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Chapter 3: Getting Closer
by : AstroPurple

Sirena lay under the Control Panel of the computer, fiddling with the jumble of disconnected wires.

“I wish I listened more closely on Zordon’s lectures on repairing.” She thought frustrated. “Yeow!” She screamed as the wires shocked her. “Stupid computer.” Sirena muttered to herself.

Sirena had a sharp sense of hearing that was developed over time and practice spent with Zordon. She was concentrating so hard on her work that she didn’t hear anybody come in.

“Need any help?”

The question came out of nowhere startling her. It was the guy wearing red. What’s his name? Yeah that’s right, Andros.

“How’d he get on the ship?” Sirena thought to herself.

“Alpha let me on. ACTOM told me you might need some help reprograming and repairing.” Andros said answering her question. Andros let his eyes wander over her. He thought her features were similar to Karone’s.

Sirena noticed his wandering eyes, and quickly got up. She dusted off the dust that had gotten on her clothes.

“I don’t need any help.” She answered him. Hoping against hope that he’ll go away.

“Didn’t sound like that to me.” He said. Before Sirena could say anything, he rushed on. “Besides I thought I heard something that sounded like ‘I wish I listened more closely on Zordon’s lectures on repairing.’ Plus I came over to help.”

Sirena was surprised. She hadn’t realized she’d said that aloud. Finally giving up she explained to Andros that she couldn’t get the wires connected. Andros took one look and started to switch wires around and connect them in their proper spots. He got up again and glanced at the back and flipped a switch. The computer lights turned one and off twice before staying on.

Sirena was relieved. “Thanks.” She said.

* * *

“Where is he.” Ashley practically screamed. “This is taking him so long.” She was walking back and forth on the ship’s bridge.

“He is probably helping with repairs like he said.” DECA answered. “Besides, we need Sirena’s help on finding Zordon. She knows Dark Specter. If Dark Specter is after her, then Zordon will be someplace else.”

“I mean what if he is doing more than repairing.” Ashley protested.

“Ashley, Andros is not a child. He knows what he is doing. Zordon use to say, ‘If the leader can not see, he is no leader.’ Zordon didn’t make him a leader for nothing. He must have seen something in Andros.” Said Alpha. “Plus DECA is right we need Sirena’s help in finding Zordon.”

Ashley sighed and walked out. She let her mind drift to thoughts. “I love him with all my heart.” She thought to herself. “He doesn’t like me. He likes Sirena. I saw if in his eyes when we first saw her. She’s prettier than me. I hate her.” Ashley went into her room and sat on her bed. She closed her eyes and fell asleep with dreams of Andros.

* * *

Cassie, Carlos, and TJ were on the simu-deck taking a small vacation at the beach. Cassie was sunbathing, and TJ was surfing. Carlos was swimming laps to keep in shape. They all met in a cluster of food, water, towels, and drink to talk.

“Guys, I’m worried about Ashley. We all knew she liked Andros. We should have told him. Now Sirena comes along, and she’s all alone.” Carlos was Ashley’s best friend. It seemed right for him to be worried.

“Aw, she’ll be all right.” TJ was unconcerned. He knew that soon Ashley will find someone else to love.

“Really TJ, you should be concerned.” Said Cassie. “We all know what she could do to Sirena if she really mad at her.”

“Well, what’s she gonna do?” Carlos had an amused look on his face. “Maybe something meaner than what she usually does.”

* * *

The door closed behind him as he and Sirena stepped into the sitting room for the living quarters. They were all alone. He didn’t know what to say. Sirena turned around and pointed to a chair in the center of the room.

He sat and took in every detail of the room. One wall was entirely glass. It gave a magnificent view of space. In the middle was a coffee table with six overstuffed chairs around it. One wall was lined with book shelves fill with books of different kinds. Near it was a white sofa. On the other wall was another white sofa with a marble white and lavender coffee table. Tucked in a corner was a machine like the kinds on the Astro Megaship that serve food and drinks. From this Sirena produced two cups of a drink and a basket of muffins.

“This is a drink from Eltar called Butterfly. Try it. It’s very sweet.” Offered Sirena.

Not wanting to be rude, Andros tried it. To his delight it was tasty. “Nice, I hope it’s programmed into DECA’s drink list.”

“These are biscuits made with honey. It melts in your mouth.” Sirena smiled.

Andros tried one. Just as Sirena had said it melted in his mouth. “This is good too. Tell me where are you from?”

“I’m from Inquiris. It’s a beautiful planet. Only I hate the oaths you have to take when you leave. It’s a good thing I didn’t have to take any.”

Andros didn’t ask why. “Would you like to come on the Astro Megaship? I’m sure Alpha can watch the Galaxy Megaship.”

“All right. Wait here. I have to change.” Sirena turned and left the room.

After a few minutes she was back. Andros noticed she was wearing the same jumpsuit as the one when they met. Around her waist was the same gold belt with the megablaster. Only this time she had something else. As Andros looked curiously at it, Sirena explained to him what it was.

“It’s a communication device that allows me to speak with ACTOM or Alpha if there’s trouble.” She said. “Come on. The transportation chamber is this way.”

* * *

Cassie and TJ walked down the corridors toward the bridge. Carlos was still on the simu-deck. As they turned a corner they met Andros and Sirena.

“Hi Sirena.” They both greeted her. As much as they were surprised to see her, they were unhappy to see Andros with her.

“Hey Sirena, I want to show you something. Come on!” Cassie grabbed Sirena’s hand and dragged her away. “We’ll be right back.” She called over her shoulder.

Cassie and Sirena walked to her room. In there, Cassie showed Sirena her grandmothers locked. “Do you think it’s real gold?” She asked.

“What’s gold?” Sirena had a puzzled look on her face. “I never saw anything like this.”

“Gold is a really precious metal. It’s yellow and really shiny.” Explained Cassie.

“Oh yes. Eltar has it too. The palace is made of gold, and what you called diamonds, rubies, and emeralds.” Said Sirena.

The girls returned to Andros and TJ. They were talking about Astronema and how she hasn’t attacked in a long time.

Sirena overheard and expressed her opinion. “She probably wants to catch you with your guard down. Then it would be easier to defeat you.”

They talked a little more and finally Sirena left.

* * *

Sirena was resting in her room, when the alarm is when off. She jumped off her bed and ran to the bridge.

“Sirena, Astronema is attacking the Earth. The other rangers are already there. You gotta go help them.” Alpha said.

“I’m on my way.” With that Sirena left. “Let’s Rocket!”

The fight was well under way when she got there. It was obvious that the power rangers were losing. As soon as Sirena joined in the fight, everyone could see the difference of the fight.

Astronema fired her satellite lasers and made the monster grow to tremendous size.

“We need Astro Megazord Power!” Shouted the power rangers. Soon they were in their zord battling the monster. After a minute or two the Delta Megazord came and together they transformed into the Astro Delta Megazord. The odds were still against them.

“Galaxy Megazord, Activate!” Sirena had her own zord to use against her enemies too.

The power rangers were surprised. They didn’t know the Galaxy Megaship could transform too. They hadn’t even thought to ask.

“Galaxy Fire Cannon, ignite.” Several large balls of fire were launched destroying the monster.

* * *

The power rangers later thanked Sirena for her help. Cassie and Ashley asked to come on and talk with her. Sirena allowed them. She brought them to her room, so they could have privacy. Her room was marked with a purple door.

Both Ashley and Cassie were excited about the size and elegance of her room. There were two rooms making up her bedroom. One was considered the sitting room. It was smaller than the room in which Andros had been in. It had a purple sofa, a marble amethyst coffee table, a desk, a TV, a radio, and a machine were she could order drinks and food.

A doorway made of purple beads separated the sitting room and her bedroom. In her bedroom was a king sized bed with purple sheets, pillows, and a purple canopy. There was also a dresser, a small bookshelf, a night table, and an overstuffed lavender love chair. There was a walk-in closet and a bathroom with a shower, a tub, a toilet, and two sinks.

“You are so lucky to have such luxury quarters.” Ashley gushed. “I would be in heaven.”

“If you guys like this, then I’m sure you would love the guest quarters. There are 15 more rooms like mine, and they are all empty. Would you guys like to stay for the night?”

“Sure, that is so nice of you. We need to tell the boys though. They get worried.” Said Cassie.

“No problem. I’ll have ACTOM tell them and he never takes no for an answer.” ACTOM called back a minute later saying the boys knew.

Sirena led them out and to their rooms. Ashley had a door that was yellow, and Cassie had a pink one. The rooms were a like only different colors. Sirena’s room was still better.

In the bigger sitting room, they had dinner.

“You know Sirena, your not like Andros. When we first met him, he didn’t know anything about Earth ways. You seem to know a lot.” Ashley couldn’t help asking.

“I spent 2 years studying on Earth. I learned a lot.” Sirena answered Ashley’s question.

Later on Ashley was browsing through the book shelf when Sirena’s autobiography caught her eye. She picked it up without thinking.

“Oh my god.” She thought quietly. “Sirena, Cassie. You are not going to believe this. Sirena, you were born in Angel Grove, CA on Earth?”

“Yeah, so. What’s so important about that?” She asked with a shrug of her shoulders.

“The city you helpped us defend today was Angel Grove that’s what.” Cried Cassie. “Maybe your parents still live there.”

A surprised expression crossed Sirena’s face, but the faded. “In case you didn’t know, my father was from another planet. He and my mom had me unwanted. My mom didn’t want me. She sent me away.”

“I’m sorry. I didn’t realize that.” Both Ashley and Cassie were sympathetic. They hadn’t thought Sirena carried so much pain.

* * *

Later that night in bed, Ashley made a decision. Sirena could have Andros. Ashley didn’t know how hard it was growing up without any memory of family, but she knew it was painful.

“I am so selfish.” She thought to herself. “I can’t believe I tried to keep Andros for myself when Sirena had never experienced love before. I’ll find someone else. Besides, Andros was never really my type. Oh well.” With that Ashley fell into a deep comfortable sleep.

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