The PurpleHawk
By : Ashley Snow

One day the rangers were walking to their picnic when they spotted a girl sitting by lake all by herself. She was wearing a purple tee-shirt, faded denim shorts, old white high tops, and a gold necklace.

"We have to go say high to her guy's."Adam said, the others agreed and they walked up the path and up to her.

"Hi."Came a voice behind her. She turned and got into fighting stance.

"Oh I'm sorry you startled me. I didn't hear coming." She apologized.

"Sorry we didn't mean to startle you." Adam apologized.

"I'm Adam, and these are my friends, Tommy, Kat, Tanya, Billy, and Rocky."

"Hi, it's nice to meet you, My name is Ashley." She said, with a smile that lit up her beautiful face.

"Would you like to join us on our picnic?"Adam asked smiling as well.

"That is if its okay with you guys?"Adam asked his friends. "Sure, we don't see why not."they approved,

"Would like to come and hang out with us?"Adam asked. "Sure, I'd love to." Ashley said her brown eyes sparkling. She's gorgeous Adam thought to himself. They walked a little further down the hill until they came to a picnic table.

"Hey, Ashley wanna play some b-ball." Tommy challenged.

"Is that a challenge Tommy?"Ashley asked a mischievous look on her face Adam smiled knowingly.

"Yes it was."Tommy answered the same look on his face.

"Why I would love to kick your butt Tommy."Ashley threatened.

"Great, you are on my team."Adam said.

"Cool." Ashley said running over to the courtship. They played for two and a half hour. and Adams' team beat the pants off of Tommy's.

"Yes"Ashley yelled highfiving Adam.

"All right Ashley" Adam highfiving back.

"Are we good or what?"Tanya asked mockingly.

"We're good"Adam & Ashley said in unison

"Where'd you learn to play like that?"Tommy asked running over to them.

"I was on the all-star team back in Oklahoma."Ashley said. Everybody started laughing except the other team, who at this point, were stunned.

"And you all knew this?" Rocky asked.

"Yep I told them in the huddle."Ashley said still laughing. By the time they were done laughing at their friend's faces their sides hurt.

"Come on lets something to eat before rocky eats it all." Adam teased. Everybody laughed at his joke and sat and to eat. Just as they sat down, some pack cogs appeared.

"Ashley run!" Adam yelled.

"UM...................OKAY!"Ashley yelled. She started to run but was cut off by a horde of cogs.

"AHHHHHHH" Ashley yelled as they carried her off.

"ADAM HELP!" she yelled.

"Ashley I'm coming"Adam yelled, but he was to late they disappeared before they could help.


Ashley found her being pushed into the throne room.

"Where am I" she asked, not expecting an answer but got one anyway?

"Welcome to my humble home." Came a voice behind Ashley. Ashley turned around and almost burst out laughing.

"What are you, an over grown trash can?" Ashley asked jokingly.

"Allow me to introduce myself. I'm king mondo and you're my slave."his said.

"Excuse me. I don't think so."Ashley said.

"CLANK, come here at once!" mondo yelled. Clank appeared in the door way.

"Yes sir, what do you want?"clank asked.

"Clank I need a potion to make her my slave." Mondo ordered.befor Ashley could say any thing clank injected her with a potion and she fell to the floor. When she woke up, she was tied to a bed clank hovering over her.

"It won't be long now."Clank said.

"Wha.....what.............what are you going to do." Ashley asked frightened.

"I'm going make you a slave to king mondo."Clank explained. He then injected a slave serum into her arm Ashley winced in pain as the started working the moment it entered her body. Then they teleported her back to earth.

"oof, ouch! hey that hurt." Ashley yelled.

"huh" Adam said turning around

"ASHLEY!" Adam yelled.

"ADAM!" Ashley yelled as she ran over to him and gave him a hug.

"Oh Adam it was horrible they injected something into my body they said that it will make destroy th............oh..........awh.......ouch."Ashley cried out in pain.

"ASHLEY." Adam yelled Adam picked Ashley up and teleported to the power chamber.

"Zordon, what's happening to her?"Adam asked panic stricken.

"I wish I knew Adam but sadly I don't."Zordon said sadly.ashley fell to the ground and clutched her stomach. Her eyes turned red. She got up off the floor and charged at tommy. Tommy ducked and Ashley flew two feet and fell to the floor tommy quickly pushed the teleportation button and Ashley disappeared and reappeared in the park.

"I will destroy you rangers."Ashley yelled. The rangers morphed and teleported to the park.ashley charged at Tommy again but this time she hit him at full speed sending him flying into a tree. Tommy fell to the ground unconscious.

"Ashley no!"Adam yelled running to her, he turned her around and looked her straight in the eyes.

"Ashley look at me."Adam said calmly. Ashley and Adam were now eye to eye, face to face.

"Ashley there's something I need to tell you. I love you."Adam said as tears filled his eyes, said began to cry.

"Oh Adam said I love you too." Ashley said exclaimed. Another shot of pain filled Ashley stomach. Ashley cried out in pain.


"Ashley I promise I won't let them hurt you."Adam promised.

"Oh now isn't that sweet, you're my slave and you will obey me! Kill him!"mondo commanded.

"NO! I WILL NOT KILL HIM! YOU CAN'T MAKE ME!" Ashley yelled as pain filed her body Ashley cried bloody murder, and then fell lifeless in Adams arms.

"Ashley, Ashley, Ashley, NO!" Adam yelled taking Ashley up in his arms and they teleported to the power chamber.

"Zordon is she okay."Adam asked.

"Indeed I do not now, she will stay here until she heals."Zordon said.

"For now go home and rest, we will contact you when she is better."Zordon told them, they did so, they all meet at Adams house, and stayed there all night.

"A good thing its Friday." Rocky said finally ending the silence.

"Yeah I guess so."Adam said turning off the light.

"Good night all." Adam said.

"good night."They said in unison.


"Adam woo hoo earth to Adam." Tommy teased waving a hand in front of his friend's face.

"Huh what, oh sorry I can't stop thinking about Ashley. It's been a month already."Adam said.

"Come buddy quit worrying she's fine besides Zordon said he would contact us." Rocky finished, a familiar sound rang in their ears.

"See I told you"Rocky said scuffing out the door with the others.tommy put the communicator to his mouth.

"We read you."Tommy said into the little microphone.

"Rangers come immediately."Zordon boomed.

"We're on our way."Adam said into the microphone.


"Zordon, what is that you're so excited about"Adam asked.

"Please proceed to the training room." Zordon instucted.they all went to the training room and sat down a window in front of them opened to revel a person clad in a purple suit much like theirs. Their mouths nearly hit the floor. A set of practice dummies charged at her they watched as she destroyed them all.

"PURPLE RANGER, PLEASE REVEAL YOUR IDENTITY TO THEM." Zordon asked. She took and let her long brown hair fall down everyone mouths fell to the floor.

"ASHLEY!"they gasped. Adam fell back.

"Yes it is I."Ashley said she noticed Adam way in the back, and walked over to him.

"Hey, what do you think is purple my color or what."Ashley joked.adam giggled at this.

"Purple is definitely your color."Adam answered.

"Ashley, on behalf of the rangers I would like to welcome and as a token of our team I would like to present you with this a necklace appeared in Ashley's hand."

"Zordon, it's beautiful . . . thank you. Everyone gathered around her to see what he gave to her. It was a necklace and in the middle of the chain was a purple crystal with a hawk emblem embedded in it.

"Ashley as the purple ranger you will control the purple hawk."Zordon said.

"Cool mind if I take it for a test drive?"Ashley asked in a wired accent. Everyone laughed at Ashley accents.

"Yes you may but very quickly." Zordon said.

"Yes sir." Ashley joked, pulling Adam along.

"You're coming with me." Ashley said.

"Why?"Adam asked.

"Cause we need to talk." Ashley said in her weird accent. Everybody burst out laughing even Zordon.


Adam and Ashley sat watching the sun set.

"Oh Ashley I have something for you." Adam said pulling a blue velvet box out of his pocket.

"What is it?" she asked opening the box.

"Oh Adam," she exclaimed, "It's beautiful." It was a ring with a purple stone in the middle surrounded by gold Ashley put it on her finger.

"I'm glad you like it."Adam said as the sun disappear and the stars came out Adam and Ashley kissed passionately.