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Blood is Thicker than Purple Water
By: AstroSonya

For the longest time, I had wondered about my existence. Where had I really come from? Why couldn't I remember my childhood? What was my life before like? Little did I know that I was soon to find out.

Inside Astronema's Private Chamber on the Dark Fortress:


"Yes, Ecliptor?"

"I have something to speak with you about."

"Well, what is it? I'm a very busy woman you know."

I spoke whilst I filed my nails. I felt myself becoming increasingly annoyed with life on the Dark Fortress. Ecliptor always breathing down my neck, following me everywhere I go. Dark Spectre's impatience making me squirm. I almost felt like I was choking, like I needed fresh air.

"It's about Darkonda."


Darkonda entered my chamber abruptly and uninvited.

"What about me?"

"Uh. I was just going to say, how much I enjoy working with Darkonda."

"That's what was so important?! This is what you interrupted me for?!"


"That will be all Ecliptor. I'm feeling tired. I'm going to bed."

"Very well, my Princess. Good night."

"Yes. sweet dreams. Astronema."

I heard Darkonda chuckle as he and Ecliptor left the room. Ecliptor seemed extremely eager to tell me something but he choked up when Darkonda barged in like always. He's a creepy fellow. I just knew there was something more going on between those two.

Outside of Astronema's Chamber:

"You keep quiet, Ecliptor or else."

"Or else what, Darkonda?"

Ecliptor gets up into Darkonda's face but Darkonda just chuckles and turns around. He walks away.

Back Inside Astronema's Chamber:

As I laid down to sleep, I felt the dreams coming again, the awful nightmares. I felt sleep overcome me and closed my eyes. When I opened them, I was in what looked like a clearing of a forest or maybe a park with a lot of trees. I'm happy playing with a little boy. I feel so close to him. We're having so much fun playing, then, the ball gets away from us. The little boy runs after it whilst I stay in my place. Then, I feel a huge, strong arm wrap around my chest. I scream for help to the little boy, oh, I wish I could remember what his name was! The scary arm is carrying me away behind the trees. It is squeezing me so tight I can no longer breathe. I black out. All of a sudden, everything is dark and cold and damp. I think this is a dungeon. I'm strapped down to a hard, cold metal table.I'm so scared. I want my Mama. I feel something sharp poke me in my arm, so I look down and see a large needle filled with something purple. The hand that injects me with the substance is connected to the arm that had carried me away. I scream, it burns as it floods my tiny veins. Just before I can scroll my eyes up to see the face attached to the evil arm the poison overtakes me.I pass out once more.

"Oh, God, I hate that dream."

I wake up sweating tears streaming down my face. I shove my face into my pillow and wipe the stream of tears away, then turn it over it is too wet to sleep on that side now. Why do I have this dream? Why is it always the same? What does it mean? And why - why do I have it every night? What did I ever do to deserve this? I'm not that bad. I've never killed anyone. What is this dream trying to tell me? I look at the clock, morning is almost here. I can't go back to sleep. I might as well just get up.

I get up and go into the bathroom. I take off my night clothes first.I almost forgot to take off my wig. I don't know why I wear them.I guess I just like to. I take off the purple one carefully and put it away. I take down my real hair out of its tight hold. It's blonde shoulder length and it falls easily. I turn on the hot water and step into the shower. It rushes over me. I flash back to the dream. The water almost feels like that unknown purple liquid rushing over me and burning me. But the water isn't half as hot.

I finish up and get dressed. I decide on the black wig today. I'm partial to that one. I put my blonde locks back up and the wig on. Just as I walk out of the bathroom, I am startled by Darkonda's presence.

"How long have you been there?!"

"Long enough to know that you are an excellent whistler, my Queen."

"Don't you EVER enter my quarters without MY permission! Do you understand?!"

"Quite well, my Queen. I apologize for the my intrusion."

"What do you want?"

Just what the hell is Darkonda up to now?

"I have a plan to speak with you of."

"This had better be good."

"Oh, it IS, my Queen. I have come across a machine that is capable of time travel."


"So, if we were able to go back in time to when the Rangers were children, we could easily defeat them BEFORE they ever became such a nuisance."

"Brilliant! Get on it right away."

"Yes, my Queen."

As Darkonda leaves, I do have to be impressed with his plan. His cunning and resourcefulness is amazing, and his plan WAS brilliant even though he IS really creepy.

Later, in the Dark Fortress' Main Control Room:

"Are you ready, my Queen?"

"Yes. Fire up the machine!"

Darkonda turns it on.

"Ecliptor, are you ready?"

"Yes, Mistress."

I push the button on the hand held control. I don't trust either of them with it as the room fills with a bright light.

Back in Time: June 3rd, 1987, 10:37a.m.- K0-35:

"First stop, K0-35 to the home of Andros."

Darkonda gave an evil laugh with those words almost as though he was playing a joke on someone. I gave a grin in return.

On the Astro MegaShip, Current Time:

"Andros, there has been a disturbance of the space-time continuum."

"Where, DECA?"

"The disturbance originates from the Dark Fortress."

"Can you pinpoint the readings?"

"Yes. These types of disturbances are easily tracked. Three life forms have transported to the past.June 3rd, 1987: approximate time 10:47."

"Alert the others, we're going on a trip."

"Right away, Andros."

Not a minute later the five Space Rangers were gathered on the bridge. Andros informed them of the disturbance.

"But how can we stop them? They've traveled back in time."

"Simple, Ashley. You know that the MegaShip's speed is highly classified. The reason for this is because it is capable of traveling so fast that it can break the barrier of the space-time continuum and travel through time."


"But this time trip isn't for pleasure T.J. We've gotta find out what those guys are up to and stop them before they can cause any damage."

The Rangers nodded and Andros gave the command.

"Maximum HyperRush, DECA."

"Initiating Maximum HyperRush now."

The MegaShip blew off into space and disappeared into nothing. It reappeared in the orbit of K0-35.

"DECA, what is the date and time?"

"It is June 3rd, 1987, 10:50 a.m."

"Good, only three minutes behind. DECA, scan for Astronema."

"Scanning . . found, Astronema is in the city of Berjina in the main park."

"Good. Let's get going guys."

The Rangers chute through their jump tubes and head for the planet's surface.

In the Park on K0-35:

"Wait, did you hear that?"

I swear I had heard something, wait, there it is again. It sounds like children playing. I shush the others and peek through a bush. It is there that I see them. They are playing and laughing. I recognize the little boy. He's the one from my dream. But who is the other little girl? Their ball is getting away from them. The little boy chases it. But for some reason, my eyes stay on the little girl. She's watching him. I can see how happy she is. I don't see the big creature creeping up behind her until it is too late. As he reveals himself to her, she screams. I remember this now. This is my dream. I all of a sudden can't move.I am frozen. I so want to help the little girl, but I can't. I recognize her kidnapper it is Darkonda! No I whisper to hoarse to yell. She is screaming.

"Andros! Help me! Andros!"

Andros. She disappears behind the trees, he is too late. He yells her name.

"Karone! Karone!"


Behind Astronema (she is unaware of what is going on):

The Rangers appear just as Darkonda disappears with Karone.


Darkonda is startled, he didn't expect them.

"Yeah, Darkonda! If you know what's best for you, you'll go back to our time!"

"Cassie, dear, sweet Cassie after we get Andros, you're next."

The Rangers battle Darkonda and Ecliptor as Astronema watches little Andros run home. He is completely unaware of what is going on through the bushes and too worried about his little sister to notice. Astronema continues in her catatonic state thinking about the events that just transpired and about her recurring dream.

Karone, the little girl's name was Karone. I remember everything. She is me, Darkonda - he stole me. the thoughts are coming to me so broken, yet I understand them all. I am not Astronema. I am not evil. I am Karone. I have a family, a brother Andros. I don't belong here..

A tear dropped down my cheek as the anger in my veins deleted all memory of the purple toxin. I was filled with rage. I turned and saw the fight going on behind me particularly the one skirmish between Andros and Darkonda. I stood and watched for awhile thinking.

"Well! What are you waiting for Astronema?! Blast him!"

I aimed my Staff of Power at Darkonda.

"What are you doing Astronema?!"

"I am NOT Astronema! You stole my life from me! You made me believe I was evil! I hate you! I am NOT Astronema.I am Karone! Sister of Andros, daughter of Kaila and Bastien! My family loves me! I'm doing something I should have done a LONG time ago!"

With those last words, I fired my Staff at Darkonda and destroyed him. I feel my knees weakening under me and I collapse. Ecliptor rushes to my side. The Rangers, who all witnessed my revelation, stand and stare.

"Are you alright?"

Ecliptor seemed genuinely worried about me. He had always taken care of me and protected me. But I was so angry with him! How could he do this to me?

"Why, Ecliptor?"

"I didn't tell you because I didn't want to hurt you."

"Hurt me?!"

"I was given the privilege of taking care of you after you were taken prisoner and you had already been brainwashed. For a time, I actually believed that you were Astronema until I learned your true story from Darkonda. I was so angry with him that I told him never to show his face around you again. I thought he wouldn't but obviously, he did. However, by the time I had learned the truth, you were already grown up. I decided that it would be best just to let it be."

I was stunned. For someone so evil, he truly cared for me. He had always been like a father to me. I looked over at the Rangers. They had demorphed and Andros could only stare in shock and disbelief. I imagine that he was doing some thinking of his own. I could see the gleam of a tear in his right eye. I remembered that's always where the first one came from. All of a sudden, my black outfit, my armor, and my wig dissipated. I was left in an outfit much like the Rangers wore. My blonde hair was once again free and blew in the light breeze. I looked at Ecliptor.

"Go. You don't belong with me anymore."

I stood for awhile then hugged Ecliptor. He deserved at least that much. Then, I walked over to Andros. I had no idea how he would react to me. The first tear had long since fallen down his face and many more had followed. I looked into his eyes and he looked into mine.


He really knew who I was! He really recognized me! I didn't know what to do. Then, like a huge wind had come, we were just pushed together. Some force stronger than our own fear had put us where we belonged in each other's arms. Both Andros and I knew that the other Rangers were watching but we didn't care. We broke down in tears. We knew, wherever we were at, that we were home.

"UH, we should get back."

Carlos was right, we should get back to our own time. I looked around, but Ecliptor was gone. He had taken the remote control device to the time machine. I said a silent prayer for him, but I knew that he would be okay. T.J. pulled out his wrist device and the rest followed his lead. I was transported with Andros to the MegaShip.

On the MegaShip:


"Yes, Karone?"

It felt so good to be called by my true name again.

Andros and I shared a giggle. It was time to go home.

"DECA, Maximum HyperRush."