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The Guardian Ranger
Part One
by Patricia Huffman

Sam has been fighting along side with the rangers for a long time put her morphing powers came from her bracelet that her mother left her. Not only that but she was born with some mysterious powers and she didn't know why. Although she was born with these powers she never tells anyone about them sure her fellow rangers knew but only because of a battle that she had no choice but to use them.

After the final battle with Astronema a.k.a. Karone. Sam didn't know what to do with herself. She still had her friends but she never quite felt like she belonged anywhere except when she was a ranger and fighting evil. Now that it's what was she going to do she had that feeling again like she was a misfit.

The former rangers were having a celebration now that the war was over. Sam had this feeling that her days as a power ranger weren't quite finished. It's not that she wanted to lose or anything but she missed what came with being a power ranger. The friendships and it was like the family she never had. Sam rarely sees them anymore they all have their own lives now.

Sam didn't have a boyfriend or a career sure she sometimes sang at a club but that just wasn't doing it for her. As Sam was drinking a beverage one of her visions came to her and suddenly it became clear. She knew what was next.

The next day she went to pay alpha a visit.

"Alpha, I need your help with something."

"Of course just name it."

"I had a vision. I know what I have to do. I want you to freeze me in the cryogenic chamber like Andros did for Zhane."

"Why are you sick?"

"No but I'm needed elsewhere. Don't worry it won't be for long."

"How will I know when it's time to wake you up." Alpha asked with worry in his voice.

"You'll know when the time is right. Will you do it?" Alpha agreed he knew that Sam was probably right her visions had never failed her in the past.

* * * *

Leo was working out with Kai when Alpha entered the room. He saw that everyone was busy and took that opportunity to check Sam's status. Sam looked so peaceful laying there Alpha never saw her at so much peace. She had so much heart break in the past. He hoped one day she would find happiness.

Suddenly the alarms on the ship began to go off and everybody on Terra Venture began to disappear. Leo was the only one who remained maybe because he wasn't there at the time he was on the Astro mega ship everyone else was gone.

What could Leo do he was all be himself and he didn't even know what was causing it. All of a sudden Leo found himself surrounded there were too many.

Part Two

Leo didn't want to let his friends down so he fought with all he had trying to take them and finally decided to retreat. He made a run for it he was the last hope of freeing everyone and had to escape for now. Leo ran all threw the ship trying to get away. Suddenly the ship began shake it felt like an earthquake.

Sam's chamber began to crack and the glass shattered. Sam rose to her feet but was still a little shaky. Sam began to walk around to get back her bearings she noticed that the ship was dark and silent. Except for the alarms that were going off. Something obviously wasn't right.

A tall and extremely attractive man ran into her. Leo thought the same about her and just stared at her for a moment, a asked, "Who are you?"

"That's not important right now. What's going on?"

"Treekena has kidnapped everyone on Terra Venture."

"Who's Trakeena. And what's a Terra Venture?"

"Where you been ? I don't have time I have to save my friends." just then Alpha came in. When he saw Sam he got excited and yelled with excitement, "Sam you're awake. I guess it's that time."

* * * *

"Alpha. Are we no longer on earth? Who is Trakeena? What is a Terra Venture?" Sam had so many questions and no answers. Leo was getting more confused by the minute. Alpha said, "We will get to all of that later. but first we must save the others."

"well do you know where they are being held?" Sam said as a vision came to her of a crystal ball type orb that was glowing."That must be the power source if we destroy it everything will be reversed."

"What are you talking about?" a confused Leo felt like he . . . "Destroy Her!" Trakeena ordered,

"Hey I look good in black. Besides it's my color." then as they stormed her she began to fight flipping and turning they weren't even getting any shots off.

"Now Leo shatter the dam thing!" Leo smashed the crystal and a been of light shot out. Everyone was freed. Trakeena left but not before saying, "This isn't over you're on my list." "Yeah. I'm shaking. I can barely contain myself." Leo couldn't believe how she was agitating Trakeena. Leo just looked at her.

"What? I know but a girls gotta have some fun, Especially after that crack about my clothes.