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First of the Darkness
by: AstroPurple

"Noooooooooo!" Kalika's voice seemed to have been magnified. "You may think you have won this time ranger brats, but there will be a next time! And the next time I shall win!" A momentary pause. "I have a several new weapons." She boasted. "My latest one will bring chills even to the purple ranger!"

"What's going on?" Kim asked looking at each of the rangers. "What does she mean by, 'you may think you have won this time ranger brats?' and 'my latest one will bring chills even to the purple ranger?' I don't think I like the sound of that. And what's happening to the elements?"

"Um... weeeeeell.... I don't really know. Cassie?" Ashley glanced over for some help.

"Sorry. I don't know either." Cassie held up her hands.

"They're cleansing themselves of Kalika's evil energy." Erutan appeared out of nowhere. Once that is done, they will be able to think clearly and not be influenced by the evil once there."

"So they'll be on our side?" Zhane asked hopefully.

Erutan nodded. "In a manner of speaking, yes. Only they will be going back to their duties as elements just like I will. We will be there if the attacks on Earth are too great for you to handle."

"Well, it's a lot better than having them evil." Karone pointed out.

"That's true."

"Power Rangers, I am Renen, you know me as Element Red. We, the Elements and I give our condolences for what happened. They were beyond our control. We are sorry for the burden we have brought upon you."

"It's all right." Jason waved it off. "We good guys have to stick together, through the bad times, and the good times. What happened to you guys, could happen to anyone."

"Thank you, now we take our leave." Renen nodded his thanks as did the rest of the Elements. In a blink of an eye, they all disappeared leaving Erutan.

Erutan seem to fade. "My work here is done. Everything is at peace between the Elements. But you all have your work ahead. I hope our roads may cross again in the near future."

"We do to. And I know I speak for us all." Sirena smiled. "Thanks for everything you've done Erutan."

Erutan nodded and he too disappeared.

"Lets get back to the ship, all of us. We still need to think of Tommy and them." Andros brought their attention back to the main situation at hand. "Kalika still has them, and I think she plans to use them in her next plan." They all nodded. "ACTOM, DECA, twenty three coming up." In a magnificent shower of blended light, they all lifted for space.

On the bridge, with all twenty three people crammed together, they got down to business with blueprints of the Dark Fortress spread out around them and Karone's knowledge of the ship's interior.

"So we have to get in by going through the main entrance?" Leo asked. "Won't they notice us if we waltz in there? I mean, those quantrons are stupid, but they aren't that stupid. They'll notice those of us who go in."

Jason shook his head. "We won't be making an entrance if that's what you mean." He corrected. "We'll be sort of like Shadow Warriors. Slip in with the darkness, and slip out before they know what hit them."

"Shadow Warriors?" Kai asked exasperated. "What is that? Or is it another strange Earth thing?"

Zack grinned. "Jason loves those movies about the Ninjas of Japan. Nicknamed, the Shadow Warriors. Man they are awesome! If this ship was parked on Earth, they'd be able to get in and out without us knowing."

"The Astro Galaxy Megaship has sensors plus DECA and ACTOM." Andros added. "There'd be no way anyone could get on without us being alerted. They'd have to be invisible and know where all the traps are."

TJ shook his head. "Relax Andros, the Shadow Warriors are only in Japan. And if they wanted...they could get in and out with no trouble and probably whoop Sirena's butt in single combat with one of them."

"Now Teej is insulting me!" Sirena protested. "I know the ninja are good...but they can't be better than me. Well....on second thought, they could...but I'd still have the better advantage with all my skills."

"With what?" Zhane asked. "Your makeup bag?" He tried to joke. "That's about all the skill you have since we've gotten to know you pretty well."

Karone whacked him behind his head. "It's impossible with you. Me and Sirena beat you in single combat and this is how you sulk? Now that is extremely sorry. I can name several guys I know who are a better sport than you'll ever be."

Andros sighed. "Could we forget that combat and just concentrate on helping Tommy and the others please?"

"Sure." Things quieted and settled down while Andros outlined the plan they'd come up with.

* * *

"Fools!" Kalika yelled stomping around the work area. "You were suppose to program the cybernetic implant so that whatever that little brown boy said...would not get through. That was all I asked from you and you dimwitted numskulls messed it all up! I had the perfect plan to destroy those puny rangers with the Elements and now I have to find a replacement. You'd better find six more wannabe rangers to take the Elements' place in my plan or I'll have quite a few more trinkets around."

Eclipter kept his head bowed. Kalika was starting to sound like Divatox on one of her rampants. "We shall do as you command, my empress..." He waited for her to leave the room. "You heard her...." He stood up addressing the quantrons and Elgar. "You'd better find six replacing warriors in her plan!"

"Alright... alright. Why is it always me?" Elgar sighed. "How come I don't see you doing any of the work around here?"

Eclipter growled. "I believe you're the one who use to work for Divatox here. And that's why you do most of the dirty work." He turned and left.

In the main room...Kalika was plotting something on a star chart. "Eclipter..." She called seeing him past. "Come here."

"My Empress?" He asked wondering what was on her mind.

She sat down allowing him to see the chart. "Dark Specter wants us, and everyone else in the Alliance of Evil to take as many planets as we can in the next two weeks. But he wants Earth to be last for some stupid reason he thought of. Which planet do you think we should take?" She asked.

Eclipter frowned. "What about Inquiris, Aquitar, you know...the important planets to the rangers and those goody goods?"

"Good idea. We set off for Inquiris right away. Go tell those worthless quantrons to start the ship. I don't want any of those other worthless villains Dark Specter has to get my prize first." Kalika pounded her fist onto the table.

Eclipter bowed. "Right away my Empress." He left shouting orders to the quantrons.

* * *

"What are they saying?" Adam asked Kat as he and Tommy held her up closer to one of the air ducts. "Anything about what they're planning to do to us?"

Kat shook her head as she nodded to be put down. "Nope. I did find out that this Dark Specter guy rules all the evil in this universe and he wants them to start taking over planets. Kalika plans on taking Inquiris first followed by most of the important planets that are part of the council."

Tommy sighed. "And we can't even get out of this place." He moved over to the door and tried once again to open it. "Anyone have any bright ideas?" He asked after rattling the door for some time.

"I wish there was some way we could let the rangers know we're all right." Tanya muttered looking up from what she was doing. "We heard Kalika when she started yelling that the Elements didn't work. So that must mean the rangers are winning which is a good thing." She sighed. "Is there any way we can construct a communicator or something?"

Kat shook no. "If Billy were here he'd be able to do it. But we won't be able to without the materials and a blue print. If only we could get out of here and use the teleportation on this ship." She sat down next to Tanya.

"This sucks." Adam said out loud. "I wish they didn't take our morphers." He put his hand on his left wrist. "Wait a minute...." He looked down to see a faint green light. From it...his morpher appeared.

Tommy looked down also. "We had our morphers with us the entire time?" He asked in disbelief. "I can't believe it! Let's morph and get out of here you guys." He called getting Kat and Tanya to stand up also.

"How are we going to get off?" Tanya asked. "This ship is moving already. Shouldn't we wait until it stops or something?"

Adam looked up. "Tanya's right. I think we should wait until this ship stops moving and maybe even do some good...like help Inquiris."

Kat nodded. "Let's wait. Not like anything's going to happen to us anytime soon. Kalika's got all her attention focused on capturing the planets she mentioned."

* * *

"Uh.....we've got a slight problem." ACTOM called out hesitantly as everyone was getting ready to board Kalika's ship and save the four Zeo rangers.

Sirena sat up and sighed. "And that would be...?" She asked hoping it wasn't anything bad and just a problem with a computer or something. "You better not have ruined anything in the plan."

"Don't worry....I didn't ruin anything, but Kalika did." ACTOM brought up a hologram. "She's moving her ship away from Earth and I don't think it's just to get a better locational orbit either. Too fast to be moving just a few yards."

Andros frowned. "She can't have gotten information on our plan. Nobody involved in the discussion and know about all the little details haven't been off this ship since then. It's gotta be something else."

The little green light that was ACTOM's signature turned red. "My sensors indicate that Dark Specter has been in contact with her. She could be moving closer to him or taking a new assignment." DECA drew a conclusion.

Rocky shook his head. "What are we going to do now? We've got to get Tommy and the others before Kalika decides they're of no use to her. Can we still sneak aboard and save them?"

"With the ship moving....it's not going to be easy. We could wait until it stops and save them while we find out where she's going." Leo shrugged. "It was a suggestion of what we could do."

"Maybe she'll lead us to Zordon." Ashley said excitedly.

Carlos shook his head. "She can't be that stupid as to lead us right to him. I mean, even Kalika's not that stupid."

Karone moaned. "I know Dark Specter, there's no way he's gonna have her go to where Zordon is with us watching in plain sight. She's probably going elsewhere to take care of business or something. I use to do that all the time for him. Probably a diplomatic trip. But then....I can't see Kalika doing anything diplomatic."

"Her answer to everything is 'destroy them!' or 'you'll regret it!' Anyway, it always ends in disaster." Sirena fiddled with the controls. "I think I like Leo's idea better. If we follow her, we'll be able to kill two birds with one stone." She grinned.

Damon winced. "What was that suppose to mean? Was it in some sort of code or something?"

"She just means that we would be able to get the Zeo rangers back, and possibly find a way to stop Dark Specter in the same trip. It's an Earthling saying." Trini explained. "I hope it's true."

"Me too." Justin reached over to experiment with a red button. "I wonder what this does."

"Press that and you'll be vaporized." ACTOM threatened. "That's the emergency lock button. It's part of the Galaxy Megaship. Sirena uses it if there's people on board that she'd rather not tangle with. Example, the Borax. It not only locks all the doors, but it activates the laser beam system and pretty much nothing survives that. You want a demonstration?"

"Uh...no thanks." Zack shook his head quickly. "Touch that you pip-squeak and we'll all die." He directed at Justin.

Billy leaned over to look at it. "So what would happen to Sirena if she pushed it? You said it activates the laser beam system. Wouldn't it affect the bridge?"

Sirena shut the emergency seal on it. "No, it doesn't affect the bridge, the bridge has a separate system that works on automatic if ACTOM detects an unknown life source, or a person I'd rather not meet. Now because the Galaxy is merged with the Astro, I don't suggest you use it even in the most dire situations. Who knows where the laser activators have moved to. They could even be on the bridge."

"I don't want to find out either." Zhane muttered. "I like myself the way I am and I don't want anything to change."

Andros grinned. "DECA, ACTOM, start the engines and set a course to follow Kalika. We have to take the chance that she'll lead us to Zordon or at least someone who might know where he is."

* * *

A hour or so later, it had become apparent where they were headed. The computer had been plotting their course and their present one would take them strait to Inquiris unless Kalika made a last minute turn.

"What does she want on Inquiris?" Sirena demanded. "Zordon couldn't be hidden there. He'd be found immediately. His signature no matter how weak would be detected by the computers there."

Phantom studied the current readings. "It looks like Kalika's getting her weapons ready. She must be planning to attack Inquiris. We will need to get ahead of her and into Inquirian air space. We're still too faraway to alert them on anything."

Andros shook his head. "Impossible. We'll need an access code to get into their air space without being shot down. And even if we took the time to explain to the computer, it'll be too late."

"Move it!" Sirena shoved Zhane out of his chair and sat down. She typed a few commands and something showed up on the screen. "This is Sirena Lightstar, avert all your lasers and let us the Megaship into Inquirian airspace! We will be needing an immediate party with the Admiral or whoever's in charge of defense now."

A mechanical voice came on to answer. "Please state your reason and access code."

"I don't have one and I don't need an access code. Just get me the Admiral or else another nice computer will take your place." Sirena sighed and leaned back. "Stupid computer." She muttered. She sat up again when the viewing changed.

"Sirena Lightstar! What is the meaning of this?! I was sitting down at dinner with my family when your call came. Normally something like this would not be allowed." A visual of a gruff old man came on the screen.

Sirena completely ignored the Admiral giving a 'go ahead and explain' look at Andros. "I'm not taking the rap." She whispered.

"Sir, Kalika is on her way to Inquiris and will arrive in approximately ten minutes. We have reason to believe she may be attacking Inquiris and so are calling ahead to warn you to set up a defense. Her current course is taking her strait into Inquirian air space so we are sure not to be wrong." Andros rushed through the urgency showing in his voice.

"Accepted." The Admiral nodded. "You heard the boy! Get our defenses up and battleships alert!" He shouted at some people in the background. "And next time you need a party with me, Sirena, use a more civil approach."

Sirena nodded not really feeling sorry for what she had done. "Should I speed up our engine?" She asked as the visual disappeared.

"I've got that." Ashley said. "From what I just heard, this Admiral guy doesn't really like you right?"

Sirena grinned. "None of the top guys in the Inquirian force ever did. It's a long story and I'll tell it later."

"Can't wait to hear it." Zhane dumped Sirena out of his chair. "Next time ask." He said as he sat down again. "This my chair, that your chair." He said pointing to her station.

Andros took one last look at the course the computer had been plotting. "Carlos, TJ, fire full thrusters and try to get to Inquiris ahead of Kalika. She's going there for sure."

"Got it." The two of them said in unison. The screen was soon full of stars whizzing by. "Disengaging hyper-thrusters and entering Inquirian air space." TJ announced. "Kalika's behind us and we've got just enough time to get ready."

"Incoming transmission from the Magna Defender." DECA announced. "Playing now."

"Leo, both Kalika and Dregon's been backing up Scorpius and helping him through his repairs as well as updating his weapons. His latest monster, Terrorian is incredibly strong. I need backup fast." The image blurred as it showed Magna Defender firing at something in the background. Then the screen went black.

Leo sighed. "We're going to have to go." He said dully. "Hate to leave you guys in a jam like this but we have to go to Terra Venture. It's our first priority above everything else. We'll try to be back."

"Nah, that's alright." Andros grinned a little. "You guys have been more help to us than we'll ever need. We'll manage with the Inquirian force behind us, and the rest of the Earth rangers are here too."

"Thanks. We'll take our leave now." Kai nodded. "If the fight is still continuing after we're done with Scorpius, we'll return to finish it. We always keep a promise."

Zhane gave a slow smile. "You guys better get a move on it. Don't want your teleportation cube getting caught between the crossfire when Kalika's vessel arrives. It'd be a shame to loose someone like Leo here. I always need help when people don't share my view points on having dangerous females about."

"We'll see you guys soon." Leo nodded as the MegaLift doors closed taking them to the transportation deck.

DECA's light turned green signaling her leave in helping the galaxy rangers prepare the teleportation cubes for long distance travel. "Flying Quantrons coming out way. The main vessel is still behind it but it'll reach here soon."

Ashley glanced at her computer before announcing. "Inquirian flight crafts have arrived. We should do good until the Dark Fortress arrives."

* * *

"You guys, I think the ship stopped moving." Tanya exclaimed from where she was sitting. "You think we reached Inquiris or another of the planets?"

Tommy hoisted Kat up onto his shoulders. "We'll soon find out." He said as they kept quiet while Kat pressed her ear against the ceiling. A few minutes later he set her down again. "Well? What did you hear? Can we get off this ship?"

"I'm not sure. I heard Kalika yelling for quantrons to get into those ships and start firing at the power rangers and approaching crafts so we're at a planet for sure. I don't know which though." She shrugged. "Should we take a chance?"

"We have our morphers. Getting out of here wouldn't be too hard. And since we're power rangers, this planet we're at should help us. Didn't Kat mention she heard Kalika say power rangers? Don't rangers help rangers?" Adam asked.

Tommy took another look at the door. "Let's get out of this place then." He announced. "It's Morphin Time!" The morphers were activated and soon the small chamber was filled with light.

"Zeo Ranger I, pink!"

"Zeo Ranger II, yellow!"

"Zeo Ranger IV, green!"

"Zeo Ranger V, red!"

After morphin, the Zeo blasters got them past the door in no time. There was almost nobody down where they were held and the quantrons they encountered were soon sleeping peacefully like Sleeping Beauty. As they neared the docking bay, things got tougher as they saw Kalika standing there screaming and yelling.

"Geesh! She reminds me of Divatox!" Adam said cringing.

Tommy took the time to survey the area they were in. "If we can get to two of those two-seaters, we'll be able to get out of this place."

"One problem Tommy, we'll get caught between the cross-fire out there and the good force may not know we're rangers and we'll probably be shot down." Kat pointed out. "None of us are good fighter pilots. And I doubt those ships have a built-in computer like the Megazords."

Tanya supported Kat's point. "We won't be able to fly out of here anyway. Not with quantrons at every ship. They'll delay us too long. We'd be in a better position to wait until things settle down out there and in here."

* * *

Karone moaned. "Why isn't the Inquirian air force helping us? They're just hanging back there behind us and letting us take all the hits. I'd love to turn one of the MegaLasers on them and see how fast it'll take them to get the point of helping."

"The Inquirian force has been known to jump in and help at the last second defeating whoever's coming upon them." Zhane explained. "We won't be getting any help from them until the fighting subsides. It's just their strategy."

TJ finished setting two out of six of the lasers on auto fire upon the approaching quantrons. "We'd do better on our galaxy gliders. That way we'd be able to spread out and attack at different points."

"Divide and conquer! I like the way you think." Jason flashed a smile. "We can hold down the fort here while the rest of you go out. Those last minute crash courses you gave us will come in handy and useful."

Andros shrugged. "How about it you guys?" He looked at everyone of the space rangers. Each of them grinned and nodded yes. "All right, if you guys need any help, have DECA and ACTOM call and we'll be back."

Each of the planetary rangers took over the station as the space rangers headed for the galaxy gliders. Billy and Justin were in a corner working on something at a computer. None of them took the time to ask what? Phantom Ranger was already out in the thick of things in his cruiser.

Out in space, the rangers split up into teams of two each taking a certain number of quantrons. The Inquirian force continued to hover behind watching the fighting and waiting for their cue to start their fire.

"Satellite Stunner!" Cassie fired around her and Ashley taking care of several of the quantrons. She looked around to see if she could catch Phantom's cruiser. "It must be cloaked." She thought to herself.

Ashley used her blaster first before switching hands and pulling out her Star Slinger. "Cassie! Let's toast these tin heads!" She got a nod from the pink ranger as the two of them flew into a group of on-coming quantrons firing rapidly from their blasters.

TJ and Carlos started a weaving pattern moving in and out around each other bringing the quantrons headlong into each other. They then switched techniques moving so one was flying above the other before calling their weapons to attack.

Over in the middle of the on-coming ships, Andros and Zhane flew side by side blasters drawn destroying any of the ships that came within range.

Farthest from the Megaship, Sirena and Karone worked their way through getting most of the newer quantrons flying in.

"Planet Plates!" Karone flew in between two ships destroying them before moving on. "Planet Plates fire!" The two plates came off her wrist flying in a zigzag pattern through six of the ships before returning.

"Fire ball!" Sirena launched ball after ball of fire through her sword setting the ships ablaze. "Flame tip activate!" Five ships blew up giving Sirena plenty of space to move around and motivate her next attacks."

Seeing her army failing. Kalika ordered the Dark Fortress to fire itself. Instead of flying around freely. The rangers were finding themselves limiting their flying space to avoid being hit. From one of the Dark Fortress' lasers, a magnetic web came out aiming for the Megaship. An explosion on the Fortress disintegrating the magnetic web. Phantom's cruiser appeared and began it's fire.

At the last second seeing how Kalika's troops were falling back. The Inquirian forced moved in destroying almost the rest of the quantrons. Only then did the Dark Fortress stop firing and begin it's retreat to one of the Inquirian moons. The remaining quantrons who were smart enough to follow, escaped safely.

Back on the Megaship, the rangers were surprised to see the four missing Zeo's safely there. The sequence of how Billy and Justin managed to get past Kalika's shields and teleport them to safety was told. An updated report showed how much the Dark Fortress was damaged and how much Kalika had lossed to show she wouldn't be attacking or going anywhere anytime soon.

"Power Rangers of Earth, and of Inquiris," The Admiral added when Sirena turned. "We thank you for your help and since the Dark Fortress is not leaving, we ask that you stay and help defend out planet."

Andros nodded. "We will gladly stay until Kalika moves on or is defeated." He accepted the offer. The transmission ended briefly with a string of instructions of where the Megaship could dock with the exact location.

"Well, I guess we'll be staying on Inquiris for a little while." Jason commented dryly. "This Admiral guy doesn't strike me as nice. He's more of a 'my rules expect to be followed' kind of guy."

Sirena shrugged. "You're half right on that. C'mon, we'd better dock the ship. He said he expected Andros, Jason, Tommy, Phantom Ranger, and I soon."

On Inquiris, the group made their way around. They still had a short time before the meeting with the Admiral so a tour of the capital city was squeezed in. The city was still alive even though citizens were preparing for Kalika's next attack as well as still maintaining their stores and shops.

Kim and most of the girls were near the front admiring clothes and jewelry as they passed when Sirena suddenly stopped walking as well as pointing out interesting artifacts and objects.

"What's up?" Zack called from where he and Tanya were in a discussion about music and dancing after finding out they had music in common.

Kat turned and shrugged. "Sirena stopped." She turned around again as Kim and Ashley began asking Sirena what was wrong.

"Don't worry you guys, I just thought I saw someone I knew." Sirena waved it off as she started talking about the shops and stuff again. Once in a while though, she threw a look around at something.

Andros glanced down at the watch he was wearing. "Hey you girls! We've got to get back now. Our times up and the Admiral is probably waiting for us."

They all groaned as they turned around to begin the long walk back to the defense force building.