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Love Never Dies
By: AstroPurple

The rangers were on Earth battling one of Astronema's newest monsters. A cute looking teddy bear, with toxic fumes that slowly kills his enemies. Because of this, the rangers were being especially careful. That proved difficult, even though the monster looked clumsy, he was very fast on his feet.

"Sirena, watch out!" Andros yelled just in time to save Si from the toxic fumes of the Teddy Bear monster.

"Carlos, try the quadra-blaster." Ashley suggested. So far, none of their weapons seem to be working on the monster.

"Good idea Ashley." Carlos complimented his girlfriend. "Quadra-blaster!" A weapon containing the Astral Ax, Lunar Lance, Satellite Stunner, and Star Slinger appeared.

The monster was also immune to the effects of the quadra-blaster. The rangers were getting desperate.

Suddenly, from out of nowhere, a gold ranger appeared. He seemed to be on the ranger's side. Within minutes, this new and mysterious ranger defeated the Teddy Bear monster easily.

"Who are you?" TJ called out to the new ranger.

The gold ranger ignored TJ's question. Instead his gaze came to a rest on Si. He spoke, but not to TJ, instead to Sirena. "Are you all right?"

"Who is he?" Cassie whispered to Si. "Do you know him? He seems to know you."

"I don't know who he is. I've never even met him before in my life. And I don't know how he could know me." Sirena said back a little too loud.

The mysterious ranger must have heard, for he said. "Sirena, don't you know me?" Si frowned at him, trying to think. "It's me, Zephra."

Ashley gasped. "Uh oh." She thought to herself. "What's Si gonna do know? This is gonna be fun." Ashley sat herself down to watch the sparks.

"Zephra?" Si said a little uncertainly. "Is it really you?" By now, the male rangers had gotten curious and had walked over to watch. "My god, it's really you!" Sirena ran over and gave him a hug.

"So far so good." Cassie muttered under her breath. "Ashley what are you doing?" Cassie noticed, for the first time, that Ashley was sitting and watching like she was in a movie theater.

"I'm watching, what else." Ashley said. "Gotta make sure Si doesn't do anything wrong, like flirt." She said casually.

"What are you guys talking about?" Andros asked. He was confused by everything that was going on. It seemed Ashe and Cass were the only rangers who did.

"Well," Cassie started. "Zephra used to be Si's crush. She made the mistake of telling him, she loved him. Of course, she thought he was killed on Eltar, so she told us. And the rest you know."

They all turned back to watch the drama unfold. Zephra had removed his helmet when they were talking. He wrapped his arms around Si's waist, and bent to kiss her. Ashley noticed Andros clench his fists.

"No Zephra, I can't." Si pushed away. "I don't love you anymore." She turned back to the other rangers. "I've found my place in the universe, and my love." She said looking strait at Andros.

Andros relaxed. Si still loved him.

"But, your welcome to stay for a few days." Sirena looked questionably at the other rangers.

"Sure. Fine with us." The rangers all murmured their agreement. "We've got an extra room on the megaship."

"I guess I'll stay for a few days." Zephra agreed reluctantly. It hurt him to see Sirena with someone else. "Sirena, you must promise me you will think about leaving the team, and traveling with me."

"Okay, I guess so." Sirena answered. "ACTOM, DECA, seven coming up."

In a shower of colored lights, the rangers were teleported onto the combined Galaxy and Astral megaship.

* * *

Sirena, Cassie, and Ashley took the day off and resumed their shopping at the Angel Grove Valley Mall.

"So what do you guys think I should do about Zephra? I mean, I need to think of a good, solid reason to tell him why I won't go with him." Si looked over at them.

"How about this, me and Cassie, can look through his records in the Universal Power Ranger's Records. And if we find anything dirty about him, we'll tell you. Then you can use that as an excuse to stay with us." Ashley said.

"I don't think that's very nice." Cassie voiced her opinion. "You should tell him the truth. It's the only thing that really works. Or else, he'll just keep bugging you and bugging you."

"I know, but I'm afraid of hurting his feelings." Sirena said sympathetically. "Hey! Watch where your going." She yelled as someone bumped into her.

"Sorry." A pretty petite girl wearing all pink and said. "It's just been so long since I've been home. Guess I'm pretty excited to get some shopping done."

"That's okay. Do you wanna join us?" Sirena offered.

"Sure. My name is Kimberly." The girl said.

"I'm Sirena, and this is Cassie and Ashley." Si introduced.

The four girls were immediately acquainted. She and Cassie seemed to get along quite nicely. They continued on their shopping.

Several hours later, with their arms loaded with packages, the girls walked out of the mall. They dumped their stuff in Ashley's car and decided to go to the park.

"Man, it's been so long since I've been here." Kim said. "I wish I never left. How could I have been so stupid?"

Sirena smiled. The girl seemed to have a lot of energy.

Around them, a group of quantrons appeared. All the other civilians scattered, leaving Ashley, Cassie, Sirena, and Kimmie alone.

"Uh oh." Ashley said. She delivered a kick at one to keep it away from Kimberly.

"I can take care of myself." Kimmie said as she sent a quantron flying into another.

Cassie and Sirena shrugged as they each took out several quantrons. Within minutes the quantrons left.

"Tell me something." Kimberly straitened up as she said. "Are you guys power rangers?"

Cassie, Si, and Ashley looked at each other surprised. What are they gonna say. They couldn't tell her the truth.

"Don't worry. I was once a power ranger under Zordon." Kimmie said quietly. "I can keep your secret."

"How did you know?" Cassie said surprised. They hadn't said anything at all to give their identities away.

"Because your each wearing a communicator." Kim pointed to their wrists. "Only power rangers wear one. And let me guess. Ashley is the yellow one. Cassie is pink. And Sirena is purple."

"What color were you?" Cassie asked. "Let me guess this one. Pink. Am I right?"

"Yep. Good old pink. Guess purple is new."

Sirena smiled a little. "Zordon has been captured." She said quietly as her face clouded over. "We've been traveling all over space looking for him. Angel Grove is still our main base though."

"Wish I could help." Kimmie said quietly. "Do you think my old morpher still works?"

"No!" Sirena shouted. Everybody looked at her surprised. "Zordon told me about them. The power coins were destroyed. If you use it, the power may very well destroy you too." She explained.

"Sirena," Kim said. "Your a power ranger. You should know that rangers sometimes sacrifice themselves so that others may live in peace. And if I have to, I will use my morpher."

"I know, it's just that I can't let you sacrifice yourself if I could've done something." Si said looking down. "I blame myself usually."

"We all do Si." Ashley said. "I blamed myself when the power chamber was destroyed." She added sadly.

"We all did Ashe." Cassie said quietly. "We all thought, that if we fought harder, the power chamber would still be there."

"Zordon use to say to the old rangers, 'What has happened, should not be changed, because it is the way things should be." Kim said. "I mean, what if the power chamber was still there, you would never have met Andros and maybe Sirena."

"I guess your right Kim." Sirena said smiling for the first time. "We could meet tomorrow and maybe go see a movie."

"Great! See you at the Surf Spot at let's say 3:30?" Kim looked at them closely. "Or should it be later?"

"3:30 is fine." Ashley said. "See you then I guess."

By now, they had reached Ashley's car. Kimberly took her bags and left. The three female rangers teleported on to the ship. Zephra was waiting for Si.

* * *

"Sirena, I can't stay forever. I'm giving you about a week to make your decision. Please come with me." Zephra begged.

"Zephra, I told you I can't go with you. My life is here with the other rangers, and Andros." Sirena turned and left for her room.

Zephra stared sadly after her. "If you only know what I did to be here with you." He thought depressed.

Zephra left the ship for a stroll on Earth. Without warning, Eclipter and several quantrons appeared.

"Hello Zephra," The menacing warrior sneered. "Astronema want's to see you." He advanced. Zephra raised his morpher. "I wouldn't do that if I were you. Not unless you want Sirena hurt."

"What does Astronema want, Eclipter?" Zephra asked warily.

"Oh, she wants you to do a little something concerning the rangers." Eclipter laughed. "Just to deactivate their defense shield so we can get on."

"No!" Zephra said. "I won't do that to my friends." He didn't want to do that to Sirena.

"Are they really your friends?" Eclipter asked. "Take the red ranger for example. He has taken Sirena from you. If not for him, Sirena would be with you. And the others all support their relationship."

"I won't do it Eclipter." Zephra said through clenched teeth. "Sirena may not love me anymore, but I still love her. I won't do it to her and her friends."

"Well then, quantrons, destroy him!" Eclipter said as the quantrons ran to fight the unmorphed Zephra.

Zephra was in serious trouble. He couldn't fight unmorphed. He had never been taught to. Everything he did related to evil was morphed. A purple streak landed in front of him. It was Sirena.

"All right Eclipter, this is my fight now." Si was anything but happy. "Meteorite Sword!" Sirena slashed her way through several quantrons. "I would leave if I was you."

"Too bad you didn't say good bye to your friends. Your defeat will make me know to the universe." Eclipter wanted to win, badly.

The two clashed in an ugly battle. Both were worthy fighters and unwilling to retreat.

"We're coming Si!" Ashley yelled as she and the other rangers leaped from their galaxy glider.

While the rangers took care of the quantrons, Zephra took the opportunity to morph and give Sirena a hand. He had to keep Eclipter from giving Sirena or any of the other rangers a hint or even a slight idea as to what he had done on Eltar. He was too ashamed to let Sirena find out.

* * *

The next morning, Si came over from the Galaxy to hang out and talk. Zephra looked curiously as to what she was referring to. Sleepy TJ pulled himself from bed for breakfast. He was getting breakfast when Ashley shrieked.

"Oh my god!" Ashley yelled as if she was suddenly remembering something. "They're gonna kill me."

All the rangers looked at her in surprise. They waited patiently for her to explain.

"Well, do you remember how we promised Kim we would meet her to go see the movies?" A nod from Si and Cass was all she needed. "We'll I promised Tara and the rest of the cheerleading squad that I would be at practice."

"Hold on a minute." Carlos said. "Who is Kim?"

"You don't know? Who am I kidding, of course you don't know. We met Kim at the mall the other day. She use to be a ranger for Zordon." Sirena explained. "You should have seen the way she took some of those quantrons down."

"And guess what color she was." Cassie said grinning from ear to ear. "Pink. Isn't that like, so cool? I knew there was something different about her the minute we met her."

"You did not. Besides, we wouldn't even know her if I hadn't invited to her go shopping with us." Sirena protested.

That started a fight between Cassie and Si.

"Hello! Does anyone still remember me?" Ashley called out. "I still need to find out what to do about cheerleading."

"Sorry Ashe. Why don't you just go to cheerleading? I'm sure Kimmie wouldn't mind." Cassie said.

"Hey, where's Zephra?" Sirena asked. Zephra had disappeared during the fight. "I think I'd better go look for him."

Sirena stood up and left. She wondered the hallways looking for the gold ranger. A noise from the bridge drew her attention. She peeked in to see Zephra sitting in front of the communication systems. Curious by nature, Sirena stayed there and listened in on Zephra as he contacted someone.

"Zephra to home, does anyone read me?"

"Selene here. Zephra is that you?" A young girl's voice came over from wherever Zephra was communicating.

"Yes Selene, it's me. Have mom and dad heard what I've done?" Zephra's last statement drew Sirena's attention.

"Yes. They're really mad. How could you do it? Zordon was the essence of good. And you left the fight so you could live! A thousand other warriors would have rather died, then let Dark Specter get Zordon!" The girl, Selene said.

"I did it for this girl I met, Selene. She was the best thing that ever happened to me. She told me she loved me. That's why I let Dark Specter get Zordon, I wanted to be with her." Zephra answered to the horror of Si.

"Who is she?" Selene answered. "Does she know what you did?"

"Her name is Sirena. She is from Inquiris. And no, she doesn't know what I did. If she did, she would never talk to me again. Sirena is Zordon's faithful student. She is also the purple ranger. Sirena has dedicated her life to finding and saving Zordon. Do you think I would tell her what I did?"

"I guess not. Sirena of Inquiris. I've heard of her. Reeck came back from a mission and told me of a young warrior who saved his life, and he said her name was Sirena. He also said she was a really strong and determined to rid the galaxy of evil." Selene said. "She sounds very ambitious."

"She is, but she is also amazing. Now you see why I did what I did?" Zephra asked his younger sister Selene.

"Yes. Selene out."

Zephra turned to leave. Sirena scooted down the hallway at lightning speed back to her own ship. She was furious at Zephra for letting Zordon get into Dark Specter's hands. Si headed for the teleportation room to teleport to Earth.

* * *

Trini answered the door at her house. An unknown girl stood out there.

"Hi. Is Kim here?" The girl asked awkwardly.

"Yeah. Hey Kim! There's someone at the door for you." The pretty Asian girl called out.

"Oh hey Sirena." Kim said when she recognized the purple ranger. "Come on in. This is Trini. She was the yellow power ranger during my time." Kim added in a low voice. "Don't worry Trini. Sirena's a power ranger also. One of the present rangers."

"Cool!" Trini led them into the family room. "My parents are out of town. I got back two weeks ago from the peace meetings I was attending."

"Hey Si. You look bummed. What's the matter?" Kim asked concerned. "Is the pressures of being a ranger too much?"

"No. It's a boy problem." She answered. "Do you think we could talk about it?" Sirena asked Kimmie and Trini.

"Sure. No problem." Trini said. "Kim's great with matters of the heart."

"So what's the problem?" Kim asked. "Is the boy you like not responding to your signals?"

"No. You see, I with Andros, our leader right now." Sirena paused to let Kim and Trini finish giggling. "But a month or so ago, I told this warrior I met that I loved him. I thought he was killed on Eltar defending Zordon. Well, yesterday, he showed up and saved us (the rangers) from one of Astronema's monsters. He asked me to leave with him, and travel in space. This morning, I eavesdropped on one of his conversations with his family, and found out that he left Zordon to the mercy of Dark Specter. I want to destroy him for it, but I think I still have feelings for him. He wants me to leave so badly with him, but I don't want to leave Andros."

"Well, in a situation like this, which one treats you better and is cuter?" Kim asked.

"Well they both are cute, and they both treat me great. I don't know who I like better." Sirena sighed.

"Then, I would beat the crap out of the traitor and stay with Andros." Kimmie said.

"Maybe you should meet them first before making a decision like that Kim." Trini suggested.

"Great idea! You guys can come on the ship and meet them. Come on!" Sirena grabbed their hands and pulled them up. "ACTOM, three coming up."

In three waterfalls of light, the three girls arrived on the Galaxy Megaship. Kim and Trini were stunned.

"ACTOM, where's everyone else?" Sirena called out to the computer. "I'll explain the ship to you later." She told Kim and Trini.

"The others are on my simu-deck working out. Let's see, they have the mud monster program running, and they're getting their butts kicked." The on- board computer said.

Sirena led the way to the simu-deck. The door slid open with a hiss reveling a swamp. The morphed rangers and Zephra were battling some ugly looking mud monsters. They were losing.

"Just a second." Sirena said to her two guests. "I need to help them. Seems they're giving a really bad example of how we fight. Let's Rocket!"

Sirena was in the fight instantly. She took care of two monsters with one blow, the rangers seemed to have new life breathed into them.

"Meteorite Sword! Activate Flame Tip now!" With several slashes, all the monsters crumbled into dust. "Now that is how we fight." She called to Trini and Kim, who were standing in the doorway.

"Hey Kim!" Ashley called out. "Is your friend also an old ranger? Yellow right?"

"Yep. That's Trini. Kim's staying at her house." Si answered Ashley.

"Come on. I wanna make introductions in a more formal place. Stop simulation ACTOM." Sirena called out. "Power down!"

Introductions were made in the formal living room of the Galaxy Megaship. Cassie asked if they could spend the night on the ship. They occupied the exact same rooms in which Cassie and Ashley spent the night.

Later that night when the other rangers and Zephra were on their own ship. Si, Kim, and Trini got together to discuss the love problem.

"I think Andros is a hunk." Kim said to Si. "Stay with him. He is really charming."

"Kim, you think all the boys you see are hunks." Trini teased her. "And aren't you with Tommy?"

"No I broke up with him. Met someone else." Kim answered sadly.

"I'll bet Tommy and Andros were the same. Sweet, cute, charming, and shy. Am I right?" Sirena asked.

"Yep!" Trini answered. "Kim was drawn to Tommy the minute she saw him. It was love at first sight."

"Stop discussing my love life." Kim protested.

"Sorry, back to mine. Should I tell Zephra he's a traitor and a creep? Or should I just give him the brush off?" Sirena asked.

"Brush off." Trini said.

"Kick his butt." Kim said at the same time.

"Or, I could do both." Sirena answered. "But you guys have to be there when I do it. I don't want to do this alone."

"Sure. Fine with us." Kim answered for the both of them.

Without warning the alarms started blaring. Kim and Trini covered their ears while Sirena led them to the bridge.

"ACTOM turn the alarms off. Loud enough to wake the dead." She muttered afterwards. "What's going on?"

"Astronema's attacking a dance club called the All Nighter." ACTOM answered referring to the image on the screen. "DECA doesn't know because she's getting old, so the other rangers don't know yet."

"Well I don't want to wake them up. I'll take care of this. Kim, Trini, if I run into trouble have ACTOM contact the Astral Megaship." Sirena instructed.

"Okay. Be careful." Trini said.

Sirena nodded and headed to the jump tube. She stuck her hand out, turned and grasped the bar above and slid into the tube.

* * *

She appeared inside the club amiss a group of quantrons. Sirena got their attention and steered them toward another part of the club, while the occupants ran out the other. Si went through a series of flips, kicks, punches, and moves clobbering a dozen or so of the metal heads. Finally, seeing the odds were on her side, they left.

"Sometimes, I can actually hear them yell let's get the hell out of here." She thought with a smile.

Sirena was prepared to call her galaxy glider and get back to the ship, when she heard a noise behind her. Swinging around, she saw it was another of Astronema's monsters. It smiled devilishly.

"Not again. This is not turning out to be my day. Your only making it worse. You better pack your bags, cause I'm sending you back to where you came from." Sirena pointed at the monster.

In response, it produced a long and weird looking staff. "Allow me to introduce myself." It said. "My name is Magician. If you don't surrender the Earth, I shall destroy you."

"That's what they all say." Sirena called out. "But in the end, they're wrong. What makes you so sure you can defeat me?"

"We'll see." Magician attacked Sirena with his staff.

Sirena avoided his staff easily only to be blasted by a high, voltage lightning strike.

"Man, that hurt." Although she didn't like to admit it, the blast had gone right through her suit.

The blast affected her more than Si thought. Something was wrong. She just couldn't focus on the fight at all.

"Something wrong?" Magician laughed. "Go back and tell your friends that nothing can destroy the Magician." He disappeared in a puff of black smoke.

"Galaxy glider, hang ten!" Sirena called out weakly.

Her glider appeared in front of her. She pulled her self on with a great effort. The glider shifted into hyper space to rush her back to the ship.

"Sirena, are you all right?" Someone called out to her.

Sirena realized she was demorphed. She couldn't make out who was leaning over her. Everything was blurry. For a moment, her eyesight seemed to start to focus, but then everything went black.

* * *

In the outside world, Trini and Kim were beginning to panic. Something was wrong with Sirena.

Kim leaned over her and started to shake her. "Sirena, are you all right?" She called out.

Si opened her eyes a little, but then closed them.

"Get her to the medical bay while I contact the other rangers." ACTOM instructed the two girls.

"Where's that." Trini asked clueless.

"Just follow my red lights." ACTOM said.

Between the two girls, they managed to get Sirena into the medical bay and onto a bed. Now all they could do was wait.

* * *

Andros groaned as the alarms on the ship blared. He hadn't fallen asleep yet, but was about to. He pulled himself up and left for the bridge. There he met the other rangers including Zephra.

"What's going on DECA?" He asked.

"Astronema attacked a danced club and Sirena went to stop her. My scanners weren't on so I didn't detect anything. She's been hurt. I don't know how badly, ACTOM just contacted me." DECA said in her expressionless tone.

The rangers teleported immediately to the Galaxy Megaship. They found Sirena in the medical bay. Trini and Kim were freaking out.

Both Andros and Zephra were by her side instantly. Cassie and Ashley tried their best to calm Kim and Trini down to get the facts. TJ and Carlos did a check up on Si to get her position.

"She's not doing very well." TJ said softly. "Whoever did this was extremely powerful. His blasts must have been able to get through her suit. There's nothing we can do right now."

Andros barely nodded. "If only I was there with you," He thought silently. "This would never have happened."

Zephra was also thinking. "If you had gone with me, this would not have happened." He thought. "I blame the power rangers."

"Trini said, that before Si blacked out, she said 'the Magician' and something else they couldn't pick up." Cassie whispered softly to them.

"Incoming message from some wacko named the Magician." ACTOM's voice cut through their thoughts.

Andros and Zephra snapped out of their trance. The rangers hurried to the bridge to receive the message.

"Hello power rangers. I trust the computer has already introduced me. I am Magician. And how is the meddlesome purple ranger doing? I hope well. I tried not to hurt her too much." The disfigured person on the screen said.

"So it was you who did that to her!" Andros yelled much to the surprise of the rangers.

"You could say that. But I was only acting on orders from Dark Specter. You wanna fight me, meet me at Stone Canyon in let's say, ten minutes. Do you accept my challenge?" Magician said threateningly.

"I accept." Andros said. He pushed a button and the screen disappeared.

"Andros, your not gonna do it are you?" Ashley asked worriedly. "Sirena wouldn't want that."

"Of course I'm going! I'm doing this for Si." Andros turned to leave. "You can't stop me."

"Andros, you go, we all go." TJ said. "We're a team. And if one of us go for Sirena, then we all go for her. She's my friend. I can name several times when she's saved my butt." TJ added.

"Me too. Si's always been there for me. And if she's hurt, I wanna help her." Carlos added in.

"All right. We all go." Andros agreed reluctantly.

They headed for the jump tubes to leave for the Earth. They all went through the same process in which Sirena went through to get to the All Nighter. They stuck their hand out, turned and grasped the bar above and slid into the tube. After traveling through the tunnels of hyper space, they arrived at Stone Canyon.

* * *

"Rangers welcome, I was afraid you weren't going to show up." Magician sneered. "And your all here."

"We're here all right." Andros said. "You undo what you did to Sirena, or face the consequences."

All the rangers did a stance to try and unnerve the Magician. He only laughed in their faces.

"No, face my consequences." The Magician lashed out with his staff catching the rangers by total surprise.

The rangers fought with renown strength thinking of their wounded friend in the medical bay. Andros was not gonna give up. He was either gonna fight till he died, or till the Magician was destroyed. Zephra had the same determination. Only, he was gonna fight till he could fight no more.

The Magician's staff sent Ashley and Cassie slamming into the ground, and TJ and Carlos seriously wounded. Finally, by his luck, Andros and Zephra were down too. The rangers tried to regroup, but to no success. The Magician was about to give a fatal blow when somebody's blaster hit him.

"What!" The Magician looked up to see where the blast came from. There on her galaxy glider was Sirena. "Impossible! The blast I dealt you with should have kept you on your back for at least a week." The Magician shouted.

"Yeah, well believe it. Your words at the club are about to fail, cause I'm gonna make you eat your words." Sirena leaped from her glider aiming a lethal kick at the Magician's head.

He raised his staff only to have it kicked out of his hands. The Magician was defenseless.

"Impossible." TJ said shaking his head. "When we left, Si could hardly even open her eyes. Now she's here fighting as if nothing happened."

"Well, Si is a lot stronger and powerful than any of us. Who knows, she might be able to heal in record time." Cassie shrugged.

"Just a second there." Andros said. He had been watching Si since she got there. "Si's still weak. Her moves aren't dealt with her full strength. She's still really weak, but able to fight. We'd better help her."

With that, the rangers launched themselves into the fight to help Sirena. Sometime during the fight, Sirena was able to pull Zephra aside and have a private talk with him.

"Zephra, I know what you did on Eltar." Sirena told him. She couldn't keep it a secret any longer.

"What?" It was hard to tell Zephra's expression from behind the helmet. "What do you mean?"

"I mean how you let Zordon get into Dark Specter's hands." Sirena was running out of patience.

"How'd you find out?" From the expression in Zephra's voice, he had realized what Si meant.

"Doesn't matter. What matters is that I'm giving you two choices. One, to get out of here while you can. Two, to stay and wait till my anger reaches it's peak, and I'll destroy you." Sirena explained calmly.

"I'm not leaving. You wouldn't have the guts to destroy me." Zephra said firmly. He loved Sirena.

"Maybe I wouldn't, but Andros or one of the other rangers would." Sirena wished he would just leave.

"Doesn't matter. I'd rather fight you, then leave you." Zephra said.

"Fine by me. My angers already reached it's peak." Sirena said. "Meteorite Sword!"

From somewhere on his body, Zephra produced a long sword to match Sirena's. It seemed as though he didn't have a choice.

"I don't want to have to hurt you Sirena." Zephra warned.

"You don't have. All you have to worry about, is me, destroying you."

If Sirena had not been in her weak state, she could easily have defeated Zephra. Because of her lack of energy, she and Zephra were equal.

In a burst of flames, the Magician was destroyed. Cassie glanced around, it suddenly registered in her mind that Sirena and Zephra were gone.

"Look!" Ashley yelled, she pointed up towards the cliffs. Somehow Si and Zephra had made it up there. "Something must of happened."

Andros felt anger go through his entire body. He had no desire to lose Sirena again. He could feel Si call out to him in her mind. She needed him.

Sirena could feel Zephra's strength. He was not gonna be defeated easily. Zephra was not one to give in easily or die easily.

"Andros help me!" Sirena yelled in her mind. "I can't hold on much longer." Her strength was beginning to fail her. She felt sleepiness overcome her mind. "I will not give in and show my weakness." Sirena shouted at herself.

Zephra was about to deal a death hit when Andros interfered. The Spiral Saber wounded him greatly.

Exhausted, Si collapsed into Andros's waiting arms. She felt herself demorph from the huge amount of power she had used to heal.

Each of the rangers joined by Andros's side, to show they were all willing to fight Zephra if he did not leave. Deciding the odds against him were tremendous, Zephra left in his ship for home.

"ACTOM! Six coming up." Carlos said into his communicator.

Framing the evening sky, a pink, yellow, blue, black, and a mixture of red and purple showers of light, left Stone Canyon for space.

* * *

"There's Sirena!" Kim yelled when they got back. "She scared us half to death with her disappearing trick. Where'd she go?"

"Judging by the look on her face, she's not well." Trini said. "Save your 'I'm really mad at you' lecture till she's well again Kim." Trini teased.

"I was not gonna give one of my lectures. Well, maybe just a short one." Kim said.

In the medical bay, Kim and Trini were still disagreeing when Cassie and Ashley realized that Andros and Sirena wanted to be alone.

"Come on!" Ashley said. "You can finish disagreeing outside. Where you won't bother Sirena."

The two dragged four grumpy teenagers out of the room. Cassie closed the door behind them. All four girls immediately pressed their ears against the door to try and get as much of the conversation as they could.

"Shut up!" Kim whispered furiously. "I can't hear what they're saying." She wailed.

"Be quiet or they'll hear us." Trini shot back. "Cassie quit complaining. I can't hear over your voice."

"You guys quit bickering." Ashley whispered hoarsely. "I can't hear a thing they're saying."

* * *

Inside, the two could clearly hear the argument as if they were out there with them. Automatically, Andros caressed Sirena's cheek lightly. All he could see was her beauty.

Leaning down, he whispered, quietly and soothingly in her ear. "Do you feel the same way I do?"

Sirena responded by kissing him. After a second or two, Andros responded with warmth beyond recognition. Sirena was totally lost for what seemed like eternity. Finally the time came to part. Her eyes begged silently for more. He responded with a kiss that made her entire will melt. She lost track of time and space. Her heart was beating so loud, that she almost didn't hear him murmur her name.

"Sirena, we have to stop now." Andros whispered pulling away. He didn't want to lose the moment. "You need to recover."

"I already am." It was clear from her look, and voice that she wanted more.

"No. Your still wounded. I'll stay by your side." Andros pulled up a chair and sat by Si's side.

Presently, she fell into a deep sleep with dreams of her and Andros.

The End... for now


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