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The Stellar Saga
Part 4: Big brawl, Small Brain
by Cyber-Skell

Once again,a dark cloud appear in Zedd's castle.The evil being Kratox Zulpenk have,again,to ask Zedd to sent a monster,so he could add a piece to his mysterious collection. Zedd:You again!What do you want!When are you gonna tell me your name and plan!

Rita:Yeah,we want answer,tell him Zeddy.

Kratox:Silence!You shall know only the important,I don't really need you,there is a lot of other "Evil Lord" I can force to help me,and I can dispose of you anytime I want,so shut up and do what I said!Understood?

Zedd:Yeah.What do you want today?

Kratox:I want a monster with strong arm,you will send him to Earth to destroy building and espacially Angel Grove High.

Zedd:Allrigth!But I can't work with you watching me all the time!

Kratox:Anyway,I don't see a reason to stay in this stupid place.[The cloud disappear]

Zedd:When you gotta make a monster,you gotta do.Goonrilla!Arise!

In the middle of the throne room,a gorilla with giant arm,too big for him,appear,he was wearing sunglass to big for his tiny head.

Goonrilla:Ho yeah!You askin' help from tha Big Bannana?

Zedd:If you said so.Go down in Angel Grove and destoy everything in you way to the High School!

Goonrilla:If ya said so,yeah!


At Angel Grove high,a little eigth grader bump into a large tenth grader.The big goon grab the boy by a arm and order:

Goon:You have to pay if you want to enter,kiddo!

Boy:Ye....yes.Gulp,but I don't have money.

Goon:What?Well you're gonna pay for that anyway!

Suddenly,someone tap on the goon shoulder,he turn around and saw Dave behind him.

Goon:What do you want geek?

Dave:Let go of that boy.Now!

Goon:Oh really,and who's gonna make me do that?

Dave:Me the Po....Euh!Me!

Goon:Really!You don't scare me at all!

The goon let go of the boy and charge Dave,he try to punch him but Dave dive under the massive fist and punch the goon in the guts,rigth into the plexus.The startled goon back away and try to catch his breath but Dave give him a small push on the chest and the goon trip over the boy who was on all four rigth behind him.

Dave:I think you should let the eigth grader alone for now on,or I'll have to give you another lesson.


The goon walk away as Tommy and Adam come in the hall.

Tommy:What happen?

Dave:I gave that goon a lesson.

Boy:Thank you.But now he will send his whole gang after you.

Adam:Don't worry,all of us know karate,maybe you should take lesson too.

Boy:Me?I'm not strong enough.

Tommy:It's not about strengh,it's about how you train and how you hit.

Dave:Listen to him,he know what his saying

Boy:Maybe,yeah.Ho,I have to go,or I'll be late for my class.

Adam:We better go too.

Dave:What do we have?

Tommy:French class.

Dave:Ho,bien,je parle le francais très bien.


Dave:I said:"good,I speak french very well"

Adam:Easy for you to say.

Tommy:Com'on,let's go. Dave:Bien sur.

Adam:Stop that!



Goonrilla apear at the city limit,he start walking,he has for order to get to Angel Grove High,whatever it take,so he did it.The people scream and run away as they saw him,he cause some major accident,he crush car in his path with his bare hand.The monster came across a large building,with one punch,he unstabilize the structure,using his massive arm to protect him he goes through the building who collapse on him.

Goonrilla:I like that baby!Oh yeah!


The French class has start and Adam was already bored,when the whole school start shaking,Mister Beaulieu,the teacher didn't look very concern and calmly said:

M.Beaulieu:According to school procedure we have to evacuate the school imediatly.Maintenant!Now!

The student,very happy run outside,but Dave wasn't happy,he grab Tommy and Adam by the arm.When all the student a outside,the shaking stop,but it start again.Dave,Tommy and Adam were still in the classroom,Dave was aware it wasn't a normal earthquake and he tell the other.

Dave:This isn't an earthquake,it was a building collapsing!

Tommy:What?A monster is attacking?

Dave:Yes and a pretty strong one,he destroy two building at normal size,with his bare hand!


Dave:And he his heading this way.

Tommy:We better morph and call the other.It's Morphing Time!Stellar Power,Silver!

Dave:Polaris Knigth Power now!

Adam:Stellar Power,Green!

Tommy[he speak in his communicator]:I think you're aware of the situation Zordon.You better call the other.

[Zordon]:You're rigth Tommy,teleport in front of the school and evacuate the student,Goonrilla is on his was,only the park to cross and he is there.May the Power protect you.

Tommy:All rigth Zordon.

The three heros teleport in front of the school,the students and teacher are amaze to see three of there favorite hero appear.

P.K.:You must evacuate the area,the Goonrilla monster is on his way.He is very dangerous.

All the student and teacher run away,not even wanting to see the battle,not even trying to know who is Goonrilla.The trees in the park start to fall,and finnaly,Goonrilla apear in front of the Rangers,at the same time as the other four Rangers arrive.

Billy:That's one big primate.

Kim:And ugly too.

Adam:Look at his arm,he must be terribly strong.

P.K.:He his,but remember,brain over brawl.

Tommy:I'm not sure,he seam very strong.

P.K.:Com'on,if we figth as a team and we use our brains,we can defeat him,his arm are strong,but not his body,if we hit him there he will suffer.

Tommy:Let's go!

Tommy charge,Goonrilla stop the blow with his powerful arm,but Dave run behind him and with a good backflip he slash the gorilla square on the back.The monster quickly turn around and hit Dave with the back of his hand,sending the Polaris Knigth flying rigth into a tree.Tommy rush to him.

Tommy:Are you ok?

P.K.:Man!I feel like I've been hit by a truck!

Goonrilla:Ya wan' a piece o' me?Tha big bannana gonna crush y'all!Ho yeah!

P.K.:Can't he speak like everybody else?

The monster leap in the air and dive-punch at Kim,she gracely jump out of the way and the massive punch crash into the parking's concrete.

Kim:Miss!Comet Bow,charge up!Fire!

She held her bow high above her head,a ray of pink ligth touch it,creating a energy arrow,she shoot at the still startled monster.Bang!The monster was hit square on the chest.

Goonrilla:That hurt!

P.K.:Well,what about that!Ligthening Bolt!

Goonrilla turn around just in time to see a bolt of ligthening coming from the Ligthening Crystal,he raise his arm in reflexe and the bolt his stop by the powerful muscle of Goonrilla.


P.K.:He is strong.

Taking the monster by surprise,Billy and Rocky slash Goonrilla's back,when he turn around,Adam and Aisha jump on Rocky and Billy's shoulder,then they jump over Goonrilla and slash the monster's back again.Angry,the creature use his powerful arm to send the Rangers away.They regroup with Tommy and Dave.

Goonrilla:Ya see?There is no way ya can beat me!Why ya still wanna go on with tha'?

P.K.:Whatever you said.We will never surrender.!

Tommy:He's rigth.Go Billy!

Billy:Liana Grip!

While the monster was talking,Billy has called the Forest Crystal,and now,two strong liana came out of the ground and grab Goonrilla's arm,keeping them away from his body.

P.K.:Stellar Bazooka,fire!

The big ball of blueish ligth hit the monster rigth in the chest,he fell to the ground and explode.On the Moon,Rita and Zedd were up to there old trick again.

Zedd:The Gonnrilla has been defeated,we shall make him grow,against a maximum of two opponent,he will have the advantage.

Rita:You're a so evil Zeddie!

Zedd & Rita:Grow monster!Grow!

The evil energy strike the remain of Goonrilla,make him grow to giant size!

Goonrilla:Let's see if ya can take on tha Big Bannana!Ho yeah!

Tommy:We need Stellar MegaZord power now!

P.K.:Ligth of Polaris make me grow!

The six Stellar Zord sweep down the sky,as the MegaZord is form,Dave grow to Goonrilla's size.

P.K.:Let's take this goon down!

Rangers:Rigth!We need the Crystal Hammer!

Dave charge with his sword,Goonrilla block,then the MegaZord try to strike him,but the monster punch him away.Dave leap in the air,try to fly over Goonrilla,but the creature wasn't that dumb,he deliver a powerful punch,sending Dave crashing rigth near the MegaZord.

Aisha:I don't understand,we were able to defeat him before.

P.K.:Yeah,but there was seven of us,now,it's just me and the MegaZord.

Tommy:What about the DoubleZord,if we can form them,we'll be three.

Billy:Not enough,only if...Alpha!

[Alpha]:Yes,what is it?

Billy:Prepare the program for a new DoubleZord,the Blue-Pink DoubleZord!

Kim:Yeah!Great idea.

[Alpha]:All rigth,but I'll need more time.

P.K.:I'm taking care of that.

Goonrilla:Are ya gonna figth me or wha'?Com'on!

P.K.:I'm comin' at ya!Stellar Bow!

His sword transform into a bow,with shimmering arrow,he shoot at Goonrilla in rifle,not giving time to counter,forcing him to stay behind his powerful arms,giving time to Alpha was the priority.

P.K.:I don't know if he will stay steady for much longer!Alpha!Have you finnish yet?

[Alpha]:It's finnish,give it a try Billy!

Tommy:Let's do it.

Tommy & Rocky:We need Silver-Red DoubleZord power now!

Adam & Aisha:We need Yellow-Green DoubleZord power now!

Billy & Kim:We need Blue-Pink DoubleZord power now!

The MegaZord split back to his six different component,the Silver-Red and Yellow-Green DOubleZord form,the Triceratops Stellar Zord transform into a headless warior,with the Triceratops for shoulder,then,the Crane Stella Zord turn into it's head self and link to the Triceratops,a pair of pink and blue wings spread from the back,and a pink belt appear,finnaly,Kim and Billy meet in the cockpit of the newly create Blue-Pink DoubleZord.



Goonrilla:Ho yeah,instead of crashing two little toy,I'll have four toys to crash!

Aisha:I don't think so!

The Yellow-Green Double Zord charge,Goonrilla block,but the Mega Sword of the Silver-Red DoubleZord slash his back,then when he turn around,he recieve a blast from the Crane Zord laser.

Billy:Mega Lancor!

A lancor,looking like his Power Lancor with pink at some place appear in the hand of his DoubleZord.

Kim:Energize!Power Strike!

The charge up lancor got Goonrilla just as he turn around,rigth in the shoulder,the monster yell in pain,then a blueish ball of ligth,coming from the Stellar Bazooka,hit him in the back.

Tommy & Rocky:Mega Sword,Energize!Power Slash!

Once again,Goonrilla is hit in the back from another side,this time by the charge up sword of the Silver-Red DoubleZord.Attack by all side,too stupid to find a solution,Goonrilla feel his end coming,and it come by the mean of the Yellow-Green DoubleZord's MegaClaw,going through him like he was a piece of paper,as the blade retreat from his body,energy run through him,he fall to the ground and explode into smitherins.

Billy:Yes!We did it!

Dave:Once again,brain win over brawl!

Kim:You can saiy that again!

Unseen by any of our heroes,too busy to shrink,or send back there Zord and,of course,demorphing,a piece of Goonrilla's fur dissapear in a flash of black.

Kratos:All the piece are together,soon I shall attack with my master plan,and soon,I will be free!Hahahahahahahahahaha!

--------------To be continued---------------