Disclaimer: All PRT characters, places, etc. are copyrights of Haim Saban. Used without permission for the PRFF. The plot, and a few characters, like Tommy's cousin, and the powers of the Dark Red Turbo Ranger, are mine.

Those of you who want to know. Tommy's cousin is a girl, who is beautiful, and a good fighter. Her kind and good personality gets her in a lot of trouble with the evilness Divatox.

Author's Note: This story is set before Tommy, Adam, Kat, and Tanya stop being Turbo Rangers. Just so it will not confuse yea.

"Dark Red Turbo Ranger Legend"
The New Girl
Part 1
By. Jennifer L. Beard

The Turbo Rangers, minus Tommy and Adam, were sitting at a table at the Juice Bar. Adam suddenly came and sits down next do them. "Hey guys." he said cheerfully.

"Hi, Adam." said Tanya "How was the stunt show?"

"It was great!" he said excited "After the show I meet this great girl!"

"Tell us later." said Kat, seeing Tommy coming near the front door of the Juice Bar "Here comes Tommy."

Outside of the Juice Bar. Tommy Oliver waited at the door as a beautiful girl came up with a dark red gym bag strung over her shoulder. She was dress in a dark red T-shirt and jean shorts. Her long brown hair was up in a ponytail. She looks at Tommy happily. Tommy, also, had his long brown hair up in a ponytail, and he has a red gym bag over his shoulder. He was warring a red T-shirt and blue jeans. He immediately opens the door for her.

Inside, the other Turbo Rangers saw this. Their mouths drop open in amazement. Tommy and the girl came up to them. "Hi, guys." he said "What's up?"

They still stared at him amazed. "What?" Tommy asked confused "Why are you guys looking at me?" He turns to look at the girl. He puts his lips in a O. He looks back at his friends. "Guys." he said as he puts an arm around the girl "This is my cousin Melissa Rush."

"Your cousin." said Adam happily, he stands up and comes near Melissa "Mine name is Adam." He shook Melissa's hand. "We meet after the stunt show." he said smiling.

"Oh." Melissa said "When Tommy and I came in. I thought you looked familiar."

"Melissa." said Tommy "Let me introduce you to the rest of the guys." Tommy pointed out faces and names of the other Rangers.

Near by the two human monkeys, Bulk and Skull, were playing checkers. "Hey Bulky." said Skull "Who is that?"

"Where you not a detective?" said Bulk "She is Tommy's cousin."

"How did you know that?" asked Skull.

"I heard." Bulk said "I listened. You did not"

Back at the group, Melissa looked around. "Where is Erie?" she asked.

"He left." Tommy said "Lt. Stone runs the Juice Bar now."

"Lt. Stone?" asked Melissa confused "Where is he?"

"He's over there." said Justin, pointing to Lt. Stone near the counter.

"Why don't you go over and talk to him?" suggested Tommy to his cousin.

"O.K. couz." she said, as she started to go over to Lt. Stone "Later, we can see how mush you had practice."

The Rangers watch Melissa leave. "Tommy?" asked Tanya "What she mean by how mush you had practice?"

"It was Melissa that help me started my marital arts." Tommy said "She had lived here all her life."

"What do you mean that she help you started your marital arts?" asked Kat "She's younger then"

"Guys." Tommy said cutting Kat off "She older then me. She's out of collage."

Then Melissa was coming towards them. "Nice to see you again, Melissa." they heard Lt. Stone say. Melissa came up to Tommy and puts a hand on his shoulder.

"Are you ready, couz?" she asked.

"Yea." said Tommy, as he started to leave with Melissa then to the guys "You guys can see what I mean."

Tommy and Melissa left for the dressing room. They came back dress in Kate uniforms, Tommy in red with a black belt, and Melissa in dark red with a black belt. Both of them have their long brown hair in a ponytail. As the other Rangers watched, they did not see a small little periscope peeking out of Kat's soda.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

In her sub, Divatox was watching the sparring between Tommy and his cousin through her scope. She could see were Tommy gets his fighting skills. Elgar tried his best to get around Divatox to get a better look through the scope. He could see Tommy being knocked down with a low kick from his cousin. "Oho!" Elgar said covering his eyes but peeking out threw an open finger "That's got a hurt!"

"Oho." said Divatox happily "She's good." She brings down the scope just as Elgar got a good look at the fight.

"AH man!" cried Elgar. He was not too happy.

"Porto!" cried Divatox.

Porto came up to Divatox. "Yes, my Queen?" he asked.

"Porto." said Divatox "Send a group of Piranatrons to the surface to capture Tommy's cousin." "Yes, my Queen." Porto said "Right away."

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Back at the Juice Bar, Tommy and Melissa was finish sparring. They were now dress in their regular clothes and leaving the bar. "You had practice couz." Melissa said "What did you do? Got super on me?"

Tommy pretends to laugh at that remark. Then a group of Piranatrons appeared, and surrounded them. "What are these guys!" called Melissa.

"You better get out of here, Melissa!" called Tommy "I can take care of these guys!"

"And miss out of the fun!?" Melissa proclaims "Not on your life!"

Then the Piranatrons attacked. Both Melissa and Tommy toss their bags to the side and started to fight them. It wasn't long until two Piranatrons grabbed Melissa. Tommy saw them, and he got mad. "Let her go!" he cried, and ran to her.

"Tommy!" cried Melissa, as Tommy ran towards her "Help me!"

When he got close, the Piranatrons left with Melissa. "No!" Tommy cried as he fell to his knees "Melissa!"

The other Turbo Rangers saw what was going on and went outside. They ran to Tommy, who was still on his knees. "Tommy." said Kat, as she put a hand on Tommy's shoulder "Are you all right?"

"Yea." Tommy said, as the others help him up "But the Piranatrons got Melissa."

"Why does Divatox want your cousin?" Adam asked confused.

"I don't know." Tommy said.

"Maybe Dimitria and Alpha might know." said Justin.

"I hope so." Tommy said, as he and the others went to their commutators. They teleported away in streaks of red, blue, green, yellow, and pink.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Back at Divatox's sub, the Piranatrons came in with Melissa. "You guys better let me go!" she yelled as they brought her before Divatox.

"Welcome." Divatox said.

"Who are you?" asked Melissa, then she looked at Divatox's outfit "Where did you get your cloths? At a discount store?"

"Oho. A Ranger sibling with an attitude." Divatox said "I like your style."

"Ranger sibling?" Melissa said confused "What are you talking abut?"

"So Tommy didn't tell you." Divatox said.

"Tell me what?" Melissa said more confused "Tommy tells me everything."

"You think so." Divatox said.

"Wait." Melissa said "Your Divatox aren't you? The Power Ranger's enemy?"

"So he did told you." Divatox said.

"No." Melissa said "I heard it on the news a lot. Once my cousin knows you had capture me he will get the Power Rangers to rescue me."

"He'll do more then that." Divatox said.

Turbo to the Rescue
Part 2

The Rangers teleported into the Power Chamber. "Dimitria." said Adam "Divatox has captured Tommy's cousin."

"Why would Divatox what to do that?" asked Dimitria.

"I have no idea." Tommy said "If we do not find Melissa soon, I fear Divatox will do something to her."

"Yo. Yo. I will scan the area for her whereabouts." said Alpha 6.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

The cell that once held Lerigot now held Tommy's cousin. "The Power Rangers will rescue me!" called Melissa "You will be sorry!"

"Oh just shut up you little brat." Divatox said "Porto!

This that monster ready yet!"

"Almost my Queen." said Porto.

"Well hurry up!" yelled Divatox.

"There. He's finish." Porto said "Meet Distractatron!"

The monster appeared. This approves Divatox. "Go to the surface!" command Divatox "Use Tommy's cousin as bait for the Power Rangers!"

"You got to be kidding." Melissa said "The Power Rangers will not fall for it."

"You shouldn't underestimate me." Divatox said to her, then to the monster "Well! What are you waiting for? Get to it!"

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Back at the Power Chamber, the alarm came on loudly. "What's going on?" asked Kat.

"Divatox has sent a monster, and..." Alpha 6 said, as a picture of the monster with his captive appeared on the screen "Oh no! It has you cousin, Tommy!" Tommy went next to Alpha and looked at the screen.

--"You let me go you monster!" yelled his captive. "Never!" yelled Distractatron.--

"We got to help her!" Tommy said madly.

"Yo! Yo! Tommy!" said Alpha 6 "Clam down! It won't do any good getting all steam up about it."

"Don't worry Tommy." said Adam, as he put a hand on Tommy's shoulder "We will save her."

"O.K. Guys lets do it." Tommy said "Shift into Turbo!"






* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

The Power Rangers teleported to the rock quarry, where Melissa was held captive by Distractatron. "All right you!" called Tommy "Let her go!"

"Power Rangers!" said Melissa happily from her cage.

"Never!" called the Distractatron, as the Piranatrons appeared.

They attacked, as so do the Power Rangers.

"You guys keep them busy!" called Tommy to the others "I will get Melissa!"

"Right!" called the other Rangers.

Tommy jumped over the heads of the Piranatrons, and the monster. He landed in front of the cage. "The Red Turbo Ranger!" Melissa exclaims.

"Hold on." Tommy said to Melissa "I'm going to get you out of there. Stand back."

Melissa did as Tommy took out his Auto Blaster and shot it at the lock.

Melissa opens the door. "Thanks Red Ranger." she said.

"You're welcome." said Tommy "Hold on to me. I'm going to take you some were safe..." Before he could finish something shot at him. Tommy fell to the ground.

"Red Ranger!" she said, as she kneels next to him "Are you O.K?"

"Yea." Tommy said, as he got up. His suit was torn on the chest, were he was bleeding badly.

"You're hurt." said Melissa, noticing the wound. Tommy looked down at his chest.

"Yea." he said "You're right."

"Is there anything I can do?" she asked.

"Not if you're not Alpha." Tommy said laughing a little.

"Alpha?" Melissa said confused.

"Yea. Just hold onto me." he said. When she did he went to his communicator. "Alpha I got her. Teleport us both back to the Power Chamber." he said.

"Yo! Why?!" Alpha's voice asked.

"Just do it." he said.

"O.K." said Alpha's voice.

"What?" asked Melissa, as both her and Tommy teleported way.

Dark Red Thunder
Part 3

Back at the fight the other Rangers were real mad at Distractatron. "Why did you hurt Tommy!" yelled Kat.

"He did a bad thing!" proclaims Distractatron.

"Let's get him!" cried Adam. The Power Rangers attacked Distractatron.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

Melissa and Tommy teleported to the Power Chamber. "Were are we?" Melissa said as she started to look around. Tommy, meanwhile, walked weakly to the wall of the Power Chamber and leaned against it with his right hand.

"Welcome to the Power Chamber." said Alpha coming to Melissa.

"Huh?" Melissa said confused "Who are you?"

"I'm Alpha 6." said Alpha.

"Welcome Melissa." said Dimitria appearing in the tube.

"Huh?" Melissa said as she looked up at Dimitria "Who are you?"

"Mine name is Dimitria." Dimitria said.

Tommy moaned in pain. Alpha came up to him. "Yo!" he said "Tommy, are you O.K?"

"Tommy?!" Melissa said surprising.

"Oh oh." said Alpha.

"Oh Alpha." said Dimitria putting her hand on her head and shaking it in distress "Now you done it."

"It's O.K." Tommy said weakly "Melissa needed to know soon anyway." Tommy moved his right hand and let his right shoulder rest on the wall. He reached up and took off his helmet.

"Tommy?" Melissa said confused "You're the Red Ranger?"

"Yea." said Tommy.

"Why did you tell me?" she asked.

"I got to keep my powers a secret." Tommy said "Power Rangers rules."

Alpha looked at Tommy's wound on his chest. "Yo Tommy!" he said "I better see how deep that wound this. If you get on the medical bed."

"O.K. Alpha." said Tommy. He stared to walk slowly forward but he collapsed weakly to the ground. Melissa came to him, helped him to his feet, and put his arm behind her neck.

"Maybe I should help you there couz." she said.

"Thanks." said Tommy. Melissa helped Tommy to the medical bed.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Meanwhile, the Power Rangers tried their best to fight Distractatron. "He's too strong for us alone!" explains Justin.

"We need Tommy!" explains Adam.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

Back at the Power Chamber, Alpha had just finish the scan on Tommy. "Oh man Tommy." he said, to Tommy who still lying on the bed "That wound of yours is pretty deep."

"Yea and it's not comforting." Tommy said weakly "Do you think I'll be strong enough to fight?"

"I don't think so." Alpha said "I don't know how deep it is yet."

"Tommy." Melissa wanted to know "Are your friends..."

"They are." Tommy finish for her "They are the other Rangers."

"So they can destroy the monster." said Melissa.

"No they can't Melissa." said Dimitria "Their not strong enough. There must be five or move to have the Power Rangers a strong team."

"But Tommy can't fight." said Melissa.

"Yes. I can't." Tommy said "But you can Melissa. You can help the others."

"How?" Melissa asked confused "How can I?"

"You must become a Power Ranger." said Dimitria.

"A Power Ranger?" Melissa said surprising "Me?"

"You must Melissa." said Alpha "It's the only way for the Rangers can beet Distractatron."

"How?" Melissa asked.

"Alpha and I had been making a new power." Tommy said "Just in case something like this would happened. I knew you'll be perfect to have it."

A metal door opens. Melissa came to it. "Behold." said Alpha "Your Turbo Zord."

All Melissa cold see was a dark red race car. "It's just an ordinary car." Melissa said as she walked in.

"No Melissa." said Tommy, as the headlights of the zord came on "It's an extraordinary car. Vehicle adcied with the power and velocity of turbo teconagey. It's an powerful fighting machine. Which can become the Dark Red Turbo Warrior Zord. A powerful zord ever created."

The dark red car slowly started to drive up. It's lights went off. "You'll control Dark Red Thunder Turbo Zord." said Alpha. The lights of the zord flashed.

Melissa turn a saw the power holder, now with an added color-dark red-that was between green and red. On the dark shape was a turbo morpher and key. "What is this?" she asked "A giant Simon game?" She step up to her color.

"No." said Tommy "On it is your Turbo Morpher and key. Not only you'll use them to morph, you'll also use the key to run your Zord. Now reach out and except your destiny to join us."

Melissa put her hands on her color and with one hand she slowly reach into the middle. It glowed. She put it back on her color. She throw up her head back as a dark red light came down, morphing her into her dark red turbo suit. Melissa was now the Dark Red Turbo Ranger. She looked at her new suit. "Al some!" she explains.

She walked back to the main room. "All systems cheek out." said Alpha "Your Zord is programmed and ready to go."

"Thanks." said Melissa.

"Before you go and help the others." said the now very weak Tommy "You must lean the three rules of the Power Rangers. One-Never use you powers for selfish reasons. Two-Never make fight worse-unless Divatox forces you. And Three-Always keep you identity a secret. No one must ever find out the you're a Power Ranger Turbo."

"Thanks couz." said Melissa "O.K. let's see if I do this right. Shift into Turbo!"


* * * * * * * * * * *

Turbo Charge
Part 4

Meanwhile, the other Rangers still tried to fight Distractatron. "He's still too strong!" explains Tanya.

"I'm winning!" proclaims Distractatron. Just then a zap hit Distractatron.

"Huh?" said Adam confused "What was that?"

"Guys!" explains Justin, as he points to a high cliff "Look up there!"

They looked, and there - with Auto Blaster in hand - was Melissa, the Dark Thunder Turbo Ranger. "Who's she?" asked Kat.

"Watch out Divatox!" called Melissa, as she went into fighting stance "Because the Dark Red Turbo Ranger is here! Hie!" She jumped from were she was at, and landed on the ground with the others.

"Melissa?" said Adam confused "Is that you?"

"Yep." said Melissa.

"Where is Tommy?" asked Kat.

"Tommy couldn't make it, so he sent me." said Melissa.

"I'll destroy all of you!" explains Distractatron.

"Let's get him!" proclaims Justin.

"Power Rangers Turbo!" call the Rangers as they went into fighting stance. They were attacked by a school of Piranatrons. They fought them. Melissa ran after one. She tackled the creature. He wrestled with it. Melissa finally broke loose and rolled over as the Piranatrons disappeared.

Justin was being attacked by four Piranatrons. He did a cork screw, it took out two of them. He landed on both feet. He then preceded to fight the other two. He punched one so hard that it fell on the other one. The Piranatrons disappeared.

Tanya was fighting what seemed to be a different kind of fight. She jumped over three Piranatrons. As she landed she fell upon a fourth. The creatures attacked her. Justin came to her rescue and took out one. Tanya got up and did away with the rest.

Kat was punching one when another attacked her from behind. They grabbed her arms. She flipped over them. Kat then took them and smashed them together. They disappeared.

Adam and Melissa were fighting what seemed to be a hundred Piranatrons. They knocked one down. Melissa turned and dodged one flying over her head and Adam punched it as it flew over them. They were surrounded on all sides. The creatures were closing in on them. "Whana dance?" Adam asked.

"It will be my pleasure." Melissa said. Adam took Melissa's hands and spun her around. Her feet hit the inclosing Piranatrons. The creatures fell back and disappeared. Adam put Melissa down and the Piranatrons attack was over. Melissa while holding her head. "I'm dizzy!" said Melissa as the others begin laughing.

Adam he laughs along with the others. "I'm sorry." he said.

Melissa regains her balance. "It's okay." said Melissa.

Distractatron comes up behind them. "Not quite!" he called.

"Great." Kat said sarcastically.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

"How you're holding up, Tommy?" asked Alpha as he looks at Tommy who was still laying on medical bed.

"I-fell-like-my-engery-is-draining..." Tommy said in a soft whisper.

"You must hold on as must as you can, Tommy." said Dimitria.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Back at the battlefield Adam walks over to Melissa. "Wanna throw the first punch?" he asked.

Melissa looks at Distractatron. "No, not really." she said.

"Okay then." said Tanya.

"Don't ignore me!" called Distractatron "I hate it when I'm ignored!"

Distractatron starts shooting. The Rangers jump back. The Power Rangers attack with all there might. The monster is unaffected by their tries to destroy it. "Smell yea later, Power Rangers!" With that, Distractatron was gone.

"Now what?" asked Justin.

"Let's get to the Power Chamber to see how Tommy's doing." said Adam. The Rangers teleport away.

To Be Continued