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Note: This is the sequel to "The Mega White Ranger - The Beginning Story". So please read it if you haven't or you'll be confused.

Mega Learning
By. The Angel of Death


One the other side of the world, in London England, a young teen sat on a mattress. All round her movers move boxes. A young woman came to her. "Jackie, you are going to love America." the woman said to her.

"No I won't mom." Jackie said in her English accent "America is not the same. I have to leave my friends and my school. And I have to make new friends at a new school, in a new country."

"Why don't you say good-bye to your friends before we leave?" suggest Jackie's mother.

"O.K. mom." Jackie said, as she watches her mother leave the room. She looked around her. The moving men were nowhere to be seen. She then went to a strange watch on her wrist. She presses a button. She disappeared in a streak of orange.

She then reappeared in a place smellier to the Command Center in Angel Grove. "Zordon?" she said confused, as she looked around "Zordon, where are you?"

Zordon appeared in the tube. "I'M HERE JACKIE." he said as he looked down at her "WHAT'S THE MATTER?"

"Zordon, I won't be able to protect England from Lord Zedd." Jackie said to him "I'm moving."

"MOVING WHERE JACKIE?" asked Zordon with a frown.

"I'm moving to America." Jackie said "To some place called Angel Grove."

Zordon smiled. "THAT'S GOOD JAKICE." he said.

"How's that good?" asked Jackie confused.


"Other Rangers." Jackie said wide-eyed.

"YES." said Zordon.

"Then see you in America, Zordon." Jackie said with a smile.

"SEE YOU SOON." said Zordon as he disappeared from the tube.

Chapter 1

In the Command Center, Billy used a hand held scanner and moves it all round Tommy's morphed figure. After he looked at the readouts he looked at Tommy and the others. "Somehow this Mega suit is very powerful." Billy said "It somehow fixed your wounds, Tommy."

"I know." Tommy said as he looked at his suit "I feel great!" Tommy did a kick easily. The others laugh at their leader's powerful energy.


"Oh I'll be ready." said Tommy.

Up on the moon, Lord Zedd was mad. The Power Rangers had saved Tommy's life and gave him the Mega Power. Not only that. They also destroyed Gunshooter. He didn't like this. Not one bit. "So was that you're so called plan Zeddie?" remarked Rita "Not a good plan to me."

"Will you be quite." said Lord Zedd.

"Oh did you get up on the right side of the bed this morning?" remarked Rita again.

"Oh be quite." said Lord Zedd "I'm trying to think."

"Of what?" asked Rita. "Trying to figure out how to destroy Tommy for good!" said Lord Zedd "Soon that Tommy will know not to mess with Lord Zedd!"

Up in space, a dark space ship near Earth's moon, inside were three girl figures. One was older. She has black hair with gray streaks. Her skin was light orange. She had piercing red eyes. She was dress in a red dress with a red cape. On her head was a sliver band with a sliver Z on top. Around her neck is a crystal. She sat on a throne-like set. "Are we almost there Shine?" she asked a black and orange cat-like creature. "Yes my Queen." said the cat-like creature named Shine "I see the castle now." "Good." said the woman "Find a parking space." "Yes my Queen." "Mother?" asked a young girl. She had black hair. Her skin also was a light orange. She too had piercing red eyes. She was dress in a red suit with a red cape. On her belt was a sliver Z. "Dose Bother know we are coming?" "Zena, my wonderful daughter." said the woman "Zedd don't know yet. But he will be surprise." "My Queen." said Shine "We getting ready to land."

Back at the his castle, Lord Zedd was still trying to think on how to destroy Tommy. When the castle started to shake. "What's going on here?!" he yelled. Finster came up to him frantic. "My lord a ship had just landed out side of the castle!" Suddenly, the three girls came in. Lord Zedd was quite surprised. Rita, on the other hand, was angry. She stomped up to them. "Who are you?!" she demanded "And what are you doing here?!" "Don't you dare speak to me like that!" said the woman "Me! Zelda! Queen of Mayhem!" Rita's mouth dropped in surprise, as Lord Zedd came up to her. "Mommy dearest." he said happily "What are you doing here? Aren't you spouse to be at Elkton?" "Now Zeddy Dear." said Zelda "You know why I'm here. I'm here to help you destroy the Power Rangers." "But Mommy dearest." Lord Zedd protested "I'm doing perfectly fine." Zelda took a hold of Lord Zedd's Z on the top of his head, and pull it towards her. "You said that last time." she said "I'm here to help you so you won't be a disgust to the family name. Your father and me are the great rulers of the universe! All who are good fear us! I don't want my son to not be feared." "But Mommy dearest." Lord Zedd protested. "No buts!" yelled Zelda, as she let go of the Z on Lord Zedd's head "Now be good." "Yes Mommy dearest." said Lord Zedd.

Jackie and her mother walked through the halls of Jackie's new school. They opens the door mark Principal. Mr. Caplan was sitting at his desk when they came in. He stood up to greet them. "Welcome to Angel Grove High." he said. He then looks at Jackie. "You must be Jackie." he said "I hope you'll it here." Jackie just smiled shyly. "Let me show you to your class Jackie." said Mr. Caplan.

Jackie followed Mr. Caplan through the halls. They stop at a door. Mr. Caplan opens the door. Miss Appleby was already teaching her class. "Miss Appleby." said Mr. Caplan to the teacher "May I interrupt you class for a minute." "Of course Mr. Caplan." said Miss Appleby. "Class." Mr. Caplan said to the teens "This is Jackie Thomson. She just moved here form England. I want you all to help her feel welcome." "Jackie." said Miss Appleby "You can take the empty set next to Billy." Jackie did. "Would anyone like to volunteer to show Jackie around school today?" she asked. "Me and Aisha would love to show Jackie around Miss Appleby." Kimberly said as she raised her hand. "Why thank you Kimberly." said Miss Appleby.

The first period class was soon over. Kimberly and Aisha came to Jackie. "Hi Jackie." said Kimberly "Mine name is Kimberly. And this is my friend Aisha." "Hi." Jackie said shyly. "So your from England." said Aisha "Is it nice time of year?" "Yes." said Jackie. Jackie followed her new friends down the hall. The showed her around, and asked her about England. Which she was very commutable to answer. Then suddenly another senior stuck out his foot, which Jackie stumbled over dropping her books. Her long brown hair bounced along the halls as she suddenly notice that she had a lack of books. Her face fell as she heard laughter of others. She spins around and starts to scoops up her books. Kimberly and Aisha scooped down to help her. Once they were done they continued down the hall. "Men sometimes." said Aisha "Sometimes they can be so mean."

Three more periods lagged on... Some of them Jackie didn't have with Kimberly and Aisha. Sometimes she heard some kids mentioning the Power Rangers from time to time. She wondered if she would ever meet them.

Finally, the bell rang and Jackie ran to the School store to see that everyone in the school was there. Jackie's jaw dropped as she saw she would never get to eat lunch if she got in that line. She saw that the line to the School lunch was not as long and got in it. Tucking her long brown hair behind her ear, Jackie walked over to an empty table. Suddenly, Kimberly, Aisha, and four boys sat beside her. "Hi Jackie." said Kimberly "How's your day so far?" "A little confusing." Jackie said shyly as she looked at the four boys. "Well pretty soon it won't." said Tommy with a smile "Believe me. I know." "Oh." said Kimberly "How rude of me. Jackie these are our friends. Tommy, Billy, Rocky, and Adam." "Hi." said Rocky with a smile. Jackie just smiled shyly. The rest of lunch was not that boring. Kimberly, Aisha, and their friends talked about their class with Miss. Appleby and Jackie sometimes join in with their conversation. Jackie finishes her lunch seconds before the bell rang.

Jackie was upbeat and jumpy. She hopped over to the gym. The PE teacher told the class to do whatever they want to do today. Jackie saw Kimberly in the gymnastics area and deiced to walk over. Kimberly saw her. "Hey Jackie." said Kimberly with a smile "Do you know how to do gymnastics?" "Yea." said Jackie with a smile "I did it when I lived in England." "What to practice with me?" asked Kimberly. "Sure." said Jackie. Jackie put her long brown hair up in a ponytail held by an orange stretchy. She and Kimberly start to warm up. First, they went to the vault. Jackie watch Kimberly, she thought Kimberly was very good. Then Jackie started to do some handsprings over the vault and landed in gymnastic pose. They were later done. Kimberly looked at Jackie. "Man." she said quite surprise "You're good." Jackie just smiled.

On the moon, Lord Zedd watched Jackie from his red vision. "Well, well." he said "The Orange Ranger is here." "So you haven't even got rid of the Orange Ranger." said Zelda stepping up next to her son "I see I came here at the right time. Not only I'll help you with the White Ranger. I'll also help you stop that Orange Ranger." "But mommy dearest." Lord Zedd said "I appreciate your help, but I can stop that Orange Ranger myself. Finster--send down the Tangas!"

The final school bell rang. Jackie ran to her locker, fiddled with her combination, and passed Billy and Rocky on her way out. They watched her walk off. "Man," said Rocky "She's hot!" "Are you telling me you like her, Rocky?" asked Billy. Rocky just blush.

Jackie was almost to the parking lot when she remembered he new Government book. "AW, man--Government!" Jackie decided to ran back to her locker. She chose the deserted field as a shortcut, because the campus was full of kids. Suddenly, a bunch of Tangas flew down. "You guys came in a good time." she said to them "I was getting a little home sick." "Well get ready to get more sick!" one squawked, and they came after her. Jackie used her Karate skills and gymnastics to take on the Tangas. Jackie did a series of tricks to take them on. "Forget it, Ranger!" another Tanga squawked. SPLAT! One Tanga destroyed. "Hey Ranger. Take me on!" A Tanga swooped down and picked Jackie off her feet. Struggling, Jackie knew what to do. "Sorry." she said as she did a back somersault "Going down!" Jackie landed on the ground on her knees. A Tanga grabbed the orange flower skirt Jackie was wearing and ripped it just a little bit. This made Jackie mad. "This was my favorite skirt you bird brain!" she said madly. "Who ya callin' a bird brain?!" one squawked. "YOU!!!" Jackie called. The Tangas gain up on her. Tommy was walking by that moment and saw Jackie surrounded by Tangas. He ran towards her. "Leave her alone!" he called. Tommy kicked the Tanga in front of Jackie down. "What the heck are you doing?!" Jackie called madly at Tommy. "I'm saving you from these things." Tommy said. "I can take care of them myself!" Jackie said madly "I don't need saving!" "What?" Tommy asked wide-eyed. "Enough talk!" another Tanga squawked. Jackie and Tommy fought off the Tangas and later defeated all of them. "I was doing fine until you came!" Jackie yelled madly at Tommy. "Whoa!" Tommy said stopping Jackie with the palm of his hands "Time out. What are you talking about?" "I know how to fight those creeps!" Jackie said madly "And how do you know how to fight them!"

Meanwhile, on the moon, Lord Zedd growled. "AWWWWW!!!" Lord Zedd screamed "Or Tangas lost to the Orange Ranger thanks to the White Ranger!" "And you said you can take care of that yourself." said Zelda "That's why I'm here. Let me give it a try." "What are you going to do?" Rita said coming towards Zelda "Show them how to knit." "Rita, don't sass my mother." said Lord Zedd. "Shine!" Zelda called. Shine came up. "Yes my Queen." she said with a bow. "I want you to go to Earth and destroy the Orange and White Rangers." Zelda said. "I'll do as you said my Queen." said Shine, as she bowed again and disappeared. "Mommy dearest." said Lord Zedd "I hope you're right about this." "Of course I'm right." said Zelda "Shine has been with me a long time. She's one of my best warriors. She'll destroy those two Rangers."

"I just do." Tommy said to Jackie back on Earth. Just then Shine appeared before them. "Hello Rangers." she said. "Rangers?" both Tommy and Jackie said at the same time. They both looked at each other. "Who are you?!" Tommy demanded to Shine. "I'm Shine." Shine said to them "The Queen of Mayhem-Zelda-has order me to destroy the both of you." "Well you better tell this Zelda that she'll find no pleasure from us!" said Jackie. The two teen looked at each other. "It's Morphin Time!" called Tommy. Both of them takes out their power coin and morpher and held it in the air. "Mega White Ranger Power!" yelled Tommy. The power of the tiger surrounded him in his Mega White Ranger suit. "Stegosaurus!" cried Jackie. The morphed-out Rangers looked out each other. "What the..!" Tommy started to say as he stared at the Orange Ranger. "Come on Rangers." said Shine "Fight me." "O.K!" said Jackie "Power Bo!" In Jackie's hand was now a long orange metal staff with pointed ends. Tommy reaches for his belt and pulled out MegaSaba. "Power Rangers!" both teens said.

Both Rangers fought with Shine until she gave up. "That's it." she said "I'm leaving but I'll be back." She disappeared. "Power Rangers...... Power Down!" both teens said, and demorphed. "You..." Tommy stuttered "You're a Power Ranger?" Jackie looked at Tommy wide-eyed. "Zordon said he had other Rangers." she said "But I never thought you were one of them." "You know Zordon?" asked Tommy. "Yes." said Jackie. Then the other Rangers appeared on the scene. "Zordon said there's was a monster..." Kimberly started, but saw Jackie. "Jackie?" Kimberly asked surprise "What are you doing here?" "Guys." Tommy said "She's a Power Ranger." "Jackie?" Aisha started to say "How?" "Let's go the Command Center." Rocky said "I bet Zordon can explain this." "My commutator only teleports me to the Command Center in England." said Jackie. "Then we'll bring you." said Tommy "Hold on to me." Jackie did. All the Angel Grove Rangers went to their commuatiors and press a button. They and Jackie teleported away in a rainbow of light.

Back at the moon, Zelda looked madly at Shine. "Shine!" she said madly "What's wrong with you?! You could easily defect those Rangers with one of your claws tied behind your back!" "I'm sorry my Queen." said Shine "Let me have another chance. I'll destroy those Rangers for you." "O.K." said Zelda "I'll give you another chance." "Thank you my Queen." said Shine. "But later." said Zelda "Right now let the Rangers rest. They need to if you going to fight them." "Yes my Queen." said Shine.

The Power Rangers and Jackie teleported inside the Command Center. "Aeyiyiyiyiyiyi!" whimpered Alpha 5 "Intruder!" "Take it easy Alpha." said Adam. "Jackie's one of us." said Kimberly. "Oh." said Alpha, then to Jackie "Welcome to the Command Center, Jackie. I'm Alpha 5." Jackie just smiled shyly. Zordon the appeared in the tube. "WELCOME TO AMERICA JACKIE." Zordon said with a smile "HOW DO YOU LIKE THE COMMAND CENTER HERE?" "Almost like the one in England." said Jackie. "Zordon." said Billy "Why didn't you tell us about Jackie?" "WE DIDN'T KNOW JACKIE WILL BE MOVING HERE UNTIL RECENTLY." said Zordon. "But Zordon." said Aisha "How did Jackie became a Power Ranger?" "TOMMY, KIMBERLY, AND BILLY." said Zordon "DO YOU REMEMBER WHEN LORD ZEDD STOP ATTACKING ANGEL GROVE?" "Yea." said Tommy "It was when I still had the Green Ranger Power." "WELL." said Zordon "LORD ZEDD HAD MAY HAVE STOP ATTACKING HERE BUT HE HAD STARTED TO ATTACK ENGLAND. SINCE YOU HAVE TO PROTECT ANGEL GROVE I DECTIED NOT TO TELL YOU." "But why?" asked Rocky. "NOT TO RITA OR LORD ZEDD'S KNOWING I HAD A SEVENTH POWER COIN TO YOUR OLD DINO POWER." said Zordon "I HAD PICKED JACKIE WHEN SHE WON A COMPERTION IN ENGLAND FOR HER MARTIAL ARTS AND GYMNASTICS SKILLS. JACKIE IS THE ORANGE RANGER. POWER OF THE STEGOSAURUS." "Man." said Tommy "Wired. But what about this monster. It's said her name was Shine." "SHINE." said Zordon "RANGERS. I HAVE FEARED THIS. SHINE IS NO MONSTER. SHE'S A CAT CREATURE FROM CATORTARY." "So why did Lord Zedd sent a cat creature?" asked Kimberly. "LORD ZEDD DIDN'T SEND SHINE." said Zordon. "But who did?" asked Billy. "Wait." said Jackie "She said she was order by the Queen of Mayhem Zelda." "ZELDA." said Zordon "ZELDA IS TURBLE RANGERS." "Well." said Rocky "Who is Zelda?" "ZELDA IS THE QUEEN WHO IS FEARED IN THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE." said Zordon "IT WAS HER WHO SENT SHINE." "Man." said Adam "Lord Zedd must not like this." "NOT EXCATLY." said Zordon "LORD ZEDD DOSE." "Why?" asked Tommy. "ZELDA IS LORD ZEDD'S MOTHER." said Zordon. All the Rangers looked at each other wide-eyed. "I don't what to know about the rest of the family." said Aisha.

Back at the moon, Zelda looked at Shine. "Now it time to destroy the Power Rangers!" she commanded.

"Yes my Queen." said Shine. She bowed and disappeared.

Chapter 2

At the Command Center the alarm came on loudly. "What's going on, Zordon?" asked Adam.


"Right Zordon." said Tommy "All right guys! It's Morphin Time! Mega White Ranger Power!"

"Pink Ranger Power!" called Kimberly.

"Yellow Ranger Power!" cried Aisha.

"Black Ranger Power!" shouted Adam.

"Blue Ranger Power!" called Billy.

"Red Ranger Power!" yelled Rocky.

"Stegosaurus!" cried Jackie.

The morphed-out Rangers teleported to the park. Shine saw them. "I told you I'll be back." she said.

"Man." said Kimberly "That's some cat creature."

"Be prepared to be mince meat!" called Shine.

Suddenly a whole group of Putties appeared. They and Shine attacked the Rangers. "You guys take care of the Putties!" commanded Tommy "I'll take care of Shine!"

"Tommy be careful!" called Kimberly as Tommy ran towards Shine.

"You think you can stop me White Ranger?" asked Shine to Tommy "Think again."

She slash Tommy with her long black claws. Tommy stumbled backwards. "Man." he said as he got his blace back "I wish I have powerful claws." Just as he said that, long curve metal claws came out of Tommy's gloved fingers. Tommy looked at his hands. "Cool." he said "I do."

"I see you have claws too." said Shine seeing Tommy's metal claws.

"And I can use them too!" Tommy yelled. He and Shine had a claws to claws comeback.

The other Rangers fight the Putties. Just then, Zelda appeared. "You think you can win Rangers!" she said.

The Rangers looked and saw her. "She must be Zelda." said Billy.

"Shine!" commanded Zelda "Get back to the moon! I can take care of the Rangers!"

"Yes my Queen." said Shine, and she disappeared just as Tommy was taking another shash at her.

"Say good-by to your world Rangers!" called Zelda.

"No way!" called Tommy as he ran towards her.

"Stay away White Ranger!" she yelled, as she raised her hand at Tommy.

Powerful bots of red engery shot out of her fingers, and hit Tommy hard. Tommy was thrown backwards and landed on the ground behind the other Rangers. He didn't stir. "TOMMY!!!" Kimberly yelled as she ran to Tommy. She kneels next to him and gently lifs him into her arms. "Tommy are you all right?" she asked consuerned. Tommy didn't responed. "Tommy." she said again "It's me, Kimberly. Wake up." Tommy still didn't respond.

"Why did you did that?!" called Jackie.

"He asked for it." said Zelda.

"Kimberly." said Adam "Get Tommy back to the Command Center. We'll take care of Zelda."

"Right." said Kimberly. She and Tommy teleported away in strecks of pink and white.

"Let's get her!" called Rocky. The Rangers attacked. But Zelda raised her hands in the air.

"Mud Warriors!" she called "A rise!" Warriors-like Zedd's Putties, but mud-appeared, and surronded the Rangers. They tried to fight them.

"How do we stop them?" asked Aisha.

"Good-by Rangers!" yelled Zelda. Just then she and the Mud Warriors dissappeared.

"Their gone." said Billy.

"Let's get to the Command Center." said Rocky. All five Rangers grabbed their belts and teleported away in a rainbow of light.

"I thought your mother will take care of those pesty Rangers!" yelled Rita to Lord Zedd.

"Don't worry." said Zelda, coming up to them "I have a plan."

"And that is Mommy Dearest?" asked Lord Zedd.

"They need my cristal to save that Mega White Ranger." said Zelda pointing to her cristal that hanged around her neck "It's the only one in the hole cronerizse. I'll will tick the Rangers thinking that I'll give my cristal to them. I'll give them a facke, that is a bom. When it blows it's good-by to the Power Rangers, and Zordon!"

"I like that plan." said Lord Zedd.

"I hate to say this," said Rita "but love it too."

The Power Rangers teleported to the Comand Center, they took off their helmets. Tommy looked terrible. They looked at Zordon. "Is Tommy alright?" asked Rocky.


To be continued . . .