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Darkness of Blood
by: AstroPurple

Stoop appeared in the dimensional rift. "Lady...." He called. "Lady Binah... this is Stoop, your mother's loyal servant. She has sent me to find you because she is in urgent dire need of your assistance."

"Well Stoop, you have found me. What is it that my mother requires of me?" From the shadows, a tall lady dressed in a long black dress stepped out. Her dark hair and clothes brought out the purple in her eyes and the paleness of her skin.

There was a certain aura that was different about her that dropped Stoop deeply to his knees. "Lady Binah, you must go to your mother. She is being ill treated by your younger sister Kalika." He dared take a peek up at her seeing her eyes flashing white, he lowered his head immediately. But when nothing answered him, he raised his head again. She was gone. No light had shown from any dimensional slit that had opened or what-so-ever. "Binah has come across great power....." Stoop whispered silently to himself for he had been around sorceresses and sorcerers long enough to know when one holds incredible power.

* * *

The awesome feeling of holding power came across Sirena as she floated in a void of purple and bluish-silver. The light was bright, and everything seemed pure, cleansed of all the evil that flooded the universe. Somewhere off to her left, a door opened into darkness. And on her right, a door to the light. From both doors, a ghostly hand seemed to beckon for her. One wanting her to go one way, the other, wanting her to go the other.

Right in front of her, a third door opened.... one with a twist of white and black. From there, two ladies stepped forth. One was Cosmia. The other was dressed in similar robes but all in blacks and grays. The two both gave off an aura that allowed those close by to know they held power.

"I am Kharla, the Dark Sorcerer, the essence of all evil." The lady in the dark clothing's eyes gleamed. They were black with no pupils. One could loose their soul starring into them. "Each person has their place in the universe and their destiny written, but those of the mixed blood must choose. They each come to a time in their life when they must choose their fate in life."

"With your father being good, and your mother evil, Sirena..... your time has come. You may walk through the door of darkness....." Cosmia gestured towards the door to her left. "Or, you may continue through the door of light....." She pointed to the right door. "To change the course you have always walked in your life, the future and present also changes. To continue what you have, things remain the way they are. Remember, if you choose to think this more through, we only allow a week."

Sirena lowered her head. "Lady Cosmia, Lady Kharla, my future is one that I've always wanted and am living...... the life of a power ranger on the side of good. I will not change it." She turned towards the door of light.

Kharla's eyes danced. She had no intention of loosing another one to Cosmia, changing a person's mind using magic was forbidden and she could loose her powers in the end, but playing with a mind was not was never mention. "You choose the pathway of good, and so it shall be, but one will never find the truth inside..... Mark my words carefully, for they shall be repeated at your death." Kharla laughed as she returned through the door she and Cosmia had come.

Cosmia gave a soft smile. "Each path has it's downs, but Kharla speaks no truth, she merely wishes to gain another pawn in her game. Continue on the path you want ahead and forget her words." Cosmia also retreated.

"Both of us want another pawn in our game, that is true......" Kharla appeared once more. "Even if Cosmia does not admit it. She wishes to wipe all evil from this universe, of course, that is what you wish also. But in doing so, you will loose half your family." She grinned wickedly. "Step through the door behind me, and gain yourself a week to think and choose. Remember that." She turned to leave. "Choose carefully my dear...." She faded away through the two-colored doorway again.

Sirena sighed. "This isn't going to be as easy as I thought....." She muttered staying where she was. The hands continued to wave and beckon for her. She closed her eyes to sort through her feelings. She knew what Kharla meant, as does she knows what Cosmia mean. The multi-colored door tempted her. She needed away from this place, to think and decide if it'd be best to forget.

"I think she's starting to come out of it...." She heard a voice say. Andros and Daurius had been sitting and waiting for Sirena to notice them for almost half an hour. The light finally began to fade from her body and the staff dropped loosing all its color. Sirena's eyes opened flashed open as something seemed to jolt through her body. The lights were turned on half dimmed as they had been sitting in the darkness.

"Si?" Andros called uncertainly.

She looked over surprised. "What are you two doing in here? How'd you get in? Who let you in?" She looked drained but other than that, fine.

"ACTOM allowed us entry." Daurius nodded to where ACTOM had arrived his light blinking. "You however did not hear us. Whatever you were doing seemed to have cut off all your functions."

Andros picked up her staff. "You look okay other than tired, but this thing doesn't look so good." He turned it over in his hands showing how the staff had become dull as if all it's power and color had been taken.

Sirena reached out for it feeling the jolt through her body once more. Trying not to let it show, she blocked her panic secretly hoping Kharla hadn't somehow found a way to neutralize it's power completely. "I'm sure it'll be fine." She muttered casually take it. She felt no power go through her as it disappeared. "Let's go, what are the others doing?"

"They are on the simu-deck." Daurius answered as he continued to look where the staff had disappeared. He had seen no power, only it dissolve. Years as a lone ranger had taught him to watch for these signs. Signs where one had lost all their power. "They were starting a few of your simulations when we left..." He added to fill the silence.

Sirena nodded. "Let's join them then."

* * *

"Mother dear, Stoop has informed me that you required my assistance." Binah appeared behind her mother with no portals to aid her.

Queen Tarfaria turned with Menacis' head once again in her lap. "Binah darling, is that you?" She asked raising an eye to look over her eldest daughter. "My how you've changed....." She murmured feeling the power radiating from her.

Binah seated herself without being asked. "So what is Kalika up to that has you cut out of the picture mother?"

"Kalika has great power and she chooses not to share her empire with her family. Your dear father is trying to reason with her right as we speak." Tarfaria continued to stroke Menacis' head as she spoke. "And your little brother needs requires proper training in how to create misery and evil."

"Kalika has power? You know she's always been an ambitious little trouble-maker, even when she was a little child. Always trying to out do everyone else and hogging all the attention at parties. And when she has something brewing in that simple mind of hers, it always ends up getting her in trouble or just backfiring on her." Binah looked around the chamber they were in. "I wouldn't worry too much, she's bound to come to terms and realize that she'll need help. And as for Menacis, he'll receive the proper training to rule one day by watching little Kalika make a fool of herself. He'll soon know what plans work well, and which plans don't."

"I hope you are right about this. I will give Kalika one month to make things right with us or else she will see how much it hurts to have her own family turn against her. And if your father goes a little too far, she might end up herself in the Vortex of Doom........" Queen Tarfaria sighed as she watched Binah disappear. "Oh Menacis, when will my daughters ever want to help their poor mother?"

Menacis just smiled reassuringly before nestling his head back into her lap to be petted like he was a puppy dog. Queen Tarfaria smiles as she starts cooing and treating her youngest child as if he were still a toddler.

* * *

Cassie raised a curious eye as she watched Sirena work-out with the Jungles of Zega simulation. She didn't morph, or do anything that required her powers to fight. Something seemed totally different about her today. She seemed to have something heavy occupying her mind and all her thought.

"My mother was evil?" Sirena asked herself as she nailed several of the ninja-like natives. "Why didn't he tell me when I first asked about her? Or did he believe I would never want to know?" She wondered. Two more went down from her kicks. "It was my right to know about my family...! How could he not tell me!?" She moved without thought sending the last one away before the simulations ended.

"Si you alright?" Karone asked worriedly. Karone had seen the shine that was missing from her eyes and had also noticed the heavy weight on her mind.

"Yeah, I'm find. I'm just tired that's all." Sirena gave her a reassuring smile hoping to end all questions. She needed to be alone. Needed the time to think things through before making a choice. She only had a day.

Zhane nodded. "It's been a long day for all of us." He yawned to demonstrate. "We should all hit the sack."

TJ nodded. "We also need to be refreshed in case Kalika attacks again tomorrow. Even with these new powers, we can't rely on them that much. Cosmia might decide to punish Kalika herself and take them away."

Sirena just gave a small smile as she left them discussing. She yawned on her way to her room. Not from the work-out but from all the thinking she had done. It was too much. The choice she had been given might seem easy to other people, but to her it was complex. There were too many things she didn't know. Too many questions left unanswered. Sirena sat on her bed in her room to wait. She knew he had seen something on her mind, and she knew he would come to ask.

A few minutes later, a small knock sounded on her room. She had been right, he was worried just as any parent should have. "Sirena?"

"Come on in." The door slid open and Daurius stepped in un-morphed.

"You had something on your mind back there. There is also something you are not telling me. Do you want to talk now?" He asked gently.

The door shut behind him giving them complete privacy. "Yeah, I guess so...." Sirena muttered. She looked up at him. "Why? Why didn't you tell me my mother was evil to start with? Why did you leave me to find out for myself?"

Without his armor on, Daurius was unable to hide his surprise that flashed across his face. "You know......" It was all he could say. "How? Who? Dimitria and Zordon were the only ones who knew besides me."

"It doesn't matter who told me, or how I found out. What matters is why you didn't tell me earlier?"

"I meant to protect you from her family. The less who knew, the better. And nothing could ever make me reveal your mother's name even if I died. Neither would Dimitria or Zordon. They knew the importance of the secret." He tried to smile. "I know you don't know her name, and even if you ask, you will not be told. That secret is meant to stay hidden from everyone."

Sirena shook her head. "Why is it so important? I don't see what harm it would do if others knew."

Daurius sighed. "Sirena, if it were to reach her family that your mother has a living daughter, they would do everything in their power to turn you evil for their benefit. Normally that would have to be done with a spell, but in your case, words of persuasion will work for their females are all masters of magic. I don't want to loose you. You are too important to me."

She looked down. "But I want to know....." She whispered quietly.

"One of these days Sirena, one of these days I'll tell you who she is." He smiled at her as he left.

* * *

Kharla watched the conversation between Sirena and Daurius. She smiled at what she saw and heard. "One of these days may be a bit too late...... And Daurius, nothing escapes my hands once I have my eyes set on it....." The image disappeared as she began to laugh. She withdrew into an inner chamber to meditate. Like Cosmia, she too had felt the unbalance between good and evil and she welcomed it. "I must find the source before my dear Cosmia does...." She muttered closing her eyes to once more try and trace the source. But the source was shielded with heavy magic. It would take some time and hard concentrations to break through for the one who casted it was no fool. She or he was strong, perhaps even stronger than her and Cosmia. But that was good, as long as the person was evil and it's magic dark.

Leaving her body for the astral plane, she followed the thread of red magic once again to the wall. It was weaved with magic and elements so that not even a projection image of an astral being could pass through. Whoever was responsible and the holder of this power lay at the center. All Kharla had to do was break through. But this was easier said than done as she had discovered on her first try. Each of the weavings binded themselves together once again once they were cut. It was practically impossible to break through. And all she needed was the time to discover the right spell, the right weapon, and the right technique and she would be through. Through to the source and the holder of the power she now sensed.

Kharla returned to her waiting body and opened her eyes. She scanned her shelves of magical instruments in front of her looking for something that could break through the barrier. Like Cosmia, she didn't have a single item strong enough to do the task. Her eyes glowed red and black as she screamed in anger. Power to destroy Cosmia and all the good she possessed was so close, and yet still faraway.

* * *

Lady Binah appeared high on a cliff near the ocean in Angel Grove. This was where she had met him so many years ago. Before Dark Specter had casted her out. The wind whipped through her hair and clothes as she stared down onto the beach. It was twilight and there was a young couple together. They both seemed to be drunk as they slowly made they way to a car. Binah watched them get in and leave. They looked so happy, the guys arm slung casually around the girl as they drove out.

She turned away her eagle-eyed vision taking her into a house in the middle of the town where a couple as enjoying the comforts of home with a newborn baby. The infant looked like the perfect angel with its big eyes and creamy skin. Her own heart ached for her own child. One who was now gone and whose whereabouts remained and would continue to remain unknown to her. A single tear trickled down her cheek as she remembered the cry when it had first come into the world. She was young then, and naive. She had trusted the father to watch the child. The day she lost her Lillian was still clear in her mind. Returning home and finding her baby gone.

Binah watched as the young mother cradled the infant with love. She opened her mouth and screamed. It was a scream of pain and heart-broke. She wanted her Lillian by her side. But all her searching had done nothing. There were no records of where her child could be, not that she expected any. But it seemed as though her child had never even existed. Yet she remembered giving birth and entering the records.

A small dimensional slit opened behind her and Binah disappeared into the darkness which was her home.

* * *

Daurius sighed as he sat in the guest quarters which acted as his room onboard the Megaship. A familiar feeling was overtaking him and he knew he had done good in not revealing her mother's name to her. He looked out the small window he had into the blackness of space. Making a decision, he got up and left for the hanger bay. All the other rangers were still asleep as he got into the seat of his cruiser.

"DECA, please open the hanger doors and tell no one who asks where I've gone. You too ACTOM." He sat waiting for the doors to open.

"Why?" ACTOM asked stubbornly wanting to know a reason.

"It is for Sirena's safety, ACTOM. Please do not tell her where I am going and let her know that I will be alright." He clicked on a few of the instruments setting the coordinates on a star chart for where he was going.

"We will Phantom Ranger." DECA affirmed. "Have a safe trip."

The hanger bay doors fully opened and his cruiser was out before another word could be said. "I will DECA, and thank you." He set his cruiser on auto-pilot as he headed for Inquiris.

Arriving at Inquiris, he docked and went to see Dimitria not bothering to register his presence in the data log. No one but Dimitria needed to know he had been there, even for a brief while.

"What is this on your mind, Daurius of Tiden?" Dimitria asked still up. She had sensed him coming for some time.

"Dimitria, she's back...." He answered deflated. "And she'll be searching through the record base. I know every trace and evidence was erased long ago, but I'm afraid she'll uncover something that's doesn't fit. She has an eye for these things, I know her all too well, Dimitria."

Dimitria frowned. "This day may have long been dreaded, but she will find nothing, that I can assure you. Anything and everything she might find wrong has two credible witnesses who will vouch and stamp the seal if she takes this up with the higher council. But I doubt she will, her being evil and all. And anyone else who knows the entire story would be dead now."

Daurius paced nervously. "I hope you are right on this. I suppose I'd better leave before anyone discovers my ship here at this odd time. We will meet again, Dimitria." He gave a curt bow and left.

Once again in space, he reset his coordinates for Earth typing in the logging book that he was headed towards Triforia. Anyone following would not be able to continue their course. Something pulled him towards that planet although he had no obvious idea why then. It was just a feeling that he needed to go and someone was waiting. Someone who he didn't want to see again, but knew he must.

Arriving on Earth, he de-morphed and arrived on the same cliff Lady Binah was on earlier. It was now completely dark, and knowing that if he was meeting someone else besides her, he'd had to be on guard. He waited for her pacing around growing restless as the minutes ticked idly by.

A change in the air caused him to turn seeing her appear. There was no smile on her face, no warmth, no feeling..... just one full of hate and malice. He didn't blame her for those feelings either, but there was something different about her that tensed his body. A power that she now seemed to possess that told him she was not one to be played or messed with when angry.

"Hello Daurius......" Her voice was icily cold. "Are you surprised to see me? Still alive.... and searching?" Her right eyebrow arched but otherwise there was no change in her face. "You know who I'm looking for. I want my Lillian back!" The roar of a thunder clap sounded in answer to her as it began to rain.

He could see the pain in her face. She had slipped loosing her stone features the moment she had said Lillian's name. His own heart continued to remain as cold as he could make it. "Binah you know I can't hand her over to you. Your intentions may be good, but your family's isn't. You know better than me what they would do, and how they would do it. Besides, it's been years now, Lillian won't recognize you as her mother. Or even know you for the sake of time."

"You know where she is don't you!?!" The way she said it, it was more of a statement than a question. "Give her the choice! Tell her I'm still alive, who I am! Let her choose for herself. She should be old enough...." Binah had managed to collect herself as she ordered him.

Daurius shook her head. "I'm afraid Binah, circumstances will not allow her to choose you even if she wanted to. Which she will not I can assure you!"

Binah's dark eyes became a stormy gray. "You don't understand how I feel! You weren't the one who gave birth to her, I did! I'm her mother! They say a young girl always depends on her mother, for that is true! You took her away from her mother when she needed her the most! For all I know, you could have fed her a tale of lies about me when she was growing up! How I didn't want her and left her with you. Or even that I wanted to kill her becomes she was a mistake or something!"

"I can assure you Binah that I would never say something that was untrue about you to her. Lillian knows that you never intended to leave her. But what I did tell her was that you were dead. And that she believes. Will you now ruin herself and her thinking? The life she leads now? It is your choice to do when you find her." Daurius stated flatly. "She is happy now, that I will tell you and I am not lying." He teleported out of the spot knowing Binah would be watching his moves from then on. To get a clue, any little slip he might have to lead her into discovering where Lillian was.

Binah's eyes boiled troubled as she threw a small rock she had been holding down into the sea. It exploded as it hit the water creating a spray up into the air dampening her more. "My Lillian....." She whispered paining inside. From around her own neck, she drew out a chain with a small diamond shaped crystal on the end.

* * *

Kalika sat facing a wall of star charts labeled with planets she could attack. "I've done Inquiris, and Aquitar before. As well as Eltar......" She murmured trying to decide on their next destination. "And the Machine Empire got Triforia before I could...." She added hatefully. Deciding on where to head for next, she headed to the bridge locking the door to her study behind her.

"My empress.... where would you like to head for next? What planet would you like to add to start your collection?" Villirin asked from his place of command.

Kalika smiled. "I believe Triforia will do. I didn't get a chance to sink my claws in last time. We'll start with the home of Lord Trey...." She smiled. "If the rangers follow, we can destroy them and that planet together.... whether they have their new powers of not." She pushed Villirin out of her way to the computer and typed in the coordinates. "Zera! Change our course! We're going to Triforia instead!"

"Kalika dear...." Warlord Gothar said quietly behind her.

She sighed turning. "Father, you do get the idea that this is my empire we're building now do you? You were last centuries news. And there's nothing you can do to stop me..... nor can Menacis help..." She smiled making a cooing sound.

"I do not wish for us to fight, after all, we're family...." He said through clenched teeth controlling his anger. "I propose a joint..... I will help you acquire the knowledge you lack and spread your empire if you in turn will grant me a galaxy or two for my own personal use. We are one big happy family..... are we not?"

"Yes, I suppose we are, and I will grant you a galaxy if you help me..... but take this into heart, that if you displease me in any way, I will treat you as if you are one of the hired help and destroy you." There was no emotion on Kalika's face as she said this. Nor would she ever regret it if it did happen. "From this day forth, you maybe honored to just call my Kalika. But Menacis, is obliged to call me Empress." She said simply softening her face into a smile.

Gothar nodded. "Agreed." He said continuing to maintain his anger smiling back while holding back his hands that wanted to snake around her neck.

* * *

Sirena stared at the ceiling of her room as she lay on the floor playing the new Backstreet Boys CD Millennium on her CD player. She really wasn't thinking of anything since she'd bargained for more time in making the choice on her future. How much, she wasn't sure..... but enough to have some breather. She hummed along to the ending of 'Larger Than Life' as she reached for the lyrics to 'I Want It That Way' which was coming up next. "And that makes you larger than, that makes you larger, that makes you larger than life!" She then rolled over so she could see the lyrics.

You are....... my fire
The one...... desire
Believe.... when I say
I.... want it that way

But we.... are two worlds.... apart
Can't reach.... to your heart
When.... you say
That I want it that way.

Tell my why....
Ain't nothin' but a heartache
Tell..... my why.....
Ain't nothin' but a mistake
Tell my why.....
I never wanna hear you say
I.... want it that way

Sirena imagined Andros' face in her mind as the song moved on to a verse she knew by heart.....

Am I.... your fire
Your one...... desire
Yes I know.... it's too late
But I--

"Dang!" Sirena sat up as she shook her CD player checking the outlet and hitting the play button. It had stopped all of a sudden. "ACTOM!"

"Sorry 'bout that, but it's not my fault! I'm innocent!" ACTOM started immediately after getting her attention. "Cassie wanted me to get your attention. She and the other rangers are in the cargo bay waiting for you."

Sirena sighed. "I'm going..... I'm going...." She got up leaving her room tossing only one forlorn look at her CD player. She hurried through the hallways thinking the sooner she got this over with, the sooner she could return to her CD. She skidded around the corner stepping into the cargo bay where the others were waiting. "All right, I'm here. What's up?" She called breathless.

"Weeeeeeeeell," Ashley nudged Cassie. "You tell her...!" She said in a hoarse whisper.

Cassie sighed. "Okay, no one died Sirena, but your dad is gone and we don't know where he went." She gave an innocent look. "And we're not like hiding anything from you or anything like that at all either."

"Maybe he just went and took a breather?" Sirena suggested.

"Not possible. He left last night and hasn't been back. ACTOM and DECA told us nothing except that he said to tell you not to worry." TJ said.

Sirena sighed. "I normally wouldn't worry, but with Kalika out there and kinda, holding a lot of power..... Are you guys sure!" She suddenly wailed out. "What if she has him or something? Can our scanners penetrate through her ship?"

Karone shook her head. "The Dark Fortress is protected from probes or scanners. I should know, I use to live on it. But I doubt he is, I mean, Phantom Ranger is always really careful. He probably got called away to Inquiris or something.... I'm sure he'll be back soon."

"Channel from Triforia." DECA cut in suddenly.

Sirena practically tore out of the room. "Where's dad?!" Was the first question out of her mouth as the channel popped up.

"How am I suppose to know? All I know it that he's been delayed returning from somewhere and told me to let you guys know not to expect him for a while." Trey said calmly not really too worried. "And knowing him, a while could stretch into weeks and sometimes occasionally months."

"Is that it?" Sirena asked looking as if she knew there was something else.

"Yes that's it.... Now if you don't mind, I got out of breakfast to let you know this and I'd like to return and finish eating plus start my day." He mumbled.

"You? Excited about starting another day back on Triforia??? Are you sick?" Sirena burst out. "What've you done with the real Trey?"

Trey rolled his eyes. "I can be excited sometimes you know..... And today happens to be one of them."

"Is there a girl?" Sirena asked when Karone whispered to her.

"Get out of here!" Trey shouted darkly closing the channel.

"Was that a yes or a no?" Sirena asked looking around at the rest of the rangers who were trying to hide grins. "I'll take it as a yes...." She grinned too.

But I..... want it that way

Tell my why.....
Ain't nothin' but a heartache
Tell my why.....
Ain't nothin' but a mistake
Tell my why....
I never wanna hear you say
I.... want it that way

Sirena sang along as she was back in her own room listening to her CD. Everyone else had gone their separate ways for the evening, whether it was to work out, talk, or do something on the simu-deck.

Now I can see that we've fallen apart
From the way that is used to be, yeah....
No matter the distance....
I want you to know that
Deep down inside..... of me.....

You are.... my fire
The one.... desire
You are..... you are.....
you are.... you are...
Don't wanna hear you say.....

Ain't nothin' but a heartache....
Ain't nothin' but a mistake....
I.... wanna hear you say
I.... never wanna hear you say
I.... want it this way....

Tell my why.....
Ain't nothin' but a heartache
Tell my why.....
Ain't nothin' but a mistake
Tell my why
I never wanna hear you say
I.... want it that way

Tell my why.....
Ain't nothin' but a heartache
Ain't nothin' but a mistake
Tell my why
I never wanna hear you say......
I.... want it that way....
Cause I.... want it that way....

* * *

Lady Cosmia approached the land of the mists wrapping herself tightly in her garb knowing that if any of the mist were to cloak her too well, she would loose herself in a sleep of endless dreams. "Lady Mystica????" She called out for her friend. "Mystica, 'tis I! Cosmia!"

"Cosmia...." In front of her, the form of the Lady of the Mists appeared. "And why are you here?" Her voice sounded as an echo of sorrow.

"Mystica, I know you're in trouble. Allow me to help....." Cosmia gestured to where the mists seemed to be separating from another. "You are loosing form... As is this dimension. What could be strong enough to create a disturbance such as this? Is it the energy you feel?" She inquired directing the question at the surge of power she had felt earlier. "We know it is strong."

Mystica's face clouded. "It is partially that. The energy is evil, Lady Cosmia. I touched it too close forgetting the danger it might cause. And this is what it caused.... The mists are fading.... I.... am dying....." She whispered loosing form a little.

"You will not die Mystica. The balance has tipped, yes that is true...... but none of us, Kharla.... Osana.... you..... me...... can die. We are immortal. And if it's true something is now powerful enough to destroy us, I will not allow it."

"Then go Cosmia, you maybe the only one out of the four of us who are powerful enough, and with a clear and wise mind to know what this new threat could do to us. Osana must also be informed of what could be..... As for Kharla, even though she is the opposite of you, she must also know...." Mystica lost form entirely. "Do not worry Cosmia, I shall not go yet........ If we go, the universe goes..... This I know.... and I shall wait......" Her voice faded away.

Cosmia gave one last look before opening a gateway and leaving the land. She was now headed for another place. To see Osana, and than Kharla last. Hopefully, Mystica had been right. She would find some way to stop this, and soon.....