Disclaimer: I think Emily is from the Zeo series, but who cares. This is also a nice switch from Power Rangers in Space to the good old classic Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. The song, "Carry On Dancing" belongs to Savage Garden. Hope you enjoy this fic.

Kiss of Death
by: AstroPurple

"Hey guys, have you heard about the upcoming dance?" Jason Lee Scott asked as he and Billy Cranston approached their friends Zack Taylor, Kimberly Hart, and Trini Kwan.

"Duh, of course." Kim answered. "There's posters and flyers announcing it everywhere."

"Just wanted to make sure. So Kim, are you gonna go with Tommy?" Jason asked without hesitation.

"If he asks me. He's so shy around me." Kim answered. "I'd ask him, but this is not a Sadie Hawkins dance."

"So what's wrong with a girl asking a guy?" Trini asked.

"I don't want to sound desperate." Kim wailed. "So has Kirk asked you yet, Trini?" Kim said changing the subject.

"No, but I'm gonna ask him the first chance I get." Trini answered with a strong confidence in herself.

"Great! I'm gonna ask Angela. Shh, here she comes. Watch the Zackman in action." With a cool stride, Zack headed off towards Angela, one of the beautiful and popular girls.

"What do you want Zack?" Angela asked the minute she saw him.

"You know there's a dance coming up right?" He asked.

"Yes I know a dance is coming up. What do you take me for? An idiot?" Angela demanded. "And if your gonna ask me to the dance, hate to burst your bubble, but the answer is no." With a toss of her hair, Angela flounced off.

"That was some action Zack." Jason teased. "She barely even looked at you."

"Think your so cool." Zack retorted. "She'll come around."

"Hey Kim, here comes Tommy." Trini whispered. Sure enough, walking towards them was Tommy Oliver.

"Hey guys." Tommy said as he slapped high fives with Jason. In a low voice he added. "Rita's been too quiet these past few days. Think she's up to something?"

"Rita's always up to something." Billy muttered. "Zordon said to be on our guard."

"Let's hope she doesn't ruin the dance." Kim muttered.

"Meet you at the Juice Bar after school?" Tommy asked.

"Sure." They all agreed and parted to go to their next class.

* * *
"So, the power brats are having a dance. Finster! I need a monster." Rita said after spying on the power ranger's conversation.

"I have one all ready for this occasion. It's called the Poison Beauty." Rita's monster maker, Finster, said.

"Hmm, it already sounds promising. Tell me more about it!" Rita demanded. "I feel my headache going away already."

"The Poison Beauty can be changed into a human. She will make one of the rangers fall in love with her, and if he kisses her, her lips will inject a deadly poison into his mouth. The ranger will die instantly." Finster explained.

"I want one immediately!" Rita ordered. "A poison kiss, I like it. My ideas are getting better."

"Um Rita, wasn't it Finster's idea?" A stupid monster named Baboo, who was also low in intelligence asked.

"Grrr!" Rita growled with anger. "It was my idea. Don't you idiots forget it. It's my ideas around here that keeps us from losing!"

"Uh, that's right. Bad you Baboo. How dare you insult her?" Squat yelled. "Shame on you!"

"I'm sorry."

"Be quiet!" Goldar bellowed. "No wonder we never get anything done here."

* * *
After school, all the rangers met at the Juice Bar as planned. Ernie, the portly owner came over quickly.

"Hey guys. Guess what I heard! There's a rumor going around that the power rangers are just citizens from Angel Grove given the power to change." He said obviously excited.

"Well I heard, that the power rangers are space voyagers from a different planet here to help us." Trini said.

"Space voyagers? Wow." Ernie walked away dazed.

"Good one Trini!" Kim slapped high fives with her.

"I must confess, that was an overly exceptional move." Billy also voiced his opinion.

"Hey Billy, there's Marge. Go ask her to the dance." Jason urged. "You two have a lot in common."

"Nah." Billy shook his head. "I heard she's going to the dance with Mike Ryerson."

"You mean she was." Kim corrected. "Marge told him no when she found out he asked another girl to the dance before her."

"Oh, well if you guys say so, here goes." Billy stood up and made his way towards Marge. "Hi Marge."

"Hello Billy. I'm glad you found me. I was looking for you. Your report on the space time continuous of the universe was excellent. But I've been meaning to ask if you could have the pleasure of escorting me to the upcoming dance." Marge said.

"I was about to ask you the same thing too. Sure, I'll escort you to the dance." Billy smiled.

"Great, I'll meet you here then."

"Okay. Talk to you later Marge."


"I see it went well." Trini said "Congratulations Billy."

"Well, since Billy got his date all lined up, I should get mine lined up too. That is, before someone else gets her." Tommy smiled at Kim. "Will you go to the dance with me, Kim?"

"Tommy, I've been waiting for you to ask that question. Sure I'd go." Kim gave Tommy a big hug. "I thought you'd forgotten about me."

"Now how could I have forgotten about a girl as pretty as you?"

"Tommy." Kim squealed, obviously pleased but embarrassed.

"Hey Trini." A male voice sounded. It was Kirk. Could we talk?"

"Sure. I need to ask you a question too." Trini followed him to another table.

"Let me go first please. Will you come to the dance with me? Please say yes." Kirk begged.

"Yes. I was about to ask you the same thing too." Trini beamed.

"Great! I'll pick you up at your house at 6 then." Kirk sweeped Trini into a hug.

"I take it everything went fine." Kim said when Trini got back. "Your smiling and that's a good sign."

"Kirk's picking me up for the dance at 5. I am so excited." Trini gushed.

In the mist of their happiness, Jason noticed a new girl walk into the Juice Bar. He was captivated. She was a beauty.

"Hey Jason." Zack called. "Jason! Earth to Jason!"

"Huh, oh. What do you want Zack?" Jason snapped out of his trance.

"What were you looking at?" Zack looked in the direction that Jason was starring. "Oh man. Now she is a babe. You like her don't you?"

"No I don't." Jason said defensively. "She isn't even looking at me, let alone know me."

"Now she is." Tommy interjected. "Shhh. Quiet, she's coming over. Say hi."

"Um... Hi. I'm Jason. What's your name?"

"My name's Michelle. I've heard so much about you. Your one of the best martial artists in this school. I'm Mrs. Applebee's niece. My family's visiting for a few days."

"Oh. Hey Michelle. These are my friends, Tommy, Zack, Billy, Trini, and Kimberly."

Michelle ignored the hellos and smiles from the others. "Do you think you could show me some of your favorite moves? I know some martial arts too."

"Sure. Come on!" Jason stood up and led Michelle to the mat.

"Geesh. She was so rude." Kimberly complained. "She didn't even notice us. All she saw was Jason."

"Well, she was kinda cold. But, don't let Mrs. Applebee heard you say that. Remember, Michelle's her niece." Trini said.

"Hey, Michelle's gonna be here a few days, just enough time for the dance. Let's get Jason to ask her."

"Zack, we don't even know her. What if Jason wants to ask Emily?" Kim asked.

"Well, if he wanted to ask Emily, he must of changed his mind." Billy said looking at where Jason and Michelle were.

The gang looked over. Michelle was laughing in Jason's arms. The two were obviously having a good time.

"Looks like Jason found his date." Billy murmured. "And aren't they a perfect match?"

"I just hope she's a lot nicer once we get to know her." Kim said. "Come on you guys. Let's leave those two and go to the park."

At the park, they all sat down on the grass near the playground to talk. Like most normal afternoons, Rita decides to have some fun, and sends her putties down to play. After scaring away most of the kids and their parents, their asses were kicked by the un-morphed rangers.

"Come on you guys, let's get to the Command Center. Zordon should know about this." Trini said.

"Yeah. We can probably detect a disturbance with the sensors. We also should alert Jason." Billy added.

"Don't alert Jason, he's probably having too much fun with Michelle to notice anything wrong. Even if he sees something." Zack said.

Agreeing, the others left without alerting Jason. Back at the Command Center, Zordon was told of the attack and he supplied them with information that the center's sensors had picked up from the moon.

"Rangers, I have been informed that Rita is using the Poison Beauty this time. A dangerous foe. Far more than that of past monsters you've encountered." Zordon said grimly. "The Poison Beauty can transform herself into a human at will and she will use this to allude and confuse you."

"So what's dangerous about this?" Tommy asked.

"She also has poisoned lips that kill when a person kisses her. In her human form, she looks very alluring and innocent. Do not let this innocents get to you during battle."

"A poisoned kiss?" Zack asked. "Cool."

"It's not gonna be cool if your the one kissed Zack." Trini warned.

"I know that, but I've only got eyes for Angela. No other girl will ever shade them." Zack said dramatically.

The rangers teleported back to Angel Grove to keep on the look-out for anything suspicious. Through out the day, they came up from nothing. When Jason was able to pull himself away from Michelle, he was updated on the new danger.

* * *
"So, the rangers have no idea who you are?" Scorpina asked the deadly monster standing before her.

"Yes, I have that red one eating right out of my hands." Poison Beauty assured. "He will not escape easily. Tomorrow, I'm gonna get rid of him, once and for good." She curled her gruesome lips into a sly smile.

"Good. Do not fail the empress Rita." Scorpina warned. She turned and disappeared back for the moon.

"I won't." Poison Beauty said through clenched teeth. "Rita better not fail me in my prize." Through a slow transformation, the Poison Beauty changed into an innocent looking human. She brought out a compact mirror to check her make-up. "Watch out Jason."

From out of the small storage room, Michelle slipped away into the crowd of students leaving. Back at the Juice Bar, she caught sight of Jason having a drink with his friends. With slow steps, she walked in and headed off towards him.

"Hello Jason." She said ignoring the smiles from the other rangers. "I was wondering if I could talk with you."

"Um... yeah sure." Jason got up and followed her to another table. "Listen, I want to ask you something too."

"Why don't you go first?"

"Nah, you go first." Jason glanced over at his friends who looking at them curiously.

"Well, I was wondering if you'd go out with me tomorrow night and maybe show me the town." Michelle suggested.

"Sure. As a matter of fact, I was gonna ask you to go with me to the dance this Saturday." Jason asked.

"Sure, I'd love to. I've been dying for someone to ask me." Michelle lied. "Why don't we just make tomorrow night a date?"

"No problem with me." Jason said as he got up to leave. "I'll meet you here at 5?"

"Sure. I'll see you then." Michelle got up and left. "Yes." She thought silently. "The stage is set for the destruction of the red ranger."

* * *
Before the night of the big dance, Kimberly dragged Trini to the Angel Grove Valley Mall to buy a new dress. Unfortunately, Tommy got dragged along also to carry parcels and shopping bags.

"So what do you think of Michelle?" Trini asked Kim as they browsed through a section at Kim's favorite store, Tiffany's. Tommy was resting his sore feet at a bench nearby.

"Michelle?" Kim thought for a few seconds. "I don't like her very much if that's what you mean." Trini threw her a questioning look. "I think she's kind of rude to us and not to Jason. Of course, you can tell that she likes him a lot and that he likes her a lot."

"Michelle probably just needs sometime. After all, she's only been in town for a few days. She just doesn't know a lot of people." Trini pulled out a shimmery pink dress. "How's this?"

Kim shook her head. "It's too shiny. And I always look awful in long sleeved v-necks." She put the dress back. "Well, she knows us. The least she could do is take a chance and get to know us."

"I wish she would. Jason said that the date went horrible. Bulk and Skull ruined it by following them around and it totally ruined the mood. I just hope the dance is better. They both like each other a lot."

"True. It's about time Jason actually found a girl he likes a lot." Kim grabbed a short, pink gown from the rack. "Come on, I'm going to try this on."

Trini followed her the dressing room. "If Jason likes her, we shouldn't interfere too much." She waiting until Kim had changed and came out again. "Like you said, it's about time Jason found a girl he likes a lot. We don't want to ruin it."

"Don't worry, we won't. How's this look?" She asked spinning around modeling the gown. "Does it make me look fat?"

"No, don't worry about it Kim. She look terrific as always." Trini assured her.

"Great! I'm gonna get this one then." She changed back into her clothes and brought the dress to the cash register. The Michelle subject was dropped for a the time being. "Hey Tommy!"

"Did you get everything?" Tommy asked as he eyed the single shopping bag.

"Of course not silly. I still need matching shoes and a purse to go along with it. Fashion isn't that simple." Kim rolled her eyes. "Guys, they'll never understand. Well, come on! Let's get to the shoe department."

Tommy groaned as he proceeded to pick up all the shopping bags. Kim had bought hats, casual wear, make-up, jewelry, and now the dress. Trini had bought a new dress also, shoes to go along, and some awesome looking tops.

* * *
Promptly at about 5:30, music was started and the dance began. Everyone was having the time of their lives. Well, almost everyone.

"Hey Ernie!" Jason called seeing the owner bring out a huge and awesome looking cake. "What's the occasion?"

"I'm just bringing this out earlier. If you remember, at all those other dances, each time I brought this thing out at the right time, Bulk and Skull showed up and ruined it. So I figured, if I brought this out earlier, nothings going to happen."

"Good idea. Besides, that thing looks so good."

"Nobody touches the cake until I say so." Ernie warned as Jason reached out for some frosting. "Besides, isn't that Michelle there waiting for you?" He asked with a wink.

"Yeah, I guess it is. I was beginning to think she wasn't going to show up. Talk to ya later Ernie!" Jason edged his way to where Michelle was standing flashing his 100 watt smile.

"Hello Jason." Michelle said smiling brightly.

"Hey. Man, you sure know how to keep a guys waiting."

"Come on, let's dance." Michelle dragged Jason to the dance floor where about a million other couples were already dancing. "I love this song."

The moonlight....
Shines down interstellar beams
And the groove tonight
Is something more than you've ever
The stars and planets taking shape
A stolen kiss has come too late
In the moonlight

Carry on, keep romancing,
Carry on, carry on dancing
In the moonlight
Carry on, keep romancing,
Carry on, carry on dancing

You're never safe `till you see
the dawn
And if the clock strikes past midnight
The hope is gone
To move under....

The moonlight
Carry on, keep romancing,
Carry on, carry on dancing
In the moonlight
Carry on, keep romancing
Carry on, keep on dancing

Move. Closer. Passion. Stronger.

There's a magic only two can tell
In the dark night
Ultra violet is a wicked spell
The stars and planets taking shape
A stolen kiss has come too late

In the moonlight
Carry on, keep romancing,
Carry on, carry on dancing
In the moonlight
Carry on, keep romancing,
Carry on, carry on dancing

Moving on.... Moving all right
"Come on, let's get out of here. It's too crowded." Michelle urged as the song ended. She led Jason off the dance floor and towards the door outside. "Let's go to the park. If we're lucky, we can catch the sunset later on. And then we can come back in after it."

Obeying, Jason followed her outside.

* * *
"This dance was such a good idea." Kim squealed as she and Tommy went to join Billy, Marge, Trini, and Kirk. "Hey what's wrong Zack?" She added noticing his long face.

"Zack's bummed cause Angela came to the dance with someone else." Trini said sympathetically. She reached over and gave him a pat on the back.

"I'm sorry man." Tommy added. "But you know that always in the end, she forgives you and you two end up going out again."

"That's true. I don't think it will be this time though. She and Jacob Hamilton looked pretty cozy together." Zack muttered wishing the ground would open up and swallow him.

"Don't worry, Zack." Kim assured. "Angela will soon realize that you and her are meant to be. Besides, everyone knows that Jacob Hamilton's been looking for another girl to take to the dance just to get back at Laurie."

"I think I'll go see if they're gonna hold another dance contest." Zack jumped up since he loved dancing and had won last time. "Talk to you guys later!" He called over his shoulder.

Billy nodded. "Where's Jason?" Billy asked looking around. "He was here a minute ago. I know it. I saw him with Michelle dancing to Carry On."

"He and Michelle left." Tommy said with a twinkle in his eyes. He grinned knowingly at the others. "And no, I did not do anything to them." He said in answer to Kimberly's accusing glare.

"Hello." Mrs. Applebee walked up.

"Hi Mrs. Applebee." They all said together as if all in class.

Kim suddenly remembered to ask how long Michelle would be there. "Hey Mrs. Applebee, how long is Michelle gonna be in Angel Grove?"

"Michelle?" Mrs. Applebee looked confused for a second. "Oh, Michelle, why, she's staying in Angel Grove, why?"

"Jason takes a fancy to her, and vice versa." Tommy said grinning. "I wonder if Michelle has told Jason this."

"If not, then we get to surprise him with this tidbit of information."

Mrs. Applebee smiled. "I hope you enjoy the rest of this night. I must go see to two trouble makers we have here." She walked off leaving Kim and Tommy to talk about how to present the information to Jason.

"But Mrs. Applebee!" Two loud voices protested nearby. Everyone turned not too surprised to see it belong to Bulk and Skull. "You can't do that. This is a public place."

"I don't care. You two are coming to serve your detention right now." Mrs. Applebee said firmly. "You've put it off long enough or else I'm going to have to call your parents."

Grudgingly, Bulk and Skull were dragged out of the dance by Mrs. Applebee to one of the classrooms.

"I wonder when they'll learn." Kirk said smiling.

"It's an embarrassment when the guys you come to the dance with are dragged off to serve their detention." Marge said nodding at where Bulk and Skull's dates were standing.

"I'm just glad that's not me, although I do feel sorry for them." Kim said sweeping her eyes over the dance floor. "I wonder what's keeping Jason, I can't wait to ask him about Michelle."

"Lay off him, Kim. I know you're excited and everything, but he might want to spend the evening with Michelle quietly." Trini said.

"Well, Kim's not the only one dying to throw some questions tonight." Tommy smiled. "I also can't wait to see if Jason's finally ready to give up on Emily and settle down."

"We may make hypothesis tonight, and approach him on the conclusion tomorrow or when we are alone." Billy interjected.

"Let's all go outside. This place is getting too loud. And maybe if we're lucky enough, we might catch sight of the two lovebirds." Marge suggested with a giggle in her throat.

"Good idea." Kim said enthusiastically. "Let's go. I don't want to miss anything... I mean, I don't want to waste time and not enjoy the night air." She added quickly.

Marge jumped up followed by Kim who grabbed Tommy's hand. Trini, Kirk, and Billy followed. Outside, the six teens took a breath of fresh air enjoying the soft, cool breeze. Together they walked towards the park wanting to enjoy the last hour of sunlight as well as hoping to catch some sight of Jason and Michelle.

* * *
"Nooooo!" Rita yelled from where she was spying on the rangers. "They can't go to the park. The Poison Beauty has to do her job first."

"I'll send the putties to stop them." Goldar jumped in trying to please his mistress, and hoping to be helpful.

"Well then do it!" Rita screeched. Her voice hurt the ears of all the monsters that could hear.

"Baboo! Squat!" Goldar yelled for the two useless monkey brains. "Take a squad of putties and stop those power brats where they are so the Poison Beauty can take care of the red ranger, Jason."

"Right away." Baboo said. "Come on! We get to do something useful around here now." He led Squat away calling for some putties as he went.

* * *
Back at the park, the six teenagers were just about to head towards where a large grassy field was when the putties arrived flipping through the air and landing in front of them.

"Oh no putties." Kim yelled. The rangers each took a karate stance to fight off the putties. "Billy, stay with Kirk and Marge." Kim called.

Billy nodded acknowledging what he was suppose to do and stayed with the two non-rangers keeping the putties at bay.

Kimberly did a cartwheel kicking a putty down and throwing another against a tree. "Don't these guys have anything better to do?" She asked sending another one rolling down a steep embankment.

"I think they'd rather get their butts kicked than listen to Rita." Trini answered as she side-kicked one putty into the path of another. She grabbed the arm of another and flipped it onto it's back.

Tommy wasn't listening to the side conversation as he moved a good distance away to take on several putties. Using fast sweeping motions, he sent them all tumbling to the ground while sending another flying through the air onto one that was coming behind Kimberly.

"Hyah!" Billy kicked keeping a putty from touching Marge. Through the years since he became a ranger, his karate had improved under the teachings of Jason, Tommy, and just being a ranger.

"Trini!" Kirk yelled as the yellow ranger almost toppled over the edge of the embankment. He wanted to go to her so bad.

"Hyah!" A karate cry sound loudly. From somewhere, Jason appeared taking on two of the putties and keeping Trini on solid ground. Michelle was not anywhere to be seen. "I stay away for less than half an hour and already you guys are in trouble." He teased swinging into high kicks and quick punches.

"Well, we just love to play like this ya know." Kimberly said sarcastically. She back flipped letting a stupid putty jump and land where she use to be standing. A low kick brought it down flat on it's face.

"Do you guys do this for fun or what?" Kirk asked from where he was standing besides Marge. As of right now, all the rangers were battling at least two or three putties.

Billy took the time to shake his head while kicking down another putty. In less than a minute, all the putties were laying on the ground. Pretty soon Rita's yellow teleportation outline teleported them away.

"Hey where's Michelle?" Tommy asked curiously trying to avert Kirk's and Marge's concentration away from the putty fight.

"When we heard the sounds of the battle, she disappeared." Jason said rather sadly. "I hope she's okay."

"Don't worry, I'm fine!" A sharp voice came from the trees. From the shadows, Michelle stepped out. "It was nice of you to worry about me." She murmured in a really sweet voice.

"Michelle?" Jason asked. "What's going on?"

"This." Before their eyes, Michelle transformed into her real form.

The teens gasped. "My god." Marge whispered. "You know you don't see this happen to a teenage girl every single day."

Jason looked over at Billy whispering the words, "Get Kirk and Marge out of here." Billy understood and turned to Kirk and Marge. "Let's get out of here." He dragged Kirk and Marge out of sight.

Zack appeared as soon as Billy, Kirk, and Marge were out of sight. Zordon had notified him on the little development.

"All right, IT'S MORPHIN TIME!" Jason yelled after Billy and the other two were out of hearing range.




"Saber-Tooth Tiger!"

"Tyrannosaurus!" Jason was last. "All right rangers, it's time to take care of business!"

Their communicators beeped and Zordon's voice came through. "Rangers, Rita has sent her super putties to the warehouse district. Tommy, you must go and stop them. The others will take care of the monster."

"Right." Tommy teleported away. They focused their attention back on the monster standing before them.

"You don't seem really surprised at what I really was red ranger." The Poison Beauty demanded.

"I knew something was amiss when you were so eager to kiss me."

"Well, discovering my plan won't save your hides!" The Poison Beauty pulled out a bow from nowhere. "Since none of you are going to feel my poison, you might as well feel my arrows." She let loose four arrows at once.

The rangers all jumped in different directions to avoid contact with the horrid looking arrows. The Poison Beauty only laughed as her bow disappeared. Protruding from her nails were long claws. She leaped forward slashing at Jason and then Trini who were the closest.

Billy appeared and slammed his lance into the Poison Beauty's body. She flew backwards and hit a tree.

"Power Bow!" Kim yelled. Her own pink bow and arrow appeared and she aim for the throat.

Raising her arm, the pink arrow hit her hand. "You little ranger brat!" She screeched.

"All right rangers, let's bring `em together!" Jason called seeing the Poison Beauty was down.

"Power Axe!"

"Power Bow!"

"Power Daggers!"

"Power Lance!"

"Power Sword!" Jason jumped up with his sword and placed it on top. He then brought it down for use. Each of the rangers took a position so they were each able to touch the weapon. "Fire!"

The blast hit the monster blowing her up. From somewhere above, the rangers heard Rita's crackling voice. "Magic Wand, make my monster grow!"

"Damn!" Zack muttered angrily.

Acting through old habit, Jason raised his right arm. "We need Dinozord power, now!" He called.

One by one, each of the dinozords arrived. Mastodon from the north. Pterodactyl irrupting from a volcano. Saber-Tooth Tiger from the forest. Triceratops from the desert. And Tyrannosaurus from a crevice in the ground. The rangers each jumped in their zord and waited for Jason's instructions.

"All right rangers, let's log on!" The others each echoed right. They're power crystals were soon used as a steering stick.

All five dinozords were brought together to form one zord. "Megazord sequenced has been initiated." A computer voice announced. The final attachments were complete. They slowly rose high onto the megazord's feet. The Tyrannosaurus head was exchanged for the megazord head. A breast plate was soon attached as well as everything in place. "Megazord activated."

The Megazord and monster were soon engaged in exchanging blows. The Poison Beauty was down, but not out.

"We need the Power Sword!" The red ranger called for a special sword to help end the fight.

The megazord's eyes flashed yellow once as a warning of what was going to happen. The sword glowed yellow as it charged with power. Each of the rangers went through a cutting motion in unison. "Hyah!" They all shouted.

The sword came down destroying the monster in one blow.

* * *
Later that night, the rangers arrived back to the youth center just in time to catch the end of the dance. They acted as if everything was normal. Kirk and Marge were there to meet them. Using a little white lie, everything was settled.

Kirk and Trini accompanied by Billy, Marge, Tommy, and Kim went off to have one last dance.

"Hey Jase, there's Emily." Zack pointed to where the blonde was heading towards them.

"Hi Jason." Emily smiled as she approached them.

Jason gulped. "Hi Emily." He said trying to hide his nervousness.

"I was wondering if you wanted to dance." She asked strait out saving Jason from having to ask.

"Sure." Jason said brightening a ton.

The went out onto the dance floor while Zack looked longingly at Angela. She seemed to notice this for she smiled at him. Zack smiled back as his mood began to brighten already.