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Faces of Comfort
By : Helen

Karone stands in her room looking out into space. It felt like everything is at peace, but her. Sure the war is over, but that doesn't mean that the emotion scars are gone. Out in space, everything was quiet and dark. The stars didn't comfort Karone as she thought it would. Somehow, space reminded her of her inner self. Lost in the abyss of space. That's kind of like me. I'm just so confused sometimes, I just don't what's right and what's wrong anymore. Well at least I made one right decision, I am going to Earth. Karone thinks quietly. She sighs and sits down on her bed. Earth, the pearl blue planet that I tried to conquer. I wonder what other people are going to think of me. The war, I feel like everything is happening so fast, I don't know what I should do. I don't even know why I decided to come with rest of the rangers to their home planet along with Andros and Zhane. Karone gives out another sigh.

Andros, my only brother that I tried to kill. What kind of person would do that? Killing their own flesh and blood. I know it's Astronema doing all the evil things that I have done, but I still feel awful about it. It's must have been really hard on Andros to kill Astronema, he never was the one to hurt other people. Karone thinks.

And there comes Zhane. He was just so sweet to me. Heck, he even trusted me with his life. I don't even know why he even rescued me when he knew I could kill him without even thinking twice. I don't even know why he still talks to me after that incident which isn't even his fault. Sure I apologized about a million times to him afterwards, but that still doesn't take back all the harsh things that I have said to him. Before Karone can think about anything else, a voice comes from behind the door.

"Can I come in Karone?" it was Zhane. Karone's hand instinctively went up to her eyes wiping the tears that she didn't even notice that she had shed.

"Um, yes. Come on in Zhane." Karone replies quickly, trying her best to put on a smile. The door slides open silently, and Zhane's silhouette stands at the doorway.

"Why is it so dark in here?" Zhane asks, squinting his eyes trying to adjust to the dark surrounding. Karone didn't even notice that she didn't turn on the light.

"Oh, um sorry, I was taking a nap, and I had just woken up a couple minutes ago." Karone says quickly, "D.E.C.A, could you turn on the light please?"

"Of course. Lights on" says the onboard computer.

"Thanks D.E.C.A."

"Taking a nap? At two o'clock in the afternoon?" Zhane asks skeptically. "You are not sick are you?"

"No, I'm fine." Karone stutters, looking up at Zhane. A dried up tear streak reflected against the light like a crystal river.

"You were crying Karone." Zhane states sitting down next to Karone, putting a protective arm around her shoulders. "It's okay Karone. Tell me. Let me help you."

Karone, couldn't hold back her emotions any more and starts to sob uncontrollably.

"What's wrong Karone? Tell me, maybe I can help." Zhane soothes Karone, rubbing her shoulder as Karone leaned against him, letting the tears run down her cheek. They sat silently for a while, the only sound they can hear is the sobbing of Karone and the gentle and quiet humming of the engine.

"I can't take it anymore Zhane. I just can't. How can you still stand me when I have done in the past was to hurt and destroy. I-I don't deserve this. I can't face the world after all the horrible thing that I have done to everyone." says Karone between sobs.

"It wasn't you fault that you were taken and brainwashed. It never was your fault and it never will be." replies Zhane.

"But still, I let Astronema take control of me. I could have fought her, but I was too weak and too afraid to try." counters Karone, who continues to sob.

"There's nothing wrong with being afraid, Karone. We are all afraid once in a while. It's okay to be afraid. Only a fool wouldn't be afraid. I was afraid that I would't make it after the massacre on our home planet." Zhane says gently.

"But how? How could you even speak to me after all the things that I have done to you, and the others."Karone whispers, sounding afraid and vulnerable.

"Karone, nobody can not like you. You are a wonderful person. It's doesn't matter what you were, what it matters is what you are now, and what you will be in the future. And as long as I don't give you any more long stemmed roses, I'll be fine." Zhane says, with a big smile on his face. Karone giggles a bit.

"I'm sorry." she whispers quietly.

"For what?" asks Zhane.

"For that little incident, I thought you were playing some trick on me. I love roses, really." replies Karone, who had finally stopped sobbing.

"Nah, don't worry about it. We could blame it on Ecliptor." says Zhane, grinning from ear to ear. Karone lets out a sigh at the mention of Ecliptor name.

"What's wrong?" asks Zhane, growing concerned again.

"It's Ecliptor. He was just so loyal to me. He would even sacrifice his own honor and life for me. In some odd way, I think he should've deserved better. Think of what a great person he would be if he wasn't evil. And strangely enough, I truly believe that he has soul."replies Karone, her eyes growing distant.

"You're right. But wherever his soul is now, I am sure he is content." says Zhane.

"You know what Zhane?" Karone asks suddenly.

"What?" replies Zhane with a slightly mischivous grin on his face.

"Maybe Andros was right when he said that you're more than that meets the eye." Karone replies.

"Oh? Really?" Zhane asks growing more amused by the second. Karone nods her head.

"What is it about me that is more than that meets the eye?" questions Zhane.

"The ability to comfort others." Karone replies. Zhane's face suddenly became very serious.

"Karone, I can do it because I truly care for you. I love you Karone. I just can't deny my feelings for you any longer." Zhane replies softly, looking into Karone's eyes.

Karone was stunned at what Zhane had just said. She didn't really expect Zhane to like her very much after all that she had done, neverthless love her. Zhane looks into Karone's eyes, waiting for her reply. Karone searches inside herself for an answer. Her heart was literally pounding at her throat. But it was there too, in her heart, she found the answer and the courage to say it.

"I love you too Zhane, I love you too." Karone finally says, looking into Zhane's eyes. Zhane smiles even wider than before, his eyes glitters with joy, happiness, and hope. He picks Karone up by her waist and twirls her around.

"Okay, okay, Zhane! you can put me down now." says Karone, giggling with joy. Zhane gently puts Karone back on the floor. He takes her hand and kisses her on the forehead.

"My angel." he whispers.

"And my knight in the silver shining armor." Karone replies.

"Come on, lets go see the others." says Zhane.

"Okay." Karone replies, and they walk hand in hand out of the door. To them it's another fresh beginning.

The End