Power Rangers Zeo : TRI-FOLD
by Joe Brogran
Part Two

"We are in orbit of the planet Earth, my liege." said Zolkan's assistant. "Excellent. Did you contact the beings on the moon yet?" said the new Emperor. "No." Zolkan snarled. "Do it..no. Let's see if Trey will come peacefully first."

Damn those Varox, Zedd thought. No concern for friends. Zedd had saved the life of the head once, years ago. From most beings in the galaxy, it would mean at least a SLIGHT loyalty if not a life debt. From the Varox, it meant nothing. Zedd turned on the screen in the back of his chamber. Zolkan smiled at him. "Lord Zeddaniak, of the Dark Galaxy, I presume?" Zolkan asked pleasantly. "Yesss..." "I understand that there are people on the planet who are your enemies. We desire a person named Trey who is hiding out on the planet. Help from you would be greatly appreciated." Zedd nodded. "We will contact you." said Zolkan before he signed off.

"GOLD RANGER POWER!" yelled Trey. Nothing happened. The golden Zeonizer was useless. Billy had thought so. It was basically a gilded Zeonizer with a dish on the Ultra-Communicator similar to the Gold Ranger mask. The crystal was the problem. It was simply a normal Zeonizer crystal. Billy had hoped that the power signature for the Gold power had been imprinted upon Trey's body, but it was not so. Billy heard his communicator beep. "Yes?" Zordon answered solemnly. "Billy, a fleet of ships is orbiting the planet. The design is Triforian in origin." "DAMN!" yelled Trey. "Look, I've got to surrender. If I do, the ships'll leave. Zolkan only wants me." "No, Trey." said Billy. "We're going to protect you, no matter what. I have a plan..."

The first assault ship descended upon Earth about an hour later. The captain observed his troops, armed and armored, and was pleased. "Go! For Triforia!" intoned the captain. The troops beamed to Earth from the ship. Pilots ran to their own ships and activated them, taking off from the ship's belly.

Tommy and Kat were driving home from a movie that they could not enjoy when they were contacted. Tommy drove to an isolated section, and the two disembarked. They twisted their wrists, revealing the crystal holders and Ultra-Communicators. They touched them together.

"Zeo Ranger I, Pink!" said Kat.
"Zeo Ranger V, Red!" intoned Tommy.

The others were already at the battle site. "Okay, guys! Let's go!" said Tommy.

The troops attacked, drawing Blade-Blasters similar to the Ranger's originals. Tommy held his hand in front of his face and materialized his Zeo Power Sword. The other Rangers did likewise with their own armaments. Tommy rushed at a trooper, who slashed him across the chest. Guns from above fired, knocking down Tommy. The trooper chuckled and pointed his Blade-Blaster right at Tommy's throat. The other Rangers were soon also taken down. More troopers appeared from the ship. They took out guns and paralyzed the Rangers. Tommy was afraid, but then, he saw what he hoped he'd never have to see again... Cogs.

Gasket and Archerina stood atop one of Angel Grove's monuments, and a horde of Cogs were at their feet. "GET THEM!" yelled Gasket. The Cogs started for the Rangers. Tommy was afraid, but this feeling soon turned to confusion as the Cogs attacked the Triforian troops. The Rangers were released by a laser from Gasket's sword, and they teleported to Gasket. Suddenly, a huge blast fired from above right at the Rangers and Machine Empire rulers.

Ex-Lt. Jerome Stone sat in McDonald's eating the recently- cheapened Big Mac. He barely tasted it, his thoughts being on his recruits, Bulk and Skull. Those two...He generally thought they were the bane of his existence, but...Jerome saw a huge blast from above fire right at the fast-food joint. Jerome's life...was unaffected, except for possible eye damage from the brightness of the blast.

More blasts fired, and then a huge 3-winged ship landed. A ramp lowered from the bottom, and a handsome man, flanked by troops in red, exited the ship. "Hear me! I am Zolkan, Emperor of Triforia. I wish to take my rightful prisoner. Trey of Triforia!" The Rangers saw Billy run right in front of the man. "Sir. Trey is in hiding with us, but...I understand you wanted a staff opened?" "Yes." Zolkan responded suspiciously. "May I see it?" "No. This is a trick." "But, to help, I'd need the staff." Zolkan opened his hand, and the Golden Power Staff appeared. Billy, quick as lightning, used a hidden scalpel to scrape the top, and then teleported away. Zolkan shook with fury. "A trick. As expected. Troops, destroy the planet!" The ships above powered their weapons back up. Trey teleported to the site. "STOP!" Zolkan smiled. "Excellent." Trey walked to the Emperor and bowed. "I surrender to you...Em..Emp..." "Emperor." said Zolkan smugly. The troops grabbed Trey and took him aboard. "We will be in touch." Zolkan boarded the ship and took off for Earth's orbit.

In the Command Center, the Rangers, Billy, Jason, and the two Machine Empire denizens conferenced. "I've created a Zeonizer crystal that should allow us to call the Gold Ranger powers." said Billy. Jason wore the Gold Zeonizer bracelets. Billy clicked in a crystal surrounded by gold into the crystal slot on the bracelet. "I sure hope this works." Jason clicked the Zeonizers together. "GOLD RANGER POWER!" The suit appeared around him.

Zolkan and Zedd enjoyed drinks on the observation lounge of Zolkan's Royal Cruiser. "This is certainly more comfortable than my ship." observed Zedd. "Zedd...Do you really desire this planet?" asked Zolkan. "No." said Zedd. "Actually, I just want to kill Zordon. That's the only reason I keep attacking. Besides, I don't want to get bored." Zolkan smiled. "Then, I have a proposal for you. I assume you want...the Zeo crystal?" Zedd nodded.

The message was seen and heard on all human media, revealing it to all people on the planet. "Citizens of Earth." said the recorded message of Zolkan. "Your planet has been annexed by the Triforian Alliance. We will be kind rulers of your planet, but we wish something in payment. Basically a one-time tax. We want...the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Zeo. Get them for us, and we will let all of you live your normal lives. Don't...and we will decimate your population until they come to us. You have a month before the first decimation."

The message was seen most clearly in the Command Center. "Oh no." said Alpha. "Rangers, we have a decision to make. Will we be able to trust Zolkan...or do you wish to resist?" said Zordon. "Zolkan is a fairly honorable man. He will keep his word." said Billy. "Zedd wants me only." said Zordon. "Once he kills me, then he will go. I will give myself up."

"NO!" yelled Tommy. Gasket and Archerina nodded. "We have called our own fleet. We will help you any way we can." "Then, it's decided." said Tommy. "We defeat the Triforians. Any Ranger who wishes to leave, power down now." None powered down.

"Then..we stand here. Against Triforia. Together." said Billy.


SMALL GLOSSARY (in the small chance you need it).

Jetsplitter-Fighter planes Billy gave the Zeo Rangers; originally for battling Quadra-Fighters

Crystal Holder-Part of Zeonizer that holds the Crystal

Ultra-Communicator:Part of Zeonizer that is formed from the original Communicator; has dish antenna that flips up (and is behind the rangers in morph sequence).