Disclaimer: Yes, I'm having a great time writing about ACTOM being a human being. *shudders* It's scary to think about it... But I bet it woulda been awesome if it really did happen! Or should I say Ôcan happen?'

The Chamber of Memories
by: AstroPurple

"This...would be ACTOM." Sirena mumbled walking in. "He can explain what he thought was fun in having the simu-deck make him human."

ACTOM stepped in lowering his head. "I thought it would be interesting cause no other computer ever had the guts to do something like this. Especially not the ones that Sirena didn't re-programmed to have a sense of humor."

"Interesting would have been the reason." Sirena snapped. "Right now I feel lucky to have only re-programmed you or else I'd be in a bigger mess than anything I've ever been in. Besides, we're just plain lucky that DECA's still a computer otherwise we'd have a very big problem on our hands right now. And I would have an even bigger one if I hadn't met the other space rangers."

ACTOM held up his hands. "Okay...okay...I won't ever do it again after this. Okay?" He lowered them. "But I think the simu-deck did a pretty good job of creating a body like Harrison Ford for me. Don't ya think?"

"I thought he looked familiar." Ashley said. "Geez...! Not going to the movie theater a lot really has dulled my sense of recognizing celebrities."

ACTOM stuck his tongue out at her. "So do you think they'll let me be the next Han Solo if another Star Wars movie ever comes out?" He asked sarcastically. "I'll first have to color my hair, and somehow make myself ten years younger to be Ford's exact mirror spitting image."

At that minute, TJ and Leo walked back. "Whoa! If not for the fact that we're in space, I'd have thought Harrison Ford was standing on the bridge!"

"We'll at least one person thinks I look like Ford." ACTOM shot at Ashley. "Anybody else?"

"You'll pass in ten years, if you don't age also." Cassie said not even looking up. "We've got a break in the firing and I suggest we use it to get ready just in case Ivan decides it's time to continue firing at us."

TJ looked over at the others in confusion. "Exactly what is going on here? First I think it is Harrison Ford, and the next, Ford says something that changes my mind. It's not good for my brain to think so much."

"That would be ACTOM. Computer programming gone wrong." Ashley explained quickly. "Remember the Craterites?"

TJ nodded understanding the situation before sitting down at his station again. Leo looked in on Andros' station getting another assignment to check out the main computer system and see if he could find anything that would explain what cause ACTOM to be turned human.

Carlos gave ACTOM a grin. "Don't worry, we'll figure something out after we get Ivan off our back." He said as assuringly as he could.

TJ looked up his eyes clouding over. "We have to get down to Earth." He said to Cassie, Ashley, and Carlos. "The people of Angel Grove are being attacked by these...things."

"Things?" Karone asked.

"You guys get down there. We'll hold up the fort here." Zhane assured. "After all, aren't we protectors of Earth?" He grinned. "And make sure to bring me back some of Adelle's fries and hamburgers. I miss home cooking."

They all laughed. "We'll try. But I got to admit...you'll only get them if I, don't eat them first." Carlos said leaving before Zhane could say anything.

Tideus frowned. "Is this how all the Earth rangers conduct their business?" He asked Dimitria. "Where's the ranking? And don't they realize that this is a fight to the death and all some of them can think about is food?"

Ely arched an eyebrow. He thought the space team seemed to take everything as a joke. "There's no way they could have stood up against everything Dark Specter and Ivan have sent their way." He thought to himself. "There's got to be something else keeping their realities in check."

Sirena suddenly frowned. "Has Jason and the others called yet?" She asked. "I thought they'd be interested in what's going on. Especially Tommy and the others that destroyed...well, sent Ivan to that other dimension."

"Well...no. I was wondering the same thing." Andros said frowning also. "I wonder what's keeping them. DECA, can you locate the other Earth rangers?"

"They're location is on Phaedos currently." Was the prompt reply.

Sirena snapped her fingers. "No duh! That's where they got their powers to destroy Ivan in the first place. They must be trying to get them again and help us! Can you establish a visual contact with them, DECA?"

"Impossible. There is something blocking my beam." A few minutes later. "Unless you can get this block off I can't do it."

"Darn! Oh well...they've been there before, they can get through it a second time if need be." Karone said casually. "After all, they can take care of themselves." She said pointingly.

"I know, I know..." Sirena sighed. "I hope they're okay. Phaedos is a place I'd like to go for vacation if the traps to keep people away are deactivated, otherwise I'm outta there."

* * *

"Hey you guys, is that what I think it is?" Trini asked. She blinked a few times. "Yep, I'm pretty sure that's what I think it is."

Justin peeked through. "Does that mean we're almost through?" He asked hopefully. "This place is freaky."

"Freaky's the right word alright. There's too many bugs in this place." Zack said slapping at one. "Reminds me of Rita's bug monsters." He shuddered.

Jason laughed. "I don't want to remember any of her monsters." He agreed. "Let's hope we don't see a snake from here to the clearing up ahead." He joked reminding everyone of Zack's snake scare that was behind them then.

Zack shuddered again. "Please don't mention that. I swear anyone could make a mistake and think that boa was like twenty feet long and two feet thick. Who knew it was just a tree branch with moss covering it. Certainly not from the distance I saw it at. It actually looked real."

They made their way slowly and cautiously towards the clearing ahead watching out for further tests. They finally stepped through and out of the trees. In the clearing was a temple type sort. Different from the one on the cliff where they received their Ninjetti animals. In the middle around a small fire that seemed to change color stood people dressed in the similar garb of the Ninjetti.

"We are Ninjetti...." A voice echoed around them. None of the garbed figures seemed to have spoken. "You twelve have passed all the test in smoothing out your teams. Do you wish to proceed and receive your morphing powers?"

"Yes......we do." Tommy spoke recovering from his surprise.

"Good...." The voice continued. "The Great Power shall enhance your morphers and restore their powers. You have proven yourselves worthy of receiving the power for a selfless reason. Step forward."

They stepped forward splitting into two groups of six unconsciously. Tommy, Kat, Adam, Tanya, Justin, and Rocky were one. And Jason, Kimberly, Aisha, Billy, Zack, and Trini were the other. A golden light surrounded them making their Ninjetti uniforms disappear and replaced by a ranger suit. Tommy and his team looked down to see the Turbo suit. Jason and his team looked down to see the Zeo suit. There were new colors...and old colors...but they were all comfortable with what they had gotten. It was better than nothing.

The voice spoke again once they were done celebrating. "Go now...return back to Earth. The fight there is not going the best. You will be needed in Angel Grove on Earth to help the space rangers. Afterwards...you will all head towards the old Power Chamber to revive the new one. Understood?"

"We understand. Thanks." Jason nodded bowing his head a little. Each of the rangers followed and the Ninjetti rangers in the temple bowed in return. Twelve showers of light left Phaedos to return to Earth.

* * *

"Ugh!" TJ groaned as he surveyed the mass of Tengas, Putties, Cogs, Piranahtrons, Quantrons, birds called StingWingers, and these purple ooze things that were probably Ivan's own army ahead of him. Somewhere in the mob, Cassie and Ashley and Carlos were fighting also. "We really need help." He muttered. One of the purple Oozes socked him in the stomach and he returned his thoughts to the fight.

TJ fought his way closer to Carlos and the girls where they could all keep an eye on each other. "Cassie! Call for backup! They can spare two or three people up there. Preferably Sirena and Karone. It's not like they do anything on the bridge."

Cassie nodded. "Ashley, cover for me." The yellow ranger nodded as Cassie took a sec to put in a call. "Cassie to bridge, requesting assistance down here. TJ says he'd prefer it if Karone and Sirena were sent."

"How very unprofessional." Sirena's flat voice came over. "But don't worry, me and Karone will be down in a sec." Static sounded where she had cut off.

"They're coming." Cassie called out. She sweep kicked two Piranahtrons sending them crashing to the ground.

Within a few moments two galaxy gliders whizzed by overhead stopping a few feet away to hover in the air. "The reinforcements have arrived!" Karone yelled. "Planet Plates!" She leaped off slashing her way through a dozen attackers to Cassie's side.

"Meteorite Sword! What the heck are those purple things?" Sirena demanded standing on her glider using the height to her advantage. "They're disgusting!" A wave of flames from her sword fried several of them up.

Ashley shook her head. "No idea! But they're as disgusting as Ivan Ooze if you ask me. It really wouldn't surprise me if these are his relatives."

"A bunch of dead relatives soon." Carlos commented dryly fighting his way over to the girls. "Lunar Lance!" He heaved the last obstacle out of his way. "I hope Ivan won't be coming for revenge."

TJ waved from where he still was. "Who agrees with me that we need more help?" He yelled asking. "Astro Axe!" He did several one eighties working his way closer to the little group.

Several explosions sounded around them. "And the cavalry has arrived, finally and in the nick of time!" A very familiar voice shouted. "You guys, up here!" All attention was directed to the top of a large building. "We're back and sending you sorry looking guys back to Ivan."

"Oh my god! It's Rocky and them!" Sirena shouted. "Hey you guys! But uh...what's with the color changes?"

What sounded like Jason said. "We'll explain things later, right now...it's time to kick butt! You guys ready?" A curt nod came from them all. "Let's do it! Power Rangers!" They all jumped off the high rise and into the midst of battle.

Sirena grinned behind her helmet before taking off on her glider after a group of Tengas. "You guys need some flying lessons!" The Tengas squawked as they felt their tail feathers burn. "Let Ivan know we won't be giving up so easily!" She yelled to them as they flew away.

By now, most of Ivan's troops had begun to leave. The thought of losing obviously struck a cord some place in their empty head.

"Get off this planet and don't even think of coming back!" Tommy hurried one on it's way with a hard kick. "We got through that one right guys?" He asked looking around.

Sirena landed on the ground near her friends after showing another group of Tengas the way to space. "Hey! Missed you guys. All right...explain the color thing." She insisted. "I'd like to know the entire story here, and don't even think of leaving anything out."

Justin removed his helmet. "We wouldn't even dream of it." He gave them a bright smile. "And believe me, it was interesting." He grinned giving Ashley, Carlos, and Cassie a hug.

"What about me?" TJ asked pretending to pout and look sad. He was rewarded by a big hug.

"Tell ya what, let's get back to your ship, settle down, and then we'll tell what happened?" Jason asked. "Cause I gotta admit, I'm a bit hungry even though that's suppose to be Rocky's line."

Adam smiled. "I'm not a bit hungry, I'm starved. Let's hope your synthetron is stocked full of food. I can already tell by Rocky's look that he's gonna be eating a ton. We didn't exactly plan on this side trip to Phaedos."

Karone flashed them a smile. "If you enjoy synthetron food we're full of it. Got some visitors ourselves. But don't worry, you won't be intruding. Just...try to act like disciplined or else you'll give Antar and Gieve a heart attack."

"Antar? Gieve?" Kim asked. "Those are kinda weird names if you ask me. And we are disciplined. In our own way."

"Antar and Gieve are part of the Ruwenian team that was sent here to help us. Antar is the leader, and Gieve, second in command. And what Karone means by disciplined, she means as in anyone not one of the commanders cannot speak until spoken to, they must pay their leader the greatest respect and so on." Carlos explained. "Think you guys could do it?"

Rocky flashed a toothy grin. "If Sirena and Karone could do it. I'm sure we can. That is, after I get some food in my stomach." He joked.

TJ nodded. "By the way, ACTOM's in a kind of bind so don't worry if you see Harrison Ford walking around the megaship."

"TJ, C'mon..." Sirena hissed. "Lay off ACTOM. And the Harrison Ford would be ACTOM just to let you know. He had the simu-deck design him a body like Ford and well...it's just kinda messed up. He's kinda grumpy cause he wants to be a computer again. Human body isn't suited for him."

Billy looked thoughtful. "If you allow me to analyze the computers and try to detect what went wrong, I could probably get him back to his computer form. And Justin could help me. He after all has used the megaship's protocols before and am more familiar with them than me."

Ashley smiled. "Let's go then. DECA, eighteen coming up."

* * *

"Tommy! Jason! You guys are okay!" Andros grinned as they all walked chattering onto the bridge.

"We're okay, just a little hungry and tired from our trip." Zack shuddered. "I am not going back to Phaedos not even if you paid me a million dollars."

Aisha grinned. "It wasn't that bad. Except for the bugs and the snakes." She said laughingly. "Sorry." She apologized as Zack glared.

"Dimitria!" Justin yelled. "What are you doing here? Where were you after you left to help Zordon? What happened? Where's the Blue Senturion? Is he all right? Did you hear about what happened to the Power Chamber?"

Tideus found himself looking disapprovingly. "This little boy is a ranger?" He asked obviously trying to make something of it.

"Young Justin was the blue Turbo ranger when I was on Earth and still is from the looks of it." Dimitria smiled.

Kat butt in right then. "Justin can take care of himself. Plus we all help watch out for him and one another." She didn't find this old guy very likable. "I don't know who you are, but here, we're all friends and watch out for one another."

Dimitria frowned. "Kat, this would be Tideus of Tiden, he is part of the council and does not know how the rangers of Earth normally behave."

ACTOM a.k.a. Harrison Ford walked over then. "Well, the little genius is here. Go grab Billy and come with me to the simu-deck. Leo couldn't find anything wrong with the computers." He waited expectantly as Justin stared. "Close your mouth and go get Billy. I don't have all day. These legs are killing me."

"You must be the human ACTOM." Justin remembered what Sirena and TJ were talking about down on Earth. "Hold on, I'll go grab Billy."

Leo smiled peckishly seeing a few old friends. "Kendrix and the others will be here soon. They're docking our ship. As for the Ruwenian team, they'll be here too so I suggest you try and act like a real team."

Sirena waved him off. "I still want to know how'd you get these new powers."

Zhane and TJ led Rocky, Adam, Zack, Kat, Tanya, and Aisha to the cargo bay to get something to eat. Zhane himself giving the excuse that scaring Ivan into withdrawing from the fight had made him tired.

Jason smiled. "The trip will be told later. But we got our powers with Dulcea and Ninjor's help. The Ninjetti power split us into two teams. Zeo and Turbo. I'm red Zeo. Kim is pink, Trini's yellow, Zack's green, Billy is blue, and Aisha's white. That's the Zeo team, this is the Turbo team. Tommy's red, Kat's pink, Tanya's yellow, Rocky is green, Justin is blue, and Adam's black. The colors are kind of different but we don't mind. As long as we can help you guys here."

Cassie grinned jokingly. "It's good to have you help us again. Only try not to give the Ruwenians a heart attack. I think I like our position as the worse team ever."

Andros squeezed Sirena hand. "We've got our own role model here and we haven't even thought of changing to the more disciplined team." He smiled. Then lowered his voice a notch. "If anything weird happens, act cool."

They all nodded getting the idea that something was up. In the cargo bay, Zhane and TJ had warned them about the same thing as they ate.

"Oh no!" Tommy jumped up. "The Power Chamber! Remember what the voice said? About the reviving the Power Chamber thing?"

Kim nodded. "I almost forgot too. We should do it right now and see what he means with that."

"DECA, call everyone else and tell them to prepare for teleportation." Andros instructed. "If they ask, say we'll explain later." He stood up himself and glanced towards Tideus, Dimitria, and Ely.

"We are coming Andros." Dimitria nodded a confirmation.

Within a few seconds, they all arrived at the sight of the old Power Chamber. Each of the newly arrived rangers shifted back into their Ninjetti uniforms and formed a circle around the site.

The space rangers found themselves watching fascinated as a golden light came from each of the rangers. Before their eyes, the Power Chamber seemed to be rebuilt stone by stone. The rubble around them disappeared as the chamber grew until it was completely there. Finally the golden light disappeared and two people came forth from the chamber.

"Dulcea! Ninjor!" The Turbo and Zeo team cried. They seemed to know the two. "What are you doing here? Are you here to help us?"

"Dimitria, Tideus." This Dulcea and Ninjor acknowledged with a nod of their heads. "I am Dulcea, master warrior of the planet Phaedos." The woman in the green bikini type outfit said. "And I am Ninjor, creator of the Morphin coins and aider of the power rangers of Earth." The blue armored ranger like said.

Tideus lost his stern face and actually seemed to smile. "Ninjor, I have heard many great things about you. Never actually believed I'd meet the great Ninjor in person. And Dulcea, old friend. What brings you two to this planet?"

"As I said, Tideus, I have aided the rangers of Earth in the past against Lord Zedd and Rita. Now that Ivan Ooze has come, I would like to help again." Ninjor seemed to float up a little. "If trouble should befall harshly, I shall come. I will be seeing you soon. Good bye Tideus, Dimitria. Good bye rangers." He floated up into the air as a cloud formed around his legs. "Will be seeing you." He said zooming away.

Dulcea watched as Ninjor left. "And I, Dulcea of Phaedos, have aided the rangers of Earth against Ivan Ooze before and will do the best I can in helping them once more. Zordon chose these young teens because he believed they could do it." She seemed to smile at Sirena. "As a past team mate of his, I shall also come and help if things become hard. And rangers, the Great Power of Phaedos chose well. You will be victorious once more, that I know." She disappeared in a shimmer of light. "Good luck, rangers."

"Okay, now that was really weird." Leo muttered for he had tagged along. "We've got a guy who can fly, and a woman who disappears into thin air. Any other surprises you guys have in store?" He asked.

Rocky shook his head. "Nope, now lets go see if the Power Chamber works. Uh....anybody remember how to get in? Like how this door opens again?"

Sirena sighed. "Follow me." She stepped right up to the door and entered a code making sure no one else saw it. The door slid open and they all stepped in.

"Now, may I ask again how you know the code?" TJ asked. "Or did you hack into these computer systems too?"

Sirena shut the door and activated the lights. "Very funny, I wasn't just a student of Zordon's you know. I also learned everything about his operations here and most where else in the universe. He knew I would need this knowledge one day."

"Thank god he told some one." Ashley walked into the familiar operational room of the Power Chamber. "This place looks new."

Justin grinned jumping onto one of the counters. "My favorite memory is Alpha frosting a cake here, and me trying to take a lick while he's scolding me. And then of course me getting sent off to face Elgar in this factory of some sort cause the older rangers were at their graduation."

Kat smiled. "I think we all have a memory here. Besides some of the space rangers of course. And a few others." She closed her eyes. "I can just imagine the day when we, Tommy, Tanya, Adam, Rocky, Billy and I walked in here when we first became Zeo Rangers. The display with our old Mighty Morphin uniforms should be there." She looked to where some empty displays stood.

Dimitria watched as they all began sharing some of their favorite memories of the Power Chamber. She looked to her old spot high above. "Oh day," She thought. "One day the rightful person will be there. But for now...." She began herself to float up towards it as if she had just arrived from Zordon's call.

TJ smiled as he saw Dimitria head towards the tube. "My worse memory is Alpha telling us, the Turbo rangers, that Divatox was attacking with all she had. And...." His voice faded away. "Dimitria, is there still a chance that Storm Blaster and Lightning Cruiser is still some place here?" He asked eagerly looking up.

"Yeah! Storm Blaster, my old friend." Justin cried. "He defended me at that last fight here." He choked. "I wonder what happened to them. Last I knew, we sent them both on their way after freeing them from Divatox."

Tanya sighed. "I think my favorite was when I first arrived here and became a ranger. Thanks to Aisha who traded places with me and Billy who came up his crystal, I became Zeo Ranger number two."

"That was nothing." Aisha smiled. "I knew I wasn't to stay a ranger. Besides, helping the animals in Africa was great for me. My favorite memory is become a ranger too. I hope this place never goes away again."

Adam smiled. "Yeah, it's a second home to some of us. And Alpha and Zordon were family too. And Dimitria became a part of that family too."

Tideus and Ely both frowned. Leo couldn't help speaking out. "You think of your mentors as family?" He couldn't help asking. "I'm sorry, it's just weird to me since my team's never had one."

"Leo butt out." Kim said sharply. "Zordon was almost a second father to me. he watched out for all of us when we were at battle. And he was always there to listen to us when we had problems. We care about him as much as our own families."

"Okay, okay, I'm sorry." Leo held up his hands. He was starting to get a pretty good idea of things here.

Jason gave a half smile. "Leo, the point Kim is trying to make is that for us, we all considered each other family. Zordon looked out for us when our real parents couldn't because they didn't know we were power rangers and the danger we were all sometimes faced with. This is as much my home as anybody else here."

"That is true." Dimitria spoke from her point. "You are all welcomed here. I have worked with two teams here and I know how they would occasionally pop in once a day even if they didn't need to and say hi."

Rocky started to laugh. "Do you guys remember when me, Adam, and Aisha first found out who the power rangers were and you brought us here. I remember how we just stared cause here we were, seeing a talking robot and a big floating head welcoming us and telling us to keep it a secret."

"It was a Polaroid moment!" Zack burst out. "I remember when I was trying to teach Alpha to dance and he was just playing the music I gave him over the Command Center's speakers. It got so annoying."

"Or that time when Rita sent that Mantis monster to challenge me. You guys all started giving suggestions saying how Mantis was one of Rita's monsters and how it didn't have any honor." Trini smiled. "I'm lucky I took your suggestions and comments to heart and was careful when Mantis challenged me again."

"Bugs again? Did you have to mention bugs?" Zack asked as they all laughed.

"Or even that fish monster Rita sent to scare me." Billy shuddered. "Talking with Zordon and Alpha helped me build my much needed self-esteem to face it and help Kim save you guys."

Carlos raised a hand. "We here may not have worked as closely with Zordon as you guys, but this place holds memories for us too. That Clockwise monster, Blue Senturion's arrival. By the way, where is he Dimitria?"

"Blue Senturion has decided to stay on Eltar and help rebuild and protect the planet." Dimitria answered. "It was his own decision and one day, he said he will be back to see you and young Justin."

"Well I can't wait. Do you guys remember that fashion nightmare Divatox started?" Ashley asked. "I still can't believe I believed that fake she sent liked my jacket. And it looked even worse on RoboRacer."

Cassie laughed. "It wasn't your fault. Justin was wearing a girls."

"Hey! How was I suppose to know." Justin still turned a bit red from that comment. "They all looked the same to me and everyone else who was grabbing them off the racks."

Karone, Zhane, Andros, and Sirena suddenly felt a little left out from all the memories they were sharing. Leo was still grumbling about the place not having food and a soft bed to call home.

As the laughter and stuff settled down. Tideus spoke up for the first time since entering the chamber. "How about teleporting the Ruwenians, and the rest of the galaxy rangers whom I'm pretty sure are wondering where we are, and make this place the center of command?" He asked. "I'm getting kind of space sick on the ships."

"Sure." Andros nodded. "This place is closer to Angel Grove and can alert us in case there's anything abnormal or wrong. The Megaship can keep track of things going on out in space."

* * *

Several hours later, the new Power Chamber was back up and running again. Things that needed to be switched from the megaship to the chamber were done as quickly as possible and rooms were set up for Tideus, Ely, and temporary rooms for the Earth rangers in case they decided to work late.

For the first time in that event filled day, the space and galaxy rangers were able to get Dimitria alone in the chamber for a verification on Phantom Ranger's status.

"Yes, it is the truth, Phantom Ranger is Sirena's father. I don't know who this impostor is, or why he's doing it, but he is for sure not Sirena's father." She paused to consider the fact of telling Tideus. "He may not believe us and might even slip his tongue so I think he should be kept in the dark. How do you rangers proceed on following up on this impostor?" Dimitria asked.

Andros considered this. "Well, Sirena's back on the ship talking with Phantom on what to do and how, if possible, to prove to the rest of the universe that this Ely character is not her dad and Phantom is."

"But we still need to find out what this guy's doing here, who he works for, and why of all people does he choose Sirena." Karone had perched herself near one of the computers. "That and also a lot of other questions."

Zhane coughed. "I will admit right now that I have DECA keeping an eye on him and everything he does. If she sees anything suspicious, she'll let us know."

"That's good. But he must not suspect that we're on to him. Otherwise, you can say good bye to almost everything we've planned and are planning." Kai said matter-of-factly.

They all hushed as Billy, Justin, and ACTOM a.k.a. Harrison Ford walked in. None of them looked happy. ACTOM was a definite no.

"We can't seem to find anything wrong with the simu-deck computers that could explain ACTOM's reorganized molecules here." Billy said apologetically. "But it might just be a problem with an over exertion of power to the simu-body."

ACTOM pouted. "I was hoping they'd find something soon since I want to be a computer again. No offense, but this....body is really hard to move around the ship fast enough. Also you have to eat every now and then to keep it fueled. Too much trouble. Not to mention you can hurt yourself." He showed them a small cut on his knuckles.

Justin grinned. "I'll close that cut for you on the ship's medical bay, but don't worry ACTOM, we'll keep looking. The information we're looking for just probably got erased or something." He and ACTOM walked off to be teleported.

Billy pulled out a tool box from one of the many compartments. "I'm gonna go work on some of the old vehicles and see if they can still work. If you want TJ, I can go look through the storage underneath the chamber for this Lightning Cruiser and Storm Blaster."

"Nah, don't want to put you through this much trouble." TJ waved it off. "Me and Justin are planning on going hunting for them later today or tomorrow. There's a lot of junk and stuff in the storage so it'll give us something to do."

"Well, all right then, I'll see you guys later." Billy walked off.

* * *

Sirena had left the ship after a short talk with Phantom Ranger on whether or not proof exists that he was her father other than Dimitria and his word. None existed now that Zordon was gone so another method of kicking Ely off had to be uncovered.

She climbed along some of the higher places at the Power Chamber until she found the hatch she was looking for. This opened up onto the roof which was flat and perfect for just sitting and thinking. Sirena herself guessed secretly that she probably knew the chamber better than some of the rangers who'd been in it longer. Partly due to the fact that she'd memorized a blueprint.

It was peaceful up on the roof as Sirena looked down into a valley below. It so resembled some places on Eltar that she could think of why Zordon had chose to establish his center of command here. Her mind drifted to many happy times on Eltar with her old friends. She remembered how for fun, Tyron had shoved her into a cryogenic tube to scare her. And how terrified Kayin had been when they couldn't get the door to open again. Or the guilty looks on their faces when Zordon had come down to find out what the noise was about. She wondered what happened to them all. If they had made it safely off of Eltar when Dark Specter had began his attacks.

Sirena sighed as she started to talk. "Zordon, I know you're gone but you can probably hear me and know what I'm thinking so I'll just go on. I know that there were times on Eltar when I made things difficult for you and all the other trainees. But now as a ranger, you only got to talk with me briefly but I am taking all you taught into consideration. Ranking makes no difference in a team, when you are in a battle, as long as everyone does their job things come out positive. If only you had taught everyone else."

"The Ruwenian team is so hard to work with. They look at everything we do with an eye for a flaw. Anigel and Haramis are more sympathetic, and Tollo hates how Antar always favors Gieve with the better end of plans and jobs. Dimitria understands how we work and she is fine with that. She joins in sometimes when me and the girls just want to gossip and talk when we've got the boring job of monitoring. And Andros, Jason, and Tommy are fine if we sometimes take off for the mall or the park or even just ask for a day off. We goof off and play jokes to lighten the mood but Tideus is tedious, the Ruwenians were raised in a mood of pressure, and Ely, he always seems to be hiding something and I've seen the looks of disapproving in his eyes."

"Phantom Ranger and Magna Defender understand we're still teens when this job of saving the universe was thrown on us. We weren't exactly raised to know we would become a ranger. But then Zhane, Andros, and I might have and just never took it seriously until it was thrust upon us." Sirena sighed as she took a breather. "So why Zordon, why was I given the purple space morpher? Sarha, or even Linally could have taken it and done an even better job than I. They have always been walking, talking, eating, and breathing rangering but they didn't become rangers. Well, not the last time I checked which was pretty soon after I got my morpher. So out of all of us, only me got a morpher for sure. Did you plan it this way? Or was it just pure luck?" Sirena waited hoping she'd get an answer. "Why did everything turn out the way it did?"

"Things become the way they do because of chance, Sirena." She turned seeing Tideus come up. "And yes, I heard everything you said. Some of the things in your life may have been planned by Zordon. The receiving the purple space morpher, meeting the space rangers, and so on. But everything else was chance. Not everyone who wants to be a ranger becomes one. There are even those who become one when they didn't want to in the first place." Tideus looked over the side. "Zordon asked to be stationed here because his own team had broken up to return to their planets or were stationed away to keep evil at bay. Dulcea herself took on the place of Master Warrior of Phaedos because she thought it was right. King Lexian returned to Edenoi because he had to. He was the rightful ruler and things were in trouble. Everyone else went where they had to and so that's how Zordon ended up here. Do you understand partly how everything happens now?"

"I guess." Sirena leaned over. "A week before Eltar was attacked, Kayin's cousin Tracy had a vision of it. She became so scared that she kept talking about it and saying how we'd all die before we'd even become rangers. Tyron said it was fools' talk so we paid no attention. And then it came true."

Tideus gave a crooked smile. "Tracy's mother comes from a family of visionists, I suppose she inherited some of the power. Never ever take the words of those said too lightly."

"Funny how I'm talking with you like this." Sirena frowned. "It just seems weird. I always got the feeling you never liked me a lot and was always just looking for a flaw in my performance."

"Perhaps so. But Zordon chose to give you the purple space morpher for a reason that I so far cannot see. The rest of the council is wondering for what reason also. So my being here is also to surveillance your performance and figure out what it is." Tideus shaped up quick changing his voice tone harsher.

"Okay, so in other word I'll stay clear of you from now on and watch how I take things." Tideus nodded. Sirena turned and walked away. "Just for the record, you eavesdropped on me and answered most of the questions I had without even asking me to try and explain them myself."

"That I shall remember."

Sirena stepped back into the Power Chamber leaving the hatch open. She slipped back into the main room where everyone was gathered pretending to look busy and not notice her. "All right, who was eavesdropping?"

"What do you mean?" Leo asked innocently. "Nobody was eavesdropping on your conversation with yourself and then Tideus. I mean....we were not eavesdropping on anything you were doing."

"Nice try. I heard footsteps when I was leaving, plus you said my conversation was with Tideus and no one could have known that unless they were eavesdropping." Sirena jabbed her finger at his chest. "Now just spill the beans."

"Okay...it wasn't just Leo and a few others, it was all of us here. We saw you go up there and then Tideus followed you so we got kinda curious." Tommy said. "By the way, if Zordon did hear you, thanks for putting in a good word for me."

Sirena tried to imagine the Ruwenian rangers eavesdropping on someone's conversation. "You're welcome."

"And in case you're wondering, we may be strict sometimes, but we can't always hide our curiosity." Antar said answering her unspoken question. "Just like Tideus can't help getting curious about somethings too like when a ranger heads for the roof alone and trying to keep quiet about it."

"And because we heard the time off things too, I found out that some stores at the Angel Grove Valley Mall are having a redline sale on stuff and what girl could pass it up?" Kim asked with a knowing look. "I also need to have my acrylics re-done and my hair has to get a perm again."

"Okay, all the girls can go and give us guys some peace and quiet for once. And I mean it, all you girls just get out of here." Zack said waving his hands. "I don't want to hear another sentence for the rest of the day with anything girl-related in it."

"I suppose Anigel and Haramis can go with you girls since Zack here wants you all out." Antar said pretending to be thoughtful. "Strict rules and orders may apply some places, but I guess not here. I shall hope you never visit some of the other planets in such a disarray."

"We won't. It's only the astro team that has to worry about that. The rest of us stay here while they make the diplomatic calls. We arranged it that way." Jason grinned. "We are the ones that kick back and relax if it deals with space."

"Well, we're going right now. If you need any help just call us." Ashley said. "We'll come back. Let's go girls. Thirteen to Angel Grove Mall. And try to teleport us into some place where no one can see. Hopefully, the people will have forgotten Cassie, Karone, Sirena, and I are rangers."

"Got it." Andros teleported them getting a huge sigh of relief from the guy around him.

Zhane yawned and stretched. "Finally they leave." He commented bringing a round of laughter.