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Rangers It's Time
by: AstroPurple

The main conference room was already buzzing with activity and noise when Trey and Phantom Ranger arrived. With the last few rangers there, Dimitria and Tideus called the meeting to order.

"As you all know, the astro rangers are holding off Ivan Ooze as best as they are able. Already in the process they've lost two members of their team. We must send reinforcements." Dimitria said softly. If anyone had noticed, she was more sullen and quiet.

"You know we can't. We have vowed to protect our own planet and only our planet. I will not risk my team's lives." Saurian yelled.

"Saurian, you are right." Delphine said quietly. "But, the astro team owes no allegiance to any planet. They protect Earth but only because half of the team is Earthlings. They also protect KO-35 and would come to help any of us with no thoughts if we called."

"The astro rangers have just been made rangers of KO-35 and Earth." Dimitria informed them. "With KO-35 part of our alliance, we must send help."

"My team will go." Leo said aloud from where he had been conferring quietly with is team. "The astros are our friends, they'd do the same for us."

"With the gold and purple powers gone, the odds will be against you. But if you find two more people willing to become rangers you will have better odds." Tideus spoke with the other elders nodding.

"I shall go too." Phantom Ranger spoke up. "Trey can take care of Triforia. With them fighting heaviest near Earth, the more teams we have there, the less it's destruction will be spread."

"Phantom is right. Dex would also go, but being Edenoi's only defense, he can not." Leian, the elder from Edenoi spoke up. "We still need another team or two. The Eltarian rangers are stationed near Eltar protecting the smaller planets there, the Inquiris team is needed here, we are short of teams and we do not wish to split teams in half."

"Rangers! We've just received a transmission from near Earth." A young ranger-in-training yelled. "Shall I put it on the large screen here?" Dimitria nodded urgently.

"Hello. My my my, if it isn't the powerless rangers of the universe." Ivan's nasally sounding voice taunted. "I've destroyed two of the most powerful rangers in the universe. That will show you the power I hold. I would ask you to surrender, but seeing how you answered to Dark Specter, I won't ask it. I shall be at Inquiris soon once I take care of these meddlesome space rangers that set me back, and the annoying Earth team that sent me to that dimension. So don't worry kids, I'll be there soon. Ta Ta!" Ivan waved and the transmission ended.

"Galaxy rangers, Phantom Ranger, leave now for Earth right away. An additional team shall be sent after you soon." Tyshee, elder from Eltar, ordered. "The astro team will need all the help we can provide and soon."

Wordless, the galaxy team (adding in Magna Defender) and Phantom Ranger stood and left.

* * *

"Daurius, how are you feeling?" Mike asked as he demorphed. After leaving the conference room, this was the only private time he could talk to Daurius about Sirena's sudden death.

"Nothing. I can't feel anything in my heart at all." Daurius also demorphed seeing that they were alone. There was no expression on his face at all. "I want to feel something, but I can't. I don't know how."

"It's just the shock. It'll wear through." Mike assured.

"She was too young." Daurius said suddenly. "Sirena was too young to be a ranger. I can't believe Zordon let her have a morpher. He knew I didn't want it, he went against my wishes. I didn't want her to be like me."

"Don't forget that some rangers were a lot younger than she was when they saw their first battle. Most of them had held morphers since as far back as they can even remember." Mike paused. "And is she like you?"

"No," Daurius said with hesitation. "Other morphers were created to go along with hers. Not like mine, or yours. She had a team. A team that cared about her." He let his voice trail off.

"It is not your fault." Mike said gently. "Just like it wasn't Leo's fault when I fell into that crevice. That was Furio's doing, and the Quasar Sabre I found there saved me."

"I just can't help thinking it. When I last saw her, I could have kept her back, taken her morpher, or even forbid her to leave with her team."

"Sirena's headstrong. She won't let words stop her. Or even the absence of a morpher. You heard Zhane, she insisted on going. We'll get the full details when we reach the Astro Galaxy Megaship."

Footsteps approaching caused the two to morph again. The door slid open and Leo poked his head in. "We're ready to leave. Phantom's ship is docked in one of the docking bays and the Galacta Beasts are ready to skip to Earth if we call."

Magna Defender nodded and they followed Leo to one of the battleships they were taking. The Sun Star's engines were just starting up when Leo, Magna, and Phantom stepped on-board.

"The Sun Star is fueled and ready to leave." Damon's voice yelled over an intercom. "You guys better hurry up and get to the bridge. If you can call it a bridge. It's too small to fit even three people."

* * *

"Karone!!!" Sirena yelled to her friend. "You're walking too fast. Slow down, please!" Karone paused long enough for Sirena to catch up. "It's also too hot. Can't we find some place to rest and wait until it gets cooler?"

"Tsk Karone shook her head. "You never let megaship walls to stop you from getting somewhere and now you're letting some sand and heat stop you? I'm surprised."

"It was never this hot on the megaship." Sirena complained.

"Once we figure out where we are, then we can stop."

Sirena groaned loudly. "What if we're on some un-inhabited planet billions of light years away from Earth? Or in a different time period? I've heard of time portals that appear at odd times from Zordon. I remember him telling me about one that appeared on Earth."

"Time portals? I remember now, Lord Zedd was trying to use it to destroy the rangers even before they were born. I doubt one would appear in space though. But you're light years away from Earth theory, maybe. Space travel rifts do appear once in a while. Often after a massive explosion. But the one that send us here, I doubt was big enough."

"But don't you see? My blast that hit Ivan's ship and the one that hit us could have combined and created a pull big enough to create one." Sirena insisted. "It's the only logical explanation. This place does not look like either one of the planets near Earth."

Karone shrugged. "I'm no master in the science of space or anything so I wouldn't know. You seem to know more than me."

"I'm no expert either. I only know what Zordon and Dimitria taught me."

"Let's keep going and see if we can find any signs of life. We need to know where we are, and how far we are away from Earth." Karone grabbed Sirena's hand to keep going. "I just wish we could call on our galaxy gliders." Sirena nodded her agreement. "Wait a minute, can we still morph? Cause if we can, we still have the power to call our gliders right?"

"I doubt it." Sirena muttered poking at her morpher. "Mine's broken and yours probably is too. See?" Sirena showed her some disconnected wires and stuff.

"Dang! Mine is too. Can we fix it?"

"I don't know." Sirena muttered. "Without tools and an instruction manual, I don't even know where to start."

"Great! Just great! You know, I think we'd still have better luck walking on this seemingly deserted planet."

"What do you mean seemingly? It is deserted. I haven't seen anything alive except for us." Sirena protested loudly.

* * *

The Sun Star was detected by the AG's sensors and the two ships were soon linked together for easy access.

"Astro rangers." Leo's team nodded in greeting. They noticed that none of the females or the males said much.

"DECA, get Zhane and Andros." TJ ordered quietly not bothering to look up. All four of them were looking over computer readings somberly.

"I hope they're not going to be like this the entire time." Leo whispered quietly but loud enough for his team and Phantom Ranger to hear.

"Leo!" Kendrix chided quietly. "They just lost two members of their team. How do you expect them to act?"

"All right. I'll keep quiet." Leo quieted down just in time for Zhane walked in a few seconds later.

"Andros isn't coming. He needs some time alone." He informed the rest of them not bothering to mention why. "We're glad to get help. Ivan's not going to be easy to beat."

Leo nodded. "We're sorry that the fight didn't turn out as you expected." He racked his brain for more to say.

"What he means is that we're sorry about what happened with Sirena and Karone?" Kendrix jumped in seeing Leo's lack of words. She reminded herself to give him a lecture on manners when they were alone.

"If there's anything we can do, let us know." Kai volunteered.

Zhane nodded his thanks. "We just need help to repair the ship. The megaship's sensors picked up activity on Ivan's ship that seems to say he's ready for another attack."

"Zhane, Andros is headed for the jump tubes. I think he's getting ready to ship leave the ship."

ACTOM said urgently. "I don't believe we need to lose another ranger."

"He's what!" Zhane asked. "You guys will need to excuse me." He muttered turning to leave. "I'd better stop him and bring him back to reality."

Phantom Ranger stepped forward. "Stay here with your team Zhane, I shall go see how Andros is. I believe I know what he is going through better than you." Not waiting for an answer like always, he left for the hanger bay.

* * *

Phantom Ranger made his way towards where the jump bay was located. Standing in front of the purple and gold tubes was Andros about ready to leave.

"Andros," Phantom Ranger called out softly. "And where do you think you're headed?"

"Phantom Ranger?" Andros asked surprised. "I guess I know the reason why you're here." He looked down not meeting Phantom's gaze. "I'm sorry about what happened. It was all my fault."

Phantom allowed his armor to fade. It would not do while he was talking with his daughter's love. Andros glanced up startled. It was the first time he had seen the ranger without his armor on. From Sirena, Andros had known that he demorphed around her and only her.

"It is not your fault, Andros. We both know Sirena. If she wanted to do this, there was no way anyone could stop her. Well, if they held a blaster to their head and threatened to shoot, then she might stop." He added dryly.

Andros couldn't do anything to muster up a smile. "And my sister. I promised my parents that I'd watch out for her if I found her. I feel as if I failed them. Karone's dead when she could have been alive and getting to know her parents."

"They will understand. As a ranger, there's always the possibility of getting killed or not returning from a fight."

"No they won't. I could have taken her morpher and given it to someone else. Someone with more experience."

Daurius walked up to where Andros was. "I could have done that same thing with Sirena when I first discovered Zordon made her a ranger. But I didn't."

"Why didn't you?"" Andros asked curiously.

"I knew she'd make the right decision on how to act. I didn't think I had the right to enter her life after I'd left it 16 years ago. I had no right to tell her what to do, or what to become." Daurius' voice faded away.

Andros glanced at him and saw tears misting in his eyes for his daughter. "So you're saying that Karone chose to lead the life of a ranger and that I shouldn't interfere with it?"

"Exactly. I didn't muddle into Sirena's, you shouldn't muddle into Karone's. They chose to be what they are now." Daurius looked longingly at the purple jump tube while tears flowed freely.

For the first time since Sirena and Karone's death, Andros saw past his own depression into someone elses. "You really miss Sirena, don't you?" He asked quietly trying to mind his own business.

"Yes, I do. I regret not telling her a lot of things about her birth earlier. I kept telling myself that there'd be time after the fight." Daurius sighed. "I suppose I was fooling myself."

"I'm sorry. If I'd taken more of a stand against her decision..." Andros was cut off by Daurius holding up his hand. "I know, you don't want me to feel it was all my fault."

"You're learning." Daurius commented with a dry smile.

* * *

"Rocky?" Kim appeared in the living room. "Are you here?" She was followed by the rest of the past rangers. "Hello, anyone here?"

"I'm here." Rocky's head popped out from the door to the basement. "Lemme guess, it's about Ivan Ooze right?"

"Yeah, we're gonna need to do something." Tommy said. "The space rangers won't be able to take him. They don't even know what he's after, or what he'll be willing to do to get it."

"How do we help them then?" Kat asked. "We're powerless remember. That last fight with Kalika and Dark Specter was enough to blow our powers. We can't even morph."

"We'll find a way." Aisha nodded. "But I think we should still try. Can't Ninjor help with the morphin powers? I mean, he was the one that created them, right? Isn't that what Zordon told us?"

"Yeah, but one problem. How do we find him? We don't know what happened to him when Zedd and Rita turned back time and we went questing for the Zeo Crystal pieces." Tommy muttered.

"It's worth a try, isn't it?" Even though Jason had never met Ninjor, he knew that he was the one that helped the rangers get the Ninja powers. "Can't we?"

"I guess so." Tommy looked at the other rangers. "Let's do it then." The original ninja rangers; Kim, Adam, Billy, Rocky, Aisha, and Tommy; got into a circle in the middle of the living room. "We," Tommy started. "The ninja rangers call upon our creator, the great Ninjor!"

A strange sort of lightning like power began circulating through the bodies of those in the circle. In the middle, a blue cloud of mist began forming. As the mists cleared away, it revealed a blue ninja-clad form which the specters assumed was the Ninjor.

"Rangers, why do you call me, the Ninjor?" The high pitched, funny sounding voice asked.

The ninja rangers broke the circle so he could see everyone. "Ninjor, we want to help our friends the space rangers fight Ivan Ooze..."

Ninjor broke in before Tommy could finish. "Ivan Ooze? That slimeball is free again? Ewwwwwwww! I'll try to help all I can, but I can't give you back your old powers. I'm not that powerful. But if you recall, the great power is still there. It's always there."

"As I remember Zordon telling me," Billy broke in. "After we turned Zeo, the great power was restored into the monolith at Phaedos. Which means, to get to it, we'll need to go through the Naola jungle again."

"I can help you get there, but getting the power will have to be done with the help of Dulcea, master warrior of Phaedos. And maybe the help of the animal spirits of the Ninjetti."

* * *

Ivan sat tapping his finger nails against the arm rest of a seat. "Even with reinforcements those space rangers will never win." He said looking at the damage report for his ship as well as the Astro Galaxy.

"Of course with your power and everything we'll crush those rangers inside their own ship. After all, we destroyed the purple and gold rangers." Jaran said triumphantly.

"I don't want to crush the rangers just like that." Ivan snapped his fingers. "I want to have some fun with them." He leaned back.

"What does our majesty have in mind?" Jaran asked stepping closer. "We will do your bidding no matter what the costs."

"Do any of the rangers have a dark or painful past?" Ivan asked his eyes gleaming with evil. "I think I should have a hand in making his or her life very painful before we destroy them."

"Excellent plan your majesty." Jaran said doing his best to smile. "I shall order background reports on all the rangers at once."

Ivan nodded and waved him away. He turned his attention back to the two damage reports before him.

* * *

"I feel I should be on Earth, Tideus." Dimitria said as the conference room once again buzzed into a mass discussion. "I don't feel right here. Earth was my home for almost a year and it was Zordon's for millions of years. Ever since he was stationed there."

"Don't worry Dimitria." Tideus assured. "The galaxy rangers along with the space rangers will take care of everything. It's not just the Earth that's in danger of falling but the entire universe. We must do our job and make sure that there is a team to protect every planet in the alliance."

Dimitria gave a small smile. "I know, I only wish that Zordon was here. He could perform miracles, well, that is what everyone said. His old team, the original power rangers, and the old Earth team were the only ones to destroy Ivan. Some how, I feel as though he's the only one who knows how."

"We all get that feeling. But we must also remember that with or without Zordon, the side of good will always win over evil." Tideus reminded. "Now, we must return to the subject of the meeting and figure out what to do in order to help the fight near Earth."

"You are right. I only wish one more team would volunteer to travel to Earth. The differences between the Earth teams and the rest must be banished." Dimitria suddenly look tired. "I have a feeling we have a lot of work ahead of us."

"Try not to forget also that the galaxy rangers have become friends with the space rangers. If they could, why not the other teams? Have more faith in our rangers."

"You are right again." Dimitria agreed. "Let us get back to the main subject!" She raised her voice to get attention.

"I still think we should not interfere. After all, they're Earth rangers. Earth has never been apart of the alliance. Why should we protect Earth?" Saurian yelled. "Even if KO-35 is part of the alliance."

Tyshee broke in sharply. "Earth may not be apart of the alliance, but it will still be protected. All the planets in the universe, with the alliance or not, will be protected. We are rangers, surely none of you have forgotten the meaning of being rangers."

"Oh course not, Tyshee." Saurian muttered silently. Tyshee looked at him harshly. "The meaning of being a ranger is to protect those who need help, even if they are our enemies." He recited from the ancient oath.

"The rangers of Earth have discovered it's meaning. I believe they are the only ones who actually carry it out." Leian said quietly. "They've helped the alliance many times, even if we did not ask for it. I believe it is time to return the favor as they would call it."

"All difference must be put aside." Tideus said silently. "Now is not the time for one of your arguments. Not while the universe is in grave danger. We must all unite regardless of our differences and fight."

* * *

"Zhane," Leo took the chance to talk with the silver ranger, and acting leader, privately. "I don't want your team to hear this cause they might disagree, but the elders at the alliance said that we might have a chance if two other girls took Sirena and Karone's morphers."

Zhane stared at him blankly. "What do you mean? The morphers were destroyed in the blast."

"Obviously someone doesn't know their guidelines." Leo muttered. "Even if the carrier is dead, the morpher teleports itself back to the command center, in this case, your ship. It doesn't matter if the ranger was blown up or what, the morpher will return. Unless of course, the morpher was destroy personally, as in stepped on or something."

"The morphers didn't return." Zhane shook his head. "If it had, don't you think we would have found two people to take over?"

Now it was Leo's turn to look blank. "If the morphers didn't return, that means Sirena and Karone are still alive. They will only return if the ranger is dead. No matter how the death was."

"They could still be alive?" Zhane asked hopefully.

"Yeah, but I would get my hopes up too high. It might be just because the blast damaged the morpher and it teleported someplace else or was destroyed." Leo said casually.

"Well what are you waiting for? Come on! Let's get to the bridge and have DECA and ACTOM start scanning for their life signs." Zhane grabbed Leo by the jacket sleeve dragging him all the way to the bridge.

On the bridge, Zhane took control of the computers and ordered them to start their scan sector by sector. Not wanting to get the other's hopes too high, he didn't alert them on the fact. Especially not Andros or Phantom Ranger.

* * *

"Sirena, I think I got our morphers fixed." Karone said after she spent an hour or so tinkering with the two morphers. "Do you wanna give it a try?"

Sirena nodded. "I haven't been this cold since ACTOM teleported me to Alaska as a joke. It's a good thing our suits provide thermal warmth." Sirena muttered shivering against the night cold.

"Here." Karone tossed over her morpher. "Let's give it a try. You'd better hope it works."

Sirena nodded strapping her morpher on. She glanced over at Karone who was doing the same thing. They both nodded. "Let's Rocket!" Hands extended, they punched in the familiar sequence. "Karone, it worked!"

"Wait a second." Karone said stopping Sirena's triumphant cry. "We have to see if the morph holds out. Who knows, we could demorph in a few minutes cause the morphers can't generate enough power."

"All right." Sirena said with a sigh. "What should I do?"

"Call your weapons and see if they work properly. I'm gonna try to call my galaxy glider."

"Um... as I recall, aren't our gliders in a million pieces?" Sirena asked. "It's only if I remember right of course." She added hastily.

"That's right." Karone muttered dejectedly. "I forgot about that." Karone's shoulders slumped.

"We'll have to think of something else."

"What if we boost up the power in our morphers and hope the megaship can detect it?" Sirena asked. "I know we don't know how far away the megaship is, but there might be a chance a passing ship or a nearby alliance planet can detect our signal." She added glancing down at her morpher.

Karone nodded. "I'll listen to you just this once. Give me your morpher." She held out her hand after demorphing. Sirena forked over her morpher. "Think you could give it a try and work on our communicators?"

Sirena nodded. "I'll try. I'm not the best mechanic, but it'll give my hands something to do."

She took over working on the communicators while Karone tinkered more with the morphers.

* * *

"Your majesty, I have the background reports." Jaran said stopping in front of Ivan with a hand full of printouts.

Ivan Ooze scanned through the pile tossing useless ones over his shoulder until he finally came upon two that looked interesting to him. Jaran looked carefully over his shoulder at a file on the purple and gold astro rangers. He couldn't see what interested his master so much.

"How will we be able to use this against two rangers that are already dead?" He asked confused.

"Don't you see Jaran?" Ivan suddenly snorted. "Of course you don't. You're just a robot given

intelligence. But not enough to realize this. That gold ranger use to be Astronema, the so called princess of evil, Dark Specter's right hand weapon. Her brother is Andros, the red rangers. We can use her past to torment him. Especially the kidnapping part. It'll make him so upset, that he won't be able to fight."

"An excellent plan, your highness. But what about the purple ranger?" Jaran asked referring to the profile on the purple rangers. "She has no past like the gold ranger."

"Ahhhh..." Ivan smiled. "Don't you see? She has a past like Astronema's. Only different and will allow me to create more pain." Ivan rubbed his hands together in gleefulness.

"How so?" Jaran still had not gotten it.

"Sirena was born on Angel Grove, Earth. Her father was from a ranger from a different planet. What makes her case more interesting is that both Dimitria and Zordon cared for her. Too bad that old head isn't alive. Other wise I'd have so much fun watching him squirm." Jaran continued to give him a stupid look. "Why don't you clear your head and listen to me!" Ivan yelled startling some nearby putties. "I can make things much worse for the alliance if I created an impostor to pose as that purple brat's daddy!"

Jaran suddenly looked interested. "And?" He asked hopefully.

"That impostor will create enough trouble by pretending to go psycho over the loss of his precious daughter." Being her team, the space brats will get interested and distracted from stopping us."

"What if her real daddy shows up? How do we know her team will get interested in what is going on?" Jaran asked worrying. Being a droid, he was built to make things go perfect.

"You think after all these years he'd tell people?" Ivan demanded. "Since nobody knows, he won't dare to show up. He's probably too ashamed at having a daughter that's half Earthling to even speak up. As for her team," Ivan shrugged. "I know Earth rangers well enough that they care about their teammates and are always interested in each other's lives." He sneered.


"Now don't question me anymore. This plan will be foolproof." Ivan grumbled loudly. Jaran took that as a dismissal and left.

* * *

"Zhane, I'm detecting an energy signal in quadrant fifty-one." DECA broke into the silence. "The energy sequence is similar to your morphers."

"Is it them?" He asked urgently. Leo stood by him the same hopeful look on his face. "Does it belong to Karone and Sirena?" He asked again.

"I am not sure. We are not close enough to decipher the owner." DECA said with a hint of sympathy in her voice. "Shall I alert the others? They have the right to know also."

"All right," Zhane murmured not taking his eyes off the little blinking red dot on the star chart. "Call the others in here."

DECA's light blinked a few times. Leo set a comforting hand on his shoulder his own thoughts confirmed. "You don't really hate Sirena and Karone do you?" He asked in a whispering in case anyone was nearby.

"Where'd you get that idea?" Zhane asked suspiciously. He was also annoyed at how Leo was prying. "I don't hate them, I dislike them."

"Yeah right." Leo sighed. "That's what I said sometime ago when I use to dislike Sirena also. I can tell you don't really dislike them. I actually think you might care for them." He said a small smile playing on his mouth.

Zhane grabbed the smiling lunatic by the collar first making sure no one was coming. "You breath one word about that to anybody, I'll make sure you won't be able to talk at all." He threatened before dropping him. "Of course I care for them. They're part of my team. And without them, life would be so dull."

"Yeah right." Leo thought. "Fine, I won't breath a word of what you or I said to anyone else." He muttered out loud. Zhane let him go and Leo escaped putting a good distance in between him and Zhane.

* * *

Dimitria sighed quietly as she looked around at the expressionless faces of everyone present. No amount of talking had convinced any team to go and help the fight on Earth.

"You all put pride before defending our universe," Leian said quietly. "What's wrong with helping the astro rangers? Are you all blind that you don't see the evil we're fighting?"

None of the rangers spoke as they all considered what Leian said. Defending the universe, or keeping their pride. What a tough choice.

"I would go myself if I could." Tyshee murmured. "But being as old as I am, it is impossible. I would be a much better help here."

The Delphine, white ranger of Aquitar, mumbled something about impotence rangers. "If no one else volunteers, my team will go." She said firmly as her team mates nodded. "Aquitar is in the middle of the alliance, it will take Ivan time to reach there. As of now, it has no threat."

Tideus shook his head no. "Aquitar is an important planet in the alliance. Even so, it must still be protected. Another team must go. If none volunteers, I will choose one." He said with authority.

Small conferences between teams broke out as everyone considered what Tideus said. Many were unsure of what to do, and unsure of themselves. The Aquitian team remained firm on their decision to go.

* * *

Tommy, Ninjor, Jason, and the rest of the powerless Earth rangers arrived on Phaedos to be greeted by Dulcea.

"Tommy, why have you and your friends returned? And with others?" Dulcea asked questionably.

"Dulcea, Ivan Ooze is free again. Our friends, the space rangers, are in battle as we speak. We want to help them." Rocky butt in. "Ninjor said he can't give us back our morphin powers, but the Great Power can.

"That is true. But you must all prove yourselves worthy by passing through the Naola jungle and reaching the monolith again." She said gesturing towards the large tower like structure in the distance. "I can help you by having them," She pointed at Jason and the others. "Call on their

Ninjetti spirits."

Each of the rangers nodded. They were eager to help their friends and any extra help would aid in the fight.

"Follow me. There is much to be done and so little time." Dulcea led the way towards the Ninjetti temple. The rangers all followed her in single file line. Ninjor had to travel the same way also since his power of teleportation didn't really work on Phaedos. "Stand in a circle." She commanded.

Obeying, Jason, Aisha, Kat, Trini, Zack, and Justin stood in a circle around the large fire.

Dulcea began reciting the familiar words of wisdom. "Close your eyes and look inside of you for the animal spirit that you are." She blew the familiar dust into the fire just as the sun went down.

In a swirl of the shimmering dust, the civilian clothes of the rangers changed to that of Ninjetti.

Out loud, Dulcea recited the name of each animal. "Katherine, you are the swan, graceful and alert. Trini, wise and honest, you are the owl. Aisha, beautiful and delicate, the unicorn. Zack,

fun-loving, you are the griffin. Strong and an excellent leader, you Jason are the mighty Dragon with a temper as hot as fire." She smiled at each of them.

The rangers took the time to admire each of the uniforms and get to know their animal spirit.

"Rangers, you will know when to be on your way. I trust Ninjor will help as much as he is allowed and guide you through the new dangers set for you." She looked them each in the eye. "May the power of Ninjetti protect you."