Disclaimer: All PRT/MMPR characters, places, etc. are part of Haim Saban. Used for this Power Rangers FanFic. The plot, and a few characters, like Brain Tommy's double are mine.

Time: In the Power Rangers present, Tommy is now the Red Turbo Ranger, Adam is the Green Turbo Ranger, and Tanya, Kat, and Justin are now Turbo Rangers. Divatox, and her crew is now around. The Phantom Green Ranger is still in his cell in the Dungeon Dimension, but hw is weaking, and he has to use his magic powers to reenergize him, but even his magic powers are weaking. Divatox now has the Dungeon Dimension for her use. She does not even know that the Phantom Green Ranger is in one of the cells.

Phantom Green
By Jennifer Beard

In the Dungeon Dimension, the Phantom of the Green Ranger sits in his cell. He is still figuring out how to escape, and to get help so he can reenergize permanently. So far he cannot figure out how to escape, but he did know who can help him. He needs Tommy. "Some how I got to get Tommy to know about me." he said, then he got an idea, and geting up from his set "I'll use my magic to get Tommy to have a dream when he is sleeping." He took off his helmet. "Here's goes." He closed his eyes and snapped his fingers. A green light slowly came from his body. It slowly raised into the air, and out into the night sky.

Night on Earth, the green light-which was the Phantom's spirt-floated in the night sky on Earth. It slowly went into Tommy's house.

Tommy was asleep in his room, when the green light came through the opened window. The light came to Tommy's body, and it hovered over him for awhile. Then the light went into Tommy's mind. It flew threw it until it came to the part of the mind that dose the dreaming. "Tommy." said the Phantom's voice "Dream."

In Tommy's dream, Tommy was int the Power Chamber, by himself, working on something. Then were was a flash of green lightening, this made Tommy stop what he was doing and looked up from what he was working on. "What was that?" he asked confused.

Then the Phantom of the Green Ranger appeared in the Power Chamber. Tommy put down the tool he was using and was ready for a fight. "Who are you?!" he orderd, as the Phantom Green Ranger came closer to him "How did you get in here?!" The Phantom just continued to come closer. "Dimitria!" Tommy called, as he looked to were supposed to be, but she wasn't there "Alpha!" Tommy looked were Alpha was supposed to be sleeping, but he wasn't there ether.

"Don't be scared." the Phantom said to him.

Tommy was not only suprised, but hw was also frighten and confused. "You..." Tommy sputtered "You sound like... Me? How can that be?!"

"I am you." said the Phantom.

"No!" Tommy said more scared "That cannot be! You cannot be me!"

The Phantom reach of his helmet. "I am." he said, as he took if off revealing his face to Tommy "Don't you recognize this face?"

"But.." Tommy sputted surprised, and scared "That can't be!"

The green light shot out of Tommy's body, when Tommy wroke up. Tommy sat up shivering in fright. "What a dream." he said "The Green Ranger? That looks like me? Maybe Dimitria might know what's going on."

Tommy got dressed, and then he press his communicator, and teleported away in a streak of red.