Disclaimer: I know all PRT characters, places, ect. belong to Saban, but I'm using them for this harmless fanfic. I would like to thank Seth Haynes, and Morhenomenal for helping with some of the parts in this series.

The Danger Detonator
Part 1
By. Jennifer Beard

Divatox was feed up with the Turbo Rangers. She saw every time the Rangers destroyed monsters there, disarms detonators that. She started to worry if the Rangers were really going to defeat her every time. "I hate this crew!" she yelled, as Rygog was about to say something, "I need a plan."

Porto came up pulling something every heavy behind him. "I may have something that you would like." he said.

Divatox came up to him. "Well what is it?" she asked.

"I have a detonator here." he said.

"Not one of your detonator ideas." Divatox said "The Rangers will find it, and disarm it fast."

"It's not any ordinary detonator." he said."

He grabbed the sheet, and pulled it off reveling a huge detonator Divatox had ever seen. Divatox looked at all sides of the detonator. "It's kind of big isn't Porto? The Rangers will spot it in no time."

"Not true." said Porto "The detonator has a special device to blend in any where. The best part is that if a Ranger is anywhere close to it once to it detonates. It will have a Ranger hurt or killed."

Divatox was pleased with this. This plan might be useful to destroy the Rangers' leader.

In Tommy's garage Justin was helping Tommy with his race car project. Justin was looking at a picture he had never seen before. It was a picture of Tommy and his brother David. The weird thing was he had never seen David, so he did not know who he was. Tommy saw what Justin was doing and came near. Justin was about to ask Tommy who was in the picture with him, but Tommy just took the picture and put it away in a drawer. "Tommy." asked Justin "Who was that in that picture?"

"No one." Tommy said.

"You got to know." Justin said "You were in the picture too."

"It's none of your business." Tommy said, going back to the car engine "No more questions. O.K?"

"O.K." Justin said giving up. They did not know that someone was watching them that very moment.

Part 2

Back at Divatox's sub, Divatox saw that Tommy and Justin were alone. This gave her an idea. "Porto." she said.

Porto came up to her. "Yes my, Queen."

"Do you have any ideas how to make the Rangers' leader come to the detonator in time before it blows?" she asked.

Elgar came up. "They will know it will be a trap Aunty Diva."

"Shut up Elgar!" yelled Divatox, she turned backed to Porto "Well have you!"

"I do." Porto said. He reached over and took out a test tube. In it was some dark purple liquid. "If we can just let that Blue Ranger take this, he will believe that the detonator is not a trap. Then he will lead his leader right to the detonator. It will wear off just before the detonator goes off..."

"He will be too late to warn his leader is a trap, and when it goes off, good-by to the Red Ranger!" said Divatox happily.

Justin was walking in the park trying to figure out why Tommy acted like he did. Then Elgar, Porto, and some Piranahtrons appeared. *Oh man*, he said to himself, *Not now*.

"Hello, Little Boy Blue." Elgar said "We want to talk to you."

"What do you want, Elgar!" said Justin.

"Just a little talk about a detonator." said Porto.

"A detonator?" Justin said confused "What do you mean?"

"We got a detonator that we want you to find." said Elgar.

"This must be a trap." said Justin, almost going to his commuator.

"Ah ha, you shouldn't do that." said Elgar. The Piranahtrons grabbed him.

"Hey!" said Justin "Let me go!"

"Just hold still little Blue Ranger." Porto said, sticking a needle into Justin's arm.

"Ow!" said Justin, not knowing the power of the dark purple liquid was taking effect.

"There." said Porto "It's finished."

Then Divatox appeared in front of Justin. She was happy that her plan was taking effect. "Hello little Ranger." she said kindly "There is a big detonator in the park that is about to go off."

"Then I should disarm it." said the unknowing Justin "Shift into Turbo!"

"No!" Divatox started to yell but said kindly "I mean no. You better bring your leader with you. It will be too big to disarm it yourself." Just than there were a couple of zaps. Divatox turned to see who was shooting at them. To her surprise was Tommy morphed into the Red Turbo Ranger. In his hand was his Auto Blaster pointing right at them.

"Stay away from him Divatox!" Tommy said.

"Let's get out of here." Divatox said to her crew. They disappeared. Tommy ran up to Justin.

"Are you all right, Justin?" he asked as he put his Auto Blaster away.

"Yea." said the unknowing Justin.

"What did Divatox tell you?" Tommy asked.

"There is a big detonator in the park that is about to go off." said Justin.

"There is?" Tommy said confused "This could be one of Divatox's tricks."

"No it isn't Tommy." said Justin "Would she tell us if it weren't?"

"Maybe your right." Tommy said "You better show me where it is."

"Right." Justin said "Shift into Turbo! Mountain Blaster Turbo Power!" Justin was now in his Turbo suit. "Follow me!"

* * * *

"HAHAHAHAH!" laughed Divatox "Now they are finished for sure!" She looked through the scope to look and see if the two rangers had arrived. "There they are now! 15... 14... 13... 12..."

Up in the park, Justin an Tommy were close to the detonator. Just then, the purple elixir Porto put in Justin's arm wore off. "Tommy! Don't go near the detonator!" But Tommy didn't hear him.

To Be Continued . . .