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Coming of Gold
by: AstroPurple

“We’re gonna take Karone shopping for more clothes!” Ashley yelled before she, Karone, Cassie, and Sirena teleported to Earth.

“Come on. I wanna take her to my favorite store. Gazooks has great clothes.” Cassie dragged them all into the wild and crazy store.

“Ooh, this’ll look nice on you.” Sirena pulled a light purple blouse with stunning gold glitter off a rack.

“Actually, that looks awesome on you.” Karone corrected. “No offense, but purple isn’t really my color. Now gold, that’s more like it.”

“Well then, how about this one?” Ashley grabbed a silver and gold sun dress. “I’m positive this dress will rock on you.”

Ten minutes later, the four emerged from the store loaded with bags. They promptly set off for other stores of interest.

“Claire’s, Claire’s!” Sirena jumped up and down like an excited child jabbing a finger at Claire’s Boutique, an accessories store. “We can pick up some jewelry here. Please!”

Oh all right.” Ashley grumbled. “But shut up, people are starring and your embarrassing us.”

“Sorry.” She mumbled.

After raiding Claire’s, the four stormed through a ton of others. Three hours later, the four sat down to eat.

“Whew! I’m so tired.” Cassie complained. “What time is it?”

“It’s 6:30.” Sirena squeaked. “Weren’t we suppose to meet the guys half an hour ago?”

“Yeah, but we’ll tell them our watches were broken.” Ashley waved it off.

“But what if...”

“No but what ifs. They’ll believe us. Trust me.” Ashley cut Karone off mid-sentence.

“Okay Ashe.” Cassie muttered.

They quickly finished their quick dinner and left, hoping the guys were still at their rendezvous spot.

“Now where did they say they were gonna meet us?” Karone asked. Her arms were loaded with packages. “This stuff is heavy.”

“Um, somewhere around here I guess.” Cassie tripped and stumbled into Ashley who dropped all her bags.

“Hey watch it!” Ashley shrieked. “You klutz!”

“Sorry.” Cassie mumbled.


“What’s that?” Ashley grabbed Cassie’s arm.

“I don’t know. Hey Si, did you hear that?” Cassie asked. She got no response from her friend. “Karone?” Silence.

“What’s going on?” Ashley’s voice quivered. “Where’d they all go?”

“I don’t know. Ashley, I’m scared.” Cassie clung to Ashley’s arm too.

A low moan came from somewhere in the darkness. Both girls hoped it was just their imagination. The moan came again, only this time closer. This time, both girls shrieked and dropped all their bags.

“Let’s get out of here!” Ashley screamed. “I wanna leave!”

“What about Sirena and Karone?” Cassie asked.

“They’re big girls. They can take care of themselves.” Ashley turned to run.

Suddenly, TJ jumped out of the bushes. “Hey, leaving so soon?” He tried to hide the grin on his face.

“That wasn’t funny!” Ashley yelled whacking him in the stomach.

“Oof! It was Zhane’s idea.” TJ protested. “We just went along.”

“Yeah right.” Cassie sighed. “Where’s Sirena and Karone?” She demanded.

“Let go of me you big oaf!” Karone’s voice came from somewhere. “If I was still Astronema, I’d zap the shit out of you.”

“Whoa! Watch your words missy.” Zhane stepped out of the darkness followed by Karone.

“Sirena!” Karone yelled for her friend.

“Right here.” She stumbled out of the darkness with Andros. “Next time you pull a trick like that, I’ll personally see to it that none of you’ll be able to walk again.” She threatened.

“Ouch, ooo ah, stop it, please! It hurts, I’m sorry, I really am. I’m too young to die!” Zhane fell to the ground and pretended he was dead.

Karone delivered a sharp kick to his side. “Get up you louse!”

“Hey Andros.” Zhane croaked in pain. “Your little sister sure can kick.” Karone flipped him neatly over her shoulder. “And kinda beat me up.” He teased.

“Sirena, a little help here.” Karone glanced over at her friend the purple ranger.


“No!” Zhane was on his feet in a second. “Andros, do something! They’re gonna kill me.”

“Come on you two. Cut it off.” Andros said seriously. “We have to get back to the ship.”

“Party pooper.” Ashley muttered under her breath.

“You guys heard Andros, let’s go.” TJ ordered.

“Now I wish Zelphine was here.” Cassie muttered. “Too bad she left to stay with her family. Did you guys have to scare her away?”

“Us!” Carlos said shocked. “I thought it was you and your over-crazy big mouth that scared her away.”

“You better take that back Carlos Miranda.” Cassie threatened. “Or else you’ll wish you were never born.”

“Oooh.” Everyone murmured at the same time.

“And what are you guys looking at?” She demanded.

“Nothing. Absolutely nothing.” Ashley gave her a thumbs up. “Keep up the good work.”

“Come on you guys.” Sirena said. “Last one to the Surf Spot is the rotten egg!”

Everyone took off leaving Andros and Zhane looking confused.

“What’s a rotten egg?” Zhane asked Andros.

“Beats me.” He scratched his head. “Heck, even Karone knows what it is.”

“Your right. I’ll never get these Earthlings and their ways.” Zhane grumbled. “Let’s get back to the ship.”

In two lights, Andros and Zhane arrived on-board along with all the packages the girls had acquired on their shopping trip.

* * *

The next morning, all the rangers gathered in the cargo bay for breakfast together.

“Hey Sirena, don’t you ever eat on your own ship?” Karone asked out of curiosity. “I mean, I know you also have several sythetrons, but don’t you ever use them?”

“It gets lonely alone. Plus, I wouldn’t trust ACTOM to make anything besides Eltarian food edible.” She grumbled. “And I’d much prefer burgers, pancakes, orange juice, and milkshakes to Eltarian food.”

“I guess I wouldn’t trust ACTOM to make my food either.” Karone decided.

“Incoming transmission received.” DECA reported. “From Phantom Ranger and Trey.”

Sirena perked up instantly not to the surprise of anyone but Karone and Zhane.

“Whose Phantom Ranger and Trey?” Zhane asked on their way to the bridge.

“Phantom and Trey are friends.” Andros said in a the tone that meant ‘tell you more later.’ Zhane and Karone both nodded. “DECA, play transmission on screen.”

“Rangers, we have discovered where Dark Specter is holding Zordon. There is not much time left. You must come quickly to me planet Whydren in the Quinten system, sector 6-9-3.” Phantom Ranger spoke with Trey waiting in the background. “There isn’t much time.”

“ACTOM, DECA, set a course to the Whydren planet, sector 6-9-3, maximum velocity hyper-speed.” Andros instructed.

Both Sirena and Andros went to the piloting station of their ship and floored the gas pedal.

“I didn’t think the ships could go this fast!” Cassie yelled.

“I didn’t either!” TJ yelled back.

About two minutes later, the two ships stopped a good distance away so Dark Specter wouldn’t detect them.

“Karone, stay here.” Andros ordered. “DECA, don’t let her off this ship. You too ACTOM.”

“All right! I get the point.” Karone sighed.

The rangers all hoped on their gliders and flew to the Whydren planet.

“I had DECA scan for the Phantom and Trey when we got here. The gliders will take us to them.” Cassie said over their communicators.

“Great! Let’s get going then.” Ashley called over eagerly.

The seven gliders zoomed strait to where Phantom Ranger and Trey were.

“We didn’t think you would get here so soon.” A surprised Trey recovered.

“Well, both Andros and Sirena floored the gas to the max, otherwise, the ride would’ve taken longer.” TJ glared at the two.

“Your lucky we didn’t use the Astral Boosters.” Sirena muttered.

“The what?” Carlos asked. “What’s an Astral Booster?”

“We’ll explain it later.” Andros said. “Phantom, you mentioned you found Zordon.”

“Yes. This way, follow me.” Phantom Ranger led the way to a clearing point where two paths split. “From this point on, we must use caution. Dark Specter has posted many guards. He doesn’t take security lightly.”

With Phantom leading the way, the rangers ventured cautiously through the trees. True as his words, the rangers had to hide about a billion times from piranatrons that were on guard.

“Shh!” Trey whispered quietly. “We’re almost there.”

Soon they reached a clearing where Dark Specter’s ugly form was unmistakable. The rangers were preparing to attack when a name caught there attention.

“Darkonda, I fear the rangers have discovered our hiding place. You must go and delay them so we can get Zordon out of here.” Dark Specter paused. “An while your at it, destroy that meddlesome purple ranger.”

“The purple ranger? Wasn’t she dubbed the most powerful ranger in the universe? Far stronger and more intelligent than the silver ranger?” Darkonda asked.

“Yes! That’s why she is a nuisance. Her name is Sirena of Inquiris.” Dark Specter spat out the name as if it was poison.

“Sirena of Inquiris!” Darkonda looked surprised. “She is nothing but a rookie ranger.”

Sirena winced at that comment. True, she just became a ranger about two months ago, that didn’t mean she was incapable of being a ranger.

“Do not under estimate her strength and power.” Dark Specter growled. “She is becoming more annoying than Elsie of Eltar!”

“I could destroy the purple ranger with one hand behind my back.” Darkonda boasted.

“Then why didn’t you when she had not received the power yet?” Divatox appeared out of thin air. “You let her go when you had the chance to take your sword and stick it down her throat!”

“I didn’t think she would become a problem. You had better shut your clam if you want know what’s good for you!” Darkonda threatened.

“Yes, why didn’t you destroy her when you had the chance?” Dark Specter demanded. “Was it because you were defeated?”

“No! I slipped and she got the chance to destroy one of my lives.” Darkonda refused to admit defeat.

“Oh please.” Sirena muttered quietly. “You did not slip. And you cannot defeat me with one hand tied behind your back.”

“Um, Sirena,” Zhane tapped her quietly on the shoulder. “When did you defeat Darkonda?”

“Oh, it was when I was still with Zordon. Maybe about four, five months ago. No big deal. Really, it was so easy.” Sirena said casually.

“Give me one more chance.” Darkonda begged. “I will destroy the purple ranger! Even if it’s the last thing I do. Which is highly unlikely, I have six lives left. She only has one.”

“Fine.” Dark Specter said. “You will destroy her. You have only one chance, and only one chance.”

“That’s right!” Divatox trilled. “One chance. Or you feel the wrath of Dark Specter. The great Monarch of Evil.” Divatox was about to keep going, but stopped when Dark Specter looked at her.

“Is it just me, or was Divatox sucking up?” Carlos muttered.

“She was sucking up, and not doing a very good job of it.” Ashley whispered. “Even Sirena does a better job of sucking up to Andros.”

“Very funny.” Sirena shot her a menacing glare.

“So what do we do now?” TJ asked. “I mean, they’re gonna leave soon, and we have to get Zordon.”

“Don’t look at me. Ask Andros. He’s the leader.” Cassie shot him a look. “So what do we do?”

“Sirena, do you think you can keep them busy long enough for us to get Zordon out of here?” Andros asked.

“Um, with someone else yeah. I can’t fight both Darkonda and Dark Specter at the same time. And your forgetting the piranatrons.” Sirena reminded him.

“Oh yeah. Zhane, your with Sirena.” Andros instructed.

“Got it. I hope your ready for this little girl?” Zhane teased.

“Very funny. I hope your ready little boy.” Sirena shot back. “Circle around with me so Dark Specter won’t be tempted to look here and find the others.”

“Okay. Whatever you say little girl.” Silently, the two were able to get to the opposite side of where the other rangers were. Both got ready to fire and attack.

Suddenly, a ship flew overhead. This cause Dark Specter to look upward. Before Zhane and Sirena could attack, laser beams flew showering down and hitting the area around which they were. Two men in uniform appeared.

“Oh my god!” Sirena whispered silently. “Zhane, they’re friends of mine when I was with Zordon.” She answered his questioning glance.

“Dark Specter, Zordon is coming with us.” One of them said.

“Arion and Bryan, come to save your mentor. Well, here’s a bit of news for you two, Zordon is staying with us. So there.” Divatox blew a raspberry.

“Well, here goes nothing. Come on Sirena.” Together, Zhane and Sirena emerged from their hiding place weapons ready. “Oh no, we’re not leaving until we have Zordon.”

“Ahhh. The purple and silver ranger! Rygog where are the piranatrons?” Divatox turned and left.

Morphed, Bryan and Arion were unable to recognize their fellow comrade, Sirena.

“Chicken.” Darkonda muttered. He turned his attention back to the four. “Well, what do we have here? Arion and Bryan of Eltar, Zhane of KO-35, and lastly, Sirena of Inquiris. A cozy group.”

“Sirena?” Arion looked first at the purple ranger, then the silver ranger.

“Don’t look at me.” Zhane muttered. “Do I look like a girl to you?” He demanded.

“Sorry.” Arion apologized.

“Zhane, be nice. We’ll go through intros later. Right now, we’ve got Darkonda and Dark Specter on our hands.” Sirena cut through. “Ready?”

“Ready!” They all echoed.

In unison, the four attacked weapons drawn. Since Arion and Bryan were not rangers and thus were unmorphed, they only took on the piranatrons. Darkonda dealt with Zhane and Sirena while Dark Specter left to get Zordon.

* * *

Dark Specter and Divatox arrived at the hidden cavern only to be met by the rest of the Astro team, Phantom Ranger, and Trey.

“Rangers! Get out of the way if you know what’s good for you.” Dark Specter growled with Divatox cowering behind him.

“We’re not going anywhere Dark Specter! You can count on that.”

“Divatox, destroy them.” The order came to the frightened space pirate.

Divatox attempted to back out of it. “You know, Darkonda would do a better job than me.”

“Looks like your armies are running scared.” TJ said aloud. “I hope you can fight your own battles.”

“Believe me blue ranger, I can fight my own battles.” A huge fireball was fired out of his mouth. “Is that hot enough for you puny humans?”

“Puny? Who’re you calling puny?” Carlos demanded. “The power rangers have survived through attacks from Rita and Zedd, the Machine Empire, Divatox, and Astronema.”

“But in the end, you Earth rangers lost your power to me!” Divatox called from behind Dark Specter.

“Did we miss anything?” Sirena called as she, Zhane, and two strangers darted from the woods.

“Darkonda was suppose to have destroyed you!” The fury was heard in Dark Specter’s voice.

“That old guy? He didn’t stand a chance, and he never will.” Zhane called from behind his helmet.

“Fools! You haven’t seen the last of me.” Dark Specter and Divatox faded from view.

The rangers dashed into the cavern to find the piranatrons packing up and preparing for teleportation.

“Zordon!” The piranatrons attacked to hold them off.

“Rangers, forget about me. There is a power you must save to increase the power you already have.” Zordon called in hopes that the rangers would hear. “It’s hidden in the Caves of Deception at Eltar. You must go and keep Dark Specter from getting his hands on it.” With the last words, Zordon and the piranatrons were teleported away.

“Aw man! We were so close!” Arion banged his fist against the wall. “If only we were a few seconds earlier.”

“Calm down. Zordon mentioned a power. Maybe it’s got something to do with why Dark Specter hasn’t drained all his power yet.” Bryan said.

“Well yeah, but it’s in the Caves of Deception.” Sirena stuttered. “Do we have to get it?”

“Come on Sirena. What are you afraid of?” Zhane asked.

“Sirena never liked the caves. Zordon used them to train us, and she always wanted to get through as soon as possible.” Arion explained. “Come on Sirena. Just one trip. Besides, you should know the way well enough by now. We’ll be through in a flash, if you remember the way.”

“Can’t I stay on the ship with Karone?” Sirena turned to Andros and begged.

“We might need you.” Cassie said. “If you don’t like going through it, then we have to hate it too.”

Sirena whimpered a little. “Cut it out Sirena. You did that every time we learned we had to go through the caves, and it never worked.”

The rangers along with Arion, Bryan, Trey, and Phantom Ranger teleported onto the megaships. There, they made their acquaintance.

“ACTOM, DECA, set a course to Eltar, and switch to Astral Boosters, maximum velocity hyper-speed.” Sirena ordered.

“Sirena are you kidding!” Both ACTOM and DECA shouted. “The Astral Boosters? You’re gonna get us killed.”

“Andros help me out here.” Sirena muttered.

“Okay. Sirena your kidding right? I’ve never used the Astral Boosters! They aren’t for ships this small!”

“No! Not on their side. On my side. We have to use the Astral Boosters. It’ll get us to Eltar sooner. And the sooner we get to Eltar, the faster we can get past the Caves of Deception!” Sirena yelled.

“Sorry. ACTOM, DECA, switch to the Astral Boosters. Sirena does have a point in using them.” Andros muttered.

“Um, I’d hate to sound stupid, but, what in the world are the Astral Boosters?” Carlos asked.

“The Astral Boosters are means of transportation through the galaxy. They shorten time by half. So, since we’re here at Whydren and it normally takes a ship this size about two hours to get to Eltar, the Astral Boosters will only take about an hour.” Sirena explained. “But, since the Galaxy and Astral megaship are kinda small, and normally me and Andros would have to be out of our mind to use the Astral Boosters to get around.”

“And why are we using them?” Cassie asked.

“We’re in a hurry.”

“Hey you guys.” Karone arrived on the bridge. “Back so soon? Where are we heading next?”

“Dark Specter took Zordon before we could get him. We’re on our way to Eltar to some power Zordon wants us to have.” Ashley explained. “This is Phantom Ranger and Trey of Triforia. These other two are friends of Sirena from a long time ago. Bryan and Arion.”

“Oh. I’ve heard Dark Specter mention a power in the Caves of Deception at Eltar before.” Karone said. “When I was evil.” She explained to the newcomers.

“How’d you know about the caves?” Bryan asked suspicious.

“Dark Specter frequently mentioned the stupid tests a person has to pass before they could get through the caves. All the monsters he sent failed and were destroyed.” Karone answered.

“Well, Sirena’s going through the caves whether she likes it or not.” Cassie filled her in. “I just hope she passes. Um, do you have any idea where the power is hidden?”

“Um, no. Karone?”

“I think, in a chest on an alter I guess.”

“I don’t remember an alter.” Arion said trying to remember.

“The power was placed there after Eltar was attacked and so it would be protected. The power belonged to some really powerful ranger.” Karone filled in the details.

“A ranger? Hey! Don’t you think it could be another morpher?” Sirena asked.

“It could be anything. I guess a morpher, but what color?” Zhane asked.

“Rangers, legend has it that the Astro team was once made up of eight rangers.” Phantom cut in. “I believe the last color was gold, but the eighth ranger left the team while the seventh morpher was given to Zordon for keeps. Since then, legend has it that she/he traveled the universe fighting evil. Each time the present ranger fell, the power was passed on.”

“So your saying that the eighth ranger is a lot stronger and more powerful than Sirena?” Carlos asked. “No way!”

“The purple and gold rangers were equal in strength and power.” Phantom replied.

“Well, we’ll need the power.” Sirena said. “I’m not sure about the strength.” She muttered afterwards.

“So if it is a morpher, who’s gonna take it?” Ashley asked.

“Karone!” Both Cassie and Sirena yelled at the same time.

“Me?” Karone looked shocked. “You’ve got to be kidding. Andros would never allow, not in a million years would he allow me to become a ranger.”

“A little over protective there on the big brother part? Huh Andros?” Zhane teased. “I mean, she’s a big girl. Okay, look at it this way, if she becomes a ranger she’ll have Sirena, Cassie, and Ashley to look out for her. Girls have their secrets and being a ranger will make the other girls more comfortable around her. She’ll learn more and get off my back too.” Zhane muttered.

“Oh all right.” Andros groaned. “I can see I’m not going to win this one. Fine, if it’s a morpher, a Lightstar morpher, Karone can be a ranger.”

“Yes!” Karone, Sirena, Cassie, and Ashley gave each other a high five.

“Are you guys gonna talk all day or get the ship moving. I’ve switched to the Astral Boosters and want to switch back as soon as possible.” ACTOM grumbled. “And if anything breaks or is damaged due to the boosters, Andros and Sirena have to repair it or replace it.”

Andros and Sirena took their places at the piloting console of their ship. Both were tense with using the Astral Boosters.

“Ready?” Sirena asked. Andros promptly replied. “Okay go!”

They both pushed the engines to the maximum it would go. Everyone’s vision blurred together as they traveled faster than hyper-space. Almost an hour later, the two ships stopped when they reached Eltar.

“Okay, Sirena, are you ready to go through the caves?” Cassie asked.

“Not yet. One or two of you guys are coming with me.” Sirena said.

“I’ll go.” Karone volunteered. “I wonder if it is a morpher.”

“If Karone is going, so am I.” Andros said. Now, are you ready to go?” Andros asked Sirena.

“Yeah. Let’s go!” The three teleported down to the surface of Eltar where Sirena led them to the entrance to the caves. “Okay, the caves test you one what you’re most afraid of. So whatever happens, remember, it’s not true.”

“Got it.” Andros and Karone said. “Let’s go.”

Cautiously, the three carefully descended into the caves. Part way through, the first test was given to Karone.

Suddenly, Karone gave an earsplitting scream. “Ahhhhh, get them off me, get them off me!”

“Karone, what’s wrong!?!” Andros grabbed her to try and keep her from getting hysterical.

“Andros, it’s her test. Let her get through it.” Sirena whispered soothingly into his hear. “Come on Karone, you can fight it.”

Slowly, Karone calmed down. “Is it over? Is the test over?” She asked Sirena.

“Yes. For you.” Sirena said. “So what are you afraid of?”

“Spiders.” Karone answered promptly. “I hate spiders. They give me the creeps. I’m glad that was over.”

The next to get hit was Andros. “Nooooo! Karone come back! Don’t leave me! I love you too much, your my sister.”

“Andros! I’m right here. I’m not going anywhere. Sirena do something!” Karone yelled.

“I can’t do anything. What do you want me to do? Knock him out?” She tried to joke.

As soon as the test came, it was gone. Andros was back on his feet looking as if nothing had happen. “So Sirena, what are you afraid of?” He asked.

“Like I’m gonna tell you. Forget it. Your test was pretty obvious. Great, I’m next.” Sirena shot back. “Maybe I’ll get lucky and not have to take my test. After all, I’ve taken it several dozen times.”

Unfortunately, Sirena was not spared like she hoped. But her test didn’t come right after Andros’s.

“Well, let’s get going, if Sirena starts to scream, then we’ll know she’s taking her test.” Karone said.

They proceeded deeper into the caves. As they hit a beam of light from one of the many holes in the ceiling, they all saw the chest on top of the altar.

Sirena suddenly started to whimper. “Get me out of here!” Followed soon afterwards.

“Uh, do you think she’s taking her test right now?” Andros looked at Karone.

“Um, I don’t know. I think--”

Her sentence was cut short when Sirena starting to cry. “No, I want to get out of here. I don’t like it in here.”

“Yep, I think she’s taking her test. I mean, how often do you get to see Sirena cry?” Karone asked.

“Not often.”

Soon, like Andros and Karone, Sirena recovered from here experience. She was still sniffling a little.

“Okay Si, we know your afraid of something, what is it?” Karone asked. “Please tell us. We won’t tell anyone else.”

“Okay. I’m claustrophobic.” She looked at their blank faces. “It means I’m afraid of small spaces.” She explained.

“That’s it?” Andros asked.

“Yes, that’s it! Now, you don’t tell anybody like you promised.” Sirena turned. “Now, who wants to get the chest?”

“Rangers, since you have all passed your tests, here is the power you seek. The gold Lightstar morpher with it’s weapons and power, and the Purple Fire Staff.” The voice faded away, but the items it mentioned appeared.

“Come on, let’s get back to the ship. These things are awesome.” Andros said.

They teleported back to the ship with the new weapons and morpher. Karone was excited along with the other girls.

“Ohmigod, look at this stuff. This is absolutely amazing.” Cassie shrieked. “Karone, try on the morpher.”

Karone slipped it onto her wrist and morphed. All the data she needed was infused into her brain. “Cool,” Her suit was made of gold and black material. “Check this out. Planet Plates!” A round gold disc like object appeared on each of her wrists. They looked razor sharp. “I can cut through anything with these. Sirena, try your Purple Fire Staff.”

“Well, I haven’t quite figured it out yet. But I’m working on it.” Sirena muttered. “I’m just afraid of blasting a hole in ACTOM’s walls.”

“That looks like my staff. Let me see.” Sirena handed her staff over to Trey. “It works kinda like my staff, say one command and it does one thing, say another, and it does another.”

“But, what are the commands?” Sirena asked. “Or are they infused into my brain when I morph?”

“They are given to you the next time you morph.” Trey said.

* * *

Kalika stepped angrily onto the bridge. “All right, who interrupts my sleep?” She demanded.

“I bring news.” A weird looking creature said. “My name is Darkonda. The rangers have gotten the power at Eltar. I can help you destroy the rangers.”

“I don’t need any help! How dare you say such a thing!?! I am Kalika, the Princess of Evil.” Kalika demanded.

“Dark Specter sent me!” Darkonda said. He did not like this Kalika girl at all. She was too, well, too ignorant.

“Dark Specter sent you.” Her tone of voice suddenly changed. “Oh, why didn’t you say so right away?”

“I thought you would know.” Darkonda answered. “I bring a plan to destroy the power rangers once and for all from Dark Specter. Say hello to the Psycho Rangers?” From out of nowhere, five monsters who resembled the rangers appeared.

“But this is only five.” Kalika said. “There are eight rangers.”

“These five will take care of the rangers. We didn’t have enough time to collect data on the other three.”

“I guess they will do just fine. Psycho Rangers, you will attack Angel Grove right now.” Kalika ordered. “Destroy everything and everyone, but leave the purple brat to me though. She is mine.” Kalika gave an evil smile. “Soon the rangers will be no more.”

The End... for now