Disclaimer: All MMP characters, places, etc. are part of Haim Saban. Used for this Power Rangers FanFic. The plot, and a few characters, like Brian, Tommy's double are mine.

Time: In the Power Rangers past, where Tommy was the White Ranger, Adam was the Black Ranger, and Katherine, Tanya, and Justin were not even Power Rangers then. Divatox,and her crew was not even around.

Double of Tommy
Part 1
By Jennifer Beard

In Lord Zedd's, and Rita's castle, Lord Zedd was cooking up something evil for the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. He had ordered the Tangas to find a human skeleton that has to be the same height as the Power Rangers' leader, Tommy. When they came back with the bones Lord Zedd was very pleased with this. "That's perfect Tengas." he said as he looked at the bones "They are the right height."

"We knew you will be pleased." one said "It's was every hard to find it."

"Yea." said an other "Do you know how many grave yards there are on Earth?"

Lord Zedd put the bones on the table. "Not now!" he said impatiently.

"O.K." said the first Tenga, then to the second "Ket's take a lunch brake."

The Tengas flapped off out of the room. Rita came in at that minute. She saw the bones on the table, and she got mad. "Zeddie!" she screamed "What are those human bones doing on that table!?"

"They are for my new plan." he said to her.

"What!" she yelled "Scare the Rangers out of their wits!"

"Watch and see." said Lord Zedd.

He raised his staff in the air, and aimed it at the example skeleton. It shot a bunch of electric energy at the skeleton. Organs, muscles, skin, eyes, ears, and hair appeared. The body now looks like Tommy, but it did not have any clothes. The clothes appeared on the double. Lord Zedd was pleased with this, but Rita was terrified. "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!" she screamed as she jumped into Lord Zedd's arms "You made a double of that goody-too-shoes Tommy!"

"I know that!" Lord Zedd said angrily "Now get off me!" Rita got down from Lord Zedd's arms. Lord Zedd turn to a machine near by. "Now watch this." he said. Goldar, Rito, Squatt, Baboo, and Finster watch near by. Lord Zedd press some buttons on the machine. A light shined on the double. "I will add qualities of the other Rangers to him." he said as he press some more buttons "First he will have Billy's brain." The light changed to blue, Lord Zedd pressed more buttons. "Then he will have Kimberly's gymnastic skills." he said. The light change to pink, he press more buttons. "Then he will have Jason's attitude." he said. The light changed to red, he press more buttons. "Trini's opened mind." he said. The light changed to yellow, he pressed the last few buttons. "Last Zack's fast moves." he said.

The light changed to black, Rita still wasn't pleased. "What you are going to do with him any way?" she asked.

"Watch." said Lord Zedd, as he pressed a button.

A green light shone on the double. The Green Ranger's suit appeared on the double.

Rita finally knew what Lord Zedd was up too. "So you are going to send him to fight the Rangers." she said "What are you going to all him?"

"I call him the Phantom of the Green Ranger!" he said happily, he looked at Rito "Take the helmet off of him!"

"Right away Ted." said Rito as he goes near the double.

"What's Zedd!" he yelled madly "Lord Zedd!"

"What ever." said Rito. He takes off the helmet. The double's eyes were closed. Lord Zedd press some buttons on the machine again. A greenish light shone on the doble. It's eyes opened. The double sat up from the table. It breathed in a deep breath, and let it out slowly. Then it stood up from the table. Rito came up to it. "It's pretty good." he said. The double made a fist and hit Rito squared into his stomach. Rito let go of the helmet and took a hold of his stomach. "OW!" Rito said, as Goldar laughed "That's smarts!"

The double snapped his fingers. The helmet rose from the ground, and slipped onto his head. "Just as I knew he would do." Lord Zedd said pleased, then to the double "You are good enough to destroy the Power Rangers."

"I don't think so." the Phantom of the Green Ranger said.

"You don't think so!" Lord Zedd yelled madly "You're evil! You take orders from me! Lord Zedd! King of mayhem!"

"I am not taking orders from you!" the Phantom called "Or any other bad guy!"

"Ahhhhhhhh!" Rita screamed "He's a goody-too-shoes double of that goody-too-shoes Tommy!"

"I don't understand!" Lord Zedd called "He's supposed to be evil!"

"Me, evil?" the Phantom said "I don't think so."

"Putties! Tengas!" Lord Zedd commanded "Get that stubborn double!"

The Tengas, and the Putties appeared. They went towards the Phantom of the Green Ranger. The Phantom of the Green Ranger fought back. He used every martial art move he knew, every gymnastic move he can do to hold back the Tangas and Putties. At first he was winning, but soon he became out numbered. A Putty and Tenga took a hold of the Phantom Green Ranger's arms.

He struggled as they led him to Lord Zedd. Lord Zedd took a hold of the Phantom's neck. He lifted The Phantom off the ground, and slowly squeezes his neck. "If you're going to act like that!" he said, as he let go the the Phantom's neck "I guess you should be destroyed!" He looked to the Tenga and the Puttie that had the Phantom of the Green Ranger in their grasp. "Take him to the Dungeon Dimension until he gets destroyed!"

The Tenga, and the Putty took the Phantom Green Ranger away. "Let me go!" he yelled to the Tenga and Putty as he struggled, then to Lord Zedd "You will never get away with this!"

Don't think so sure." said Lord Zedd.