Legal Disclaimer: This takes place after 'A Golden Homecoming' and David is Saban's property.

Note: Though this isn't part of a series, some of the things mentioned in here will be referred to in a series I've got in mind for the future.

My Brother, the Ranger
by: Scorpina

He's a Power Ranger. After all this time of searching for him, and he was on the news practically every night. It almost makes me sick. It makes me laugh, at least, more often than that. My brother, Tommy Oliver, is a Power Ranger.

Oh, and he's not just any Ranger. He's their leader, the Red Zeo Ranger. He showed me who he was to save my life. I might not have known him all that long, but he came racing after me to save my life, and I would have done the same thing, no matter how often my adopted father has told me not to do that sort of thing. To think before I go into a battle.

I'm practically trembling at the thought of getting to know the Rangers, and my brother. Not necessarily in that order, however. I want to know Tommy much more than I want to know the people he hangs out with. Though there is this girl. I saw a picture of her in Tommy's wallet when we were comparing baby pictures the other day. She looks really beautiful, with sparkling eyes and brown hair.

I was really hoping that she wasn't his girlfriend. Then when I found that she's Kim Hart, the ex-Pink Ranger and his ex-girlfriend, I wasn't even certain how to react. Sure she was drop dead gorgeous and could probably kick my rear twelve ways from Sunday, but she's my brother's ex-girlfriend. I can't believe I want to date her.

Date her? I've never even met her and I'm perfectly ready to spend the rest of my life with her. Is that crazy, or what? I'm just glad that Tommy didn't ask me about why I was almost drooling over the picture. I don't think I could have said anything that was coherent, really. All I could've said was "So why didn't you tell me you knew an angel?"

The other girls that he knows, Tanya and Kat, they're kind of pretty too. Adam, the Green Zeo Ranger, is dating Tanya, and I've seen how Kat has been looking at Tommy when he doesn't think she's looking. She's got it bad for him, but when I asked her why she didn't say anything to him, she just muttered something about him not being ready.

I want to ask him more about Kim, ask him why and how they broke up, who she might possibly be dating, what the odds are on her coming back to Angel Grove are, and a few kazillion other questions. I don't, though. I just hold myself back. I have to. I've got my solace, however. I have a picture of her that Rocky gave to me. He didn't ask why I wanted it, and I had the strange feeling that he, too, knew what it was to be far away from a woman that he loved and could never have.

I keep the picture in my room. I don't let it near anyone else. I don't want to explain how I got it or why I have it. I just want to get to know my brother and his friends. They already know that I love to surf, that I'm into martial arts, and that I'm Tommy's brother. I want to get to know them, to be their friend. I have the feeling that they are going to need me in the future.

You see, I've been having dreams. Very odd dreams. Dreams about a crystal as pure as light and as powerful as can be imagined. I haven't told anyone yet, but I've seen seeing a strange light in the eyes of the Rangers' friend Billy. A light I've seen in my own eyes in the mirror. But where mine is as white as crystal, his is as dark as midnight. Perhaps I should tell someone. But I can't really think of who. Perhaps the Rangers would tell Zordon, but I feel strange mentioning this to him when I hardly know him.

Perhaps I should say something to Tommy. If there is anyone who would know what could be going on, it would be someone who has gone through such things before. Mystic quests and such things are the province not just of shamanas, but of Rangers as well. I want to be able to know him without anything interfering. I want to be his friend.

I want to know my brother. I want to know my brother, the Power Ranger.