Author's Note: This is a Buffy/Power Ranger Crossover. P.C. is calling the Vamps of Sunnydale.

The Beginning Of A Disaster
by Ray Vega

"Facing to the northern climb,
Thrice he traced the Runic rhyme ;
Thrice pronounced, in accents dread
The thrilling verse that wakes the dead,
Till from out the hollow ground
Slowly breathed a sullen sound."

Giles said for the 3rd time trying to memorize it. "Iíve got to g-get this down soon to get you two help."

"Exactly from who? All the old slayers except for Buffy here, are dead." Faith asked.

"Well you never can get good help these days. All the good people helpers are dead." Giles replied.

"So you mean youíre gonna Ö.." Buffy said.

"Wake the dead slayers." Giles finished the sentence for her.

" Sometimes you two are just way too WEIRD for me." Faith said.

Both Buffy and Giles laughed. Then Buffy and Faith went back to training, and Giles went back to memorizing the Runic rhyme.

* * * * * * * * *
Back in Angel GroveÖ..
* * * * * * * * *

" Zihya!" Kimberly and Tommy were attacked by Putties while on a date, yet again.

"Geez! What does Rita want now?" Tommy asked.

"I know," Kim said. " It seems like every time we go on a date Rita decides to attack!"

" Canít we just have ONE peaceful date?" Tommy asked.

" Tommy, that ended a LONG time ago." Kim said.

" I know." Tommy replied. "And itís not like we can call the otherís either cause we snuck out."

" Well at least she didnít send P.C. down here." Kim said trying to cheer Tommy up.

" You spoke just a little to soon Kim." Tommy replied.

" Hello Rangers! Isnít this a WONDERFUL night to attack?" P.C. said.

" Splendid." Kim said sarcastically.

" Are you two ready to be destroyed?" P.C. asked

"Not anytime soon!" Kimberly and Tommy said.

"Well then," P.C. said. "MONSTERS ATTACK!!!!!"

" Great, the day we leave our morphers home, is the day she uses MONSTERS instead of putties. Kim said.

At Jasonís House

"Beep, Beep, Beep, Beep, Beep, Beep." The rangers communicators went off.

" Yes Zordon?" Jason said.

"Kimberly and Tommy are in trouble in the park get down there right now." Zordon replied.

"They snuck out?" Jason asked.

"Yep." Zordon said.

"Oh, and bring their morphers," Zordon said.

Back in the Park

"Let me GO!!!!!!" Kim screamed.

"Itís no use Kim, save your strength. Tommy said.

" You mess with our Friends, your messing with us!" Jason said

"Power Rangers!" The three remaining rangers said.

"Just in time! As usual." Kim said.

"Did you guys bring our morphers?" Tommy asked.

"Yep." Trini said waving the morphers in the air.

"Weíll free you and you two morph and you help us out.

"O.K." Kimberly and Tommy agreed.

Just then P.C. grabbed Kimberly and Tommy from the monsters, and spoke something.

"Vampire of Sunnydale,vampire of Sunnydale,

Thou shall travel to where thou stands,

Thou must come forth, leave Sunnydale!

Thou must come here, invest this town!

Destroy it! Destroy the ones who protect it,

So that Rita, may once again, rule the UNIVERSE!

To be continued....