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The Rangers of Love Trilogy
Destiny Calling
by : AstroPurple

It had been a few days on the Astral and Galaxy Megaship since the rangers found out about Carlos and Ashley. Everybody was happy for them.

“Hey Cassie, maybe me, you, Carlos, and TJ can go on a double date?” Ashley asked teasingly.

“Lay off Ashe.” Cassie was irritated. Sirena and Ashley had been bugging her about TJ. “Just because you and Carlos got together doesn’t mean me and TJ can. Besides, he already has a girlfriend.”

“Now that’s where your wrong. I heard at school, that TJ and Mariam broke up. Mariam is going out with this major hunk on the football team.” Ashley said proudly. She had done her homework, as Carlos put it.

“Do you have to stick your nose in everything?” Cassie shouted at Ashley. “Meddler.” She added under her breath as she walked away.

“What’s her problem?” Ashley shrugged and then went to find Sirena.

* * *

Sirena was on the Galaxy simu-deck, sparring with Andros. Carlos and TJ stood by talking and waiting their turn.

“Hey guys!” Ashley called out and walked towards them. “What’s up?” She looked curiously at Andros who seemed to be having a hard time.

“Sirena invited us to spar with her on the Galaxy. We fight who ever wins.” TJ grinned. “I think Andros is losing on purpose.”

“No, Sirena really is winning.” Ashley said. “Girls are always better than boys.”

“Yeah right.” Carlos said. “I sparred with you last week and you lost, big time. Or is this case different because it’s Sirena and not you?”

Before Ashley could answer, Andros walked up to them. “Your turn Carlos. Be careful. She has a killer flip.”

Carlos pretended to gulp and walked bravely up to the mat. Sirena grinned. “Think you could last longer than Andros?”

“Longer? I’ll beat the pants off you.” They started their match. After a few seconds, Carlos found himself starring at the ceiling. “Whoa! Andros was right. You do have a killer flip.”

“Back so soon?” Teased TJ as he got ready to face Sirena. “Guess you are. Man, I’ll need all the help I can get.”

Seconds later TJ came back. He looked beat.

“Are you back too?” Ashley teased.

“Very funny Ashe.” TJ sat down grumpily. “Beaten by a girl in less than ten seconds. This is so humiliating.”

“Now you know what I went through.” Andros got up. “What do ya say all three of us launch a surprise attack on Sirena?”

“Sure, that’ll teach her a lesson.” TJ got up enthusiastically along with Carlos. “Come on, her back is turned.”

The three slowly sneaked up on Sirena. Three feet from her, she suddenly turned around with a full flying spin kick.

“Man, she’s got eyes in the back of her head.” TJ shouted as he tried to land a kick.

The four continued fighting. TJ, Carlos, and Andros gave all they had, but Sirena was still able to beat them. Ten minutes later, all three boys called peace with Sirena. They were all tired out.

“Hey Si, how did you know we were about to attack you?” Carlos asked curiously.

“I heard your footsteps, plus I had a lot of training in surprise attacks. Ashley and Cassie help me occasionally.” Si said lightly.

“Your girlfriend knew, but she didn’t tell us.” TJ asked Carlos. “She could have prevented us from making a fool out of ourselves.”

“Hey don’t blame Carlos. He didn’t know. Besides it was funny watching you get beat up by Sirena.” Ashley defended Carlos. “Sirena, wanna go shopping at the mall later today?”

“Sure. How does four sound?” Sirena replied.

“Great! Meet you at the Surf Spot.” Ashley bounced out the door.

* * *

Later than day, all the other rangers except TJ and Cassie were gone. Sirena and Ashley went shopping, and Andros and Carlos decided to tag along.

TJ and Cassie were alone in the sitting room on the Galaxy. Sirena had said they could use it. Cassie was trying to find a good radio station to listen to, while TJ sat reading. Finally giving up, Cassie sat down next to TJ.

“What are you reading?” Cassie peered over TJ’s shoulder. She was bored.

“This book about martial arts. Found it on the shelf. Did you know that some people could make themselves light and stand on teacups without breaking them?” TJ asked.

“Yeah, I tried to do that once and I ended up picking the pieces up.” Cassie smiled at the memory. “Wanna go use the simu-deck on here?”

“Great, let’s go.” TJ got up with Cassie by his side. “She’s got some killer programs. There’s this one, where your in a swamp and these mud monsters attack, they can turn into mud so it’s really hard to destroy them. I always get my butt kicked, and then Sirena has to come in to save me.”

“Don’t think I want to try that one out.” Cassie muttered. “Does she have any easy ones? Like maybe with the mall, or a shopping center?”

“Don’t think so. We can check the program board and find out.” TJ turned on a computer to check the files. “Want to try this one called Restaurant?”

“Sure, anything that sounds easy. ACTOM, insert program Restaurant.” Cassie called out.

“You sure you want to try that one?” ACTOM asked. “It’s not really a fighting one. She only uses it to entertain guest that are on-board.”

“Yes, we want to try this one.” TJ said.

“Fine. Starting simulation.” ACTOM said in a fake DECA voice. Then he cracked up. “Man, how does she do this without telling a stupid joke? Oh well, lots of training I guess.”

A simulation of a fancy restaurant started. Soft music was playing somewhere. A simulated waiter came.

“I have a table in a private room all ready. Follow me please.” He led them through several hallways to a small but romantic looking chamber.

Cassie and TJ looked at each other in surprise. Shrugging they sat down. The lights dimmed and a candle appeared beside the rose.

“All right this is getting too much.” Cassie said. “If Ashley and Sirena ever fines out she would never hear the end of it.” She thought silently.

“Actually, I kind of like it.” TJ said. He leaned forward and kissed Cassie softly. “It has the perfect setting.”

“Hate to interrupt, but the others are back. They are heading towards the simu-deck.” ACTOM’s voice broke in. “You guys can do the smooching later in a different room.”

“ACTOM you don’t know what happened here.” Cassie said.

“Right I don’t know.” ACTOM said with sarcasm.

“Stop simulation.” TJ commanded.

The minute it stopped the door opened and the other rangers stepped inside.

* * *

Ashley, Sirena, Andros, and Carlos stepped on to the simu-deck. They stopped in surprise at the sight of Cassie and TJ.

"Hey what are you guys doing here?" Ashley asked. "I hope not anything wrong. Cassie?"

"We were planning on using the simu-deck." TJ answered. "Since all of you are here, how about the mud monster?"

The others all agreed.

“ACTOM start the Swamp program.” Sirena commanded.

“Starting now.” ACTOM said. “Are you going to morph?”

“Maybe. How about it?” Sirena turned to look at the other rangers. They all nodded in reply. “All right. Let’s Rocket!”

A few minutes later the simulation started. They were in the middle of a swamp land. Ashley and Cassie made disgusted groans to all the mud.

“Eww, why of all the programs did you pick this one.” Ashley complained. “I’m getting my suit all dirty.”

Before any of the rangers could reply, three yucky things made of mud came right out of the mud.

“Get ready, the battles starting!” Carlos yelled. “Hey girls, if you don’t think you can handle this, then just stick by Sirena. I’m sure she has time to watch and make sure your not hurt.”

“Very funny Carlos.” Cassie yelled out. “But I can take care of myself. It’s you who needs to be watched.”

“Hey, lay off my boyfriend.” Ashley yelled. “None of us needs any watching. I’m sure we’ll do just as fine as Sirena.”

One of the mud monsters socked Ashley in the stomach. She doubled over in pain. Carlos came strait to the rescue. Meanwhile Cassie and TJ were battling another one. They were having a little trouble too.

“Maybe I was wrong about us doing just as fine as Sirena.” Ashley said loud enough for everyone to hear.

TJ grabbed Cassie and they both rolled out of the way of a punch. He helped her up ducking another punch.

"Told you these things were hard to beat." He said. "Only Sirena knows their weakness, and each time I ask her she says I should learn it myself."

“Yeah well, that does make sense.” Cassie said. “I think next time I’ll be on the sidelines watching.”

On the other side of the swamp, Sirena and Andros were doing fairly well with one of the ugly goons. They made a great team.

“Hey amateur, your pretty good at this.” Sirena called to Andros. “Are you sure you haven’t done this before?”

“Yeah I’m pretty sure. If I did, don’t you think I would remember it? Stuff like this is not easy to forget.” Andros glanced over at her.

Sirena stepped in front of Andros to receive a kick that was meant for him. She went flying back into his arms. He slipped his arms around her waist and helped her to her feet.

“I thought you were a good martial artist?” He said.

“I am, I was just trying to let you have a fair chance against him. If you want I can destroy him right now.” Sirena said.

“Go ahead, be my guest. I don’t want to fight this guy anymore.” He let her go ahead and destroy the mud monster.

“Fine. Meteorite Sword! Activate Flame Tip now!” Her sword turned red with fire. “Watch carefully now.”

She slashed him in the stomach. The mud monster cried out in pain. He dried up and crumbled into dirt. She did the same with the other two monsters.

“Finally. I didn’t think I could fight anymore.” Ashley said breathlessly. “Why didn’t you do that sooner?”

“I wanted to let you guys expirence fighting with mud.” Sirena explained sheepishly.

“Now I’m beat.” Cassie said.

TJ slung his arm around Cass. She looked up at him and gave him a gentle kiss on the lips.

"Now I know what you guys are going to say. Just can it." Cassie said to Sirena and Ashley.

The End... for now