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Reunion of the Year
By: AstroPurple

Several days after Zephra left, Sirena recovered fully. After complaining of the huge amount of monsters the others had defeated without her, during her temporary health condition.

“It’s good to be back on my feet.” Sirena said to Andros as they strolled through Angel Grove Woods. “Everything looks so beautiful out here.”

“I know.” Andros whispered in her ear. “That’s because your here. Your making everything magnificent.”

Sirena couldn’t help blushing into a deep crimson red.

“Hey Sirena!” Cassie called from up ahead. “Your face is the same color as Andros’s scarf.”

Sirena glared angrily back at her. If looks could kill, this would be the time for Cassie to drop dead. Ashley turned around from way up head to see what Cassie was talking about.

“Hey you guys!” She called out. “We were suppose to meet Kim and Trini a few minutes ago. Let’s get going.”

“Didn’t they say they had a surprise for us?” Carlos asked. “If I remember right, they said some people we would all be dying to meet.”

“Yeah!” TJ said. “Something about some old friends.” He shrugged. “Those two, especially Kim, are weirder than you girls. Who knows what they have planned or are planning.”

“Well, I see them up ahead. Looks like three other people are with them. Three males. Perhaps their boyfriends.” Andros said.

“Where?” Sirena looked ahead standing on her tiptoes. “There they are. Hey, you know, that guy in red is kinda cute. But Andros is better looking.” She quickly added smiling sweetly at him.

“Hey, there you are!” Kim called out excitedly. “We were getting worried. What took you so long?”

“We would’ve gotten here sooner, but those two were beginning to lag behind us, so we had to hurry them along.” Cassie said pointing at Sirena and Andros. “Otherwise, we would have been here sooner.”

“Okay. Well, this is Jason Lee Scott.” Trini introduced the guy closest to her. “The one in black is Zack Taylor. And the last is Billy Cranston.”

“Guys, these are the present Power Rangers we’ve been telling you about.” Kim said. “This is pink ranger Cassie, yellow ranger Ashley, black ranger Carlos, blue ranger TJ, and the two lovebirds are purple ranger Sirena and red ranger Andros.” She ignored Sirena’s glare. “The five of us, were the original rangers. Then Tommy joined us.”

“Kim met Cassie, Ashley, and Sirena at the mall.” Trini explained. “That’s how we met the present rangers.”

“Figures.” Zack whispered to Jason. “The mall is practically a girl’s life. They couldn’t possibly live without it.” Ashley glared at him. “Hey, I didn’t say anything, it was Jason.”

“Don’t worry about Zack,” Jason said. “He’s a little abnormal. Karate isn’t really for him, dancing is.”

“Now that’s something he and Ashley have in common.” Cassie said. “Ashley use to teach dancing at the Youth Center. Only that was before the power chamber was destroyed, and we went to space.” Cassie added dejectedly.

“Hey, Kim and Trini told us. It’s not your fault. It would’ve happened anyway.” Jason said soothingly.

“Let’s go to the Surf Spot.” Sirena suggested to cheer up the atmosphere. “We can get something to eat. And then maybe, with Andros’s permission, we can show you the megaship.”

“Sure, fine with me.” Andros said. He slipped his arm around Sirena’s waist and pulled her closer. “We can teleport to the Surf Spot.” Everyone nodded at that idea. “DECA, eleven to the Surf Spot.”

A purple, and five pairs of red, yellow, pink, black, and blue waterfalls of light teleported away from the peaceful woods. The eleven teens appeared in an alley behind the Surf Spot. They slipped into the building and into the busy place. The teens found an excluded table and sat down. The motherly owner, Adelle, came over quickly.

“My, such a big group today! Now, what would you guys like?” Adelle asked cheerfully.

"We'll take 5 baskets of fries, and what would you guys like to drink?" Ashley asked the group. "I know I'd like a Dr. Pepper."

"Hmm. I don't know. Let me think." Sirena thought aloud. "You guys go ahead. I can't decide."

"I'd like a coke." Trini said. "Billy you'd want sprite, right?" He nodded. "And Jason a coke also?"

"Yep." He glanced around at the crowded place. "This place reminds me of the Youth Center."

"I try to make it cozy for everybody." Adelle grinned.

"I'll take a vanilla milkshake. Hey Sirena, you done thinking yet?" Kim asked her purple clad friend.

"No. I can't decide between the chocolate milkshake, or a cherry coke. The rest of you go ahead. It'll probably take me an eternity."

"All right. I'll have a coke." Cassie said.

"Mountain Dew please Adelle." Carlos said.

"I'll have a vanilla milkshake too." TJ decided.

"A vanilla milkshake too, I guess." Andros copied his friend.

"Sirena?" Adelle turned to look at her.

"I still can't decide." She answered.

"For goodness sakes SIrena, just pick!" TJ yelled. "You take forever. If you don't order, I'll order for you."

"No way! I'll order myself. A cherry coke, no wait, on second thought how bout a chocolate milkshake." She finally decided to everybody's relief. Adelle left them alone to get their order.

“Were you doing that on purpose to annoy us or what?” Trini asked.

“I just couldn’t decide. So lay off.” Sirena said. “You know, sometimes I wonder what would happen if we had a ranger reunion.”

“Hey! Now that’s a good idea. Christmas is coming up in a week and a half. What if we had a power ranger Christmas Party. We could use the megaship.” TJ said.

“No!” Andros said immediately. “The megaship is for battle, not to throw parties.” Andros got up and left.

“Sirena what about the Galaxy?” Ashley asked. “Couldn’t we have it there?”

“Nope. ACTOM is under repairs on Triforia. They’re installing a new tracking system in. It’ll help us find Zordon faster.” Sirena explained.

“Well, you go talk to Andros.” Cassie said. “He could never say no to you. Besides, your his favorite.”

“You know, favoritism does come in handy with Andros.” Carlos said smugly. “So go talk to him.”

“No way! I’m not gonna use our relationship to get him to change his mind.” Sirena protested. “Besides, I don’t want to break his trust.”

"Come on SIrena. Do you wanna have this party or not?" Kim persisted. "It was your idea."

"Come on you guys." Jason cut in. "If Sirena doesn't want to do this, then forget it. We can have it some place else."

"Yeah! Like Trini's basement. Her parents are gone, and her basements huge." Zack said. "It'll fit all of us."

Billy had stayed quiet during the entire discussion. "Shh." He said, quieting the entire goup as Adelle came over with their orders. "Or we could have it at my house. Remember, my parents already know about the power rangers."

"Well, Sirena please go talk to Andros first." Cassie begged. "Get him to listen to reason. The megaship has enough room, and it'll give us a chance to show off in front of the other rangers."

"That's not really a reason Cass." Ashley poked her in the ribs. "This is a reason, tell Andros that it would be a great place to show tapes of funny moments and get to know each other really well."

"Okay, I guess so." Sirena sighed. "I'll be right back."

* * *

On the megaship, Andros stared out into space on the bridge. He was lost in his own thoughts.

“Andros.” A soft voice broke into his thoughts.

“Go away Sirena.” He said tightly. He knew she would come to change his mind. “I don’t want to talk right now.”

“All right, I’ll be in my room.”

He could hear the hurt in her voice. He spun around to watch her leave. “Wait, Sirena.” He called her back. “You really want to have this party do you?” He asked her.

“Yeah. It’s not everyday, all the rangers meet for a big party or a get together.” She said to him. “Plus, we’d all learn a little more on the history of Earth’s power rangers.”

Andros sighed. “All right. We can have the party on the ship, if that’s what you really want.”

“Really!” Sirena could hardly believe it. “Thanks Andros.” She gave him a big hug. “I gotta tell the others. Kim, Trini, Jason, Zack, and Billy have phone calls to make.” She ran out.

Andros smiled at her enthusiasm. That’s what he loved about her the most. Her desire for life and freedom. It’s what drew his eye to her in the first place. “Maybe TJ and Carlos are right,” He thought. “Maybe we are meant for one another.” Andros smiled and leaned back to his own thoughts.

* * *

“You guys!” Sirena yelled as she ran into the Surf Spot. “Andros said yes to the party, thanks to yours truly.”

“See!” Cassie exclaimed. “I knew he would give in to you. All you had to do was ask him. Besides, your the one he dates.”

“Well, since the party is on. You guys have phone calls to make.” Ashley said to the old rangers. “We’ll call Justin, so he knows and can call Tanya and Adam.”

The group finished their snack and split.

Carlos found a phone booth and called Justin. “Hey Mr. Stewart. Is Justin there?” He asked. “Hey Justin! It’s me Carlos. Guess what?”

“What!” Justin said excitedly.

“We’re having a party on the megaship. It’s a ranger reunion. All the power rangers of the past are gonna be there.” Carlos explained the details of the party quietly, but excitedly to Justin.

“I’ll be there with Adam and Tanya. They wouldn’t want to miss it. Can’t wait to meet Sirena. She sounds great. Of course there are the old rangers. I heard that Billy is really smart. Like me! See you next week in Angel Grove.” Justin said good bye to each of the rangers.

“It’s all set you guys.” Carlos said hanging up. “Justin’s flying in next Monday. Let’s go see how Kim and the others are doing.”

“Well what are ya waiting for, come on!” Cassie was more excited than anyone else. “We’re wasting time just standing around.”

Kim and the other rangers met them half way. They had gotten through to all the other old rangers.

“They’re all flying in next Monday.” She shrieked. “I can’t wait, I can’t wait. This is so exciting.”

“Calm down before you scare everybody into changing their minds.” Zack teased. “We wouldn’t want to give the present rangers a bad image of us.”

Around them, an army of quantrons led by a new monster appeared. All the rangers got into position to take them on.

“Well what do we have here?” The monster said. “A group of rangers.” Luckily no one was near. “Quantrons, get them!”

The battle started. The old rangers took on the quantrons pretty well. They kept them away long enough for the others to morph.

“Let’s Rocket!” Sirena shouted.

They all punched in the numbers that were as familiar to them as their own face. In seconds the purple, pink, yellow, blue, and black ranger were fighting along with their friends. Sirena alone took on the monster.

“Meteorite Sword!” She spun her sword in a dizzy circle demolishing any quantrons that came near. “You metal heads are getting on my nerves!” She said angrily as four more went down.

In minutes, all the quantrons were lying in a pile in front of the monster. They were either broken, destroyed, demolished, or too tired.

“Hey ugly!” Jason yelled. “We’d like to return this shipment. They seem to have some problems.”

“I’ll be back rangers, then you’ll regret it!” He said before him and the quantrons were taken by Astronema’s teleportation.

“What a workout.” Trini exclaimed. “They’re harder to beat than putties. I guess it might because Astronema has more power than Rita.”

“I personally hope we never have to see that monster again. He was positively ugly.” Kim muttered.

“I’ll get back to the megaship and do some scans to see what Astronema is cooking up.” Sirena said. “I’ll talk to ya’ll later.” A push of a button and she was gone in a purple light.

“I just hope she concentrates on the scans and not on Andros.” TJ couldn’t help adding. “Sometimes those two just get too involved with one another.”

“Well you gotta admit, after that episode with Zephra, those two should be a little closer.” Ashley defended her friend.

“Yeah, well I just think those two are spending too much time together. For one, Andros is spending all his time with Sirena, so that he hardly ever spars with us now. Don’t you think they’re too attached?” TJ complained.

“I think their relationship is a lot better than anyone else’s.” Cassie joined in on the argument. “Take battle for example, they never leave each others side, nor when they do would they let each other be killed. That’s the kind of relationship everyone wants to have. And I think Si and Andros are fortunate to have that kind of a bond.”

“Cassie and Ashley are right. A relationship like that is one of the best. You shouldn’t try to break that up.” Zack added casually. “Take me and Angela for another example.”

“Oh please Zack. You and Angela didn’t even go on a descent date without her getting mad at you for leaving.” Jason teased.

“Hey! It wasn’t my fault. It Rita didn’t send so many monster attacks, then me and Angela would actually have a descent date.”

“Like that would ever happen.” Billy was getting hyped up too. “Not in a thousand years would she go out with you again.”

“Now that ain’t true. She was ready to go out with me again when Rita interfered.” Zack defended himself as best as he could.

“Come on guys. Lay off Zack.” Kim said. “It isn’t his problem he can’t get a date with Angela.”

Zack glared at Kim. It seemed the old rangers may not be the best of friends sometimes too. The present rangers grinned. This brought back a different memory for each of them.

* * *

Over the weekend, the rangers got together to decorate to simu-deck for the big bash. Streamers and balloons lay all over the room.

“You know,” Zack called down from where he was. “This would go faster if you girls would actually do some work instead of working on your acrylics.”

“Well, I’m a sorta old fashion gal.” Sirena called up. “I believe, that boys should do the hard work and that the girls should just sit and look pretty. Besides, we girls have to do a lot of work around the house.”

"If you gals don't get off your butts soon, the sample foods gonna be all over your pretty little heads." Jason called from the refreshment table he was setting up with Billy.

"We're coming!" Cassie groaned. "This is so much hard work just getting up. What do you want me to do? I gotta warn you, with these wet nails, there's isn't much I can do."

Sirena wandered over to where Andros and TJ were installing a monster sound system.

“Can I help in anyway?” Sirena asked innocently. “Zack and Jason were complaining about the lack of work hands.”

“Unless you can help us wire the speakers for maximum sound, then there’s not really anything you can do here.” TJ grumbled.

“I’ll try. Now what is that thingy your holding?” Sirena asked sweetly. “It looks like Ashley’s nail polish bottle.”

TJ rolled his eyes. “None of this stuff is cosmetics Si. Now hand me the electromagnetic insulator.”

“Um, hate to ask, but what in the world is an electrowhatchamacallit?” Sirena couldn’t help asking.

“It’s the padded board next to the screw driver.” Andros offered. “You know, you don’t have to do this. There are easier stuff like putting up the streamers and the balloons.”

“I know, but that means I’ll probably break an acrylic.” Sirena said to annoy the hell out of TJ.

“You really know how to drive a guy crazy do you?” TJ asked. Everything Si was saying was flying round and round inside his head.

“Well, it’s not like I haven’t done it before. Of course you can always ask ACTOM, he keeps better count at these things than me.” Sirena said.

“I’ll bet.” TJ couldn’t help mutter. “You’ve probably have annoyed him with your constant chatter for a really long time. Just cause he’s installed, he can’t escape from your voice.”

Sirena was about to say something back at him, when Kim’s voice rises above the others.

“Oh no!” Kim shrieked. “I still have to get a dress for the party. Tommy’s gonna be there. Cassie, Sirena, Ashley, Trini, one of you guys have to come with me. I won’t know what to get.”

“I’ll come Kim. It’s about time we got a break.” Ashley informed the others. “The rest of you can stay and finish up. We’ll be back soon.”

“A break?” Jason said. “You guys just started like two seconds ago, and now you need a break. Get real!”

“Just let them go.” Billy whispered to Jason. “It’ll be two less problems to worry about.”

“Fine.” Jason agreed dejectedly.

* * *

Two hours before the party, Sirena, Ashley, and Cassie all gathered in a room to get ready and dress up. They helped each other with their make-up and hair.

“Do you guys think I should put my hair up in a French twist or just let it hang loose?” Cassie asked.

“A French twist would look great on you Cass. Here, let me do it.” Ashley offered. She gathered up all of Cassie’s hair and twisted it tightly. She grabbed a comb from Si’s hand to hold up all the hair. “How does this look?”

“It looks great Ashe.” Cassie commented. “What do you want to do for your hair?”

“I think a simple bun should do it. What about you Si?” Ashley glanced over at her friend.

“Hmm. I was thinking of just letting my hair loose. Maybe a little curled.” Sirena explained.

“Great! You’ll knock Andros out to the next galaxy!” Cassie grabbed her curling iron.

And hour and half later, Cassie and Ashley were done. Si had to admit. She looked wonderful. Her long hair now cascaded down her back in ringlets. Ashley insisted on a little hair spray.

“Hey, you gals ready?” TJ called through the closed door. “The others will be here soon with our guests.”

Oh no! None of them were even dressed yet. A mad scramble followed for clothes and shoes.

“No, not done yet. Just need another ten minutes.” Sirena called out. She touched up her make-up and re-combed her hair into a modern teenage Alicia Silverstone look.

“All right, but hurry up.” TJ yelled.

All three girls got dressed in lightning fast time. They helped finish each others make-up and hair.

“We’re done!” Ashley called through the door.

The door slid open with a hiss revealing the three girls in a mess of clothes and hair products. Ashley was wearing a shiny yellow dress that sparkled like a million stars. Cassie was wearing a short pink sun-dress that showed off her legs. But it was Sirena, that drew Andros’s full attention. With her hair flowing loosely around her shoulders, she was dressed in a spaghetti strapped gown with a low v-neck. Of course, her dress was a deep shade of purple. All Andros could do was stare.

He gulped. “Sirena, you look wonderful.” It was all Andros could choke out before he found himself lost in her beauty.

Sirena felt her cheeks turn pink at the compliment. He reached out for her hand and grasped it tightly.

On the simu-deck, all the other rangers had already assembled sometime ago. Kim could hardly wait for them to get there and start the music. Of course, none of them knew how to operate the thing.

“Sirena you look great. Now let’s get through the introductions and get the party started.” Kim said losing patience.

“Okay guys, I’ll start by color. I gonna mention every single name, so bear with me now. The red rangers are Andros, Tommy, and myself, Jason.” Jason started, and pointing to each of them. “The pink are Cassie, Kimberly, and Kat. The yellow are Aisha, Ashley, Trini, and Tanya. The blue are Rocky, TJ, Billy, and Justin, I just met. The green is Adam. The black are Zack, and Carlos. And lastly, the new purple ranger, the babe next to Andros, Sirena.” Sirena shoved him into a wall. “Hey, I was only joking. The present rangers, as some of you can tell, are Cassie, Ashley, TJ, Carlos, Sirena, and their leader Andros. I could name couples too for them. The couples are Ashley and Carlos; TJ and Cassie; and Sirena and Andros.”

“Great! The introductions are over with. Now let’s get the party started!” Kim was almost pulling her hair out.

“Hey Kim, chill.” Tommy said. “You wouldn’t look very nice bald.” Everybody started laughing. Tommy slid his arm around Kat. Kim glared daggers at them.

TJ turned on the music full blast. Everyone started dancing. Kim dragged Trini and Sirena away from the others out of the room, obviously mad.

“I can’t believe he’s dancing with Kat.” Kim choked out. “I thought he loved me. We said we would never leave each other.”

“Well, you did say he and you broke up.” Trini said. “That’s probably why he’s dancing with Kat.”

“Hey Trini, why don’t you go back to the dance. I’ll talk with Kim. Oh, and tell Andros I’m talking with Kim.” Sirena whispered to Trini.

When they were alone, Kim burst into tears.

“I can’t believe he would do this to me. Why did I even send that letter. I can’t believe I just wanted to make him jealous. I should’ve known this would happen.” She sobbed.

“Hey, it’s tough. I mean, look what I’ve been through. Even in the end, me and Andros survived.” Sirena comforted Kim. “You’ve got to stand strong. Come on, let’s get back to the party.”

Kim agreed. They walked back onto the simu-deck. Suddenly all the music stopped. DECA’s voice came through instead.

“Rangers, Astronema has sent a monster to the Angel Grove Beach.” She informed them.

“Thanks DECA, we’ll teleport from here.” Andros called. “Let’s go. We’ll be back.” All the present rangers gathered around him. “Let’s Rocket!”

In the quiet room, the digits could be clearly heard. In a flash of light they were gone. DECA operated a viewing screen so the rest could see the fight.

* * *

The six rangers flipped onto the scene. Sure enough, a monster was trashing the place. It attacked them when they appeared. The monster was the same one that attacked earlier with the quantrons.


“Spiral Saber!”

The two weapons appeared with they were called. All the rangers, minus Sirena, got into their firing positions.

“Fire!” All the rangers shouted at once.

The monster was disabled temporarily, but Astronema’s satellite lasers gave it energy to grow.

“We need the Astral Megazord power!” Andros called out loud and clear.

In minutes, all the ranger were in the shuttle part of the Megazord. The Megazord took a few hard hits from the monster.

“Astral Delta Megazord, on-line!” Andros called into his battelizer.

The two ships met in space to transform. All this took only thirty seconds. (You would’ve thought more, but think of the speed of the ships.)

“Flying Power Punch!” The two hands, came off the Megazord and flew strait into the incoming monster’s stomach. With a scream, the monster exploded into a gazillion pieces.

Back at the party, all the girls gathered at one side, and the boys the other. Loud whines could be heard from Sirena, Cassie, and Ashley’s side of the room.

“The fight messed up my hair.” Cassie grumbled. “Look at it, it’s a big mess. Why of all the times, does Astronema have to send a monster now. Couldn’t she have waited until tomorrow?”

“Look at your hair! Look at my nails!” Ashley cried waving them in front of Cassie’s face. “They’re all ruined. Look at how many acrylics I chipped and broke. My poor nails!”

Of all three, Sirena still looked the same. She hadn’t messed up her hair or nails, if it wasn’t for the fact that they were all there at the fight, everyone would have though she had stayed on the megaship.

“Sirena, how come you don’t look like them?” Kat couldn’t help asking. “You were fighting also.”

“The trick is, to let the guys do all the dirty work.” Sirena explained. “That way, your hair and clothes don’t get messed up. You keep your look that way. Besides, it’s not as if the guys complain also.”

“We heard that!” Adam called from his side of the room. “As a matter of fact, we care about our looks too. Just, not in the way you girls do.”

“Is that an insult!” Tanya shot back. “Cause if that is, you Adam Park, are gonna get it.”

“Ooh!” All the other rangers muttered. “Hey Adam, Tanya’s gonna blow. You better watch out for the pieces.” Rocky muttered.

“Rocky!” Kim yelled. “Just so you happen to know, you have not changed at all since I last saw you.”

“Rocky takes that as a compliment.” Justin grinned. “He loves being teased like that. Keep it up.”

“Oh we’ll keep it up. You can count of it.” Aisha smiled. “You know Rocky pretty well for a little twerp.”

“Aisha, as a matter of fact. Justin will not be belittled by your comment. Having an enormous brain, he is intelligent enough to know that such comments should not affect a person’s self-esteem in anyway.” Billy informed them.

“What?” Everybody yelled after Billy finished.

“What language is he talking in?” Sirena shouted.

“What Billy means, is that, because Justin is really smart, he won’t be made to feel smaller by insulting comments. He has a huge brain, and is smart enough to realize that insults shouldn’t hurt a person’s confidence in anything that person does.” Trini translated.

“Thanks for that lecture, Professor Cranston.” Tommy shouted out.

Everyone giggled at the comment. They knew how much Tommy hated lectures. Not all the rangers were able to understand Billy.

“Hey, why don’t we transform the simu-deck into a dojo, and see which one of us is the best martial artist.” TJ called.

“That’s easy. We all know Sirena will whip everyone’s butt.” Carlos answered. “But cause these old rangers don’t know how good Si is, let’s give them a chance to embarrass themselves.”

So the vote was in. The simu-deck was transformed into a dojo. The rangers were each given some workout clothes to wear and the tournament began. Billy insisted on being the score keeper. Aisha, Tanya, and Carlos decided not to join.

First up was Kim and Zack. In the end, Kim won. Second was Rocky and Trini. This time, Rocky won. Next was Andros and Cassie. As always, Andros won. Then was Kat and Jason. Jason won. Tommy and Adam was next. Both had amazing skill. In the end the 4th degree black belt, Tommy won. Last was TJ and Sirena. With high action kicks and punches, TJ was soon on his back.

In the second round, Kim, Rocky, Andros, Jason, Tommy, and Sirena were left. Kim, Rocky, and Tommy were eliminated. A fight between Sirena and Andros was long and tiring. Both were great warriors by strength and cunning by nature. They switched techniques every two seconds to try and get the best of each other. In the end, as always, Sirena won with a blurry combination of a round house and a front snap.

Last, it was Jason and Sirena. This fight would determine the winner. All the girls sided with Sirena, and the boys with Jason.

“Is there anyway to get out of this now?” Jason called to Billy. He had seen the way Sirena fought and was getting a bit antsy.

“Why are you scared?” Tommy called from the sidelines. “Chicken.”

“Don’t worry Jason. I’ll go real easy on you.” Sirena assured him. But somehow, he didn’t feel assured in anyway.

Both bowed to each other and the fight started. Jason started with a cyclone that set Sirena on defensive. Sirena caught Jason’s incoming foot and sent him spiraling down. Now Sirena was on offense, and she planed to stay on offense. She bent her knees and pushed herself off into the air. Using Jason’s shoulder as a brace, she launched herself back into the air. Surprised, Jason did the one thing he should not have done. Looking up. Sirena came down in front of him and a back kick took him down.

“Break!” Billy called. “And the winner is, Sirena!” A mass of screams from the girls drowned him out.

“Wow!” Was all Rocky and Adam could say. “She was amazing.” They whispered to Tommy at the same time.

“Yeah, she took Jason down easily. No wonder Carlos and TJ were so sure she would win.” He whispered back.

“Think she could take on me, you, Adam, and Jason?” Rocky asked.

“Probably not.” Tommy said. “She can’t be that good. Let’s go. Excuse me.” Tommy said elbowing his way through.

Everyone realized what they were going to do. They quieted down to wait. Jason got up to join them. Before they could reach Si, she back flipped through the air and landed behind them.

Rocky and Adam attacked at the same time. Sirena blocked their kick, and sent one of her own their way. They moved fast leaving Tommy and Jason to grab her foot. Thinking they would win, Rocky and Adam reached in to grab her. She was in the air fast, and twisted her foot out of their grasp.

“Man, they need help.” TJ muttered from the sidelines. “What do ya say, we help them against Si. She can’t possibly take on all seven of us.” TJ said to Andros and Carlos.

They shrugged and what was four against one became seven against one. Cassie and Ashley tried to stop them thinking Si couldn’t handle it. But the three joined in anyway.

Even though it was seven against one, Sirena still seemed to be able to handle the pressure. To her, it was still one to one. The fight lasted for some time without stop, with Sirena on defensive, and then on offense.

Suddenly, swords appeared in all their hands. Startled, they all paused confused to see what had happened.

“Rangers, this is a simulated sword. Do not worry, it will not harm you. It acts as a real one, stopping each other, but no permanent wound would be inflicted on our body. The simulation will tell when who is considered dead if this is a real fight. Then that person must pull out.” DECA assured them.

After DECA stopped speaking the fight resumed. Sirena proved to be an expert with a sword. She sent everyone minus Carlos tumbling. With Carlos she slashed at his chest, he was unable to block. True as DECA’s word, no wound was inflicted.

“Carlos, pull out.” DECA’s voice came through to inform him. “That was a death blow.”

Carlos left the ring to the others. TJ was next on her list, he was soon out of commission too along with Carlos. Then came Adam and Rocky. They too left the ring to Sirena, Jason, Tommy, and Andros.

The four went for sometime without any changes. Then Tommy made the mistake of trying to stab Sirena who dodged out of the way. Instead the sword stabbed Jason, who also left the ring. Angry, Tommy charged Si. A hard hit sent her sword flying out of her hand. He tried to stab her again, but her hands closed on the blade. Surprised, Tommy realized her couldn’t pull it out. She had a death grip on it. Sirena then let go sending Tommy falling backwards onto the floor. She launched herself into the air and landed beside her fallen sword. She slipped her foot under it and flipped it back into her hands while twirling it in a dizzy circle.

“Sirena’s gonna kick your butts!” Kim called out. “Come on, finish them off.”

“Calm down Kim. She’ll get to that part.” Ashley whispered. “Hey Kat, betcha Sirena’ll kick your boyfriend’s butt.”

“I already know she will. Did you see how she stopped that sword? That proves Sirena knows how to handle herself.” Kat answered.

“Well, I’ll bet Ashley, Tommy and Andros’ll win.” Zack shot towards her.

“How about the boys bet the girls?” Tanya challenged. “If we win, you have to go shopping with us all. If you win, we have to give you all a nice massage and back rub.”

“Your on!” TJ entered. “But Andros and Tommy’ll win. Just watch.”

“Oh we’ll watch. Sirena win.” Cassie giggled. “Then we’ll watch the look on your faces when we drag you guys to the mall.”

“Yeah. Trini grinned. “This should be fun.”

Sirena slashed the two swords out of her way. She sent a round house their way which they ducked. In that moment, in several fast moves that looked blurry to the watchers, she disarmed the two and won the fight.

“The winner, Sirena.” DECA’s voice interfered again.

“Yes!” All the girls shouted with delight. They all ran onto the mat and hugged each other.

“Noooooo!” The boys said instead. Jason covered his head and collapsed on his knees. Andros and Tommy looked in surprised.

“Sorry guys.” Justin started to explain. “We bet the girls that you would win. We lost, so we have to take them shopping.”

Tommy looked like he want to pulverize all of them. Andros just looked confused. He turned towards Sirena.

“Congratulations Si.” He offered. “Didn’t think you could do it.”

“Now why would you doubt me. I can do anything. If you recall, I was trained by Zordon. That means, I can’t lose. Least in my opinion.” Sirena boasted. “But sorry about killing you.” She gave him a hug. “Didn’t mean to, but it was the only way to win the stupid fight.”

“Oh hey Sirena!” Tommy called to her. “Think you could teach me some of those moves you used? They were great.”

“Sure. But gotta tell you, they are hard. It takes lots of practice.” Sirena said sarcastically. “It took me a whole year and I still couldn’t do it until I had to fight Darkonda. The my instincts kicked into high gear, and I let Darkonda eat dirt. He wasn’t very happy.”

“I’ll bet.” Carlos muttered. “Darkonda hates to loose. No wonder he hates you so much.”

“Well, I’m not exactly liked by all the monsters in the universe. Especially when I foil their plans. I think Dark Specter hates me the most.”

The rangers decided to spend the night at Trini’s house to just talk and gossip. All eighteen teens camped out at Trini’s house. The girls the family room, and the guys the living room. Of course, not everything was perfectly fine. The girls made too much noise during the night which set the boys on edge.

The next morning, Tanya woke up to find a person missing. It was Sirena. Her sleeping bag was empty. Everyone else was still asleep. Thinking she could be in the living room with the guys, Tanya slipped out.

“Hey guys.” She called into the room. They were all awake. “Have any of you seen Sirena? She’s gone.”

They all looked up from their conversation.

“No.” We haven’t heard anything at all. Let’s check the other rooms in the house.” Zack suggested. “She probably had to go to the bathroom or something.”

A few minutes later, they came up with nothing. The other girls were woken up and informed of the situation.

“Sorry, I’m a heavy sleeper. I didn’t hear anything at all.” Ashley breathed. “Perhaps she went back to the megaship?”

“I already checked with DECA.” TJ said. “She’s not on board. DECA’s doing a scan of the city to see if she can locate Si.”

Before anyone could say anything else, a flash of purple light revealed Si in the middle of the family room.

“Uh, did I worry anybody?” She asked nervously.

“Where were you?” Was the first thing out of everyone’s mouth.

“ACTOM contacted me and said things were done. So I teleported to Triforia a few hours ago. I didn’t want to wake anybody.” She said nervously. “I just went to pick up ACTOM. He wanted to get back as soon as possible.”

“Well, at least we know Astronema didn’t get you while we were asleep.” Cassie muttered. “Of course, you would always have kicked her monster’s butts.”

“Very funny Cassie.” Sirena grumbled. “Just so happens, ACTOM has a new program on the simu-deck. He’s just DYING for you to check it out.”

“I’ve had enough of ACTOM’s programs for at least another century.” TJ muttered. “All he has are killer programs. No craterites, quantrons, or any of the easy stuff. He’s got the Mud Monsters, Stone Heads, Killer Ninjas, and all the other advanced training programs.”

“Why, you think Sirena is more able to take them on alone and unmorphed than us?” Carlos said.

“Well, you haven’t tried the Kalika program yet.” Sirena shivered. “I hate that one. I can’t defeat Kalika. She kicks my butt morphed or unmorphed, doesn’t matter to her. And there’s only one. She’s a simulation of the real one, with only half her strength and power. I’m suppose to go up against her later on.”

“Kalika? You mean Killer Kalika.” Andros muttered. “I’ve never been up against her, and never want to. If only she fought for the good side. I don’t even want to try the program either. Kalika has the strength of several hundred warriors. And why are you suppose to go up against her?”

“I’m the chosen one. All this rangering and working out is just getting me ready for her. You guys think your unlucky just fighting Rita, Zedd, the Machine Empire, Divatox, or even Astronema. I have to fight Kalika.” Sirena shuddered. “She is gonna whip my ass so badly.”

“The chosen one?” Rocky asked. “What’s that?”

“Let me explain.” Andros said. “The chosen one is a superior warrior chosen to fight Kalika. There is one after another, until Kalika is dead. The chosen one is always a female. Kalika has killed hundreds already. Sirena will probably suffer the same fate.” Andros looked at her sadly.

“How is this warrior chosen?” Adam was starting to get curious.

“I’ll explain this.” Billy interjected. “I know all about the chosen one. The chosen one is chosen by ability. Sirena must be the best female warrior in the universe to be able to get that title. Maybe not better than Kalika. But from what I know, Sirena was not chosen by ability, she was chosen because of her family. Si comes from a long line of warriors, both male and female. She is expected to defeat Kalika.”

Everyone fell quiet. Sirena glanced over at everyone’s faces. They all showed sympathy for her. She remembered the conversation she had with Zordon about this. She could remember it as if it happened yesterday.

“Zordon? Why am I here?” Young Sirena asked the head floating above her.

“You are too young to understand Sirena, but one day, you will come face to face with your destiny. It has been told in an ancient prophecy, that you will defeat Kalika, and free the universe of her terror.” Zordon looked gravely at the young girl in front of him. She was only six. “I was not suppose to have this conversation with you, Alpha will clear your memory of this. But one day, when we meet again, you will remember. For now, you must go back to Dimitria. And find your destiny yourself.”

That day had been remembered little by little. She recalled how Zordon told her, that her family didn’t want to her to live that destiny, she was sent away to be saved. But her destiny had found her again. There was no escaping.

“Earth to Sirena!” Kat called waving her hand in front of Si’s face. “Come back to Earth please.”

“She’s obviously still in orbit.” Tanya grumbled. “Sure, ignore us like we don’t exist.”

“What did you say?” Sirena asked snapping back to reality. “I thought you said something.”

“She didn’t say anything. We were just worried cause you were starring off into space for such a long time.” Aisha said. Sirena gave her a look. “We really were just worried.” Aisha tried to convince her.

“Oh.” Too late, Sirena was drifting off again.

“Sirena, several programs have been built into the simu-deck of the Galaxy Megaship to help you train by yourself.” Zordon informed her. “You must train everyday. It will help you with your battle against Kalika. You must not forget.”

“I understand Zordon. When will I have to fight Kalika?” Sirena asked.

“Sometime in the future. Now leave with ACTOM and Alpha before Dark Specter attacks. Do not worry about me. And guard the disk with your life. If it is ever threatened. Destroy the disk.” Zordon commanded her.

“I understand. If I meet Kalika, I am to destroy the disk also. It must never fall into the wrong hands. You can count on me.” Sirena turned and left for the ship that was waiting.

“Sirena, your floating off again.” Kim shook her shoulders. “Come on. What is wrong?”

“Nothing.” Sirena looked around at her teammates. “Let’s go see a movie. Then we’ll see about that bet you guys lost.”

“All right. I heard Titanic is playing today. You gals want to see it?” Jason grumbled.

“Sure!” All the girls high fived one another. “Let’s go.” They dragged the grumbling guys out.

Sirena turned to smile at her friends. “Better enjoy this now while I’m still alive.” She thought. Until her destiny came, she would enjoy her life and live it to it’s fullest. She had great friends, and a wonderful boy in her life. “Someday,” Sirena thought. “Someday, it’ll all come crashing down because of my stupid destiny. But they care about me, and love as one of them. For now, they are me family.”

The End... for now