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By The Stars
by: AstroPurple

Sirena and Karone positioned themselves in the right place waiting for the other rangers to get ready. The two linked hands as the Wrath Staff and the Purple Fire Staff appeared in their free hands. The two gave each other a nod as they readied to give their negative energy.

"Zeo and Turbo team are ready, you two okay? Think you can do this?" The worry in Andros' voice was apparent as he checked and double checked with them. "Okay, if you're sure you can do this.... Now are you two positive the amount of energy wanted can be created?" He checked again.

"Andros.......!" Karone yelled. "We can do this, now can you give the signal before Eschat realizes what we're trying to do and destroys us?" She asked trying to speed him along with a little worry.

"Okay, if you two are sure......" He said rather hesitantly. He then rethought what she said and opened both channels. "Now......!" He ordered.

"Turbine Laser fire!" "Zeo Cannon fire!" Both teams on the Megaship yelled as all ship lasers aimed at Eschat firing all the energy from the two.

Out in space, Karone's wrath staff appeared firing her energy which was a huge amount that even her own team had not seen before.

"Purple Fire Staff, charge!" Sirena focused all her hate energy into her staff, creating the negative beam needed. Passing through her mind were past events that had made her angry or hate. The destruction of Eltar, seeing Eschat, and the Inquirian chickens. But it wasn't enough. Eschat was suspended in mid-air from the energy, the velocifighters near him destroyed. More negative energy was needed.

Karone looked towards Sirena. She was at her full extent..... "Sirena.... you have to be stronger...." She watched as Sirena furrowed her gaze and attention fully on Eschat. A bit more power came but still more was needed. She searched her mind for something, anything to make Sirena angry.... angry enough. "Sirena put your mind to it... we need a lot more than what we have...."

"I.... I'm sorry Karone, I can't do any better...." She looked scared of something. Something that didn't seem to add the fuel needed. "I can't do it...." She whispered.

Something in her mind tipped and she lost her control. "Sirena! You have to! Out of all the rangers I know, you've always been the most confident. The one who always told us it would work no matter what!!! Now what's going on!?! This isn't like you to give up so soon. You always tried your best at things. I know you can do better. And so do you. You just have to dig deep enough for the anger...." She thought for a second. "What about your childhood? Something that happened in the past? A dream? What about Eschat? Dark Specter winning and destroying Zordon?"

Sirena closed her eyes. "I have to think....." She told herself quietly. Short scenes from her childhood, the kids on Inquiris making fun of how she wanted to be a ranger. A female power ranger. "I can do it......." The beam grew as those on the Megaship and nearby watched as close as they dared. A mental picture of Eschat winning and destroying countless planets just for fun added more. Another picture inserted itself deep into her mind. Her father, keeping secrets from her. Her family, why? She wanted to know. She had a right to know as much as him. Did she have any relatives. Anymore siblings? Her energy continued to grow as the Zeo and Turbo team kept theirs steady. The mental picture she had then faded to her seeing Dark Specter destroying Zordon when she could have stopped it. Zordon's tube shattering and Dark Specter swimming amiss the power he would absorbed. And the dying look on Zordon's face, accusing..... Accusing her of not doing anything about it. Of not stopping it. Of not doing what she was created to do. "Ahhhhhhh......! Nooooooooo!" She raised her staff a new energy fueling. A strong one full of hate and anguish.

The balance was now equal. Bright flashes appeared near Eschat as the balance of the universe shifted. As time stopped and no one felt anything at all. The feeling of nothingness passed, and Eschat was gone. Karone smiled. Sirena had done it, she knew she could. The moment of triumph passed as they all grew weary from the exhaust. Sirena dropped her staff passing out as Andros swung by catching her. Zhane grinned behind his helmet helping Karone onto his glider for the trip back.

* * *
The Astro Galaxy continued on in pursuit of Kalika's new vessel as she left Inquiris in the hands of Dark Specter's own personal army. After a two days rest, the Turbo and Zeo team were rested enough to walk around again. Sirena and Karone had been up the day before on a tremendous amount of energy waving off the cautions of their team mates and friends refusing to take it easy. During that day, the speed at which they were traveling decreasing showing that Kalika had reached her destination. It was on that day when ACTOM and DECA brought them the new that they were heading towards Aquitar. No other planet in the region they were in was worthy to be taken personally by Kalika. They also all know now that Kalika was most likely targeting the strongest planets and bringing them down to show the others that they had the power.

Sirena threw an uneasy look at the others. Aquitar was a planet of water. Their ship would not be able to enter the atmosphere for battle. And neither would most of Kalika's main fleet. That was good since it kept the fighting away from the inhabitants of Aquitar but it also had it's downside. Not many of Aquitar's battle cruisers would be able to operate outside of their atmosphere. Their vessels were all programmed and built for water battles against their own home foes.

A transmission was sent immediately informing the Aquitian rangers that they would need to be preparing for an attack from Kalika. On their own ship, the weapons and shields were checked and double-checked for accuracy and stability. They couldn't afford to allow Kalika to take over another planet. Especially another that held a high stake in keeping order in the universe.

Kalika knew this which was why she chose to hit the most powerful of all the planets, wiping out anyone or anything that got in the way of her plans. Except for Dark Specter. She needed him alive, long enough to proclaim her as his heir before she would destroy him and takeover.

From her place, Kalika watched as her velocifighters and battle cruisers were launched to begin their assault. Knowing as well as the rangers did about the Aquitian atmosphere, she had ordered special rockets installed that would be able to penetrate and damage some of the Aquitian buildings. The order was given and it was rockets away...! She watched smiling as the small groups of Aquitian ships tried in vain to stop her approach. "This is boring.... The ground assault might be more entertaining though...." She yawned watching how her fleet easily crushed the Aquitians. She got up, "Eclipter, follow me!" She ordered walking off. Kalika and Eclipter teleported along with most of the quantrons available onto the planet. They arrived in one of the bubble protected cities and began their destruction.

Two Aquitian rangers who weren't part of the air attack ran out from where the building they were in helping to keep the people safe as well as taking out quantrons in the process. But two rangers against Kalika, Eclipter, and quantrons wasn't the best of the odds. Eclipter took the two out easily leaving Kalika to wander around freely.

* * *
Billy watched from his station as Kalika's forces were overturning them winning once again. The tide of victory was not in their favor, and it didn't look like it would be helping them either. Most of the rangers had teleported down to the planet and help down there leaving him, Justin, and four others on the ship to do their thing.

He watched as several of the rockets launched by the velocifighters hit their targets, destroying an entire city. But the Aquitians were aquatic, they would be okay and able to survive and get away. Another one in the corner of his eye blew up a few seconds later just as the fighter that had launched his rocket was destroyed by the MegaLasers Tanya was operating.

In a second, all his memories of Aquitar passed through his mind. How peaceful the folk were and how welcoming they had been when he was visiting. And what about Cestria? He had told his friends he was staying on Aquitar with someone he loved, but later the two had a fight and broken up. He had returned to Earth to be with his friends and help the power rangers in the battle against evil. Since then, he hadn't called to see how she was doing, or how Aquitar was fairing. Was she alright? All this pasted in a second and his mind returned to the work ahead, burying the memories deeply in his brain for another time. Another time when he would have the time to think.

As he watched, steering the Megaship through the battlefield avoiding laser blasts and the cross-fire, everything suddenly stopped. All activity was ceased. The Aquitian cruisers returned to their bases on the planet, and the velocifighters continuing on their course to the planet.

"What in the world is going on?!" Kat suddenly yelled out loud. "What do they think they're doing??!!"

"You guys alright?!" Jason's voice floated through their com.

"Yeah we're fine. But why are the Aquitians pulling back?" Justin asked. "Are they surrendering too??? They can't be! Kalika will destroy their planet!"

There was a long silence over at the other end. "Yeah, they're surrendering..." Jason finally echoed. "And if you're going to ask why.... too many of their people are dying.... and they don't want to risk it...."

* * *
"A wonderful day of victory...." Kalika exclaimed as Dark Specter congratulated her once more. "As I always say, another day, another victory.... whether it be small.... or big....." She grinned nodding as the monsters around her told her how great she was and agreeing with her. "Now!" She shouted for attention. "We go on to Triforia! Home to the gold ranger.... And maybe Dark Specter will allow me to keep his gold power staff...." She mused. "As a reward...... of course." She chuckled evily.

"My Princess...... it's a channel...... from the Machine Empire." Eclipter cut into her thoughts. "I believe they want something."

Kalika sighed. "I guess I can to take it now....!" She said obviously annoyed at the interruption in her celebration. "What do you want?!" She demanded once the Machine family's face popped up. "As you can see, I am a very busy woman..... unlike some of you..." She rubbed it in enjoying the ang Machines.

"Princess Kalika..... We were wondering, since you went to so much trouble to attack Inquiris and Aquitar and won.... You might enjoy a short rest and so, we were thinking that you dear would allow us the pleasure of taking of Triforia." Queen Machine gave her sweetest smile. "After all, even Princesses need their beauty rest."

Kalika pretended to think. "Yes that's true, even wonderful, powerful, and accomplish princesses need their beauty rest...... But um........" She paused seeing the hopeful look on their faces. "No." She said simply watching with satisfaction as their expressions deflated. "You know Dark Specter ordered you and everyone else to keep our of my way, and to allow me whatever it is I wish..... Well.... I refuse to stop, even now, I will take Triforia while you..... second-hand machines take your rest." She smiled sweetly closing the channel not waiting for their response. "How I love the sound of victory....." She closed her eyes beckoning with her hand. The with her hand. The clamor of yes' and 'long live Empress Kalika' sounded in her ears again.

* * *
"Why that little brat!" Rita yelled angrily. She and Zedd had also just gotten done talking with Kalika also. "And who says she's in charge of who's attacking which planets???" She yelled angrily looking through her telescope at Triforia.

Zedd growled also angry. "If I ever meet her face to face, she'll wish she never denied me anything that little greedy punk!" He clenched his fists trying to imagine crushing Kalika's skull.

"Zeddy! Why can't we just attack without her permission? She's not the boss of us! We use to do everything whenever we felt like it! And now we're following the orders of a kid! She's barely even a hundred years! Heck! I'm almost thousands of years old and I still look like a teen, is that right Zeddy?" Rita asked fluttering her lashes at him.

Zedd waved her away. "Enough! If you would like sugar bums, we attack Triforia with or without Kalika's permission..."

"Zeddy! I've been waiting for you to say that!" Rita squealed. "Finster! Start making as many monsters as you can! And Squat! Baboo! Start making super putties! Now! Move it! Goldar! Scorpina! Lead the monsters we have now and attack Triforia with the putties!" Rita ordered. "Destroy the gold ranger and takeover the planet. GET THEM GOOD!!!!!!!!" She yelled almost busting her vocal cords.

Each of her villains nodded and left to do her bidding.

"Now Zeddy, how was that?" Rita demanded after they had gone.

"Very good pussy cat, now let's sit and watch."

* * *
"I don't believe them!?!" Kalika screamed angrily jumping up from where she was sitting. "Actually I do, but they'll never do it again once I beat their miserable hides. They will have to answer to Dark Specter personally now!" Her dark eyes turned stormy with anger. She had just gotten a transmission from Rita and Zedd proclaiming their soon-to-be victory over Triforia. "Get us to Triforia as fast as this old tub can take us. I won't let Rita and Zedd takeover Triforia and please Dark Specter! Get us there now!" She slammed her fist onto the table breaking it in half.

Eclipter backed out leaving her to fume herself.

Kalika chewed on her bottom lip thinking. Slowly, a large smile spread across her face a an inner glow shined through. "You!" She pointed to Elgar. "Get a recorder for me. And be quick about it!"

"Yes Ma'am!" Elgar saluted and left running down the hallways knowing how much it hurt when Kalika was angry. He was back a minute later followed by two quantrons lugging the equipment that was needed. "Here you go." He flashed her a smile before kicking the quantrons out. "So you got a new plan to destroy the rangers, huh? Are you gonna tell me??? Oh tell me, tell me, tell me!"

"And how am I suppose to know you aren't a spy for that freak aunt of yours!" Kalika retorted her eyes stormy. "Get out!" Her voice magnified to throw Elgar against the door. "And don't come back until I say so."

Elgar nodded not intimidated by her outburst. "Oh believe me, I only work for you. You're the best! The greatest! The most evil person in this universe. So are you sure you won't be needing me? Cause I can like really help. You know how my Auntie D had all those great plans? Well I thought of them. If she had used them right and followed my orders, the rangers would have been long gone!"

"Get out! Out! Out! Out! Out! Out!" With each 'out,' poor Elgar was thrown against the door again and again by her outburst.

"Okay.... Okay...... I'm leaving, I'm leaving...." Elgar stepped out quickly having learned his lesson.

* * *
"We've got to get a move on it!" Karone yelled running into the cargo bay. "Rita and Zedd are attacking Triforia and they're winning! And Kalika looks like she's heading there too after hearing that transmission they sent!" She said. Obviously they had managed to intercept it too. "I know Astronema would if she got something like from Rita and Zedd." Karone had spent some time thinking, she had managed to separate her Astronema persona from her Karone persona. And so now, instead of referring to Astronema as 'I,' she referred to her as another person.

"DECA, ACTOM! Hyper-rush accelerators on-line!" Andros ordered jumping up. "Everybody, you know what to do..." He said as he headed towards the bridge.

Sirena followed after running a hand nervously against the wall. "I was wondering if well you know like.... these times when we like... have to get places kinda quickly... what if we like... well... just sorta.... use the um.... well.... the Astro Boosters...? I mean, like you know.... the good outweigh the bad so..... wouldn't it be a good time to put them to use? It's been a very long time....."

Andros sighed. "I've thought about it... but if they tear this ship apart we won't be able to help people." He said as he continued walking. The two stepped on the TurboLift as they started their ascend to the bridge.

"I've been doing some modifications with Justin, and well we've kinda fixed it so that the ship won't sustain damage, and it'll still get us places faster then the Hyper-rush accelerators." Sirena explained. "You could at least give them a try."

Andros thought for a minute. "As much as I would like to give them a try, but have they been tested yet?"

"Uh... not exactly.... but then I've never tested anything before in my life." Sirena commented thoughtfully. "And Justin was the one who designed it so I'm inclined to believe he wouldn't blow us up."

"I guess w--" Andros managed to get through before the door slid open and Sirena ran out having a different idea of what he was going to say.

"Great! Thanks!" She ran straight to the controls and grabbed the steering sticks. "ACTOM, DECA, Hyper-rush accelerators off-line and switch to the Astro Boosters." She ordered before Andros could say anything.

"Switching to Astro Boosters..." Both ACTOM and DECA confirmed together. The whirl of the accelerators died down being replaced with the humming of the boosters. The screen in front of them went black as everyone was thrown back. A few seconds later, the ship came to a sudden halt sending everyone forward. The viewing in front of the screen had changed and Triforia was now shown.

"And I was saying......?" Sirena asked turning and taking a bow. She then broke into a grin. "Let's Rocket! We got some tin butts to kick!"

Down on the planet, Andros caught sight of Trey once in a while during the battle. But there were too many putties and monsters in his way. He heard the sounds of teleportation and prayed they were help. From that area, he heard the sounds of machines beginning and cogs. He dared to look over and his heart sank, the Machine Empire had joined in. Everything looked bleak then, and it would be even more darker when Kalika arrived with her quantrons. Sirena had pushed the boosters to the limit and they had left the Dark Fortress way behind.

"Meteorite Sword!" Sirena took a breif moment to aim before running through and destroying an entire row of cogs. "I've haven't dreamed of the moment until now when I'd detest fighting." She said to Karone who joined her. Karone nodded before starting off in her own direction. Sirena sighed before rusting the bolts of one of the machines King Mondo had sent.

Jason blasted through a circle of putties. He caught up with Trey and the two gave a nod to each other before continuing. There were still people in the city that needed to be evacuated but the majority had gotten to shelters and underground buildings built for this. Jason knew that Trini, Aisha, Kat, Tanya, and Kim had gone into several of the buildings to help the people so he wasn't worried. Billy and Justin had stayed on the Megaship to 'beam down' some of the cogs flying around as Justin had said. But he knew personally the two had stayed since besides the space rangers, they were the only ones who know how the ship operated fully, plus Kalika was due to arrive soon.

Tanya suddenly found herself face to face with one of the ugliest monsters she had ever seen. "Whoa!" She muttered getting into a stance to face him. She'd just come out of an empty building and was surveying to see which one she should go into next. The others were somewhere in the city and she no doubt had a feeling they'd be alright, but the thing standing in front of her was not pretty. The monster pulled out several short swords that glowed greenish. "Something tells me those things haven't ever been on a kitchen table." She ducked as he let loose two. A look told her she was right. The green glow was an energy charger that dug the blades all the way through the brick wall of the building. Tanya dove again as three more flew by her.

Adam looked over just in time to see the monster pull the swords. "Tanya!" He yelled. "Hyah!" He flipped through the air landing in front of the monster. A simple spin kick sent the blades left in its hand away. The monster's eyes glowed green and suddenly Adam was slammed against the wall. He felt his strength shrivel away and his muscles turn stone. He saw Tanya reach for one of the short swords he had kicked away but he was too busy concentrating on getting free from whatever the monster had placed on him. His chest was heavy as the air circulation was cut off. A flash of green streaked in front of him followed by another and another. All three landed on the monster and he lost his telekinetic power and exploded. Everything went black for Adam.

Rocky was besides Tommy as the two fought their way through a barrier of putties and cogs to a small group of civilians who were trapped. "Everybody! Hurry! Follow him!" Rocky pointed to Tommy as he led the way leading them to safety. Rocky turned as Scorpina appeared leading a bunch of super putties. Her sting slashed him across the chest sending him dangerously close towards the deep crevice that the fighting had caused. Rocky blocked another blow from her with his arms and then kicked her away into the advancing super putties. He leaped backwards and landed on the other side, Scorpina followed but the putties were stuck. He dashed off leading Scorpina away from the crevice. He finally slowed to a stop and turned to face her. But she was gone. A shot of pain went up his back as sparks flew where Scorpina had hit him again. She had appeared behind him. He fell forward just vaguely seeing Carlos and Zack come to the rescue. He struggled to get up but felt himself demorph. The ship's teleportation picked him up and he was teleported to the medical bay.

"Power Axe!" Zack flew in blocking a blow from Scorpina so Rocky could be teleportated safely. Scorpina's sting wounded around his waist lifting him off the ground and upside down. A long lance appeared breaking the sting but sending him falling onto his back. He looked up to see Carlos. "Ouch..." He moaned. He sat up watching Scorpina teleport away. "I hope Rocky's alright." Zack said softly.

"Me too." Carlos said. He had saw Rocky in trouble and so headed toward him. But he had been too late. For now Rocky could get better in the Medical Bay but they'd have to wait until the fight was over to hear his condition.

Zhane fought his way through the cops and putties and reached Goldar. "Hey big guy! You're facing me! Super Silverizer!" Zhane flipped the little button and switched it to blade mode. Goldar laughed and pulled out his large sword. Zhane tensed as he watched Goldar take his time in getting ready. Each minute he wasted made Zhane more nervous on what he was preparing for. Something sharp sliced through his suit behind him and he then realized Goldar had been waiting for somebody else. He turned and looked into a female face that was so twisted with evil, it didn't even look human. Sparks filled his vision as she brought her weapon down on his helmet. He collapsed on the ground dropping his Silverizer and trying to the strength to lift it again when the ground blew up beneath him and his vision went altogether.

"Zhane!" Karone yelled seeing the silver ranger go down. Her planet plates disappeared and she demorphed only to change again into Astronema. The edges of her vision blazed with a gold light as she centered the tip of her staff on Goldar and Scorpina. Her energy, once was purple was now gold fired from the staff and snaked around the two blasting them. Most of the putties and cogs moved out of her way or were disintegrated when they came within a few feet of her. She saw the ship's teleportation beam pick up the silver ranger and teleport him away. The tip of her staff cracked and the silver and metal broke off revealing an amber stone underneath. It glowed lightly and seemed to collect power from around her and the cogs that dared to come close. A gold light streaked in front of her as she brought her staff down. Scorpina had been stepping in closer when the gold light smashed through her. Without even a cry, the powerful warrior went down on one knee and perspiration showed on her forehead. Goldar's sword came down on Astronema's staff breaking the powerful strike.

Tommy reached there just in time to catch Karone as she fainted. Goldar, helping Scorpina teleported away. "Karone?" He called shaking her. Remembering first aid, he checked her pulse and found it steady. "DECA, teleport Karone to the medical bay." He called through her communicator. He watched as she disappeared in a gold light. "Man...... First TJ, then Adam, Rocky, Ashley, Kim, Zack, Aisha, Kat, Carlos, and Zhane and Karone." He spun whipping his sword through several cogs. "Better find Jason and the others that're still left." He muttered making his way to where he'd last seen them again.

Cassie managed to blast her way through several layers of cogs and putties. She spun kick another putty and made her way next to Trini and Jason. For all she'd heard over her com, the majority of them were in the medical bay either unconscious or hurt severely. Tanya and Tommy joined them a moment later as they began making their way towards where they believed Trey and the others to be. The others that were still left fighting that is. "How's Ashley?" She asked Andros. Sirena was nowhere in sight.

"I don't know. Too busy to check on her." He said solemnly. It was obvious he'd heard that both Karone and Zhane had been hurt. Andros knew they'd be okay but he still silently hoped. As for now, he had to find the remaining member of his team that was still out there somewhere. "I haven't seen Sirena since this thing started. I hope she's okay........." He left his thought trailing knowing that those that could hear him were probably wondering the same thing.

They caught a glimpse of Trey fighting off a group of cogs so the shield to one of the last shelters that'd been taking in those who were still in trouble was activated. They joined together moving on towards another shelter that was in trouble. News was exchanged and once again Sirena's name was brought up. Trey shook his head saying that he hadn't seen her at all. A zip of green went through the band hitting Tanya in the shoulder. She doubled over putting a hand over the spot. Trini motioned for her to remove it so she could take a look. Everyone else got busy forming a circle around the two while still searching for any last citizens still out there. The sound of teleportation told them that Tanya was gone too. Trini gave a thumbs up to tell them that she wasn't hurt too badly but needed to get that wound closed.

They ducked into one of the buildings shutting the metal door knowing it wouldn't hold for very long to take a brief rest and get medical checkups. Those that were in a severe condition were Kim, Aisha, Adam, Rocky, Ashley, Carlos, and Zhane. Karone was awake and was subduing to Andros' insistent that she be checked over before teleporting down once again.

"Sirena?" Cassie called into her com trying to raise the purple space ranger. "Si? You alright?" She waited getting a silence as the pounding on the door became louder and more insistent. "C'mon Si..... if you can hear me at least let us know you're alright."

Sirena's voice came over loud and clear as they waited. "I'm find! I'm find! I'm just kinda busy here. I'll see you guys in a f--" She was cut off and static filled the silence.

"Sirena?!" Cassie called. They waited for a full five minutes hearing nothing but static. "Maybe her connection got cut off....." Cassie suggested trying to ease panic.

* * *
"Dang!" Sirena muttered silently fiddling with her com. She couldn't establish the connection again. She peeked out from her little hiding place noting that Dark Specter's army had begun arriving. Most of the cogs, putties, and monsters weren't really fighting but pacing around in front of the shelters on this side of the city waiting for the citizens to come out and surrender. She hoped it was better over where the others were. But the conversations she had managed to catch didn't give her bright news. She already knew through them that several rangers were out and she hoped they would be okay while praying that the rest were all safe.

"....rangers....Kalika....quantrons...." She caught a few words of the sentence but not enought to figure out what was going on. All she knew was it had something to do with the others. "....Lord Trey....people...." She continued to catch bits and pieces.

Something kinda sharp jabbed her in the back. She turned ready to sock whoever it was. "What're you doing here?! Shouldn't you be with Tommy?" She was looking at Saba. Yes, the little white sword that Tommy held while he was the White Tiger Ranger.

"He doesn't hold the white ranger power anymore. You do." Saba said simply starring her down. "He can't control me.... anymore"

"Oh great....." A trickle of white laser energy went from Saba to Sirena as the gold vest the white ranger wore appeared on her. "Actually you know.... I think I might actually like this....." She fingers the gold.

* * *
"Faster!" Kalika yelled walking on the bridge. "The Machine Empire and Rita and Zedd almost have Triforia. I want to be there to take all the credit when Dark Specter arrives."

The quantrons nod pushing the speed up, accelerating the ship way past Astro velocity. A few minutes later, a loud explosion sounded throughout the ship.

"What now!" Kalika screamed as the ship screeched to a halt.

"Princess, our left booster is out. We need to repair." Eclipter said sharply. "Besides," He added seeing her outraged face. "There is still Earth....."

A sly smile spread across her face. "Nevermind what Dark Specter said about Earth being last.... get the booster fixed, and then we're headed for Earth.........." She started laughing. "Sometimes, I'm so smart I scare myself........."

* * *
Karone teleported down after they spent some time debating what to do. They were pretty sure Sirena could handle herself and yet there were doubts. The metal door continued to hold but for how long they didn't know.

"Sirena? Sirena? Sirena?" Karone spent most of the time calling into her communicator. "She wouldn't spent this much time cut off from us deliberately." She said for the third time. "We can't leave her out there...... there's too many putties and cogs, not to mention Dark Specter's army has arrived."

Jason stood up from where he was sitting and walked over to the door. He put a hand on it feeling for something. "This door won't hold for long....." He said quietly. He moved as another pound came, this time denting the door about an inch or two.

"Everybody about ready to get out of here?" Andros asked.

"We should head towards the palace." Trey informed them.

Another pound on the door allowed them to know that they should speed things up a bit more. Karone shook her head. "We should look for Sirena. She couldn't have wandered that faraway in this city."

A blast from outside caught their attention. Them, accidentally blowing up themselves? Or was it someone else? Trini walked over to the door and peeked through from a small hole they'd already made. "It is too crowded outside for me to see what's going on." The door was given another pound, this time more urgent signaling that something was up.

"We can get out of here!" Tommy yelled after digging up a trap door. He lifted it and they looked down to see a passageway. "I'll bet it'll lead us out of here! We should take it."

"Not that we have much choice....." Jason said dryly.

One by one they filed through the small hole waiting for Tommy to fix the door so that it would be covered somehow when they were all down there. Finally he came through and just in time. The door flew open off its hinges and landed on the trap door providing a more secure cover. They didn't wait to see what would happen but started off in a direction where the palace was suppose to lie.

"Look! Light ahead!" Cassie yelled after they'd been walking for sometime. "It's another trap door! She pushed on it and then moved over to allow Jason and Tommy.

"We're gonna have to blast it..." Jason said pulling his blaster. Tommy and Andros followed his example.

* * *
Sirena mumbled something as she crouched him her spot tired from having to hide as another group of quantrons walked past. Sparks flew around her suddenly. A low groaning sound, as if something old was being pried open sounded. Sirena moved from her old spot just in time for the floor beneath suddenly dropped. She fumbled and managed to get her blaster out and aim as Jason's helmeted head poked up.

"Si?" He whispered surprised. "Don't shoot!" Jason looked back down the hole. "Sirena's here." He said before climbing out and letting the others get out too.

Tommy saw the golden shield and Saba but made no comment as he hoisted himself out and then reached down to help Trini up. Karone scrambled up next hugging Sirena. Cassie then climbed up with help from Jason and a boost from someone below. Trey climbed out next, and then last was Andros.

"Great to see you guys!" Sirena whispered excitedly. "Thought I was all alone out here."

"We wouldn't think of leaving you alone here on this big planet unsupervised...." Cassie grinned. "You might harm somebody. Bad guys we'd let you, but what if it was help? Or even civilians. You might accidentally hit them with your enthusiasm."

"We tried to call you several times, but we couldn't get through to you. But anyway, Trey said we should get to the palace." Trini said but she quieted as another group of quantrons marched through.

They small group made their way quietly from cover to cover getting closer and closer to the palace. Meanwhile, Trini and Karone tried their best to fill Sirena in on what's been happening. Turns out, she had been separated when she caught sight of a small group of civilians running to safety. They were tourists from another planet and weren't sure where the shelters were located. Going after them to keep them safe, they had led her halfway to the other side of the city before realizing that one of them, the leader, was one of Rita and Zedd's own monsters. The monster must have caught sight of them arriving and decided it would have been more fun leading one of them astray.

As they reached the palace walls, a large area was completely grass giving them no place to hide. They could clearly see the Machine Empire, Rita and Zedd gathered together with their minions as a projection of Dark Specter appeared congratulating them on a job well done. Even if it was suppose to be Kalika's planet to take over.

"Now, down to a more serious business at hand." Dark Specter said in his low voice. "As you know, there have been rumors that a new weapon was developed in my labs and then the data and blueprints for it were stolen by Zordon of Eltar. Tell me what you know of this weapon." Dark Specter ordered.

"Well, we've heard that it could destroy the entire universe if not used correctly or even destroy the person who is using it. Is that right?" Queen Machina asked.

"Yes, that is true. Is that all you know?" Dark Specter asked more closely. They all nodded having only heard those rumors of its strength. "Well they are true. The rumors are true. All information on this weapon I developed was stored on a computer. Then Zordon interfered destroying the computer. But, not before he stored the information on a disk. And would you now like to know who has that disk?"

Sirena fingered a small necklace around her neck. So that was the strength of the laser. It was no wonder Zordon didn't want anyone to use it, good or evil. 'Until the right time comes....' He had said. But when was the right time?

"I assume the power pukes!" Lord Zedd said, his voice dripping with an urge to obtain that weapon. Whether or not he'd be destroyed using it. "It sounds much too evil for the rangers to hold."

"Idiot!" Dark Specter suddenly yelled. "Zordon was much too smart to let just a ranger team guard it. If he had, I'd be after all the teams out there! But only one watches over it! Besides, there's a password protecting it. Only Zordon knows. Even if I do get the disk, I won't be able to use it. Zordon will never give me the password. Never!"

"But your majesty, why are you telling this to us?" Rita asked. "Why don't you just get the disk anyway, and then hold the entire universe for the password. You can do that once you control it!"

"That I would do, but it's just a matter of obtaining the disk. Princess Kalika knows who holds it now, I've told her. But if you second grade villains think you could get it before Kalika, then go ahead." Dark Specter's projection began to fade.

"Oh your Evilness, I won't be able to obtain the disk if you don't tell me who in this universe has it." King Mondo said his teeth chattering at being called a second grade villain.

Dark Specter put in one more word before leaving them. "Think you imbeciles! Who would Zordon trust with something that important!?!"

"Dimitria of Inquiris of course...." Queen Machine said shrugging her shoulders. "Any dimwit with half a brain could figure that out."

"Then I suppose you don't even have half a brain." Lord Zedd retorted. "I believe his majesty said a power ranger."

Rita gave Machina a sick look. "It has to be one of the Earth rangers. He trusts them more than he trusts all the other rangers. And to think they're all here.... I should be able to retrieve his weapon easily."

Sirena rolled her eyes underneath her helmet. Did they think they'd get the disk so easily? She felt Karone elbow her. "What?" She hissed quietly.

Karone pulled Sirena away from the main group. "I've heard Dark Specter mention a weapon that powerful.... but he never said it actually existed. Now that it does, I believe I know who guards it...." Her pointer hooked onto a portion of a silver chain visible from Sirena's suit, lifting a necklace out. "I've always wondered what this was...."

"Karone, you're not to tell anyone this...." Sirena hissed as she stuffed the necklace out of sight. "No one but me, Zordon, Alpha, and ACTOM know about it. Dark Specter probably has a good idea who has it.... but even he isn't a hundred percent sure." She and Karone returned to the main group just as the villains split up. Each going his or her own way to think of a plan on getting the disk.

* * *
"Guys, we have acquired a significant predicament." Billy said from his station on the bridge. Justin looked over from manning the MegaLasers questionably. The other two rangers who were well enough to walk but not fight also stood by waiting to hear. "It seems that Kalika is presently on an itinerary towards Earth which lies unfortified inasmuch as we are all here."

"Meaning Kalika's gonna attack the Earth and no one's protecting it." Justin simplified. "Gosh... somebody better call Jason or Tommy or Andros, they're the ones in charge of what to do. I hope we're not gonna have to split up. Then I'll be somewhere and some of you will be somewhere else! What if one of you guys are hurt and I don't find out until it's too late!" He asked wide-eyed. "I hope that's not gonna happen. So far in our history, none of the rangers have actually died. I hope we keep that record!"

Kat smiled. "Slow down Justin... Billy, put in a call to somebody and ask what we're suppose to do. We'll split up if we have to."

"I'll do it!" Justin said getting geared up again. "Justin to somebody down there!" He piped into a communicator. "Guess what Billy discovered!" He breezed on without waiting for an answer. "Kalika's gonna attack the Earth! What do we do? Should we split up? Half and half? I wanna stay here and check out the different planets. Can I? Can I? Can I? Please? Please? Please?"

"Justin!" Tommy hissed over the com. "We're in the middle of something, thank god that you didn't call any earlier otherwise we'd all be dead! As for Kalika.... hold on... I'll ask Andros. He'll be able to tell what we should do." Muffled debating could be heard down on the planet. A moment later, Tommy came back on-line. "We're gonna have to split up. Justin.... if you wanna stay here, then separate the Megaships and have Billy take the Astro and start for Earth. Transfer the space rangers to the Galaxy and the rest of you go. Trini and I'll teleport back and Cassie will teleport to the Galaxy Megaship. The rest of them will stay here."

"Great! Wowwie! I can't wait! Can I teleport down to the planet? Please? It's starting to get quiet up here and it looks as if you're gonna be doing something fun!"

"No!" Jason could be heard. "Stay on the Megaship, you'll be safer there. The rest of us will be back to join you soon. And besides, we need someone there to man the weapons, shields, and lastly watch over TJ and the rest of them. What we're doing here is not gonna be fun."

* * *
Jason sighed as he leaned back against the stone wall. They'd made it so far and Justin's call had disturbed him slightly. Tommy and Trini had already teleported once the coast had been clear but he was sure one of the monsters must have seen the two lights. Even if they'd done their best to discolor them.

Trey and Andros came back a moment later motioning them to follow. A back door that led in was open, the electronic keypad broken. Their footsteps echoed as they made their way through the palace. None of them noticed the finely decorated rooms or the golden statues. Trey led them into one of the rooms and to closet. He taped in a code on a cleverly hidden keypad and they waited. The floor underneath dropped down and a staircase appeared. The stairs led them down and down into a shelter beneath the palace.

"Here." They stepped into a room full of people who turned. An old man motioned something with his hands but Trey waved him off. "Listen.... there's something I've been wanting to tell you guys since some of your rangers have been wounded." Trey stepped into a side room and they followed. The door shut giving them absolute privacy. "I don't know how to say this but.... I really appreciate you coming to the defense of my planet and I wouldn't think of asking you to stay longer since your friends are wounded and while your planet is in danger...."

"Trey, don't worry about it. Our friends wouldn't care if they were near-death. They'd want us to help and they know we'll be able to take care of things. And Earth knows we wouldn't give up on her." Jason said setting a hand on his shoulder. "Besides, we're all friends here and friends help one another..."

Sirena opened her mouth to add something but suddenly a section of the wall blew in throwing them all against the opposite wall. A surge of power went through each of them and then faded as they found themselves opening their eyes to look through their own eyes and touching the cold floor with their own hands, they had been demorphed. Karone coughed as she sucked in some dust and she tried to get up but she had no strength left. Jason managed to turn and look towards the large hole created as the dust and small particles settled. Goldar, Scorpina, and Archerina stepped in right after a large cannon monster, nasty grins on their faces.

"Wh-what....?" Trey whispered painfully as he held his left arm. He pulled himself up against the wall to lean against it. Cogs and putties stood along all four sides of the wall, monsters in front guarding small groups of civilians. Half the people they'd seen coming in were gone but it was explained when the old man walked into the room and changed into Gasket.

"I tried to warn you.... but no, you wouldn't listen...." Gasket said with fake sympathy. Scorpina held up a laser and fired. A black net rested over the rangers encasing them and putting them to sleep. "Dark Specter will give a nice reward for their capture. Take them away!" Gasket ordered.

* * *
Cassie sighed as she spun around in the seat she was in. Justin was off somewhere fooling with the mechanics. A teleportation sounded behind her and she turned. No one was there. "ACTOM, did someone teleport on or off the ship?" She demanded.

"Someone teleported on?" ACTOM's confused voice asked. "Hold on, let me scan cause I didn't see anything." A beeping sound sounded and the cameras' viewing glass changed from light green to red. "Infrared scanning... Infrared complete." The viewing glass changed back to green. "There was something weird a few seconds ago, but it's gone now..." ACTOM confirmed. "Someone could have teleported on or off but I'd know if it was off since they need to go through me. As for on I--"

The ship's power went off cutting ACTOM off and the lights dimmed. Cassie spun back towards the computers to check for any power leakage and see if she can bring the power back on. "Maybe it's just Justin..." She silently hoped. Suddenly her vision filled in sparks and she could see a light pink color spread from her fingertips to the rest of her body. Something cold touched her shoulder and a powerful electric current swept through her body. "Justin...." She thought before blacking out.

"By the stars..... evil shall reign for eternity." A silent voice whispered the words echoing through the dark ship.