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The Past Returns
by: AstroPurple

Leo ran through the empty streets of Terra Venture as he ran towards the meeting place he and the other rangers had agreed on. Getting there he realized he was the first and so took the time to demorph and rest. He'd been up all night watching the fireworks with everyone else on Terra Venture. In the morning, he'd be roused by the others that a GSA computer was getting weird energy readings from five points in the City Dome. Mike had to stay at the Command Tower in case something happened so the rest of them split up to check out these areas. Their meeting point was in the park nearest to the Command Tower.

"Leo!" He looked up as Kai got back. "Power Down!" Kai slumped down in the grass next to Leo. "Did you find anything?" He asked.

Leo shook his head. "There was nothing. No Scorpius, no monsters, no Allepsatsac, nothing to tell me what caused the reading that made the GSA computer go haywire. What about you? Same wild-goose chase?"

Kai nodded. "Just about. Look, here's Kendrix and Damon. Maybe they got lucky and found something…"

Both Damon and Kendrix demorphed as they walked closer. They both shook their head indicating that they hadn't found anything either.

"If not for the fact that I know those computers inside out and outside in, I'd think there was something seriously wrong with them. I mean, energy readings at five places, but when we check it out, four out of five so far don't give off anything except on that one GSA computer. Now we just have to wait for Maya. If she comes back with a no, I'm gonna have to go through that computer and check to make sure all software and memory is correct." Damon muttered.

"You get them Damon!" Leo clapped. "Now if only you'd done that sooner so we wouldn't have to go through all this."

Damon pulled up a tuff of grass throwing it at Leo. "Yeah, and it would've taken me two days to do it all. Two vacation days…"

Kendrix sat up and looked around. "I wonder what's keeping Maya… I hope she's okay and didn't run into any trouble."

Kai got up reaching down to give Kendrix a hand. "C'mon, we can start walking towards her location. If she's on her way here, we'll meet her. If she's in trouble, atleast it'd be better than just sitting doing nothing." He pulled Kendrix up and then helped Leo off his back.

Leo groaned stretching. "Awww… man! And I was just getting comfy."

* * *

Maya circled the warehouse she was in taking another look before she left. She could swear that she'd felt something stepping into here for the first time. This was where the computer said an energy reading was located. Sighing at not finding anything, she stepped outside into the bright sunlight. She'd already demorphed to hear better without the thick helmet on as it might arouse suspicion when they saw her walking in, and the yellow ranger walking out. She'd had to explain to some of the workers she'd past that her kitten had gotten away from her and ran in there.

Walking towards the meeting point she suddenly had a burst of inspiration as she sat down at a nearby bench to think. "Okay, there are five points on Terra Venture where readings were picked up." In her mind, she pictured Terra Venture and the five points. "Wait a minute… they make a perfect pentagon… But what would that have to do with this all???"

"Not exactly a pentagon, but a star. Allepsatsac's little signature. She knows I know it."

Maya turned hearing the voice. She'd been whispering to herself and hadn't heard anyone approach her. "Allyson…! Karone…!"

"Yes, we've been tracking those signals also. They were on Allyson's computer also along with that one GSA computer. It's Allepsatsac's way of getting our attention. The star is her way of telling us that yes she was the one who planned all this and to watch out for some big events in the future." Karone answered Maya's thought. "What Allepsatsac has planned we don't know. But you can count on the fact that everything Allepsatsac does impacts the future greatly. She's not like Trakeena, sending an attack now and then to annoy you and to amuse herself. Every little detail of Allepsatsac's is a clue from her telling you that you're getting closer to finding out what her master plan is."

Allyson nodded. "Allepsatsac likes playing in riddles. That's why she's always so hard to stop. No one but someone who knows her extremely well can figure them out in time. This star thing is just a warning."

"Maya!" They looked over to see the other rangers running towards them.

Maya nodded to them that it was okay. "Leo, Kai, Damon… this is--"

"They know who I am… Don't you? You are the," Allyson paused looking around making sure no one was in earshot. "Power Rangers."

Leo was taken back. "How do you know that?" He asked.

Karone started laughing. "We've been fighting power rangers for most of our lives. We can tell how you act. Since there are five galaxy rangers and you five always stick together… it just kinda clicked. Not to mention your voices sound the same and each time your watches beep, you look too nervous to be just citizens. Not to mention my brother is a power ranger. You just kinda know who is and who isn't."

Allyson nodded. "When you've seen generation after generation of rangers rising to stop you or your family, you learn to tell who is a ranger. Oh by the way, I'm sorry for what I said earlier about you Leo. But you still could not have won that fight against Villamax even if I had stayed out of it."

Leo nodded. "That's ok." He leaned in close so the others couldn't hear. "I'll admit the first time his sword matched against mine, I knew I was in trouble. It's just not cool when a girl defeats your opponent when you couldn't. If anybody else asks, I weakened him for you." Allyson nodded. "So what are you two up to?"

Karone shrugged looking at Allyson. "If you think we're is planning on destroying Terra Venture that's not true. We would have done it by now if that was in our intention."

"Karone, I was there when Andros brought you out of the Dark Fortress and heard you when you apologized for everything. We believe you. It's just…" Kendrix hesitated.

Allyson nodded understanding. "It's me you don't trust. I'm Dark Specter's daughter and you can never be too careful with me. I'm not like Karone, born good, raised evil, and then an entire team of worthy rangers turned me good again. Yes I was born evil, and yes I was raised evil. I just wish you can believe me. I also know you're wondering what I'm doing on Terra Venture. That I can't tell you until I'm sure of something. And I'll probably end up leaving in the end. It's -- it's not that easy believe me. Not when most everybody in the universe hates your guts for what your father did."

Maya smiled. "It's not that we don't trust you. Yes it makes us wonder which side you're actually on. But you've had plenty of good opportunities to destroy us before and you've never used them."

* * *

Allepsatsac sat thinking. She could do it. Yeah she could. It'll take a big spell that'll zap most of her powers for a few days but she could do it. Besides, it's well worth the risk. She'll need something to keep the power rangers busy while she got ready to bring the end of the universe and gain her full powers.

She got up the book of hers floating to her and opening to the right page. Allepsatsac grabbed a handful of dust from her pouch knowing she'd need its power. She glanced down the page memorizing the spell she'd need before closing her eyes to concentrate. A strange feeling over came her as a surge of power straight from the very depths of her black heart gathered in her hand mixing with the power emitting from the dust of Yokan. She suddenly felt as if all her power was stripped away when the ball created from a fury of power was thrown into the air and out the window streaking towards its victim.

Allepsatsac collapsed where she stood grabbing the book, which was still floating, as she gathered her energy to seal the place she was in. After that was done, she retreated to her chambers to rest and restore her powers.

* * *

"Scorpius! You have found her?" Scorpius woke up abruptly as the voice called out. "I am Prince Barbarous. The League sent me as their representative, more or less."

"Prince Barbarous huh?" Trakeena chose that moment to walk in. She studied him. "Is he a new lackey?" She asked turning to her father leaving Barbarous to clench his fists and keep from choking her to death. "He does have an army, right? I mean, isn't his title prince?"

Scorpius reached out a tentacle and pulled Trakeena away. "Trakeena, stand and watch for you knowing who people are in this universe will greatly help you when you rule. Prince Barbarous is part of the League as we are not. The League of Evil. It was headed by the late Dark Specter as you should know and now her daughter has turned up on Terra Venture. The League sent Barbarous here, after I kindly informed them of her presence, to return her to her rightful position."

Trakeena's features twisted. "If she's a nuisance here, why didn't you just destroy her?!"

Scorpius patted her on the hand. "Political reasons my dear Trakeena."

"Humph! Well I'll keep out of his way. Besides, I'd like to see what a daughter of Dark Specter's would look like. Does she carry her mother's looks, or her father's looks?" She asked turning to Prince Barbarous.

Barbarous chose not to answer here. "And allow me to let you in on a secret Trakeena, most of the monsters and royalties in the League are still loyal to her highness, Princess Deikena. It would not be a wise choice to destroy her. That is, if you can."

Deikena? Trakeena thought remembering how in the cave Allepsatsac had referred to that other girl as Deikena. So that was Dark Specter's daughter.

"Barbarous, will your stay be on the Scorpion Stinger?" Scorpius asked hoping he wasn't expected to provide room.

"Uh… no thank you. The League has provided me with a ship fit to bring her highness back to Malignance. That is where I will be staying." Barbarous said graciously as he wasn't looking forward to spending another minute listening to Trakeena. A guest never strangles his host's daughter. Even if his status was higher, in his opinion. Barbarous teleported out, landing back on his ship. "Quantrons! Your report!" He yelled. A piece of paper was handed to him and he quickly scanned through it. It showed a diagram of Terra Venture along with where his highness was currently. "A good job for once." He muttered crumpling it up and teleporting off the ship.

* * *

"It's not that we don't trust you. Yes it makes us wonder which side you're actually on. But you've had plenty of good opportunities to destroy us before and you've never used them." Allyson only smiled as she played what Maya had said over and over again.

"I suppose I could tell you a little about why I'm here. It's not going to be an easy story to follow." She said after some thought.

Kendrix grinned. "Not all stories are easy to follow. And besides, we have the time. Scorpius and Trakeena aren't attacking, and we don't even know where Allepsatsac is or what she's planning to do."

"Hey guys! So did you--" Mike's voice died out as he drew closer and realized there was other people there. "Oh hi Allyson." He instantly recognized Karone from that day in Angel Grove. "Karone?"

"Long story Mike." Kai said holding up his hand. "But to make it short. They know we're the power rangers. And they'll help us against Allepsatsac." Allyson nodded looking away. "We can go to the park and sit to talk. It'll be a lot better than standing here."

"Uh…" Karone paused trying to think of something to say. "Y-you guys, we've got visitors that I don't think you'd want to meet." She nudged towards their left where someone had just stepped out of an alley. "Prince Barbarous, son of King Horrendous."

Allyson frowned. "Horrendous? Oh yes, make-believe leader of the League. Barbarous the supposed future Monarch of all Evil. I wonder what he's doing here…" Her eyes flashed. "You guys stay here, if he finds out you're rangers… you don't wanna know. I'll be fine since he won't dare touch me. Karone you stay also, some people know of your betrayal." She turned headed for another part of the City Dome, away from them. Her pace quickened as she turned a corner and broke into a run for the skywalk intent on heading for the Ocean Dome. She paused by a mid-walk to catching her breath as the sound of teleportation could be heard near her.

"Your highness…" An iron hand was set heavily on her shoulder. "Princess Deikena, the League is awaiting your return."

"And how, would you know I was here Barbarous? I could have been anywhere in the known and unknown universe. Why Terra Venture?"

"It was Emperor Scorpius, your highness. He noticed your presence on Terra Venture and so sent a message to the League. They sent me to escort you back to Malignance."

Allyson turned to glare at him. "And if I don't wish to return?"

Barbarous' expression changed as his grip on her tightened. "It is not a choice for you, princess. You are returning whether you like it or not."

"Too bad. You'll be returning to Malignance to explain my absence." On the last word, Allyson slammed her fist into his chest a force wave emitting knocking him over. She spun teleporting herself away.

Karone and the others waited for her return pacing back and forth. The minute Allyson had left them, the person had backed away out of their site and a minute later, a teleportation sound could be heard. They looked up as from the nearby skywalk, a ball of purple light appeared setting down near them. The outside shell-like structure shattered as Allyson walked out quickly.

"Well? What'd he want?" Karone asked. "He didn't just happen to pass-by Terra Venture and decided to stop down."

Allyson shook her head. "No, he didn't. Thanks to Scorpius he's here because of me. I can't stay in one place too long, less I want him to find me."

Mike, who was still in the dark, turned to Leo to whisper. "Is she in any trouble?"

"You could say that, Mike." Allyson shrugged overhearing him. "Leo can fill you in, but I first need to get to someplace safe. Let's arrange a meeting spot for later in the day and if we ever get split up."

An explosion far-off could be heard as a tremor passed through the ground. Leo's communicator beeped and they all listened as Alpha transmitted DECA's readings. The explosion had happened in the middle of the Forest Dome. And the dome was becoming unstable to contain life there. The GSA, who'd prep for something like this had sealed all pathways into that dome and the only way would be to teleport.

"We need to check that out. Allyson, Karone, teleport to the Megaship, it'll be safe there from that guy." Leo stepped back with his friends to morph. "Go, Galactic!"

* * *

Barbarous slammed his fist down on the table. "Father, I know she must return! But if I cannot harm her, there will be no way to bring her back. She does not wish to retain neither her title nor her status. I'd say leave her be until her mind is cleared, but Saven wants her back now, why doesn't he come and get her himself?"

King Horrendous shook his head thoughtfully. "It is true that Saven's appearance was a bit… unexpected on his part. But he is after all, part of Dark Specter's family. We must show him the respect we would show for Dark Specter and that we show for Princess Deikena. Now on your part, try your best to persuade Princess Deikena to return with you. Mention Saven's name and how he would like her back if that will sway her. If not, we give up. Saven will have to come and get her himself."

Barbarous nodded. "Father, I know Dark Specter placed the safety of his daughter in your hands, but I believe she's been set aside from her path in life." He hesitated as his father waited quietly to hear more. "When I discovered her, she was with the once evil princess Astronema. There were others there and I believe they are the power rangers. You remember when Zordon's wave passed through; the rest of us were safely hiding in one of Dark Specter's space rifts? Deikena was outside. We all saw Zordon's wave pass through her, and she assured us she was fine. The next day comes, and she's gone, disappeared. Do you think Zordon might have changed her? Even a little?"

King Horrendous sighed nodding. "It could have happened. But remember Princess Deikena is Dark Specter's own. She has more evil energy inside of her than the rest of us combined. Zordon may not have been strong enough to change her entirely. Do your best. A part of her is still with the darkness. Draw out the evil part of her Barbarous. Guide her back to the darkness."

"Yes father. I will do as you say." He lowered his head a little as the link was closed. "Draw out the evil part of her…." He mused silently trying to think of how.

* * *

The ranger landed in the Forest Dome after teleporting. They made their way carefully closer to an area that scanners said the explosion had originated.

"Man… whatever hit here must have hit hard." Damon commented at the scene before them. There was a large area of burned trees and grass creating a perfect circle. "Hold on… the scanner says there's something else here…" He looked up and around as a flock of birds flew off.

Kendrix moved closer to the middle. "You guys, check this out…" She pointed to a gel-like substance that was smeared over the grass. "What's this look like to you?" She knelt pointing out the shape and size to Leo and Mike. "Footprints?"

Mike nodded. "Close enough. Atleast we know it's not human. If it was, it couldn't have survived the heat wave that passed through this dome."

Maya and Kai tramped off to the edge to take a look through the woods. A bird called faraway and several answered back as Maya listened closely. "You guys, we aren't alone here…" She turned to the others. "Something appeared here, and then it went off. The birds say it's heading for the City Dome. Whatever it is, they're scared."

Leo stood up. "Alright guys, Kendrix and Damon, you two stay here and see if you can figure out what happened. Get back to us as soon as you get some information. The rest of us'll go stop this thing. Remember, we don't know what it is, so we'll have to be careful."

The others nodded before running off with Maya leading the way. As they got closer and closer to the skywalk, a smell was growing stronger and stronger that seemed to zap the energy out of them. Twice they had to stop regain their strength. The gel that led the way sometimes also grew less solid, showing that they were getting closer and closer. As they broke the tree line reaching the skywalk, they pulled to a stop from both the smell and the sight. The sight before them was strange. Something covered completely in the gel pounded on the glass wall trying to break through while GSA soldiers at the other side continued to maintain their stability. Mike signaled that they should leave, sealing all the exits and doorways to the City Dome. The GSA soldiers nodded understanding that the situation was under control and backing away, leaving the skywalk, shutting and locking all doors behind them.

"Okay… now what is that thing?" Kai asked as it turned to look at them.

Leo shrugged. "I don’t know and I personally don't care. We don't know what its intentions are, so who wants to ask whether this is just a joy ride or an attack?" They turned their attention back to the gel-monster as it roared sticking out a heinous tongue before charging. "Okay, nevermind my question then. Let's just stop it."

They all dove out of the way as it game through, running into the tree behind them. "That thing's got extremely bad orientation!" Kai commented. "Let's help it find its way… back to Scorpius!"

The monster roared at that name when it suddenly began glowing with a bright white light. As the light cleared, a human stepped forth. She opened her mouth, a long black tongue stabbing at the air before pulling out a sword that was strapped to her shoulder.

"Finally free…" Her voice was a low rumble. "But Scorpius? Who is he? Another washed out evil? There is only one true monarch of evil, and that would be Dark Specter. I am Syphila, his most loyal servant. Who has called me forth, I do not know, my only goal is to conquer for his Evilness."

Mike pulled out his sword. "Syphila! Maybe you should catch up on the news. Dark Specter is gone!"

Syphila suddenly looked lost. "My Evilness…" She said rather sadly. "Whether you can hear me or not Dark Specter, I will destroy these rangers today for you!" She yelled into the sky before returning her gaze to the rangers, her eyes glowing bright red. "Die!" Syphila moved fast as she stepped from one ranger to the next slashing with her sword and bringing them to their knees. "Dark Specter, they now bow for you!"

Leo supported himself up with his sword. "Sorry Syphila, we're not bowing for nobody!" Leo brought his sword up, leaping into the air and brought his sword down.

Syphila blocked rolling back a few feet before lashing out with her legs throwing Leo to the ground again. "Red Ranger, just for that display of supposed courage, I'll let you die first." She raised her sword aiming for his throat before readying herself to strike it through.

"Magna Blaster!" Mike pulled out his blaster shooting several small energy blasts, pushing Syphila back. "Leo!" The three of them, Kai, Maya, and himself stood up running over to the fallen red ranger.

* * *

Kendrix and Damon arrived back at the Megaship holding a few test tubes and Damon's scanner. They hadn't been in touch with the others yet and so were in the darkness as to what was going on. They ran the gel-substance through a computer seeing if they could find a match on what the thing they might be facing was. The computer drew a blank. Next Damon's scanner was hooked up to transfer the data and hopefully draw a few results. Nothing still.

"Damon, please tell me you have something." Kendrix said a few minutes later when the two had gone on to do separate experiments. She'd gotten nothing out of what DECA's scan of the gel.

Damon shook his head no. He was working with Alpha on distinguishing the activity levels. They eliminated several that belonged to the animals in the vicinity and were down on a couple of thousand more to go. "Nope, sorry. This is like impossible work. All but one of what I have here will end up belonging to people who'd taken a walk in the dome that day, and the GSA soldiers who were guarding the skywalk. Not to mention us. I just need to figure out which ones and cross them off. That would leave one left and then we'll be able to tell what kind of monster it is. It's dangers, weaknesses… etc."

"Do you guys need any help?" Karone asked popping in. "You look frustrated."

Kendrix smiled. "It's just some data we gathered in the Forest Dome on that explosion we all heard. Things are just impossible to sort through here, but sure, we could use the extra help."

"Great, what do you guys have?" She asked walking over. Damon pointed to the activity levels on the computer while Kendrix brought over their sample of the gel. Karone frowned seeing the clear gooey stuff. "Hold on, Allyson's seen more weird stuff than me. She probably has some idea of what this is, or what kind of monster you all are going to encounter. DECA, can you get Allyson up? She's sleeping." Karone explained to them.

Damon nodded. "I'm gonna check in with the others and see if they've found anything to help us. Maybe they've even met up with this monster." Kendrix nodded as he moved to sit in front of one of the computers off to the side.

Allyson walked in a moment later. "What is it?" She asked yawning.

Karone handed her the tube of gel. "You happen to know what this is? I know I've seen it before somewhere but I just can place it, or the thing it comes from."

Allyson held the tube up to the light studying it. "You're right, I have seen it before. But it could be one of many monsters." She tugged off the top sniffing the stuff. Wrinkling her nose she handed it to Kendrix. "I know what it is now. The gel comes from the Syphil creatures when they're first brought into this universe. It's what coats and protects them from being attacked until they regain full strength from the trip from their own universe. The smell also zaps the energy out of their opponents since they're not ready for a fight yet. Once they've matured and changed into their real forms, they're almost unbeatable."

"Okay, the others need out help." Damon said approaching them. "They're fighting this creature human that calls itself Syphila. And they're getting beat badly."

"Syphila?" Karone turned to Allyson. "Wasn't she sent back to her home universe ages ago?" Allyson nodded. "What's she doing here? More importantly, how'd she get here? A spell to bring a Syphil here pretty much kills your strength for a few days. No one would attempt something like that unless they had a death wish."

"Allepsatsac." Was all Allyson said. "It's her second clue to what's going to happen. I don't know what it means though. But no matter, she's got to be drained from bringing Syphila back. We won't have to worry about her for a day or two. What are we going to do about Syphila?"

"Kai said this Syphila thing mentioned that she was loyal to no one but Dark Specter. If that would help our situation." Damon mentioned.

Karone looked exasperated. "Thanks for mentioning that now…. You and Kendrix go on and help the others, try to keep Syphila from entering the City Dome and killing everybody. Leave destroying her to me and Allyson. We just need to think of something."

Damon made a face. "Sorry, I didn't think it was important. But you need to think of something. And I would suggest you hurry up. C'mon Kendrix." The two stepped away teleporting since they hadn't bothered to demorph earlier.

Allyson nodded to Karone. "I hope you're either a good actor, or still got some of Astronema's personality in you." She waved her hand in front of her face, purple lilac petals encircling her and changing her attire. She was dressed in something similar to Astronema's old outfit, only with a lot of the extra accessories and her hair was a mixture of purple and black.

"You bet I do." Karone followed her gesture, only a puff of silver smoke rising as her attire changed also.

The two teleported off the Megaship landing in the Forest Dome behind some trees. The two nodded to each other before stepping out. Karone/Astronema raised her staff as it appeared firing at Syphila, stopping her in her tracks.

"Princesses…" Syphila backed away from the rangers allowing them to get up and back off. She lowered her sword dropping to a quick bow before standing up. "Is it true? Is the Monarch of all Evil, Dark Specter gone?"

Allyson/Deikena lowered her head. "Yes, it's true."

Syphila threw a glare to the power rangers who were trying to recover. "Then your highness, I serve you." She dropped to her knees once more. "I will serve you with the same loyalty I held for your father. And to prove so, I will destroy the loathsome rangers!" She turned once more to face the rangers. "In the eyes of her highness, I will bring about all of your end!"

Karone glanced at Allyson who nodded. "Actually Syphila, her highness has something else in mind for you to do. It's not the rangers who are being a pest, we have created an allegiance with them. Allepsatsac, you must remember her, has a death wish. She has tried to destroy her highness several times. Destroy her. She was also the one who coordinated Dark Specter's fall behind the scenes."

Syphila glared once more at the rangers, her hatred apparent. "Since it is my highness' wish for me to leave you alone… for now, I will." She turned to face Deikena. "Consider your wish fulfilled. If Allepsatsac was the one who destroyed Dark Specter and harms your royal life, she will be destroyed." Syphila turned a dimensional slit opening and leaving in search of Allepsatsac.

Allyson and Karone watched Syphila leave. Once gone, they dropped their attitudes hurrying over to the rangers helping them up.

Allyson gave a half smile. "Sorry wasn't here any sooner. We had to think of something. I didn't really want to destroy Syphila since she was so loyal to my father. I figured this way, Syphila might actually destroy or weaken Allepsatsac, or Allepsatsac would destroy her. I didn't want to do it myself. Okay so coordinating her destruction doesn't kinda count… but atleast I won't be the one wielding the sword."

"Heh… whether you were late or not, you still have good timing. I mean, she may be a girl, but she's still one tough girl." Kai commented dryly.

Damon nodded. "So what's the story behind this Syphila character? Since she obviously wasn't destroyed by Zordon, where was she during the fiasco?"

Karone gave a half smile. "Syphila's a great warrior with few weaknesses. Most of her strengths come from being a Syphil. A Syphil is a creature from another dimension. Dark Specter was lucky to have found Syphila when she was still a young monster and raised her with me and Allyson. While me and Allyson grew close, she stayed away. But they start out young as monsters, and end up sorta looking human. During a fight several years ago, an enemy hired a powerful wizard who sent Syphila back to her own home dimension. Reason for that is, she's one of Dark Specter's greatest weapons of destruction. Now she's back… and it's no mystery as to who brought her back. It takes a lot of power to break through dimensions and bring a Syphil here. Only one we know who has that much power is…. guess who? Allepsatsac. If we'd have tried, the two of us would be laying in the medical bay for the next few weeks. And we don't have the power to send her back either. The side effects are the same. Powerless… weak… defenseless… but it would only last for a couple of weeks. Still, that's way too long. Not if you were raised with your power and never been a part from it."

"Heart of pure evil… un-swayed by good… destruction lay about… and hand of evil…" A voice floated through the still air. "Once evil… now good… un-swayed by evil… triumph all around… have we seen the end of changes? Of metamorphosis? Or will evil still reign?"

"What was that?" Maya asked. Everyone had heard the voice loud and clear.

Allyson looked around them frowning. "Once evil… now good?" She echoed. "It's talking about me…"

"Metamorphosis? What would that mean?" Karone asked. "You're not like Trakeena, you won't be entering something to shed your mortal beauty and become a monster of magnificent powers. Dark Specter's line doesn't do that."

Kendrix set a hand on Allyson's shoulder. "But what about Dar-- your father? He wasn't mortal looking. Or was it his choice to become like that?"

Allyson shook her head. "He can change. The form that you all know is one he shows to everyone. The form I know is human. That is the one he shows to his family. And he's not a monster like you all think. Just like Scorpius isn't evil throughout his heart. Towards Trakeena he's good. Just like Dark Specter was good to me, and those close to him. He's done many evil things, that's true, but he had a heart also… if only you knew how much of it wasn't darkness. I wasn't even hi--" She stopped talking realizing she was saying too much. "Nevermind. You wouldn't understand."

"Tell us. It's not easy keeping secrets from your friends." Maya prompted. "This wasn't the only time you almost said something that seems to impact you a lot. We'd understand. We're all friends here."

"It's not you guys, it really isn't. It's just how everyone else would look at me. If Barbarous, Syphila, Allepsatsac, everyone knew… my life wouldn't be this easy to live. Ordering people around, bending things to my will. The only ones who know my secret, besides me, are now gone. And I want it to stay that way." She turned taking a few steps before teleporting herself away.

Maya looked concerned. "Was it something I said?"

Karone shook her head no. "Don't worry, she's always been like this…. You're not the only one who wishes she would just tell things without worrying."

* * *

"For a young princess she is still very cunning…. and dangerous…" Allepsatsac mused in her thoughts. Her body was asleep and resting but observing current actions through scrying. She still had the power to do this. Her bringing the Syphil back was suppose to keep them busy while she regained her powers. "Oh well… even for a Syphil, my hiding place will never be found. She can search till the end of time. Or when she realizes Deikena is no longer evil. I will triumph… don't worry Xylem, my love. Once I gain true power, I will bring you back… and we can be together forever..!"

As Allepsatsac's body continued to sleep and regain power, the old tattered brown book flipped through its pages searching for the right spell. It could not lose everything it was working towards. Not when resurrection was so close. It slowly flipped through its pages, gaining speed until a soft black glow covered it and a secret page appeared. On it, were names. Ivan Ooze, Dark Specter, Darkonda, Xylem, and others. Each one with an X through it. Now, another name was added. Deikena. The page disappeared, and the book closed setting itself back in its place as if nothing had been done.

* * *

Allyson teleported into the Ocean Dome, landing in front of a cave, by the seashore, hidden by a cover of rocks. She was in her regular clothes as she walked into the tide. Salt water was a mystical tool used by some to enhance one's magic. Since now, she'd never tried before and hoped her own power was strong enough.

Standing in the water up to her chin, she closed her eyes and concentrated. "At first since I can remember… my life has been as Deikena. Growing up on Malignance. With the power and status all others wanted. Believing myself to be of the same as Dark Specter and Saven. But I wasn't… I didn't know who I really was… I'm sorry Lady. I now know why there was always pain in your eyes each time you looked at me. I was replacing her in your mind. I was taking what rightfully belonged to her.

At Dark Specter's time of death, it was related to me. It was then that I began to see as you did. Does Saven know the truth, I do not know. But if he does he will keep it to himself, and if he doesn't, he will not hear it from me. Neither will anyone else, even if they ask. It will be a secret I shall take to my grave. A solemn promise I make to you. As a very last effort to gain even a portion of your love." The water around her became vibrant purple as she released herself and slipped under.

She looked around at where she was, moving about in a land of haze and light. Everything around her was so blurred together, she couldn't see clearly. None of the persons who moved past her seemed to see her. They were all dressed in white, blurring in with the land around them. A light breeze billowed by and they all disappeared, leaving the land empty of movement. Allyson turning looking through the brightness. Everything was dead as if what she'd just witness wasn't real, and that it was just her imagination. She took a few steps away moving towards what looked like a familiar building. She found it hard to move, as if she were dragging her feet through quicksand, the urgency to reach that building pushing her.

She was soon close enough to reach out and touch the material. The door to her right swung open, inviting her inside. She stepped in, finding herself able to walk easier. She passed room after room full of people but she made no attempt to stop and look. Finally, Allyson reached a small room in the back of the house. Two figures in the room turned to look at her as she entered. Both frowned at seeing her there and shook their heads gesturing to the clock sitting in the corner.

"Daddy!" Allyson called out shaking her head. She wanted to stay. "Lady?" She turned looking pleadingly at the woman next to him. She also shook her head walking over to hug her. For the first time in her life, there was love in this one. "Mother….." She finally dared to call.

"Go back Deikena, it's not your time yet. There's still things waiting for you to finish." The Lady stepped back making a shooing motion with her hand.

Allyson shook her head no. She wanted to stay. A blinding flash sparked in her face and she saw herself being dragged away. "Noooooooooooooooo!" She opened her mouth to scream sucking in a mouthful of salty water. Her head finally broke the surface as she saw through her blurred vision the clear blue sky. She twisted around looking to see who it was that held onto her. "Mike!?" She gasped.

Mike allowed the next wave to carry them back to shore. "Allyson…" He paused to catch his breath. "What were you doing?"

She gagged, the salty taste still lingering in her mouth. "I'm not sure what I was doing." She lied.

"I'm sure." Mike muttered dryly. He had a feeling she did. "Let's go. We both need to dry off. The night air is cold…" He motioned to the setting sun.

Allyson nodded. She stood up dusting off some of the sand clinging to her clothes. "How did you know I was here?"

"After you left, we split up. I returned to the Command Tower to coordinate the repairing of the Forest Dome. Kendrix and Kai had to return to their jobs, and Damon needed to help head the repairs. Leo, Maya, and Karone returned to the Megaship. One of the computers I was working with picked up some unusual disturbances in this area and so I teleported here to check it out. I was just in time to see you go under."

Allyson nodded. She was about to teleport away and dry off when a small patch on his uniform caught her attention. "Listen Mike… I don't think I've ever caught your last name…"

Mike nodded. "I haven't caught yours either. Mike Corbett."

She bit her lip keeping back a cry. "A-Allyson… Carnes." She lied. Her mind whirled back to that day and that time when her father had appeared to her.

"Deikena… I've always known this day would come… Whether after I am gone you remain here holding your title and status or leave in search of your real family, I must not lie to you ever again. No, don't think I am renouncing you. Darkonda brought you to me when you were three. Your memory was erased and so started new… there is no way you would have known the events before that but through me or that scoundrel. The real Deikena disappeared, and so you were brought as a replacement. But even though you are not my own flesh and blood, I still loved you wholly as if you were my own. What I've told you today must never be repeated to no one... understood? Good, if you do return to your real family or search for them, I have kept your birth name in my memory for this day… Corbett is your family name, and your first name Allyson. Remember that no matter what your choice is, I will always love and think of you as my little girl…."