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The Rangers of Love Trilogy
Flame of Desire, Part 1
by : AstroPurple

Cassie, Ashley, Carlos, and TJ sat on the floor of the sitting room inside the Galaxy Megaship. Lately though, they had been spending more and more time on Sirena’s ship. It might have been because there was more room.

Cassie sat leaning against TJ, while Ashley sat with Carlos’s arms around her. In the past two weeks, the four had discovered their soul mates.

“I just got an idea!” Ashley suddenly screamed startling everyone out of their relaxation trance.

“What?” TJ and Cassie both said at the same time. Then they started giggling.

“Well think of it. Me and Carlos, Cassie and TJ. Who does that leave?” Ashley said obviously excited.

“Sirena and Andros!” Cassie shouted, she was getting excited too.

“It is a good idea, with one small problem.” Carlos said. “They think of each other as friends. How are we going to get them to change?”

“Well, I have seen the looks they give each other. It’s not the average best friend look.” Ashley said.

“Yeah, I’ve seen those too. I just didn’t think they mean anything, until now.” Cassie told Ashley.

“What looks?” TJ asked. He never paid any attention to what was going on around him. “I never see any looks.”

“Of course not. Boys just don’t notice those things.” Ashley said. “We just have to get them to realize they love each other.”

“We can’t force them to get together.” Carlos said. “If they don’t want to, then we leave them alone.”

“We could start small. Like mentioning the fact that they are the only two rangers left.” Cassie said. “Then we can get them to go into the same room and let them be alone. Then we pester them with ideas about each other.”

“I don’t think pestering is a good idea.” TJ said. “No offense Cassie. They might just have other affections that we don’t know about.”

“True, but we can find out.” Ashley said. “Me and Cassie will ask Sirena. You and Carlos can ask Andros. Don’t take no for an answer.”

“Got it. Hey ACTOM, where’s Sirena and Andros?” Carlos asked the on-board computer for the Galaxy.

“Sirena and Andros are sparring on the Astral Megaship’s simu-deck.” ACTOM informed them. “And if your thinking of getting them together, fat chance. Sirena likes this boy she met on one of her travels. He was pretty nice. Also traveled around space helping others.”

“So how did they meet?” Cassie asked depressed.

“They met when they both went to the rescue of Triforia. Both of them were at Eltar on the day of it’s destruction. He was killed. Sirena told me, she would never love another boy.” ACTOM said in a sad voice. “But I would love it if you got Sirena and Andros together. I try to help in any way I can. If you ask DECA for help, she would tell you nothing. She wouldn’t even help. As far as I know, she doesn’t like Si very much.”

“The only person she likes is Andros.” TJ snorted.

“Thanks for the information ACTOM.” Carlos said. “We’ll try to get the two together.”

The four started for the teleportation room to get to the Astral Megaship.

* * *

Sirena and Andros were in an intense sparring match. Andros was concentrating real hard on beating Si this time.

“Whoa!” Si screamed as she slipped. “Time out.” She called out to Andros.

“Hey you okay?” He asked her concerned.

“I don’t know. I think I twisted my ankle.” Sirena said. It was obvious she was in pain.

“Come on. Let me help you get to the medical room.” Andros lifted Sirena up into his arms.

At the medical room he set her softly down on one of the beds. “Here, let me take a look.” Andros gently touched the swelling ankle.

“Yeow!” Sirena let out a long ear-splitting scream. “Oh god, I think I really busted it this time.”

“It looks broken.” Andros said quietly. “No activities for you, at least for a few weeks. That also means, no rangering.”

“But I’m needed. Besides, the suit will heal all injuries.” Sirena whined. “I hate being cooped up.”

Cassie, Ashley, TJ, and Carlos came running into the room. They looked breathless.

“What’s going on! We heard a scream that sounded like somebody was being murdered.” Cassie said. “Hey Si, are you all right?”

Sirena looked like she was going to cry. “I broke my ankle. Andros said I won’t be able to do any fighting for a few weeks.”

“That’s okay. I’m sure it will heal. How did you break it?” Ashley asked. Si was usually pretty careful about accidents.

“She slipped on something slippery on the simu-deck.” Andros said casually. “Which reminds me. I better go check out what it was so nobody else gets hurt.”

“Good idea. We’ll go with you.” TJ and Carlos followed Andros.

The minute Andros, TJ, and Carlos left, Cassie and Ashley bombarded Si with questions on her feelings about Andros.

“So how did you really break your ankle?” Ashley asked. “Or is what Andros said really true?”

“Just what he said.” Sirena sighed. “One minute I’m launching a kick, the next minute I’m on the floor. I’ve been having so much bad luck lately. First, it’s the broken computer with Andros. Second, it’s the power failure with Andros. Now, it’s the broken ankle with Andros. Is he like a curse on me or something?”

Cassie and Ashley looked at each other. Both were on the same thought. “Could the failures with Andros be related to the fact of the Look?”

"Are you sure it's Andros, and not because your near him?" Cassie asked casually. She didn't want Si mad at her.

"Are you trying to say that I'm in love with him?" Sirena demanded from Cassie. "That is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. What gave you that idea? No wait, what planted that thought into your head?"

"Well you gotta admit, each accident that happened is with Andros. It happens to all the girls, when their crush is around." Ashley hoped with hope that Sirena wouldn't get too mad at her.

"Is that so?" She paused for a second. "Maybe your right. He just reminds me so much about Zephra." Sirena sighed heavily.

“Who’s Zephra?” Ashley asked thinking of the boy ACTOM had mentioned. “Is he the space voyager you met. ACTOM sorta mentioned some guy you had a major crush on who was killed at Eltar.” Ashley said with caution.

"Did ACTOM tell you that?" Sirena sighed. "Can't he keep his mouth shut about other people's business?"

Ashley looked at Cassie kinda scared. Was Sirena gonna blow?

“He was real cute. I met him on one of my rescue missions. I fell in love, but he left before I could ask him his name. We met again at Eltar. We were both in the same room when Zordon asks me to leave on the Galaxy. Before I left though, I told him how much I loved him. As I was leaving through space, Eltar was blown up. He could never have survived that.” Sirena looked sadly out the window. “ACTOM asked me what was wrong, and I told him about Zephra and everything.”

“Wow. Now that is a really sad story.” Cassie said with sympathy. “I’m sorry we were trying to get you and Andros together. I mean, you guys were perfect for one another.”

“I told ACTOM I would never love again, and I think I would like to keep that promise.” Si said determinedly.

* * *

“So Andros.” TJ said carefully. They were on their way to the simu-deck. “What do you think of Sirena?”

“Annoying.” Was all he said. He knew what TJ meant about the question. It was suppose to mean, do you like Sirena.

“Why annoying?” Carlos said curiously.

“Well let’s see. She complains too much. Think of her whining. I’ve never had a teammate that whined that munch. What surprises me is how she became a power ranger?” Andros tried to make it sound as if he didn’t care for Si. Apparently TJ and Carlos didn’t believe him.

“Really? If you didn't care for her that much, why did you even bother to help Si when she broke her ankle?” TJ asked. He wasn’t about to give up.

Andros was beginning to get irritated. “So what do you want me to say?” He yelled. He was really frustrated.

“I think you know what we want you to say, and what you really want to say.” TJ said. “Come on Carlos, let’s check on the girls.”

TJ and Carlos left Andros standing there dumbfounded. They hoped their talk worked.

Andros turned and went down another hallway instead of to the simu-deck. He headed towards the sleeping quarters. Andros stopped beside a door marked with a purple slash.

“DECA, open the door.” Andros commanded the computer that ran the ship.

“Yes Andros.”

The door to the room slid open. Andros walked in and the door slid shut behind him. He had the room prepared for his sister Karone. He had wanted her to become the purple ranger. When Si met them, he had become a little upset. Andros had only begun to realize in the last few days ago, that Karone might never be found. While watching Si spar with TJ, the other day, did he realize her looks. Usually he never noticed those things, but with Si it was different. Since that day on, each and every time he looked at her, a passion burned inside of him for her. He wanted to hold her, and had gotten his chance by pure luck. But he didn’t want it by luck, he wanted Si to enjoy being held by him.

The End... for now

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