Disclaimer: Power Rangers, Masked Rider, and any other superheroes I have borrowed and are forgetting mention, doesn't belong to me. This fic is the beginning of my Evil Arise Series which takes place after Count Down to Destruction. The Legion of Evil is also the first fic in my Return of Zordon (the miniseries speaks for itself) miniseries. This series will also be looking more into relationships (or at least I will try to in the ones) I established in my Lone Ranger series. Thanks!

The Legion of Evil
By: AstroPurple

The Astro Galaxy (AG) Megaship cruised through space returning to Earth from KO-35. All of the rangers were on the simu-deck discussing on how to act once back on Earth.

"Well we can't just let them imagine that they saw us morph." Cassie complained. "There were too many of them. And some of them were well respected citizens. Now if they were younger teens, we could let people think they were high on drugs."

"But they know our identity." Ashley protested. "Since we destroyed all the evil in the universe, we won't have to morph again ever. They can't prove it."

"Um... correction, since Zordon destroyed all the evil in the universe." TJ corrected. "All we did was hold off Kalika's troops until Andros shattered Zordon's energy tube."

As the others continued bickering, Sirena just stared at her hands wondering if this nightmare will ever be over. "Zordon you can't be gone." She thought to herself. "You have to come back." Sirena felt tears forming in her eyes.

"Hey Sirena? Are you all right?" Karone whispered silently. By now, all the other rangers were watching her.

"Yeah. I'll be all right." Sirena assured them softly.

"It's about Zordon, isn't it?" Andros asked softly. "I'm sorry. I wish there was something I could have done. If there was another way."

"No, it's all right Andros. I always knew a day like this would come." Sirena got up. "I'm gonna be in my room." She informed them. They nodded as she left. "Call me when we reach Earth."

Sirena walked slowly to her room, in her mind, she re-played what Andros had said to her after he had docked the Dark Fortress.

"Where's Zordon?" Sirena had asked excitedly after Andros had walked off the Dark Fortress. "Is he all right? Will we be able to see him soon? And what just happened?"

"I'm sorry Sirena. He's gone. Zordon's gone."

"What do you mean?" Sirena hoped she had misinterpreted.

"I had to destroy his energy tube so we would all be saved. It wasn't something I had wanted to do or was looking forward to, Si. Zordon ordered me to. It was the only way to keep Kalika from claiming the entire universe. I'm sorry." Andros held her tightly as she let her tears fall.

Sirena collapsed onto her bunk as sobs racked her body. It had so far been the only time she was able to spend sometime alone. "Please no." She whispered. "Let this all be a dream. Let me wake up."

"Sirena." A soft female voice murmured close by. Sirena felt a hand stroke her hair, looking up, she saw Dimitria.

"Dimitria?" Sirena asked. She couldn't believe her eyes. It had been at least three years since she'd seen her.

"Yes, it's me. Don't cry. Zordon will always be here, inside of your spirit, and all that is good in the universe. He's alive and well. But ask yourself this question, what will happen to him if evil rules this world?"

"Zordon will be gone, right?" Sirena asked. "He will always live if there is good."

"Exactly. This is why you must stay strong no matter what happens. Close your eyes." Dimitria instructed.

Sirena did as she was told. Inside her mind, she saw Zordon as well as ever. "I will be back Sirena. But you must be careful. Only when the great evil is gone again will everyone be safe. When the great power is released and made known to the universe, I will be back."

Sirena opened her eyes. "I saw him Dimitria! I saw Zordon!" Dimitria smiled. "But what does he mean when the great power is released and made known to the universe?"

"You will see soon. I only come to warn you that a new evil is coming. Becareful, this is none like you've ever encountered or seen."

Dimitria slowly faded from view. "The entire universe shall experience his coming."

Exhausted from the experience, Sirena fell asleep.

* * *
In another part of the universe, all the rangers except the astros were gathered at Inquiris. They had come together for a meeting. A celebration of happiness and gratitude.

Trey of Triforia found himself wandering around among the large number of people looking for the astro. He ignored all the hellos and smiles the other rangers gave him.

Sighing, Trey turned to ask Saurian, the red ranger of Deanous. "Hello Saurian, do you know if the astro rangers have arrived yet?"

"The astro rangers of KO-35 and Earth? They weren't invited. Who would have the nerve to invite them? They are Earthlings." Saurian shook his head. "Why would you even think of such a thing?"

"Because the team are my friends and I respect them for what they do and everything they believe in." Trey retorted angry. "If the invitations were up to me, I would have invited them."

"Suit yourself." Saurian turned away and began a conversation with another ranger.

"Great!" Trey muttered to himself. "I'm at some stupid and boring celebration and the astro rangers are off somewhere probably amusing themselves and having more fun than me."

A flash of light streaked in toward the planet from the sky and Dimitria of Inquiris appeared. The rangers all nodded to her in acknowledgment of her existence. She nodded back, and began to speak.

"Rangers of the universe, I have just arrived from the Astro Galaxy Megaship, home of the astro rangers of KO-35 and Earth." She paused to let this all sink in and to allow the murmurs to start.

"Earth rangers? Why would she want to speak with them? They're from Earth for heaven's sake." The murmurs of voices asked.

"You are all forgetting that one of the members of the astro team, Sirena Lightstar of Inquiris is part of you all. Not sending an invitation of this event to her has been taken as an insult by her family."

"Dimitria, you know that the Earth rangers aren't very well respected by us. If it had not been for Zordon, Earth wouldn't even have rangers." Saurian voiced out loud the thoughts of everyone.

"Saurian, do not judge a book by it's cover." Delphine, the white Aquitian ranger spoke, she recited a famous Earthling quote. "My team has worked closely with the Earth team before, we feel that they are worthy of being part of this too. And when I say we, I mean my entire team. Billy Cranston of Earth was living with us for over a year, we saw no reason to dislike Earthlings."

"I am with Delphine." From somewhere in the crowd, Prince Dex of Edenoi spoke up. "I have worked with Sirena a few times before and the astro team some, from what I have learned, I also find no reason to dislike them."

Trey felt like grinning. Trust Dex to speak up for what he thinks is right or wrong. "Count me in too."

"I am also in." Phantom Ranger said from his position apart from the rest of them.

"And me and my team." Surprisingly, the voice belonged to Leo, red galaxy ranger of the Lost Galaxy. Besides him, the Magna Defender and the rest of his team nodded in agreement.

"Fine!" Saurian muttered. "I'll go send the astros an invitation for all I care. I don't give a damn on what anyone else in the universe thinks I guess."

Dimitria nodded. "Send it right away. And when they arrive, I expect this hostility to be gone." With her final words, Dimitria disappeared elsewhere.

* * *
Sirena stirred silently in her sleep. "She's so beautiful." Andros found himself thinking as he brushed a strand of hair off her face. "And to think I was almost gone from her life."

In her sleep, Sirena dreamed of her life being perfect. Of Zordon and Dimitria being there to guide her. Of her family there to love her. Standing out the most of all, was her love, Andros smiled at her lovingly. A loud alarm broke into her dream snapping Sirena awake. She blinked open and saw Andros sitting besides her watching her.

Realizing she was awake, Andros found himself blushing. Hiding his embarrassment at being caught, he reached down and pulled her up. "I guess we'll have to see what that is, right?" He asked.

"Yeah. But I'll bet it's ACTOM playing with the alarms." Sirena murmured. "I'd rather just stay here with you."

Andros felt another blush rise up in his cheeks.

"Don't worry. I was just kidding." Sirena assured him seeing his embarrassment. "Come on, I guess we should see what's going on."

Andros got up and pulled Sirena along with him. "Let's go. If it's Zhane, I get to kill him. If it's ACTOM, your in charge."

"Okay." Sirena agreed as she leaned against him.

On the bridge, the other rangers were gathered there too. They all looked as though they had been doing something else too.

"ACTOM, what is it?" Sirena asked. "I thought we destroy all evil in the universe. Unless we missed something, I'm pretty sure we didn't."

"Well.... This isn't an emergency. Just a transmission from Inquiris to us that has something interesting in it." ACTOM said smugly.

"In other words, it's a rush transmission from Inquiris that looks important and we could put it off." DECA said.

"All right. Play it then." Andros turned his attention to the screen along with the other rangers. "This better be worth it." He whispered to Sirena.

"Astro Rangers of KO-35 and Earth, I am Saurian, the red ranger of Deanous. You have all been invited to a celebration on Inquiris to celebrate the departure of evil in this universe." The transmission ended.

"Saurian of Deanous. The delightful ranger of equality." Sirena sneered. "Gee, would it make me wonder if this is a late invitation."

"Yes, it is. The celebration has already started on Inquiris two Earth hours ago." DECA said for all of the rangers to hear.

"Still, we should go." Cassie said. "I mean, it'll put off us going to Earth and making up some stupid excuse."

"I agree with her." Zhane said pointing. "And those ranger celebrations, they have good food."

"I'm in." TJ said. "What do you say we go, spend a few hours there, then return to Earth. It couldn't hurt."

"All right. I guess so. DECA, ACTOM, change course to Inquiris, and hurry up too." Andros said seeing that they all pretty much agreed.

Pretty soon, the megaship got underway, and all the rangers drifted back to what they were doing before the interruption.

* * *
On Earth, the citizens of Angel Grove worked to clean up the mess Kalika had made during her largest attack yet.

"Did you see them? They were right under our noses this entire time." Several citizens discussed the ranger's identity. "I wonder where they are now. They need to come back. After all, they belong on Earth."

A short distance away, Bulk and Skull were talking together.

"I can't believe it. We've been searching for the identity of the power rangers for a long time, and all this time, they were right there." Skull complained as he picked us some debris.

"Me too. And to think it was those geeks." Bulk sighed. "Oh well, now where is the professor? Shouldn't he be helping too?"

"I think he's in the van working on another plan. He's still convinced that aliens are still among us." Skull waggled his finger around the side of his head in the crazy way.

Back at their homes, the families of the Earth rangers waited worriedly for the return of their daughter or son. Finally standing it no more, they got together to discuss this new turn of events.

"I still can't believe it. Right under our noses, they were the power rangers." Mrs. Chan cried.

"We knew about this." Mr. and Mrs. Hammond said grudgingly. "They told us a long time ago. We kept it a secret for them so you all wouldn't be scared."

"But why? Why couldn't they let us know? We would have supported them anyway." Mr. Miranda protested.

"They were afraid you would all be hurt. That the evil person would use you guys against them. They didn't want that to happen." Mrs. Hammond assured him. "They didn't want to hurt you guys."

"Well, how do we deal with this new change of events?" Mr. Chan asked. "I mean, there's the press, there's gonna be questions, and everyone else will want answers."

"We will have to tell the truth. That we didn't know anything about it." Mike, Ashley's brother said firmly. "It's what they will want."

"All right. If the press come, we say nothing." With that, the group broke up and returned home to face the constant telephone ringing, and news people outside firing questions.

* * *
On Inquiris, most of the rangers were enjoying the final minutes without the astros there. Some were looking forward to the arrival, but others were not.

"The astros are here! The astros are here!" A younger boy ran into the large room excited. "They have just docked and are on their way."

The rangers nodded as they waited for the arrival. Some of them tried to imagine what the rangers would look like, how they would act, or their language. The ones who had met them tried to imagine what their manner would be like now, or how they would dress out of their uniforms. A few minutes later, the large doors swung open and eight Earthlings walked in.

Saurian stepped forward reluctantly to speak. Since he had sent the invitation, the other rangers had elected him spokes person. "Sirena Lightstar of Inquiris?" He asked as he scanned each of the girls.

Sirena stepped forward and looked him strait in the eye. "Yes." She spoke loudly and calmly.

Zhane couldn't help but find himself wondering if Sirena had a different personality for wherever she was. Alone with them, she was care-free, open, and did everything with a whine. Here in front of all the other rangers in the universe, she seemed more formal.

Under Sirena's gaze, Saurian found himself shrinking in his mind. "For a girl, she sure has a cold look." He found himself thinking. Getting a hold of himself, Saurian stood up strait, and started to speak. "Dimitria wanted to see you the minute you arrived." His own tone of voice surprised him greatly. He had looked and felt confident, but his tone had been weak and quivered a little.

"Thank you." Sirena gave him one more look before turning to leave. "I'll be back soon." She muttered to her team.

"Take your time." Zhane murmured so no one else could hear. As soon as she left, there was a long silence until Zhane broke it by walking over to the food table. "Uh... what's this?" He asked pointing to some weird dish that did not look edible.

"Zhane." Karone found herself sighing. "For a food fanatic, your a little low on your variety of foods. That's a Zanatian dish, and unless you love hot stuff, go ahead an try it."

"Andros, I am Delphine, the white Aquitian ranger." The young woman stepped forward. "We have helped Earth before and am wondering about the well-being of Zordon."

"Zordon, he's well, he's gone." Andros muttered softly. "His energy tube had to be shattered so Kalika's forces could be stopped."

"We were informed by him that a day like that might happen. We are extremely sorry." Delphine offered her apologizes as did the rest of the Aquitians.

"Ohhhh! Hot! Hot!" Zhane yelled from the food table. He had gotten up the nerve to try the Zanatian dish. "Water! Water!" He yelled. "And don't say it Karone." He added.

"I told you so." Karone said with a soft smiling playing on her lips.

"What is going on?" Sirena demanded from the doorway. "I could hear Zhane's shouts all the way from where I was on my way back."

"He tried some hot Zanatian dish." Cassie explained. "And we all know that he hates hot dishes."

"Serves him right." Sirena muttered.

"Hey Sirena!" Leo yelled from across the room. He gestured for her to get over there. "Over here!"

Sirena nodded. "Be right there!" She called back. Sirena walked over to Andros and whispered something in his ear. His face showed no expression to whatever it was she had told him.

Andros nodded silently and walked out. Saurian looked suspiciously and proceeded to follow him. Sirena, seeing this, stuck out her foot a little and tripped him.

"I'm sorry Saurian. I didn't know you were there." Sirena started to apologized but stopped when he glared at her.

* * *
In Dimitria's chamber, Andros walked in cautiously. He slowly picked his way through the dark to the small glow of light at the far end.

"Dimitria." He called softly. "Dimitria is that you?"

"Come closer Andros." Her soft voice floated through the dark. "Sirena has informed me that you are the leader of the Astro rangers. Is that not true?"

"Yes." He answered warily. Now why had Sirena given his name?

A flash of light appeared almost blinding him. As the light faded, Dimitria's full figure floated two to three feet from the ground.

"Do you wish for your team to be stationed as a defense force on KO-35 or Earth?" She asked. "It is your decision."

Andros thought about how the Earth rangers would react. KO-35 had troops with advanced firearms to take on any assault from another planet. Earth however, Earth's technology was far behind that of the universe, an attack from another planet would mean the end of it's existence. Plus, the Earth rangers loved their home planet, leaving forever would probably break their heart. After a few more minutes of consideration, Andros made a final decision. "Earth." He replied.

Dimitria nodded. "Are you sure? Tell me the reasons why you wish for your team to be stationed on Earth."

"Earth has no defenses and a long way to catch up with the rest of the universe. If another planet launched an attack, Earth would be history. KO-35 on the other hand is no longer my home. I have spent too many years away from it. I think of Earth as my home planet now."

"A wise decision, Andros. You and your team shall be station on both Earth and KO-35. You may travel between the two planets." Dimitria signaled the end of the conversation.

Andros nodded and left.

* * *
Back at the celebration, Zhane was having a great time testing each of the dishes with TJ and several other rangers alongside of him. Cassie and Ashley were engaged in a sparring match with the two female galaxy rangers. Carlos was off somewhere lifting weights with Kai and Dammon. Sirena and Karone were in a conversation with Leo and the Magna Defender when Andros arrived back.

"I'm going to see what Andros has decided." Sirena informed the group and left her place. She walked quickly over to Andros. "So? Did you decide on Earth or KO-35?"

"We will be stationed on both planets, Sirena. So why did Dimitria call you there?" Andros asked out of curiosity.

"She asked me the same thing. Then, taking Zhane's good advice on you being the leader and everything, I told her to ask you. I couldn't make a decision like that all by myself."

"Thanks." Andros muttered. "So what are you talking about with Karone, Leo, and the Magna Defender?"

"We were exchanging stories on being rangers." Sirena said vaguely. "Come on, join us. Since you were a space ranger longer than both me and Karone, you probably have more interesting ones." She dragged him all the way to their table and personally saw to it that Andros sat down.

"Hi Andros." Both Leo and the Magna Defender greeted him. Andros nodded a welcome. "Did you really get your butt kicked by Eclipter when Sirena first met you?" Leo asked.

"I don't think I did." Andros looked over at Sirena who had her gaze set on something else. "Did I?" He asked her.

"Sort of. If I had not interfered, you would probably have been put in a coma or something." Sirena returned her gaze and mind to the conversation.

Andros corrected her. "There is no way I could have been put into a coma by Eclipter unless both him and you had hit me full force with your weapons."

"And who said I had hit you with my weapon?" Sirena asked putting her hands on her hips. "I can't remember ever hurting you."

"You did pull a blaster out at me."

"She wouldn't have if you had identified yourself." Karone cut in. "How was she suppose to know who you worked for?"

"Now who's side are you on?" Andros demanded.

"Girls always take their side." Leo muttered. "It's almost the same with Kendrix and Maya. They always back each other up. I'm just a little luckier to have rangers who listen and take orders from me."

"True," Magna Defender pointed out. "But girls do tend to be a bit faster to respond to orders than guys. Only unless you have Sirena or Karone. Now I don't think they even went through ranking class."

"Do we have to take this abuse from them?" Karone asked looking at Sirena. "Cause I say we get out of here."

"Yeah, your right." Sirena and Karone got out of their seats and left. "And don't expect us to come back either unless you guys apologize."

"See." Magna Defender said as if to prove his point.

* * *
Buried deep in the ocean at a distant planet, a long thought destroyed ship was slowly on it's way to the surface. On it, there was a bunch of activity as an intelligently built droid, Jaran, ordered troops to get moving fast. They had waited long enough. Zordon's power had safely missed them and now they were preparing for the arrival of their master.

"Hurry up! Hurry up!" Jaran yelled at several Tengas. "We don't have all day, it's almost time."

All over the ship, captured and re-programmed Tengas, Putties, Quantrons, StingWingers, Piranatrons, and Cogs bustled around checking to make sure the descent went well.

As the ship reached closer to the outer atmosphere, defense ships from the nearby base arrived to check out the unidentified flying object. As reports were sent back to the main computer base, defense officers were aghast to see a match. Immediate orders were sent out to fire all weapons and destroy the ship.

On-board, Jaran took over the firing station from a useless Putty and began firing with direct aim at the approaching ships. Within a few seconds, he had destroyed them all.

* * *
Dimitria's senses went on high alert when she felt the familiar presence approaching this dimension. "He will be here soon." She thought to herself.

She was not alone, everyone at the celebration had notice the elders stiffen suddenly. Tideus glanced nervously at Leian and the others. "He will arrive in this dimension soon."

Sirena looked at they weirdly. "Who Tideus? Who will be in this dimension soon? And what do you mean this dimension?"

"Sirena, I'm sure you have heard by now from Zordon's spirit on what will happen soon. You will figure it out yourself." Leian said stiffly.

He and the other elders got up and left the room. Pretty soon, the room got back to it's usual conversation and activities. Remembering what Zordon and Dimitria had said earlier, Sirena slipped out of the room back to the Astro Galaxy.

"Hey Sirena, back so soon?" ACTOM called out cheerfully. "What happened? Did Saurian, the great delightful ranger of equality get on your nerves too much?"

"ACTOM, DECA, use the long-ranger sensors to scan for any disturbances in the universe." Sirena ordered ignoring ACTOM's cheerful greeting. She walked quickly to the bridge as the AG's scanners were put on high sensitivity.

"So what's up?" ACTOM asked. "What made you what do to a scan for disturbances? Hasn't all the evil in the universe been destroyed?"

"I'm just checking something." Sirena muttered. She walked over to one of the computers and proceeded to bring up top secret files kept at the Ranger Base Headquarters on Inquiris.

"Enter, your access code." A computerized voice ordered. Sirena did as she was told, entering her ranger access code. "Access given. Welcome to Ranger Headquarters, Sirena Lightstar."

Sirena grimaced. "What?" ACTOM asked. "Does that voice give you shivers of what I could have been if that stupid mechanic had done things right on me?"

"Yeah. Kind of." Sirena searched the entire database for files on "the great evil." Her search brought up a file labeled security level 20. "Aha!" Sirena muttered triumphantly.

ACTOM whistled. "That's a pretty high security there. I've never encountered level 20 before. The highest I've ever seen before this was 14, and that was it."

"Sirena, are you sure your access code can open a file so high?" DECA asked. "After all, you are a ranger, not an elder."

"I can always try DECA. Zordon gave me an alternate set of access code before I left to get me out of any trouble I might encountered. Those are higher than my own, and if my own won't get me in, I'll have to use those." Sirena sent in the commands for that file to be opened.

"I'm sorry, your access to that file has been denied." The computerized voice announced. "Please re-enter your access code to be connected with the Ranger Base Headquarters." Sirena sighed as she entered the alternate set she had been given. "Welcome to Ranger Headquarters, Zordon of Eltar."

Sirena felt her eyes widen. "Yep, this one will get me into a level 20 file all right." She muttered. "Any doubts now, DECA?" She proceeded to get back to the security level 20 file again.

"You have entered a top secret file. No information taken must ever be released from you again. File on `the great evil' opened."

Sirena felt her eyes widen again at all the information she was looking at. "My god. No wonder the elders were afraid. This guy has quite a record."

"Who?" ACTOM asked eagerly.

"Remember, no information I have seen on this file must ever be released again." Sirena mimicked as she backed out. She'd seen enough.

"I see you already know who's coming." A voice said behind her. Sirena turned to see Leian and the rest of the elders standing there. They all looked pretty serious about what was going to happen.


"You will need to get your team back to Earth before he arrives and attacks. Go back to the celebration and inform the other rangers that they need to return to their planets and prepare for the worst." Tideus said. "If they don't believe you, show them the file."

Sirena nodded. She made no questions as to how they had gotten on the ship. She hurried back to the party room.

Phantom Ranger and Trey noticed to her arrival out-of-breath.

"Hey dad, what's with Sirena?" Trey nodded towards his sister.

"I don't know. But she looks as if she might have something to say." Phantom Ranger and Trey both set their focus on Sirena as she opened her mouth to speak. So did most of the other rangers.

"Sirena, can't you let a party alone without saying you have something dead serious to say?" Saurian sneered.

"Sirena, you know who is arriving, right?" Dimitria's voice filtered through as she appeared.

"Yes. I kind of, well, broke into Ranger Base Headquarters." She admitted. "I was using Zordon's access codes."

"Yes, he informed me at the last moment that he had given them to you. We knew that you would one day use them to get into that security level 20 file." Dimitria paused as several whistles pierced through. "Get your team back to Earth as soon as possible cause that's most likely where he will strike first. Brief your team on the way, I will deal with the ones here."

Sirena nodded. "Let's go you guys. We've got to get out butts back to Earth and prepare for the worst."

Confused looks were shot around as nobody knew what was going on except for Sirena and Dimitria. Following Sirena's orders, the astro rangers left with her to return to Earth.

After the astros left, Dimitria briefed the remaining rangers on what was happening. They all groaned and grumbled at the thought of another fight, but they were binded by their honors as a ranger to continue on until all evil in the universe had been destroyed. The party was broken up as everyone but the Inquiris team left to return home.

* * *
On the Astro Galaxy, Sirena told her team everything she knew about the new evil that was coming from what she had read off of the file.

"Okay, so lemme get this right. This guy had control of the entire universe until five warriors trapped him in a hyper-lock chamber? Then, when he got out, he attacked his first prime target, Earth. So the rangers of Earth then, who were powerless because of him traveled to Phaedos, returned with the `great power' took the `great evil' out to space in their zords, and bang! He was gone?" TJ asked.

"Yes. But somehow Zordon, Dimitria, and the elders discovered that he wasn't destroyed, he was blasted to another dimension. As the year draws closer to 2000, that dimensional gateway, or time portal, whichever you want to call it will open and let him out again. He will arrive near the Milky Way Galaxy with all knowledge of what has happened since he had been gone again. So, he will most likely attack Earth, and then the rest of the universe."

"Wow! And I thought Dark Specter was bad." Zhane muttered. "I hate the thought of going up against someone new first. If he's as bad as you described, Sirena, we're probably gonna be the first ones to go down."

"But no matter what do, do we give up and let him take over." Andros instructed. "If he does attack Earth or KO-35, we will have to fight with our lives. The other rangers will be waiting at their own planets, we're alone in this until they decide to come help."

"True. I just hope we win." Ashley said. "And to think we were gonna get a nice long vacation."

"We will after this fight." Cassie muttered thoughtfully. "Should we alert Earth of what might happen?"

"Yeah. They need to be ready. Also, you guys need to let your families know your all right." Karone said looking at the Earth rangers.

"DECA, connect us with NASADA." Andros ordered as they entered the solar system in which Earth was located.

An image of the NASADA commander appeared on screen. He followed their orders and soon, an image of them was on TV screens all over the world.

"People of Earth, we are the power rangers. We are here to warn you of a new evil that is threatening the entire universe. Everyone needs to be ready. He is a very big threat, we all may not survive, but we will fight until the end for Earth's freedom. The rest of the universe is preparing as we speak. You will all have to be ready." Andros spoke with the rest of the rangers in the background. "Families of the Earth rangers, do not worry. We can all take care of ourselves."

Pretty soon, the entire world knew what was going to happen and they were all preparing. Monster shelters were built up again everywhere at a very fast pace. The Earth rangers arrived on Earth to visit their families and assure them everything would be all right.

On the AG megaship, Sirena monitored the dimensional gateway near the Milky Way Galaxy for activity. She was in frequent contact with other planets over what was going on and updated them on the activity. Finally, the time was drawing near. Each planet had their weapons on full power, rangers were all ready, and the defense forces of planets were ready for anything.

* * *
On the ship, Jaran watched the dimensional gateway hopefully. "He will be here soon." He thought. "My master, we are all ready to take over the universe again." He muttered to no one in particular.

Slowly, the gateway opened. For a few seconds, nothing seemed to happen, then everything at once.

"He's here!" Jaran yelled as loud as he could.

* * *
Through out the universe, everyone shuddered when they heard the loud shout, in response, skies darkened to signal the arrival of the `great evil.'