonna go see how Collin's doing. I'll catch up with you guys later." Alys stated as she stood up.

"Are you gonna come t the park?" Kim asked.

"I don't know, maybe." Alysa stated as she raised her communicator and teleported away in a pink streak of light.

"So, is Alex gonna come to the park today too?" Aisha asked.

"She said she may, but she wanted to go see how Collin was doing first." Kim stated.

"Hmm." Aisha responded.

"What?" Michael asked as he and Sanchez got up to work on the dishes.

"Nothing." Kim stated. "It's a girl thing." She clarified.

"Then, never mind." Sanchez answered.

"Ding dong." Adam stated as he, Rocky, and Jason walked into the kitchen.

"Hey guys!" Kim stated as she stood up and hugged them. Aisha quickly followed.

"I smell food." Rocky stated as he froze. "Eggs." he sniffed the air. "Omelets." He sniffed the air again. "No bacon, but coffee. Why do you people always eat without me?"

"Because, we want to be able to eat out food." Kim joked as the three sat down at the table. "So, how's Jc doing?" She asked.

"He's doing good. He seems to be fitting right back in with everyone." Jason stated. "He and I made friends very easily."

"I haven't gotten a chance to get to know him yet." Rocky stated. "But hopefully, that will change."

"Jc opens up pretty well to people, so you'll get to know him." Kim stated.

"Well, I haven't gotten to know him yet either, so until I do, I'll be your friend, Rocky." Aisha joked.

"Thank you. I feel so useful now . . . . ." Rocky joked.

"So, are we ready to get going yet?" Adam asked.

"Yeah, we were just waiting on you guys." Kim stated. "We're ready to go anytime."

"Oh my God." Jc stated as he stepped out of Tommy's apartment. He raised his hands to his eyes and stopped moving for a moment. "I don't like the sunlight. It's brighter than I remember."

"Come on." Tommy laughed as he pulled Jc along. "You'll get used to it fast." Tommy led Jc to the passenger side of his white jeep and let Jc in. Tommy then walked over to the driver side and got in. "Seatbelts." Tommy stated. Jc smiled as he remembered the last time someone told him to wear his seatbelt. He was with Kim and they were getting ready to go to the juice bar, and she told him to put on his seatbelt. When he didn't do it, she started up her car and drove around like a maniac. As Jc snapped out of the memory, he put his seatbelt on and Tommy started the jeep.

"So, I saw that you guys got new powers while I was gone." Jc stated.

"Yep. We went to Ninjor and he gave us Ninja Powers again." Tommy explained.

"So what happened to the Turbo Powers?" Jc asked.

"We passed them along to younger Rangers. They're pretty good though. They know what they're doing."

"Why did you guys pass on your powers?"

"It started with Tanya. She became overloaded with Turbo Power and she had to pass her powers along to Ashley, or else she'd die. Then, I became overloaded with Turbo power and had to give mine up. Dimitria suggested that we all give our powers over to someone else and that we tried to gain some sort of normal lives. But, duty called and we had to come back."

"So, do you guys trust the new Rangers?"

"Yeah. We wouldn't have given our powers to them if we didn't. But they are a bit inexperienced and immature."

"Well yeah, they haven't been Rangers as long as you guys have, but they'll settle into the role of Rangers as time goes on."

"Okay, you've been along for a long time, are there any other Ranger teams out there?"

"No, not anymore." Jc stated solemnly.

"What do you mean, not anymore?"

"Well, there was a team, but they suffered a big tragedy. Four of their members died because of the Blue Ranger. But, I'd rather not get into that."

"Were you there when it happened?" Tommy asked.

"Yes, and it's something I'd rather forget, so, can we just drop it?"

"Yeah." Tommy stated. They remained quiet for the rest of the ride to the park. When they got there, Jc quietly took his seatbelt off and got out.

"Man, I take it back, it feels good to see sunlight!" Jc stated as he looked up at the sun. It felt good to see the beautiful green trees and grass. As the sun beat down on his skin, he relished the heat. "It really feels good to be back."

"You should have seen the look on Kim's face when she saw that you were all right. Her eyes lit up and she was just . . . . extremely happy. I've never seen her like that before." Tommy stated as he felt the silence break.

"Can I ask you something?" Jc asked as he closed the door and turned to face Tommy on the other side of the car.

"Yeah, anything, bro." Tommy smiled.

"Will you answer me honestly?"

"Of course I will."

"How do you feel about my and Kimberly's relationship?" Tommy thought about it for a moment before answering.

"I am all right with it." He started. "It did bother me at first, but I got over it. You two are very happy together and you belong together."

"Ya know, for a little while there, I thought that you and Alysa had a real chance of hooking up." Jc joked.

"Nah," Tommy blushed, "I like her, a lot, but not enough to try and establish a relationship. Ya know what I mean?" Jc nodded.

"I know exactly what you mean. That's how I felt about Kim, at first, but then one day my feelings just did a total 180." Tommy walked around the front of the car and came up next to Jc. He threw his arm around him and they began to walk into the park.

"Kimberly tends to have that effect on men . . ."

"There they are!" Kim stated, happily as she saw Tommy and Jc. The two men walked side by side as they approached the group. Tommy looked around and then frowned.

"Where are the Turbo Rangers?" He asked.

"They left for weekend fun at Disney World last night." Kim stated. "They'll be back Sunday night."

"Where's Alex and Alysa?" Jc asked as he leaned down and kissed Kimberly full on the lips. Her body felt warm all over as he did this. She had not felt Jc's lips on hers in a long time.

"One word: Collin." Sanchez stated.

"Ah. That ought to be a fun triangle to watch unfold . . ." Jc thought aloud as he pulled away from Kim.

"So, what do we wanna do today?" Aisha asked. "There's not a lot to do around town . . ."

"I wanna see what the new powers can do." Jc stated. "I saw the suits in the Power Chamber after Collin fixed the grid, but I wanna know what they can do."

"I see no problem with that." Jason stated.

"I'll clear it with Dimitria." Tommy stated. He raised his communicator to his mouth and pressed the button. "Dimitria, come in."

"Yes, Tommy?" Her voice came back.

"We just wanted to clear something with you. We wanna show Jc what our new powers are capable of." Tommy responded.

"I see nothing wrong with that, as long as there are no civilians around." Dimitria replied.

"All right, Dimitria. Thanks." He lowered his communicator and then smiled. "Let's do it." He moved over to join the other Ninja Rangers by the table. "Ninja mode, first." Everyone nodded. "NINJA RANGER POWER! WHITE FALCON NINJA POWER!"





"RED COUGAR NINJA POWER!" In a bright flash, the six Rangers donned their Ninja suits and stood tall.

"This mode is what we would call on to fight Puttengatrons." Tommy replied

"Puttengatrons?" Jc asked, wide eyed.

"Whoops . . ." Kim stated, "guess I forgot to fill him in . . ."

"I'll explain to ya later." Michael stated as he stood next to him.

"Okay, IT'S MORPHING TIME!" Tommy cried.

"This is where I step out." Kim stated.





"RED RANGER POWER!" A wave of light rushed over them as their new armor covered their Ninja suits. As their helmets fell into place, a light burst out of the collar of their suits, in their respective colors. After they finished, they dropped into defensive stances.

"Wow." Jc stated. "These suits look awesome . . ."

"Our suits are now made from the same armor." Michael stated. "It was another side effect of Collin's energy burst. We decided to keep them that way."

"I wanna see!" Jc cried like a little child. Michael and Sanchez smiled as they stepped back and held out their rings.


"SYBER SOLDIER GREEN, STEGOSAURUS!" In green and blue lights, they transformed into their altered armors.

"Man, blue looks good on you, Michael." Jc stated.

"I know." He boasted with his chest puffed out. Jc couldn't help but laugh.

"These suits look totally awesome, guys! What else has changed with them?" Jc asked.

"Well, I have a different weapon than you are used to." Michael stated. "VELOCISWORD!" In a bright blue flash of light, his sword appeared in his hands and he swung it around. The blade shimmered under the sun light and Jc was captivated by it.

"Wow." He stated.

"It gets better!" Tommy stated. "Let's see how our weapons have held up." The five Rangers placed their hands behind their backs and then, one by one, they all spun around. White light flashed from Tommy's hands as he spun around. "SABA!" His white enchanted saber appeared and he looked it over. "I'll wake him up later . . ." Black light flashed from Adam's hands as he spun around.

"POWER AXE!" As his axe appeared in his hands, he transformed it into a cannon and blasted a nearby empty trash can. "Still works." Blue light flashed from Rocky's hands as his new lance appeared.

"POWER LANCE!" He looked it over a few times. "I think I could get used to this thing . . ." He stated as he swung it around. As Yellow light flashed in Aisha's hands, she spun around and produced her daggers.

"POWER DAGGERS!" As she spun the daggers around in her hands, she smiled. "Man do these feel good." Red light came from Jason's hands as he spun around and pulled out his sword.

"POWER SWORD!" As he held the sword in the sky, he admired it's beauty. "I like swords much better than staffs."

"Man, these new powers are awesome! Syberia doesn't stand a chance!" Jc stated.

"There is a lot that you need to be filled in on." Kim stated. "You are a few months behind."

"Okay, what did I miss?" Jc asked.

"Well, for starters, Syberia isn't around anymore." Tommy stated.

"You guys destroyed her?" He asked, wide eyed.

"No, she just left suddenly. But, before she did, Divatox returned. Michael showed up, and he helped us out. He stayed on as your replacement, and we fought Divatox. But then, she grouped up with Zedd and Rita. They combined their powers and created the Tengatrons, which were a combination of Tengas and Piranhatrons. We fought them, and then they made a monster combining a Tengatron with a Putty. That was the Puttengatron. That one was hard to beat, and then they just made a lot more of them. We were brought back with just our Ninja mode powers to help out, and then we stayed on and got our powers back to be sort of the back up team." Kim stopped as Jc stared at her. "Okay, that should bring you up to speed." Kim stated. Jc sat there for a minute and consumed everything he just heard. He shook his head and then looked at everyone.

"Hey, be glad you're not in my shoes! I had to hear the entire story from the beginning in ten minutes!" Jason cried. Jc sighed.

"Man, I really did miss a lot." Jc stated. "Mike, I'm glad you decided to stick around and take my place. It means a lot to me."

"Hey, no prob. You're my only brother, and no matter what has happened between us, I love you, and I'll always be here for you." Michael stated. Jc smiled as he stood up and they hugged. Kim leaned over to Aisha and began to whisper in her ear.

"Is it just me, or does that completely turn you on?" She asked. Aisha giggled as she smacked Kim's arm. "What?"

"All right, now that we've gotten that part done with, I say we go to the Juice Bar and have a round of smoothies on me." Tommy suggested. "In celebration of Jc's return." Everyone cheered.

"Let's do it! I haven't had one of Ernie's smoothies in forever!" Jc cried. As everyone powered down, Jason threw his arm around Jc's shoulders.

"That's another thing we forgot to tell you." He stated.

"What? Did Ernie stop serving to Aliens?" Jc joked.

"Well, sort of. Ernie doesn't own the bar anymore. Jerome Stone does." Jason stated.

"Lt. Stone? As in Bulk, Skull, and Lt. Stone?" He asked exasperated.

"Yep." Kim stated as everyone began to walk to their cars.

"Next thing you'll tell me is that Alysa and Kim wrestled in mud!" Jc joked.

"Well, there was no mud . . ." Kim stated as she stepped into her car.

"WHAT?" Jc cried out as he looked at Jason. Jason pushed Jc into the back seat and laughed. Aisha got in the front passenger seat and Kim started up her car. Tommy, Rocky, and Sanchez got in Tommy's jeep and he started it up. Michael and Adam got into Adam's Amigo and they all got going.

"What's there to talk about? We kissed. End of story." Collin stated as he began to walk around the room. Alysa followed him.

"No, it's not. There had to be something behind that, something more than just the excitement of the moment." She stated.

"Yeah, you were hoping to bring more of Jc's memories back. Good job, you did it."

"Collin, that may have been the reason behind my motives, but what about yours? You weren't objecting to that kiss."

"Well, duh!" Collin stated as he faced her. "Look at you, you're absolutely gorgeous! I'd have to be dead not to kiss you back!" He cried as he continued to walk away. "Or gay."

"Collin, I am not gonna accept that as an answer. If my reason was because of Jc, then why did I kiss you after you and he were restored? Why didn't I go kiss him?"

"Because, you know that he's Kim's now, and that drove you crazy. You wanna make me into your own little Jc because you're not over him. I'm not gonna be made as your fill in for Jc until the little mortal girl dies and you two can get it back on!" Alysa suddenly slapped Collin.

"How dare you even suggest that." She stated as she walked off.

"What bugs you, Alysa? The fact that I could be that mean, or that I'm right?" Alysa stopped walking and turned around with tears in her eyes.

"So what if you may be right? Is it so wrong for me to still love him? Is it wrong for me to try and have him, whatever little part of him I can get? I love him, but I can't have him, and I accept that. But I do have feelings for you. Why can't you see that?"

"I can, but why can't you see that I don't?" Collin stroked the side of her cheek before leaving the Docking Bay. Alysa stood frozen for a moment and then teleported away. As she materialized outside of the Juice Bar, she thought back on what Collin had said. She knew that he was right, but it hurt her to hear it from him. She crossed her arms across her chest as she walked into the Juice Bar and walked down the hallway to the main Bar. As she entered the door, she saw the Rangers.

"Hey, look who's here." Aisha stated. Alysa slowly walked over to their table and pulled up a chair next to Jc. He put his arm around her and kissed her forehead.

"Hey babe!" He joked.

"Hi." She stated solemnly as he removed his arm.

"Are you okay?" Kim asked.

"No, I had a fight with Collin and he just said some stuff that upset me. But, don't worry about it." she stated.

"Do you want us to go beat him up for you?" Jason joked. Alysa let out a giggle and then smiled. "Ah, there's that beautiful smile." Jason replied.

"You guys are too much." Alysa joked. She looked over at Jc and smiled.

"Uh oh." Tommy stated as Collin and Alex walked in. The entire table grew quiet as Collin walked up to Alysa.

"Can I talk to you?" He asked. She looked up at him and sighed.

"Yeah, I guess." Alysa stood up and the two of them walked into the hallway. Alex took Alysa's seat.

"Do you know what happened between them?" Kim asked her.

"Only slightly. It seems that Collin is having some problems adjusting to the new setup here. He just let out his anger on Alysa. He realized he was wrong to do it though, so now, hopefully they can make up." Alex stated.

"Man, it's gonna be weird with Collin around." Adam stated.

"Yeah, it was hard for him to fit in when he was Jc. Now that he's just Collin, he's gotta find out who he really is." Michael stated.

"We need to make him feel welcome if he's ever gonna warm up to everyone." Alex stated.

"It's gonna be hard to do that, though." Kim stated. "I mean, even though they look different, when I look at Collin I see Jc. I really don't wanna slip up and call him Jc. Who knows what that'll do to him."

"Well, the most we can do is just try to work through it. Collin will fit into the group eventually, who knows, maybe he'll even become a Soldier." Tommy stated.

"Hopefully, he won't feel too left out by everyone when you guys go handle Ranger business." Jc stated.

"What about you?" Adam asked. "It's gonna be hard for you to watch us go out there without you, and it's gonna be hard for us to go out there without you."

"It will be hard for me, but I'll adjust to it soon enough, just like you guys all ready have." Jc stated.

"Do you resent me for having your powers?" Michael asked.

"Why would you ask something like that?" Jc asked.

"I was just wondering, it's only natural that you might." Michael stated.

"No, I don't resent you. I am jealous that you get to go out there, but I don't resent you for it." Jc answered. They all looked over as Collin and Alysa walked back into the bar together. Collin had his arm around Alysa, but they broke apart to pull up chairs to the table.

"Are we lovey-dovey now, or what?" Alex asked. Collin and Alysa smiled.

"We're friends again. Let's just leave it at that." Collin answered.

"I'm glad." Jc stated as he smiled at Alysa. "So, Collin, What are you gonna do about living arrangements?"

"He's gonna come stay with me. I've got enough room in my house for him to stay." Alex explained.

"I was wondering something," Kim began, "you said that you're sliding through dimensions looking for a temporal disturbance and you have to keep sliding, so why did you buy a building for your office?"

"Well . . . I bought the office because my stay here was going to be a long one." Alex explained. She quickly looked around before reaching into her bag and pulling out a small remote. "This is my sliding device. It activates the wormholes that I slide through. However, it isn't perfected yet, so I have to wait certain periods of time on each world for the device to reset itself and to recharge. On this world, I had to wait for a year." She explained.

"Wait a minute, we only met you a few weeks ago, and you said you'll be here for about a month more . . ." Collin began, "so, you were here for ten months before you came to us?"

"Yes, and no. I was here for ten months, but I didn't come to you, you came to me. I have made it a general rule to never get involved in any dimension unless it's necessary, and it was necessary here. I didn't come to you guys because I didn't locate the disturbance here. My sliding device is also a tracker for the disturbance, and I had only found a fraction of it here. I have discovered that the disturbance exists in only five dimensions. One, being mine, two being here, a third being in a dimension where the Power Rangers don't exist, and a fourth being in a dimension where they have the Zeo Rangers, and two extra Rangers, one a Vampire Slayer, and another a Vampire."

"And the fifth?" Tommy asked.

"I'm not sure. I haven't been there yet, but that's my next stop. The Zeo Rangers that slid with me have each taken up a place in each dimension where it exists, but no one has been to the fifth yet."

"Why is it that you never get involved with the Rangers on each world? They could help you." Alysa asked.

"Well, my life as a Ranger has been full of pain, and regret. I had to stand by and watch as a close friend of mine died. I had to stand by while my best friend's heart was broken in two by her boyfriend. And I had to deal with my broken relationship as well. I didn't wanna get involved with the Rangers because I don't wanna be a Ranger. I tried to leave the Rangers in my dimension, but I couldn't because my Ranger powers are associated with my telepathic powers. Since I retired from the team, I've been called back several times to help. I hate having to come back and face everyone, but I had to do it. That's why I told Dimitria that once this is all over, I plan to settle down in a Ranger less dimension and live out my life as a normal human."

"You aren't serious, are you?" Collin asked. Alex nodded.

"I'm ready to move on from my Ranger life." She answered.

Beep beep beepbeep beep beep. Tommy looked around before the group squeezed in and he activated his communicator.

"Dimitria, what's up?" Tommy whispered.

"I need for Collin, Jc, and Kimberly to come to the Power Chamber. It is not an emergency situation, Rangers, so just relax." She responded.

"We're on our way, Dimitria." Jc answered as he and Kim stood up. Collin slowly stood and sighed.

"Alex, I know how you feel." He stated. The three of them made their way into the hallway as the rest of the Rangers relaxed. A moment later, a slight tinge of light could be seen in the hallway as the three of them teleported away.

As the three powerless members of the Ranger clique teleported into the Power Chamber, They quickly noticed the large blue being in the center. Although Jc and Collin had no idea who he was, Kimberly knew him very well.

"Ninjor!" She cried as she ran to him and wrapped her arms around him.

"Kimberly, it is very good to see you again! I have missed your perkiness all of these years!" Ninjor joked. Kimberly smiled as she rejoined Collin and Jc.

"Ninjor, I would like for you to meet Prince Jc Odin of the New Syberian Empire." Dimitria stated as Jc stepped forward and extended his hand. Ninjor grasped it firmly.

"It is good to meet you, Jc. Your brother Michael has told me much about you." He stated.

"When did you meet Michael?" He asked.

"Many years ago, shortly after he left the empire." Ninjor answered.

"And, this is Collin Odin, the young man I was telling you about." Dimitria continued. Collin stepped forward and grasped Ninjor's hand.

"Well, for Jc's 'twin,' you both look very different, almost a contradiction to one another." He stated.

"Their personalities have deciphered their looks. When the two of them were combined as one, Collin looked just as Jc did. But as they were separated and Collin became his own person, he developed his own looks." Dimitria explained.

"Ninjor, what's going on? Why are you here?" Kim asked.

"Well, Kimberly, I think it's about time that you became a full fledged Power Ranger, don't you agree?" Ninjor asked. Kimberly smiled and grew excited. She had been waiting for this moment for weeks. She knew that nothing could ruin this day, not even her nightmares.

"Absolutely!" She stated.

"Kimberly, I will leave you in the capable hands of Ninjor, and the next time I see you, I hope to see a new Pink Ranger." Dimitria stated. Kimberly smiled as Ninjor placed his hand on her shoulder. A moment later they were both engulfed in a blue light as they disappeared. As they reappeared in the Desert of Despair, Kim looked around apprehensively.

"Why aren't we in the temple?" Kim asked.

"Well, Kimberly, I can't just give over the power. Even though I know that your soul is pure and that the power will take to you, I just can't flat out give it to you. I must test you to be sure that you enter into the power with no fear. Do you understand?" He asked.

"Yeah, I do. The other Rangers had to pass tests and so do I." Kim stated.

"And, once you have your powers, the Ninja Megazord cannot be formed until you all pass the test of your ability to function as a team."

"I understand that, if we can't work together, neither can our animals." Kim stated.

"You have grown wiser with your years, my little Ranger." Ninjor joked.

"So, what is the first test I have to pass?" Kim asked.

"I cannot say, but I am confident that you will do well. When you have passed your tests, you will find the Temple of Power. Until then, I bid you adieu." As Ninjor bowed, he dissipated in blue smoke.

"Okay, so what is my first test?" She asked aloud. Her question was answered as a Tenga flew by and hit her in the chest and sent her to the ground. As she stood up, she looked about and saw the multitude of birds flying around. "All right birdbrains! You're gonna go down for that!" She cried as she ran at a Tenga and kicked it in the stomach, as it fell backwards she spun around and punched another Tenga in the face. She flipped backwards and then slammed her foot into the chest of another Tenga. As she came about, a Tenga managed to catch her in the stomach with its foot. Kimberly fell to ground fast, but quickly jumped back up and spin kicked the bird to the ground. As she came about, another bird grabbed her right arm. Before she could fight back, another grabbed her left arm. She tried to kick her way out of their grasps, but another bird grabbed her ankles. "Let go of me!" She cried out as she managed to free one of her ankles and kick the bird behind her down. As she stood back on her feet again, she brought her leg up and kicked the bird to her right. When he didn't let go, she looked forward to see another bird holding a large sword. Her eyes grew wide as the bird charged at her. Suddenly, she thought back to her nightmare and remembered how the Shadow had killed her this way. Tears came to her eyes suddenly. "NO! SOMEONE HELP ME!" She screamed out. Suddenly, the Tengas vanished in a hail of feathers. As Kim looked around, she was confused at what had happened.

"Congratulations Kimberly." Ninjor's voice came from out of nowhere. Kimberly spun around to try and find it's source, but couldn't. "You have passed your first test."

"How did I pass anything, I was almost killed!" She yelled out.

"But you knew that and faced it and called out for help. You realized that you can't always handle everything on your own, sometimes you have to rely on the help of others." Ninjor's voice replied.

"That was some unique way of giving a test." Kim stated as she wiped away at her eyes. "So, what's my next test?" She asked. She regretted asking this as a black void began to form around her. She remembered her dream and her fight with the shadow and knew that this void was part of that fight. Kimberly hoped dearly that she wouldn't have to face her shadow for this test. She began to think that she would as Tommy, Adam, Rocky, Jason, and Aisha stepped out of the void. "No. Not again!" Kim cried.

"Kim, how could you let us die?" Tommy asked as he stepped forward. "After everything we went through, how could you just give up and watch as we died?"

"You aren't my friends, my friends are alive! You're just an illusion!" She screamed at him.

"Kim, I thought we were friends? I let you stay with me when you thought you might be moving to Paris! Is this how you pay me back, by letting me die?" Aisha stated.

"You're not dead! I didn't kill you!" Kim shouted.

"Kim, we've been friends for years! We've been through so much! When Divatox turned us into Maligore's evil children, you saved me. Why couldn't you save me this time?" Jason asked.

"I DIDN'T LET ANYONE DIE!" Kim screamed through her tears.

"What about us?" Adam asked as he and Rocky stepped forward.

"Didn't we mean anything to you?" Rocky asked.

"We died all because you wouldn't help us." Adam stated.

"NO!" She screamed once more. This time, the five Rangers dissipated back into the void. As Kim looked around, she watched Jc stepped through the void, but he wasn't the same. There was a line down the middle of his body, on the right side was Jc's appearance, and on the left was Collin's. As Jc's mouth opened, his voice was a combination of Jc's and Collin's.

"Look at us. We're split in half because of you! You did nothing to stop Alysa from taking our memories! And because of that, We're here now."

"I couldn't have stopped Alysa from picking up the orb!" Kim stated.

"LIAR!" Their voices rang out like lightning. "You saw the memories playing back in the orb, you new what it was and yet you didn't tell Alysa not to pick it up!"

"How was I supposed to know that they were your memories? I didn't even know that you had been separated!"

"But you did know what the orb was! You let me down just like you let the Rangers down! You don't deserve to be a Ranger."

"I didn't let anyone down! I can't do everything, all I can do is try my best and live with my decisions, and if that means that people I love get hurt, then I can't help that! I didn't do anything on purpose!" Kim screamed. Suddenly, the void disappeared and so did the Jc/Collin hybrid.

""You have passed your second test, Kimberly. You still know that you are not responsible for the Rangers' well being. You know that you are simply here to do your job and protect those that you can." Ninjor's voice responded.

"These tests suck, Ninjor. I learned that a while ago." Kim stated.

"Let's see what you can learn this time!" A voice cried out as someone flipped over Kimberly's head. Kimberly froze as she heard the voice. "What's wrong, Kimmy? Can't you face me?" the voice asked. Kimberly slowly turned around to face the person, but knew who it was before she even saw them. As she faced the Pink Shadow once more, she took in a deep breath. The Shadow was wearing the original Pink Armor that Kimberly trembled at the site of.

"What are you doing here? I defeated you before." Kim stated.

"Well, I'm here as a reminder of your fears. You can't escape me." The Shadow stated.

"I know that, and I don't plan to. I beat you once before, and I'll beat you again."

"And I'll just keep creeping back up over and over again because even though you beat me, you still feared me. One stroke of bravery doesn't make up for years of fear!"

"I don't know when you developed a brain, but you can be sure that I'll crush it!" Kim cried as she lunged forward and slammed into the Shadow. They both fell to the ground and rolled around. Kim was the first to get up and looked at the Shadow. "You're nothing."

"Then how about I show you something!" The Shadow cried out as she stood up and slammed into Kim's stomach. She picked Kim up and then rammed her into a nearby boulder. Kim cried out in agony as she fell to the ground and the Shadow stepped back. As Kim looked up, the Shadow formed it's arm into a blade. Kim's eyes grew wide as she quickly jumped up from the ground and narrowly missed the Shadow's blade. "Come on, little Princess! Come have some food!" The Shadow cried out as it lunged at her again with her blade.

"Sorry, but I'm not hungry!" Kim cried out as she hurled a rock at the Shadow. The Shadow laughed as the rock simply flew threw her.

"Only you can make physical contact with me, sweety. No outside help allowed!" The Shadow cried out as she lunged at Kimberly again. This time, Kim didn't move fast enough and the Shadow caught her arm. As the blade sliced into Kimberly, she screamed out and grabbed her arm. "You're slowing down, Kimmy! I never should have gotten that one in on you!"

"Believe me, you won't get another! NINJA RANGER POWER! PINK CRANE!" As pink light flooded around Kimberly, her Ninja suit materialized on her body. Her hand dropped down from her arm as she took on a defensive stance.

"Oo, nice outfit!" The Shadow cried out sarcastically.

"SOLAR LASER POWER!" Kim cried out as she placed her hands in the shape of a gun. Pink light flew out of her hands and engulfed the Shadow.

"Get it off of me!" The Shadow cried out as she batted at the light. After a few moments, the Shadow collapsed to the ground and didn't move. Kimberly approached her carefully. She knelt down next to her and pushed at her body. When nothing happened, Kimberly rolled the Shadow over. As she did, the Shadow's Ranger suit faded away and Kimberly saw herself in the Shadow.

"You're me." Kim realized. "That's why I can't get away from you, you are me!" As Kim realized this, the Shadow's eyes opened. Kim jumped back as the Shadow began to stand.

"You now know the truth." The Shadow stated as she smiled.

"Yeah. You're me and I have to accept you for who you and I are." Kim stated. The Shadow stepped forward and grabbed Kimberly in a hug before she could stop her. But as the Shadow hugged her, it disappeared within her. Kimberly's Ninja suit slowly melted away and revealed a smiling Kimberly. Before she knew what had happened, she disappeared in a hail of pink light. When she re-materialized, she found herself in the Temple of Power. Ninjor was standing next to her and he placed his hand on her shoulder.

"Well done, my little Ranger. You have accepted yourself and your fears. Now, you shall live in sync with them for the rest of your life."

"Thank you Ninjor. I think I'm finally gonna get some real sleep tonight." Kim stated. "So, do I get my powers now?"

"First, you will receive your new Ninja suit. Then, you have to face the guardian of the pyramid before you can receive your full powers."

"Sounds like a plan to me."

"All right, this is my home." Alex stated as she entered the door to her house and turned the lights on. As Collin came in behind her, he closed the door. She led him past the living room, which was mostly coordinated with purple and white, and led him straight to a large, empty room. "I haven't done anything with it since I moved my offices, but feel free to do with it as you like." As she turned on the lights, Collin looked around and noticed the large window on the other side of the room. The walls were purple, and the curtains were white.

"I think the first thing I do will be to paint it." He stated as he looked at Alex. She smiled.

"What can I say, I love purple, but as I said, feel free to do what you want with it." She stepped out of the room and back into the living room and sat down on the purple sofa, lined in white. She put her feet up on the purple table in front of the sofa as Collin sat down next to her.

"So, this house is completely paid for?" Collin asked.

"Yep, you'd be surprised how much money you can collect sliding through world after world." Alex joked.

"Well, this place isn't so bad if you overlook the abundance of purple walls." Collin joked. He started to laugh as Alex playfully slapped his arm.

"So, are things really all right between you and Alysa now, or what?" Alex asked.

"Yeah, we left it at friendship. She wants to help me find out who I am, and I don't mind having the company."

"Collin, there's nothing to find out. You are who you are. Having to live up to who Jc is, didn't change who you are. You just haven't realized that yet."

"Well, I wanna realize that on my own, I don't want it pointed out to me."

"I would like to help you realize it, if you want me."

"I do, but not yet. I just wanna relax and just see what happens." He stated. Alex suddenly moved in and kissed him passionately. "What was that for?"

"I just kept staring at your lips, and I just had to do it." She stated. "Besides, it was a good way to get you to shut up." She joked.

"Well, don't let my talking get in your way." Collin joked as he leaned in and started kissing Alex again.

As Kimberly and Ninjor made their way to the center of the room, Kimberly faced Ninjor.

"Close your eyes and look deep within yourself." Ninjor stated. Kimberly did as told and pushed her head back. "Older than time itself, man has always known the calling. Light of the light, strength of the soul, light this eternal power inside of me. I am Ninja! I am pure of heart, body, mind, and spirit. Join with me now as I become one with the power of Ninja." White light engulfed Kimberly's body as Ninjor finished the incantation. As the light cleared away, Kimberly's body was cloaked with the new suit. It was much as her last suit, but the style of it was tighter and the material was made up of spandex. On her chest was a golden emblem of the Crane. "Your journey is almost complete. Open your eyes and accept your destiny." Kimberly opened her eyes and saw her new suit. She slowly pulled back the face mask and looked at herself again. She grew excited.

"This is awesome, Ninjor! I love it!" Kim stated happily.

"Now, you must face the guardian of the pyramid. Please be careful, and may the power protect you!" Ninjor stated. Kimberly disappeared in a hail of pink light only to reappear in a woodsy area. As she looked around, she began to walk forward.

"So, where's this guardian?" she asked aloud. She continued to walk forward until she noticed a large wall on the side of a giant mountain. In the center of the wall, was a stone gargoyle that attracted Kimberly's attention. As she continued to walk forward, she noticed the stone gargoyle move a little. At first, she thought it was her imagination, but as the gargoyle jumped down from the wall, she knew better. The gargoyle waved its arms in the air and made a loud growling sound. "PINK CRANE NINJA POWER!" She cried out. In a flash of light, her face mask reappeared on her face and she dropped into a defensive stance. The gargoyle slowly moved toward her, not because of intimidation purposes, but merely because he was so heavy. As the gargoyle lunged at her, Kimberly jumped into the air and flipped over him. The gargoyle quickly swung around and caught Kim in the stomach. As she stumbled backwards, the gargoyle began to move toward her. Kim quickly brought up her foot and kicked the gargoyle in the chest. Before she could take her foot away, the gargoyle grabbed it and tried to push her back. But Kimberly simply flipped backwards and then jumped into a round of back flips. As she came back up, she brought her hands up and made them hold and invisible bow and arrow. As her hands moved as if she let go of an arrow, and energy bolt flew out of the emblem on her chest and hit the gargoyle in the chest. As it fell to the ground, Kimberly ran up to it and flipped over it. She pulled it up by its arms and kicked it in the back, forcing it forward. As it stumbled forward, it turned around. Kimberly could see that the gargoyle's 'skin' had begun to crack. Kimberly's hands came buck up to hold her 'bow and arrow' and she once again fired an energy arrow at the gargoyle. As its skin cracked more, it stumbled backwards. Kimberly threw her hands up in the air and drew down light. She brought her hands forward into the shape of a gun. "SOLAR LASER POWER!" she cried out. Lightning flew from her emblem to her hands and then combined in a ball of light at her finger tips. "FIRE!" She cried out. The ball of light broke apart and turned into a line of light that hit the gargoyle in the head. He flew backwards and slammed into the wall and then broke apart into a million pieces. Kimberly took off her face mask and watched the wall as it began to rise. Soon after, a large pyramid began to slowly slide out. As it finished moving, the large golden emblem in the center lit up. Kimberly moved forward and stared at the emblem. There were two animals present, the crane, and the butterfly. Kimberly watched, amazed, as the crane took on a three-dimensional shape and flew out of the emblem. The small crane began to circle Kimberly's body until it finally flew into her golden emblem. Kimberly's Ninja suit faded away and then was replaced by her new Pink Pterodactyl armor. As Kimberly looked down on her armor, she smiled. She looked around as the woodsy area turned into the Temple. The rocks on the grounds came together to form Ninjor, who was wobbling around.

"What do you Rangers have against me?" He asked as he shook his head. Kimberly began to giggle.

"Ninjor, I'm so sorry!" She continued to laugh as she removed her helmet.

"Kimberly, I am so proud of you. Not only did you face up to your fears, but you were able to look within yourself to find the power to overcome all obstacles." Ninjor stated.

"Thank you, Ninjor. I am so grateful to have this honor bestowed upon me again. I swear that I'll make you proud and do good with the power."

"Kimberly, you don't have to make anyone proud. Simply do the right thing and try your best, no one could ask for anything more from you."

"Thank you, for trusting me to do this again. It means a lot to me."

"I had faith in you, Kimberly. I knew that you could pass those tests because you are stronger than your fears. I am already very proud of you because you tried your best and you succeeded."

"Well, if we're done here, I think I should get back to Dimitria. Thank you so much."

"It is my pleasure, Kimberly. And remember, I'm here if you ever need me." Ninjor stated as he hugged Kimberly. She held her helmet above her head and stood tall.

"BACK TO ACTION!" She cried out as she lowered her helmet and snapped it into place. A moment later, she disappeared in a pink flash of light.

"Dilophasaurus." Jc stated as the orb melted away and joined his body. Jc raised his right hand and began to admire the new ring on his middle finger. It was the same as the other rings, but it's jewel was purple. On the sides was a picture of an eagle holding a star in it's talons, and behind the eagle was an image of the New Syberia colony. As Jc stared into the purple jewel, his eyes sparkled. Suddenly, he raised his hand into the sky, and the jewel began to glow brightly. "SYBER SOLDIER PURPLE, DILOPHASAURUS!" He cried out. Purple light began to rain down around him and cover his body. The light made a light coating around his entire body. Around his legs from the knees down, and around his arms from the elbows down, the light turned white. A moment later, the light flashed and then cleared away to reveal Jc in his new armor. His chest held a white diamond on it that contained a robotic looking purple 's'. His helmet was much like the others, it had a black visor which was the mouth of his dinosaur, and above the mouth there were two black eyes, and the upraised 'mo-hawk' that made up the top of the dinosaur's head. As Jc looked down at his new armor, he smiled. A door appeared in front of him and he proudly stepped through it and entered the Power Chamber. As he stepped out of the doorway, the door closed and it disappeared. Dimitria smiled at him under her mouth piece as he removed his helmet.

"So, how does it feel to be a soldier again?" She asked.

"It feels great!" He stated. "I can't wait to see what everyone thinks of it all."

"I'm sure they will love the look." Dimitria responded.

"What about my Zord? Is it ready?" He asked.

"No, not yet. But Alpha is almost done with it." Dimitria stated. "Come, let's see how Kimberly's doing." Dimitria stated. Jc came up to her side and they both began to walk back into the main corridor of the Power Chamber. As they came up to a computer terminal, Jc rested his helmet on the top of it.

"She's coming in now, actually." Jc stated. They both turned around as pink light began to rain down from the ceiling. As the light dissipated, Kimberly appeared in her new armor. She slowly removed her helmet and let her hair fall down onto her shoulders. Jc smiled at the sight of her face. "Hey beautiful." Jc stated as he walked over to Kim and grabbed her in a passionate kiss.

"Hey there, handsome." She stated as he pulled away.

"You look great in that suit." He stated as he looked her over.

"Thank you. I worked my ass off to get it back!"

"Well, you look great!"

"I have to say, though, purple looks very good on you." Kim stated.

"Thanks. I think I'll get used it very quickly." Jc responded.

"But your's isn't the same as the other Soldiers'." Kim stated.

"I left Jc's suit unique because He is not really with the Soldiers anymore. He is much like Tommy was as the Green Ranger. His new Zord and powers will contribute to the team, but Alysa, Sanchez, and Michael are the main team." Dimitria stated. "However, if Jc wishes to look like the Soldiers, that can be arranged."

"No thanks, Dimitria." Jc started. "I kinda like being a loner. Chicks dig that sort of thing." Jc joked as he kissed Kim again. They broke apart suddenly as the Power Chamber's alarms went off. Alpha hurried to shut them off and find their origin.

"Yo! We're receiving an emergency transmission from New Syberia!" Alpha cried out.

"Put it on the viewing globe." Jc ordered. As alpha did, a static-ridden picture of a girl with short black hair showed up. She was wearing glasses and had a look of fear on her face.

"Prince Jc! I hope this transmission reaches you in time! The colony has been taken over, and we are all in severe danger! Please, have the Soldiers come to us immediately! Please!" Suddenly, the transmission was cut off.

"Who was that?" Kim asked.

"That was Aya, my mother's personal assistant. Something must be wrong." Jc answered. "Alpha, get the soldiers here immediately."

"Right!" Alpha cried out as he scrambled to get to the communicators. "Yo, Soldiers, get your butts to the Power Chamber, we gots ourselves an emergency!" As Alpha finished the communication, he scrambled back over to Jc's side. A moment later, ten columns of light appeared within the Power Chamber to produce Alex, the Ninja Rangers, the Soldiers, and Collin.

"Alpha, what's going on?" Michael asked as he stepped forward.

"We just received a transmission from Aya, mother's personal assistant, and she was really freaked out. She said that the colony had been taken over and that we needed to get there immediately." Jc answered.

"Did she say by who?" Sanchez asked.

"No, the transmission was cut off before she could." Jc stated.

"So let's go!" Alysa stated.

"We'll get the Ninja Zords." Tommy stated as he began to walk towards the holding bay.

"No, you guys wouldn't be able to breath on the moon, there's no oxygen up there. We have to go alone." Jc stated.

"You guys just better be careful." Tommy stated.

"We will." Jc answered as the other Soldiers stood by him. "Come on guys, IT'S MORPHIN TIME!" Jc shouted.

"SYBER SOLDIER PINK, BRACHIOSAURUS!" Alysa cried out as her ring glowed pink. Pink light flew down around her body as she transformed into the Pink Soldier.

"SYBER SOLDIER GREEN, STEGOSAURUS!" Sanchez cried out as green light flew down from his ring. As his body was engulfed by green light, he transformed into the Green Soldier.

"SYBER SOLDIER BLUE, VELOCIRAPTOR!" Michael cried out as blue light engulfed his body. His transformation into the Blue Soldier was the same as the other's.

"SYBER SOLDIER PURPLE, DILOPHASAURUS!" Jc shouted as purple light flew down from his ring. His helmet floated from off of the computer console and snapped down upon his head. As the light cleared, the four Soldiers dropped to a relaxed stance and then grabbed their belt buckles. "We're outta here!" Jc called out as the four of them teleported away in four columns of light.

"Alpha, monitor their path so that we know when they arrive at the colony." Dimitria ordered.

"Right." Alpha moved over to the console and began to read the monitors. "They are about to leave Earth's atmosphere." Alpha stated. "They have now left our atmosphere." As Alpha said this, the Power Chambers alarms began to sound again.

"Alpha, what's going on?" Tommy asked.

"Yo! We just lost contact with the Soldiers!" He cried out as he silenced the alarms.

"Why?" Kim asked.

"Some outside force erected a force bubble over the Earth! Our sensors can't read anything outside of our atmosphere, and nothing can get inside of us, either!" Alpha cried out.

"Rangers, I fear that your peaceful days may have just ended." Dimitria stated.

To Be Continued in "The Homecoming Strike."