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United We Stand
By: AstroPurple

"Dregon!" Kalika's face appeared. "I have a plan. This one will work for sure. I am positive. Listen closely."

"I'm listening." Dregon pushed the view button so Kalika could see what was going on. "But I thought I told you I had a plan to destroy the rangers."

"Yes, but after careful consideration, I have decided that it simply will not work in our case. It will take too much time. Now listen closely and don't forget even one detail. Move your forces with me to Earth. The astro rangers will go immediately to protect their planet. Dex and the other rangers might not follow. Even if they do, they're playing on my territory. I know every inch of it, and they will not stand a chance. Now, when the rangers do return to Earth, we will launch a full scale attack with my psychos leading. Do you understand?"

"Yes. But why Earth?"

"Most of the astro rangers owe their loyalty to Earth. Of course, they will go back to protect their planet and home. And there, I will be stronger, and so will your forces. And with my psychos leading, we will not loose." Kalika said simply with a tone of voice that said 'could you be any stupider?'

"Agreed. I will get to work on it right away." Dregon closed the channel and thought to himself. "She is right. But if I help her destroy the astros, she must help me claim Edenoi."

"My master. Are we moving to Earth?" His loyal servant asked.

"Yes. Have all the troops report to one of the ships docked in orbit, we will follow shortly on the Spider Base." Dregon ordered. "After I take care of some business."

After their conversation, Kalika once again stormed to the work room where repairs for the psychos were being conducted.

"So!?!" She demanded upon arrival. "Are they done yet? Will they be re-built to command my army?" She let her eyes flicker around at the various workers and their stations. Nothing looked done yet. "I thought I told you mind-less fools to have something accomplished the next time I got here?"

"But the psychos will take time. It took Dark Specter 50 years to build and perfect them for his usage. They are too complicated and must be built exactly the way Dark Specter had them." Darkonda said calmly as he stepped from the shadows. "It will take time, but I promise you, I will have the psychos re-built."

"I don't have the time!" Kalika said with a dangerously low edge to her voice. "I told Lord Dregon that I would have the psychos lead our attack against Earth. I need them when he gets here. Either you get them re-built in time, or I throw you off this ship back to Dark Specter!"

"Yes my princess." Darkonda uttered as she stormed out. "But if they do get re-built, I will be in control of them. Not you." He added under his breath. "Watch carefully my princess, you could learn a thing or two about loyalty."

"What's going on?" Sirena asked as she, Phantom Ranger, and Magna Defender arrived. "If this is your idea of a joke, I don't find it funny at all. Scared the hell out of me."

"Good. ACTOM should do it more often then." Zhane mumbled from where he was sitting comfortably. "Don't you agree Leo?"

"Yeah." The red galaxy ranger retorted from where his team was sitting. "I finally find someone on her team that agrees with me."

"Excuse me?" Zhane asked straitening up. "I believe I was the one who brought it to your attention that I did not like her too. I was the one who figured it out that you didn't like her too."

"I? It's always I with you right?" Leo asked. "It's never we. What? You think your better than me? Well I can prove you wrong."

Zhane opened his mouth to reply, but decided against it cause of the way Andros was looking, well, warning him with his look.

"So what's going on?" Sirena tried again. "I'm still in the dark here. It would help to know what's happening."

"Sirena, Karone and Justin have discovered that Kalika and Dregon formed an allegiance. They did this to get you out of the way so Kalika could destroy the Earth. We need to vote on what to do now. Should we return to protect the Earth, or stay on Edenoi?" Andros asked.

For once, Sirena looked doubtful. "Well...... Um........ Why do you guys have to ask me?" Sirena protested. "I don't know. We all have different loyalties. Like you and Zhane have KO-35, Cassie and the others have Earth. I'm not sure about Karone, but I might have to stay here."

"And if you do, your playing right into Kalika's hands." Karone said softly. "I'm not sure that's a very good idea. And I don't know about you, but I think we need to stick together. We're stronger that way, and can accomplish more together." Karone added as though she didn't want anyone to hear.

"We all know that." Zhane muttered. "I still think Andros should decided. He is, of course leader and in charge of hard and stressful decisions like this one." Zhane shut his trap once more when Andros shot him a look.

"Prince Dex! We've won!" General Glevan yelled running into the room busting with excitement. "We've won against Dregon. He and his ships and troops have just left orbit around the planet."

"What? Are you sure?" Dex asked surprised. "This isn't like Dregon at all to leave in the middle of a fight he's losing."

"I know. Something's wrong." Sirena said softly. "ACTOM!" She called into her communicator. "Do me a favor and locate the general direction that Dregon's ships are heading."

"Roger that. Me and DECA are working on it." ACTOM called through. A slight pause followed. "All right rangers, pack up your bags, we're going back to Earth!" ACTOM yelled.

"What do you mean?" Andros demanded into his communicator.

"Well, apparently, Dregon has united with Kalika. They are on a dead strait course heading directly towards Earth, and will be arriving there shortly." DECA informed them.

"Dregon and Kalika, on Earth? That does not sound good to me at all." Cassie shook her head. "What are we going to do?"

"We're gonna have to get our butts back to Earth that's for sure." Ashley said looking worried. "Earth is not going to be ready for an attack from both of them. They aren't even ready for a quantron attack."

"They don't even have defenses, Ashe. Andros! We have to go back." TJ yelled surprising the other ranger teams. Usually, by ranking, a ranger never yelled at their leader. Of course, with the Earth rangers, this was very different which the other teams soon figured out.

"Dex, we're going to have to go back and protect Earth." Andros said with a slight apologetic sound. "I wish we could stay and help out here in case this is a false alarm, or Dregon's bluffing."

Dex nodded understanding. "Sirena and Karone will go with you of course. After all, they are part of your team. If Dregon has left any of his forces behind, or turns back around, we can take them on. After all, the newer rangers haven't seen any real action yet."

"Thanks." Zhane cut in for Andros. "Come on, let's get moving." Zhane said jumped up. "If they're traveling by Astro Booster, we've got a lot of catching up to do that's for sure. DECA, set a course for Earth and teleport us up."

"I can take care of that." ACTOM said. Before anyone could protest, ACTOM teleported them all up into the Galaxy's formal living room.

"Right ship, wrong room." Sirena muttered out loud. She walked out and towards the bridge with her teammates following. Trey and Phantom Ranger trailed behind as they walked through the maze of hallways and doors. Arion and Bryan had decided to stay on Edenoi.

"Hyper accelerators, on-line." Andros ordered behind her. "We'd better get back as soon as possible."

"Right. Disable hyper accelerators and switch to Astro Boosters." Sirena ordered right afterwards. "We need to get back fast." She explained when Andros looked at her.

"All right then." Andros muttered. Before he could grab the piloting controls, Sirena had her hands on them already. "Okay, you can do the piloting too. Just don't crash into anything."

"Have I ever crashed before?" Sirena asked sweetly.

"I just don't want you to start." Andros muttered. He sat down in the next seat and began plucking away at some keys to ready the weapons system and the defense shield for a possible attack.

Slowly, the Galaxy Megaship pulled out of orbit around Edenoi and headed of towards Earth at a blur of a pace. If this had not been for an emergency, the Earth rangers would have enjoyed the view as they left the Terran constellation Andromeda where Edenoi was located.

On the Dark Fortress, Elgar hummed as he dusted and polished some of the controls. "Gee, Kalika is going to be so happy." He thought.

"Elgar! What are you doing?" A voice somewhere asked.

Elgar jumped. "Who's that? Where are you? Show yourself! I order you to do so." Elgar said a little nervously.

"How dare you jump ship and come work for this creep?" The voice demanded a little louder. "You work for me, not her royal highness Princess Kalika." The voice said dripping with sarcasm.

"Auntie D?" Elgar asked surprised. "What are you doing here? I didn't know Kalika invited you."

"She didn't invite me you two headed moron! I came here myself. Your coming back with me!" Divatox appeared from where she was hiding.

"But Auntie D!" Elgar protested a bit loudly. "I like it here. I rank higher here than I did on the sub. Heck, I was even made master warrior for a while. Back on the sub, Rygog always ranked higher than me."

"Your coming with me and quit your whining!" Divatox reached out to grabbed Elgar's arm. "And no buts about it. Your my nephew and I have to watch out for you no matter what."

"He's not going anywhere." An icy cold voice said from the doorway. Both Elgar and Divatox shivered. "He's staying here. Now, you'd better get your sorry carcass off my ships before I throw you off myself!" The voice registered as Kalika's in both Elgar's and Divatox's mind.

"Why you little brat! You think your so cool and can take anyone you want. Well, I'm here to let you know that you can't. Elgar works for me and he's coming with me." Divatox sneered. "So there."

Kalika's eyes glowed red for a moment. Then, her staff appeared in her hand and she fired. Divatox immediately let go of Elgar to jump out of the way. The blast hit Elgar, teleporting him besides Kalika.

"Whoa!" Elgar said as he caught his balance. "Now that was awesome. Lemme do it again."

Divatox stood up strait and brushed her hair out of her face. "I'll be back soon you little pervert. And then your going to be sorry you ever messed with Divatox. Viva la Diva!" Divatox disappeared as soon as she finished.

On the Spider Base, Lord Dregon watched the Dark Fortress in front of him as the two ships flew at Astro Booster speed towards the planet Earth.

"I wonder what she is planning." Lord Dregon thought as he watched a red light teleport onto the ship. "Now who is that?" He watched the same red light leave a few minutes later.

A picture of Kalika popped onto his viewing screen. "Lord Dregon, we are approaching Earth soon. Ready your troops for a battle."

"I don't take orders from a little girl." Dregon growled back. "I know what I am doing here."

"And so do I." Kalika said with a dangerous edge to her voice. "I would do as I say if I were you." Her eyes glowed red for a second.

Dregon, deciding to take the easier way nodded. "My troops will be ready for your order to attack." He said through clench teeth.

"Good." Kalika's image disappeared leaving an angry Dregon.

The Astro Galaxy came to a stop after passing the asteroid belt between Jupiter and Mars. Ship scanners were able to pick up the Dark Fortress and Dregon's ships close by.

"Aw man!" Sirena slammed her fist onto the console after reading what the scanners had picked up. "Dregon has the Spider Base with him. Why couldn't he have left it on Edenoi."

"The Spider Base?" Carlos asked. "What's that?"

"It's Dregon's personal craft. I guess I shouldn't be surprised, he goes everywhere in it. It's also his primary battle ship. We've got some hard hits coming it that thing fires." Sirena grumbled.

"Hey you guys, I think Kalika just attacked Earth." Karone called from her station. "And Dregon just sent ships." Sirena groaned out loud. "Why don't you guys get to Earth, Sirena, Zhane, and I will take care of the ships on our gliders."

"All right. Come on." They all followed Andros to the jump tubes. Phantom Ranger and Trey took control of the Astro Galaxy Megaship.

Out in space, the eight rangers split up. Five going towards Earth, the other three heading for where a group of small fighter ships were firing up their laser beams and cannons.

"Meteorite Sword!" Sirena yelled.

"Super Silverizer, blaster mode!"

"Planet Plates, dual firing mode!"

About six of the twenty ships caught site of them and attacked. The rest continued on their course towards Earth. Sirena branched off to head the ones heading for Earth off. Zhane fired at three ships at the same time. With bad aim, he didn't destroy any, but only managed to wing one.

"Way to go." Karone yelled sarcastically. "Watch the pro." She clinked her two plates together, several streaks of laser blasts were emitted. Two of the on coming ships were blown up. "See, now learn from the master."

"Yeah right." Zhane fired once more and this time, he destroyed a ship also. "Super Silverizer, full power!" As his blaster powered up, Karone managed to wound two more ships. "Fire!" With a burst of power, all three ships were destroyed. "See, I did pretty good."

Where Sirena was, she had given up on the sword. "Astro blaster, on-line!" A few blasts destroyed five of the fourteen ships. A few more blasts left only three. "Now I like the odds more." Sirena returned her blaster to her waist. "Meteorite Sword, Activate Flame tip now!" She zipped right past two of the ships blowing them up, and into the third one. "I win!" Sirena yelled as Karone and Zhane approached.

"What do you say we get to Earth?" Karone asked. "I'm sure the others need help from us." She muttered afterwards.

"Nah! They can take care of themselves, let's get back to the ship and relax for a while." Zhane said turning to where the AG was approaching. "Come on!"

"Oh all right." Sirena and Karone followed him back on-board. "If we get in trouble, it's all your fault."

Back on-board the Astro Galaxy, the rangers were disagreeing once more. This time, it was on the prospect of calling for help.

"If you guys had gotten your butts to Earth and given us a hand, we would not be in this predicament." TJ argued. "We need reinforcements."

"Look, we didn't know you guys needed help. Zhane said you could take care of things and we believed him." Karone cut in. "As for the reinforcements, call them for all I care. But I think Sirena should agree too."

"I don't want to admit wanting help." Sirena grumbled. "I've never had help before in my life. It's too embarrassing."

"We all need help once in a while. It's nothing to be afraid of." Trey spoke up. "I'll admit, I need help once in a while too. Everyone does, it's nothing to be embarrassed about."

"Easy for you to say."

"Come on Sirena, please." Zhane begged. "Do it for Earth. We need help in stopping Dregon and Kalika, they have the morphin generator from the Power Chamber. They are ten times more powerful than usual."

"No!" Sirena yelled. "I won't call for help. Those are rangers there that will take any chance they get to torture me!"

"Sirena listen to reason!" Ashley yelled. "You don't know what the morphin generator is. It holds all the power the rangers of Earth have ever used. With it, Dregon and Kalika can summon zords from ranger history."

"If they summon the White Tigerzord, we're all dead meat here." Justin spoke up from the doorway. "I just talked to Tommy, he says that Saba, the sword that's in control of the zord, may not want to do evil, but has to because the bearer is evil. We're going to need help. Come on Sirena, just this once."

"Fine. I'll call Dex." Reluctantly, Sirena got up and headed for the bridge. "ACTOM, establish a link with Edenoi."

"Link establish, and your not going to like this at all, the other rangers are there too." ACTOM said a few minutes later when they were on the bridge.

"Dex, this is Sirena." She muttered at the image that appeared. Dex nodded. "We're going to need some help. Lord Dregon and Kalika have the morphin generator from the blown up Power Chamber. They are ten times as powerful, we can't take them on." Sirena grumbled.

"Did I hear this correct. Sirena of Inquiris, needs help?" Leo ask forcing his way to the screen. "Is this the Sirena that we know? The one that left about an hour or so ago?"

"Yeah." Sirena glared at him.

Dex shoved Leo out of the way. "We're coming." He murmured. "I have boosted the teleportation system to long range. We shall all arrive in a few minutes."

Sirena nodded. She set the Astro Galaxy's teleportation systems to receive the guests. In the screen, a sparkle of lights signaled the departure of the rangers from Edenoi. All the astro rangers plus the three extras sat in various spots trying to keep busy while waiting for the reinforcements.

"Our friends are arriving in the teleportation room." ACTOM butt in loudly. "I think they're kind of lost. Should I escort them here, or are you guys going to be nice and meet them?"

"We'll be nice and meet them." Sirena muttered angrily. "Why didn't you alert us when they were getting close?"

"That's DECA's job. We divided the jobs even. I'm teleporting and receiving, alerting of attacks and transmissions, ringing the alarm, and keeping you guys company and alert. She sensing, alerting of visitors, scanning, receiving of emergency transmissions from other people, keeping security high on the ship, and everything else, like food, etc."

"Okay. Come on you guys, they're here." Sirena got up and with the other rangers following, headed at a face pace to the teleportation room. The door slid open revealing the guest rangers in their traditional style of rank. "Hi," Before she could get another word out, the alarms went blaring. "Ahhhhhhhhh! ACTOM, turn them off!"

"Sorry, DECA said full force."

"I did not, I said loud enough so that they would all hear." DECA butt in with her formal voice. "Kalika and Dregon are attacking the business district in Angel Grove. A new monster is using the morphin generator as fuel. Several quantrons and one of Dregon's monsters are stationed nearby. The morphin generator has been drained of it's power, Kalika and Dregon have control of the Dinozord, the Thunderzord, the Ninjazord, the White Tigerzord, the Dragonzord, the Zeo zords, the Super Zeo zords, the Turbo Megazord, and the Rescue Megazords."

"I thought the Turbo and the Rescue Megazords were destroyed." Ashley asked looking at her former Turbo team mates.

"Yeah, but it looks like the morphin generator brought them back." Justin butt in. "We need control of the Turbo Megazord, and the Rescue Megazord again to even us the odds."

"What do you say we all try shifting?" Cassie asked. "If Justin can do it, so can we. We can take control of the Turbo and the Rescue Megazord that way."

"You guys don't mind do you?" TJ asked looking at the rest of the astros. "We need to get the Turbo and the Rescue Megazord out of Kalika and Dregon's hands. It's the only way we can think of."  Sirena nodded. "I'm going after Saba and the Dragon flute. Saba controls the White Tigerzord and the Dragon flute controls the Dragonzord, we need both of those out of Kalika and Dregon's hands too."

"Great, our entire team is split up." Zhane threw up his hands. "The next thing I know, Karone is going after control of one of the other zords."

"Well, we'd better get moving." Andros cut in silencing Zhane with a look. "We'll meet you guys down on Earth." Andros informed the other rangers. They all nodded. "Come you guys, we'd better get to the jump tubes."

Sirena, Karone, and Zhane followed him out. Behind them, the rangers morphed in the teleportation room and ACTOM did not like the lights at all.

"Ecto-Phase Activate!" Dex shouted as his Ecto Accelerator appeared, the machine where the Masked Rider's powers were held.

"Go Galactic!" And a whole bunch of others could be heard. Amid the shouts, the rangers could hear one thing clearly. "Shift into Turbo!"

"All right guys, you know what to do right?" Andros asked looking at the remaining astros. They all nodded. "Let's hope we can get the morphin generator out of Kalika and Dregon's hands."

Down on Earth, the turbos headed for where the Turbo and the Rescue Megazord were blasting buildings. Sirena headed for Eclipter who was holding both Saba and the Dragon flute. The rest headed for where either Dregon's forces, or Kalika's forces were located.

"All right Eclipter, I'm here for the Dragon Flute and Saba! Now fork them over!" Sirena demanded.

"A little ranger like you shouldn't make such big demands like this. But I will never give you Saba or the Dragon Flute."

Sirena clenched her teeth. "Don't let him get to you." She reminded herself. "I'm here for them, and I will get them."

"Four words for you, purple ranger. Over my dead body." Eclipter must have known how to use Saba, for he fired with him.

"Nooo!" Saba yelled helplessly as laser blasts came out of his eyes.

Sirena dove out of the way. "I'm sorry Saba, but I have to do this. Meteorite Sword!" She lashed out at Eclipter's feet. "I will get Saba and the Dragon Flute. Don't you worry about a thing Eclipter."

Using Saba, he managed to block Sirena's blow and land a few himself.

"Unhand me you big bully!" Saba yelled. "Hey you ranger! Get me free!" He shouted at Sirena.

"I'm working on it so shut up!" Sirena was getting very annoyed. "Activate Flame tip now!" She wounded Eclipter's right arm greatly making him drop Saba who with some kind of power flew strait into her hands and to safety. "Now the Dragon Flute, hand it over Eclipter unless you want some more of me!"

"I will get Saba back purple brat!" Eclipter nursed his right arm but stayed to resume fighting. "I fight just as well with my left as my right."

"We'll see." With her sword, Sirena managed to wound that arm too. But not as greatly. Eclipter still held onto the Dragon Flute.

"I will be back." Eclipter made promise he intended to keep.

"Darn, and I was just getting warmed up." Sirena said out loud.

"What about the Dragon Flute?" Saba asked. "We need to get it back."

"We will, next time. Come on, the rest of my team will need some help."

"Where's Tommy. He's the white ranger of Earth. I want him." Saba asked as Sirena headed off.

"He's not a ranger anymore. As of now, I'm in charge of you, with his permission." What Sirena said was partly true. Tommy wasn't an active ranger anymore, but as the Earthlings say, 'Once a ranger, always a ranger.' And Tommy had said that Saba belonged to them now.

The remaining astros and galaxy rangers were having a hard time with Kalika's monster. He was strong, and the morphin generator made him stronger.

"Give us the generator ugly!" Zhane yelled as he fired one more time with his Silverizer.


"Quasar Sabres!" Leo yelled as the galaxy rangers drew out their swords. "If you won't, then taste the steel of our swords!" Unfortunately, the Quasar sabres had no effect on the monster either. "This is impossible!"

"Believe me red ranger, it is possible." A simple blast sent Leo flying into the Magna Defender's arms. "Anyone want the same lesson?"

"Hey bat breath! I have a lesson for you!" Sirena yelled as she arrived. In her right hand, she held Saba. "All right Saba, let's show him what we can do!" Sirena tilted Saba forward sending laser blasts towards the monster.

"Take that! And that, and that!" Saba yelled as he had fun. "Can we do it again?" He asked Sirena as the monster fell.


From in the air, the Dark Fortress's Satellite Lasers beamed down. The monster grew bigger and bigger until it was ready for another fight.

"Damn! We don't have our zords!" Leo yelled frustrated.

"We don't have full power without the others." Andros muttered.

"No problem here." Sirena muttered. She raised Saba towards the air. "White Tigerzord Power!" From somewhere, a roar could be heard as the White Tigerzord appear. "Okay Saba, now what do I do?"

"Jump in like you do in your own megazords. Tommy always knew what to do, he made sure to learn." Saba muttered.

Sirena jumped in and found the area rather roomy, it reminded her of her room. "Now what?"

"Insert me into that space over there," Saba pointed with his eyes. "And then call out White Tigerzord Transformation."

Sirena did as she was told. To the outsiders, the Tigerzord had transformed into it's warrior form.

"Now, you control the zords movements with that ball over there. Just use the movements you would use in a fight, the zord will mimic your movements exactly. If you want to use a fire ball, then say 'Fire Ball.' Other than that, you should do fine." Saba assured.

"Thanks." As the monster came, Sirena was ready for him after the brief instructional tour Saba had given. She managed to block almost all the blows and land a few good ones. "Fire Ball!" After that was launched, the monster called it quits as an unfair fight and left. "We did it!"

"He'll be back. But now that you know what to do, we'll be ready."

"Thanks again, Saba. You've been a great help." Sirena leaped from the zord with Saba in her left hand. "Hey guys!" She called out to them. "Guess we have a new member on the team. Meet Saba."

"Hi hi." Saba called out.

"Hi." The other rangers mimicked. "We've got to get over to where the rest of the guys are. They need really big help." Leo called.

"Well then, let's go." Karone said. "Sirena can show Dregon that Saba means business."

At the other side of the business district, Dregon's forces was giving the rangers a hard time. He continually held out the Power coins, and the Zeo crystal shards that had been resurrected in the morphin generator in their faces.

"The Power coins!" Sirena felt herself yelling. "I thought they were destroyed by Rita and Zedd."

"You know, for an alien, you sure know a lot about Earth's history." Saba murmured. "How is that?"

"When I'm with Jason and the old rangers, they tell me a lot of things, plus with Zordon and Dimitria, I learn a lot." Sirena said in answer. "We need to get the Zeo crystal shards and the Power coins back." She informed the others.

"Couldn't you see we were working on it?" Gorgan asked annoyed. He hated Earth already. "Besides, it's kind of hard when you don't know your way around very well."

"Sorry. Come on Saba, let's get those things back." With Saba agreeing, Sirena leaped into the air in a flip and landed at the top of a building close by. "Hey uglies, Saba and I've got something for you."

"And we have something for you too, purple ranger!" One of Dregon's goons yelled. "Turbo Megazord!" He called out. From the background, the first Turbo zord appeared. "Hope you have fun!"

"We can't take that thing in the Tigerzord." Sirena muttered to Saba. "I need my zord."

"You just need a boost of power. How about transforming into the White ranger?" Saba asked slyly.

"Nah. White is not my color. Besides, Tommy would kill me." Sirena answered. "Galaxy Megazord Power!" She called. Out in space, the Galaxy split with the Astro and transformed to come help. Inside, Sirena sat down in a familiar seat and set Saba aside. "Now watch what this thing can do."

"Sirena!" A voice call through her communicator. "This is TJ, we're inside the Rescue Megazord. Justin and Cassie are on their way to the Turbo." As he spoke, a pink and blue light disappeared inside the Turbo Megazord. "Try not to harm the Turbo."

"Easier said than done." Sirena muttered as the Turbo Megaship lifted the Galaxy and tossed it into a building. "But I'll try."

"We need the Astro Megazord Power!" Andros called out by the side. He had heard TJ over his communicator too. Together, he, Zhane, and Karone jumped inside. "Sirena, you need a hand?"

"Sure could use one." The two zords held the Turbo down for a while until it got angry. "Man, do the old zords that were created have a mind of their own?" Sirena asked.

Suddenly, the Turbo stopped swinging and stood still. From the top, Justin and Cassie emerged. "We did it!" They yelled. "The Turbo is ours again. TJ and the others almost have the Rescue too!"

"So where are you guys going to store these things?" Dex asked form the ground. "I mean, you can't keep them in space or in the middle of Angel Grove."

"The old storage facilities." Justin said matter-of-factly. "They weren't destroyed when the Power Chamber blew up. I got them re-activated again too. With Billy's help of course."

"That solved that problem. What about us all staying here?" Gorgan sneered. "I don't think you guys all have enough room."

"That's not a problem either." Sirena called down as she prepared to jump. "The Galaxy has quite a few rooms that aren't in use right now. Plus, the Astro has a few too. We just don't form the Astro Galaxy."

"Oh." Gorgan muttered under his breath. "Great."

Later on in the Galaxy's formal sitting room, the rangers were all gather to have a short conference.

"We'll all stay until Dregon leaves." Dex spoke for the other rangers. "We never leave friend in a lurch."

"Great." Andros said ignoring the glares of some of the rangers. "Like the universal saying, 'United we stand, divided we fall.' Everyone should know what that means." He said glancing at the Earthlings.

"Don't worry, we know." Carlos said catching the look. "It's an Earth saying too."

"So when are we going to get the rest of the stuff Kalika and Lord Dregon stole from the morphin generator?" Saba asked eagerly. He learned about things and events fast.

"Next time I meet whoever has the Dragon Flute, I'll get it back. Don't worry. That's the same with the other missing stuff." Sirena said clamping a hand over Saba's mouth.

The group split to go either to their rooms, the simu-deck, or to get something to eat. Sirena kept Saba by her side and had to frequently shut him up. True to his word, Justin had the Turbo and the Rescue Megazords stored in the old facilities that were still standing, amazingly. Room was made for the rest of the zords that would follow. Though they searched, they could find no trace of the Tigerzord until Saba, with a smug look on his face, said it was stored in a place they would never find. So the search was abandoned.

The End