Disclaimer: Like I said earlier, I am in no way affiliated with Saban or any company that helps produce or make Power Rangers. The Black Diamond and the Spirit of Evil are just something I thought up at the spur of the moment and really didn't do a lot of thinking on so if you want to use it, fine by me. You don't even have to ask or give credit. I've also always wondered what it'd be like to be Dark Specter's little girl. ^_^

New Year's Evil
by: AstroPurple

The roar of the Lion Galactabeast filled the air after hearing Maya's story. It told her that some things in life need an explanation straight from the person.

"I know that, but both Mike and Leo are worried. Why can't you help us?" Maya asked looking up at the beasts. "Is there something about her that you just can't reveal? Is she a ranger also?"

The Condor Galactabeast screeched, Maya hearing what it says in her heart. "It's not that we do not wish to tell you, but there is something keeping her covered from our sight. For she has arose our curiosity also. It is not everyday we see one who holds about her an aura of great magnitude."

Maya thought back to when she first met Allyson. "An aura? From Allyson? I've never felt anything that comes even close."

"Even though you have an insight deeper than most, there are still things even you yourself cannot penetrate and see." The Wolf Galactabeast growled. "It also took us a while to see if, for it was so high and closely guarded that even we would have missed it if not for that night those two villains attacked."

"Well for one, she didn't fight like she was helpless, or even act like it." Maya mused. "Is there not anything you can tell me to help our search even a little? A clue or a name to that person who grabbed Allyson would help."

Ape Galactabeast jumped up and down pounding on his chest calling. "She who you will face is named Allepsatsac. Allepsatsac the sorceress, the witch, the lady of Yokan."

"Allepsatsac? Yokan?" Maya thought back to when she would sit and listened to Jara tell the old legends. "I've never heard of Yokan before. Where is that?"

Wolf Galactazord purred. "It is an old place long forgotten. Buried in the flow of time and in the blood of those slain trying to reach it. Allepsatsac is the only known being to have been there and back alive. They say the dust from Yokan enhances ones magic by a hundred folds. If that is true, Allepsatsac would be smart to carry a handful. She is at an age of several thousand, but sustained in time with her magic, she would seem to be young but her entire body is filled with powerful magic. Shaped and controlled over time."

"That is all we can tell you friend. For what will happen soon, is blurry, even to us who are old enough to see into the future." Wildcat screeched. "All we can tell and warn you about is that something big will happen soon. The result will be determined by the actions of you, your friends, and Allyson."

Maya nodded. "Thank you friends. Even though you say you only know a little, you have told me more than I would have ever known. Thank you for your help."

* * *

"Okay, now let's give it a whirl…" Damon said as he slid out from underneath a computer. "It should work by doing a sweep search for a person's genetics within several hundred light-years. Any little object that would hold her genetics will be picked up."

"But do we have anything that would qualify as genetics?" Kendrix asked.

Kai nodded. "The security team picked up a several strands of her hair. I thought we might need it so I lifted one out of the bag." He said rather guiltily handing Damon a strand of hair wrapped in a handkerchief.

Kendrix put her hands on her hips saying in a mocking tone of voice. "Kai, I didn't know that was in you… Now what would your father say if he were here?"

Damon grinned as he slid the strand under the data collector. "Okay DECA, give it a try."

"Scanning for genetic makeup…" The whirl of the computers could be heard as star scapes flashed by on the screen. "Data found…" A long list printed out with 99% of the places located on Terra Venture.

"Whoa! This girl must lose a lot of hair…" Damon commented taking a look. "I suppose we could exclude Terra Venture… so that leaves about fifty other places with around half just pieces of hair found…" He trailed off.

Kendrix took a look shaking her head sadly. "I guess we're gonna need more precise genetics to lower the list down… Or…" She trailed off thinking of something. "This might be a long shot but… if Allyson is Leo and Mike's sister, they would have similar genetics, right?" Kai and Damon nodded. "We could take a blood sample from both of them and try the search. That should limit the areas to one unless she's spilled blood… Hopefully no more than one."

"What time is it?" Kai asked looking at his watch. "It's not so late, think they're asleep?"

Kendrix shook her head no. "I doubt it. Not with everything that's happened. Alpha, can you call Mike and Leo over?"

A few minutes later, two very awake brothers walked in. "What's going on? Did you find her? Alpha said it was important"

Damon nodded to Kendrix. "You do the blood sample. I always feel sick when I see blood."

"Thanks…" Kendrix said punching him in the arm. "Okay, as a small explanation, Damon has this new system he's created that could help us find Allyson if we have something with her genetics. We tried a strand of her hair, but her hair is all over the place and we got a really long list of places. So we were thinking we'd try some of your blood, since if she is related to you, your genetic makeup would be the same."

Mike nodded rolling up his sleeve. "At this time, I'm ready to try anything."

Leo nodded. "Me too." He followed his brother's example. "This isn't gonna hurt is it?" He asked jokingly. "Since I know Kendrix isn't a certified nurse."

"Very funny Leo."

* * *

Allyson blinked several times to clear her vision from where she hung. Her last few days had been spent being transferred from Najara to the Scorpion Stinger where Scorpius had seen her, demanding from her answers to his questions. Of course he'd only receive confusing and rather shadowed answers that made gave neither truth nor any lies. Then Allepsatsac, the traitor had brought her back to Najara.

"Deikena…" The name formed on her lips. She hadn't heard that name in a while. Of course she'd thought of Deikena, but she'd never actually used the name. Not since before Zordon's wave had passed through. Cleansing her soul. Or supposedly it did. At times she felt good and full of peace, but other times evil. The darkness never leaving entirely. She felt her lips curled into a smile. Scorpius doesn't know... and what he doesn't know, will keep him in the dark and confusion. Keeping him from making a quick decision.

For now, she awaited for Allepsatsac's return. From what she knew of Allepsatsac, she wasn't what she seemed or appeared to be. Nor carried any loyalty to anyone but herself unless there was something she'd get out of it. Whatever Scorpius had sent her to do, was obviously currently more important than destroying her. She looked down below her where the Vortex of Silence swirled. Of course she wouldn't be the one going down. It would now wait… until the right person came. The one who opened it.

A commotion outside caught her attention. She looked over to where Allepsatsac came in. She was dragging someone familiar to her from a long time ago.


* * *

Trakeena stared into her mirror angrily. She'd seen that woman arrive and leave several times this week. When she asked her father who she was, she'd only receive a lecture on watching and learning.

"Humph! Well I'm through keeping quiet…" She pounded her fist down. "Villamax! Incinerator!" She yelled standing up.

"Yes my princess?" The two walked in.

Trakeena's staff appeared. "We're going to have some fun." From a pocket on her suit, she pulled out a strand of long black hair. "We're going hunting…" She handed it to Villamax. "Recite the spell…"

Villamax nodded holding the strand up into the air. "Escana, Arigana, Mintana…." The strand of hair flashing and turning into a ball of reddish black light streaking out, leaving a trail. "Princess?"

"Of course I'm coming!" Trakeena snarled leading the way out, teleporting when they reached a suitable spot. Villamax and Incinerator followed her. Kegler having to stay behind once again to make excuses for their disappearance.

The three landed on the planet Najara, not so faraway from the Scorpion Stinger and Terra Venture. The light continued to stretch out in the night sky leading them off on the strange planet. They arrived at the entrance to a cave, hearing voices inside. Trakeena recognized one as belonging to the woman who came and gone so often. She made her way inside followed closely by Villamax and Incinerator.

Karone smiled weakly as Allepsatsac tied her up. She hadn't expected to find her here. Not in Allepsatsac hold anyways. A second vortex underneath her opened up. She felt weak and tired from whatever Allepsatsac had managed to shove into her face. She thought back to how the day started. She'd been in the Ocean Dome minding her own business when she'd felt something wrong with the astral plane near her. And before having a chance to find out what, Allepsatsac had appeared shoving a wrapped package of dry leaves into her face. Whatever it was had suddenly made her feel incredibly tired and unable to do anything. She supposed something close to that had happened to her.

Allepsatsac stood in front of the two watching their expressions. Both seemed surprised to see each other, but other than that, nothing. She felt her expression turn stone cold. How dare they!? For all her life she'd spent great amounts of power and time to find and release the one thing that could grant her absolute power. And when she had, Zordon had come along sending it back to where it belonged. Leaving her to search again. She had no doubt these two in front of her were here to stop her. Keep her from succeeding and accomplishing her ultimate dream. Her dream of power.

Her sixth sense warned her of other beings coming and she turned. Seeing just as Trakeena and two monsters followed her. Allepsatsac's anger flared even more. Scorpius must have figured it out for himself! And then sent his worthless daughter to try and stop her! Everyone in the universe was plotting against her. She knew it. No one believed she had the power she said she had. Now they would stop her from gaining more… They must be destroyed as soon as possible. The entire universe will fall.

Trakeena stopped in her tracks seeing the expression on the woman's face and strange ripples run outward from her eyes. Who was this person? She did not look human now that Trakeena took a closer look.

Villamax raised his sword. He knew her to be Allepsatsac the sorceress, the witch, the lady of Yokan. "My princess, stand back. This one is not to be dealt with easily."

"Fools!" Allepsatsac raised her hands. They would pay for plotting against her. "You don't know who you're dealing with here!"

Incinerator readied his sword. "Correction! You don't know whom you're dealing with! You don’t scare me!" He leaped into the air pointing his sword foolishly straight at her chest. "Feel the fire of my blade!"

Allepsatsac merely pointed her fingers this foolish one's eyes. With a simple motion of her fingers, everything turned black for him. He dropped to the floor releasing his hold on his sword covering his eyes. "Foolish or brave, is all the same. Note that Trakeena!" She yelled pointing at Trakeena who cowered in a corner. "And now for you." She turned back to Villamax. "Will you make the same mistake and underestimate me?"

"Allepsatsac, I've heard of you. What do you think I'd do? I have my honor on not hurting women and children, but to me, you are none of those." Villamax aimed his sword and sent it flying.

Allepsatsac smiled. "Smart… but not smart enough!" She slammed her hands together stopping the sword midair and then releasing them. The sword shattering into shreds. "I'm sick and tired of reminding people who is more powerful…" In a flash of light, a black and red staff appeared, a crystal affixed to the top. She slammed the end into the ground, a tremor passing through underneath them. "Feel the true power of Allepsatsac!" She yelled her voice magnifying the staff's power as branches of reddish black energy branched out towards Trakeena and Villamax!

The entire mountain they were in shifted, rocks falling to block the entrance as the entire elevation they were on raised and continue to rise. The backlash of power as Allepsatsac pulled away grabbed Trakeena and dragging her over to the middle as the third and final vortex appeared, suspending her over it as Allepsatsac tied her hands. She then turned to look at Incinerator and Villamax as they regained their balance, Incinerator still blind. Incinerator attempted to slash at her with his sword, which he recovered. Allepsatsac glared, the ripples on her face standing out more and more as Incinerator was thrown against the wall, his body turned to stone and then cracking destroying him. Villamax himself was pinned against the stone wall as the wall itself created a little niche forming his prison.

"Now…" Allepsatsac turned back to face the three girls. "I hope you aren't afraid of dying for that is what will happen to all three of you soon." Trakeena began struggling to get free wanting to go home and regretting her decision to come out. "Struggle and I might just let you fall through a bit earlier…" Allepsatsac said to Trakeena who immediately ceased.

* * *

Maya arrived on the Megaship sometime after daybreak. "What's going on?" She asked Kendrix who was taking a break.

"It involves Damon's new software. We're so close to finding Allyson, it's just there are too many places for us to search. Did you find out anything from the Galactabeasts?" Kendrix asked. "It might just speed up this search."

"Well…. It's not good news or bad news…" Maya started. Bit by bit she related all that their friends had told her. How there was something about Allyson that set her apart from all others, and about Allepsatsac. What the Galactabeasts had perceived of the future. And her own thoughts on all she'd learn.

Kendrix frowned as Maya finished. "Wow…" It was all she could say.

"Rangers, Terra Venture's getting a transmission." Alpha informed them. "It's from the planet Najara."

They quickly gathered together in front of the viewing screen just as something began playing. "People of Terra Venture. I am Allepsatsac the black sorceress. I will relate what I have to tell you after Scorpius joins us…" Her lips curled into a wicked smile. Mike and Kai recognized her as the one who had grabbed Allyson from the security video. "Ahhh… welcome Scorpius. You know who I am. And may I say you are a FOOL to trust me. Now, what I have to say is your destruction. All of yours! I am a step away from gaining my true powers! Of course, in the process of unlocking them… this entire universe will be destroyed. I'm calling you is not to warn you. It's just to let you know what's coming and so am giving you all a chance to work for me and live. I, after all need a start in building my empire. Those of you who are willing to work for me, as my slaves of course, shall come to me on the planet Najara. And no tricks! Otherwise I'll send these three…" The screen changed to show Trakeena, Karone, and Allyson. Mike gasped as Leo clenched his fists. "To their doom, and unlocking my powers in the process."

Trakeena started to struggle again. "DADDY! I don't wanna die! I'm too young and beautiful!"

Karone kicked her in the side. "Shut up! Are you trying to kill us all!?" She demanded.

"Allepsatsac, I don't know what you have in mind, but it won't work! Not if you want to destroy yourself also." Allyson said rather wearily from something.

Allepsatsac appeared in the screen again. "As you see, the three of them are a bit unwilling to meet their fate. But that's no matter. You have until sunset." The screen went blank.

Mike rubbed his eyes. "I've got to get to the Control Tower. You guys continue searching for their exact location on Najara. I'll keep in contact." He left the five of them to continue searching and thinking up something.

Mike made his way to the Control Tower bypassing few small knots of people talking in the streets. He didn't need to approach any of the groups to figure out what they were buzzing about. Nor had to guess. They'd all heard what Allepsatsac said in her transmission and there was no doubt about it. He also passed a few groups of GSA soldiers who ceased to talk as he drew close and there was also no guessing as to what they were talking about and he didn't blame them.

"Commander Stanton…" He said as he walked into the control room.

Commander Stanton nodded guessing that he'd caught the message also. "Meet me in the meeting room at 600 hours. That'll give you enough time to get ready. The Council will be there to discuss our problem."

Mike nodded. "Will be sir."

* * *

Scorpius stared with his big black eyes at the blank screen after Allepsatsac's message had ended. His little girl, in trouble, with nothing he himself could do alone to help her. "Kegler!" He yelled for the little guy left behind.

Kegler waddled in quickly the StingWingers giving way. "Is it about Trakeena and Villamax? Are they free? Where are they?" He asked looking around.

"No. But I am sending you down to Terra Venture to find the rangers. As of right now, only an allegiance with them is our only hope. Allepsatsac will not falter. Not with her goal so close. Make sure she does not hear of this, for she will surely speed things up."

Kegler nodded. "Yes Scorpius. But what if I can't find the rangers? Or if they refuse to work with us? What shall I tell them then?"

Scorpius' big eyes blinked. "I believe they are smart enough to figure out that merge with us is the only choice. As for finding them, teleport into the Control Tower. Terra Venture's leader will surely have a way of talking with them."

"Am I to go alone?" Kegler asked fearfully.

"Do you believe that teleporting just you off the ship will be easy without Allepsatsac noticing?!" Scorpius demanded. "It will take all of my power to do so. I will not waste it unless it is absolutely necessary!" Kegler nodded. "Now are you ready?"


Scorpius closed his eyes. A golden green light covered Kegler transforming him into a small ball of energy that vanished, leaving the ship emitting no light or leaving any tail. It wasn't until penetrating Terra Venture's inner dome that a noticeable light appeared infiltrating into the Control Tower. All in the room shielded their eyes as the light, which had grew brighter entered the room. It dimmed and Kegler appeared.

"Don't shoot!" Kegler yelled as half a dozen blasters were turned on him. "I'm looking for the power rangers! I bring a message from Scorpius."

Kai slipped out of the room hearing Kegler's plead, calling the other rangers on his communicator before morphing himself. "Go, Galactic!" He teleported back into the room along with the other rangers.

The red ranger stepped forward as the GSA guns lowered. "All right! What's Scorpius' message? It'd better be good or else we're blowing you sky high!"

Kegler whimpered before speaking up. "Scorpius wants an alliance. According to him, that's the only way to defeat Allepsatsac. Then after that, everything will be the same between you and him." He paused before adding, feeling that the rangers didn't quite believe him. "Scorpius will do anything to make sure Trakeena is safe. Do you think he'd purposely hang her like that just to destroy you and Terra Venture?"

"This guys does have a point." The pink ranger pointed out. "We all know Scorpius loves his daughter dearly. But whether or not he'd do something like this, we don't now."

The blue ranger looked up as Commander Stanton followed by Mike walked in. "Commander Stanton, may we use one of your meeting rooms? This is important."

Commander Stanton just nodded speechless. "I'll show them the way." Mike offered leading them, with the red ranger walking behind Kegler, out.

The red ranger discussed with his team on what to do after hearing Kegler talk one more time, and able to relate the entire story. "All right Keebler--"

"Kegler." The red ranger was corrected.

"Kegler, whatever. We've decided to work with Scorpius on this. But, if we find out Scorpius is actually playing this behind the scenes, we'll come after you!"

"Oh dear. I swear everything I've said is true."

The green ranger nodded. "We believe you, but there's always a but. I don't know what Scorpius has in mind as a rescue mission, but we've already got one. Just get Scorpius to keep Allepsatsac busy until we can get into her little haven and destroy her."

Kegler nodded. "Scorpius wanted me to tell you this, that around Allepsatsac's wrists are two onyx braces. Those are the strongest source of Allepsatsac's power. If you destroy those, her power will be reduced greatly. But to warn you, they each contain a massive amount of power, expect a large backlash."

The yellow ranger nodded. "That should help us. Mike, have Commander Stanton get the soldiers to spread the news to the citizens to stay inside until an all clear signal is given. Also don't use the PA, Allepsatsac might overhear."

Mike nodded. "I'll do that right away. Are you guys gonna leave right now? If so, I'll probably be joining you as soon as I can."

They all looked over towards the red ranger knowing it was his call. He slowly nodded as if still undecided. "I suppose. We don't know what to expect in Allepsatsac and we don't know that she'd had the time yet to do anything besides sent that message and wait and see if anyone's actually going to show up and serve her. Our only chance would be to go to Najara as civilians and see if she buys that. Then we'll just have to play it by ear, be ready for anything she might throw at us. Meet you there, Mike."

Mike nodded leaving to uphold his end whereas the power rangers teleported out to the Megaship leaving Kegler wait for Scorpius' teleportation.

On Najara, the rangers managed to make it there without any attacks from Allepsatsac, but whether she knew of their arrival was uncertain. They relied on Maya's excellent hearing and insight to get to where they needed instead of Damon's technology for fear Allepsatsac would be able to sense the scanners at work. At the edge of a tree line, they demorphed taking one more look around before moving out into the open. They looked around, taking in the feel of this alien planet before following Maya towards a mountain range.

* * *

Allepsatsac looked up sharply from where she was studying a book. "Visitors…" She hissed slamming the book shut and standing up. Several large boulders from Allepsatsac's use of magic earlier blocked the entrance to the cave they were in. Now she stood in front of them, holding out a hand and sending them flying off to unclog the entrance again.

Allyson had been watching her from the moment she'd arrive there. She'd noticed that each time Allepsatsac used magic, two black bands on her wrists always glowed. She narrowed her eyes hoping for a closer look since they didn't look normal to her.

Karone already knew it was useless to fight magic with magic. She herself knew when she was outmatched but she wasn't sure Trakeena did. Every now and then a strike of green lightning would fly from Trakeena's hands towards who knows where but never striking any one of them. She'd search the chains that bound them and it seemed Allepsatsac had taken extra precautions in spelling them. What kind of spells she had no idea but that prevented the use of any big magic.

Now Allepsatsac moved away from the entrance, moving to stand before them, the book she was flipping through earlier flying to her hands. "I hate unwanted visitors…" Her voice was a growl, sending another tremor running through the ground.

Trakeena perked up hearing that. "It had to be her father's army coming to rescue her. She knew he wouldn't leave her hanging like that. But did he have to take such a long time?! For heaven's sake, her arms were limp noodles now, and she had this awful ache in her back from hanging in one spot for over an hour. Not to mention each time she tried to blast the chains that held her, her power went wrong, the blast flying elsewhere while she felt something feeding on her energy making her weaker and weaker. Allepsatsac had already locked Villamax into a dimensional gateway thingy and the two girls next to her didn't seem to be able to do anything. And to think she'd always heard that Astronema was one of the most powerful sorceresses in the universe. Ha! That was a laugh. This girl next to her that Allepsatsac had called Astronema didn't seem to be able to do anything.

However, Trakeena's gay mood soon soured when she saw the power rangers troop in. So much for a rescue, she thought. They'd probably leave her hanging there after destroying Allepsatsac and then she'd never get free to sit and have people wait on her like a real princess should.

"So, have you come to serve me?" Allepsatsac demanded as the rangers walked in. "Or are you here for other reasons, power rangers?" She was able to see right through their human guise to their ranger hearts. "I also wouldn't try hiding anything for I can see right into the very depths of one's soul and mind. That is why I've been called a witch, a sorceress." Her voice hissed sending shivers up their spine.

Now that Allepsatsac was closer to her, Allyson was able to see that the bands on her wrists weren't just one color, but a swirl of dark energy. Her Spirit of Evil. The center of all of Allepsatsac's evil which had somehow survived when Zordon's wave moved through the universe. Or else Allepsatsac had hid in a dark vortex. Her own was gone, disintegrated when the golden wave touched her. Sand now spread throughout the universe, unable to recollect itself and reform her Spirit of Evil.

A spark of Allepsatsac's bands caught her attention as she noticed they were being powered. She looked over to Astronema, mind touching her. The way Astronema shifted herself told her that she'd gotten her message. On the count of three, both lashed out aiming for the back, kicking Allepsatsac hard so that her aim was distorted.

"You!" Allepsatsac turned angrily the rippling lines in her face starting again. "I shall wait no longer for the power I so rightly deserve." Her voice was dangerously low.

"Guys, I think now would be the time…" Leo whispered. His friends nodded at him. "All right! Go, Galactic!"

Allepsatsac threw the book she had held so dearly to the floor, a magical force flipping its pages to the right one before it began to smoke black smog which curled and rose, circling first Trakeena, then Karone/Astronema, then Allyson, and lastly Allepsatsac. The ground vibrated as a column of blood red light rose from the ground around the book. "Yes!" Allepsatsac yelled gleefully. "Yes! Call forth my power! Call it forth!"

Leo held up a hand stopping his friends. He didn't like the look of what was going on and if it was going to hurt his friends, he wasn't going to let them fight. Not since he was the one who had dragged everyone to where they were right now. It wouldn't be fair.

Allyson closed her eyes as she felt tension build up inside of her. It couldn't. It just couldn't end this way. She clenched her fists around the chain feeling something rip through her and outward. Before she knew it, she was falling. Falling as if free, free of a cave, free of a prison, free of chains. A bright light tore through her eyelids as she found herself floating in a timeless, spaceless state in her mind.

The light that had forced the image into her mind dimmed as a being was formed. Her lips formed the word 'father,' but nothing came out. Something shimmered in front of her and she reached out grasping it as a staff formed in her hand. A purple platinum staff with a dark object embedded in a clear crystal affixed to the top. The bottom was shaped like a spear, sharp enough to be slammed into the ground, whether it would be made of cement, or concrete, or marble, or just plain dirt. The large hand that was her fathers reached out and she touched a claw, which threw her back into reality. Allyson found herself stuck in a swirling vortex, above her the light that beckoned was getting farther and farther away. She opened her mouth screaming, only to hear no sound. And she knew, she was in the Vortex of Silence.

Allyson felt something warms in her hands, looking down to see the staff. She raised it high as power began leaving the staff. Words formed in her mouth and she said them, having no idea where they came from. "Powers of darkness, release me, obey my commands and bend to my will. I am your master and you must obey, for I am Deikena, daughter of Dark Specter, monarch of all evil!"

Out in the true world, Allepsatsac yelled angrily as one of her captives disappeared. "Too soon! It's too soon!" She snarled her anger feeding the book energy. "Oh well, it'll just bring the doom of this universe sooner." She said after some thought. Allepsatsac waved her hand to the rangers throwing them against the wall, a force keeping them in place. She pointed towards the chains of Trakeena and Karone, to break them and send them through their own vortexes to complete the cycle.

A voice suddenly rose, echoing against the walls. "Powers of darkness, release me, obey my commands and bend to my will. I am your master and you must obey, for I am Deikena, daughter of Dark Specter, monarch of all evil!" From Allyson's vortex, spider-like lightning crawled out covering the floor with a thin layer of purple power. Stopping only to leave an area around Allepsatsac where she stood and where the book lay. A purple light pierced through the colorless swirl of the Vortex of Silence, and from it rose Allyson.

"Impossible…" Trakeena muttered. "Nobody has ever escaped a vortex alive before." She commented.

Karone looked at her. "Yeah? Well you've seeing true power now."

Each of the vortexes shrank, growing smaller and smaller turning into nothing as the light covering the floor suddenly streaked towards Allyson, disappearing beneath her feet. There was a determined look in her eyes as they met the gaze of Allepsatsac. Her power faltered, the rangers falling to the floor.

The rangers got up helping each other since Allepsatsac's force had been bone crushing. Stronger than the gravitational force that had pushed against them when they left the orbit of earth.

"Whoa…!" Damon murmured. "You're right Maya, there is something about Allyson."

Maya nodded. "It all makes sense now. What the Galactabeasts were saying. How Allyson has a high magnitude surrounding her." They all looked at her confused. "Don’t you get it? Allyson has the power. That voice that we heard. It was Allyson. Remember how the first part of it said, 'Powers of darkness, release me, obey my commands and bend to my will?' She was commanding the vortex to do as she wishes. In other words let her out. And the last part, 'I am your master and you must obey, for I am Deikena, daughter of Dark Specter, monarch of all evil,' Allyson's evil. I may not know about Earth and it's fight against evil, but I have heard of Dark Specter. Deikena is his daughter. If Allyson's Deikena, then…" She let her voice trail off knowing they knew themselves. "I was also told that something big would happen that would change the future one way or another. This must be it. Allepsatsac's book. We have to destroy her and it."

"And what about this Deikena girl? What do we do about her if she's evil?" Kendrix asked.

"We fight her that's what." Leo said.

Allepsatsac stood unmoved by Allyson/Deikena's gaze. I'm almost to my extreme… She thought to herself. I will not falter! Soon I will have the power of destruction! "Salutations princess." She hissed. "I'm so glad to see you return unharmed."

"I'm sure…" Allyson/Deikena stated flatly. She raised a hand gesturing over to Astronema and Trakeena. Immediately, their chains shattered freeing them as the ground beneath them too became solid. Allyson/Deikena turned to face the two, winking at Astronema so that Allepsatsac couldn't see.

Allepsatsac moved closer to her book with which her power was so deeply rooted with. As she'd always knew earlier on, the spirit of the book was her only friend. The only one she could trust with her every secrets. She'd never had any friends like that, never! Deeper ripples began moving through her face, the dark veins on her face standing out and turning black. The corners of her eyes wrinkled, her black makeup smearing to make her look even more evil. She whipped around her book flying to her outstretch hands. "Darkness before twilight, deeper than the deepest night," A low rumbling began to sound. "King of darkness who shines like a shadow against the white night, come to thee and merge with thee who has followed you for so long," Allyson gasped. "And grant thee the ultimate power!" Allepsatsac's body disintegrated into a flaming ball of energy as she streaked out of the cave.

Allyson shook her head sadly. "Allepsatsac's already too far off her rocket. I'm gonna have to destroy her. It's a pity though, she was one of the best." She turned to face the power rangers. "Now that you know who I really am, I don't expect to receive any help. Nor you to believe me when I say 'I'm sorry for all the evil my father has done to your planet.' Now if you'll excuse me, I have other work to do."

Karone felt her heart lift a little. That sounded just like her when she'd turned good. It was an uncanny resemblance. But did all this mean Deikena had turned? That Zordon's wave had done some good to her heart? All these years, she'd thought Deikena had been too twisted and full of evil to turn. That she would have slipped away into some alternate dimension until the wave had passed.

"And who exactly are you?!" Trakeena snarled standing up. "Since that Allepsatsac person isn't here to blame this on, it'll just have to land on your head!" She slinked back against a wall and teleported herself out.

"Allyson… or Deikena… whatever your name is. Why? Why are you risking your life against Allepsatsac for Terra Venture? I'd always heard that you were ruthless, completely evil, never caring for anyone but yourself. But now I see that's not all true, what happened?" Maya asked stepping forward.

Allyson played uncomfortably with a ring. Twisting it off then sliding it back on. "Yellow ranger, there are many reasons why I am now different from the portray you've always heard of me. Partially due to Zordon, and sometimes to myself and my father. Why am I protecting Terra Venture? You may see it as protecting, and so do I sometimes. Tell me rangers, do you think that I am human?"

"If you're the daughter of Dark Specter, would you not be the same as him?" Kendrix asked. "Why are you asking us if we think you're human? You may look human on the outside but inside, you could be really different."

Allyson nodded as Karone stepped up touching her on the shoulder. "I understand you perfectly in your meaning, what I am you will find out later on. For now, I leave." She looked at Karone. "Will you be coming with me?"

Karone nodded. "You were my best friend when I was growing up. It's time we become friends again." Allyson nodded grasping her hand and teleporting the two of them out.

"Okay… the million dollar question again…" Leo said. "Is Allyson good or evil? We still don't know that but all little details highlights the good more and more."

Damon shrugged turning for the entrance. "I personally don't care right now. She didn't destroy us when she had the chance so I'd trust her with my life. As for Scorpius, he didn't keep his end of the deal. Anyways, I just wanna get out of here. Getting thrown against the wall and then feeling like you're being crushed wasn't a good time. I just wanna get back to a nice soft bed and have the best home cooking."

"For once Damon has a really good point." Kai added. "I'm just not gonna be the one doing the cooking."

Kendrix looked at Maya through her helmet. "I suppose guys really do have a short term memory." They looked over at her quieting. "What about Allepsatsac? She's not gone yet so Terra Venture and the universe is still in danger. No relaxing yet until the job is done. We'll get back to the megaship, update Mike on the details while DECA and Alpha do some scanning for us. Allepsatsac cannot be forgotten unless you want to be caught off-guard when she attacks."

"But it's the New Years! We're allowed to watch the fireworks aren't we?" Leo protested. "Mike says they're going to be spectacular since it's the first New Year for everyone here on Terra Venture."

"Okay, after the New Year."

* * *

"What are you doing here Deikena?" Karone asked as the two of them arrived in the Mountain Dome on Terra Venture.

"I go by Allyson now. And what am I doing here? It's to think." She looked off to the distance as a breeze went by ruffling her hair. "You grow up believing one thing, and then something else is dropped on you before you're even ready. Then all of that brings questions you'd never have thought of. What about the families you've affected? Could you have changed it all? Would you have done the same thing if you'd known this little bit of information earlier? Why does everything happen this way? Whether or not everything I was doing is to be considered humane."

Karone frowned. "Humane? Why are you thinking of that?"

"Karone, when you found out Andros was your brother and that KO-35 was your home planet, didn’t you ever think of all the evil you did? To your own people, to Andros?"

She nodded. "Yeah. I thought of it all. But if it wasn't for all the friends that I have and their willingness to forgive me, I'd still be thinking of that and trying to figure out ways to repay them all." Karone looked questionably at Allyson. "Why are you thinking of this all? It's not like you attacked your own people, killed most of them and scattering the rest to having to hide to live. Then you attack, and almost kill your own brother."

Allyson sighed. "No reason. I was just wondering what you had to go through finding it all out." She smiled. "I'd always thought we'd grow up to be together, instead of my father splitting us up. Making our lives so separate. But then it was also a good thing. If I'd been with you when you were going through that confusion of who you were, I'd have done all in my power to have kept you evil and away from your family. Even destroying Andros and all he meant to you."

Karone gave an off handed shrugged. "If I was in your place, I would have done the same thing. And if I'd known where you were, if you were still alive, what you were feeling, I would have stayed with you like friends should. No violence needed."

* * *

"Father this isn't fair!" Trakeena whined. "You should punish them for trying to hurt your little girl."

"Villamax, where is Villamax?" Kegler begged to know. "He didn't return with you. I know that since he would have talked with me by now."

Trakeena glared at him. "Be quiet! I'll tell you later. Can't you see I'm trying to talk with my father?!" She demanded before watching Kegler scuttle away and turning back to her father. "Now, why won't you punish them?"

Scorpius reached out a tentacle touching Trakeena's cheek. "My dear, some things you just don't understand yet. Allepsatsac is gone and holds much power. The power rangers and I had a deal that I could not break."

"And what about those two girls? Karone and that other one? Why can't you punish them? Karone kicked me. You saw it yourself and the other one didn't even stop her!"

Scorpius shook his head. "In time my dear. In time you will know why."

* * *

From the top of one of the tallest buildings in the City Dome, a cascade of light flowed down disappearing as Allepsatsac appeared. Her spell had been partly successful. She was twice as more powerful as before but she still had a lust for power. It wouldn't die until her ultimate goal was accomplished. Achieving the powers of the heavens. The very power that had destroyed Yokan. Wiping the people out of existence.

"Come Deikena. Come and face me." Her voice starting soft, before beginning to rise. "I meant it when I said I was glad you were safe! Come and show me what kind of power your father actually left you! IF he left you any!" The shrill scream of her voice carried far and wide as the people of Terra Venture looked around stunned.