Disclaimer: Power rangers does not belong to me, nor will they ever. Again, if you have any Masked Rider information, or know of a great informative webpage out there, please let me know. I'm still suffering from the same memory symptoms as the ranger who was once evil.

The Allegiance
By: AstroPurple

"Purple Fire Staff!" Sirena called on her staff in hopes that the fighters who would remember what had happened at the last fight would leave. "Earth Charge!" She aimed this towards a bunch of ships on her left. With luck, she was able to blow up half of them.

From behind her, one of the ships aimed and fired. Oblivious to what was happening, she was startled to heard something blow up behind her. She turned around to see Andros, and Zhane coming up.

"Do you ever watch your back?" Zhane yelled. "You could of been killed. Then of course, your dad would of blamed us and killed us. Then, as revenge, the others would kill him, and Trey would kill the others. Now, this would go on and on just because you didn't watch your back."

Sirena had to grin. Even in the tightest situations, Zhane could always crack a stupid joke. "Very funny. My dad would understand." She fired her staff at a few more ships before deciding the fun time was over. "Fire Wall!" This destroyed the last of the annoyances.

"Come on, we'd better get back to the city and help the others." Andros turned his glider back towards Edenoi.

"Um... I don't think so Andros. That's a really big ship coming, and me and Sirena are gonna need your help." Zhane said pointing to where a huge ship of Dregon's was heading towards them. "I may not know much about hostile alien ships, but enough to know it's readying it's blasters."

"Your right. Andros, we're gonna have to take care of it." Sirena said. "If it reaches the city, the entire place will go boom and nothing will be left."

"I get the point." Andros sighed. "It's gonna take more than a few blasters though. Spiral Saber!"

"Super Silverizer, blaster mode!"

"So how are we gonna take care of it?" Sirena asked nervously. "It's about the size of the megaship." Andros, reading her mind, nodded. "Whew! Astro Galaxy, lift off!" She called into her communicator.

"Roger that." ACTOM responded immediately. "We'll be there soon."

"Soon! You mean we're gonna have to take that thing on our gliders while the megaship gets here?" Zhane asked bewildered. "You've got to be kidding me!"

"Yeah. I hope this slows him down. Purple Ranger Fire Staff, Power On!" Her amethyst gem began to glow an errie purple. "Blast!" Strong violet energy was released towards the ship.

As the two made contact, a brilliant purple light filled the air. On Edenoi, the warriors and rangers paused for a second to watch it die down.

"Wow! That was awesome. You should have seen the way that ship blew up. I'll bet Lord Dregon's getting a kick out of this." Zhane cheered.

"Well, guess we don't need the Astro Galaxy, and it's here." Andros said as the huge ship loomed over. It's teleportation pull teleported them on-board.

"So where's the enemy ship, troops?" ACTOM demanded. "We came out here to see some action."

"Sorry. I took care of it with my staff. I'm still experimenting with it's powers and capabilities."

"Darn! Finally a chance to get out of that dusty docking bay, and now we have to go right back." ACTOM grumbled. "Don't you think these guys owe us something, DECA?"

"How about this," Zhane cut in with one of his occasional spur of the moment great ideas. "Why don't we let the Astro Galaxy hang out here, and they can keep a scan on the trouble on the planet out here?"

"Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease?" ACTOM begged. "I like his idea. DECA, don't you agree?"

"Yes, it will be a difference from that docking bay."

"All right then. But remember to alert us the minute you two sense trouble." Andros warned. "I don't want a damaged megaship on my hands, or have to deal with the enemies approaching at the last second."

"Yes sir!" If ACTOM had hands, all three of them could imagine him doing a military salute.

"Let's go. I think the guys on the surface are gonna need some help." Sirena headed for the jump tubes again with Andros and Zhane close at her heels. "I also want to rub some stuff into Leo's face."

"If it's about that ship, forget it." Zhane said. "Andros doesn't allow rubbing things into the face of members of other more well-respected teams."

"And the hidden meaning would be?" Sirena asked as she leaped through. Out in space they continued their conversation.

"Considering that half of the astro team is made up of Earthlings, we're not very respected except by those who have actually seen us work." Zhane commented. "And that would be Arion, Bryan, the evil forces, your brother Trey, and your daddy, the very respected Phantom Ranger."

"You guys can cease this talking now. We're reaching the city." Andros cut in from ahead. "I also don't want members of my team talking about members of other teams behind their back."

Sirena nodded even though she knew Andros couldn't see her. "I'll head over to where Karone is." She veered off towards the gold ranger.

"About time you got here Sirena!" Karone called as her friend jumped down from her glider. "That purple light was you right?" She asked as she took several of the evil warriors out of commission.

"Yeah. It was the Fire Staff, was it distracting?" Sirena asked. "Fire Wall!" A wall of flame rose up from the ground toasting a bunch of the mindless fools. "I didn't think it would be that powerful."

"Don't think about it. It was awesome actually. I think Leo, the galaxy rangers, Gorgan, the Slyvestian rangers, and the other sexist rangers might actually have some respect for you now."

"That's good. Come on, we should give them a hand over by the palace." Sirena said nodding towards where she could hear shouts coming from.

"Right behind you." Together, the two rangers sprinted off towards the noise of trouble.

Leo swung his saber at the nimble warrior. "Of them all, I got stuck with this gymnast." He thought sourly. "I wonder how the others are doing." When he tried to look, all he got was a kick in the face. "Nevermind."

"Ready to give up red ranger?" Tarak asked as he leaped away from yet another one of the rangers blows. "I can see your tiring."

"Never!" Leo swung again remember his brother's words of being proud. A blast from somewhere sent Tarak flying into the brick wall behind him. "What?" Leo muttered taking a chance to look around. From the far distance, Sirena and Karone were running towards them. Both held blasters. "Great. The fantastic duo is here." He grumbled.

"Need any help?" Sirena said smugly as she reached him. "It looked like you could use a break."

"No. I was doing fine without you."

"Fine, be that way. Come on Karone, let's go check on the others. I saw them go into that building there." Leading the way, the two took off leaving Leo to face his opponent again.

"All right pretty face, time to get this over with. Magna Talons!" In a few short seconds, the recovering Tarak was reduced to shreds. "I think I like you better this way."

Inside the building, both holding their blasters at ready, Karone and Sirena proceeded cautiously in deeper. Somewhere, they could hear grunts and mumbling voices of the rangers that had gone in. A spark flashed somewhere up ahead signaling that two swords had clashed.

"It's too dark, I can't see a thing." Karone complained. "Can't your Fire Staff do anything about it? I mean, it's called the Fire Staff for a reason right?"

"I don't know. I don't use the staff that often, only in times of great need. But your right about it being dark. Lemme see what I can do." Sirena responded. They stopped walking. "Purple Fire Staff! Ignite Light!" The amethyst gem shone brightly with a blindingly bright purple light. "Not so bright!" Sirena shouted to no one in particular." The staff must of understood, for it dimmed to a light glow.

"Cool. I wish I had something like that." Karone commented. They started again, this time at a faster pace. "Um... Is that Carlos up ahead?"

"I don't know. But I hope so. This place is creeping me out." As they walked, the distance between them and the unknown ranger shortened. "Nope, it's not Carlos. Come on, he looks wounded."

"And who said it was a he?" Karone asked speeding up. "For all we know, it could be a she. We girls can do anything we want too."

"But I've never met a black ranger that was a she before. It's just not a feminine color." They reached the fallen ranger. "Hey buddy, you okay?" Sirena asked. She reached down and gently shook him.

The masked figure mumbled something incoherent. As Sirena brought her staff closer, they could both see nasty burned marks on his suit. Mainly centered around the chest area.

"Do you think we should de-morph him?" Karone asked quietly. "I mean, he might be really wounded."

"And you said she." Sirena mumbled. She reached down searching for something around the waist area. "Ah. Here it is. In a black light, the armor disappeared and there slumped a young man. "Is it just me, or does he look like someone I know?" Sirena asked.

"Your right. He looks familiar. I don't remember his face from any of those meetings we've been to though." Karone kneeled down to check his pulse. "Stable but weak. Really weak."

"We should get him out of here. This old place might collapse on our heads at any moment." Sirena said looking around.

"And how do you propose we should carry him?" Karone asked.

"One of us is going to have to stay behind." Sirena said grudgingly.

"Oh great! Well, I'm going, your staying." Karone turned and fled without giving Sirena a chance to speak.

"Thanks a lot." Sirena muttered sitting down besides the strangely familiar boy. "Being in a place that might collapse with an unconscious ranger is not my idea of a fun time." Sirena said to thin air.

"Ohhhhhh." The guy beside her murmured softly. His eyelids fluttered then finally opened.

Sirena looked over surprised. Snapping into action, she helped him sit up into a more comfortable position. "Hey, you all right?" She asked.

"I think so." He reached up to touch his head. The thought finally occurred to him that he was not morphed. "What happened to my morphin powers?" He asked looking at her. Well, glaring at her was the more appropriate word.

"We had to de-morph you and see how you were doing." Sirena said trying to ignore the menacing glare. "And would you quit looking at me like that?"

"Sorry. Who's the we?"

"Me and my friend Karone, the gold ranger." Sirena removed her helmet and shook out her hair. "My name's Sirena."

"Pleased to meet you. Now where did you friend go?" He asked looking around.

"A name from you would also help too. If you don't mind. I don't want to be calling you 'Hey you!' And Karone went to get some help to get you out of here. Your in no condition to walk."

"My name's Mike." He couldn't help suppressing a smile. "I'm the Magna Defender. My little brother Leo, he's the red galaxy ranger. Since your a ranger too, you probably know him. I have a feeling that if you met him, you two would get along just great."

"Um... that's an understatement there. I've met him, and we don't get along very well. He has something against me. It just might be some personal matter, but I've learned to try not to piss him off too much." Sirena smiled innocently.

"Oh really?" Mike gave her another look. "You two have too much in common to not get along. I just hope that when Leo finds out that I'm still alive, you two can get to know each other better."

"He doesn't know your alive?" Sirena asked.

"When the galaxy rangers received the Quasar Sabres, I was suppose to be the red ranger, well, Furio opened a crevice in the ground and I fell in. Leo got my sabre, and so he thinks I'm dead. I got the Magna Defender powers from the Magna Defender before me. He kind of saved my butt." Mike said light- heartedly. He didn't really think of it as a tragedy. Being a ranger helped Leo grow up a little more. "I returned to the Lost Galaxy and am helping the galaxy rangers out with Scorpius. When Prince Dex called, I stayed behind to deal with Scorpius."

"So how did you get here?"

"Trakeena, Scorpius' daughter, created a monster that sent me here, but not before I destroyed it and sent Scorpius into a month or so of repairs." Mike chuckled at the thought.

"Ahhh. I get it now." Sirena gave a confident smile. "Okay, now what does that mean?" She thought to herself.

"Sirena!" A voice in the distance yelled. "Hey Si, where are you?" As the voice got closer, Sirena distinguished it as Andros'.

"Over here!" Sirena waved her staff around a few times.

"Damn. I can't let Leo see me. Magna Defender, Power On!" In a flash of light, Mike was armored again. "I'd appreciate it if you didn't tell anyone. And let your friend know about this."

Sirena nodded. In a few seconds, Andros appeared. He had a really worried look on his face.

"Is everything all right?" He asked looking from the Magna Defender to Sirena and back again.

"We're fine. Andros, this is the Magna Defender. He helps arrogant Leo and his team. No offense." Sirena said quickly. "And this is Andros, the leader of my team. We're the astro space rangers."

Magna Defender slowly got up. "I've heard of the good deeds your team has done." He held out his hand the two shook.

Sirena found herself wondering how come everyone from around the universe shook by grasping each other's wrist. "I say we get our butts out of this place before it collapses." As if to prove her point, the building started to rumble and shake. "I didn't mean this soon." Sirena found herself muttered as the entire building came down. "Fire Staff Energy Bubble!" She managed to yell before the building consumed them.

"Noooo!" The entire astro team yelled as the building came down. "They're still in there."

The rest of the rangers and warriors looked down at the ground as if in prayer. A dazzling bright light from the wreck brought there heads up again. >From the pile of rubble, a bright purple bubble shot out. It landed in front of them and the light cleared revealing Sirena, Andros, and a stranger.

"Magna Defender!" The galaxy rangers said surprised. That was shaken off as they all ran to hug him. "How'd you get here? What happened on Terra Venture?" A lot of these questions were thrown at the Magna Defender.

Leo took a second to face Sirena. "Okay Sirena, what did you do to make the building a pile of bricks?" He demanded.

"What's that suppose to mean?" Sirena asked narrowing her eyes. "I didn't do anything. How about blaming this one on countless Dregon attacks instead of me? You can blame the rest on me."

Kai sighed. "Leo, Magna Defender barely survived a few seconds ago, and all you can think about is if Sirena made the building collapse?"

Andros grabbed Sirena's hand and led her away not wanting to create a scene. "Come guys. Let's get back to the Astro Galaxy and send Jason a message."

"Where's Justin?" Cassie asked looking around. "Is he still back at the palace?" Cassie looked over at Ashe. "I don't remember seeing him out here fighting at all."

"I guess so. We should probably go get him. He'll never forgive us if we don't. I think we're going to have to teleport to the ship too. I don't exactly remember the AG (Astro Galaxy) coming back after it left."

"We left it orbiting the planet cause ACTOM and DECA were making a fuse about being docked all that time in a dusty and musty docking bay. You know Teej, your memory must be getting better, cause I didn't think you'd remember the AG leaving." Zhane said putting a thoughtful look on his face.

"Very funny." TJ glared at him. "Look! There's Arion, Bryan, Trey, and the Phantom. I have a feeling Jason will want to talk with Trey." He said with a knowing look.

"Well, there's nothing good to report." Karone said catching the look. "Sirena did not blow up any buildings, ACTOM has not pulled any stupid tricks, and Justin's just fine."

"What about the Sirena making all the other rangers hating her thing?" Trey pointed out as he got closer to the group. "That's news. I'm sure Jason'll be dying to know that."

"Um... Sirena." A voice broke into their discussion. They turned to see Dammon and the other galaxy rangers gathered there. "I'm sorry about what I said earlier. About you not meeting your parents. That was mean." Dammon said softly.

"It's okay. It's not a subject that I'm approached on a lot. Except with these guys." Sirena added looking over at her team. "Earthlings are very curious and they demand to know your every secret." She said in a stage whisper leaning close to the galaxy rangers.

"Sirena! We heard that!" Cassie and Ashley said at the same time.

"What? I didn't say anything." Sirena tried to look innocent. "I was just telling the galaxy rangers about how they shouldn't be sorry." She studied their faces a little closer. "Yep, that's my cue to leave." She started to back away until a little boy ran into her. "Hey!"

"Oh hey Sirena. Sorry about that. I didn't see you." Justin offered. "Guess what I just found out?" He said excitedly. "Dex knows Tommy! And you won't believe this. Tommy was beaten up by Dex when he came to help against Lord Dregon. Of course, too bad it didn't last. It was only until Tommy convinced Dex that Alpha and Zordon had sent him."

"That's nice to know. But I got one word for you Justin, so?" Carlos asked. "What does that have to do with us?"

"Well, we could get Tommy's point of view on how to kick Dregon's butt and get into Tae Shalrith, Dregon's fortress like base." Justin said rolling his eyes. "Or, we could get him to help us get in. Your choice Sirena."

"Not bad." Sirena mused.

"For a little twerp." Zhane added softly. Justin must have heard him for he glared angrily at him. Zhane looked away and pretended to study the sky. "Gee, the sky here is so much different than from Earth's."

Not catching the mindless comment, Kendrix proceeded to explain why. "Earth's atmosphere is a lot different than Edenoi's cause Earthlings require more oxygen and livable gases than any other beings. That is why the sky here is so much darker and dustier. Now on Earth, half of the different beings in the universe could not survive there unless they were morphed or wearing special suits that filter out some of the harmful UV rays and poisonous gases harmful to them."

"I guess inviting all of my old ranger friends over for a visit is out of the question." Sirena thought out loud.

"Are we still gonna give Jason a call?" TJ asked. He had been silent for the last couple of minutes. "We can ask him where Tommy is. Unless of course, he's too busy with Kat to bother with us."

"We could try, I guess." Andros looked over at Sirena. "Like Justin said, it's your call."

"All right. I have heard that looking too much at virtual maps gives you a headache." Sirena sighed. "What the heck. Let's see if Tommy's willing to give us some advice or information. Better yet, a plan."

"Tommy?" Arion asked. "Another one of your strange Earth friends?" He asked Sirena.

"Tommy was the green Dinozord ranger, the white Thunderzord ranger, the white Ninjazord ranger, the red Zeo ranger, and the red Turbo ranger." Sirena explained. "He has quite a record as you see. I wonder how many years until I have a record like that." Sirena added out loud.

"When your dead." Leo muttered. "As of right now, your only the purple astro space ranger."

"Very funny. Come on, let's give Jason a call." Sirena changed the subject. "Since the AG is orbiting this planet, we can either teleport, or galaxy glide. But then, it won't be fair to Trey, Arion, Bryan, and the Phantom Ranger since they don't have gliders."

In answer to that, Andros raised his communicator. "ACTOM, DECA, twelve coming up."

"Got it boss. Over and out." ACTOM came through.

In twelve lights, the large group disappeared leaving the galaxy rangers.

At home, Jason lay half asleep and half awake when his communicator beeped waking him up. Groaning, he pulled himself awake to answer it.

"Jason here." He mumbled yawning. "And make it fast, I'm ready to get to sleep."

"Now Jason, is that how you greet people?" An all too familiar voice shot over. "Especially to your cousin."

"What do you want Sirena?" He grumbled. "I'll have you to know, that it's almost 12 midnight here on Earth. I don't know about Edenoi, but we sleep during the night."

"Very funny. I'm just calling to check and make sure everything's in order and all right."

"Hi Jason!" An enthusiastic voice rang over loud and clear.

"Hi Justin." Jason said yawning again. "Everything's fine and now can I go back to sleep?" He asked. "I have a really bit date tomorrow and I don't want to look like the night of the living dead."

"Oh, I didn't know that, I'm so sorry. I'll let you sleep then. But the others want to say hi." Some fumbling could be heard in the background as the microphone was passed to another person.

"Hey Jason. Good luck on your big date tomorrow." TJ called through. More fumbling. "Take care Jase!" Ashley's perky voice shouted. A bit more fumbling and something getting knocked over. "We'll see you soon Jason." Carlos accented voice said a bit muffled. "Hope you rock tomorrow." An unmistakable Cassie's voice said encouraging. This time, the passing time was a bit longer. "So who's your hot date?" Zhane asked the minute he got the microphone. "Zhane!" Karone's voice could be heard chiding through the background. "We'll call back tomorrow night and see how everything went." Sirena called back. "C'ya!" Their connection was broken off after that.

"Thank goodness." Jason muttered. He set his communicator back down and fell asleep.

"Professor, are you sure that alien is still on Earth?" Skull asked as he got back to the van. "We've been out walking with this strange looking thing for several days and we haven't gotten anything."

"These things take time." The old professor said. "The alien must know we are looking for him. That is why he is in hiding. We must draw him out with bait."

"Okay," Bulk nodded even though he didn't get it. "So what do we do?"

"Come closer so no eavesdroppers hear." The professor said motioning them to gather around him in a circle.

"Um... what are eavesdroppers?" Skull asked. "Are they aliens."

"No nano-brain. They're people who listen in to find out stuff. We don't want them to let the alien know that we have a trap planned. Now shut-up and listen to the professor. We're gonna trap ourselves an alien."

"Cool! This will be awesome." Skull leaned in as the professor began talking in a soft rapid manner, outlining what they were suppose to do and how they were suppose to do it.

Sirena lay on the ledge looking at the sky. She sighed a little. Things were getting kind of boring. She glanced over at her left and nearly fainted. "Remind me not to do that again." She thought to herself. Her left was a strait 50 foot drop to some pretty nasty looking rocks.

"Having fun?" Karone asked bouncing in. "By the way, who was that ranger we saved? Okay, you saved." Karone corrected.

"That was the Magna Defender. He helps the galaxy rangers, and he's Leo's older brother Mike. Don't tell Leo though. Mike doesn't want him to know." Sirena added quickly remember his words.

"Okay." She glanced at the sky too. "So what are you thinking about? I know your not looking at the sky. Well you are, but you aren't seeing the sky."

"I'm just thinking of how boring it is here. I mean, Dregon seems to have slacked off, the psychos are gone, and Kalika is nowhere to be seen." Sirena sighed again. "Things are too dull."

"Your right about the dull part. I'm gonna go outside for a walk. Actually, I'm gonna go galaxy glide for a while. Join me?" Karone asked.

"Nah. I'm gonna stay here. Why don't you go see if Justin wants to go too. He needs to get away from that virtual map of Tae Shalrith. He can ride my glider is he wants, or share one with you."

"Guess so. After all, he's young, we don't want him to feel as though the entire universe is depending on what he figures out." Karone turned and left. Sirena continued to lay on the ledge.

"Sirena?" A voice from the shadows whispered.

"Yeah." Sirena sat up and almost fell off. "Shit! Remind me not to lay on these things again. They're dangerous." She peered into the shadows looking for the owner of the voice. "Where are you and who is it?"

"It's me, Mike, I'm with Phantom Ranger."

"Well come on out." Sirena said annoyed. She leaned back a little and almost fell over again.

From the shadows, Phantom Ranger and a morphed Mike, the Magna Defender stepped out. Phantom crossed over to the door and locked it. Together, he and Magna Defender de-morphed.

"Okay, I take it you two know each other." Sirena said letting her gaze slide from Mike to Daurius.

"Yes, we're both rangers, of course we know each other. I helped Mike return to the Lost Galaxy. We stayed in touch." Daurius nodded.

"Um... I didn't know Daurius was your father." Mike muttered. "I didn't even know he was here. I thought he was still looking for his daughter on Earth."

Sirena shrugged. "He did find me near Earth. I had just become part of the astro ranger's team. Soon after I got their butts out of a sticky situation on Ellis." Sirena lied.

"You mean right after you kicked our ass thinking we worked for Dark Specter, and after we helped you take care of the unfair methods Dark Specter was fighting with, right?" Cassie called over her communicator.

Sirena felt her cheeks turn red. "Stupid com-link." She muttered shutting off her connection with the other rangers.

Justin rode on the back of Karone's galaxy glider as they were out getting some fresh air and clearing their minds. It was a thrill and he was a lucky boy.

"Hey Justin! Having fun?" Karone yelled so he could hear. She was morphed as all the rangers had to be when galaxy gliding.

"Yeah. This is great! Hey, what's those two lights up ahead?" He asked as two flashes appeared in the middle of the desert. "Should we check it out?" Justin asked getting worried.

"I guess so. We're getting close, don't want them to see us." Karone slowed down her glider so she and Justin could jump off. "Let's go. Stay close to me." She ordered feeling like a parent.

"Yeah yeah whatever. That's what they use to tell me with we were Turbo rangers." Justin muttered. But as instructed, he stayed close to Karone. "Whoa!" He muttered when they got close. "I hope I'm just seeing things."

"If you are, then I am too." Karone said shocked. "That's Kalika. What's she doing with Dregon?"

"I don't know. Let's get a little closer." Justin urged. "Come on!" He grabbed Karone's hand and dragged her a bit closer. They could soon hear every single word that was being exchanged.

"Princess Kalika." Lord Dregon nodded. "What brings you here? I thought we agreed that you would stay at Earth."

"There's been a change of plan Dregon." Kalika murmured. "The astro rangers have followed Sirena and Karone here. I believe you know that already."

"Yes. They destroyed several of my most prized warriors and my largest battle ship yet." Dregon said letting anger creep into his voice.

"Our allegiance is in trouble. We must do something to separate them. That way, I can finish off Earth and the astros, and then I help you claim Edenoi."

"Exactly what I've been thinking Princess." Dregon muttered. "When the rangers attack my fortress, they will be separate. You can one by one destroy them, and I get to claim Edenoi for myself."

"Good thinking. Inform me when they attack." Kalika left in a flash of light.

"I will. Trust me." Dregon muttered. He too disappeared.

"Ohmigosh!" Karone felt herself shrieking. "No wonder. Everything makes sense now. We have to tell the others." Karone said backing away. "Come on Justin. We need to hurry. Galaxy Glider, hang ten!"

"Fools!" Kalika yelled as she went onto one of her rampages again. "Can't you do anything right!?! Do I have to do everything myself!?!"

Several quantrons and Elgar cowered behind some machinery. Eclipter and Darkonda stood in front of her as she continued on.

"I wanted them re-built! Do you understand that? The psychos are very valuable to me. They are priceless! How can you tell me their destruction is too massive and that you don't know where to start? I'll need them soon! Work day and night if you must. But I want them re-built!" Kalika stormed out of the work room angrily. "And the next time I check, you must have at least something done!"

"Geesh. She should get a life." Elgar said. He was about to say more, but stopped with Eclipter looked as though he were about to smash him. "I was just kidding. Now you guys have your work cut out for you. Get moving! You know what she expects." He yelled at the quantrons changing the subject.

Eclipter watched for a moment as the room got back into the buzz of activity before Kalika had appeared. Nodding his head a little at the work that was going on, Eclipter left to find Kalika and offer some comforting news.

Darkonda watched silently. "Once I am king of Dark Specter's monarchy, everyone, even Kalika will bow and serve me." He thought happily. "Now about the psychos, they must be re-built. Without them, I cannot over-throw Kalika or Dark Specter." He turned his attention to the work that was going on. "Get back to work! And hurry up!" He yelled.

Elgar scratched his oval head as he looked at the complex mass of wires before him. The quantron in charge had left him there. "Hey! Am I suppose to fix this?" He yelled at nobody in particular. Getting no answer, he started working on it. "Hmmm... Uh... I guess they don't need this, or this, or this." He muttered tossing out stuff that didn't look very useful. "And what's this little round thing for? Oh well, I guess they don't need this too." He threw the little metal doughnut shaped object over his shoulder along with a few other things. "I'm done!" He called triumphantly.

Darkonda walked over to check his work. "You brainless moron!" He yelled seeing the work before him. "Do you know what you've done! You've set us back a few days." Darkonda yelled gesturing at the empty shell before him. Elgar had tossed out all the nuts, bolts, and wires. "Go do something useful, like serving drinks!" Darkonda practically threw Elgar out of the work room.

"Geesh. Now he should get a life." Elgar thought to himself.

Back at Dex's palace. The rangers were in a middle of a discussion when Karone and Justin burst through the door.

"You won't believe this!" Justin yelled running up to Andros and the rest of the astros. "We've been tricked!"

"Slow down. What do you mean tricked?" Andros asked.

"We were gliding, and we happened upon a conversation that involved Dregon and Kalika, well, we found out that they formed an allegiance. Do you believe that!?!" Karone yelled. "They planned this to get Sirena out of the way so Kalika could destroy us and Earth. And then, she'd help Dregon claim Edenoi and destroy Sirena!"

"Great." Zhane muttered. "So now what do we do? If we go back to Earth, it'll be exactly what she wants. If we stick together here, then Kalika would destroy the Earth. If we all go back to Earth, old Lord Dregon claims Edenoi. Tough choices. Well, since I'm not leader, they're yours, Andros." Zhane leaned back to relax in his seat. "I think I'm gonna take a nap."

"Zhane!" Cassie kicked his seat making it spin and throwing Zhane out. "We're gonna have to decide this together."

"Hey! All right. Somebody call Sirena then." He muttered.

"Don't bother, I'll sound the alarm." Dex said. He reached beside his chair and pushed a red button. A deafening alarm started ringing through out the palace. "If she's asleep anywhere, this'll wake her."

"I'll bet. This could wake the dead." Ashley yelled covering her ears. "Could you make it any quieter?"

Dex shook his head.

Sirena jerked up from where she was sitting. "Damn it!" She yelled. "It's the alarm. Either Dregon's attacked, or one of the rangers is playing with it." She grumbled. "We'd better see what's up."

Daurius and Mike morphed again and followed her out.

The End