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Day of Disaster
by: Adam Safran

The teens reappeared in a large, circular room, filled with a startling array of advanced gadgetry. Walking to meet them was a red robot, and (to the teens) the most amazing thing was the floating bald head suspended in some kind of containment unit. The head began to speak, "Welcome, Power Rangers. I am Zordon, and this is my assistant, Alpha 5. You are needed to -- Alpha, what has gone wrong? These are not the Rangers we selected."

The small robot raced to the computer console and ran a diagnostic. "AYIYIYIYIYIYIYIYIYIYIYIY Zordon! Apparently lightning struck the transmitter, and something has gone wrong. The computer had a short circuit, and we teleported in the very people that we pointed out that we didn't want as Rangers! Oh AYIYIYIYI!"

The robot's wailing served to break the Rangers out of their stupor. Bretta advanced on the floating head's containment unit, and began cursing when her flurry of blows apparently had no effect on it.

Clarence stared at Alpha in wonder. "A fully sentient, fully autonomous, automoton! Its the most advanced that I've ever seen. If I could just take it apart, and figure out how it works, then Billy could never beat me again in the Science Fair, and he'll be forced to acknowledge my superiority! Yeeha!" And with that Clarence pulled out a pair of pliers and a screwdriver from his pockets, and he advanced upon Alpha, who was backing away from the sadistic teen and whining that he didn't want to be disassembled. Then Alpha broke into a full run as Clarence began to chase him around the Command Center.

Grenwell was just staring at everything, stuttering, and then when Alpha zipped by him, it was too much, and he just fainted, moaning softly. Bulk and Skull just stood there, openmouthed, both of them caught in some kind of fantasy become reality.

Then to complicate the situation even further, a red alert type siren went off, and a circular screen at the other end of the Command Center began flashing pictures of some kind of simian in gold armor, accompanied by a cat with a big sword, and dozens of strange, gibbering clay things.

Zordon took all this in in a microsecond, and he came to a decision. "Alpha, we have no choice, "cutting of the robot's protesting voice as he was chased, "Rita has launched an all out attack on the city of Angel Grove, and there is no time left to waste. We must play the cards that we've been dealt. All of you, please step forward." This kindly voice, with just a hint of sterness, brought a stop to all of the action in the room. Grenwell woke up, Bulk and Skull stopped gazing around openmouthed, Bretta stopped hitting Zordon's containment unit, and Clarence stopped chasing Alpha, and he put away his tools. "Through a mischance, you have been selected, perhaps by Destiny herself, to become heroes, Power Rangers. There is little time for explanations, let us leave it at this. An evil witch, Rita Repulsa, has escaped from her intergalactic dumpster and is now attacking the Earth. You must defend it from her heinous assaults. Will you take the step and become Power Rangers, defenders of all that is good and right?" The teens looked around at each other, waiting for the first one to take a step forward and agree.

Finally Bretta stepped forward and said, "Alright, Baldy, we'll do it, and if they don't want to, I'll make them. I've always wanted an excuse to beat up someone uglier then the kids at school." The other Ranger initiates stepped forward, and they all nodded.

Zordon, with a concerned look on his face, said, "But the purpose of being a Power Ranger is to protect, not to destroy, or 'beat up' creatures, but to protect the innocent from harm. We will address this later, however, as now there is no time to waste. Alpha, the Power Coins please."

Alpha pulled a small black box out of nowhere, and opened it. Inside were five coins, each with some kind of creature on them. Bretta grabbed the box from his hands, and randomly handed them out. She took the one with a Tyranosaurus Rex on it, she handed the one with the Wooly Mammoth to Bulk, the Pteradactyl to Skull, the Triceratops to Clarence, and the Sabre-Tooth Tiger to Grenwell. Zordon instructed them to raise their Power Coin above their head and to call out the name of their dinosaur to morph.

Then the ancient battle cry was raised once again.






The Power Rangers disappeared in a rainbow of light, leaving Zordon and Alpha alone. Alpha said to the concerned Zordon, "AYIYIYIYI, Zoron, what are we going to do? Not one of them is worthy to be a Power Ranger."

Zordon thoughtfully replied, "You are right Alpha, but this is an emergency, and a situation that I hope to rectify. When they succesfully defeat Rita's forces now on Earth, they will return here. When they do we will disable them, and then you will wipe their memories of previous events, and we will select the right team of Rangers to replace them."

* * *

The Rangers reappeared, facing the simian called Goldar, the Putties, and the cat monster called Catastrophe. Goldar took in the sudden appearance of the Rangers, and in particular the skirt on the Red Ranger's uniform. "Well, well," he called out insultingly, "looks like we have a girl leading Zordon's pack of Power Dweebs. Guess that he couldn't find anyone competent, and he was hoping that I wouldn't beat up on a girl too strongly. Well he's wrong! Whats the matter girlie, "as Bretta quivered in rage, "afraid to fight a real monster? Ha-Ha, this is so ridiculous that I could die laughing!"

Bretta let all of her rage out. She said softly, "Then you'll die, but not laughing." She charged Goldar at blinding speed, knocked his sword from his hands in an eyeblink, and stunned him. She then put both of her hands around his neck, and said with false sweetness, "Bye-bye, baboon. Been nice not knowing you!" And with that she twisted with all of her considerable strength, enhanced a hundred fold by her powers, and there was an audible crunching sound as Goldar's neck was snapped, and his spinal cord with it. She shook Goldar a few times, and watched the light in his eyes go out, and then she threw him to the ground. She put her hands on her hips and said, "Who wants to play next?" And with that a general melee started out.

The Rangers started to change with Bretta's brutal slaying of Goldar. They somehow began to become one with the Powers, and the Morphin Grid cried out in anguish as part of it suddenly darkened. Bulk started ramming Putties with his stomach, which had reduced itself to normal human size once he had morphed, and he was sending Putties into orbit. Skull began to laugh, and it became the scream of the banshee, ripping Putties apart with the sheer ferocity of focused sound waves. Clarence pulled out a very large fusion cannon from his new store of weapons, and began disintegrating Putties with its awesome energy output. Grenwell, who until now had been cowering in the corner, began to come out of his faint state and turned into a virtual whirlwind of punches and kicks, moving at amazing speed, knocking over Putties and smashing them to bits. Bretta was focusing on Catastrophe, and she had him disarmed completely, and on the ground cowering before her.

She smiled, and said with an evil look underneath her helmet, "I want you to take back a message to Rita. Tell her there's a new group in town, and they won't stand for anything. Tell her that we're the Power Rangers, and she is going to be soooooo dead soon." She began to focus, listening to the voice in her head that told her to focus her hatred, her Rage, and use it as a weapon. Catastrophe began to scream as he felt himself being ripped apart inside. His wail was cut short as he was ripped in two from Bretta's sheer Rage, and his two halves teleported themselves back up into Rita's palace, for the now very confused, and very afraid witch to look at. With that the Rangers teleported away, not noticing the news crews covering the battle, with most of the reporters on the ground, emptying their stomachs.

The Rangers teleported in to the Command Center, congatulating themselves on their first successful battle, when they were hit by a stun beam from Alpha. They all collapsed unconscious on the ground. Alpha then carried them to the med bay and began running every scan conceivable on them, to learn what had happened to them and the Powers.

Several hours later the unhappy robot had an answer for Zordon. "Oh, woe is me! Zordon, this is terrible!"

Zordon tried to calm his hysterical robot down, and said, "Alpha, what has occurred?"

"Well, Zordon, it appears that the powers are no longer pure light grid powers. They are now shadow type. They draw on the darker side of the grid usually drawn on by Rangers that have turned evil and kept their powers, and by evil sorcerers. The powers will no be different, darker, and more powerful than before. We can't separate the powers from the Rangers, because the Powers have bonded with them. The only way to take the powers away from them would be to destroy the powers. I speculate that the next time that they morph that their outfits and abilities will be very different. We have only seen the beginning of what will happen today. Oh Zordon, this is terrible! The Rangers will become darker and darker as the powers consume them, until they are either evil or completely destroyed! What will we do?"

For once the great Zordon was at a loss. "I don't know Alpha, I don't know."