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Chapter 1: Zordon's Ranger
by : AstroPurple

A young girl walked the corridors of the Galaxy Megaship. She was alone on that ship except for Alpha 5 and ACTOM. She had never known any friends. Her sixteenth birthday was drawing near.

“What’s the use of celebrating it without family and friends.” she thought. “I'll always be alone.”

She was Sirena, a young girl trained to hold the Purple Power. Her mission as the purple space ranger, to rid the galaxy of evil. After seeing the destruction of Eltar, she had decided that Dark Specter and his army would be the first on her list.

* * *

“Andros, emergency transmission intercepted.” DECA said.

“I'll call the others on Earth, Andros.” A hyper yet perky human teenager named Ashley said.

A few minutes after, Cassie, TJ, and Carlos teleported in.

“All right what’s going on?” TJ asked when they got there.

“It’s a message, from Zordon.” A silence followed after Andros stopped speaking.

“Play it Alpha.” Carlos jumped in to fill in the silence.

On screen an image of Zordon appeared. “Sirena, be careful what you do with the disk. It’s too dangerous to leave on you. You must stop Dark Specter and his allies Rita, Zedd, the Machine Empire, Divatox, Havoc, Astronema and there armies. What ever you do, do not fall into their hands. I know you are strong. But there is a time when even the strongest warriors need help. Trey of Triforia, and the Aquitian rangers will help. If it’s not possible, find the Phantom Ranger and Dulcea. I know your training came to an end abruptly, but I know you can win. Alpha, ACTOM take care of Sirena.”

“Who is Sirena, Alpha?” asked Cassie after the image ended. “And who are the other guys, except the Phantom, he mentioned?”

“I don't know.” The little robot said. “But Trey is a warrior and prince of Triforia. He is an ally of the Power Rangers. And Dulcea is an old friend of Zordon’s. The other evils are those who have tried to conquer the Earth before Divatox and Astronema.”

“Do you guys think Sirena is Zordon’s daughter? And he mentioned Alpha and an ACTOM. Who do you think he is talking about?” Andros had a good point.

“I couldn't help hearing, rangers.” DECA said. “But ACTOM is also an on- board ship computer. He is installed on the Galaxy Megaship.”

“And Alpha could be Alpha 5.” piped up Alpha 6. “I'm sure all of you, but Andros remembers him. He and Zordon were at you ceremony as a ranger.”

“Oh yeah. Now I remember.” said Carlos.

“We'll just have to wait and see who Sirena is.” said Ashley.

* * *

Sirena looked out the window of her room in the Galaxy Megaship. She let her mind drift to the events that happened a week or so ago on Eltar. Dark Specter and his army attacked. Her mentor and trainer, Zordon, had sent her and Alpha 5 to a secret Megaship hidden in a cave. They had barely made it into space when Dark Specter had discovered she was missing with the disk. Zordon had given her a disk. A disk Dark Specter wanted and needed. This disk holds the plans for a new advanced laser, that if fallen into enemy hands could wipe out the entire army that stands for good and justice.

She was now in space holding that disk with instructions from Zordon to guard the disk with her life it need to. Alpha 5 had plotted a course to a planet called Earth. Alpha had said she would need the help of the planetary rangers of Earth. She had disagreed but decided to go along with it. Besides, there’s no harm in taking precautions. Plus she would meet Dimitria again.

They had narrowly been killed by Dark Specter several times since there journey started. He hadn't trust anyone else with the job of getting the disk, so instead he had come after her himself. That’s what you have to do for hiring unacceptable help from those you couldn't trust.

“Sirena, you haven't had dinner yet. What would you like?” said ACTOM. ACTOM was the fatherly computer system on-board. ACTOM stands for advanced technology on-line for Megaship.

“I'm not hungry.” she answered ACTOM’s question. “I just wanna be alone for a little while.”

A beep sounded signaling ACTOM’s departure, leaving Sirena alone in the room again.

* * *

A galaxy away from them, the Astro Megaship holding the power rangers were speeding toward them heading for Ellis. The rangers were on the simu-deck working out. DECA, the on-board computer, beeped in to tell them they were approaching Ellis.

On the planet Ellis, the rangers stopped to check out a possibility of Zordon being hidden there.

Ellis was a planet like Earth. It was full of lush green plants, trees, lakes, and rivers. Ellis also had a desert. The rangers felt totally at home on Ellis. The rangers set off in two teams to search the small planet.

* * *

“Hey Cassie, who do you think this Sirena is?” Carlos asked Cassie. “I can't get that message off my mind.”

“Me too. Zordon warned her to be very careful. What if we don't find out who she is and Dark Specter already has her.” Cassie paused for a sec. “I feel so helpless just doing nothing. I mean we don’t even know who she is.”

“I know what you mean. As a power ranger we always are able to help others. It just seems weird for the first time that there is nothing we can do.” Carlos said.

They all lapsed into silence. And continued on there mission.

* * *

Out of range of the Astro Megaship’s scanners, the Galaxy Megaship cruised closer and closer. It’s size was similar to the Astro Megaship’s. The two rows of lasers on top allows firing in 6 different directions.

Inside the Megaship, Sirena sat in her room, which was the best out of ten. In her hand she was holding a profile of herself. Alpha had printed it from the ships records to let her read about her know past. All she knew about her was that she was kidnapped as an infant and given to Dimitria of Inquiris to raise. After the Dimitria left to help the power rangers she was sent to Zordon. Zordon took one look at her and decided to train her to be a power rangers. For a year she spent her time with Zordon and trained very hard. Alpha 5 had become her companion. Now Eltar was in ruins and Zordon was captured.

Sirena felt the Megaship shake as an alarm rang through out the ship. She bolted from her room onto the bridge.

“ACTOM, Alpha, what’s going on?” she shouted to be overheard by the computer and the funny robot.

“Aye yi yi yi yi. Dark Specter has caught up with us and is firing.” said Alpha.

“Sirena, out engine is disabled. Ellis’ gravitational pull is drawing us into her atmosphere.” ACTOM provided. “We have no control over directions anymore. Everyone, brace for the crash. And hope we land in one piece. Thank you for flying Galaxy Air.”

“ACTOM this is no time to joke.” but Sirena couldn’t help giggling a little. ACTOM had a sense of humor, unlike the other computers at Eltar. He was a great companion to have around to cheer things up.

* * *

Andros and Ashley made there way into the barren desert. They had been searching for over half an hour. During that time they had covered over half of Ellis. Ellis was a small planet. Andros heard his communicator go off. He signaled Ashley to stop.

“This is Andros.”

“Andros, our scanners indicate a large ship heading your way. Could be Astronema.” Alpha 6, the intelligent robot provided.

“Got it, we'll check it out.” said Andros. “Hey Ashley. Alpha said a ship is headed our way. Wouldn't surprise me if it’s Astronema.

Suddenly an enormous ship zoomed by. It crashed landed about a hundred feet ahead of them.

A side door opened and one of the most beautiful girls he'd ever seen got out. She walked over to what seemed like a damaged engine. And started to tinker with it. Then frustrated, she kicked it.

“Can we help?” Ashley called out.

For the first time she noticed them. She was surprised to see them, but then Andros thought he saw her lovely brown eyes turned icy cold.

* * *

Sirena saw the two rangers and her body stiffened. A million questions raced through her mind.

“Who are they? Do they work for Dark Specter? Are they good or bad? What do should I do?” A thought flashed through her mind. Deciding to take the risks, she grabbed her megablaster from around her waist.

“Don't move or I'll shoot, and believe me I'm not afraid.” She saw a look of surprise pass through there faces. “I don't know who you are, and frankly I don't care. I don't even want to know who you work for, but one wrong move and your ashes.”

* * *

Andros and Ashley froze when the girl pointed the megablaster at them. They could tell she was serious. As if by magic, Carlos, Cassie, and TJ appeared behind her.

TJ slowly and quietly approached her. Before he could move, she spun around and delivered a kick to his stomach. She back flipped a safe distance away from them.

Andros and Ashley ran to join the others. “Ready?” He asked. “Let’s Rocket!”

Soon each of them was morphed. Cassie thought she saw a look of amazement cross the girls face. To their surprise the girl was not afraid.

“Let’s Rocket!” The girl also screamed.

“How can she do that?” Ashley turned to Andros. “I thought we were the only lightstar rangers.”

“We are. Unless I'm mistaken. Zordon only gave me five morphers. How can there be six.” Andros grew really thoughtful.

* * *

Sirena saw the bewilderment written all over their movements. She smiled to herself. This'll be great.

“Meteorite Sword!” Her lucky and special sword appeared in her hand. “Get ready for a fight, because I'll give you one.”

The other rangers heard her and produced their own special weapons.

“Spiral Saber!”

“Lunar Lance!”

“Astro Ax!”

“Star Slinger!”

“Satellite Stunner!”

A battle erupted between them. Sirena proved to be an excellent, and determined fighter. She blocked every kick, punch, and attack they delivered. She even landed a few good ones herself. Soon they were all tiring.

Sirena, Dark Specter and another vessel is approaching.” a computerized male voice said.

The girl, Sirena, looked at them. “You've kept me here long enough. My patience is running out.”

Before she could say anything else, two groups appeared. One was Eclipter and several Quantrons. The other was Dark Specter, Divatox, and a ton of piranatrons.

“Get the purple ranger.” came the deep voice of Dark Specter.

Both groups started running towards her. The girl took them all at once. She seemed to be fairing pretty well. Then Eclipter, Elgar, and Rygog decided to join in. Now the odds were against her.

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